DOJ Releases Flynn FBI Interview Report (FD-302) by Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok…

The DOJ has released the FBI agent report (FD-302) written after their interview of Michael Flynn on Jan 24th, 2017. (Full pdf below)  From prior testimony we know that FBI Agent Peter Strzok did the questioning and FBI Agent Joe Pientka took notes.

However, for some reason, within the DOJ release of the report they are continuing to redact the name Joe Pientka. [Could be due to ongoing employment]

It’s worth noting according to Mark Meadows the Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz has interviewed Joe Pientka extensively; prior attempts by congress to gain testimony from Pientka were blocked by the FBI and Rod Rosenstein.

FBI Agent Joseph Pientka was never interviewed by the joint House judiciary and oversight committees (Goodlatte and Gowdy).   The reason, as explained by Meadows, was simple; Pientka was on Weissmann and Mueller’s special counsel team. Congress was not allowed to interfere in the Mueller probe.  In hindsight this looks like Weissmann, Mueller & Rosenstein strategically using the investigation as a shield from sunlight.

The interview took place on January 24, 2017.  The report was written Jan 24th, 2017.  The wording was then deliberated by the small group, approved by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and entered into the record on February 15th, 2017. Here’s the report:

Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack filed a cover letter attempting to explain the reason for the Flynn interview on January 24th, 2017, and a delay in the official filing of the interview notes (FD-302) on February 15th, 2017, and then another edit on May 31st, 2017.

To explain the FBI delay, Van Grack claimed the FD-302 report “inadvertently” had a header saying “DRAFT DOCUMENT/DELIBERATIVE MATERIAL” (screen grab)

What the special counsel appeared to be obfuscating was a process of deliberation within the investigative unit, headed by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, surrounding the specific wording of the 302 report on the Flynn interview. Likely how best to word the FBI notes for maximum damage.

In late 2018 Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack was attempting to hide the length of the small group deliberations within the FBI. In hindsight it seems he did not want the court to know Andrew McCabe was involved in shaping how the Flynn-302 was written.

However, we know there was a deliberative process in place, seemingly all about how to best position the narrative, because we can see the deliberations in text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok: See below (note the dates):

The text message conversation above is February 14th, 2017.

The Michael Flynn FD-302 was officially entered into the record on February 15th, 2017, per the report:

The interview took place on January 24th, 2017. The FD-302 was drafted on January 24th, and then later edited, shaped, and ultimately approved by McCabe on February 14th, then entered into the official record on February 15th.

It was a deliberative document from the outset. Thanks to the Strzok/Page text messages we know the 2018 cover letter from the Special Counsel is misleading. The Feb 15th, 2017, date was the day after McCabe approved it (three weeks after the FBI interview).

May 17th, 2017, Robert Mueller was assigned as special Counsel. Then, the FD-302 report was re-entered on May 31st, 2017, removing the header; paving the way for Mueller’s team to use the content therein.

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275 Responses to DOJ Releases Flynn FBI Interview Report (FD-302) by Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok…

  1. Carson Napier says:

    The FBI is a full service criminal organization. They cover it all: lying, spying, framing, blackmail, extortion, Gestapo tactics,, leaking, still more lying, coverups ….. … …. …..

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  2. All I’ve got to say is these people are pure evil. They couldn’t possibly justify their actions otherwise.

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  3. mr.piddles says:

    Please read. Try not get more angry than you already are.

    “Key figure that Mueller report linked to Russia was a State Department intel source’

    “But hundreds of pages of government documents — which special counsel Robert Mueller possessed since 2018 — describe Kilimnik as a “sensitive” intelligence source for the U.S. State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian matters.

    Why Mueller’s team omitted that part of the Kilimnik narrative from its report and related court filings is not known. But the revelation of it comes as the accuracy of Mueller’s Russia conclusions face increased scrutiny.”

    Team Weissman-Mueller is effing dirty. Mueller is effing dirty. They’re all effing dirty.

    These effers 1.) make sh*t up, and then 2.) conveniently omit and obfuscate a bunch of other really important facts. They hide evidence. They manufacture evidence. They lie to the court. They lie to defense attorneys. They lie to the public. They lie to AG Barr.

    I am so SICK and TIRED of this BULLSH*T. I want this Mueller BULLSH*T to be fully exposed. Our effing TAX MONEY goes to this BULLSH*T.

    That’s right… WE ACTUALLY ***PAY*** FOR THIS CRAP!!!


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    • mr.piddles says:

      John Solomon, Bee Tee Double-You.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “If Mueller’s team can cast such a misleading portrayal of Kilimnik, however, it begs the question of what else might be incorrect or omitted in the report.”

      Indeed it does, John Solomon. Indeed it does.

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      • waicool says:

        Years of FBI corruption is being exposed. Every work product of the dirty FBI will be questioned now.

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        • Mark Hudson says:

          Which is exactly what scares me, that’s the excuse to NOT uncover all of it (I can hear them now) — “While not a method our staff would have used and possibly a violation of internal procedures it is however not a criminal act and therefore our department has elected to NOT pursue any charges.” And Lucy will yank the football away 1 more time.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Think about this: We just shelled out 35 million U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to have our Federal Government produce a Political Hit-Job Dossier on a sitting, duly elected President Of The United States Of America.

      If that’s not a kick square in the balls, I have no idea what is.

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    • Zorro says:

      We continue to pay for Pelosi’s in house Lawfare group for the continuing coup.

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    • Linda K. says:

      These prosecutors have done this before, hid evidence and lied to get a trophy. Reprimanded, but not disbarred and/or sent to prison themselves. I think any professional who behaved so unethically, in any other field, except government service, would no longer be employed or free to wreak more havoc. And these arrogant brats know it, isn’t that right Jessica!

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    • Bad Bill Barr says:

      I’m feeling two things here. One, exactly as you beautifully stated. The other one, though, is really good. Specific criminal acts are becoming visible. This is going to continue exponentially. We are looking at muller, hillary, obo,etc. all standing on a stage with their pants off.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        “Specific criminal acts are becoming visible.”

        This will not matter if it doesn’t result in harsh consequences. Of course, I’m stating the obvious.

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    • Bryan Alexander says:

      What is scary is to read the comments on The Hill website about his article. There are some people who read that and see Solomon as a liar and buffoon. They are STILL CONVINCED that Trump colluded with Russia. They think that article SUPPORTS that narrative.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Do yourself a favor and ignore TheHill comments entirely. And while you’re at it, you can ignore 90-95% of the content… lots of rehashed news with a Anti-Trump slant. Over the past couple of years the comments went from mostly not useful to entirely useless. Troll City, U.S.A. On the plus side: somebody over there linked to CTH, so I appreciated that.

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        • GB Bari says:

          The SHill, as I always refer to it. Notice that Solomon’s reports are ALWAYS published as OPINION, never as news, when in fact Solomon provides about the only honest news reporting on that site.

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    • MojaveGreem17 says:

      Let’s not forget how they knowingly sent spies and assets for the sole purpose of Entrapping Page and Poppa D. They have no shame, no honor, whatsoever.

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  4. Liberty ONE says:

    Since WHEN does a 302 get to be “SHAPED, EDITED” by someone who was NOT present during the interview.This is EXACTLY the reason WHY the interview should have been at the minimum recorded.AND the reason WHY the feds don’t record. Then it’s he said v. how the agent shapes his report.

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  5. PMadison says:

    “Congress was not allowed to interfere in the Mueller probe.”

    But Congress is allowed to interfere with the Durham probe?

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  6. Linnéa says:

    I’m hopeful there will be serious criminal indictments and full exposure to the sedition. If not, Pelosi and the 2024 AG (Republican or Democrat) will make every effort to put Donald Trump in Federal Prison after he had served his eight years in office. I’d like to think POTUS is astute enough to understand this but he doesn’t seem to be particularly astute. He seems rather clueless and ineffectual and he continues to have difficulty understanding or performing the most basic of vetting for his nominees. He was too timid to fire Sessions or Rosenstein and too clueless to assemble a staff that wasn’t openly hostile to his agenda. Now he’s befuddled and doesn’t know what to do about the #resistance opposition by the FBI, NSA, and CIA directors. All hope is placed on Bill Barr because Donald Trump isn’t in charge and is incapable of competently running the Executive branch. It’s sad to say, but Donald Trump is the cause of his own problems. I understand that he is the closest thing to “somewhat populist” that America has and that’s why everyone rightly defends him; but he’s not playing “3D chess” and everything will revert to the equivalent of “JEB!” in 2024. Sorry.


    • WSB says:

      One, you are not following the guidelines of this site by separating paragraphs.

      Two, you seem to be lost. If you do not realize the counter punch of a person who allows his foes to expose themselves, then you will not have a decent understanding of the outcome.

      Too bad.

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      • Redzone says:

        Linnea – your statement that President Trump was too timid to fire Rosenstein or Sessions does not square with the facts and demonstrates a major lack of understanding.

        Had PT fired either one, he would have fallen directly into their trap leading to immediate charges for Obstruction and then to Impeachment. However, he knew that and operated accordingly.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Linnea, Linnea, Linnea.
      What crime has Trump committed? He will not go to prison.
      Trump timid? Did he run for President , first try, and win?
      Has he been under false investigation for over two years?
      Has he ever backed down? Is he confronting, China, Iran, Russia and reshaping trade?
      Has he got the attention of Mexico by placing tariffs on their imports and do the Republican jerks in Congress help him out, ever?
      On second thought, you must be a troll.Hope you learn something here.

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    • Shirley says:

      Trump TIMID? I sure wish I was as timid as he is. Then I might be a multi billionaire and President of the U.S. Trump realizes that he has many SCUMBAGS he has coming after him and needs to tread carefully. Because Trump won they lost a big chunk of $$$ for themselves and their buddies. We need to make sure we never vote for anyone in the establishment again for President. This whole system has been rigged for years because we were not paying attention.

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      • Issy says:

        Some of us were paying attention, but we had no voice to challenge the system. Trump is our voice. When we went to vote, we were given two choices, bad and worse.


    • Linnea- I think you are on the wrong website. This is not a place for Never Trumpers or their ilk.

      You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. If you had taken the time to actually READ some of Sundance’s thousands of posts on this subject, you might actually be able to have a basic understanding of what’s been going on for the last few years.

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  7. It is very obvious that these people used “their almighty probe” as a shield for as long as they could. Literally any move made against it would be painted as what they so desperately wanted to find. But now, not only is the probe officially over, it is rapidly being seen as effectively criminal abuse of the law. I think that this Army General(!) was entrapped and blackmailed by people who would stop at nothing to get to Trump. He needs a day of real justice and should not be held to a statement he made with a gun being held to the head of his son. “Investigate the investigation!”

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    • Lester Smith says:

      A fighter that appears hurt and on the ropes is the most dangerous. Beware of trumpy bear.

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    • stubdoc says:

      Remember also that the entire intelligence community was threatened by Flynn, who was going to attempt to root out the corruption before being fired by Obama, and certainly would have under Trump. So they had a beef with him personally, as well as using him to get to Trump.

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  8. Justin Green says:

    What could Flynn have said, lol?
    “We can be more flexible after the election.”

    Oops, that was Obama.

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    • Rob says:

      He could have said “Hi” to the Russian Ambassador, yet answered “No” when asked if he talked to any Russians who were trying to influence the election. Ohh, the horror.

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  9. beach lover says:

    Ok.. do we need any further evidence that Chris Wray is covering for his beloved FBI?

    Barr has said as much, but is being tactful publicly. My hope is behind the scenes he is blasting those who have continued to twist the truth to protect themselves at the expense of innocent people’s rights.

    If Flynn did get Victoria Toensing or Joe DiGenova as his new lawyers, they will be on this like white on rice. Victoria blasted Wray last week as the main reason Horowitz has had to postpone his report… he is finding new information that has up to now been hidden from him.

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  10. Haveaspine says:

    Mueller and Weissmann keep doing this shit why aren’t they disbarred or in prison? They ought to be sitting in Rikers Island.

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  11. Bruce says:

    How about releasing the actual notes taken DURING the interview?

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    • GB Bari says:

      How about throwing out the entire interview as tainted evidence. Those 302s have had more alterations than Cher.

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    • farrier105 says:

      Original notes could have been deep sixed long ago. When something gets changed in an FD-302, or some other investigative document, that is when it “goes away” if nothing else can be done when a manipulation goes sideways, or an undesirable fact needs eliminated. They lost a lot of stuff about the Hillary email investigation, including a lot of interview notes, including some (PDFs?) that were saved on a CD.

      They just go away.

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  12. anthohmy says:

    Has anybody done a text analysis comparing the two versions yet?


  13. thedoc00 says:

    If and when it all comes to light, it will be discovered that Mueller’s team developed not a single NEW thread of evidence. They used rewarmed investigations, which even Holder or Lynch chose not to prosecute or cherry picked evidence from on-going unrelated cases to use as leverage. Makes one wonder what all those 40 FBI agents were really doing.

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  14. JL says:

    Reports from the FBI say Flynn stated during the interview that he was aware that giving a false statement is a crime.

    That is completely missing from the 302’s. Where is it?

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