Ratcliffe: James Comey “under investigation for violations of the espionage act”?…

If this were anyone except Judiciary Committee member John Ratcliffe, it would be easier to ignore…. but it’s not.  John Ratcliffe is a very tempered and deliberate voice; he has a strong reputation in DC and doesn’t speak in riddles, hype, or disingenuous terms.

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo discussing the recent comments by former FBI Director James Comey, Ratcliffe replied [Must Watch at 04:10 ]:

[@04:10] “Gosh, y’ know, as I listen to that, Jim Comey is proud and wouldn’t change a thing? Really?  He’s proud that he put Peter Strzok in charge of investigating Donald Trump? The same Peter Strzok who, while he was investigating Donald Trump, promised to “f*ck” him and to “stop” him?  He’s proud of his hand-picked deputy director, Andrew McCabe who lied under oath; lied to the inspector general, and has been criminally referred for that?

And we know Jim’s proud of himself, but the inspector general found him insubordinate, and many of us believe that he either is or should be under investigation for violating the espionage act; for recording his conversations with President Trump in the oval office, and then intentionally leaking classified information to start this investigation”…

Note: “is, or should be”.  So there’s a possibility of “is”.

Remember, Ratcliffe is one of only a handful of people who saw, and continues to see, all of the highly classified intelligence documents (fully unredacted) currently under consideration for declassification by President Trump.  Ratcliffe was also strongly considered for the U.S. Attorney General position.  This is a deliberate man.

Setting an optimistic tone, Representative John Ratcliffe expresses an unusual amount of confidence in U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.

(IG Report on Andrew McCabe Leaking to Media)

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307 Responses to Ratcliffe: James Comey “under investigation for violations of the espionage act”?…

  1. Zorro says:

    Jim Comey, taking in as much nature as possible, before moving to a windowless cell.

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  2. spoogels says:

    This is new. Wow!

    “And she also, in handwritten notes, indicates that it was paid for by the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, the dossier. The most important thing is, she transferred that information to the FBI. So the FBI is now on notice on October the 11th that their confidential informant is trying to get the dossier out for political purposes and that the State Department figured out the Democrats paid for it. How could they then go get a warrant based on that same document and not tell the court what the State Department told them?”


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  3. California Joe says:

    FBI Director Wray will have to be fired before you get any meaningful indictments beyond the silly leaking charges we’ve been seeing. Leaking charges are one notch higher in the criminal code than violations for No Parking Loading Zone!

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  4. zaq123 says:

    BS. All this is, is the Swamp, yet again taking care of one of its own. They didn’t give Candidate Trump or President Trump,a “heads up we’re looking at you” when they went after him. All Ratcliffe is doing is trying to make himself appear as if he cares, while telling Comey he might want to shut up, get his ducks in a row, collaborate with pertinent people on the story to give and star destroying evidence.


  5. Memo to Jimmy (the LIAR) Comey : “Afaid you are not, but soon, You will be, Ohh…You will Be.”

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  6. jello333 says:

    Jim Comey… always outstanding in his field.


  7. Rex70 says:

    What an informative, eight-minute conversation these two intelligent individuals had.

    I hope that Bartiromo–who took a little time to come around to the Trump side but now solidly stands on it–continues to have a distinguished and enduring career as a procurer of relevant news of the day.

    And I continue to be an ardent proponent of Congressman Radcliffe, who I sincerely hope will be the next Senator from of Governor of Texas, the next Vice Presidential or Presidential Republican candidate. The man is brilliant, affable, articulate, poised…he is Money and most certainly Ready for Primetime in the bloodsport that is Modern Politics.

    From their lips to Barr’s ears. Godspeed in his colossal endeavor to right the DOJ ship.

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  8. William Schneider says:

    Rex, you are right on t he money I believe. I pray Rep Radcliffe has the courage and energy to fight his way to further leadership in political world of Washington. We need these kinds of men during these times . I also pray AG Barr is as good as Radcliffe says he is. If Barr truly attempts to clean house in Washington it is going to get messy real fast. Barr needs our prayers big time. He has mine. I believe in the power of prayer. How else is Trump president? Praise God.

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  9. Lee Moore says:

    I’m not sure it’s correct that Ratcliffe has seen the classified stuff.


  10. Lee Moore says:

    While we’re on Mr Horowitz and his review of the FISA warrants, I think there’s one important point that I don’t see much discussed, that I hope, but don’t expect, that Horowitz will have looked into. And if he didn’t, Barr very much needs to look into it, because it goes directly to the intent of the people who applied for the dodgy FISA warrants.

    And that is what, exactly, did the FBI do with its Carter Page FISA warrant when it got it?

    Whose communications got tapped, aside from ol Carter’s ? And in what order – whose comms did they treat as a priority ? And did they go for old stuff first or current stuff ? Just as Steve McIntyre extracted a log of who Mueller’s team interviewed first, so we can deduce his priorities, there must be records of what the FBI actually did with its Carter Page warrant and when they did it. That should tell Barr a lot about why they did it. Not excluding providing evidence of criminal intent.


    • Lee, they already had surveillance ongoing! The FISA court made their surveillance activities legal, retroactively. They’d been spying on Republicans for years.

      Maria Bartiromo began her interview with Senator Graham with the statement, “It’s amazing he won.” So it is! All the SHIT they pulled to prevent Hillary’s defeat, and she still lost.

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      • Lee Moore says:

        The FISA court made their surveillance activities legal, retroactively.

        I’m happy to be corrected, but I’m not sure that’s true. If you get a FISA warrant on 21 October 2016 on Carter Page, I’m confident that that allows you, on 2 Nov 2016, to access NSA records of Carter Page’s email account and read his 14 Aug 2016 emails. (And likewise for other folk.)

        But if in fact you illegally accessed his 14 Aug 2016 emails on 1 September 2016, then I’m not at all sure that that illegality is scrubbed out by the 21 October 2016 FISA warrant. (Moreover, even if it did legally expunge a prior illegaity, there ought still to be evidence that the the prior illegality had existed, so even if you couldn’t jail anyone, you would know that there had been an illegal accessing, and it’s hard to believe that wouldn’t at least be a discilinary offense of interest to Horowitz.)

        I assume the system somehow logs when Carter Page’s email account is accessed. But (a) I might be wrong and (b) maybe the way it works allows you to erase records of previous, illegal, accessing. Dunno. Happy to hear from an expert.


        • sgtrok13 says:

          No. You can’t illegally spy on someone, discover some type
          Of “probable cause” then obtain a warrant based on that to find “legally” obtain the info


          • Lee Moore says:

            Which is what I was assuming. But with an ordinary warrant you can do that wicked thing, even if you’re not allowed to – ie you can sneak into your suspect’s house, find the murder weapon, sneak out again, then drum up a probable cause, get a warrant, and then go back to the suspect’s house and find the murder weapon again ever so legally. So long as no one spots you sneaking in illegally the first time, you’re fine.

            So I’m wondering about the technical audit trail for “surveilling” people’s comms. How easy is it, after the fact, for Horowitz, or Barr, or whoever to work out that you electronically broke in illegally at some point before you later broke in legally. I’m hoping easy. But I’m kinda expecting not so easy.


  11. boomerbeth says:

    Is Comey’s wife brainwashed or will she dump this psychopath?


  12. fanbeav says:

    She’s a democrat. Brainwashed is the only answer!


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