President Trump Responds to UK Ambassador Kim Darroch – British Trade Minister Prepares Apology…

Last weekend the Daily Mail reported U.K. Ambassador Kim Darroch leveled personal insults against President Trump, the White House and positions the British felt were adverse to their interests in a series of memos dating back to 2017.  Today President Trump responded:

According to additional media reports, British trade minister Liam Fox will apologize to the administration for the inappropriate commentary.

“I will be apologizing for the fact that either our civil service or elements of our political class have not lived up to the expectations that either we have or the United States has about their behavior, which in this particular case has lapsed in a most extraordinary and unacceptable way,” Fox said on BBC radio. (link)

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169 Responses to President Trump Responds to UK Ambassador Kim Darroch – British Trade Minister Prepares Apology…

  1. yy4u says:

    Apology accepted — it’s the nice thing to do. But this person is not welcome and no one in government should have any contact with him. A firing offense if caught.

    If Britain really needs to talk to the USA about some matter while he is the ambassador, then they must go through an embassy that doesn’t have a rude ass as its ambassador.


  2. qzy says:

    For me, the “Special Relationship” is dead. It was dead when I learned the British government helped the Obama administration spy on it’s rivals, including Trump. And, the British government did exactly that. If they didn’t, they would be begging and screaming for Trump to declassify documents. But, they aren’t. And, the silence tells me everything I need to know. And, now this…

    So, I don’t even care about this document release, except for the fact that it proves the British government is full of morons. If ANYONE was going to respect and uphold the “Special Relationship”, it was going to be Trump supporters. But, British “elites” are SO stupid, they think Democratic voters ever cared about that. I can’t imagine a situation where African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian Americans, LGBT Americans, decide “We will put our lives, and our children’s lives on the line, to save Great Britain.” There’s nothing wrong with those groups I mentioned. I just can’t imagine them caring about Great Britain.

    But, that’s who British people chose. So, Great Britain, good luck with your new friends…. I’m done with you.


  3. A S K says:

    Joe Kennedy was immediately fired for his inappropriate remarks as ambassador to England, losing his bid permanently for president. This piece of work should be called on the carpet. His professional life should be over. He looks like an alcoholic that hasn’t drawn a sober breath in his adult life. Who is he related to, that enabled him to get a job as an ambassador? Obviously, a very low standard job. Another reason to get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US. Sick Limey needs medication. He’s obviously unsafe.


  4. Diana Fox says:

    I think these have been leaked on purpose….demonize your victim and the perp is only a bit guilty. Declassify those docs and the Brits will have no clothes.

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    BOOM! This IDIOT is GONE!


  6. A S K says:

    Inappropriate behavior that should have prompted his immediate firing. Having such poor representation by the UK has insulted and offended Americans deeply. We have spent a lot of time and money in England. For the most part, we have found them very welcoming and respectful of we Americans, of our country and our president. Certainly not like the Obama years when we agreed with them, and they with us that Obama was the worst president ever for the USA. This Kimmy is pathetic and should remain unemployed.


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