President Trump Delivers Energy Policy Speech, Hackberry, Louisiana – 3:00pm EDT Livestream…

Today President Trump will be touring a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) export facility in Hackberry, Louisiana before he delivers a statement on energy sector infrastructure and the economy.  The president is expected to deliver remarks at 3:10pm EDT.

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkCNBC Livestream Link

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75 Responses to President Trump Delivers Energy Policy Speech, Hackberry, Louisiana – 3:00pm EDT Livestream…

  1. Sentient says:

    Oh sure, he can lead us to prosperity, but can he speak Norwegian like Buttgeek?

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  2. sunnyflower5 says:

    Ha! That’s Great!

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  3. Libertybella says:

    so cool….I was born and raised in Cameron Parish ( where Hackberry La is). LNG is transforming the little town I grew up in….and much needed…after being devastated by Hurricane Rita, it has been slow to rebuild…beautiful country….beautiful marshes and amazing sunsets.

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    • lolli says:

      Libertybella, I met some friends in Hackberry a couple of mos ago. They had rented a house on one of the new canals right by the intercoastal canal and LNG across the way. We watched huge tankers going through.
      Thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Nice little town. And yes, beautiful sunrises and sets.

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    • My mother and Grandmother, Aunts and 1 Uncle were from Jeannerette, LA…Love what my Grandfather did for me…taught me how to make CAJUN GUMBO…In the fall, it is a staple in our home!!! Thank you for the memories!!!


    • bayoukiki says:

      Hey neighbor. Lake Charles girl here!


      • dogsmaw says:

        Welp if you go a bit west after the I10 bridge you can wave at me, I’ll be watchin for ya 🙂


      • gueppebarre says:

        Me too, friends. I live in NW LA but I’m in Hackberry often. I keep a boat down there and get down that way to fish, crab, and shrimp as much as I can. Lovely area, great fishing and hunting, and wonderful people. Been watching that plant go up and it’s just amazing – good for the folks there in Cameron Parish and for Louisiana.

        Louisiana wants in on MAGA and loves Trump, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, especially that sorry excuse for a governor that we have!


    • Texian says:

      I might have passed through Hackberry It’s just north of the beautiful resort area of Holly Beach.. Take Hwy 82 just north of Sabine Pass, cross the Sabine river and its a short drive into Holly Beach..

      When there take a look South into the Gulf.. Around fifty miles out what was believed to be a caravel from the 1554 Spanish Fleet out of Veracruz was found.. Surprising it made it so far north.. Most were wrecked on Padre Island..

      “Boudreaux” was more surprised.. He was shrimping in about thirty feet of water.. Pulled up his nets – and Bingo! What the heck is that..! An emerald (or some other precious stone) studded gold goblet..

      “Boudreaux” doesn’t need to shrimp anymore..

      Louisiana has fair treasure laws.. Like Florida.. Texas doesn’t, Texas Politicians want 100% of your find.. So nobody tells when they find something in Texas waters..

      And the State of Texas loses out. ..So much History.. Plundered and never reported.. Because of stupid politicians.

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  4. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Just to let you guys know while waiting for President Trump….motorcade accident involving two police officers
    President Trump is unhurt..all is Okay..Just two police officers had an accident…. and I quipped to Hubbie, “I think they (Police) need training wheels.”

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  5. tdaly14 says:

    The socks are sold out!

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  6. tuskyou says:

    “we’re giving you a new I10 bridge “. He knows he’s already won reelection 😂

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    Feels like home again!!

    I worked in Hackberry at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve site, while going to college, during the Reagan Administration.

    Wishing prosperity, health and safety to everyone there!!!

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  8. sucesfuloser says:

    It would be wonderful if the fake news commie MSM would lay off him for a week or two, give him a breather, instead of constantly barking like a pack of wild hyenas. I wonder if they are aware of how much they’re despised?

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  9. ristvan says:

    Energy ‘done’. Infrastructure up next. PDJT hit that speech out of the park.

    Fastest, least expensive way to add electric grid capacity is CCGT. Capital cost <$1500/Kw, install time ❤ years, thermal efficiency at load 61%—and at just 40% load still 58%, so flexible and diminishing need for peakers. One of three main global suppliers is GE. But you need to have a reliable 40 year supply of natural gas as fuel. With LNG exports from the US (to complement Qatar and Australia), Asia (Japan, Korea) and Europe can build their electric grids out without risking the Russian bear.

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    • ristvan says:

      Dunno where the heart emoji came from. Install time ❤ years greenfield, and just 2 if (as at Port Lauderdale) replacing an old plant (in our case, resid oil fired steam build in early 1970s).

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      • ristvan says:

        Ok, darned software upgrade…Less than three years… no heart.

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      • zorrorides says:

        Dang-o, Ristvan, now this is just too much! You know the oil patch from the pipe wrenches to the trucks. It’s nice to learn about the treepers. Talent going to waste around here!

        USA economic eminence is rock solid when based on free-market energy independence on our continent, with so much of the citizenry employed and receiving royalties. Our homes and factories will burn natural gas priced low with a constant surplus. We sell the surplus, liquified for ocean voyages, at much higher prices to the other continents.


    • thesavvyinvester says:

      For those in Rio Linda that is Combined Cycle Gas Turbine. 😉 Back in the day, I studied this stuff without getting into the details. Regardless, the Thermal Efficiency is insane, no one knows what that means, but as VP Biden would say that is a big….. you fill in the blanks 😉. The number of plants that could be replaced or upgraded with this technology is mind-boggling. Nothing against coal, but this makes it obsolete, as we look for other uses for coal, and move on to Gen 4 Nuclear. A while back some MIT wonk I think it was did some research that it might be better to be used electrical components rather than burning it, I’d like concepts like this explored.

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      • ristvan says:

        Yup. Should not have used the industry acronym at CTH.
        Basically, a big nat gas fired turbine powering a first generator, then use its Brayton cycle hot exhaust to generate steam for a second Rankin cycle steam turbine generator. At Port Lauderdale 2 gas feed one steam, times two. 2200 MW, no big ‘smoke stack’, two years from old steam demolition to new CCGT power up (because substations and transmission lines were already in place) and it cut our electricity bill significantly because of the low capital cost and high thermal efficiency.

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      • ristvan says:

        OK, some more Treeper data from my ebook on energy and climate, Blowing Smoke. The average thermal efficiency of ‘conventional coal’ steam generation is 34%. The thermal efficiency of ‘HeLe’ (high efficiency low emissions) supercritical steam coal is 41-45% depending on plant size and coal type. What China builds. CCGT is 61%. Burn half to 2/3 as much fuel by BTU content for the same electricity output. Supercritical coal costs >$4000/Kw and takes >4 years fo construct, compared to CCGT at <three years and <$1500/Kw. Unless you have real cheap coal and very low interest rates, its game over.

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        • IAWulf says:

          Really sold ebook. I got it a couple years ago and knew what you were talking about with C CUT and even remembered the 60+% thermal efficiency numbers and short build times. Your ebook has an incredible number of references to back up your points.


          • ristvan says:

            TY. Worked on it and its two predecessors for several years. Priced deliberately very low to get the facts out, then Kindle discounted further below iBooks. Ebook because my publisher said, even if only print on demand, the many color images and graphs would still make it an ~$80 ‘textbook’.

            Upside, more copies sold. Downside, I cannot sign paper copies. But you just got my ebook signature equivalent. Regards from the author.

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        • Ristvan,
          Thanks for sending me down that rabbit hole… after 30 mins of reading book summaries, business press releases, and company websites I gave it up to get back here. I rarely look at commenter names, but now if I see you make any on PapaD, based on your energy knowledge, I’ll pay closer attention.


    • NOT ONLY that but the Russian pipeline will be taking on rust in a few years…Why? Because the steel used is not as the SAME QUALITY AS US STEEL…!!! Spent my early years in the oil patch for Fluor Engineering!!!


  10. Crawler says:

    As I watched President Trump speak live about America’s current energy production, I couldn’t help but contrast him with the ever-growing list of sorry, incompetent, phony, corrupt and radical Democratic presidential hopefuls.

    Personally, I think the 2020 presidential election has already been decided by the majority of Americans and the best president in my lifetime, the one that’s currently residing in the White House, gets another four years.

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  11. Kev says:

    I’m going to miss Donald Trump after 2024. The best modern day US president by far. I can be critical of him in more ways than one, but I know that only a douche bag will replace him in 2024.


  12. I received pics from today from a family member. I sent them on to the CTH website in an email. I have never figured out how to post pics. My family member was just a few feet from PRESIDENT TRUMP. Fingers crossed someone post a couple.

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  13. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I don’t know how many of you are aware of the Promise Keepers 3 million man march on DC on October 4th, 1997. It was amazing.
    My son was in his late 30’s when he attended a Promise Keepers event in CA. He died at 42. He never could talk about it without choking up He said men of every color were together and just loving God. He asked me why feminists with bare breasts lined the walkways to the event taunting them and trying to stop them from going. I just told him they hate God.
    I wish President Trump would use music from this event for his rallies. I still have tears running down my face as I watch and listen to these men.
    Did they prepare the path for President Donald Trump? I believe they did.

    Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap – 3 Million Men in DC
    Frank Cugini Published on Apr 23, 2008

    On October 4, 1997 over 3 million Christian men descended on Washington DC for Stand in the Gap: A Sacred Assembly of Men, a day of personal repentance and prayer for our nation. The footage here was all shot as they prayed and sang and were inspired by incredible Christian speakers. I shot all but a few segments of this footage. The most impressive shot (one I did not shoot) is near the end of the video. It is an aerial view from above Lincoln Memorial looking down the Mall toward the Capitol. The mass of men, packed in like sardines, extends from this side of the Washington Monument to the Capitol and from the buildings and streets on each side. I am still emotional when I watch this footage…Evidence that GOD IS AT WORK in the men of our nation! Glory to God! Question: 3 Million? really? Stand in the Gap: Million man march: (1 – 1.2 mill)

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    • Pf1289 says:

      I was there Elizabeth. It was an awesome event! Bus after bus on the highway. You couldn’t even rent one at some point because they were all rented to take men to D.C. We got there about 4-5am and walked around as the atmosphere was electric. The Holy Spirit was present and I think that whole movement had an impact on our nation.

      We are not at war against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. Prayer (which some, such as Cory Booker denigrate) gets heaven to move on behalf of earthly events. Praise clears the pathway! “My melody is a weapon” is a lyric from a song called “Raise a Hallelujah”. It’s about praise and prayer saving the life of a young boy. Check it out on Youtube. It’s by Bethel music. The 11 minutes version gives an explanation. It’s great!


    How he interacts with people
    Really …. the dimms are lost !

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  15. sunnyflower5 says:


  16. curator55 says:

    That was an excellent speech.

    POTUS talked economics but it was specific to his mostly blue collar Louisiana audience and the nation at large. If he delivers more speeches like this in other states (and other workers across the country like the 3 workers at the podium join in) it will really aid his re-election and also be sincere and factual unlike many phony politicians before him. P Trump and his team get it.

    If he closes a few speeches by recognizing the energy workers of Louisiana, the Steel workers of Philly, the first responders, the farmers of… and so on,, it will help unite the country and be a powerful ending and one that he strongly believes in. An occasional reminder that the forgotten people are no longer forgotten and many are now employed would also be effective.

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  17. Texian says:

    See those people in hardhats and sunglasses..
    Gulf Coast Energy Americans..
    You cannot fool them..
    They are not pussies..

    The Energy Industry has made great strides in sensitivity training since I was in the offshore oilfields.. So if you are offended, please click on the image below and fill out the report..


  18. Skippy says:

    Once spent 2 days in Huma LA, including back waters bayou. One of my most memoriable times for many reasons. Very glad to review this video and hear President Trump as well as read this thread! Well deserved praise for this state.


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