President Trump Discusses Declassification Authority Granted to AG Bill Barr…

President Trump granted full declassification authority to AG Bill Barr in May of this year.  There has been some discussion about Bill Barr not releasing any information.  In an interview last week with Sean Hannity, President Trump outlined his thoughts on the declassification issue:

[Transcript] HANNITY: Mr. President, you have the power to literally release the FISA applications and the 302’s and the gang made information and you made a decision to hand it over to the Attorney General and let him decide. And I’m curious as to why?

TRUMP: Well, we have a very respected gentleman, very high quality person named William Barr and he is doing – I can tell you he’s working so hard and rather than just doing a total release, I gave him a total release, in other words he’s got everything anything he needs, he’s got it.

He is the Attorney General of the United States. He’s got a lot of very good people under him that I guess are involved and I gave them a total release. So all of it has been released and he has all of it.

I’ve also given him authorization to release it to whoever he wants. Whether it’s his people or, frankly, perhaps people like Devin Nunes who is a star, what he has done and the amount of suffering he has gone through, you know what they did with him where they tried to drive him right out of politics and probably worse than that. He has done an incredible job.

And, so many others I mean, the job – they are warriors. We have had, I’ll tell you the good side of all of this is the level of intelligence and strength and goodness that we have had on the Republican Party, a lot of them, not everybody, of course, but we have had tremendous, and I say, when I say we I’m talking about the country.

The country has had tremendous reports from Meadows and Jordan and Devin Nunes and so many of the names that you saw yesterday, perform so well. I mean, they perform so well and they worked so hard because they saw this was a scam. This was an illegal takeover, as you would say in the business world.

I mean, this was a coup attempts in my opinion. And this is the United States. And we wouldn’t stand for it and I wouldn’t stand for it. We have some very great people but we also have some very bad people. And I think we caught them.”

(continue reading transcript)

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328 Responses to President Trump Discusses Declassification Authority Granted to AG Bill Barr…

  1. Midnite says:

    Let’s not forget this involves some of the biggest names in the previous administration and runs all the up to the President himself being implicated. You’d better have a rock solid case with more smoking guns than at the OK Corral, or the press is going to have a field day playing the victim card 24/7. Right now the Dems are a train wreck looking for a cliff and Trump knows it, so why not play it cool, let AOC +3 drive the train while they simultaneously suck all the air out of the room leaving all those presidential hopefuls gasping for oxygen.
    Barr now has access to all the information he needs to prosecute a case and full authority to deliver that information to Durham as needed. I know it’s frustrating to have to wait…I’d be perfectly happy seeing indictments handed down on a daily basis, but for now all we can do is wait.

    PS. Or hangings…I’m ok either way.

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  2. Lonnie Albertson says:

    Conscientiously stupid and locked into that mode as loyal communists.


  3. Lonnie Albertson says:

    Conscientiously stupid and locked into that mode as loyal communists.


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