An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse – President Trump Announces Guatemala Asylum Deal – With Full Presser (Video)

President Trump ‘unexpectedly‘ negotiated a major asylum deal with the government of Guatemala.  In a surprise announcement on Friday President Trump invited the press into the oval office where Guatemalan Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart and acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan were gathered in advance.

It’s important to remember that President Trump spoke about this on Wednesday during an impromptu presser.  In essence President Trump delivered an offer/threat at the end of several months of negotiations.  REMINDER:

Q What are you going to do about Guatemala? Guatemala. What are you going to do about Guatemala?

THE PRESIDENT: So, Guatemala gave us their word. We were going to sign a safe third agreement and then, all of a sudden, they backed up. They said it was their supreme court. I don’t believe that. But they use their supreme court as the reason they didn’t want to do it.

So we’ll either do tariffs or we’ll do something. We’re looking at something very severe with respect to Guatemala. I’ve already cut all payments; I did that a year ago. I cut all payments going to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. We used to send them $500 million for nothing. For nothing. They didn’t do anything except set up caravans.

So, Guatemala we’re going to take care of and it won’t even be tough. We’re going to do — we’re looking at a couple of different things. ~ Wednesday July 24th, 2019.

Apparently against the backdrop of the tariff threat President Trump is holding over the Mexican economy; and considering the Mexican economy has stalled [literally a zero percent growth rate]; Guatemala decided it was better, safer and wiser to cut a deal with President Trump.

After President Trump invited the media into the oval office, he announced Guatemala was signing a “safe third country” asylum agreement with the United Stated. Effectively blocking Central American asylum seekers from reaching the United States and filing asylum applications.  [As an outcome of the agreement asylum seekers who travel through Guatemala can no longer seek U.S. asylum.]

In addition, following the signing ceremony, President Trump held a full press conference  on a variety of subjects from the oval office.  [Video below – Transcript to follow]


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184 Responses to An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse – President Trump Announces Guatemala Asylum Deal – With Full Presser (Video)

  1. Chuck Arnold says:

    It is a complete disgrace that President Trump has to seek help from other countries to help us on the immigration issue because Democrats won’t do anything but obstruct and continue to push the fake Russia collusion scam. I sure hope the American people can see now that not only do Democrats HATE American Citizens, they Hate America to, and the SQUAD proves it EVERYDAY.

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    • RatttheInfidel says:

      Let’s say it together… “it’s not JUST the Democrats, it’s all of them”.

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    • Maquis says:

      It is a disgrace, yet these things should have been done long ago as well as a wall. We want a great wall, yes, but we want to un-do the regional and global structures that grew in response to open-borders Communist Conspirators and and that were literally deliberately created by them to incentize mass migration and destroy the ability to control it within the affected areas.


  2. Pyrthroes says:

    In a sense, Rats’ obsessive-neurotic House majority works against themselves, not Pres. Trump. All WOC-a-baby hands on deck– man porkrind battle stations, Sound the Call!

    Meantime, of course, the sacred People’s Business goes neglected… intent on sabotaging Orange Man, whose legitimate popular majority (by Pew Foundation analysis of House districts’ Census counts) was 63 : max. 58 million (a landslide 8.62%), sadsack Pelosi-crats succumb to clinical delusion at discretion.

    If Gautemala, Iran, Chairman Hsi think that waiting fifteen months for some chuckle-headed Donk to surface is good policy, best get a grip. As we said from Super Tuesday in March 2016, media hype alone ensures that U.S. voters will do precisely opposite what Rats’ sock-puppetry projects.


  3. nbkilgore says:

    Time for #walkaway from democrats II. It would send an even bigger message for democrats to show at a nomination convention and as soon as the first spoke person steps up to the podium, all of them pull out their sign #walkaway II and head for the exit doors.


    • inspectorudy says:

      Unfortunately is isn’t just the Dems. The senators and reps from the farming belt are all for all the illegals they can get. My state of GA loves the cheap labor for the big farms. The Chamber of Commerce loves illegals. There are so many RINOs in Congress that we truly need a third party. I suggest we call it the Patriot party of America and make our motto “America First”!

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  4. noswamp says:

    His tweet about Baltimore was rough, but true and only after Elijah went after his Border Agents and misrepresented facts. Trump is a counter puncher I would love to see what Cummings actually said. I hope someone on here posts it in a different thread, of course.


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