CIA Seems Highly Concerned – Washington Post Reports on Sketchy Joseph Mifsud…

In the synergy between the U.S. intelligence apparatus and their media agents, the CIA, DOJ and State Department have specific outlets assigned to public relations.

A long tracked history and pattern reflects the DOJ and FBI leak their needs to the New York Times.  The preferred outlet for the U.S. State Department is CNN; and the Washington Post generally comes out first in defense of the CIA agenda.   This pattern has been remarkably consistent for years.

So against a backdrop of looming revelations about the intelligence community and their activity in the 2016 election; and suddenly The Washington Post, seemingly out of nowhere, pushes an article intended to diffuse the issues around western intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud; we can reasonably assume something is happening in the background that has officials in the CIA worried about exposure and their image.

From the WaPo introduction we can see what part of “spygate” the CIA is concerned about:

(Wa Po) […] The Maltese-born academichas not surfacedpublicly since that October 2017 interview, days after Trump campaign aide GeorgePapadopoulos pleaded guilty tolying to the FBI about details of theirinteractions. Among them, Papadopoulos told investigators, was an April 2016 meeting in which Mifsud alerted him that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails.”

The conversation between Mifsud and Papadopoulos, eventually relayed by an Australian diplomat to U.S. government officials, was cited by special counsel Robert S. Mueller IIIas the event that set in motion the FBI probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

With Attorney General William P. Barr’s review of the counterintelligence investigation underway,the origins of the inquiry itself are now in the spotlight — and with them, the role of Mifsud, a little-known figure. (more)

The entire WaPo article is fraught with highly manipulated narrative engineering intended to cloud the fact that clear evidence exists that Professor Mifsud’s engagement with George Papadopoulos was directed by some entity other than Mifsud.  And it would be intellectually dishonest not to see some other purpose and intent beyond an academic wanting to build a relationship with some obscure policy staffer for the Trump campaign.

If he walks like a counterintelligence agent; acts like a counterintelligence agent; sounds like a counterintelligence agent; hangs out with other counterintelligence agents; has admitted to engagements on behalf of intelligence agencies; trained U.S. FBI agents in conducting counterintelligence operations and generally has a history of counterintelligence agent behavior, well, he ain’t just a Maltese professor.  Just sayin’.

So what’s up?  Why is the Washington Post all out-front of Joseph Mifsud all of a sudden?

Likely it’s because someone in the background (Barr via Durham) is peeking at the connective tissue between John Brennan’s instructions in 2015 and 2016; and John Brennan’s “electronic communication’ results to the FBI in July 2016 that kicked off the counterintelligence operation against candidate Trump known as Crossfire Hurricane.

Additionally, there is clearly some recording of Papadopoulos and/or transcript of Papadopoulos engaging with CIA and FBI assets (spies) that Trey Gowdy has claimed to be “very exculpatory” toward any claim that Papadopoulos was doing anything wrong.  Those transcripts are possibly part of the AG Barr’s declassification directive.

Remember, back in May Devin Nunes told AG Barr something was going on:

(Via Fox News) “He is the first person that we know of on earth that supposedly knows something about the Russians having Hillary’s emails,” Nunes, R-Calif., said on “Fox News @ Night.”

“He has since denied that but (Special Counsel Robert) Mueller in his report claimed that Mifsud – or insinuated that Mifsud – was some sort of Russian asset. We know that this is not the case. In fact, we know that he was in the U.S. Capitol… just steps away from an intelligence committee.”

[…]  Nunes, a ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News that the has sent letters this month to the CIA, FBI, NSA and the State Department asking for documents tied to Mifsud. He said all of the agencies except one – the FBI – have cooperated with his request.

He then made the leap, “The FBI is not cooperating, per usual, which means they’ve got something to hide.”

“It is impossible that Mifsud is a Russian asset,” Nunes added. “He is a former diplomat with the Malta government. He lived in Italy. He worked and taught FBI, trained FBI officials, and worked with FBI officials.”  (read more – w/ video)

Someone at the CIA is nervous….

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175 Responses to CIA Seems Highly Concerned – Washington Post Reports on Sketchy Joseph Mifsud…

  1. Kenji says:

    So Mifsud has not surfaced publicly for 2-years? So he got Seth Rich’ed? CIAacided? Hmmm?
    Next, they’ll be claiming Putin did it

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  2. SwampRatTerrier says:

    RE: “CIA Seems Highly Concerned – Washington Post Reports on Sketchy Joseph Mifsud…”


    Now CIA and Wash Post go jump off the Atlantic Ocean deep rift…….

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    • Reloader says:

      Yeah, individually “worried about exposure” –to the general prison population– and “their image” –while standing behind the steel bars of their cells.


  3. Carrie says:

    Uh huh. Gina Haspel wants nothing to do with Wray and his mess with this agent. The fingerprinting between the agencies has finally begun… let’s hope it leads to some serious fissures and firings.

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  4. The Boss says:

    “Someone at the CIA is nervous…”

    Other nervous people would include Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Mueller and his gang of investigators and attorneys. Expect a mega NAFTA-like sucking sound to arise from Washington DC as hundreds of sphincters contract in unison as indictments and certain plea deals are announced.

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    • Carrie says:

      Wow, that super depictive description has left me amused but gagging simultaneously 🙂

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    • Kenji says:

      Comment deleted by Admin…

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    • gnome says:

      They’re not nervous – they don’t have the intellectual rigor to be able to see how deep into the poo they are. They still believe themselves.

      Too many people here believe that when the truth is revealed in court commonsense and the rule of law will prevail. In reality, the main conspirators will be serving long prison sentences and their enablers will still be crying collusion and believing themselves. This may never be over.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      LOL So True!

      RE: “Expect a mega NAFTA-like sucking sound to arise from Washington DC as hundreds of sphincters contract in unison as indictments and certain plea deals are announced.”

      If we had some product to sell to those sour puckerers, then we’d all be rich by tomorrow!


    • BitterC says:

      I can only assume that Pencil Neck has been privy to the same info as Devin. That he continues to brazenly lie to the public about Russia should lead to his censure by Congress.

      That really, really makes me mad. Especially when it is a crime to lie to them in committee

      He will only be voted out if the Dems do the housecleaning of putting up a challenger and backing him. We know that aint gonna happen


    • John says:

      No better music than sphincters vibrating in unison.Good good vibration.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      “Someone at the CIA is nervous…”

      Other nervous people would include Schiff

      Well….Schiff did tell Jake Tapper recently:

      “Time is running out”

      Not sure what he meant……maybe Jake did….
      or maybe The Tap was just regaling us with his patented journalistic excellence by letting that comment do a “fly-by”.


  5. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    Seems kind of obvious where we’re going with this right? That this whole thing was a sting operation and there were never any actual Russians?

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      You Betcha!

      No more Russians, than you’d find in a box of Trix Cereal…..

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    • Personally, I never had much use for all this deep diving into the Mifsuds, Papadopouloses (Papadopouli?), Pages, Manaforts, etc. etc. etc. That was all well after the fact of the much earlier criminal collusion between the FBI and Fusion-GPS, as I have pointed out many times.

      It was obvious — to me, but no one else it seemed, on any side of the arguments — from the start that there never were any real Russians involved in the “Russia, Russia” hoax/coup narrative. It became doubly clear when the role of Nellie Ohr was brought out in Sundance’s articles; she was all the “Russian” they needed for the Steele dossier. Here is a comment I submitted to American Thinker back in January 2018, for example:

      “I stopped reading when the article devolved into claiming the KGB/FSB was responsible for the ideological devolution of America and the creation of the Insane Left we are all seeing now.
      Such hysteria has deep roots among conservatives, I know (I read “None Dare Call It Treason” back in 1960, when I was 12). But the hysteria in this article is not so pure as that. It is due to the fact that everybody still thinks the “Russians” are to blame, one way or another, for the present mess.

      I think conservatives who think “Russian agents” concocted the tales in the Steele dossier are just as brainwashed as the Insane Left who think the “Russians hacked the DNC and overturned the 2016 election in favor of Trump”.

      I am a dispassionate scientist however, and I would counsel everyone to remember Occam’s Razor, to wit, don’t multiply hypotheses when a theory with fewer hypotheses will cover all the evidence.

      Why drag in the Russians, particularly when we know the Russian government would have no reason to favor Trump over Hillary Clinton? In other words, if there is no truth in the Insane Left’s theory that the “Russians did it”, why keep dragging them in as the source of the Steele Dossier? Why grant them a role in the tragi-comedy at all? Steele himself was anti-Trump, and he was paid by anti-Trumps (in fact, originally by the other Republican candidates and/or the Party itself — the prime members of the “NeverTrump” movement among Republicans); there is no need to think, without strong evidence, that Russians were also needed to create the sham. And there is no such evidence, because we only have the word of the intelligence agencies, the same ones who officially claimed “The Russians did it” to the Democrats — all of whose directors are now known to be partisan traitors to American constitutional law: They are all proven liars (except Mike Rogers, who they recommended be terminated after he went over their heads to warn President Trump — and who notoriously refused to accept their “report” that “The Russians did it”).

      It is all too likely “The Russians” is a red herring in any part of this. Obama/Soetoro is at the center of it (no, not even Hillary, she like everyone else has just been Obama/Soetoro’s willing tool, for her own overweening sense of entitlement). And Obama/Soetoro is inseparable from Valerie Jarrett, and Valerie Jarrett is inseparable from the Muslim Brotherhood — and so is former CIA director John Brennan, co-author of the “Russia did it” report (along with ex-DNA and admitted liar James Clapper, and that other, even more infamous liar, James Comey). And all the other Obama administration implants that went along with the “Islamophobe” charade, refused to use the words “Islamic/Muslim terrorists”, and made NASA an outreach program to Muslims — just a few famous examples of the inner rot.

      Look for the Muslims hiding behind “The Russians”, I say. And working for Obama/Soetoro.”

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  6. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Like SD keeps reminding us…this is not about PT….this is about decades of corruption in the CIA, DOJ, FBI, NSA, FDA, DEA, IRS….all these organization exist to protect and enrich an outlaw central government.

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    • ^THIS^ cannot be stated too often. In fact, it should and must be stated as often as is humanly possible as evidently, that’s what it takes for people to catch wind of it and (maybe) eventually accept it as the truth we know it is.

      The only thing you left out is the root of these alphabet evils, the thing that no one ever seems to want to add to the mix, and that is the not at all “federal” nor is it a “reserve”. It should be pretty easy to see who’s pulling the strings of evil puppets.

      We have not had the functional Constitutional Republic as founded since the signing of the disastrous and un-Constitutional “feral reserve” act. They had no right to foist it upon us yet we did nothing about it with it “sold” to us as the one thing that would forever stabilize the economy.

      What happened just sixteen years later and then cycles back around in random fashion after it was a “done deal”?

      Yeah. Evil. Economic slavery in a debtor nation where interest is as fiat as the “money” and inflation yet another form of “taxation”. May our Natural Creator carry us to the finish line with VSG President Trump, and may we work as hard as him to deserve it… if we don’t rid ourselves of the international banksters I don’t see how we can be successful as they are THE GLOBALIST CABAL.

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    • John says:

      Well said!It is their raison d ‘etre.


  7. ALEX says:

    I read a few weeks back this article was coming. Poor attempt to frame the narrative.

    As Sundance has noted, we’ve seen this for years…what we haven’t seen is this amount of in your face open hostility to a duly elected President. It’s so far over the top now…we can’t go back.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      I read a few weeks back this article was coming…….

      As sure as AOC would say something spectacularly dumb
      As sure as Joy Behar would “show” her audience how and WHEN to applaud.
      As sure as a Kardashian would tweet a body part.
      As sure as Jimmy Kimmel would shed a tear
      As sure as ANTIFA would beat the snot out of someone as demonstration against fascism.
      As sure as Acosta would ask stand up with a mic so POTUS could backhand him….

      this article WAS coming.

      I eagerly await future articles:
      CROWDSTRIKE: How the government’s “go-to” experts on cyber-security protect us.
      Natalia Veselnitskaya: Orphans and Ops.
      Jim Comey: How Great and Tall I Art (illustrated op-ed)
      Feature Film
      Spies Un-Like Us 2
      Written and Directed by James Clapper
      Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase reprise their roles in this slapstick re-imagining of the Classic 1985 comedy. Two hand-picked analysts try to ASSESS their way out trouble and hi-jinks ensue. Featuring John Brennan in his break-out performance as “The Newsman”

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  8. alliwantissometruth says:

    Boy oh boy, the web sure gets tangled when our entire government and media complex is made up of corrupt criminals trying to hide everything they do

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    • Kenji says:

      Makes me wonder what the “rank and file” actually work on all day? Coming up their superiors messes? It’s like everything else we spend our tax dollars on … going for everything other than what it’s intended-for. Going for unfunded pensions, instead of actual work performed for our benefit. CIA Analysts fabricating cover stories, instead of keeping our country safe. The Democretins have DESTROYED our country from the inside-out. We will eventually discover that the SECOND Obama term was the most DESTRUCTIVE period in American history. Leftists burrowing DEEP into our government.

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  9. Gregory Sherman says:

    The CIA and FBI, where honesty and competence go to die.

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  10. Alex Pazzo says:

    Bongino states an inside scoop is that WP outed Misfud as a double agent

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Yeah, but he has to be a double agent so they can foist the blame. “We were fooled”.

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    • GB Bari says:

      He offered that as the second of two possibilities. The first possibility was that Mueller avoided mentioning Mifsud because Mifsud was merely a stooge (used by the conspirators) to try and setup Papadopoulos. Personally I believe the first option (stooge). No way he’s a double agent because (a) they wouldn’t;t burn a double agent unless he was past his shelf date and (b) it’s too neatly supportive of the “Russian collusion” narrative (double agent or single agent).

      I was disappointed that Dan didn’t see the obvious deceit behind the “double agent” suggestion from his source. No Dan, Mifsud was simply a FBI or CIA tool to try and set-up/frame Papadop into carrying FAKE “intel” on Hillary that looked like it came “from the Russians.”

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      • Alex Pazzo says:

        I totally agree. I’m leaning towards Misfud et al was clean up from previous surveillance on Papa for the gas line thing in Israel ? I believe. Obozos spygate started before 2012.
        Lots of things to clean up…she was never supposed to lose

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Well this article should be sent to Malta Attn:Joseph Misfud

        With a note from AG Barr reading:
        “Let’s talk soon in a secure location”


      • digleigh says:

        Points to remember… Mifsud hid for over a year, and was found in Italy at the training center/education centre (forgot the name..).. Italy fired over 6 high ranking intel folks recently….(rumor is, they were involved in the Trump framing…).. Trump had a recent chat with the Queen of England ( Steele, Sir Andrew Wood, McCain, GCHQ , Susan Rice, M16 folks, etc…??maybe?).. Trump admin. in Israel recently?? Tawil (Israeli) who tried to pull sting (10,000dollar drop) on Pappo. ,who thought the retainer for consulting, seemed a bit out of order (as the cash payment for hotel made things seem suspicious..) He did not keep the money , and left with a lawyer in Greece!!! Pappo was to be charged with FARA (same M.o. for Manafort, and Flynn), money laundering, etc…(Providence that he felt weird about these academics flattering him and his work!!!) FBI had to scramble, as they had no warrant and fully thought that they would catch Pappo. at the airport with money.. It took months to question him more , as their plan fell apart!!! Halper and Misfud met with more than one Trump official (if memory serves….)also!! Australia (Downer) involved too!!! This was a globalist plot, IMHO!!!

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    Just because you say someone is a Russian asset doesn’t mean they are, no matter how many times you say it or how many people say it.

    They haven’t arrested Carter Page yet have they? Isn’t he also a Russian asset? 😉

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  12. Charlie Gas says:

    If the predicate events were based on fraud, lies, or the intentional disregard for exposure of exculpatory evidence, then the predicate cause was materially defective.

    If so…..your move AG Barr. We are watching and waiting.

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  13. Donzo says:

    Firings? Preferably as in squads, not jobs.

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  14. TreeClimber says:

    Anything that makes the CIA nervous is good with me. Also, this is hopeful that Barr is doing his job, right?

    And they were in such a rush they couldn’t even be bothered to proofread – and they kind of forgot the function of the space bar…

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      A different take would be that the “IC” obviously doesn’t take Barr’s investigation as much of a threat. You would think they would be more circumspect, but here they are, leaking and planting and spinning stories right in Barr’s face.

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      • V says:

        So many astute comments above. Thank you, all, including Sundance, for the breath of fresh air.

        Deepstate in a panic making mistakes. They’re actually unwittingly being transparent – exposing themselves through these “damage control” articles. Astute people see right through them, the shallow wraiths that they are.


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Get your take Chewy….but I don’t think it works here.

        This reeks more of trepidation than confidence

        “With Attorney General William P. Barr’s review of the counterintelligence investigation underway,the origins of the inquiry itself are now in the spotlight — and with them, the role of Mifsud, a little-known figure”

        MISFUD is a LITTLE-KNOWN figure??
        His actions are the basis of PARAGRAPH 1 of the Mueller Report!!!

        What prompts this SUDDEN evaluation of MISFUD?
        NOT the THREE-YEAR FBI and Mueller investigation into “Russian Interference”……
        (one in which the FBI interviewed him and let him walk)
        No no…….it’s:
        BARR’s review of the investigation that brings the ORIGINS into the spotlight.

        This “article” is AT LEAST a year and half late coming and it’s Barr/Durham that forced it to be written now.
        Narrative engineering for upcoming revelations.
        I wonder if Mueller will show up to testify in a wheelchair with a O2 tank and wearing one of them Ted Kennedy neck braces.


  15. Drogers says:

    Patriots –

    It will take longer than we thought but we’ve come this far.

    Don’t give up your faith.
    Our President is fighting for us now we fight for him.
    United we stand.


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  16. guest4ever says:

    Dan Bongino, on his show today, (Episode 1013) mentioned he’s received info about the possibility of Mifsud being a double agent. Apparently someone has theorized it, and laid it all out for Dan. Wasn’t sure himself; put it out there for his audience.

    Wouldnd’t THAT be interesting, to say the least?!

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    • GB Bari says:

      See my reply above to Alex Pazzo who also noted Bongino’s suggestion.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yeah, its bullshirt, and Dan ought to burn that source; either THEY are compromised, or being used to feed him B.S.
        Of COARSE if the CIA, FBI/DOJ have their own pet news outlets, they aren’t going to stop there!
        Any decent disinformation campaign would target Bongino, Ingram, Hannity and any others reporting on the Big ugly, and feed them stories either to further the narrative of the agency, or discredit the reporter.

        NOT buying that Misfud was a double.
        IMHO there may well have been CONMUNIST double agents involved, but they had nothing to do with Putins Russian government.

        They are,red diaper American born converts, COMEY, MUELLER, HILLARY, OBAMA, THE OHRS,…no ‘allegience’with any country, their allegience is to an IDEOLOGY.

        When USSR fell, they simply switched to working with CCP in China, but again their allegience is to the idea of a globalist Conmunist one world govrrnment, NOT to any one nation.

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        • livefreeordieguy says:

          Dan’s a great guy and has mostly done a very good job, but you are right about this one Dutchman, Dan ought to burn that source… Not a chance Misfud is a double agent… Possibly the same source who had Dan believing that Dana Boente might be a white hat in this farce…

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          • Dutchman says:

            These 3 letter agencies have been doing this for awhile. They would be derelict if they DIDN’T try to cultivate relationships with “pro-trump” journalists, to plant spin.


        • jebg46 says:

          Left out the biggest culprit of all, John Brennan.

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          • Dutchman says:

            No Obama Hillary tie for BIGGEST culprit. Brennan already fingered Obama, in an interview saying O gave the order to start crossfire hurricane.
            Brennan, Clapper, Comey were the ‘hit men’, O was the one PAYING the hit man. You always plea bargain with the hit man, to get them to finger the payer.

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        • V says:

          Dutchman says:
          July 1, 2019 at 9:12 pm

          SPOT ON!!!


    • Arrest Soros says:

      What happens if Mifsud turns up dead from being poisoned (like that bloke in England a while back) and all Western “Intelligence” Agencies claim Putin did it after finding out Mifsud was a double agent?
      Bongino should be very careful about being used as a useful idiot.


      • V says:

        Right. That bloke being Skripal, the Russian defector who was connected to Christopher Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence company in the UK. Most recent news I read on Skripal is that he (and his Russian-citizen daughter also) are being kept in a secret location in the UK. Probably because UK and US Deepstate don’t want him speaking out about being a Steele Dossier source. Skripal despite being browbeaten to believe the Russians poisoned him probably knows who really did it. I suspect those two Russians who were alleged to have poisoned him were probably there to help him escape from UK Deepstate’s clutches. No wonder Theresa May has resigned. after “red meat” re Skripal and Gina Haspel with links to articles

        Article reports that both Skripal and his daughter are being kept in a secret location in the UK. And that Skripal left one voicemail for his niece in Russia, just saying they’re fine.


  17. Deplore Able says:

    That Joseph Mifsud is one crafty Russian spy. What other Russian spy could manage to be invited to be a guest speaker at the Congressional Auditorium at the US Congress Visitor Center? Other speakers at the event included members of Congress, the Head of the EU delegation to the United States, the Hungarian Ambassador to the United States and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Europe. On of the Members of Congress was Jim Himes (D) who sits on the House Special Select Committee on Intelligence.

    This happened in February 2017, after the election of President Trump and after the FBI knew about George Papapdapoulos.

    Imagine a Russian spy speaking at such an event in Washington D.C. and hobnobbing with so many important people. Right under the noses of the FBI!! That is one crafty Russian Spy.

    Check out page 8 at the following link.

    Click to access unity-2017-program-print%20file%20reduced.pdf

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    • Johnny says:

      Okay, so the first post on thread says Misturd has not been seen in public for 2 years.

      Now you say he was doing a rock concert tour of DC in 2017.

      Someone is full of it.


    • Mary Morse says:

      Very interesting document. Thank you for posting. Symposium sponsored by State Dept and Global Ties Network, and organization whose history is linked to Nelson Rockefeller’s Inter-America Center, apparently. Also, boardmembers linked to the Atlantic Council (Lawfare, Crowdstrike). Quotes from John Kerry can be found in the website timeliness of its history. Nice find Deplore Able.

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      • Mary Morse says:

        Renderings of the Inter-American Center:

        Original conception and rendering of the center is presented by Hugh Ferries is presented in his book Power in Buildings.

        The WaPo article identifies Mifsud as a “visiting professor” (hmmm, calling suspicious cat? See my previously posted comment regarding visiting professorships). Sad that the article is behind a pay wall.


  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:

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  20. Ray Runge says:

    Sundance, High marks for the “walks like a dick” paragraph. Let the good times roll.

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  21. lawton says:

    They definitely claimed he was an agent for Russia when you look at the memo and counter-memo Nunes and Schiff made. Nunes wasn’t sure at the time so he just said in his memo that something about Paps should have nothing to do with a FISA Warrant request on Page while Schiff said Paps was an agent for Russia in so many words. That is what he was talking about when he said he had seen proof Trump’s campaign was connected to the Russians.

    You also have Comey claiming that nonsense in the paper a month or so ago about Misfud. Comey has nothing else he can say because he knew they were committing fraud.

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  22. SharkFL says:

    If if if if if … quack

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  23. Perot Conservative says:

    Never before has such a document and evidence-trail existed in the history of our nation. This is one of many examples. And the Rat B-stards in the MSM covering for them.

    I was tangentially reminded of this last night watching 60 Minutes. A then 20-something 5-foot lawyer tried 22 Nazi officers at Nuremberg. It was all there in black and white.

    These facts may be a bit more nuanced, but they’re still there plain as day. Unmasking. Lying. Leaking. Russian spies, who aren’t spies. Fradulent FISA warrants. Conspiracy?

    Will Durham, Barr and Co save our Republic?

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Is this the one?



    • Ray Runge says:

      AND the Chief Justice is complicit up to his eye balls in FISA Abuse. I pray for BARR’s fortitude in exposing the entire criminal gang.

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  24. Gadsden says:

    I find it interesting that Spygate has gone completely quiet…no leaks since the new SC was announced. Could be a good sign.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      The WAPO article referenced by Sundance speaks of a CIA leak.


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        This appears to be a leak related to an investigative step that has already occurred.
        Prompted leak.
        The preemptive ones characterizing the last 3 years of “collusion” investigation used to “generate” investigative leads
        Prompting leak.

        In fact it says so:
        With Attorney General William P. Barr’s review of the counterintelligence investigation underway,the origins of the inquiry itself are now in the spotlight — and with them, the role of Mifsud, a little-known figure.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I think it’s an excellent sign that Barr runs a tight ship.

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  25. I want to know who Charles Tawil is…..

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  26. Hal_S says:

    Anybody care to wager whether AG Barr has turned the tables and is using FARA violations arising from contacts with British agent Steele, Maltese agent Mifsud, and various ‘Russian’ agents to obtain FISA evidence about Kerry, Clapper, Brennan and Comey?


  27. Zimbalistjunior says:

    Best part of article might be comment by Steve Hall that it’d make sense that Mifsud is Russian asset Bc hey the whole thing of using academic institutions to recruit agents and other spyfare is like so Russkie.

    Yup. America doesn’t do that.
    Probably Obama


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  28. farrier105 says:

    The New York Times was the Go-To Leak catcher whenever the FBI had a new Predicate to begin the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump Campaign.

    The First Predicate—Carter Page’s Trip to Moscow.

    The Second Predicate—George Papadopoulos meets Alexander “Down Under” Downer:

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  29. Sentient says:

    That the WaPo, the NYT and CNN are viewed by some as credible is ridiculous. Of course the whole thing was a CIA operation. They’ve been lying and toppling governments since their inception. Why wouldn’t they do the same to the US itself?

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  30. GB Bari says:

    Excellent perspective, analysis and expose by Sundance.

    A critical difference: Only Sundance backs up his analyses with facts from identified & named sources. The Mockingbird Media always uses unidentified “sources”.

    A hundred lies are still just lies. WaPoop and NYSLimes print the Deep State’s craftily-worded prevarications on a frequent basis.

    Liked by 6 people

  31. Petrel says:

    The Italian newspaper, Il Foglio, reported that Prof Mifsud was hiding in an apartment, on a block immediately behind the American Embassy Rome, as the Muller investigators compiled their report and speculated about Mifsud’s “real” affiliations. The article, which should have ignited a frenzied chase by everyone in Rome, including the paparazzi, was apparently squelched — crickets.

    This Embassy was built by the Princely Ludovisi family, who developed the very quiet, aristocratic neighborhood around it. Needless to say, the area is packed with security cameras and these will have captured Mifsud as he drank morning coffee and lunched in neighborhood eateries. But no, apparently facial recognition failed to capture his likeness — or might it be otherwise ?

    On 13 January, 2018 Joseph Mifsud spoke with his lawyer (and co-investor in Link University) Stephan Roh. He told Stephan Roh that the Head of the Italian Secret Services suggested that he disappear, which was arranged by the Services and Link University — which agreed to pay his rent.

    Thus the Mifsud disappearance was managed by Italian agencies closely associated with our CIA and FBI and by Link University, whose students are CIA and FBI personnel. Did Muller’s 40 FBI agents ever ask their FBI buddies and Italian counterparts about where to find the professor?

    Liked by 5 people

  32. Richie says:

    Still waiting for AG Barr to actually enforce the law. Its not like they have to investigate all this from scratch. I presume the goal is to drag out and fake investigate, throw out teasers here and there long enough to rig the 2020 election.


  33. Hmmm... says:

    The existence of this article is far more interesting than the content. It’s really weird that they printed what is essentially a recap of all the info we know about Misfud with no new information included and called it “news” and not “spin”. Obviously there are other intentions for this article but usually they are a bit more stringent in their requirement for the IC to give them actual news to print in exchange for furthering their agenda.

    I did see a couple of folks on twitter find some interesting nuggets though. The idea that Misfud was a “Russian agent” in one part of the article but was busy trying to develop contacts and connections in Russia in another part I thought was a pretty good point. The other bit of actual new information seemingly was that Misfud defended himself publicly before being accused publicly.

    My conclusion on this article is that it is just a message from the bad guys to once again clarify the current state of the narrative so they can all stay on the same page. That John Cipher guy sure manages to be involved in all things spygate despite being a retired mid level CIA operative though. His organization is a who’s who of spygate involved people. I think there is a bigger story surrounding him and his involvement but it’s all just a theory. My guess is the intersection of Cipher’s gang and Crowdstrike is the real reason he is so invested in the Russia story. Crowdstrike is the epicenter and it’s interesting that they just had an IPO which made anyone connected to them filthy stinking rich.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hmmm... says:

      Not to be a pessimist but several signs point to Barr and Durham not being very successful in ferreting out the problems at CIA. Brennan and Comey both popped up on twitter at basically the same time late last week after both took a few week break from tweeting. Mueller’s appearance was announced at almost the same time. Then this article comes out that keeps the line on Misfud at pretty much the same place it has always been. The bad guys seems to be winning at the moment. That can always change of course but all signs point to them being able to hold to their narrative for now.

      To me this points to Misfud being a private intel agent and not CIA. This makes sense since most of the critical parts of the spygate mission were contracted to private entities (Crowdstrike, Orbis, etc). I would bet that the CIA paperwork on Misfud is similar to the FBI paperwork on Steele where only a moron couldn’t figure out that he was a political operative on a mission and the agency was being used but being a moron isn’t illegal. Someone will have to flip for this to be exposed.


      • Sentient says:

        Does it make a difference if Mifsud gets paid by the CIA via 1099 or W2?

        (I jest. He probably gets Euros wired into his secret account.)


  34. trapper says:

    My theory: Teeing up Mifsud to rat out Brennan so they can limit the investigation to this one Brennan op, tie a boat anchor around Brennan’s neck, drop him overboard, and be done with all of it. No one (besides us) wants this investigation to look at domestic political spying prior to late 2015. No one (besides us) wants this looking all the way back to 2012, or at other Brennan ops (otherwise known as disasters). Brennan’s entire career at the agency must slide down the memory hole. Just a bad dream. Go back to sleep.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Mark says:

    Gregg Jarrett filing in for Hannity today. He said he is sure there will be indictments after the IG report comes out. I hope he has good sources for this. He had Carter Page on as a guest. I was in and out listening.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Assets who are no longer assets get disappeared .. or they seek out the Federal Witness Security Program. Of course WITSEC was likely run by those who did Seth Rich. What to do?

    These days, Barr – Durham are offering ‘assets’ a better deal .. living .. so they can tell their story.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Republicanvet91 says:

    Someone HIGH RANKING at the CIA is nervous…., or continuing to take direction from Brennan.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. islandpalmtrees says:

    For my on going education, who recommend Gina Haspel for the position of CIA director? Since the recommendation could be an embarrassment, if confirmed by the IG.

    Papadopoulos Implicates CIA Director in Russia “Collusion” Plot

    “The current CIA director, Gina Haspel, was running CIA operations in London at the time western intelligence assets: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Erika Thompson lying or planting false information about me (Papadopoulos).

    And, ” The preferred outlet for the U.S. State Department is CNN”. And, of course the X-CIA Directors were both over the State Department.

    Liked by 1 person

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Correction 1 X-CIA Director


    • Sentient says:

      Who recommended Haspel? Probably her predecessor CIA Director. That would be … Mike Pompeo.

      Liked by 1 person

      • islandpalmtrees says:

        This would be my assumption, too. If this is the case, then can we assume that Mike Pompeo knew about Gina Haspel involvement in the CIA operations in London at the time western intelligence assets Joseph Minifsud, Alexander Downer, Erika Thompson were conducting their operation?


        • islandpalmtrees says:

          Mike Pompeo – Central Intelligence Agency from 2017 to 2018.
          John Brennan – March 2013 to January 2017

          Based on the timeline, more likely Brennan.

          Liked by 1 person

  39. CNN_sucks says:

    So much injustice what the fbi and cia did to this man, PapaD. Hope Barr will rectify this injustice.

    Liked by 3 people

  40. Newt Love says:

    There’s more going on, with many investigative threads unexplored. Here’s my favorite:
    Peter Strzok’s dad worked for Brennan when Brennan was a CIA Station Chief. Teen-aged Peter got to know Brennan well. Fast forward. Peter Strzok was a high-ranking staffer (traitor) at the FBI, but he was “dual hatted.” He was at the same time, a CIA Branch Chief. So when Strzok was dismissed by the FBI, he simply reverted to his CIA rank, and disappeared into Brennan’s deep state network.

    What ever happened to litle Petey?

    Liked by 1 person

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      I would like to know how many double agents (CIA/FBI) we have inside United Stated? We also know, that families are working as teams with one FBI and the other CIA, same question.


  41. Mifsud is no Russian, obviously.

    What IS interesting, at least to me, is that Papadopoulos’s wife is Italian and apparently is related to/knows fairly highly placed sources in Italian government. I’ve concluded that she was instrumental in helping determine how badly PapaD was “set up”. And I would not be surprised if her Italian sources were involved in both outing Mifsud’s hideout close to the U.S. Embassy, and in the Italian government’s house cleaning of its own intelligence community.

    It would be revealing to discover how PapaD met his now wife…was there a “white hat” at work. I can’t believe it was just random “luck”.

    Meanwhile, the real motive for following PapaD was definitely about the pipeline and energy issues. I did a fair amount of research last year on the energy companies(some U.S.) that made the find and we’re forced to sell a large portion of their stake in the offshore wells–as I recall it was at the behest of the EC. The global “swamp” wanted to ensure that Putin’s pipeline would be the main source for Germany…without competition from Mediterranean oil.

    I’m betting that some of the bad guys in Ukraine have skin in the game as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. BitterC says:

    There is something else about the Mifsud thing that doesn’t make sense and have not seen mentioned.

    What was the purpose of his telling Papa D about the emails?
    Presumably they wanted him to carry this back to Team Trump. But that in itself is no big deal.
    Did they want someone above Papa D to task him to get the emails? Makes sense.
    But, as far as we know, Papa D did not pursue the emails with Mifsud.
    If that was the end goal, again, as far as we know, Mifsud never brought this up again with Papa D. One would think he would have pestered Papa D about setting him up with someone that could provide some emails to him, or discuss how to deploy them.
    This didn’t happen.

    I mean, the whole idea they opened a counter intel investigation over some “Russian agent” telling a low level campaign kid that Russia has Clinton’s emails and he mentions it to Downer is pretty weak tea. How they have maintained this as the whole reason for Crossfire Hurricane is down right ridiculous.

    Considering Papa D denies telling Downer [or anyone] about the Mifsud convo, I’d like to know where Weissmann came up with the “Russians have her emails AND want to help the Trump campaign”. I had never heard the want to help thing until the Weissmann dossier came out.

    Just praying those recordings of Papa D with these western spies are untampered with and all accounted for

    Liked by 2 people

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      I’d like to know where Weissmann came up with the “Russians have her emails AND want to help the Trump campaign”

      The Russians want to help Trump goes way back to the campaign and was immortalized in the 2017 ICA Report: “Putin preferred Trump”. It pre-dates Weissman.

      What was the purpose of his telling Papa D about the emails?
      Presumably they wanted him to carry this back to Team Trump. But that in itself is no big deal.

      They made a big enough deal that PapaD merely told Downer about a convo which was enough to launch CROSSFIRE HURRICANE
      Imagine if he had made infected Team Trump with that nonsense or worse an offer to GET the emails to the Trump camp.

      I’m interested in the timing of the Misfud-PapaD convo which would have been around the same time that Crowdstrike conveniently “discovered” the Russians were hacking the DNC. Strange happenings around Guccifer at that time as well–he was in the US having been extradited from Romanian prison
      Was this “hack” part of the same operation and they were attempting to establish “foreknowledge” of that on PapaD?
      (BTW I’m not sold on the Seth Rich theory)

      The importance of this “hack” cannot be understated…….it is the KEY evidence to the claim that Russian Government was specifically meddling to “hurt Hillary help Trump”

      Without this DNC HACK all you have is dumb FB ads and old Podesta emails

      Oddly serendipitous that there was this hack occurring as Misfud was telling PapaD the Russians had emails.


      • V says:

        Yes, the DNC “hack” is KEY! And so is Julian Assange and his evidence.

        As Papadop has pointed out, the “Clinton emails” subject was already being discussed in the media BEFORE he met with Downer:

        “George Papadopoulos
        May 10, 2019

        It has come to my attention that Judge Napolitano was openly discussing the Russians in possession of thousands of Clinton emails on Fox News on May 9, 2016. The day before I met Downer! what a freaking joke Comey is. So much for the “predicate”! I am exposing all.”

        And “Clinton emails” is not what Wikileaks published. But the media likes to confuse the public about specifically which emails Papadop was supposed to have spoken about.

        DNC & Podesta emails were published by Wikileaks in July and October 2016 (not from Russia, not from Crowdstrike’s Guccifer 2.0 either).

        When the State Dept released some Hillary Clinton emails, Wikileaks later uploaded those and made them searchable.

        If foreign or domestic entities hacked Clinton’s emails from her unsecured server, those have never been published as far as I’m aware.

        Liked by 1 person

  43. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    If he walks like a counterintelligence agent; acts like a counterintelligence agent; sounds like a counterintelligence agent; hangs out with other counterintelligence agents; has admitted to engagements on behalf of intelligence agencies; trained U.S. FBI agents in conducting counterintelligence operations and generally has a history of counterintelligence agent behavior, well, he ain’t just a Maltese professor.

    What’s so confusing?

    He’s an ACADEMIC silly.
    And ACADEMICs aren’t SPIES
    Because Western Intelligence Agencies don’t SPY……never have, never will.

    Furthermore he was only COVERTLY POSING as Papadopoulos’s friend….not like he was his ACTUAL BFF…braiding George’s hair and painting his toenails…..
    (Although he WAS WILLING TO if he could get the right INFO—check the tapes).

    This is all old news…..the FBI interviewed him in DC…… that building between the Foot Locker and the Starbuck’s.
    They asked him: “Hey Joe…..are you a RUSSIAN SPY?”
    He said: “No, I’m an Academic and academics don’t spy”
    Case closed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mary Morse says:

      Just as FARA laws opened all DC lobbyists and politicians to FISA surveillance, broad application of Section 951 may exposee academia. Section 951 broadly criminalizes providing any support to an agent of a foreign government. Visiting professors teach courses and seminars in top universities world wide. Is it likely, that some work for governments as well? These professors engage in research, incorporating the research of their students, in their published work. Does this expose any student in the course of a foreign professor who is engaged in foreign government work to potential FISA surveillance?

      Liked by 1 person

  44. Mikgen says:

    From RedState a piece on the WP article. Covers most of the same points that Sundance has done (today and previously) but provides some “good” quotes from the WP article.


  45. Neel says:

    James Comey is behind this article . He is trying to frame the narrative Mifsud is some Russian spy.

    @paul speery tweeted back on june 16th regarding this upcoming Comey article .

    Comey and his buddies in post are trying to cover up.

    Mifsud attorney already saying,its a matter of time you will find out,Mifsud is an CIA or FBI agent,


  46. deguello13 says:

    I am still trying to figure out how claiming that the evil Rooskies hacked HerSelf’s virtually open server would trigger an investigation. Hell, myself and half the country thought that from day one when we heard of the possibility saying it to anybody who would read or listen, and yet no Feds showed up at my/our doors.


  47. Padric says:

    Big Fact Disclaimer:

    I know this is ridiculously long and a lot of this is based on just plain ole logic. I apologize in advance for that. All I can say is, this is a theory I’ve been working on for a long time now and I truly hope you find it worth the read.

    Its obvious by looking at the Page-Strzok text messages came out that something was amiss with the whole “Papadopolous drunken conversation with Downer” narrative. Their texts don’t make any sense from an investigative standpoint, let alone from a logical one. Here’s why:

    7/28/16: A whole page of redacted text. Based on the messages that they exchange over the course of the next few days, this is where they get word of something that causes McCabe to send Strzok to London on short notice. We’ve been told its the Aussies telling the FBI or the US Embassy in London about the Downer-Strzok conversation.

    8/1/16 21:56 Page sends the following:
    Also, Andy spoke to [Redacted] was out, he has a POC for you over there when you need it.

    OK, so McCabe is reaching out to someone, didn’t get them but does relay a Point of Contact (POC) for Strzok to reach out to. Moving on…

    8/2/16 12:04-12:07 The following conversation occurs:
    Page: Good Meeting?
    Strzok: [2 lines redacted text]. With the [redacted], yes good meeting.
    Page: [Redacted short sentence] Whoa. Make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign. Just thinking about congress foia etc. l’m sure it’s fine, l just don’t know how protection of intel-type stuff works in that context. You probably know better than me.

    OK, so we can see that Strzok has had a meeting with someone and both he and Page feel there’s some bombshell info there.Everything makes sense thus far, right? Moving on…

    8/2/16 13:36 Strzok sends the following:
    Dude hurry up and get in. l worry ogc is making happy to glad changes which are nice to have but not legally necessary and which will derail this thing.

    So here we see this is where Strozk is wanting something time sensitive done. Based on later texts, its likely an “LHM” that expressly states they won’t share identities outside the FBI and (An official FBI memo expected to be shown to someone outside the FBI). Strzok talks about even hiding the information from DoJ. This nefarious little detail aside, everything still makes sense. Moving on…

    8/2/16 14:37 Strzok sends the following:
    lnteresting fact. Guy we’re about to interview was [Redacted].

    Just another interview, right? Well, here’s where things start to get interesting…

    8/2/16 23:30-8/3/16 00:57 The following conversation takes place:
    PAGE:Jesus. There’s a lot to read here. Let me call [Redacted], check in with andy and l will cal! you.
    STRZOK: Yeah well l’m going to go write some recollections from the interviews this afternoon. The fact that l’m thinking of things that l just mentioned right now that l didn’t immediately remember makes me think l need to get them jotted down. Ooh. Remind me about the seif and the embassy history.

    So evidently Page thinks there’s a lot of info to review and Strzok agrees insomuch as he feels a need to right things down so he doesn’t forget. Make note of the embassy mention. It’s about to come into play in a little bit. But first, this exchange:

    8/3/16 01:08-01:10
    STRZOK: Oaoh. And remind me [Redacted]
    PAGE: Think so. Not sure. For sure his RNC experience is going to be a zero, don’t know enough to tell more.
    STRZOK: A zero in terms of not the same characters? Also, lhm preamble is fine. l cannot believe how long it took
    PAGE: Just don’t think it’s going to be useful. Think interactions are going to be more with his security folks. (Bc he has private, ex-Bu ones in addition to the Service

    OK, major pause here. There’s only two possibilities of who they are talking about here: Stefan Halper or some unknown person who hasn’t been identified yet. Of the characters we know, only Halper has RNC, private, ex-FBI and MI6 (“the Service”) contacts. It can’t be Steele either since his contacts are current FBI, not (just) ex and no RNC contacts that we know of. Given that Halper had just talked to Carter Page 3 days prior to this, it makes sense. Also note that they just got the LHM preamble done, Moving on…

    What follows is the starting point that made me go “Wait, what?” It begins with the following:
    8/3/16 01:40
    STROZK: [Redacted]: talked about the Embassy. lt’s the longest continuously staffed establishment in London (he noted the Austrian was the oldest but the were thrown out during the War.

    Pause. The Australian embassy is the one Strozk is talking about as that is the “longest continuously staffed establishment in London”. Either somebody from the Australian embassy or the US embassy passed on that tidbit. Given that the earlier comment also mentions the SCIF, I’m gonna bet it was someone from the U.S. embassy. Hold that thought, I’ll get to it at the end. Moving on…

    What follows is a 7 minute long conversation that runs from 8/3/16 01:43-01:50:26. Literally a second later, Strzok sends the following:
    STRZOK: Random fact? (l’m looking at the dip list to get a name) Armenian Ambassader to London? Armen Sarkissian. Wife Nouneh.

    WAIT. First off, a “dip list” is shorthand for “Diplomatic List”, a list of all the currently serving Diplomats in a given city.
    WHY is Strzok looking at it to get a name?? One would think that there is literally no reason for it IF the claims about Papadopolous’ conversation with Downer is indeed the kickoff of all this. Peter Strzok was specifically sent to London on short notice, supposedly because of this information, right? So if Downer isn’t McCabe’s contact, which is likely given the wording of that text, then at an absolute minimum, Downer’s name SHOULD be in the case file. After all, it all started with him. There are literally NO other diplomats involved in this (at this point in the “investigation”, anyway). And “random fact” as Strozk says, according to the August 2016 DIP list, Armenia is listed just above Australia on the same page AND Downer’s name is the very first one mentioned in the Australian listing. See here:

    Even IF there was someone else from the Australian embassy, some minor Minister-of-something-or-another that Strzok spoke to, he rather specifically said he was going to write down info from the meetings so he didn’t forget.

    And then we get this:

    8/3/16 02:14
    PAGE: FYI, just checked yellow, and there are POCs for you from both OGAs waiting there for you. Both may have already reached out. Safe travels home.

    So here Page is letting Strzok know that OGA’s (Other Governments Agencies) POC’s have been added to the information. One of them is most assuredly from the State Dept.

    CONCLUSION #1: Strzok never spoke to Downer. Didn’t even know who he was. Given Downer’s repeated interviews where he keeps changing whether he spoke to the FBI, the US embassy, the FBI at the US embassy and his repeated denials that Papadopolous ever mentioned emails, its the only conclusion that makes sense when you combine it with what Page and Strzok texted in the days preceding and on 8/3/16 and the fact that the Mueller Report changes the date of the conversation Papadopolous had to 5/6/16 AND doesn’t mention Downer, but rather a “representative of a foreign government” who, according to Papadopolous was not Downer, but another Australian, a female with Aussie Intelligence. Further backing up the idea that the Downer conversation was just an excuse, if you look at what Australia recently declassified in Downer’s message to Canberra about the meeting, they label it “Routine, Information Only” !

    I will take this a step further. So where did the premise of all this come from? Mueller’s report and the Page-Strozk text messages actually tell us. Pages 80-93 detail the background on Mifsud/Papadopolous and Papadapolous’ repeated emails to the campaign and others trying to arrange a meeting with the Russians. Where we want to specifically look is at Pg. 91 and the paragraph just below the picture. It talks about Papadopolous attending the TAG conference (9th TAG Summit in Washington DC, Transatlantic Parliament Group on Counter Terrorism) and how while Sam Clovis, candidate Trump’s co-chair and policy adviser, didn’t recall going to it, Papadopolous notes at the time say he did. More important is the final line of the paragraph and its footnote:

    Ten days after the summit, Papadopoulos sent an email to Mifsud
    listing Phares and Clovis as other “participants” in a potential meeting at the London Academy of
    Diplomacy. 487

    Footnote 487 reads: 487 7/27/16 Email, Papadopoulos to Mifsud (14:14:18).

    Next we turn to the Page-Strzok text messages at the time. Starting on 7/28/16 at 11:01 we have a nearly a full page of redacted text that runs from 11:01-11:52 followed by a full page of them griping about office politics stuff. But the last text on that page is what’s important.

    7/29/16 22:17
    STROZK: Oh – and Trisha mentioned to [Redacted] to put [Redacted] on this new case
    for seniority until she comes back from ai.„.

    CONCLUSION #2: SO, Papadopolous sends an email to Mifsud on 7/27 at 2:14 PM stating that Sam Clovis, Donald Trump’s co-chair and policy adviser, is on the list of participants meeting with Russians, less than 24 hours after that we’ve got a redacted conversation and confirmation that a “new case” was opened sometime before 7/29/16 followed by Strozk flying to London to investigate but needing to pull a diplomats name that likely should have been in the FBI’s case notes? Hogwash.

    The far simpler logic is that, as suspected, Papadopolous was under FISA surveillance, they picked up his emails and for the first time they have him extending the circle of others in the campaign interested in attending future meetings with the Russians. They could now show they had cause for concern beyond Papadopolous and for the campaign as a whole. Downer and the Australians were merely a name to use, Hillary’s emails were merely a pretense.

    Conclusion #3: OK, here is the big one, the one that finally (I think) logically explains Devin Nunes’ statement that the EC didn’t contain anything from Five Eyes. IF Conclusion #2 is right, that what started all this was Popadopolous’ email to Mifsud that included Clovis as a future participant in a meeting with the Russians there are only two logical conclusions: 1) He was under FISA surveillance and they used Downer as an excuse and ran him through State Dept via the US Embassy in London or 2) the more likely conclusion is that Mifsud was under British surveillance and they picked up Papadopolous’ email to him on 7/27/16. Now, before you say “Big deal, it would be considered coincidental” let me answer that.

    You’re right, it would be. In and of itself its no biggie. BUT when England picked up on it, it endangered Mifsud, who was likely working on behalf of the CIA or FBI at the time. Remember, GHCQ and other European allies were sending all sorts of warnings from late 2015 onwards about Russian contacts with the Trump campaign and according the now famous article from The Guardian, US Intelligence was slow to react. Of course they were. Some of them (Mifsud) were their guys!

    Just as under the FISA scenario, if GHCQ picked up that email then it was proof to them that the circle was widening beyond just Papadopolous. The Guardian pretty much flat out states this in their article:

    “According to one account, GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan. The matter was deemed so sensitive it was handled at “director level”. After an initially slow start, Brennan used GCHQ information and intelligence from other partners to launch a major inter-agency investigation.”

    So the op with Mifsud popped up on the GHCQ radar and got to a level that Brennan couldn’t ignore. But now he’s stuck. Either he admits that Popadopolous was under FISA warrant when he shouldn’t have been, admits he got the info from Five Eyes but what they were seeing was a US intelligence operation against Papadopolous OR…he sends an EC for the FBI to investigate based on a conversation that never happened from someone that passed the information to the State Dept from an ally that was not about to say otherwise because they also knew Five Eyes would get caught up in it.

    Oh, and that bit about someone from the US Embassy giving Strozk trivia bits about the London embassies? It was likely this guy, the “acting DCM” Strozk refers to in a text on 7/30/16 who agreed to keep things quiet but would likely run back to “Main State Dept” and they’d want to know what was going on. Elizabeth Dibble of Benghazi fame was the DCM in the London Embassy until July 2016. He took over in August, so would have likely been “Acting DCM” in July before being officially named to the post:


    • BitterC says:

      Very interesting. I am wondering if his search of the dip list might have been for “Azra Turk” tho. The May 6 date in Mueller report can only tie to her, yet they used Downer so as not to out her?

      It would be funny if GCHQ picked up Mifsud and Brennan didn’t want them to know about him.

      Not that this is important to the main points of your story, but I think they were debating the value of Halper working on Papa D. The statement about security people is Trump. He had other than secret service, and ex-bu is ex bureau. AM guessing Trump may have had ex FBI on his personal team. Remember the media tried to make it sound like a problem that Trump retained his personal team during the election after he got secret service?
      If they thought Trump was in contact with Russians they were saying his personal people would be more likely to know this than Papa D.

      Too bad you wrote this wonderful theory so late after Sundance posted this thread. Doubt many people have seen it. You need to put it in the daily or in the next new thread about Russiagate while it is still hot.


  48. Fred Baugh says:

    Will Mifsud sleep with the fishes? Or is he in protective custody? I hope someone will get a FISA warrant on him.


  49. tozerbgood8315 says:

    This is me… waiting for sundance to do a piece on John Solomon’s latest article on Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Can’t wait until someone starts grilling Mueller about this exculpatory information wasn’t provided to Manafort’s defense team. Mr. Weismann has some serious splainin’ also.


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