Representative Steube Masterfully Exposes Mueller’s Bias Intent Through What He Would NOT Discuss…

Rep. W. Steube, R-Fla., did a masterful job of exposing Mueller’s intentional bias and political scheme through a series of questions that former special counsel Robert Mueller refused to answer.  WATCH:

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44 Responses to Representative Steube Masterfully Exposes Mueller’s Bias Intent Through What He Would NOT Discuss…

  1. OhNoYouDont says:

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    • GB Bari says:

      This entire investigation began fraudulently, was conducted fraudulently, and continues to be fraudulently characterized by Mueller, his Lawfare cronies, and the entire DemoncRAT political apparatus which includes the eneMedia.

      The only truth that will be revealed in this hearing will be the extreme extent of that fraud.

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  2. Sweet Old Bob says:

    Dems …..Muller ……Petard…..hoist …

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  3. Carly says:

    “Not in my purview” = “I plead the Fifth”
    “I’m not going to answer that” = “I plead the Fifth”
    Even (inexplicably) the following applies:
    “I’ll take the question” = “I pleade the Fifth”

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  4. elizabethraynorshort says:

    Bobby Mueller seems to not remember and appears close to tears.

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  5. Carly says:

    Mueller is shameless. He lies fluidly and feigns being feeble-minded.

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  6. shirley49 says:

    Well now all the Trump people that Nadler wants to question can answer” I can’t speak to that” or” I am not going to answer that”. Mueller just set a precedent.

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    • Pale rider says:

      Well, only for republicans. Democrats will not allow it. Seriously, there are two sets of laws. The lawless laws and the ones in place that only “we” are held to.
      I really don’t understand these “scenes” , nothing gets accomplished except higher blood pressure. We need a “happy ending” cuffed and stuffed .
      America ihas gangrene, cut out the rot so we can heal.

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  7. Dutchman says:

    As predicted, and predictable, this is ONLY being done in a lame attempt to beat a dead horse.

    It WILL give dem candidates sound bites, talking points and clips for campaign ads.

    All of which will yield them -0- votes.
    Third time pays all;
    Blasey ford, michael cohen and now Robert mueller.

    Strike 3, youuuuur OUT!

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  8. OmegaManBlue says:

    LOL he can’t answer anything. What a joke.

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  9. Jim Raclawski says:

    “feigns…” oh come on. … he’s not acting…. Mr Mueller no longer can claim all 8 cylinders light off in correct sequence….

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  10. 13wasylyna says:

    Soon they will charge the Repubs with elder abuse 10…9…8…

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  11. TMonroe says:

    Perhaps the declassification on his scope memo could happen this evening so that we could see what was in Mueller’s purview and what was not.

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    • PMadison says:

      I believe there were two super-secret investigative scope memos after the original assignment. And our President is alleged by democrats to have obstructed these super-secret investigations.

      So I ask, how is it possible to obstruct a super-secret investigation? Wouldn’t a person have to know what the super-secret investigation is about in order to obstruct it? And if one can be accused of obstructing a super-secret investigation, couldn’t we all be obstructing a super-secret investigation right now? Is there any way to guarantee that your day to day activities are not somehow hindering some super-secret investigation of which you have no knowledge?

      It’s a Monty Python skit without the laughs.

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  12. namberak says:

    Senile or very poor liar. Take your pick. It appears there is no other choice.

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  13. DocHawk says:

    Try as the Dems have, you just can’t coach someone with dementia. Case rests..

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  14. Mike in a Truck says:

    This? This is what Nadler and his goons have been colluding with Mueller and his team in coaching sessions for months to bring down the awful Trump Monster? These people are stupider than can be believed. They must’ve injected this guy with feeble cells so that he appears bumbling and foolish.Uh-oh, what if it’s not an act? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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  15. You know, this does not actually appear to be a situation where a Government official, when interrogated by a Member of Congress, is actually entitled to prerogatives which are similar to “pleading the Fifth.” Given that this is the individual who was officially (if not actually) the author of this work product, he is responsible for its content.

    Even if the “content” of the Report is a black box, the behavior of the work-team which produced it, and the scope of what they chose to consider and what they chose to exclude, is not “inside the box.” Garbage In … Garbage Out.

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  16. davidsstones says:

    His posture, face and voice appear to display a man who’s life and wife have been threatened.
    A man in fear.
    Certainly not a terrifying proposal given Mueller was the king pin to destroy Trump before 2020.
    Remember, They have; nothing else against Trump and no weapons except name calling.
    This, today, following months of rest after closing the investigation and his office.

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  17. George 1 says:

    All of this demonstrates why everything regarding this matter needs to be declassified. Then Mueller would have no reason to say he can’t answer.


  18. Lady Sid says:

    Someone posted earlier that having old, white, rich and very CHRISTIAN male Mueller appear and do such a shitty job with his “testimony” was on purpose, to destroy any credibility such an individual can have. Joe Biden — be on guard — you are next. The field is now wide open for the wymyn like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris to spring into action, or the people of color (Corey Booker? I have a deeper tan than he does, plus his eyes are blue!) to come to the fore. They in turn will be used by the freakshows like Jerry Nadler or Adam Schiff, who themselves are unpopular, but who will be the future “king/queenmakers.” Just thought of another one: Sheila Jackson (wasn’t he a white male President? Democrat, too?) Lee (HE def was a Confederate Civil War General whose statue was recently removed from more than one racist outpost, right?) What a bunch of fools these people are.


  19. I follow politics daily. The absolute star of the day today is Steube, and I’ve never even heard of this guy. He said what the rest of us were thinking. His stock just went through the roof!


  20. I bet $12.00 I could make him EAGER to talk.


  21. clodfobble says:

    dementia my pitooty. Mueller’s act was as fake as the entire collusion investigation farce. Democrats and the fake media are REALLY desperate now. I suspect it is about to hit the fan.

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  22. Maquis says:

    S: Can you testify that the President did not fire you?
    M: I refuse to answer that question.

    Okie Dokie.


  23. TheTraveler says:

    I have NEVER, in any context, heard of a witness under oath being allowed to point-blank refuse to answer questions. Amazing, how Democrats have their own laws and rules.

    As Tom Clancy once wrote, “An unjust society is an unstable society.” The USSR was not brought down by brutality, but because people were fed up with corruption and privation — not even Pravda could cover it up anymore. Pray that day arrives in this country soon.

    Too bad none of these Republicans said to him, “If our positions were reversed, and I was a witness under oath in your investigation, behaving the way you are–refusing to answer questions, telling me it’s not your department–you’d have indicted me. You indicted and ruined a whole lot of people for a whole lot less than what you’re doing today.”


  24. cheryl says:

    This guy was impressive and brought his A game.


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