Day #3 Schedule – President Trump State Visit to Japan….

Tokyo Japan is 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern timezone. As a result, much of the diplomatic activity for the final day of the state visit happens in the late night hours.

Today is the final day of the official visit which included the first state visit hosted by the Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako to celebrate the new imperial era of “Reiwa”.

The visit has been a resounding success for Japan and the United States of America.

Today, the President and First Lady will honor the military.  Specifically and purposefully the President will showcase the strategic U.S-Japan military alliance, and deliver remarks to commemorate Memorial Day.  At the conclusion of events the President and First Lady will bid farewell to our good friends in Japan.

9:15am (Tokyo) / 8:15pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY participate in a Farewell Call with Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, Tokyo, Japan

9:35am (Tokyo) / 8:35pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart the Palace Hotel en route to the Hardy Barracks Landing Zone, Tokyo, Japan

9:45am (Tokyo) / 8:45pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at the Hardy Barracks Landing Zone, Tokyo, Japan

9:55am (Tokyo) / 8:55pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Hardy Barracks Landing Zone en route to JS Kaga Landing Zone, Tokyo, Japan [JS Kaga (DDH-184) is a helicopter carrier (officially classified by Japan as a helicopter destroyer) and the second constructed ship in the Izumo class of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF)]

10:20am (Tokyo) / 9:20pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at JS Kaga Landing Zone, JS Kaga

10:20am (Tokyo) / 9:20pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY visit JS Kaga with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, JS Kaga

10:45am (Tokyo) / 9:45pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart JS Kaga Landing Zone en route to USS WASP Landing Zone

10:55am (Tokyo) / 9:55pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at USS WASP Landing Zone, USS WASP [USS Wasp (LHD-1) is a United States Navy multipurpose amphibious assault ship, and the lead ship of her class.]

11:00am (Tokyo) / 10:00pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY participate in a Memorial Day address to the troops aboard USS WASP, USS WASP [Likely Broadcast Live]

12:05pm (Tokyo) / 11:05pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart USS WASP Landing Zone en route to Haneda Airport, USS WASP

12:20pm (Tokyo) / 11:20pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

12:30pm (Tokyo) / 11:30pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Tokyo, Japan, en route to Washington, D.C., Tokyo, Japan

2:15pm (Tuesday, U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Joint Base Andrews, Joint Base Andrews

2:25pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Joint Base Andrews en route to the White House, Joint Base Andrews

2:35pm (U.S. EDT) THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at the White House, South Lawn

~ Japan State Visit Concluded ~

I will say without reservation, the bond between both nations has grown closer than ever before in our history. President Trump and Prime Minister Abe have also expressed a very visible geopolitical and strategic economic alliance.

The nature of the Trump-Abe engagement over the past several days extends far beyond trade and regional politics.  Through deliberate and open messaging each nation has affirmed the principles of sovereign respect, the value of freedom, and a purposeful Indo-Pacific alliance.  The entire region was paying close attention. This is big stuff.

This was a very consequential visit for the region.

Without directly noting the purpose of confronting communist China, the joint-alliance message was very clear.  Remarkable things will begin happening as a result of this purposeful strategy; and by extension the Southeast Asia region of allies will benefit.

This commitment to joint values, including trade and commerce, will enhance the scale of respectful influence; and a successful outcome will produce prosperity in Japan and in the United States.

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37 Responses to Day #3 Schedule – President Trump State Visit to Japan….

  1. sundance says:

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    • Noting the elevation of “Meetings with Prime Minister Abe” to 1st mention.

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      • wondering999 says:

        They are lovely. Appreciate your posting this, iwasthere.
        Somewhere else, someone complained about Melania’s four-inch heels when she is standing next to people who are not as tall.
        I want to throw something in about that: I don’t wear high heels anymore, they hurt my feet. But FLOTUS Melania wears VERY high heels regularly, almost all of the time in her photos, and she’s able to walk in those heels with exceptional grace. Not many people could do what she does without “clomping” or having their face pinch up with pain.
        Here’s the thing: If you are used to wearing a particular kind of shoe, your foot gets used to it… she might very well experience pain if she is NOT in high heels. I’m not her and can’t state this as fact, but I suspect it’s the case
        Anyway I enjoy watching her glide in her heels. I couldn’t do it. Maybe in my next life…

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      • mr.piddles says:

        I’ve become obsessed with her choice of footwear. I do believe that is the “correct” color. :^)

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      • lftpm says:

        When Michelle exited the Suburban az-first, then bounded up to the Emperor and Empress and tripped, that was a real classy entrance. /s

        I noticed on day 2 that Melania switched from heels to flats. To me, she was being respectful. It significantly reduced her height differential vs. high-heels-wearing Mrs. Abe.


  2. Michael Osmon says:

    He didn’t win my state but I’m sure glad he’s my president

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      You left out the important thing ,what state.Now are you going to help with changing that.

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      • Michael Osmon says:

        I voted for my president twice. But my vote didn’t count since I live in Illinois. Every tried changing someone’s mind about politics in Chicago? Maybe you should. What are you going to do to help change that? I don’t want to get shot so I’m going to move to Wisconsin

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  3. slowcobra says:

    I have things around the house that are so old they say ‘made in japan’. I have saved lots of disposable income in the last 10-15 yrs by not buying anything that says ‘made in china’. Wouldn’t it be nice if this alliance works and maybe we can start seeing ‘made in japan’ on some things again?

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      Made in USA would be much better.

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      • tonyE says:

        Somethings are better “made in Japan”… specially when you buy Japanese Stuff.

        Example… the tea ceremony cups. Made in Kyoto.

        BTW, we have a family altar. It’s a second generation, about 50 years old. Recently I replaced the mini fluorescent light with an LED one. The altar was made in Japan. Would you believe that fluorescent light fixture still worked fine? It needed a new ballast by now, but when I took it out I looked at it. If the USA would made stuff like that anymore ( I don’t know if Japan makes it anymore either ) with such quality, the notion of planned obsolescency would not exist.

        Made in China? Surely you jest.

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    • Brings back memory of my first DIY am radio in the shape of a rocket with a pull-out nose cone rod for tuning.

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  4. azchick says:

    My family is on a 60 day China fast. Look carefully before you purchase.

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  5. Carrie2 says:

    Considering what happened to Pearl Harbor, it is a great move forward with our President making the connection we need with Japan and especially to be invited by the new emperor and spouse. Enemies don’t always have to remain enemies and that helps to make the world a better place for millions. Trump has the attitude, skills, and ability to make friends elsewhere in spite of negativity by our hired employees in Congress and the evils via the intelligence agencies and fake news, and he also has the military who see him as a great and friendly leader who takes time to visit them and thank them. He is an outstanding leader for America and the world as we see many changes just happened in some countries who want a different governance after suffering under a not so nice governance. He reminds me of the apostles sent out to spread the Word of Jesus and see it spread and take root.

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  6. GB Bari says:

    Very pleased with our President’s and First Lady’s representation in Japan.
    I hope to soon read details of the new trade (and other) agreements between the U.S. and Japan and how that may expand into the ASEAN group. Also curious as to how the remaining TPP alliance is affected by new U.S. agreements. (If this has been previously covered I missed it.)

    Thank you Sundance for your top rate coverage of the visit.

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  7. TradeBait says:

    Amazing what PDT is accomplishing worldwide. Join in the fun or be left holding the bag. PDT knows how to do win-win deals and refuses to do bad deals.

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  8. ALEX says:

    Thanks for the fine work on this Memorial Day has the event on the USS WASP listed as live at 10pm eastern. Should be a fitting end to this wonderful trip.

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  9. MillennialConservative says:

    There was some hype as to strategic and powerful announcements during this visit…when do we think the Bi-Lat will be announced? I was hoping that would be the fireworks at the end…


    • NC Patriot says:

      Abe asked POTUS to wail until after mid July, when Japan has elections. He is hoping for a stronger governing body to pass trade deals more easily.

      My guess is that they have a rough outline ready to go.

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  10. Apfelcobbler says:

    Japan’s transformation is in stark contrast with the recent outcomes of “nation building”. It’s quite remarkable that although not European, the Japanese have completely taken to Western institutions, without looking back and without losing themselves in the process.

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    • budklatsch says:

      Yes, a truly remarkable contradiction between the openness and closeness of two Asian Imperialist societies, Japan and China. How absolutely treacherous the course China chose.

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    • wondering999 says:

      This is something I admire very much about Japanese culture — the ability to take good ideas and make the best of those ideas their own, and even improve on them. No fear of losing themselves by gaining new skills and knowledge.


  11. Troublemaker10 says:

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  12. Look, at #president trumps THUMBS! photoshopped? along with the others?? Seriously! It’s WEIRD!


  13. 335blues says:

    Trump’s list of objectives:
    1. Agreement on more balanced trade with Japan. CHECK
    2. Secure more Japanese investment in America. CHECK
    3. Meet with and extend warm friendship with Emperor Naruhito and his wife. CHECK
    4. Attend state dinner, embrace honored position of ‘first’ with Japan. CHECK
    5. Round of golf with Abe. CHECK
    6. Agree on Abe’s consultation with Kim Jong-un. CHECK
    7. Meet with families of abductees of N. Korea. CHECK
    8. Majorly enhance Japan’s airforce with 105 brand spanking new F-35 Lightning II’s. CHECK
    Quite a successful business trip by any measure.

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  14. ada tam says:

    …the entire region was paying close attention… I can confirm this. It is non-stop, wall-to-wall, back-to-back Trump-Abe news where I am. Analysis after analysis…with trade, allies, alliances making headlines.

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  15. Please share more. It is rare to have a real time view of opinions in Asia that are not filtered through talking heads.

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  16. OhNoYouDont says:

    Some of the sailors aboard the WASP where Trump is now speaking are wearing this patch

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  17. Cathy M. says:

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