U.K. PM Boris Johnson Planning Brexit Face-to-Face With Macron and Merkel…

Operation Fear” is the globalist, multicultural, left-wing operation aimed at trying to stop Brexit by any means necessary.   The promoters of Operation Fear include almost all EU and British media along with U.S. political EU allies such as Nancy Pelosi, the Big Club Republicans, Wall Street multinationals and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

We are moments away from watching all of the U.S. Democrat presidential candidates deliver their narrative enhancement aimed at supporting the collectivist argument.  No  threat is as significant to their ideological interests as deglobalization, nationalism and the sovereign respect for self-determination.  [See: U.S. Rivkin Project roadmap]

Against the October 31st Brexit deadline, Operation Fear is about to go into fully weaponized narrative distribution.  Predictably the deployment will likely be the largest psychological war carried out in the modern era.

Understanding how Operation Fear is carried out in Sept/Oct will prepare U.S. voters for a similar deployment in the 2020 presidential race.  As a consequence what is about to happen in Great Britain is well worth paying close attention to.

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver his message on Brexit to French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during visits this week, a government spokeswoman said on Monday.

“Ahead of the G7 the prime minister believes it is important to speak to the leaders of France and Germany to deliver the message that he has been setting out through the phonecalls he’s had with leaders and face to face,” the spokeswoman said.

“It is likely they will discuss other issues: foreign policy issues, security issues and so on, but clearly Brexit will form a key part of both bilateral meetings.”

Johnson’s spokeswoman repeated that there can be no formal negotiation with the European Union until the backstop, designed to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, has been dropped.  (link)


♦U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already planted her flag of Brexit opposition around the Ireland -vs- Northern Ireland border.  It’s a disingenuous position; transparently a ridiculous excuse; but that allows her to give the appearance of not interfering while the actual her objective is ABSOLUTELY to interfere.

♦The corporate leftist social media will also engage.   Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and similar media sites will begin pushing down (or eliminating) pro-Brexit content, and pushing up the anti-British pro-EU positions across all engagement.  The objective will be to give the impression that Brexit is not supported.

For the historic reader, you will find strong parallels to the Soviet propaganda campaign around Polish independence and the Solidarity Movement.  In this era the Social Media groups will play the role of the soviet propagandists, and British citizens will metaphorically be the Poles.

♦Hopefully Nigel Farage and/or the Brexit party have proactive rallies planned where the Brits can assemble and publicly show the scale of their support. [*Hint*Hint*] Openly visible public support is the easiest way to refute the media propaganda narrative. [See Trump rallies circa 2016 throughout]  It is harder for the psy-op engineers to refute what is openly visible to the eye and ear.

♦ Mainstream media activity around Brexit in September/October is where we are likely to see the approach deployed in the U.S. for the 2020 election.  They’ll likely be developing strategies and testing out which social engineering approaches work best.  Cue a current audio/visual example to highlight the approach:

(Daily Beast) Donald Trump’s Twitter habit has caused no shortage of controversy during his presidency. Now, Democrats are hoping to turn it into a liability for his re-election.

One of the party’s top think tanks has been privately encouraging lawmakers and candidates to attack the president for failing to deliver on the promises he made because he’s too consumed by social media.

It is, undoubtedly, the first case of a campaign tactic geared towards turning a president’s online behavior into a liability; though rarely has a president’s reliance on—and use of—a media bullhorn been such a defining personality trait. Those pushing it have offered new polling data to bolster the idea that the argument will move voters. (read more)

I digress…

♦Internet Service Providers throughout Europe, but especially in the U.K., will play a significant role in Sept/Oct deployment of the leftist plan behind “Operation Fear”.

Anticipate widespread manipulation of internet travel based on the ISP provider network and subscription.  The networks will block content that is adverse to Operation Fear, and in some cases will direct -or redirect- the internet user to content far away from the intended destination.

♦Search engines like Google will have operators and engineers working 24/7 to specifically maintain and deploy algorithms intended to impede any search query that would be flagged as pro-Brexit.   Malware code will be inserted by the engineers at strategic times to disrupt website content adverse to their agenda.  The Brexit party content will be targeted for disruption, and elements within central government agencies will open doors for assistance therein.

It will be worthwhile to watch how all of the EU operations are carried out; and pay particular attention to the reports of the type of manipulation that we will see.  Being able to map all of the ideological efforts will allow us to formulate plans and strategies to avoid similar deployment when it takes place next year in the U.S.

CTH has a significant amount of U.K visitors.  I can assure you that we will do everything in our power to assist our British friends as Operation Fear places them under siege in the next 60 days.




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211 Responses to U.K. PM Boris Johnson Planning Brexit Face-to-Face With Macron and Merkel…

  1. scottmc37 says:

    OK maybe it wont be as bad as Y2K when all computers crashed, but it may be as bad as the 2009 H1N1 pandemic marking the first global pandemic since the 1968 Hong Kong flu. Billions were spend on unused vaccines, making some salespeople and drug companies fabulously rich…


  2. scottmc37 says:

    Wont be as bad as people being seriously injured driving to work, dont drive, stay home and hide under the bed, its safer…


  3. litenmaus says:

    “U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already planted her flag of Brexit opposition around the Ireland -vs- Northern Ireland border. It’s a disingenuous position; transparently a ridiculous excuse; but that allows her to give the appearance of not interfering while the actual her objective is ABSOLUTELY to interfere.”

    And in 3.2.1. – U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

    Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer threatened cross-party action in Congress to prevent a UK-US trade deal in the event of a hard border in Ireland

    He wrote to US Secretary of State and British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

    He called the UK ‘a unique and valued ally’ but voiced his ‘inveterate opposition to any prospective trade deal that… facilitates a return to a hard border’

    He said the Trump Administration should not ‘over-promise’ an ‘unrealistic’ deal



  4. BigTalkers says:

    The Brits have one thing going for them that some others (the Cabadians for example) don’t..

    Important parts of their national news media aren’t 100% invested in Globalism.

    Liked by 1 person

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