FBI Scheduled to Make Court Filing on Release of Comey Journal Tomorrow…

It is worth remembering a recent court filing by the FBI where we discover James Comey documented each “Crossfire Hurricane” intelligence decision. Within the CYA memos  Comey included the ID of code-named spies in a journal of sorts, that remains hidden for now.  I have a hunch the full Comey journal will soon be released.

A court filing originally scheduled for April 15th, to determine the outcome of the multiple memos, and FBI closed-court discussion therein, was delayed until May 7th, tomorrow:

The number of Comey memos is why I now describe them collectively as the Comey “journal”.  {Go Deep} The reason I suspect the “journal” will soon be released is connected to the recent New York Times release admitting to the use of FBI intelligence assets (Stefan Halper and Azra Turk)) in the Trump operation.

Last week’s NYT “spy” admission followed a report a month earlier (everyone forgot) that DOJ Inspector General was investigating the FBI use of Stefan Halper.

CTH notes a conspicuous similarity where all FBI leaks are positioned to present justifications ahead of document/investigative releases adverse to the group’s interests.  These leaks appear to be planned releases from corrupt officials still employed within the FBI, and political allies outside government (Lawfare and MSM).

All of the leaks are justifications.  The Comey’s memos, as described by Weissmann and Mueller’s lead FBI Agent, David Archey, are also based around “justification”.

FBI Director James Comey transparently wrote those justification memos in his journal in 2016 and 2017 exactly for a moment when/if questions were raised about what the FBI investigators were doing.

Considering there were already FBI investigators taking notes and documenting the operation, there is no other intellectually honest motive for James Comey writing an independent journal other than justifying the specific activity.

It would make sense for the currently employed corrupt FBI officials to head-off any inquiry, and lead their defense, with documents/leaks that justify their activity.

Additionally, Weissmann and Mueller positioned the corrupt FBI operation to remain completely in-the-loop on any damaging investigative material when they had a dedicated staff of FBI agents writing reports back to FBI Headquarters:

(Page 13 Weissmann-Mueller report)

When you read that underlined passage you realize how smart Weissmann, Mueller and the small group were.  The corrupt investigative unit set up a process where they could leak to the media at will, and yet if anyone ever made inquiry there are so many people piped-in to the investigation it would be impossible to find the leaker.

Simultaneously, for the ongoing cover-up needs of FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Director David Bowditch and FBI General Counsel Dana Boente they had a daily briefing to use in burying issues adverse to their institutional interests.

If you wondered why the FBI was busy sending lawyers in with each person questioned by congress, well, page #13 of the Weissmann/Mueller report explains exactly what purposes those lawyers likely maintained.   The entire leadership structure of the FBI appears clearly compromised.  Hence the David Archey declarations align therein.

What better ongoing way for Director Wray to protect his institutional interests than to coordinate with General Counsel Dana Boente a series of document releases that will justify the corrupt endeavors of the preceding team of officials.  I digress….

Lastly, don’t be surprised to see the arc of this story bends slightly, and with increased scrutiny will will discover the White House National Security Counsel (NSC) was a participant in the political weaponization of intelligence through a memorandum of understanding with the FBI.

It would make sense if the Obama NSC had access to the FBI surveillance database, and simultaneously extracted raw intelligence search results….. keep watching.

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216 Responses to FBI Scheduled to Make Court Filing on Release of Comey Journal Tomorrow…

  1. TomA says:

    As Trump stated last Fall when he postponed declassification, he is keeping his powder dry for now and plans to counterpunch when the time is right. The Deep State is in desperate straits now and they will use all of their powers to try and rewrite the history of SpyGate in order to exonerate the coup conspirators. Once Comey’s CYA is released publicly, then the internet will come alive with crosschecking and analysis to refute the distortions and misdirections built into the Comey memos. Then declasification will begin and the Comey CYA will crash and burn. Wray is way out on limb doing everything in his power to hide the actual genesis of SpyGate, but lower level staff are testifying about the deeds and documentation which demonstrate otherwise. He is walking a tight rope and one misstep could land him in hot water just like Comey.

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  2. AmericanPatriot says:

    Question for the brain trust here:

    Do these “justifications” work? I get the concept of trying to “get out in front” of what’s coming but does this tactic actually work – in terms of a defense strategy against criminal prosecution AND in terms of a narrative strategy to affect voter opinions?


    • JohnS says:

      I’m no brain trust member, but the more the conspirators get to shape the narrative, the more they protect themselves in the cloak of politics. Ambiguity is a buffer.

      They’ve already blunted the implication of the word “spy” with a single NYTs article!


      • Linda K. says:

        I found this article on Comey clear and insightful and satisfactorily pessimistic about Comey’s future.


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        • GweninKC says:

          Great article LindaK. Victor David Hanson is always a “must read”–and I agree with your statement about the article. Comey and many others probably aren’t sleeping too well these days.


        • Retired IG says:

          Thank you Linda K for posting this article. After reading it I feel even more optimistic about the “high colonics” that will take place with all of these criminals that will soon come. Believe the comedown will be like a heavy keg rolling over Niagra Falls with all of these crooks in it. Comey’s day in the sunlight first. The rest of them, easy and smooth like warm butter on toasted bread. Scotty, make it so.


      • concerned3 says:

        It’s hard to see any difference between the actions taken by the FBI in this matter and propaganda. The propaganda of course is coming from the FBI. Lies intended to misdirect the reader. So who in the FBI does propaganda?


    • Rose says:

      Yes it works on demorat voters, but most of them believe what the corrupted media tell them on any given day. Does their disinformation work on sane voters, of course not. There was no justification for what they did, they used CIA and dirty FBI cops to plant information using fake Russian assets, then they fed Russian collusion stories to the corrupt media who reported the propaganda as fact. Then those dirty cops and lawyers used their planted media stories to get FISA warrants, what they did was no different than a dirty cop planting drugs in your car and arresting you for dealing drugs.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Not a brain trustee, but the enemy can shape a narrative all they want, it all comes down to 4th Amendment rights and probable cause, the predicate that AG Barr put his finger on in the Senate hearing a month ago.

      As the cover up was attempted after the fact, the predicate probable cause is lacking. That’s a big problem for the Coupists. They had no articuable suspicion of a crime, and there was abuse of 702, then the run to FISA when Rogers shut off access.

      The coupists have big trouble coming. The Collyer memo is going to be irrefutable and declassification will swamp, then overturn their boat.

      I am looking forward to watching all of them drown. I have no sympathy, and will offer no mercy.

      I leave that judgment in God’s hands.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Just maybe, the justifications may explode like a cheap cigar hiding a cherry bomb.

      As the dates on Comey’s “Justication ” memos are consistently the same time juncture as leaked articles in WaPo and NYSilmes, then one more coincident data point will serve to further color Mr. Lugubrious tweeter.


  3. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Democrats still think it’s their turn at bat when they had the last 2 years. They struck out and failed to score now it’s our turn. And NO the House democrat nimrods cannot have the full Mueller Report and underlying evidence (all 1.9 million pages of it) not next week, not ever. After Jim Comey’s journal is released he can plan on attending a hearing before the Senate to answer some questions. If he has a problem with that and decides to invoke the 5th Amendment he can expect to get “the Roger Stone treatment.”


  4. itsy_bitsy says:

    The entire upper echelon of the FBI should be fired, including Wray, and many should have charges brought against them with prison being the ultimate outcome. A coup is a coup even when it’s disguised as a lawful investigation. Let’s treat it as such and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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  5. AmericaFirst says:

    Imagine being part of the non-SC group but part of the “embedded” in the FBI specifically for the purpose of leaking useful tidbits to the media.

    The sheer scale of this effort is horrifying.

    The spying.
    Then the efforts to justify – after the fact – the spying.
    The media leaks.
    The “Russian Collusion” delusion, aided by the media leaks.
    The numerous entrapment efforts to further the delusion.
    The widespread ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that “Donald Trump will never be President.”
    The investigation which they knew AT THE OUTSET had no “there there.”
    The continuing daily media/gov’t attempts to frame everything from this Administration as if there had been a there there.

    I am disgusted that the American government, i.e., the American taxpayers, paid for all of these people to go to war against us and our electoral choice. And we are STILL paying for a massive number of “resisters,” only a few of whom, comparatively speaking, have been outed, fired, or quit.


    Additionally, WE will be funding their lawyers in front of Congressional committees, whose major function these days seems to be merely to filibuster and muddy the waters such that a defendant can claim they can’t get a fair trial.

    For 99.9% of the individuals in this vast CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY we will be on the hook for their pensions.

    “Public service” this ain’t.

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  6. Gary Lacey says:

    I’m getting the FBI Director Wray picked up the ball where Comey left off?

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  7. tmack says:

    “New York Times release admitting to the use of FBI intelligence assets (Stefan Halper and Azra Turk))”

    Those are CIA operatives; not FBI. The CIA was running their own operation. The recent NYT article on Azra Turk refuses to identify her as an FBI asset … because she is not.

    Struck texted Page that the CIA was leaking in May 2017 because the info leaked was false and didn’t come from the FBI. He concluded the CIA was doing the leaking.


  8. Pokey says:

    Soon we will be discovering whether or not the Communists are in complete control of our government, other than the small segment that works a for and supports PDJT. I have thought that they essentially took over the Bureaucracies when Bill Clinton selected several Communists to be members of his cabinet.

    From that point there was a protracted battle for control of the government, which culminated in the pounding the Republicans took after impeaching Clinton following the Bob Dole disaster. The Communists have had several setbacks since then, Gore, Kerry, and Trump most notable, and they will continue to have setbacks until they return to the glory years of Obama’s first term. But the Politburo has already been formed and Trump will need a couple of anti-Communist successors in order to sufficiently drain this swamp.

    PDJT cannot get this mess cleaned up in the remaining 5 1/2 years of his term. We won’t see a return to a Constitutional Republic anytime soon. A huge landslide for PDJT and a big increase in the number of actual Republican Conservatives in Congress in 2020 will at least get the ball going in the right direction. The chance of this is slim due to the dominating power of the Globalist Monopoly Cabal who now control our economy and our access to information.

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  9. I just saw a video clip on Fox News of Wray stating he has personally not witnessed nor did ne know of any illegal spying. Wray needs to go now!

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  10. pucecatt says:

    Seems to me Wray is playing dumb , also I think the FBI was duped by many people and they ran with it because of their absolute hatred for POTUS. Amateurs that thought this would be the biggest case of their lifetime “ Watergate “ they put themselves above the law out of hatred for one man and their selfishness to move up in the ranks .


    • deeperinfo says:


      I begin to wonder if Tall Drink was actually a dupe, kept in the dark about the Big Ugly origination.

      I wonder if he was working under the assumption that President Trump was compromised by Russia, but maybe he smelled a trap where he was the patsy??? CYA was to protect himself from CIA???


    • Peppurr says:

      Agree . I would describe Wray as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  11. Lori Burrow says:



  12. Chump Change says:

    Wray is deep state…he needs to be expunged ASAP.

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  13. GweninKC says:

    Sundance, Thank you once again for all your fine work. Excellent analysis and article, as always.


  14. Anonoma says:

    The filing has been entered on PACER. It says the release of the Mueller report does not merit additional disclosures.


  15. Dr.Jay says:

    More coming out?
    Comey team may have used confidential sources prematurely, ex-FBI intel official says
    by Daniel Chaitin | May 07, 2019 12:40 PM

    “Without diving into the weeds, it’s important to understand that FBI counterintelligence investigations generally proceed sequentially from what is called a ‘preliminary investigation or inquiry’ (PI) to a ‘full investigation’ (FI). To move from a PI to an FI requires substantial information — predication — indicating investigative targets acted as agents of a foreign power,” Brock wrote.

    “This is problematic for Comey in light of Mueller’s findings,” Brock said, referring to the recently completed investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

    “There are strict guidelines governing when the FBI can task a confidential source or a government undercover operative to collect against a U.S. citizen. Normally this is restricted to an FI, and normally restricted to the United States, not overseas,” he said. “There is a sense that Comey’s team was not checking the boxes, did not have adequate predication, and may have tasked sources before an investigation was even officially opened. Barr should pull case files and dig in on this.”

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