Senate Intel Committee Subpoena's Donald Trump Jr.?…

There are numerous media reports about the Senate Intelligence Committee filing a subpoena for additional testimony from Donald Trump Jr.  However, there’s something a little, well, ‘off’ about how the story is being presented…. zero official verification.

Without any verification, and with only vague references to anonymous sourcing, CTH would advise to wait-and-see on this one.  DJT-jr has been used more than once for leak hunting.   The AP Article is HERE.  That said, Trump Jr. did retweet this message:

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  1. TMonroe says:

    Warners in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

    • 13wasylyna says:

      I think Burr is operating at Mitch McConnell’s direction. McConnell wants Trump to back off China. After reading Secret Empires by Schweitzer, McConnell owes his wealth to the Chao’s and the Chao’s like to do business in and with China. Why does Elaine Chao’s father elect to have his ships built in China and not his adopted Country the US. Always look for the misdirection.

      • trumptea says:

        Bingo! … We have a winner!

      • It would be just like him. Very Machiavellian. Always working the the shadows. Saying one thing publicly while shivving you in the back privately.

      • nats1mom says:

        Makes perfect sense 13wasylyna!

      • Invisigoth says:

        No way Burr did this without McConnell’s support, even if he didn’t ask permission first. Democrats know if they break rank like this, Schumer will see them personally destroyed.
        Breitbart says Burr expected friendly press and just some conservative complaints. Instead he reaped the whirlwind, and no one in the Senate has his back. The calls for his resignation from his chairmanship are deafening. McConnell better do something, because it looks like he approves otherwise.

    • Lester Smith says:

      One must understand many will fall, when POTUS releases and declassifies files. To keep the tree from multiplying one must eat the fruit. The Intel folks are praying that the threat of destroying POTUS kids will keep the truth buried. This is the old squeeze play Flynn and his son. I believe POTUS has a good handle and at least one gang of 8 insider informing him. Trump is use to playing hardball and dealing with the worst of the worst. He had to navigate the mob, unions, politicians on the take such as fat Jerry. I am sure trump has a sand box that full dirt on all these bastards. Will see who has the biggest dog. My money goes with POTUS.

      • Daniel says:

        And they will try to call it a coup or even a military take-over or any number of horrific things when it should be nothing more or less than response to criminal activity — activity which has gone ignored and covered up for decades in this country.

      • aarmad says:

        I am beginning to wonder if there actually is anything to be declassified. There seems to be nothing that will bring that out! Suspicious…..

    • Bill13 says:

      This is so on target and funny too because the addition he did to his river home is very modern with lots of glass.

  2. I suspect some of POTUS’s declassification just might involve naming some of those included in the Gang of 8. Let’s see… who could that be?

    • Julia Adams says:

      Marco Rubio

    • Julia Adams says:

      Q: Let’s see… who could that be?
      A: Marco Rubio

    • Sentient says:

      F’ing Burr better tread lightly. Warner’s communications with Steele make him complicit with the schemers and Burr knew about it. I don’t think the DOJ has any policy not to indict a sitting senator from VA or NC.

      • I had similar thoughts. This is about as dangerous a game as there is. Hard to think of stakes being higher. You have to think these guys know they’re in the fight of their lives right now. All of them.

        • madeline says:

          Warner and Burr were probably involved in the Wolf (senate intelligence staffer) leaks as well.

          • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

            And Warner has had some unfortunate exposure with his cell phone.
            Just never know about those upcoming indictments.

  3. California Joe says:

    Burr is desperately hunting for a bargaining chip to trade for a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card. Not very subtle at this late stage of the Russian collusion hoax!

    • I’m sure that the time for making deals expired already… “ooops”!
      Trolling is phun times a TRILLION when our VSG POTUS is in charge of the entire network of… trolls. L 😀 L

    • cant be too subtle when you are desperate. And they are getting more desperate every day.

    • Fools Gold says:

      Charlie Kirk called Burr everything but a legal alien yesterday on Twitter. It was quite refreshing to see some one calling out this cuck! Sorry I can’t link twitter feed to here.

  4. Tiffthis says:

    Thanks SD, I was hoping you would have time touch on this today. ?❤️??

  5. It will only become moar “curiouser and curiouser” from here on out until there is one hell of a series of thumpin’s heard ’round the world.
    I love it. I’ve waited my entire adult life for just this time period!
    Yep. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
    Hi “Barack”! Because, yes he will.

  6. Hmmm... says:

    Total desperation move if true. I’m loving Bongino calling Burr out so clearly whether it ends up being true or not. Pretty decent chance that this is not true though like you say. It would be strange for him to do this on a day where McConnell calls the Russian investigation over. Burr is not afraid to stick his neck out but this would be extreme for even him.

  7. The Boss says:

    CNBC plastered this possibly fake story all over their web page after the market closed. At the time it was “Breaking News” and had very little detail. The fact that it might be a canary trap never occurred to me, given all the idiocy of the day in democrat fantasy land.
    If the link is taken down, the reporters are: Dan Mangan, Brian Schwartz and Kevin Breuninger
    I see also that Politico, USAToday, NBC News and many others are now running with the story. IIRC, it started with NBC / CNBC this afternoon, then Those were the only two hits I got on a search at the time.
    That said, is the Schiff subpoena story line, that Nunes fully supports Schiff, also a joke?

    • Hmmm... says:

      Looks like Jonathan Swan from Axios is claiming it as his scoop. Seems like he’s been burned before but I can’t remember for sure. NBC picking it up first is notable though since they would be the ones to give it legs for the likes of USA Today to run and that likely means their sources “confirmed” it. I am extremely skeptical of this story (only after Sundance pointed it out) as it seems really out of left field.

      • Hmmm... says:

        So I did a tiny bit more digging and Swan is pretty solid. Furthermore he, along with Maggie Haberman at the NYTimes are two of the President’s most favored MSM reporters. Maggie and Swan also both come out with really big stories yesterday. Maggie contributed to the tax return story and Swan with this one. Really intriguing.
        It also looks like Ken Dilinian (sp?) at NBC is the guy who “confirmed” it. He is not solid and a Fusion GPS and Brennan CIA spokesperson.
        I have no idea what to make of it all to be honest. One more curious bit is that Swan is taking Don Jr’s responses as a confirmation but if he actually has a response I haven’t seen it. I’m not sure retweeting other people’s reactions to the story is necessarily as strong a confirmation as Swan is taking it. Then you add that there is no official confirmation of the story. It’s very weird.

      • DD More says:

        Humm, ”
        Not notable for NBC to do the 1st pick up. NBC paid and control Axios, and use as garbage feeders.
        Axios won’t be scrambling in quite the same way. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any use for a major broadcaster. The site launched last week with a scroll-happy and highly readable presentation, not to mention a rather pivotal media partner in NBC News. NBC Universal is an investor in Axios and NBC News Chairman Andy Lack sits on the site’s board.
        Amazing what you can get for +$600 Million.
        NBC Universal has invested $400 million in BuzzFeed and $200 million in Vox Media.

  8. Harry says:

    I know it will not happen. However, if GOP senate leadership is serious, they should simply remove Burr from the committee chairmanship. Or the members of the committee revolt against chairman. How about few journalists (real ones) ask GOP members of the committee about it?
    This is unbelievable to call witness back after the case closed and a counter case building about conspiracy.

    • John55 says:

      >>”Or the members of the committee revolt against chairman.”
      The Senate Intelligence Committee is stuffed with NeverTrumpers. Besides Burr there is Rubio and Sasse. Collins is on the committee as well. There will be no revolt from them.
      And I suspect this action was taken with the consent and approval of McConnell, who is also on the Intelligence committee.
      This is all about getting Trump to give in to the Chinese on trade.

  9. The Gipper Lives says:

    It would have been rude of Don Jr. not to meet with Ms, Veselnitskya and Co. after all the trouble Loretta Lynch and Glen Simpson took to send her over to Trump Tower, and to brief and debrief her both before and after the meeting, The man is nothing if not a gentleman.

  10. Jan says:

    Rand Paul, Kevin McCarthy, Lee Zeldin and Dr. Gorka have also called out the Senate Intel committee in tweets this evening. But I wouldn’t be surprised if “Case Closed” McConnell encouraged Burr to keep up the collusion hoax. For every time McConnell appears to support the President, he sicks 3 or 4 of his RINO comrades to attack the President.

    • Julia Adams says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you. McConnell must have known this was coming and if he didn’t he should resign.

    • Dutchman says:

      Yup. McConnell has perfected the art of the stealth sellout, but every day, in every way, the Rinos are being forced to ‘out’ themselves.
      While it angers me bunches, to see what they do, it gives me great joy and satisfaction to see them forced to come out from behind their closed door meetings, and reveal their true nature.

      • Fools Gold says:

        Yip agree to the max. Kentucky has a strange constituency…

        • Invisigoth says:

          With legalized SSM, gays are moving in droves to the South — to Lexington, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans and Austin. Blue state refuse are following the tastemakers. These progressive activists are pressuring the RINOs, and when they betray their base, they have Democrats ready to take office and flip the state. That’s how cultural Marxism works. The march left continues.

  11. Sentient says:

    I don’t usually accuse people of Eeyore-ism, but I think you’re too pessimistic. There’s a new sheriff in Barr.

  12. Julia Adams says:

    “Your Republican constituents did not elect you to investigate Democrat conspiracy theories, Senator Burr. Wrap it up!”

  13. kinthenorthwest says:

    Who is next for them to subpoena…WOuldn’t put it past them subpoenaing Trump’s pre-school grand kids.

  14. Uncle Al says:

    I urge Sen. Burr to engage in autocoitus.

  15. Julia Adams says:

    Hey, Mongrel, are you drinking again, off your meds or both?

  16. Magabear says:

    Burr gets a verbal slap in the face from Don Jr. Love it!
    Burr is either a weasel or getting hit with fake news. Both could be true too. ?

  17. subro52 says:

    Take a moment and contact Senator Burr to let him know how frustrated you are with even the suggestion of a subpoena for Donald Trump Jr. I just did…here is the link:
    And here is what I wrote:
    “I am disgusted and appalled that the Senate Intelligence Committee would even consider reopening the Collusion Hoax following the Mueller Report by issuing a subpoena for Donald Trump Jr. The Report has completely exonerated the President and it’s time to move on. Since the Report was made public, there continues to be more evidence surfacing that makes it clear there was abuse of power within our Intel Agencies. Our Nation has been forced to endure the Democratic led House theatrics as they seek to charge Attorney Barr with Contempt please do not continue this charade in the Senate as well. You, Senator Barr are not earning any points with the people of this Nation who want you and the other elected officials to get back to the business of legislation and make this country great again.”

    • Maquis says:

      Well done, I’d modify only one thing, “…back to legislating in support of President Trump’s excellent MAGA agenda.”
      I would never encourage legislating without adult supervision. ?

  18. tvollrath66 says:

    I wonder if this is one of their ways of Trying to let China keep stealing from us.

    • Angel Martin says:

      Yes. Right now Burr is to McConnell / GOPe what Kim Jong-Un is to China.
      And it could also be leverage against Trump going scorched earth against the Deep State / Intel Swamp.

  19. Rynn69 says:

    Who needs a trail of bread crumbs to the corrupt criminals? They are exposing who they are every day.

  20. Sammy says:

    This is seriously outrageous that a republican committee is doing this .. Remember Podesta straight up lied to this committee in 2017 and no subpoena nothing but they are harassing the president’s family of their own party after what they’ve been through the last 3 years with this Russian collusion bull.
    Why is this committee STILL investigating the f***ing dead chicken of Russian collusion, after how many investigations including a Special Council, TAKE HIM OFF THE COMMITTEE. If he doesn’t have the approval of the Senate GOP leadership take him off.
    This POS Burr wouldn’t even have won reelection if Trump hadn’t carried North Carolina. We wouldn’t have gone through this the last 3 years if democrats had not had the unspoken approval of GOP in the Senate.

    • meow4me2 says:

      Problem is, Sammy, that the execrable Burr does have the approval of the Republican leadership.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        These top tier Demonrats who lead the “Intel” committee should be charged as well.but hopefully gets primaries in N.C.!

  21. emeraldcoaster says:

    Burr is striving to keep the SSCI in first place on the corruption list. Here in NC, clear-minded folks dislike Tillis … and despise Burr.

  22. Troublemaker10 says:

    Nunes was asked about this on one of the news segments tonight. He said he didn’t know, but that it may just be that Burr agreed (negotiated with Dem demands) to call Don Jr back simply to obtain his testimony in connection with Michael Cohen’s allegations re Trump Tower mtg. Before they finalize their Senate Intel report.
    So, I’m thinking if that is it, and Don Jr agrees to questions limited to that it may just be an issue of reaffirming his Mueller testimony and saying Cohen lied.
    If I were Don Jr I’d only accept limited written questions if anything at all.

    • Troublemaker10 says:

      A canary trap would be good though! I want leakers prosecuted! All of them.

      • Invisigoth says:

        No Republican Senators are defending Burr. That speaks volumes. He’s gone rogue.

        • John55 says:

          >>”No Republican Senators are defending Burr.”
          Blunt is, and he’s the number 3 man in the Senate GOP leadership. Which means McConnell is almost certainly in on this.

    • Dutchman says:

      Or, it COULD be Burr playingvtag team with Nadler; “We subpoenad Don jr., and HE REFUSED TO TESTIFY! WHAT is he HIDING?”

      • Fools Gold says:

        Exactly, and McConnell approved message and timing. Trillions are at stake for the republican cucks. They’ll stop at nothing. That’s how the conniving bastards work in unison!

    • If I were Don Jr I would not answer anything and would not go.

      • Lester Smith says:

        Jr should tell Burr send me written questions and then have his kids answer them using crayons.

  23. Mike in a Truck says:

    Already hammered “my Senator Burr” on this.At this point I dont care if it’s true or not.Burr is bought and paid for by the Red Chinese, COC, and Big Ag- ok one and the same.Theres a reckoning coming for this guy.

  24. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    The good senator from Kentucky weighed in on this last night. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) slammed Chairman Burr (RINO- N. Carolina) — “Apparently the Republican chair of the Senate Intel Committee didn’t get the memo from the Majority Leader that this case was closed…” Paul said in a tweet.
    Meanwhile over in the House of Representatives the Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) defended Donald Trump Jr. in a released statement “Donald Trump Jr. has already spent dozens of hours testifying in front of Congressional committees. Endless investigations—by either party—won’t change the fact that there was NO collusion. It’s time to move on. It’s time to focus on ISSUES, not investigations.” McCarthy said.
    Perhaps any further questions from the Committee should be submitted by written request and answered by Don Jr’s lawyers via snail mail.

  25. GB Bari says:

    If true, Burr must be acting with McConnells approval or at least McConnells knowledge. Rather duplicitous on McConnell’s part after his earlier statement seemingly in favor of ending the entire charade.
    Can only be a weak and transparent attempt to pressure PDJT into either backing off China tariff escalation or illegal alien border crashing.
    My guess is the former. Hopefully the President will politely tell McConnell to go pound sand.

    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Perhaps the Senate Majority Leader needs to be reminded that he is not dealing with a “normal” Republican president. Trump could bring the Transportation Secretary to the White House for a little chat about state of American aviation infrastructure in general and Boeing in particular? Senator Burr, who will be retiring in 2022, should be removed from his Committee Chairmanship and replaced by someone like Rand Paul. Time for Mitch to step up, act like a leader, make a difficult decision, and do the right thing.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        Problem is the person who makes committee assignments is a non-Trump fan. 2022 isn’t soon enough. Without President Trump, he likely wouldn’t have won the 2016 election. Bet his Siamese twin (attached at the vote) wears the pants in the Senate Intel committee. Burr seems to be Warner’s puppet—no brain for himself.

      • warrprin1 says:

        Excellent recommendation, D_V., but the Turtle will not cooperate. The problem is that Mitch’s soul has been poisoned, either voluntarily, or by the yoke of marriage to dragon interests.
        Add to the first premise the factor that he enjoys, savors, and revels in playing the role of Macchiavelli (sp). Constituents and national interests be damned.
        KENTUCKY VOTERS, can you hear us yet?

  26. Send your Senators a note: Point out #1 the Senate Intel Committee has serious credibility problems, i.e. James Wolfe a staff director terminated for leaking classified information to the media and Senator Mark Werner texting a lawyer with Russian clients to get dirt on POTUS.
    This corrupted committee under the leadership of Richard Burr is hopelessly compromised and Senator Burr needs to be relieved of his Chairmanship pronto. Please pass this along to Senator McConnell.
    If you have a democrat senator ask for Werner’s removal because of his overt ‘collusion’.
    Very simple message. They need to know we know.

    • I just called McConnell’s office and go a real person. I basically asked for Burr’s removal, I live in NC, and I told him about the corruption you list above. I also said Burr was subversive since McConnell just said the Russian investigation was over. Here is his number: Phone: (202) 224-2541

  27. covfefe999 says:

    North Carolina, please make sure Burr doesn’t win again. He’s up for reelection in 2022 (wish it were 2020). He claims he’s not going to run again but we’ll see. Make sure he doesn’t retain his seat. Pick someone better.

  28. jupitercomm says:

    “There are numerous media reports about the Senate Intelligence Committee filing a subpoena for additional testimony from Donald Trump Jr. However, there’s something a little, well, ‘off’ about how the story is being presented…. zero official verification.”
    SD just explained something to me: I just realized, if I don’t see the subpoena or referral or a letter from the Congressional body in Q I just ignore a story w/o thinking about why, I stare blankly I hadn’t even realized why I don’t care about this story, all I knew was “it sounds like nonsense” but I left out, unverified nonsense

  29. Daniel says:

    DJT jr is a private citizen not involved with the Trump administration. I see this as an attempt to getting around the executive privilege assertion. Perjury trap ahead if this is all true.

  30. Time2worry says:

    I’ve got an eerie feeling that somewhere in this debacle Mitt Romney is stirring the pot with Lil’ Marco providing the ingredients.

  31. Moe Grimm says:

    Out of the entire SIC this creep Richard BURR I have witnessed as the worst. To me he easily qualifies as a poster boy for “the deep state” a term I actually hate because it inadequately depicts the threat to this Country. Warner is the equivalent of Burr’s dominatrix. Some things I witness stick with me. Especially this from 4 Oct. 2017. Those of you in N. Carolina have a real problem. He’s not on my SHTF List, but he’s damn close. Like this:

    • ncpatriot123 says:

      I’m from NC and believe me, we know we have a problem! We have two RINO senators and a lawless governor. I don’t know what’s going on with Burr. He’s an embarrassment to this state, and his continuous harrassment of the Trump family is despicable.

  32. dwpender says:

    In Mid-March, OANN reported — they called it an “exclusive” — that Don Jr would not be indicted by the SC. They reported: (1) that Weissmann had wanted to indict him for “lying to Congress” (presumably citing some inconsistency between his Senate testimony and his SC interview); (2) that Barr reviewed all the relevant transcript portions, and told Mueller and Weissmann that he thought the cited testimony was a misstatement, rather than a deliberate deception; (3) that Barr would not sign off on an indictment unless the SC called Don Jr back and gave him a chance to clarify: (4) that Mueller and Weissmann thought if they gave him a chance to “clarify,” he would do so; and (5) that the SC thereby gave up on indicting Don Jr.
    The reporter was Jack Posobiec. I know he’s controversial. But he reported it during the 6pm news broadcast and said, “We at One America News can now report exclusively ……”
    I suspect the report was substantially accurate. Draw your own conclusions about how the Weissmann/Warner cabal (nominally headed by a clueless Burr) might choose to proceed re Don Jr.

  33. Hmmm... says:

    So the guy who dropped the original story follows up today by saying it was from a few weeks ago. I’m gonna go ahead and suggest that this is a story going no where and not as significant as it once seemed. If it was a huge deal they would not have waited weeks to leak it. Further this was likely leaked by Team Trump. There is just no way the bad guys would be able to go more than a few hours without leaking a major “Trump is in big trouble” story if they had one. This story seems to have triggered more outrage at Burr than anything else (even among the lefties amusingly).

  34. evergreen says:

    What happens to the impeachment calculus if/when half a dozen senators get indicted?
    Conflict of interest in an impeachment trial? What is the vote mechanism in such a scenario?

  35. beaujest says:

    They must have Burr on film !

  36. kayray444 says:

    Burr owes his re-election to President Trump. POTUS pulled Burr’s candidacy over the finish line Nov 8th 2016. RHINOS sure know how to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. What a complete moron.

  37. fanbeav says:

    So the whole premise is Donald Jr. lied about Trump Tower. This is based on Michael Cohen’s testimony who is now in jail for lying? Is this what it has come down to?

    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      The Trump Tower “meeting” that FUSION GPS set up with its paid operatives with help from the Obama DoJ and State Department.

  38. JerryNYC says:

    Well Warner is knee-deep in exposure with Steele and Russian Oligarchs by trying to secretly start a secret dialogue. Burr covered up for Warner. Could be trying to find leverage against Jr so they don’t get too much sunshine on their own Russian Collusion…

  39. dawg says:

    So has this been confirmed yet?
    Ive tried calling all his offices, and they all go to voicemail, or the mail box is full. The one person that answered the phone, I asked them why Burr subpoenaed Trump Jr. She said “I have no idea. This is a state office. You will have to call the Senate Select Committee.” Cant get anyone to answer the phone there either.

    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      It would be simple enough for Senator Burr to walk up to one of the many cameras on Capital Hill and tell everyone that this story is not true. The fact that he has not done so implies that the reporting is indeed correct and he’s just too much of a coward to come forward and explain himself. That or he’s angling for a job at CNN when he retires a few years from now.
      So, about his cohort in crime, Senator Warner; it has been reported that the two are touchyfeely pals while in the Halls of Congress but according to some they seem to be WAY too friendly when they are not working.

  40. Burr & Warner are setting Junior up to purger himself. Bottom line – that’s it.

  41. Invisigoth says:

    Roy Blunt has come to Richard Burr’s defense.

  42. jeans2nd says:

    Put this on Pres Thread, but it belongs here.
    Why did Sen Richard Burr (R-NC) subpoena Don Jr for additional testimony in front of the Corrupt Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, or whatever it is called?
    Said question answered today at House Min Leader Kevin MKcCarthy’s (R-CA) weekly Q&A presser.
    8:12 begins the questioning of Don Jr subpoena submitted by Sen Richard Burr.
    9:17 contains the answer. This sounds like NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell. imo
    9:17 “But there are some discrepancies between what’s in the Mueller Report and the transcript from Trump Jr’s testimony. Isn’t it professional to try to figure out if there is something more there?”
    How did a reporter know that little tidbit about Don Jr’s Mueller testimony, and the alleged “conflict” with Don Jr’s SSCI testimony?
    Mueller deliberately set up perjury traps. Richard Burr is more than happy to oblige. For a fee, of course.

  43. bessie2003 says:

    I was just listening to Mitch McConnell on the Hannity show tonight; Hannity was asking him about the subpoena to Don Jr. and McConnell’s point seemed to be that the report is over, the investigation is over, that the committee that subpoenaed Don. Jr. will find him (Jr.) innocent, it’s time to move on (paraphrasing him here) and Hannity asked if McConnell meant those remarks for the committee and McConnell said, no, he meant that comment for the country, so
    my take away is, McConnell thinks he putting pressure on the President to have the DOJ and FBI back off going after the origins of the Hoax, that is, drop it or we will continue to go after your family?
    Is that what this is all about? McConnell thinks he’s going to get Donald Trump, the man who wrote a whole chapter on how to hit back, is going to just say ‘never mind’ and let the coup plotters quietly fade away?

  44. HA says:

    This is blackmail, straight up.

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