Judicial Watch FOIA – Bruce Ohr 302 Reports Released, (full pdf)…

Bruce Ohr is a DOJ official who was interviewed by the FBI during the DOJ/FBI collaborative effort to target president-elect Donald Trump after the 2016 election.

Mr. Ohr was interviewed on 12 different occasions between November 22nd 2016 and May 15th 2017.  Judicial Watch has finally received the copies of the FBI investigative notes, aka “302 reports”.

The last interview of Bruce Ohr (May 15th, 2017) took place two days prior to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.  Throughout the interviews (full pdf below) Bruce Ohr was acting as the go-between delivering information from his wife Nellie Ohr at Fusion GPS and one of Fusion’s contract investigators, Christopher Steele.

The 302 reports are heavily redacted (sources and methods); however, we already know the majority of names underneath the redactions.  Here are the *302 investigative notes:

*more analysis will follow.

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317 Responses to Judicial Watch FOIA – Bruce Ohr 302 Reports Released, (full pdf)…

  1. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Are these releases solely due to Judicial Watch’s FOIA efforts, or are they related to the Trumpet’s directive to declassify documents?


    • cboldt says:

      Solely JW. The docs are redacted, nothing was declassified.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        Makes me wonder why Judicial Watch can get more information than Congress. Can’t they file FOIA requests? Shows they don’t really want to know.

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        • Zippy says:

          “Can’t they file FOIA requests?”

          No. But THEY shouldn’t NEED to. Trump should put out a blanket order to HIS agencies, “Provide the requested documents in a reasonable amount of time or you’re fired.”

          Everyone here is asking the same question I have, “Why is anything of any significance always seem to be coming form the tiny NGO Judicial Watch lawsuits?” Year(s) after requesting the info and having to SUE for it.

          I just happened to watch Hannity last night. He was much better behaved that usual, not interrupting guests so damned much. He asked one question of all of them except the few at the end: “Will anyone be prosecuted over this?” From Jordan and Graham, to paraphrase, “(Squirm) well, uh, cough.” From the investigative journalists, it ranged from, to paraphrase, “There SHOULD be” to “There MUST be” to the great Solomon “Probably not.”

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        • Ray Runge says:

          Mr. e-man, your question tells us all we need to know about the SSCI and the Republicans in the House committees.


    • lumoc1 says:

      If referring to President Trump in an insulting manner make you feel more intelligent, it demonstrates clearly that you are just fooling yourself.

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  2. Sammy Hains says:

    If I was conspiratorally minded, I would say that the FBI/CIA triggered some sleepers to overshadow this news…

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  3. History Teaches says:

    Are we finally, seriously, truly, at the beginning of the end/the end of the beginning? Accountability, exposure, charges, a black and white irrefutable timeline and airtight narrative.

    Fully documented, legally precise, and able to withstand the spin the whirling dervishes of the MSM, lawfare drones and swamp politicians use to deflate and debunk?

    Three years of expectation, ‘tick tock,’ wait for this report, delay, obfuscation, redaction, distraction and so on.

    There always are weak links that when they unravel, have unintended consequences. Bruce Ohr is a major middleman connecting the dots between conception of the coup and it’s enactment. . Not one of the elite brains, but a diligent and useful tool who greased the wheels of the conspiracy machine.

    Every morsel of information now revealed will lead deeper into that unholy web. Starting with the ‘small group’ but extending into the Obama netherworld, international operatives, political and monies interests.

    As much as we’d like, you can’t eat the popcorn in one giant bite! We have to savor each mouthful and trust that the President, Barr, and the other loyalists all do their jobs ethically and professionally.

    And once and for all incinerate the ,’higher loyalty’ treasonous excuse.

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    • cboldt says:

      The FBI record of Ohr interview is the first step toward revealing participation by State Department. Just getting started, will never come completely clean. On “deep state,” emphasis on “deep.”

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    • A Moderate Man says:

      Nice, I am a big fan of yours History Teaches… great writing style!

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    • Betty says:

      And what all this is distracting us from is a Nation wide Voter ID law which included a picture and verified citizen status. If we could manage to get creditable threat of this the reaction of the Democrat/Republican Uni-Party and the ugly Deep State would be astonishing and probably out and out treason.

      No elected official, not one wants their grasp on power to be dependent on the will of WE The People, so none of them will provide America with a strong Voter ID Law – ever.
      We The People MUST find a way to force them – yesterday or we are all lost.

      What Benjamin Franklin said at the beginning of this magnificent experiment we call home is just as vital now:
      “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” -Benjamin Franklin

      Remember that video of the young man in a red shirt who was chased relentlessly and finally tackled to the ground. Not a person intervened to stop it, even the “ordinary citizens” who were driving a fire engine refused him sanctuary and made him run on.
      Do you think a child of yours will get mercy from the IDIOT RABBLE?
      Do you think the Uni-Party/Internet will allow an independent thought EVER AGAIN if they gain power?


  4. WSB says:

    Page 21-34. Think Progress article about the NRA, alleged money from Russia, Buttina, and implicating Sheriff Clarke for a trip that may have involved a personal stay in Russia. Another entrapment case? Who invited him?

    Remember when Sheriff Clarke decided not to work for the Trump Administration? They may have gotten to him as well. Patriots who want to make lives better for Americans, being snuffed out.

    I would so appreciate SD making more sense of this.

    And SD, thank you so much for all of the deep diving work you do! If Treepers can help sifting through, I know we are just thrilled to assist.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    Was Nellie Ohr doing searches of the NSA Database and passing the results to FBI through the Dossier? I was never clear on this point. thanks

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    • WSB says:

      That is the thought. The NSA contractor access was shut down on April 18, 2016. The next day, Mary Jacoby, Glenn Simpson’s wife, is on the White House visitor log. Nellie received her HAM radio licence in May.

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        AND If this is true……then this is HUGE.

        In the Carter Page FISA application the FBI obfuscated who was paying FusionGPS and Steele ….(the HRC campaign)


        They were covering up the MOU with FusionGPS because it was IMPROPER and done DELIBERATELY.

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        • Zippy says:

          “AND If this is true……then this is HUGE.”

          It’s -ALL- H-U-G-E. And if no one at high levels or formerly at high levels goes to Bubba’ jail over it, that will be all anyone actually paying attention will need to know about our system. For others, like me, it will simply be further confirmation of what they already suspect.


        • WSB says:

          And there are still the bank records available showing payments. When will we see those?

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    • Zy says:

      The results are used to form a narrative like”Cohen in Prague”.

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  6. Zy says:

    Our conception of our country was a fantasy, for decades.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      Amen. It leaves me speechless and filled with red hot anger that I was that naive!

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      • A Moderate Man says:

        You and hundreds of thousands of others… remember when PDJT said very early in interviews that we do very bad things… everyone (MSM) just cringed and thought he was a crackpot.

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        • BebeTarget / abdb61 says:

          Yes, when candidate POTUS didn’t seem tough enough on Putin the MSM was aghast that he would want to do business with people who did bad things. DJT responded by saying something like “Well, we do bad things, too.” He knew every dirty little secret..


  7. ChampagneReady says:

    Hey Wray, bet you were doing everything possible to block this huh.

    Sorry Comey 2.0. No soup for you.

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  8. mtk says:

    What do the “cross outs” significantly mean, it is not like they are redactions.
    Many seems to be assiocated with
    Reason: 1.4(b)

    I get the 1.4(b) – A type of classification justification.
    What is (S//OC/NF)?

    Second… Bruce Ohr has for the past year quietly been rebranded by the MSM, hence by the government, as a kind of ‘little dutch boy’, e.i. I told the Govt Steel and Simpson(GPS) were political operatives, I am not the bad guy here and etc.
    Yet all the while he acted as a go between.

    It is not adding up.

    If these were his views, Why? Act as a go between.

    Ok, so if he was told(order)(hence part of CYA) to act as go between, given the juxaposition of what he said in his 302 debriefings, “How is that reconciled with the value and weight attached to the principals in forming the ‘muh russia’ collusion narrative?

    There are two things working at cross odds here, in my opinion.

    First, Mr. Ohr is not stating in his 302s, run from this political mess, he is stating as positive affirmative, “They are aligned minded allies, they are people!!!”

    By rebranding Mr. Ohr, a second need is being achieved.

    The white washing of, “If Mr. Ohr was sounding and ringing alarm bells is a pure political expediency, then the attached net effect is, “Mrs. Ohr can’t be too closely looked at since that would collapse the rebranding narrative.”

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    • mtk says:

      First, Mr. Ohr is not stating in his 302s, run from this political mess, he is stating as a positive affirmative, “They are aligned minded allies, they are our kind of people!!!”

      It is too swampy prefect, because under the CYA prevailing legal wisdom at the doj, “Mr. Ohr’s doj legal team can argue my above assertion is testifying to state of mind.”

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      • ann says:

        The deletions hint at much deeper involvement & culpability. Did the 302’s “to clean things up”, “….too emotional”,
        Yeah sure, as when AAG Sally QYates & … wants to ensure the “…… “.

        The delay on prosecuting obvious crimes is infuriating.
        President Trump’s administration is trying to negotiate trade & stabilize foreign relations, these guys are busily working against the public interest.

        Meanwhile 24 hour agit prop which defames the President, his family, supporters, donors and the American people.
        All this destruction is wrought on an international stage while the Bureau plays coy.

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      • boogywstew says:

        Seems we are learning about ourselves here ….


    • jbowen82 says:

      S//OC/NF is a classification marking. The S means Secret and the NF means No Foreign Nationals. I don’t know what the OC means — possibly Official Communication?

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  9. Blind no Longer says:

    Sally Yates contacted Ohr after she was fired and wanted to know if he (Ohr) expected to be fired as well…and if so, who at DOJ could they continue to “reach out” to. Why would Yates think Ohr was getting canned since she was fired for refusing to follow the President’s order?
    Reach Out…as in continue to direct the ongoing coup from outside of government?

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  10. pucecatt says:

    I would love to know who is afraid for their life , that name is redacted also another name redacted in regards to someone urging Steele to talk to redacted , I’m going to guess it is Mark Warner , just because McCains aid comes up in that same 302

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  11. MR52 says:

    Not sure if anyone has talked about this but I was searching names and came across this left wing BS site. I wonder if there is something here we can leverage to make our case. https://themoscowproject.org/collusion-timeline


  12. BitterC says:

    Hannity is an absolute must watch tonite and yes, you will want to choke him

    It occurs to me that Paul Ryan has some explaining to do.
    We all know that Nunes was deliberately sidelined by Ryan for most of 2017. Now we know about McCain’s much earlier involvement [what did Lindsey know and when did he know it?]

    I think a case can be made that Paul Ryan obstructed justice/Congressional investigation by allowing the phony Adam Schiff ethics accusations to be used to slow down Nunes.


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    • Rhoda R says:

      I would love to see Ryan nailed for his part in this.

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    • The Central Scrutinizer says:

      Any more, the only time I watch Hannity is when he has a guest host, one that actually asks a short, concise question, and then lets the guest answer. Hannity spends the entire show attempting to insert himself into the timeline and while I will commend him for staying with the story and getting the info out to us deplorables, his constant repeating of talking points is infuriating.


  13. Hmmm... says:

    I think these 302s are entirely a con job. The FBI already had this information before the election and these give them the excuse that they didn’t know the full story until afterwards. If this is the super important investigation into a potential undercover Russian agent becoming president then why weren’t they tracking down any and everyone who even possibly knew Steele prior to late November? If the FBI actually wanted to investigate Steele and his info they could have and should have interviewed Ohr because they would have known he knew Steele. Sure it’s worth finding holes in their story but I cannot believe that this is an accurate reflection of what actually happened so using these 302s as a basis of judging the FBI is a joke IMO.

    I don’t know how the FBI works but if their process includes opening an investigation like that and then waiting until people show up and give them more information then they are completely worthless. They should have had all of this information anyway. If the investigation was real then Steele’s communications should have been scooped up and analyzed. If they are going to pretend that they were concerned that the presidency was possibly going to be compromised by a foreign power to the point that the campaign needed to be spied upon then they would have no excuse for not spying on the guy supplying the information. Steele’s communications would have potentially revealed the super secret Russian sources which would be critical information if you were serious about finding the truth. They weren’t serious because the investigation existed just to exist (and leak the existence to the media).

    The craziest thing is that they are claiming that they received the exculpatory info after the FISA and the election yet the leaks and “seriousness” of the investigation escalated only after they had more reason to doubt the entire premise. Their story seems to be that they were concerned before the election enough to get a FISA on Page yet not track down any of Steele’s contacts. After the election they get more info, much of which calls into question the credibility of the source. Presumably they found nothing from the Page FISA either yet they continue to ramp things up and begin the process of safeguarding the investigation from being obstructed as well as reveal the existence of the investigation publicly. None of that makes any sense.

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    • WSB says:

      These 302’s ARE an attempt at a con job; however, the references and time lines do not lie.

      I expect that Sundance will have a dissection shortly.

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      • Hmmm... says:

        The first 302 (date wise) is the one that bothers me greatly. It describes a meeting on July 30th and another one in September yet it is written up in November. The perception that Ohr and the DOJ gave (I’d have to look at the testimony again to see how he worded it) was that he was following up with the FBI after each contact but that is obviously not true.

        The reason this bothers me is that by November 15th Page was already texting Stzrok about “All the King’s Men”. Considering what followed I interpret those texts as a pretty clear signal that they were hatching their plan at that time. These 302s come shortly after that so I do not trust the information in them or the framing of them. I think these are likely to have been created to launder information and retroactively give Ohr credibility for being a go between.

        The September contact between Ohr and Steele is probably the significant one. Have we ever fully nailed down when and how the Steele information made it to the FBI? That might have already been answered but I just can’t remember off the top.

        Anyway the whole thing reeks of retroactive ass covering that a DOJ or FBI would not tolerate from one of their targets. If Steele was the source then he should have been vetted to include his work association with FusionGPS and his contacts with Ohr and thus they would have had this info a lot earlier. They should not have needed a Bruce Ohr 302 in late November to know Steele was working indirectly for Hillary or anything else in that 302.

        It’s such basic common sense and logic that if someone comes to you with damaging info about someone else it is incredibly important to figure out their motivation for doing that in order to asses the value of that information. I have no idea what the FBI’s investigative process is but if they don’t have that covered then they are a joke. I don’t think that they are that dumb or incompetent which leaves malice as the other option. They intentionally did not look into Steele which explains why they needed to retroactively cover this and thus the Ohr 302s beginning in late November which filter in some info that they should have known months prior. That’s my take anyway.

        From the beginning it has been my opinion that it was an operation and not an investigation. They were never investigating anything or else they would have known this stuff within a day or two. Considering who Steele was working with (Deripaska) and FusionGPS (Prevazon) it is unfathomable that counter intelligence would be unaware of who they were and what they were doing. With the flimsy premise they used to get a FISA on Page they should have been all over Steele and FusionGPS if they were really trying to find the truth. But they weren’t because they needed to not know.

        Sorry for the rant but I’m just annoyed that the framing of this entire thing is so incredibly backwards. The FBI is still running the narrative that they were so concerned about Russian interference that they needed to get a FISA on the Trump campaign based on the word of a guy who was working for a Russian oligarch but apparently felt no need to even consider looking into this guy and his connections. It’s absurd and yet we’re stuck analyzing 302s concocted to cover up this failure and no one questions the greater premise.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Well, when your Mom and Dad come in, and find you hunkered down in a corner, almost empty cookie jar in your lap, cookie crumbs all down your shirt, and all over your face, its HARD to come up with a plausible alternative to the truth.

      They are TRYING, but TRUTH is a tricky thing to bend.
      And I personally think that Ryan greenlighted the coup, and did everything he could to stonewall, cause he was covering his own *ss.

      Speaker, so third in line, countenancing a coup? REAL close to “hey, paul. Lets play HANGMAN!”

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      • SKYJACKER says:

        Maintaining a firewall between Trump and Putin is at the heart of the Russia Hoax. Yes, the dossier and all the the other confabulations were intended to compromise (politically block) if not delegitimize (leading to possible impeachment) the President.

        And at the heart of the Russia Hoax is the passage of the Magnitsky Act, authorizing sanctions against Russia in order to cover up the crimes of Bill Browder, HSBC bank, and whoever else has dirty money in that game. The same names from the Russia Hoax are the players in the Magnitsky Act Hoax – Browder, Clinton, Jonathan Winer, Christopher Steele, John McCain, Ben Cardin, Sidney Blumenthal, Obama…

        Nothing to back it up but a hunch, but all the Congressional retirements and not running for reelection activity is more tied to the Magnitsky Act Hoax than the Russia Hoax… thinking some were complicit, many were unwitting… but it is not going to matter when the American public gets a good, transparent whiff of how sausage is made on Capitol Hill.

        The period 2010 – 2012 is central… this covers the time period when Bill Browder first starts the sanctions effort to cover his ass for the $4.5 Billion he claims to have secretly transferred out of Russia in 2006 when the authorities there began to investigate his financial activities. 2010 – 2012 is the period of time leading up to the attack on the facility in Benghazi – the disappearance of the Benghazi emails coincides with the block of time Browder was bribing his way through the State Dept, Congress, and the White House.

        Keep this in mind as well… Bill Browder is a British citizen, not an American citizen.

        Getting the Magnitsky Act passed was a bought and paid for con job. Running the Russia Hoax was a two-fer:

        … continue chumming the MSM waters to neutralize any attempt to have normal relations with Russia, coloring any attempts by the Russians to bring Browder to trial if not Justice as politically motivated retribution,

        …and to neutralize, hopefully deligitimize candidate, President elect, and then President Trump and keep the lid on, among other scandals of the Obama administration, The Magnitsky Act.

        Watch for information to start leaking out on the Magnitsky Act. One silver lining, as you can see by the names above, we can use the same Russia Hoax score card to keep track of the Magnitsky Act Hoax players.

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        • StanH says:


          Sounds very swampy.


        • The Demon Slick says:

          I think they’re trying to keep President Trump and Putin from uniting against the global jihad. The left thinks they’ve found their proletariat in the muslims.


        • MR52 says:

          Thanks for the info. Quick search brought up this”

          “At yesterday’s press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Bill Browder made a $400 million contribution to the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.”

          It is interesting of the connection between Comey and Browder via HSBC bank. I have a funny feeling that SDNY and HSBC are epic centers to a lot of the treasonous stuff.

          The site is kinda shady. It claims Barr is not on the level because he is compromised with his dealing with Bush in the 80’s. Sounds a lot like Q stuff.


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          • SKYJACKER says:


            Putin’s press spokesman walked back the $400,000,000 amount and corrected to $400,000 right after the press conference.

            On youtube search for ‘Watch Donald Trump and Vladimir’s Full Press Conference’ on July 16, 2018. This is the one the MSM decried as Trump committing treason. Another small point of note… Putin mentions that Browder had transferred $1.5. Billion – not $ 4.5 Billion as Browder claims… I’m believing Browder exaggerated the amount for any number of obvious reasons.

            Browder instigated a criminal suit through the SDNY against one of the companies he claims was recipient of funds from a tax refund scam using stolen incorporation documents of his firm Hermitage Capital. Browder claims this tax fraud scam was organized by the very Russian authorities investigating him for financial crimes and the tax fraud scam.

            In the process of SDNY going after this Russian company, which was privately investigating Browder and closing in on him, Browder gets served a subpoena and has to give a deposition.

            Go to Bill Browder WIKIPEDIA page – reference #56 for a transcript of the deposition. (380 pages)

            Go to youtube, search on ‘Bill Browder April 15, 2015 for the video of the deposition. (6 parts – you are going to need a lot of popcorn)

            Best of all possible worlds – read Bill Browder’s book, Red Notice – then watch the documentary The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes (Andrej Nekrasov) you can get access to the film- go to WIKIPEDIA for Magnitsky Act – scroll down to external links and you can get access to documentary from there – $5 to view – $10 to purchase (recommended).

            Browder was able to do to the documentary ‘The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes’ what Randolf Hearst was not able do to ‘Citizen Caine’ (but tried his best) – block its commercial distribution. After the total U.S. shut out for distribution Devin Nunes hosted a showing for members of Congress at the Newseum in Wash D.C. Distribution was also blocked in Europe, Nekrasov put it up on the internet for free for a time – but it kept being taken down except for one outlet out of Germany. He finally got it hosted with a company that professionally manages online film distribution. Without the internet it would probably never have seen the light of day. There are some very powerful, very nervous forces at work… and it is more about Power than it is about Money.

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      • mtk says:

        You are so close to nailing the ethical development/growth of these people with your cookie story.

        Back when they were four, “The cookie monster broke into the house and started ramming cookies down my mouth. BahBawWa.Sniff” excuse worked wonders.
        The progression, keeps repeating through out their youth and schooling, never held to account or expectations, always ready with plausible excuses for why they didn’t do the work, it is some elses fault or pushing your buttons to trigger argument with stupid.

        Then, they graduate/get an education/job and consider an adult.

        More like an adult children still stuck in that four year old predicament… And their entire life experiences have trained them well.

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    • ABN says:

      Excellent insight!

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  14. dogsmaw says:

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    • ann says:

      ✅. Note mustn’t forget Ms. Sally Q Yates.

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      • Blind no Longer says:

        Amen Ann. Long tall Sally is right in the thick of it!

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        • Mr e-man says:

          Small group is how many people? 50?

          After all, Strzok was in charge of both the Hillary and Trump investigations. He was on the SC investigation. He was also the dufus that texted 50,000 times about his bias to his mistress. Both were married.

          The same people, over and over. They held it close. But the overall secrecy, the fight to redact, the declination of prosecution, the lying, the leaking, the coordination, etc all lead me to believe this goes much higher.

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          • richard verney says:

            Hannity gives the impression that it is just a handful of bad apples. The fact is that it is much more than that.

            For example, about 40 FBI investigators went accross to the Mueller investigation, who all knew at the time of Mueller’s appointment that there was no there there, so that is 40 bad apples to begin with, before one adds in the likes of Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe etc.

            We must be talking of at least 100 people who were directly involved, or knew what was going on, and said nothing, and who were complicit by their silence. If you want to add in Congress, Senate, and MSM, we are talking of many 100s of bad apples who conciously played a part in the soft coup.

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            • beachbum31 says:

              what about Hilly campaign staff? Robby Mook rounding up the ‘resist’ brown shirts right after the election. How could he not be an orchestrator? David Corn, Michael Isikoff, Rachel Maddow. Could this have been pulled off without their 24/7 artillery barrage?
              Yeah spin that freedom of the press stuff. Lets see YOUR text messages.
              This would all be silly secret agent games by neurotic odd bitches like Steele and Ohr without the rather elaborate media roll-out. RICO

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        • BebeTarget / abdb61 says:

          And a Dem operative on TV this week, when asked for suggestions for VP, suggested Sally Yates.

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      • Zy says:

        Q =
        Quisling (/ˈkwɪzlɪŋ/; Norwegian pronunciation: [²kvɪslɪŋ]) is a term originating in Norway, which is used in Scandinavian languages and in English for a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force – or more generally as a synonym for traitor.

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      • Zabadak says:

        Yes, she appears on the next reset of pins, along with other seditionists and deep staters.

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  15. CaptMorgan says:

    Huma had hundreds of thousands of hillary’s emails on her husband’s laptop. Nothing being done. Also, apparently, there weren’t any 302s even existing pertaining to Hillary’s interviews.

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    • richard verney says:

      There was never the intention of charging her with anything. It was not an investigation, it was a “matter” so what do you expect?

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      • ann says:

        A mid year exam for this fine clan of IL matriculates.

        Yup, proud to have the super duper best in the world busily protecting and defending our constitution, homeland and international security.
        NOT SO! Repeating a big fat LIE does not render it believable, redundancy reinforces the inherent absurdity of such fatuous claims.


      • deeperinfo says:

        ‘What does it MATTER at this point?’

        Matter and anti/matter. I’m mat as hell and not taking it anymore!!!

        hellery was a Russian operative. biden and sons are on the payroll. Steele peddled Russian disinformation.
        Trump is the cleanest of the lot, and the only one ‘investigated’; the Federal Bureau of What does it Matter.

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  16. mtk says:

    Ohr’s 302, dated 12/27/2016…
    On Dec 20, 2016 at 11am
    “…Ohr provided writer…” to reference where I am reading from.

    He goes on to state(summarizing)(go read it for context).

    Ohr provided 8GB Scandisk thumb drive and indicated it contained the totality of the work Neilie Ohr conducted for Simpson.

    Wait a second,

    Earlier in the 12/19/2016 302, Mr. Ohr stated he had breakfast with Simpson, where Simpson gave him 8GB Verbatim USB Micro thumb drive. This drive was was entered into evidence at WPO as orinal evidence (redaction) and a working copy was produced. He(Ohr) then says a evidence 302 was generated and serialized.

    Here are my observations about Bruce Ohr’s 302s.

    First, the pdf does not list them by date. The pdf is playing loose with the order for some reason.

    Second, after reading them, I believe the 302s are playing fast and loose with using Ohr, and be obscuring which Ohr is being, Neilie or Bruce in some instances.

    Third, about what I wrote above about the 12/27/2016 and the 12/19/2016 302’s.

    First, there are two thumb drives. The first provided by Simpson is a Verbatim thumb drive, while the one provided on 12/27/2016 is a Scandisk thumb drive.

    Go find the revelant 302’s, they are in the first part of the pdf, and read them, don’t take my paraphrasing for granted.

    Bruce, does not say who gave him the Scandisk thumb drive, but does say it is the totality of his wife’s work.
    While the Verbatim thumb drive is entered into evidence at WPO as orginal evidence (redaction) and a wirking copy was produced.
    Then he says an evidence 302 was genered and serialized an attached to this file.

    Many questions here, folks, many questions…
    First, What or who is WPO?
    The rest of my questional observations, are best identified by timeline narrative.

    First, Simpson gives mr ohr a thumb drive. The 302 on dec 19 does not say when he turned over thumb drive.
    Only to say in the end it becomes orginal evidence and it is serialized. Meaning it was turned into a searchable database.
    With me.
    Then on Dec 27, mr ohr says he provided another different thumb drive and indicated it was his wife’s research. Again, no meantion of when he provided it to FBI.

    So what do we have here?
    My guess is both thumb drives are from Neilie.
    The Simpson thumb drive is reported to be his work.
    Then some entity (WPO) makes it searchable database of it, then the Neillie thumb drive research is provided, and the FBI goes, “Lets verify it the with the work of Simpson.”
    And, voila, “Hey, this stuff is now verified through two independent sources.

    Now, go find the other comment post I wrote earlier about Ohr 302’s and ask your self, I did just identify another operational construct of Mr Ohr the ‘little Dutch Boy. If Ohr is slamming Simpson and Steele, then what he is doing is distancing himself the Simpson Thumb drive and creating independence from his wife’s research.

    Liked by 3 people

  17. Kleen says:

    Imagine how shocked the brainwashed fake news viewers will be when they find out about these 302s.

    Will they scream at the sky?

    Maddow’s viewers, hahahahaha! How will she break this news to them? These people have to have their daily dose of russia collusion or else. 3 years of disinformation campaign. Now what?


    • Rhoda R says:

      They will ignore this. The shootings – they’ll find some new evidence linking the shootings to the President or his supporters or some other shiny object to distract their viewers.

      Liked by 2 people

      • steviedawn says:

        That’s exactly what they’re going to do–ignore this. Bet on it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Zippy says:

        On the shootings, considering that diGenova claimed that stuff was going to be declassified LAST Wednesday and the REDACTED but still good stuff was released THIS week, isn’t the “news diversion” timing of the, Day 1, right wing guy goes on shooting rampage, Day 2, left wing guy goes shooting rampage, Day 5, Hispanic guy goes on knifing rampage killing only other Hispanics very interesting? Like someone is “triggering” kooks.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Troublemaker10 says:


  19. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    “Ohr reminded interviewing agents (Kathleen) Kavalec did speak with Steele SEVERAL TIMES PRIOR to the 2016 election and believed Steele’s reporting to have generated mainly from (REDACTED).” (Ohr 302-2/8/2017)

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Mike says:

    I’m not sure these need much more analysis, just by dating they seem to be FBI fodder or counter intelligence using Ohr as a baked into the cake disinfo monkey. If he had any serious involvement in this effort it had to predate Nov 2016.

    If this is the “tick tock” were in for a rude awaking headed nowhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. wxobserver says:

    Unless I missed an earlier occurance, Steele’s name first appears on page 10 of the PDF file. There are several redactions prior to that which I would have thought would be Steele, but why would they redact Steele’s name prior to a certain date in the 302’s ? Ideas? Are the redactions someone else or did they have a good reason to redact Steele’s name prior to page 10?

    Liked by 1 person

  22. sarasotosfan says:

    This |_________| really |__________________________| and you must be |_____| to believe |________________________|.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Why was Ohr even being ‘interviewed’ by the FBI, especially by Strzok’s buddy, Pientka??

    Liked by 1 person

  24. sarasotosfan says:

    The release of this heavily redacted information angers me. It is a worthless document in the form released and it either should be released without redaction or withheld. Further, given the history of the release of redacted documents, those people redacting these should be identified as well as who approved the redactions. Those details would inform the readers more so than anything found within any of the pages of it.

    The DOJ should be ridiculed for their continuing defense of the crimes committed by those it employed on behalf of the Democrat Party.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. lawton says:

    Unbelievable how many times these clowns used lefty fake news articles as their reasoning to do things.

    Winer’s name seems to come up a lot with this illegal spying scheme.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zy says:

      I read yesterday that the radical left has declared the word “clown” as being white supremacist. I know most normal people just consider it an accurate description of their presidential candidates.


  26. Papoose says:

    So let me ask again: Did Mueller perjure himself when he denied ever hearing about Fusion GPS?


    • Zippy says:

      Probably, and on his appearance of being befuddled, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch pointed out that he knew EXACTLY what MANY questions to NOT answer. So, I think it was mostly an act and delaying tactic (“Can you give me the page number? Can you repeat the question?”) since each Congressman had only five minutes (which is RIDICULOUS).

      Liked by 4 people

  27. Padric says:

    OK, I think I may blow some minds here and admittedly, some of this is based on guesswork, but it is educated guesswork. If you look at the way the 302’s are set up, they all seem to focus on 1 particular topic for each one. One 302 may be about a different topic than another one, but each one deals with its own topic.

    So with that understanding, I point you all to Ohr’s 302 of February 6th (page 13-14). First up, paragraph 2, first redaction. It’s obviously a reference to a European country. Here’s the list of countries that held “presidential elections” in 2017:South Ossetian, Serbia and Slovenia. There were other presidential elections, but they were closed elections where the president is voted on by members of their Parliament. But I’m going to draw your attention that while not a “presidential” election, it was a general election in 2017 that ended up with a new leader of the country being named: Malta. As in the homeland of Josef Mifsud.

    The second redaction is almost certainly “komprimat”. (Ohr reminded the interviewing agents that Kovalec did speak with Steele several times prior to the 2016 US Presidential election and believed Steele’s reporting to have generated from mainly [redacted] (read: komprimat).

    That particular paragraph just seems so out of place. Why even mention it? For that matter, why even consider it worthy of needing to be officially noted down? I suspect Ohr was attempting to give the FBI a heads up that Kovalec might be problem for them. However, if you look at what I propose the remaining paragraphs are about, it doesn’t seem so out of place.

    Now comes the “out on a limb but potential mind blowing”. Regardless of whether the country in paragraph 2 is Malta or not, I am willing to bet that paragraph 3 is about Mifsud. Why? Well first look at what that paragraph is about. Ohr got contacted by a lawyer who was saying that their client felt as if they were being viewed as a criminal by the FBI and that they wanted to meet and “clean things up”. Then look at the date of this 302: Febuary 6th, 2017 and written on Febuary 8th, 2017.

    But here’s the clincher, to me anyway: John Solomon wrote an article about Mifsud’s interview with the FBI in which he repeatedly, both during and after, attempted to show that he’d done nothing wrong and that he and George P never discussed HRC’s emails. The date of that FBI interview with Mifsud?:February 11th, 2017. Just 5 days after that Ohr 302. From Solomon’s article:


    Documents I obtained from sources show Mifsud told the FBI in February 2017 that his contacts with Papadopoulos a year earlier, during the 2016 presidential campaign, were mostly innocuous. He made that point both in an FBI interview and a follow-up email to agents.

    He described the contacts as an academic exercise in pursuit of peace, not a global plot to hijack the election. And he went out of his way to say there was no talk of sinister cybersecurity intentions such as a plot to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    “I reaffirm that the content of our conversations was always on wide geo-strategic issues,” he wrote FBI agents on Feb. 11, in an email that was quickly sent to the very top of the FBI’s counterintelligence division. Mifsud sent the email just hours after agents interviewed him.

    And then there’s the final paragraph in the 302, completely redacted. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that paragraph is the FBI instructing Ohr to reach out to that lawyer and arrange the interview that happened on the 11th.

    So why would all this be a big deal? Well for starters, unless I missed something somewhere, there’s never been any connection made between Mifsud/Papadopolous and Ohr. Second, if the person referred to in that paragraph as being represented by a lawyer IS Mifsud it is a direct link showing that the FBI knew full well that not only did Papadopolous not talk about emails (via the transcripts with Halper and Downer’s own words) but that Mifsud never did either and yet they pushed that story months later to the NY Times as being the start of the investigation and never once admitting they already knew it was wrong. Third and absolutely most importantly it shows the FBI lied when they said Papadopolous lying to them stopped them from being able to interview Mifsud. They already had a different avenue of contact with him.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Paprika says:

    After reading through the 34 pages of redacted 302s my biggest take away is the same as before I read them. The whole practice of the FBI using this 302 system and presenting it as evidence is a joke. Just record, like every other law enforcement agency does and make a transcript for crying out loud.

    The system of using 302’s is no more than this, even if not redacted– All you have is one persons opinion of what another persons opinion of what the facts may be as guided by the opinion of the interviewer as to what the important questions may be and answered by the interviewee’s opinion of what may be the right answer to keep himself out of legal trouble in his opinion.

    If that last sentence seemed garbled and only clear as mud, it was meant to be that way! Welcome to the 302 system! Now place your hands behind your back and…………because while it is legal for me to lie to you I’m arresting you because in my opinion you lied to me and that’s against the law–in the opinion of the court!

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Mac says:

    This is why you never let the FBI and DOJ run a clandestine operation. They generate incriminating evidence by the boatload.

    All of these FOIA releases point up the fact that the entire Get Trump campaign was a slapped together operation, or series of operations, which were never planned for. HRC was expected to win the 2016 election. Then, Servergate happened and wouldn’t go away. No problem, the Plumbers would take care of surveilling the Trump Campaign using NSA 702s. But, Adm Rogers shut that down. And, trump seemed to be gaining momentum. So, Brennan was tasked with setting up a predicate for further electronic surveillance of Trump, et al, using the IC community, including foreign government assets. At the same time, the HRC Campaign/DNC hires Fusion GPS to construct a Trump/Russia collusion narrative for use in the election. Fusion uses the Ohrs and their acquaintance Steele for this. Once the semi-frames have been established and the predicate established for a counter intelligence operation [CoI] against Trump, Brennan sends a predicate memo to Comey, who opens the CoI against Trump. A mole has been inserted into the campaign, but he can not remain there forever and the FBI does not really want to burn him. So, the bureau tries to obtain a Title I FISA warrant against Papadopolous This fails. The next try, against Manafort or Flynn, fails as well. Probably because the FISC will not buy the claim that they are foreign agents. Finally, they try it using Page, whose track record with the FBI makes it clear that he is not a foreign agent. So, the FBI uses the wholly discredited Steele Dossier as proof and may have found a sympathetic FISC judge to issue the warrant. Of course, this is after Page has left the campaign.

    Now we get to the present “investigation”into this mess. The whole purpose of the investigation is to determine to exactly what level, in the Obama Administration, knowledge of this operation can be effectively traced and proven. If this scandal only involved Brennan, Coney, Clapper and some foreign agents, no big deal. A few indictments for minor crime come down, the charged get a sweetheart deal and write a book. But, if it goes deep enough into the White House this becomes problematic. And, if can be shown to go all the way to the Oval Office, then a real problem exists, for the Establishment.

    So, this heavily redacted stuff will continue to trickle out as a result of FOIA and other actions. But, do not look for any real bombshell releases any time soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. It’s befuddling why PDT doesn’t direct all agencies to cooperate fully and expeditiously with all FOIA requests.


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