Louie and The Cold Fish…

While the Tick Tock club remains excited about another Horowitz report, Representative Louie Gohmert slaps the cold fish on the table…

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    • TruthnnnFreedom says:

      Glad that Barr isn’t a blowhard like Ghomert.


      • Betty says:

        What does that mean? At least Louie Ghomert tells us the truth. AG Barr is a heart-breaking disappointment, just as AG Sessions was before him, you can add Rex Tillerson to that list too.
        Why did you lie to us AG Barr. President Trump is going down in history as the greatest, most altruistic and selfless president since George Washington and after what we and our beleaguered President have lived through these past 4 years AG Barr, you could have been right up there with him if you only had courage or were half the man your PR group made you out to be.

        President Trump and We The People – ARE – winning and are going to win it all, and you, AG Barr, will go down in history as a bag man.

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      • huecowacko says:

        You still don’t understand the big stall, the big stonewall, do you?


      • John says:


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      • Petrel says:

        Truthnnn — Ghomert exposes the workings of this nefarious civil service club — that we and General Flynn don’t belong to — whereby Priesthap – Strok – Page minimize Comey’s leaks to the NYT and thereby protect themselves and Comey.

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      • Amy2 says:

        You were being sarcastic, right?! Louie is awesome! He talks a lot because he has a lot of good information and legal inquisitiveness to get to the heart of matters. He asks great questions during the hearings and he DOESN’T BACK DOWN. Love me some Louie!!

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      • Mrs. E says:

        The despicable democrats in the DOJ/FBI have committed TREASON against the Nation. It is not an act of kindness to not hold them accountable. How much better the Nation would be served by Mr. Gohmert being the AG! But the LORD says that vengeance is HIS, and HE will hold them accountable.

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  1. trapper says:

    We keep expecting this:

    But we keep getting this:

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Excellent analogy.

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    • zozz1 says:

      We don’t want to believe that the Swamp is really, truly as deep and as sewage-filled as we continue to find that it is. Hercules managed to clean the Augean Stables; will Trump be our Hercules?


    • Sherri Young says:

      Ha! That made my Scots DNA tremble with excitement. Having looked into my roots, I can’t help but agree that bagpipes and punk rockers are made for each other.

      Thanks for posting that.

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    • Nobodysfool says:

      And the Tick Tock Club is alive and well here otherwise there wouldn’t still be articles run quite frequently referencing previous articles and miles of connecting dots.. Over and over.

      Whether this whole deal ever breaks our way or not does not depend on how much yammering is done because obviously, the people that have the ability to determine the outcome aren’t listening to us.


  2. William Schneider says:

    Our hope must rest with Barr. He is the man who can bring the hammer to all the ugly corruption that has haunted our capital and nation for many years now. He remains in my prayers big time. May God give him strength and vision.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Will Barr do the right thing?We will soon see…Barr is CIA so a good chance he wont his daddy CIA also.. 1947 CIA started its been our downfall ever since largest drug runners on earth American CIA. They use military planes even Epstein was in charge weapons Drugs the pedphile crap is a cover….

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      • Alfred Barnes says:

        So, we’re unable to indict because of deep state corruption and unable to convict because of a biased jury pool. The only thing left to do is fight, which is exactly what it will come to.

        I pray it doesn’t, so hopefully Barr will do the right thing. My concern is it will only be a scapegoat.


  3. everywhereguyy says:

    An organization is an organism, It seeks to ensure its own survival above all else.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      I tuned in to the very first part, where one layer of bureaucracy was pleading for widened powers and more money. I am cynical that the more layers of bureaucracy the better.


    • yy4u says:

      everywhereguyy got it right. Agree 100%. We have gotten past the place where they care what we know — Epstein’s “suicide” was proof of that. Hillary’s various get out of jail free cards were proof of that. The attempt to undo a legal and lawful election is proof of that. Comey’s going “out there” and continuing to spread his toxins is proof of that. They know we know and they don’t care because we can do nothing about it. I’m sure Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Fidel et al felt the same way.


    • donna kovacevic says:

      PDJT we love and respect you, however if Barr does not bring these criminals to justice I am afraid the Media won’t be the only laughing stock. God Bless PDJT.


  4. Genie says:

    I’m still counting on at least one of Strzok’s predictions to come true.
    6/9/17 — Strzok text to Page: This won’t end well.
    6/9/17 — Page response: What won’t? Your participation?
    6/9/17 — Strzok response: No, for the former D. (Comey)

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  5. So what do we need Ghomert up there for? What do we need any of them up there for?

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    • wlbeattie says:

      Too many Scotches demand an answer!

      My guess is #Conservatives also need knowledgable blow-hards to combat the Big Mouths on the #Socialist #liberal #Democrat side!

      I’ll check tomorrow for your response!

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      • Gohmert is a choir member of the Protesteth Much wing of the Quigley monolith. Performative hand-wringing rewarded in the end with a System treat: governorship ( talking head (Chaffetz/Gowdy).

        I’m marginally less sick of these folks as I am the Antifa Blues. Had the Repubs been half as vicious as the Dems when they held the House, things might be a little different. Trump is toiling alone, with a little help (hopefully) from Judges Sullivan and

        Remember too, Trump doesn’t have a Yellow Jacket grassroots movement to stereo-ize his courage with the stamp of a million+ incensed feet. Giddy one-off rallies don’t count. He’s 73-year-old guy that takes blow after blow and keeps standing. Whyat was it this week? Pancakes, emoluments, a Deep Throat and his taxes. And it’s only Thursday!

        It’s like watching your grandad a former prizefighter take on 10 young punks while sitting there cheering him on and hoping he prevails. And the only reason he’s fighting them is because they called YOU an as****e!

        Where’s the Right’s Alinsky slash-n-burn infighter? Or was that the hastily retired-for-good Breitbart?

        At the end of the day, Gohmert’s just what the doctor always seems to order: another I-feel-your-pain drama queen Attorney. Because you know there was a huge void in Cap Hill for a lawyer. Who cares if his heart might be in the right place. What’s he doing? Farmer Nunez is the only one who ever looks genuinely gray around the gills when you look at him. He’s got a pained humanity vibe about him that feels real. But again,. that might not be enough.

        The problem with tick-tock as a strategy is that they shaved a lot of ticks off Trump’s time-clock. The clock doesn’t run forever in more ways than one. Trump isn’t in his 40s. And Term 2 while probable, isn’t assured.

        There’re a lot of Repubs not running for office in 2020 after a bumper crop who didn’t run in 2018. Someone or something is helping these folks to the door. But that’s the opposition for you. They are unmoored from all respectable coordinates, are ruthless and often win as a result. They’re from the same DNA as the Russian Bolsheviks. We may too polite to make for an equally matched opponent. How do you fight the Godless from the confines of a One Nation Under God template?

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Louie is a truth teller. I vote for him every time his name appears on a ballot. If we had more of his ilk up there, we all would be better off.

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      • We know the truth. How many times does it need to be told to us? We tell it back and forth to ourselves up here every day. There’s a tactical shortfall that perpetually has us on the reacting side. The other side isn’t burdened by the truth. This makes them lighter on their feet. How do we make up the tactical shortfall?

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    • For a deep state globalist front.


    • ann says:

      Louie Gohmert cuts through the DoJ disingenuous obfuscation ritual of hiding their numerous breaches and excessive authority.

      He refuses to play the obscurantist game of justifying treason: nullifying intent & meaning through isolating each act into separate little narrow boxes that are devoid of context,

      Louie has a soul.

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  6. Lionel Mandrake says:

    Congressman Gohmert is dead on as usual. I watched much of the IG hearing and would characterize IG Horowitz’ demeaner when discussing spygate related issues as timid at best. Question: How many criminal referrals are required before criminal activity is prosecuted in Washington DC? On a positive note – Hats off to Congressman Steube. He gave a powerfull and compelling call for justice.

    Likewise I watched key segments of Chairman Nadler’s Judiciary Oversight Committe question Mr. Lewandowskey. Apparently House Judiciary Oversight has been successfully outsourced to an outside contractor – Lawfare – supprted by Lawfare scripts read by their legislative puppets on the committee. Preposterous. Another hat tip here to Mr. Lewandowskey – Brilliant.

    Meanwhile President Trump continues to kick the legs off the table of the world economic order – the source of the angst and anguish of these shameless grifters.

    Jay Sekulow and Devn Nunes have put out the call. If justice is to be served we need new tactics. We the People need to engage suits for egregious illegal activity by un-elected civil servants in courts outside D.C. and presided over by fair and impartial judges. Gofundme? At this point, any reasonable expectation of justice emanating from D.C. supports the old, worn out, but relevant, definition iof insanity.

    Thanks again to Sundance and staff.

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  7. Aeyrie says:


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  8. Jim in TN says:

    The more I see that picture of Barr bagpiping, the more I think of Nero fiddling.

    Pretty big coverup back then too. Both the crime and the coverup hurt lots of innocent people.

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    • yy4u says:

      My guess is they’ve not found a “deep stater” willing to fall on his/her sword the way Susan MacDougal fell on hers over the Clintons’ Watergate adventure (after her husband had a sudden heart attack while in solitary confinement after word got out that he was cooperating with Starr), the way Webb Hubbell fell on his (and was rewarded while in jail with consulting contracts from some of the Clintons’ Asian supporters – ?Riady group. Charley Tree? — it’s been a long time. Memory fails.

      McCabe has already said he’ll take down everybody. Comey obviously would bring the whole country down before he’d go quietly. They don’t need to cooperate. 1) The Republicans have no fangs (nor any other necessary body part that has to do with courage) and 2) EVERYBODY involved is part of the secret bureaucratic Globalist Deep State government that was put in place while we were sleeping and going on with our lives — starting with George H. W. Bush (former head of the CIA) the man who UNDID all the good Ronald Reagan did.

      (Dumb)Strozk is right. “This will not end well”. But not for THEM, for us. The fear was always that we’d figure out we live in a soft tyranny. Now we know. THEY just don’t know whether we’ll be okay with it or not. My guess is that we will so long as the really bad stuff doesn’t affect our pleasant suburban existence.

      When I drive through my geographically desirable neighborhood and see the neighbors’ signs supporting Democrats I wonder if they’d be willing to have a housefull of illegal immigrants living next door. Answer is OF COURSE NOT. But if the house full of illegals are living next door to YOU, well that’s humane.

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  9. BigTalkers says:

    I believe most states and some municipalities have comparable IG’s overseeing Govt ethics and veracity. Sad to say, I’ve rarely heard that any of these “watchdogs” have successfully curtailed much obvious political corruption.

    Perhaps that’s due to the fact these so-called “Inspectors” were creations of their Govts themselves. (…Ya Think?)

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  10. amwick says:

    Modified SD’s swamp pic…. Sometimes I wonder…



  11. We already know that people like “Louie” are confident that they can use their privileged positions to protect their co-conspirators. That, in the end, no one will be prosecuted because in the years past no one ever was. Face it, people in high positions of power don’t commit such crimes so brazenly if they seriously fear jail time.

    As usual, these people didn’t count on William Barr … or especially, Donald Trump. Trump is man unlike anyone Washington, DC has ever seen, which of course is precisely why he was hired by the American people. He has publicly and repeatedly stated that he seeks transparency and that to expose and bring down this corruption would be a hallmark of his legacy … as it certainly will be and already is.

    But also, I think that this is a long-awaited “payback time” for members of the Justice and Intelligence communities. For these people, “their institutions are their life.” Yet they have been for many years forced to watch as the very highest officers of their organizations used them to commit high crimes. Until now, they couldn’t talk. There was nothing they could do about it but soldier on. Until now.

    Now, here comes a completely different sort of President. A known legal bulldog returns to the post of Attorney General. (Thus becoming only the second man in American history to do so … the first man’s term was interrupted by the Civil War.) Durham has plenty of experience and success dealing with official corruption. Barr used to be employed by CIA. Horowitz has similar experience. And, on top of it all, there’s The Donald. “The inscrutable Orange Fox” who is systematically out-foxing all of them. They all should be scared sh*tless, and, behind their public personas, I’m quite sure that they are.

    So, “fish man” can say what he wants. We’ll discover his role in all of this in due time.

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    • B Woodward says:

      Mike says, “We already know that people like “Louie” are confident that they can use their privileged positions to protect their co-conspirators.”

      What??? Did I miss something?

      I don’t understand people criticizing Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) based on this interview or based on “his role” for the last few years. Louie Gohmert is a former prosecutor. He has been continuously critical of the Inspector General for giving the deep state crooks a free pass. He was critical of the FBI for knowing that some foreign entity was getting copies of all of Hillary’s emails and the FBI did absolutely nothing because it was not Russia. He was critical of the FBI/DOJ for ignoring the Awan brothers espionage scandal within Congress. He was critical of Speaker Ryan for allowing the coverup of spygate. He was critical of the FISA court abuses. He was critical of nothing being done to prosecute the Uranium One culprits. Louie called for a special prosecutor in the Benghazi scandal. I could go on and on, but lastly I will mention that when many Democrats and RINOs were talking about what a fine, upstanding citizen Robert Mueller was, Rep Gohmert produced a 48 page report about the real Mueller. Louie stated, “What I have accumulated here is absolutely shocking upon the realization that Mueller’s disreputable, twisted history speaks to the character of the man placed in a position to attempt to legalize a coup against a lawfully-elected President.”

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      • (Munch munch … shoe leather! .. yum!!) 😳 Based on your comments, I respectfully (and apologetically) withdraw my opinions as stated above. Thank you for the clarification.

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        • B Woodward says:

          No worries. It’s too bad you can’t edit your postings. I admit that Sundance’s title for this article was possibly a little confusing in that some might not get the “cold fish” reference. That reference was not towards Louie but towards the nature of the extended period of time that this corruption has been ongoing.


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    • Mike- I have no idea where you’re going with this commentary. Have you ever known the incomparable Louie G. to be anything but a God fearing Patriot who is one of the few Congressmen or women who is on OUR side, the side of our President Trump?

      I think that Louie G. is absolutely fearless and has no problem saying or doing what he believes is right, BECAUSE he has never done anything corrupt or malicious that can be used against him.
      Please save your criticisms and harsh words for our ENEMIES- the Demonic Devil Worshipping, baby killing, man hating DEMON RATS!


  12. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    While I get it…..and appreciate Gohmert’s efforts.

    He is illuminating the difficulties of the fact that
    LE Officials with knowledge of the law, investigations, and the IG office
    are the perpetrators here.

    He is referring back to the MYE report and Strzok/Page biases affecting investigative decisions.
    Horowitz documented all of that (and more) but as IG could find no (or was given no) concrete evidence that he could tie that bias to any investigative decision.

    So I go back to Gowdy on Hannity last week:
    “What’s the crime? Give me the statute.”

    Horowitz couldn’t find one……instead he documented it all to the DOJ so they could make which would amount to…..

    Unfortunately…..he gave it to ROD ROSENSTEIN who filed it in the round one.

    the upshot was Strzok/Page “bias” became essentially a HR issue and they were fired.

    I’m hesitant at this point to try to compare
    A 2018 Horowitz with a weak case (MYE) and AG Rod Rosenstein and SC Mueller
    A 2019 Horowitz with a strong case (FISA abuse) and AG Barr and SC Durham

    I’m not carrying water for anybody here…..but it seems that Horowitz is about as
    “just the facts, maam”
    as I’ve seen.
    Dispassionate like an IG should, but limited by what he is given.
    (Something Horowitz has vociferously advocated about)

    It’s the DOJs responsibility to put those facts together and tell the story.
    And hold people accountable.
    We’ll soon see if they do.

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    • 6x47 says:

      I recall very well when the first Horowitz IG report came out on the MYE, everyone looking at the summary and conclusion screaming blue murder about the “eh … nothing to see here” conclusion, with Sundance and others reading the details sandwiched in between that were completely at odds with the minimization of the forward and epilogue to the report.

      But in that case, the minimization was exactly what the AG hung his hat on. “Nothing to see here, folks! The IG said so, and who am I to disagree with a flunkie who works for me!”

      We’ll see if this one is any different.

      Still waiting on the McCabe indictment.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Catherine Herridge sat down with Byron York for an hour-long interview recently. The message that she reiterated at the end was to read the footnotes in the IG reports. They both agreed that much of the meat in the Comey report resides in the footnotes.

        The FBI brass will go over the next report and try to move the information they don’t want the public to see over into a classified annex. The tendency many people have is to read the body of any text and, at most, skim over the footnotes.

        “Read the footnotes.”

        That is what SD does.

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        • 6x47 says:

          Plenty of footnotes … but what is the CONCLUSION? If it’s “nothing to see here!” then all the footnotes in the world are for naught.


          • Sherri Young says:

            Read the whole document in the context of what we already know. Read the footnotes and look up the citations. You should be equipped to draw your own conclusions. Armed with that, you can start contacting your elected officials and showing up for townhalls and lining up at microphones. Try not to accept conclusions that may actually be efforts at thought shaping.


            • 6x47 says:

              It isn’t thought shaping – it’s a whitewash. A blatant, in-your-face, you can’t catch me whitewash.

              Rep. Gohmert has been quite forceful stating how outrageous the disconnect is: Evidence, evidence, and more evidence; proving suspicions, substantiating allegations, couldn’t be any more obvious; and the conclusion “nothing to see here” with recommendations: “None.”

              “But … but … the evidence! The FOOTNOTES! What about muh footnotes?”

              “Nothing to see here! Move along!”

              “BUT MUH FOOTNOTES! Bring those investigators back! Issue those indictments! ISSUE THOSE INDICTMENTS!”

              And Jim Comey plays golf with his buddy Mueller, and Andrew McCabe, and John Brennan, and then they all enjoy mimosas afterwards at brunch.


    • Dutchman says:

      The reason for the ‘stonewall’ is NOT because people high up in the DOJ/FBI committed agregious crimes (although they did) its because they are just footsoldiers.
      As FORMER fired and disgraced officials, they simply don’t have the clout to continue to force this blatant cover up, ON THEIR OWN.

      Their CLOUT comes from the fact that they WERE,just foot soldiers, following orders.
      People much higher up the food chain, and who these foot soldiers would name (if threatened with serious punishment) and who ordered and countenanced this sloppy soft coup, are maintaining the cover up.

      A FORMER POTUS, and FORMER Sec. of State, BY THEMSELVES don’t have enough clout.

      A small cabal, having near dictatorial control of our Government, thru controlling CONgress, DO have enough clout.
      Gang of seven, past and present, and almost all in Chairmanships in Congress, comprise the MAIN elements of the cabal.

      They operate in stealth mode, like the,wizard of Oz, behind the curtain, pulling the levers.
      THEY, collectively are the heart of the,swamp.
      And THEY, collectively must (and are, by their ACTIONS) be exposed AS the heart of the swamp, and utterly destroyed.

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      • They ARE being exposed and have been all along the way, making a second term for PDJT an absolute MUST.

        The irons are already in the fire and only time will tell. Our President knows all, far more than even the most dedicated and studious researchers among us, and… from the inside.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Agree, they,…THEY are being FORCED to expose themselves, more and more every day.

          If you restrict yourself to looking at ACTIONS, instead of WORDS, it makes it fairly easy to see there is definite pressure, from CONgressional leadership, to NOT expose the coup.

          There is definite actions of CONgressional leadership, to stall and thwart OUR Maga agenda.

          And I’m not just talking Dems.


      • pyromancer76 says:

        I think they are following orders – levels of cadres. Follow the money. Our President is going after the “too big to fail.” We shall see.


  13. 6x47 says:

    The IG is not a prosecutor; the most he can do is make a referral. It is up to the Attorney General to decide what to do. If Congressman Gohmert can call BS on the self-serving circular reasoning of allowing the bad guys to investigate themselves and declare they did nothing wrong, so can AG Barr. And the AG isn’t bound by a referral or lack of a referral; he can make his own decision to prosecute.

    The AG can CHOOSE to take a report full of hair-raising, elaborately documented corruption and bias and then accept the “but … nevermind!” executive summary and conclusion; or reject it. Just as the “Senate Parliamentarian” is advisory only, the Senate isn’t bound to follow the advice.

    The Comey case comes down to this: The director, with corrupt intent and in collaboration with other bad actors, deliberately constructed a set of circumstances to allow him the plausible deniability to circumvent the classification process on technicalities (i.e. foregoing immediate classification of documents, naming his friend a “special FBI employee”, and then hiring his friend as his personal attorney.)

    It would have been a shitshow to prosecute because of Comey’s deliberate obfuscation; but it is abundantly clear exactly what he did and why. A firing offense for insubordination if ever there was one.

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    • Curtis W Miller says:


      The IG can only investigate those currently EMPLOYED within his parts of the government. Once fired, those investigations must be done by DoJ. Likewise, the IG does not prosecute anyone!

      This structure is why the seeming runaround has taken so long. The crooks were tasked to investigate their own crookedness!

      That has NOW changed! Whether FBI Dir. Wray will actually prosecute his former employees remains to be seen, but Trump apparently trusts him to do the right thing.

      We’ll see!

      I fully understand the frustration, but Mueller charade had to run its course before real investigations, that haven ongoing since 2017, can be brought to light. Also, the various OIG investigations had to be completed. Those are all done except for the Final Reports. Then the DECLAS can begin to educate the public as to why the Indictments are valid, real, and necessary.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Wray reports to DAG Jeffrey Rosen who reports to Barr. We’ll see how much free rein Wray is given to hide away damning passages in the upcoming report.

        I watched the hearing with IG Horowitz and two other agency IGs yesterday. To me, it was exceedingly clear that IG Horowitz believed that Comey deserved prosecution. It was the IG report that showed Comey went to Trump Tower to investigate and possibly incriminate Trump in a coverup of the assertions in the Steele dossier. Comey flat out lied to President-elect Trump about not being under investigation. Swamp dwellers (including Rybicki, Strzok, Page, and others) devised the plan, Comey carried out his part then documented and reported back immediately to that portion of the cabal. Horowitz did not back away one bit from that narrative in his exchange with Jim Jordan.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Whether FBI Dir. Wray will actually prosecute his former employees remains to be seen”

        FBI Director Wray is not a prosecutor
        … so far as I understand

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  14. olddog35 says:

    When Bondo doesn’t cut it, try Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty.

    Instructions for General Repair Uses-
    If used properly, Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty fills voids and can cover up holes or cracks in your constitution. Also can be used to patch holes in memory, repair broken trust, tighten loose theories, fill holes in cover stories, add filler around the edges and other imperfections of the facts, and repair all sorts of seditious malfeasance.

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  15. chojun says:

    This seems to confirm my theory. Comey is going to escape prosecution because he was set up by McCabe/Page/Strzok. Comey memorialized everything. McCabe sent agents to seize the memos and then classified all the damaging info to keep everyone out of trouble.

    Technically Comey violated the law, and so by law the IG had to refer Comey. The DOJ won’t prosecute because they know the circumstances of the referral.

    Let me issue a solemn warning as we head into the final days of the SpyGate investigation. I think everyone needs to check their bias. This most especially includes Q followers (no disrespect intended). I think so many people are convinced that everyone is guilty and that if the charge isn’t treason and the destination not Guantanamo that justice wasn’t served. Allow yourselves to be neutral on the facts. Allow yourself the capacity to believe that everyone involved is innocent until proven guilty. Our justice system desperately depends on this.

    Follow the facts, wherever they may lead. We know crimes have been committed and that individuals should be (and I believe will be) charged. We simply don’t know who they are or what the charges will be – but the pieces are all falling into place.

    Ask yourself – why did the discussion about an “insurance policy” occur in McCabe’s office and not Comey’s?

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      Agree. I have been a lone voice claiming that I think this was a Brennan operation from the start run with his boy Strok and Nellie Ohr. Comey was always a figurehead Director who worked a 3 day week and gave speeches. McCabe ran the show and had his team. Comey and McCabes lawyers worked at duel purposes. Baker and Page have pointed fingers at each other in testimony. Also people forget that McCabe and Comey had a major falling out when Comey discovered the $ 750,000 campaign contribution. Comey knew that McCabe had become close to the Clintons. McCabe was their boy. And Comey bungled the MYE. McCabe was going to get Comeys job after HRC was elected. Comey knew it. So what did he do? He made a referral to the OPR on McCabe and recused McCabe. This would come up in a confirmation hearing and block McCabes appointment. Comey then got on HRC’s good side, cleared her, and joined the Resistance. Comey then started created memos to protect him from spygate. These guys are rivals, not buddies. They are joined at the hip by circumstance and not by choice. If Durham can put a wedge between these two, the whole thing will come out. Lawfare is trying to hold it together.

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      • Comey has been covering up klinton crimes for 3 decades.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          Doesn’t Comey’s brother work at the firm that does the Clinton’s taxes?


          • Pedro Morales says:

            The Clintons were replacing Comey with McCabe. McCabe was their new boy toy and he wanted Comeys job. He Does the Clintons bidding, HRC gets elected, Comey gets fired, Andy gets the big chair, and everyone in the small group gets a promotion. Comey finds out about Andy’s relationship with the Clinton’s. Comey recuses McCabe and then files an OPR complaint against him. Comey then starts creating memos to save his own a$$. He knew what McCabe was up to but played willfully ignorant.


    • Daniel says:

      Comey is NOT clean. Who “hires” an “unpaid employee” with full security clearance and is also his personal attorney? …and attorney that then releases things to the media? There’s too much stink going on there to pretend he wasn’t part of it.

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      • chojun says:

        I agree Comey is not clean. My argument is that he did unprofessional, unethical, and most likely illegal acts while at the FBI, but the likelihood that he participated in FISA/SpyGate is getting lower and lower in my view.

        Comey had his own motives. He was looking out for Comey. On the other hand, McCabe was trying to take down Donald Trump. Everything that Comey did makes sense in isolation of McCabe and Strzok/Page’s actions.


    • L4grasshopper says:


      If Comey was “set up” by McCabe et. al. and was “clean”, he would be dropping a ROLL of dimes on the “plotters”.

      He’s not. He’s as dirty, or more so, than Mc Abe.

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  16. Rusty says:

    Comey and his friends were pros. there isn’t going to be a smoking gun…everything was “by the book”. unless there is a whistleblower or more strozk/page text (thank god for those) there won’t be clear cut crimes….they were just protecting us from the Russians…. it’s just a coincidence that every decision was anti trump and pro Hillary

    Liked by 1 person

  17. askandgettruth says:

    HORROR _WITZ is put there as a fixer for the FBI. there will never be justice as long as power money and D.C. traitors run this country. the seeds of revolution have been sown.


  18. Daniel says:

    …still waiting the call to join in on the revolution. When it starts, I’m in. Until President Trump makes it happen, it isn’t going to happen. “Barr has complete declassification authority and access to everything.” Yup? And what has he done with it? WE DON’T KNOW. I’m not saying “he has done nothing” but I am saying we’re not seeing anything which is encouraging or meaningful.

    The IG data is what it is. Referrals have been made and many were declined for prosecution. But there’s more troubling information than this. As it turns out there are MANY unfilled IG positions in the Trump administration and apparently (reportedly) he hasn’t been submitting nominations for confirmation. I don’t know if this is Trump’s fault of the likely reality that he hasn’t been told. But we actually don’t have enough IGs to review all of the other groups under the executive branch.

    One thing about the released reports where at the end “no evidence” etc. Didn’t that come through the Attorney General’s office? Was it the FBI’s office? Wasn’t there something somewhere about how the AG’s people were able to edit the report or create some sort of summary after their review and prior to release?

    Sometimes I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that “deals were made long ago and this is all show.”


    • Daniel, you are entirely correct: “we are not seeing anything.” We are not permitted to see anything, and the prosecutors are not permitted to say anything. Our rights as citizens are protected by a Grand Jury system that is much older than our country. “Absolute secrecy” is a fundamental part of that system. Barr’s declassification authority will be used to provide secret information to Jurors, who of course do not have clearances, and to no one else. (As we know, the President recently exercised his authority directly, at the specific request of a number of Members of Congress …)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sherri Young says:

      That part about the numerous and long-standing IG vacancies was quite bothersome. One of those positions was vacant for 8 years.

      I heard that Obama seemed to prefer having those spots filled by acting IGs. Now Donald Trump is president. He needs to put forth some nominations and the Senate needs to get to work. The focus has been on federal judges of every level. The judiciary has to deal with judicial nominees. I am not sure that the IG nominations have to go through the same committee to get to a floor vote.

      Getting recommendations for nominees in front of President Trump likely would fall to the White House Chief of Staff who, at the moment, is Mick Mulvaney, an acting chief of staff. Mulvaney is also the head of OMB. As such, he should be the best equipped to recommend the watchdogs over waste, fraud, and abuse at the various agencies.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. George 1 says:

    As SD has said, Barr and company have just over 10 months. Nothing will be done after next July due to the coming election. After next July the swamp will wait for the election results all the while making new absurd allegations and smears along the way. There will be more election fraud than ever scene before. If the President is not reelected then mission accomplished. It all goes away forever.

    If the President wins reelection the swamp pulls the next rabbit out of the hat and the scam continues along with the obstruction. Heads we win, tails you lose.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is an extremely complex legal situation which will be fought all the way to the Supreme Court by the most well-paid defense lawyers on Earth. Barr does not have to be “rushed to judgment,” and neither does Durham or anybody else. Nor will they reveal … anything whatsoever.

      The mere fact that we are not allowed to see anything … as required by Law and by the sacred presumption of innocence … does not mean that nothing is happening. (And, we probably have no idea – even now – about some things that probably are happening. This thing is “even bigger than we now think.”)

      Liked by 2 people

  20. askandgettruth says:

    HORROR _WITZ is put there as a fixer for the FBI. there will never be justice as long as power money and D.C. traitors run this country. the seeds of revolution have been sown. is anyone awake yet??


  21. TJ says:

    Great photo. Does the “Mighty Bagpipe” play tunes like the “Mighty Wurlitzer”?

    That’s what CIA official Frank Wisner called his cold war operation.

    The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America


  22. Kleen says:


    “In order to even begin to try to charge Trump with obstruction of evidence, you need both President Trump’s firing of Comey and his asking Comey to go easy on General Flynn (of course we know now that Flynn was set up by the corrupt FBI and committed no crime related to his firing and has been indicted of no crime related to his firing). You can’t have one without the other. If the only evidence you have is Comey’s firing, that proves nothing. You can probably try to begin to charge Trump with obstruction of justice if you have just the Flynn comment alone, but obviously, they didn’t feel as though that was enough; otherwise, they’d have charged Trump back in February when he said it, but they didn’t.

    This means Comey screwed the investigation when he leaked his memos to the press. If they tried to charge Trump with anything related to the leaks, then they’d have to charge Comey with leaking highly classified information. What an idiot…

    Which means that on day one Mueller KNEW without a doubt that HE HAD NO CASE……

    Ahhhh, I see now….and that’s why the AG refused to charge Comey, because then they’d have to admit that it actually was evidence…..No wonder the corrupt FBI’s reaction to Comey’s leaking of his memos was reportedly shock –“

    What this means is, they defeated themselves. By leaking this information to the press, they had a conundrum. If they charged Trump with obstruction of justice, then they were forced to also charge Comey with leaking highly classified information to the press. In chess parlance, it would be a stalemate, which Trump would probably ultimately win since the Paragraph 1 would come from a criminal/liar (Comey).

    The “classification review” was nothing more than a now that we’re really screwed here, how do we salvage this mess.

    That’s why Mueller classified Comey’s “evidence” both ways, both classified and unclassified. They would pursue the obstruction of justice charges privately, quietly, treating Comey’s memos as “highly classified,” while their public face would be treating them as “unclassified” so that Comey wouldn’t be charged.

    That’s why Trump’s legal team told Mueller, we will tear you to shreds in a court of law, and Mueller backed down. Corrupt Mueller knew he would lose.

    The Deep State and corrupt FBI and DOJ had no case for removing President Trump, he committed no crimes, nor did Flynn for that matter. They set them up, but thanks to corrupt FBI Director James Comey, they screwed their own coup!


  23. meadowlarkspring says:

    Just like Rick Santelli said back most eloquently on January 8, 2017…everyone picks sides.

    Why Bill Barr and the IG can’t just provide the evidence and then say simply…the Obama intelligence community leaders picked a side (Hilary’s…they picked her dossier) is ridiculous.

    Now we have whistleblowers listening in on presidential telephone conversations again because Barr hasn’t delivered on “spying did occur”.

    Rick Santelli vs. ‘Meet the Press’ Panel, Andrea Mitchell: “On Election Night, I Never Saw You So Unhappy”
    January 8, 2017



    RICK SANTELLI: –to see Russia is happy because Trump won on election night, I never saw you so unhappy. You picked sides, everybody picked sides.



    RICK SANTELLI: People in charge of intelligence are political as well here.



  24. Kleen says:

    This is best explanation so far as to why Comey wasn’t charged. But we still have to rely on faith that this is correct.

    Sidney Powell will blow this thing open!



    • Remember: “he hasn’t been charged yet.” As the IG’s second report will show (according to his testimony yesterday), both Comey and his deputy face criminal referrals – again – simultaneously. Prosecutors can literally choose how to charge him, and the other charges involve ink stains on pieces of paper … in a matter concerning which a [secret …] Federal judge has already ruled. There’s simply no point in engaging in finger-pointing games with a weasel when you don’t have to.

      Liked by 2 people

  25. Loren says:

    Sorry! At this point nothing and no one will pay for these crimes against the U.S.!

    If Washington DC is to be debugged, the people of the U.S. will have to do it.
    The corruption is so deep it cannot be removed by human legal means or war.
    It will have to be done by fire from heaven, a fire that burns it to nonexistence.

    As a matter of fact the whole world is at the point of Gods annihilation. As in the days of Noah.


      • Loren says:

        I remember a President being assassinated in 1963 and some shlub being shoot in a police parking garage by a bar owner and then that was it, except the funeral. From that day forward it’s only gotten worse.

        We have had a war to do away with the evil nazis and here they are right in our own government. So, how do you think the corruption of evil will be eliminated? What you think it will continue for ever!


  26. Summer says:

    Obama appointee Horowitz (D), ‘nuff said.

    He couldn’t even give a straight answer when asked whether Nadler and Cummings approached him. Had to be nudged and prodded and asked repeatedly. WTF?

    He “did not remember” whether Strzok was one of the “supervisors” present, refused to even admit it was a possibility. Double WTF?! Shouldn’t that be an important fact any investigator would keep in mind when investigating potentially criminal activity (FISA ABUSE!!) of the SMALL group of which Strzok was a prominent member?

    This guy is evasive like an eel.

    I stand with Rep. Gohmert whose judgement I trust much more than anything coming out of the orifices of this IG or the members of the Tick Tock club.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. bessie2003 says:

    I liked in yesterday’s public testimony of IG Horowitz that he was careful to make the point of referring only to public information, not that which has not been made public in the various IG reports, so in listening, for the 3rd time, to this short interview, I do believe that the Congressman has been elected the pointman to begin dashing people’s hopes as part of the long-standing practice of the many deep state campaigns to simply make everything go away.

    Notwithstanding the superb public outcries against Mueller and other events that became public knowledge due to the intrepid work of online sleuths such as the Treehouse and so many other sites, he has played the role of outraged righteousness to a perfect T. However, lest we forget, the Congressman has been in DC long enough to be a fully embedded part of that deep state apparatus. Not unlike the intrepid Ms. Lindsey in the build up to his turn to take the head seat on the Senate Judiciary how he talked of holding those who created the phony Kavanaugh accusations to account and now, that he is head of the committee, we get nothing but crickets.

    In both this is the playbook of the Uniparty. We need to recognize this for what it is.

    Knowing that Barr has been around DC for a long time, we won’t really know what to expect until Durham finishes his investigation, turns the results over to AG Barr and go from there. Until that happens my prayer-work will involve the blessings that AG Barr holds true to his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, that he falls in love with that and takes the honor of those words for future generations to heart. It seems important to have the silent energy of prayers offered in love toward this nation, this man and those diligently digging for the truth, be continued. We recognize this need given the overwhelming support for the morning Grandma prayers that seem to now begin Treehouse mornings.

    All Louie did in this interview was re-establish himself as a card carrying member of The Swamp. This is very helpful as this clarifies that anyone who has been in DC for any length of time, more than 2 full terms, is now swamp, so we can move on accordingly.


  28. franuche says:

    The swamp continues to run circles around their opponents in gov’t. Their successful weaponization of US intelligence, IRS, the courts, and state governments against a duly-elected president has emboldened them. They are not on the ropes; we are. It’s increasingly obvious that the good guys don’t have the chops to get the job done.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. franuche says:

    The swamp continues to run circles around their opponents in gov’t. Their successful weaponization of US intelligence, IRS, the courts, and state governments against a duly-elected president has emboldened them. They are not on the ropes; we are. It’s increasingly obvious that the good guys don’t have the chops to get the job done.


  30. cjzak says:

    There you have it. They are hedging already. The repubs I mean. No one at the top of these agencies who is guilty of treason, not a one, will ever see any consequences from this outrageous attack on a sitting President and Presidential candidate.

    Hillary gets off too, even though she is in all of it up to her rotating eyeballs. Geee, I’m shocked I tell ya’.


  31. I hate to say ‘I told you so”, but…


  32. QCM says:

    Maybe what Louie meant is, he would not be facing DOJ charges because his charges would be before a military tribunal?


  33. Sherri Young says:

    Louie has always been an outsider in DC. He is one of the least affluent members of congress. He went against the Freedom Caucus when they didn’t listen to him and instead endorsed Paul Ryan for Speaker. Louie is not a Swamp critter.

    In case anyone else noticed that he was missing from the Corey Lewandowski Lib Ownership Show at the House Judiciary Committee’s meeting a couple of days ago, he was at Fort Leavenworth. Why?

    Listen to what Louie is up to:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sherri Young says:

      BTW, that YouTube segment of the Sean Hannity radio show from yesterday is on a channel called UAP, Inc. I think that might be a hoax channel meant eventually to scam people out of donations. UAP, Inc is an auto parts business in Canada. There is a website, uap.org, that purports to be engaged in effort to expose wrongdoing in the military justice system. Nothing was mentioned about them during the interview.

      Anyone who wishes to help should call Rep. Louie Gohmert’s office @ 202-225-3035 before letting go of one cent. A member of his staff can probably help you with ways to volunteer and assist the cause. Probably the biggest help would be find out exactly how to tailor a remark and contact your own congressman and senators.


    • Amy2 says:

      Thank you Sherri! I had been wondering why we didn’t hear from him yesterday! I don’t understand all the Louie bashing today. He is as good a questioner and as outspoken as Jordan, Meadows, Ratcliffe, et al and equally as outraged.

      Liked by 2 people

  34. cboldt says:

    Louis delivered a similar message from the floor of the House, September 12, 2019, Pages H7697-H7702
    I think Louie’s criticism of Horowitz is well-taken. Horowitz did not have to say “no direct evidence Strzok’s bias affected his decisions.” That part of the Hillary exoneration report was seized by (maybe written by) Wray, and converted to “FBI given a clean bill.”
    Horowitz burying that Strzok and Page were the classification authorities who cleared Comey of leaking classified information was not misleading to the same degree, but again Horowitz could have made the connection clear throughout the report.
    It is what it is, and it’s up to Trump allies to engage in the fight. The opponents are clever, energetic liars.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sherri Young says:

      Look on pdf page 45 (document page page 42) of the Comey report and continue reading for a bit.


      Everybody has a name except for “Unit Chief”. Unit Chief = Sally Moyer.

      The classification discussion and decisions did not end with Strzok and Page. Strzok is something of a lightning rod. Nobody likes him at all. (I don’t either.) However, he gets too much credit for being the man behind the curtain who is turning all the dials and pulling all the levers. He is the kind of guy who sticks in your mind.

      IG Horowitz did not let Jim Jordan limit himself to his assumption that Strzok and Page were the deciders re classification even though Jordan kept circling that point. Horowitz attempted to shake him free of that assumption so that he would look again.

      Sally Moyer had greater classification authority and interacted on a higher plane in the FBI than did Peter Strzok. Why is her name left out of this report? My guess is that she must be cooperating.

      If you do a cntrl+f word search on the Comey report, and use the term “Moyer”, you get nothing. If you use the term “unit chief” you get 28 hits. That is meaningful.

      Liked by 2 people

      • cboldt says:

        Thank you for that. I notice that these crooks like to use titles rather than names. I learned many of the names early on by correlating Comey’s testimony before Congress with names.
        RUBIO: Finally, who are those senior leaders at the FBI that you shared these conversations with?

        COMEY: As I said in response to Senator Feinstein’s question, deputy director, my chief of staff, general counsel, the deputy director’s chief counsel, and then, more often than not, the number three person at the FBI, who is the associate deputy director, and then, quite often, the head of the national security branch.

        Deputy Director = Andrew McCabe
        Chief of Staff = Jim Rybicki
        General Counsel = James Baker

        Those four acted deliberately to freeze out Sessions: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/06/3-fbi-officials-can-support-comeys-account-of-trump-meeting.html

        At any rate, I’ve seen the name Sally Moyer come up in qanon posts, and appreciate the substantive connection you provide.

        Liked by 1 person

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