Manufacturing Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses China and Markets….

White House Manufacturing and Trade Policy Advisor Peter Navarro appears on CNBC to discuss the turbulent week on Wall Street and the current status of the U.S. trade position with China.  Pundits are starting to accept that bigger tariffs are on the horizon.  Team Trump is not backing down; and our U.S. position is much stronger.

On one hand, Wall Street loves cheap money (low fed rates). However, on the other hand 51% of all Chinese manufacturing is done by U.S. owned multinationals; and those corporations don’t want to see the retention efforts of China undermined with a lower dollar value (lower fed rate). As a consequence Wall Street is schizophrenic.


On the issue of manufacturers leaving China, Forbes has this outlook: “American businesses now have a month to prepare their supply chains for the impending tariff changes. Companies that do well will be the ones who have taken Trump at his word, rather than to doubt the Disruptor-in-Chief’s position on China. Further disruptions are coming to the U.S. supplier network, impacting how equity analysts view companies, recommend their stocks, and — in a broader sense — impacting the business cycle, already long in the tooth.” (link)

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71 Responses to Manufacturing Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses China and Markets….

  1. Kiel says:

    As I leaned from a fat broad in South Dakota & Sundance . . . trust da’ plan.

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  2. Sofa King says:

    Trump doesn’t care about reconciliation, trade parity, or fairness on the part of China.

    China took our money, and built a military to counter us. They are attempting to close down one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, the S. China Sea.

    Not only is he going to PERMANENTLY nueter this threat, but, if history is any example, this might lead to a collapse similar to the USSR, and the eventual collapse of the totalitarian state!

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    • 335blues says:

      I hope so.

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    • Kiel says:

      China didn’t ‘take out da’ money’ – our country (politicians & industrialists, and ‘others’) sold out (manufacturing), and now we don’t want to reap the consequences.

      . . . the enemy is (and has been) us.

      The country is composed of and run by vicious narcissistic idiots (with smartphones & SUVs), flying the flag of a sick personality disordered Bedouin ‘god’ (read your Old Testament critically).

      . . . may the actual God of the universe protect the world from us.

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      • GGHD says:

        The Ruling Class in China are godless Communists. … Trump was raised a Presbyterian. He wasn’t raised to worship a ~Bedouin ‘god’~
        [FYI, I’m an Irish Catholic.]

        Peter Navarro spoke about the secular problems due to >China’s policies. From the >transcript when Peter Navarro was speaking,… ” …start from the problem that we’re trying to address with China.
        it’s basically >seven acts of economic aggression that are built in structurally (into) the Chinese economy, and they’re worth going over.

        1. It’s the cyber intrusions into our business networks to steal our trade secrets.
        2. It’s the forced technology transfer in exchange for access to the Chinese market.
        3. Its intellectual property (theft) to the tune of several hundred billion dollars a year.
        4. The dumping of (China made) products below costs into our markets, which put our factories and jobs out of business.
        5. We’ve got the currency manipulation problem.
        6. Massive subsidies (to) the state-owned enterprises.
        7. And the seventh act of aggression which the president takes very very seriously
        is the made in China ~~>fentanyl and opioids, that will kill over a hundred people today over a thousand people this week, and over 50,000 Americans this year. … So when we’re negotiating with China, these are serious structural issues. This is ~>not a trade deal where they lower their tariffs; we lower ours, and everybody lives happily ever after.”
        Peter Navarro didn’t want to >just talk about a ‘trade deal’ with China. He wanted to emphasize Economic Aggression by China.
        Plus, the seventh act is not just an Economic Problem. … It’s also a social and moral tragedy causing great grief in our country. … Part of President Trump’s great appeal to Americans, is his actions in trying to stop the illegal drugs from China, plus the illegal drugs and criminals from Mexico.

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      • DiogeneseVindicated says:

        They didn’t sell out our manufacturing, they gave it away for pennies on the dollar. And then they put those pennies in their own pockets.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Sofa king,
      Thats been my assumption, for some time now. Suck back, or clawback as much of the $ as we can, directly thru tarifs, indirectly through companies moving back here, then collapse their economy.
      Conmunism stops,working, when it runs out of other peoples money.

      And don’t stop there; EU has screwed us just,as bad. Their combination of high tarifs, closed markets and underfunding NATO is what has enabled them to afford their generous sicial programs, AT OUR EXPENCE.

      The EU is a centralised, highly regulated, Conmunism lite, run by unelected (and therefore unresponsive to the people) Buerocracy that is exhibiting clear signs of dictatorial tyranny.
      Sounds like,Conmunism to me!
      And, it also can not continue to function, without a steady stream of other peoples money (OURS!).

      CLAW BACK and Shut down.

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      • joshuamayes5487 says:

        Thank you for saying that. Then our “allies” speak about our history, culture, and country with utter contempt.

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        • Dutchman says:

          When you reject neocon, or other pre-trump notions of international relationships, you dump the false notion of ‘allies’ or ‘enemies’; ALL are COMPETITORS.
          Remember PDJT said “Russia isn’t our ENEMY; they are a COMPETITOR.
          ALL countries are in competition with US, and we with them. Not about love ir hate, its “just business”.
          He also reiterates regularly “I don’t BLAME China, and have great respect for Xi and the Chinese people. I blame previous admins.”
          Again, its not personal, its business.
          Other countries, and their leaders are EXPECTED to try to do the best they can for their countries and people, and same for US.
          No wonder STATE,Dept. hates him so much. No need for all those sub-attaches, specialising in “mid-baltic transitional political upheaval” (or whatever). No diplomatic double speak. No ‘foriegn aid’. No interventionist wars, and attempting regime change thru subterfuge (CIA) OR Military invasion.

          A country can have whatever kind of a government their people will tolerate.
          If its Conmunist, it will NOT be able to compete, but thats not OUR doing.

          So yeah, no more allies that treat us in such a way that “With friends like this, who needs enemas?”
          As PDJT has pointed out, the EU has treated us almost as bad as China. True, no IP theft or forced tranfer, etc.
          But, closed markets with high tariffs, and we aren’t footing the bill for Chinas military, the way we are the EU.

          No allies, no enemies. And wars only for self defence.
          “Trade wars”? Not really.
          Remember, its not personal, its just BUSINESS

          Economic Security is National Security. The most profound, impactful Doctrine a POTUS has adopted, EVEH

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    • buanadha says:

      Agree, the trade aspect of this is big, but much bigger is a strategic realignment that can stop their international aggression without resorting to military force

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    • john edward lorenz says:

      to now where it is merely an authoritarian state. hahahahahahah


  3. Fubu says:

    This is gonna get ugly………for China.

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  4. RE “Further disruptions are coming to the U.S. supplier network, impacting how equity analysts view companies, recommend their stocks, and — in a broader sense — impacting the business cycle, already long in the tooth.”

    Just finished a series of discussions with all levels of a major institution’s investment management team toward creating “AMERICA-FIRST MODEL PORTFOLIOS” predicated on …

    • The success of President Trump’s MAGAnomics policies for USA-centric Businesses

    • The attraction of Repatriated Earnings and Foreign Investment as the most hospitable environment for ROI on the planet

    • The Renaissance of the USA’s Manufacturing Sector

    • The negotiation of Bilateral Free-and-Fair Trade Deals predicated on Reciprocity

    • The Restoration of America-First Governmental & Corporate Leadership

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    • guybee55 says:

      Who is positioned to take advantage of this movement?

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    • Dutchman says:

      I asked the other day, “Are their any mutual funds that are specifically set up to be MAGANOMICS?”
      After all, they have “Green” mutual funds, and all sorts of others, slanted in a certai direction.
      I would love to know of a way to bet on MAGANOMICS, seems like a sure bet!

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      • There are no mutual funds I’m personally aware of that are specifically America-First.

        IMO, a simple first-pass screening of Funds (and/or Companies) would sequentially

        • Focus on funds invested in MID-to-SMALL CAP companies (typically non-globalist Mid-Caps with track records, sustainability and access to investment capital)

        • Screen for 2-3 YEAR PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP (during Trump), particularly following the 2018 Tax Cuts (those that “get” where & how MAGAnomics will win, and have successfully concentrated investments on high-potential, near-term opportunities, with an understanding of the planning-execution cycle time for seizing on those opportunities)

        • Screen next for those with Business CONCENTRATED in the USA

        • Vet for Industry-Company combinations with “winning FUNDAMENTALS and sources of competitive advantage” that would deliver “Narrow-to-Wide Moat Ratings” (Morningstar criteria)

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        • Dutchman says:

          Thanks, BKR.
          I am a neophite at investing, only 401k’s and IRA’s.

          As I said,,I seem to recall hearing of funds with a particular focus or thrust.

          Green, or no cruelty to animals or whatever. Someone should with the knowledge should consider coming up with a MAGA fund, using the criterion you list, and Sundances MAGA nomics 101 ‘coarse’; would be interesting to track the fund, over the next couple of years, could give some especially robust returns?

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        • Ghost says:

          Excellent BlackKnightRides, just plain Excellent! 👍


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    • GB Bari says:

      Just finished a series of discussions with all levels of a major institution’s investment management team toward creating “AMERICA-FIRST MODEL PORTFOLIOS” predicated on …

      So how’d it go – what was their general feedback? Are they seeing it?

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    • mj_inOC says:

      ‘Like’ again inoperative…

      Bravo. Great strategy. Buy American.


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    • WVPatriot says:

      I am extremely curious what investment management team has finally translated the “handwriting-on-the-wall.”

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    • Justanelectrician says:

      While planning a 401k-IRA rollover, I asked an analyst with a large local brokerage how they’re investment strategies were changing as the effects of maganomics take hold. About 5 minutes into his anti-Trump diatribe, I had to walk away. I don’t care about his political views; maganomics is real, and it’s changing the investment landscape. Hopefully, there are discussions like the ones you described going on above his pay grade.

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  5. JoeMeek says:

    Trump to Xi, “Whatever you do, please don’t throw me in the briar patch”.

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  6. beaujest says:

    Trust in Trump, the rest are either Commies,Cowards or Crooks , some are all three !

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  7. Carrie2 says:

    Xi and his communist group may find a serious uprising there as well as many more Chinese citizens than 2700 communists. In China’s history this had happened more than once by supposed leaders so will be interesting to see how Xi either does what the Chinese want and need (they love our stuff, thank you!), who knows if the other communists remove him and maybe even kill him as they have with others.


    • A2 says:

      Carrie2 you know better than that as I have responded to you before. facts matter.

      A2 says:
      August 6, 2019 at 10:47 pm
      Not the first time I’ve had to present facts to you Carrie2.

      Ok la. FACT: the CCP has 90.59 million members and it is very difficult to join. Getting the ‘diploma’ opens doors. That is not counting the 80 million members of the Communist Youth League, the incubator for attaining full membership and is run by the Central Committee and forms a power base for leaders.

      Under Xi Mao2.0 the role of party members has expanded as all so called ‘private’ enterprises including foreign owned have to accommodate a CCP member on their boards.

      Non party members or those who haven’t attained membership get to up their political/social ‘credit’ score by participating in reading and memorising Xi thought through a mobile app.

      If you read Chinese on social media you would know that only the official version of events in Hong Kong is generally known. that is why HK protesters targeted Mainland visitors to try and get the message out. Also that official view that protesters are lawbreakers and led by foreigners, I.e. US to attack China’s sovereignty is widespread on social media. They do not mostly have access to the truth.

      As for agriculture, Russia is filling in the gap with massive wheat and soybean sales to China.

      I don’t know where you get your ideas from, but better to open your eyes and get a realistic appraisal of the situation. That is the first step to defeating the CCP.

      Here are just a few links to help you out.

      CCP membership

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      • RightAroundTheBlock says:

        Not likely Carrie2. Think Taiwan. Iran. And/or… buckle-up. Figure it out. They’re not creating islands for Hiltons.

        Nor putting in place trading mechanisms for non-dollar denominated trading amongst others including our “allies.”

        Based on your above comment, no offense, you’re fooling yourself -A2 is on point. Let alone, there’s multiples times your numbers of Commies right here IN the US… Fact. Let alone tacit sheeple supporters via economic and social/climate globalist agendas. It’s our own backyard that is actively engaged in the “resistance.”

        Best not to spread a false sense of security among good people. Winning isn’t all easy peasy. We are still in the first act.


  8. Theclockisrunning says:

    North Korea, Russia, Iran and China are all working on (or already have) Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapons. A 100 megaton yield EMP explosion 200 miles above Manhattan, Kansas would destroy all of the extremely high voltage transmitters that make the electrical grid work. Multiple EMP explosions of lower yields at lower altitudes will do the same thing. The transformers are not made in the USA and take from 3 to 5 years to build. If pushed to the point of destruction of the current political system in any of these nations, the leadership of the affected nation would likely feel it has nothing to lose by destroying the United States entire infrastructure which is what would happen if the grid is destroyed.

    Multiple low yield EMP explosions can be detonated as low as 18 miles altitude which can be reached by using high altitude balloons launched from remote locations within the United States. There is presently no way to know for sure who launched these balloons. Worse, presently, there is no defense against an EMP attack on the grid.

    My point is many people are pointing out that POTUS has the Chinese in a box and holds all the cards. That may well be true from a financial and geopolitical trade standpoint but it’s untrue in the larger picture. If we lose the grid from a multiple site balloon launched EMP attack, we will not even know for sure who is responsible. Meanwhile, we will sit in the dark for 3-5 years minimum worse case and our infrastructure and civilization will be in ruins within the first 3 months after the attack.


    • Darrell Michael Richardson says:

      Learn how to hunt,make a fire,and for Gods sake by a non computer operated vehicle. Losin your internet etc will not be the end of the world should it ever happen. Grow a pair because our President has a set.


    • kurt72 says:

      It needs to made clear to these countries that an EMP attack will cause us to turn them into a glass parking lot in minutes. Our nuclear arsenal is global and hidden and independent of the grid. As Gordon Chang said this week, President Trump is a wartime President. China is our enemy.

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    • Steve Herman says:

      An effective EMP attack on the US would result in the death of 85% of our population withing 12 months. Yes, approx 250million lives. Those on life support would perish within days. Depletion of meds would result in many more deaths within 1-3 months. Then there is the large segment of our population who would just give up and refuse to help themselves. Many seniors, such as myself, would succumb to injuries, sickness or parasites. Then the roving human parasites who would survive by taking and preying on the weak.

      The above was from an 90ish period Energy related mag article on how unprepared the power industry is to an EMP attack.

      I would think, 6 months after an effective EMP attack, those with the best chance of survival is the military, upper pol elites, experienced hardened survivalist and those who have the means to escape to another country. That’s if we are not invaded by any number of countries to carve up the US and it’s resources.
      The Metro cities would have near zero survivability.


  9. Ausonius says:

    The Chinese have attempted to be Communist Capitalists, or Capitalistic Communists, and the oxymoron cannot hold onto its existence, since the contradiction demands a resolution. Brute force may hold the unnatural genes together for a while, but the energy needed for that force will eventually go geometric, and become impossible to continue.

    Capitalism demands free markets, which will demand with the passage of time political and social freedom, not just a narrow economic freedom.

    Either they drop the capitalism and return to oppressive Communism, whose contradictions will also – eventually, as we have seen (i.e. 1989-1991) – rise and cause a collapse, or they drop the Communism and attempt to establish a free society.

    A free society, however, will – as we have seen most recently – generate those whose failure to prosper in a free market will cause them to demand less freedom and less prosperity for the prosperous in the interest of “fairness.” These Hegelian cycles will not end: those who postulated an “End of History” because of a triumph of democratic capitalism worldwide disregarded some of the infinite talents of Humankind:

    Envy and Stupidity!

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    • Dutchman says:

      Overall, I agree. We naively) and wishfully thinking )thought we banished Conmunism, Naziism, the ‘ash heap of history’.

      “Those who use the term “foolproof” grossly underestimate the creativity of fools!”

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  10. sir4576 says:

    Would love to do that with my portfolio.

    I’m starting by lessening my true international exposure but that’s way over simplified.


  11. TradeBait says:

    A year from now the markets will be focused on other markets due to new trade deals that are equitable. China will be rattling sabers inside China. The slide toward internal Chinese chaos has begun. Oh well…

    This is what happens when we have a patriotic. brilliant POTUS in charge who utilizes the very best in the world to get things done. Thank you for the reprieve, Lord God.

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  12. A2 says:

    Mr Navarro cheekily quoted Deng Xiaoping’s (and Mao before him) revival of a Han dynasty saying ‘seek truth from facts’ 實事求是 with reference to a question on their currency devaluation. As we know, words are fungible to the CCP you have to watch their actions.

    It seems sleepy creepy Joe was trying to quote the same source but it came out as,’ we chose truth over facts’. By George, I think he got it. Joe #GreatChinaPayroll Biden is on the same page as the CCP. I’m having a


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  13. A2 says:

    I’ll just repost this for auld Lang syne.

    ‘Would the Last Company Manufacturing in China Please Turn Off the Lights’

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  14. citizen817 says:

    Full Interview (27 minutes)

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  15. citizen817 says:

    Navarro w/Maria Bartiromo yesterday.

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    • RightAroundTheBlock says:

      Best line??
      @ 3:00, “when the ‘main street journal’ starts criticizing President Trump and myself that’s when we’ll worry…”
      @5:02, ” The Wall Street Journal will write what it writes, it doesn’t sound a whole lot different than the People’s Daily in terms of the news it put out…”


  16. joshuamayes5487 says:

    Vietnam and other southeast asian countries.


  17. rashomon says:

    Has anyone else noticed we have an increased in commentators with British accents? Especially in monetary and worldwide political affairs. Does Christine Amanpour own PBS? It seems strange for the Brit/Iranian to rule the airwaves and commentary we U.S. taxpayers are forced to support.

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  18. Paul Apostle says:

    So let me see if I understand this correctly: The USA farming industry is completely dependent on China buying soybeans?
    This has nothing to do with out sourcing our produce to Mexico, pay no attention to that.


  19. sarasotosfan says:

    I have become as addicted to ZeroHedge as I have to TCTH. While I don’t always agree with the opinions expressed, they appear to me to be well ahead of the curve when it comes to underlying market trends.

    Last night I posted a link to a ZH opinion regarding China’s economy being out of control. I can easily foresee the MSM blaming the tariffs for causing for the economic collapse of the world’s most populated country that could lead to an actual war. Once again, the blame Trump syndrome.


    • zorrorides says:

      TY, Sarasotosfan. Now it’s time to demonstrate my ignorance. I’ve been reading Econ for many years, yet I don’t understand Chinese yuan versus renminbi. It’s not your job but can you enlighten me? (And others too, I’m sure.)


      • sarasotosfan says:

        I have no fluency in currencies, sadly. What I do understand is that when the value of a country’s currency declines against the value of any trading partner, the cost to acquire goods from a trading partner rises, as demonstrated by the cost of food rising in China.


      • A2 says:

        There is no difference. Renminbi is the official currency, yuan is a unit and means ‘dollar’.

        The PRC did have two currencies for a while, renminbi used in China and waihuiquan which was foreign certificates. Foreigners were forbidden to use renminbi as Chinese were not allowed to use the foreign certificates as common currency. That was eliminated, but the use of The term of yuan is just the unit name of the renminbi.

        Again, no difference.


  20. President please Do not Backdown against china’s Trademark long as Take’s,
    God Bless USA and President Trump,
    You Going a Great for America and you have a Great Team working with you,


  21. Mike in a Truck says:

    The Globalist financier robber barons begin strip mining the United States in the early 70’s. With the help of every President since they began strip mining Europe, Japan,South Korea, and Red China, along with every banana republic they could infiltrate. . Now along comes PDJT to step on their asses while they had their dicks in the honeypot. No they dont like it. They’ve been in this business since the 17th century. They’ve outlasted Kings and Queens,Dictators and Scoundrels. Will they outlast PDJT? Or he them?


  22. hellinahandbasket says:

    S P A C E . F O R C E
    There’s a reason why President Trump acted so quickly . . .

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