Former Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes: We Didn’t Know Anything….

Former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, Ben Rhodes, says any investigation of prior administration “will find nothing” that shows former President Obama or White House staff had any “involvement” in the origins of the surveillance of Trump campaign and Russia collusion investigation.

Prior to March 9th, 2016, the Obama-era political surveillance and spy operations consisted of using the FBI and NSA database to track/monitor their opposition. However, once the NSA compliance officer began initiating an internal review of who was accessing the system, the CIA and FBI moved to create ex post facto justification for their endeavors. [Full Backstory] Everything after March 9, 2016, became a cover-story.

Looking at White House engagement in the last half of 2016, The War Economy has done some excellent research on this period to contrast the reference of Ben Rhodes:

[Via TWE] […] On July 31, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ran by Director James Comey, opened an investigation into the Trump campaign titled “Crossfire Hurricane”, named after the Rolling Stones documentary of the same name. It focused on the actions of four members of the Trump campaign:

  • Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
  • Paul Manafort
  • Carter Page
  • George Papadopoulos

(HPSCI Link)

As such, this was an incredibly important time… for Director John Brennan of the Central Intelligence Agency.

As noted previously, the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation was partially triggered by information received by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterintelligence Mission Center, which served as a conduit to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by using contacts developed by the intelligence agency between Russian individuals and members of the Trump campaign.

The information, more specifically, was received at a time where, coincidentally, Donald Trump secured the Republican Party nomination, which occurred on July 20, 2016, the day before a high-level security meeting between several White House officials.

The CIA breakthrough came at a stage of the presidential campaign when Trump had secured the GOP nomination but was still regarded as a distance long shot. Clinton held comfortable leads in major polls, and Obama expected that he would be transferring power to someone who had served in his Cabinet.” — The Washington Post

“Intelligence sources said the logs discovered by National Security Council staff suggested Rice’s interest in the NSA materials, some of which included unmasked Americans’ identities, appeared to begin last July around the time Trump secured the GOP nomination and accelerated after Trump’s election in November launched a transition that continued through January.” — Sara Carter, Circa

In the first week of August — directly after the creation of Crossfire Hurricane — Director Brennan contacted Avril Haines via telephone, as he had received intelligence in relation to President Vladimir Putin.

An envelope which contained “eyes only” instructions was sent by courier from the Central Intelligence Agency to the White House. The contents of the envelope were shown to four people: President Barack Obama, and three of his senior aides, most likely Denis McDonough, Susan Rice and Avril Haines.

Within the envelope was a valuable source that Director Brennan had used to ascertain certain information, a source which he intentionally kept away from the Presidential Daily Brief. This was because, by 2013, the Presidential Daily Brief was being received by over 30 recipients.

“Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race.

But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objects — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.” —The Washington Post

As a result of this, Director Brennan created a secret task force at the Central Intelligence Agency’s Headquarters, which was composed of several dozen analysts from the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Working Group reported to two different groups.

  • President Barack Obama and less than 14 senior United States Government officials.
  • A team of operations specialists at the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Also in early August 2016 — presumably the same week — agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, where they questioned her about a letter they had received in early March 2016 from a foreign source, supposedly written by Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Leonard Benardo of the Open Society Foundations regarding the Midyear Exam investigation.

During this meeting, the agents offered to give Attorney General Lynch a “defensive briefing”. Shortly after this, the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that the Benardo letter was an unreliable document.

President Obama ordered his aides to determine ways to retaliate or deter against the Russian Government through three steps:

  • Gain a high-confidence assessment from the United States intelligence agencies on Russia’s role and intent.
  • Check vulnerabilities in state-run election systems.
  • Seek bipartisan support from Congressional leaders for a statement condemning Moscow and urging states to accept federal assistance.

The same week, Rice, Haines and Lisa Monaco convened meetings in the White House Situation Room, which would later be referred to as “Deputies Meetings”. These meetings were initially attended by:

  • Director John Brennan, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Director James Clapper, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • Director James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch, United States Department of Justice

As time passed, another Cabinet member joined the Deputies Meetings: Vice President Joe Biden.

The Deputies Meetings needed to defend against any potential leaks, and therefore followed the same protocols taken during the planning stages of the raid of Osama bin Laden.

At a later time, agendas were directly sent to Cabinet secretaries, including Secretary John Kerry and Secretary Ashton Carter. When an agenda was received, their subordinates were ordered never to open the envelopes. Further to this, some agendas were withheld until the participants had arrived in the Situation Room and sat down.

Ordinarily, a video feed from the White House Situation Room is fed into various National Security Council offices to allow senior aides to view the events with zero sound. However, during the Deputies Meetings, the video feeds were switched off.

One of these Deputies Meetings was hosted by Haines, where the attendees of the meetings argued that any deliberative attempt to strike back against Russia would become a tool of propaganda for President Vladimir Putin, while another was concerned about the potential effect any action may have on Election Day 2016.

Haines would later note she was “very concerned” during this time about the potential of Russians gaining influence within the Trump campaign, although she apparently remained unaware of the existence of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

As an aspect, or an offshoot, of one of these meetings, Susan Rice informed both Michael Daniel and Celeste Wallander (who would later gain access to the Steele memos) to cease their planning of retaliation against Russia for their cyber attacks on companies and political campaigns and to stand down from the efforts.

The retaliation efforts were carried out by the Cyber Response Group, a unit within the National Security Council which featured representatives from the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the United States Department of State and the Pentagon.

One of these individuals was Anthony Ferrante, who was in charge of coordinating the United States Government’s response to Russian attempts to meddle in the presidential election as the top cybersecurity official from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the present day, Ferrante is investigating the Steele memos on behalf of BuzzFeed News. Anyway, back to the first week of August 2016…

Director Comey also met with President Obama in the Oval Office for a one-on-one meeting, where Director Comey suggested that he write an opinion piece for The New York Times about the potential for Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election. Director Comey planned to avoid mentioning the Crossfire Hurricane investigation in the opinion piece.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “W– we– we know that– there were s– there were strong objections in– by Republicans in the Senate to being public about this. But at one point, you actually volunteered to put it all on paper?”

JAMES COMEY: “Yeah– I think it was in August, I volunteered that– that I would be– I remember saying that I’m a little tired of being the independent voice on things, after the beating I’d taken after the July 5th announcement. But I said in a meeting with the president, ‘I’m willing to be the voice on this and help inoculate the American people. But I also recognize why this is such a hard question, because if you announce that the Russians are trying to mess with our election, do you accomplish their goal for them? Do you undermine confidence in our election by having the president of the United States, or one of his senior people, say this publicly? Will the Russians be happy that you did that?’ And so I– I wrote an op-ed, was going to go in a major newspaper that laid out what was going on. Not the investigation, ’cause that was too sensitive to reveal, but that, ‘The Russians are here and they’re screwing with us. And this is consistent with what they’ve done in the past,’ and they never took me up on it. The Obama administration deliberated until the beginning of October.”

On August 1, 2016, Director Clapper attended the Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems Worldwide Conference in Atlanta, GA.

On August 4, 2016, Director Brennan contacted Director Alexander Bortnikov of the Federal Security Service (FSB), where he warned Director Bortnikov against future interference in the United States presidential election.

When Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s internal security service, told me during an early August 2016 phone call that Russia wasn’t interfering in our presidential election, I knew he was lying. Over the previous several years I had grown weary of Mr. Bortnikov’s denials of Russia’s perfidy — about its mistreatment of American diplomats and citizens in Moscow, its repeated failure to adhere to cease-fire agreements in Syria and its paramilitary intervention in eastern Ukraine, to name just a few issues.
When I warned Mr. Bortnikov that Russian interference in our election was intolerable and would roil United States-Russia relations for many years, he denied Russian involvement in any election, in America or elsewhere, with a feigned sincerity that I had heard many times before. President Vladimir Putin of Russia reiterated those denials numerous times over the past two years, often to Donald Trump’s seeming approval.” — John Brennan, The New York Times

The next day, on August 5, 2016, Michael Morell published the article “I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton” in The New York Times.

The same day — August 5 — the 55th birthday of President Obama was hosted at the White House. During the party, which was attended by Donna Brazile, she was pulled to the side by both Susan Rice (a member of the Deputies Meetings) and Eric Holder separately, where both of them encouraged Brazile to place Russian hacking at the top of her priority list.

The next day, on August 6, 2016, Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Seriously, what is going on with Trump and Russia?” with a 1 minute, 45 second video attached. The same day, President Obama and the First Family left for their vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Two days later, on August 8, 2016, Special Agent Peter Strzok texted Lisa Page about a joint intelligence piece for Director Comey to prepare for him to brief Denis McDonough on August 10, 2016.

On August 10, 2016, Shane Harris published the article “Is It Okay for Spies to Elect a President?” in The Daily Beast, while Director Comey briefed McDonough.

In mid-August 2016, Director Brennan shared intelligence with Director Comey, which showed that the Russian Government was actively interfering in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Starting from August 11, 2016, Director Brennan started to personally brief — in consultation with the White House — each member of the “Gang of Eight” about the Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election.

JOHN BRENNAN: “Third, through the so-called Gang of Eight process we kept congress apprised of these issues as we identified them. Again, in consultation with the White House, I personally briefed the full details of our understanding of Russian attempts to interfere in the election to congressional leadership; specifically: Senators Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr; and to representatives Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff between 11th August and 6th September [2016], I provided the same briefing to each of the gang of eight members. Given the highly sensitive nature of what was an active counter-intelligence case, involving an ongoing Russian effort, to interfere in our presidential election, the full details of what we knew at the time were shared only with those members of congress; each of whom was accompanied by one senior staff member.”

As noted by Director Brennan, the “Gang of Eight” at the time were:

  • Senator Richard Burr
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Senator Mitch McConnell
  • Representative Devin Nunes
  • Representative Nancy Pelosi
  • Senator Harry Reid
  • Speaker Paul Ryan
  • Representative Adam Schiff

On the day the briefings started — August 11 — Representative Pelosi declared that the hacking of the Democratic National Committee was a modern version of the Watergate scandal, conducted by the Russians. At the same time, Director Clapper visited Estonia in person.

Director Clapper worked on preparing the classified briefings for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as being the nominees of both the Republican Party and Democratic Party allowed them access to some classified information.

Around this time, counterintelligence specialists at the Federal Bureau of Investigation briefed Donald Trump and his surrogates and leadership, and Hillary Clinton and her surrogates and leadership, about the Russian Government’s interference of the 2016 United States presidential election, and issues surrounding cybersecurity.

On August 15, 2016, Special Agent Strzok texted Page: I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40…”

Meanwhile, Secretary Jeh Johnson arranged a conference call with dozens of state officials in an attempt to enlist their support in the White House’s election defence campaign, with one of the officials called being Brian Kemp.

Two days later, on August 17, 2016, Trump, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Governor Chris Christie attended their first classified briefing held by intelligence officials — the officials were from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and it was held at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York Field Office.

The next day, on August 18, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division issued a warning titled “Targeting Activity Against State Board of Election Systems”, restricted to “NEED TO KNOW recipients”, where they disclosed that they were investigating cyber intrusions into websites hosted in Arizona and Illinois.

On August 19, 2016, Special Agent Strzok texted Page that he was preparing for a meeting with Director Clapper, who then after the meeting contacted Director Comey.

Two days later, on August 21, 2016, President Obama and the First Family left Martha’s Vineyard to return to Washington, DC.

On August 24, 2016, Director Brennan and Director Clapper shared the stage together for a symposium at the Nixon Library, where they discussed the Presidential Daily Brief.

It was the next day, August 25, 2016, that Director Brennan contacted Senator Reid through a secure telephone line as part of his classified “Gang of Eight” briefings. During the conversation, Senator Reid was informed that Russia was attempting to assist Trump with winning the election, and that members of the Trump campaign may be working with Russians to achieve this. Director Brennan also advised Senator Reid that, as the Central Intelligence Agency focused on foreign affairs, he would have to speak with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to discuss further.

Another two days later, on August 27, 2016, Senator Reid sent a letter to Director Comey, where he expressed concern and questioned the range of Russian interference. Senator Reid also requested for an investigation to be opened, unaware of the existence of Crossfire Hurricane. In the letter, Carter Page was cited. However, Director Comey later informed the Crossfire Hurricane team that he was contacted by Senator Reid prior and was warned that a letter would be sent.

On the same day, Senator McConnell received his own personal briefing from Director Brennan, where he questioned the underpinnings of the intelligence gathered. Senator McConnell agreed during the briefing to sign a letter to state election officials about potential election interference, requesting that altered language be used for it.

Hillary Clinton then received her first classified briefing — alone, for 2 hours — from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence at a Federal Bureau of Investigation facility in White Plains, NY.

In late August 2016, the Crossfire Hurricane investigation team learned of the memos written by Christopher Steele from Special Agent Michael Gaeta, where they then briefed Director Comey and deputies on their existence.

Around this time, Admiral Rogers pushed for a counter-cyber-strike against Russia for their actions, proposing a number of potential scenarios, although none of them were presented to President Obama.

On August 29, 2016, Michael Isikoff published the article “FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems” in Yahoo! News.

As August 2016 was coming to a close, Director Brennan became more concerned over Russia’s cyber attacks on the United States during the presidential election.

In September 2016, Director Comey again refused to divulge the existence of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. The same month, presumably after September 23, 2016, Jonathan Finer briefed Secretary Kerry on the 2-page Steele memo summary, although once they both agreed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had it in hand, they dropped the subject, and Finer placed the summary in a safe.

On September 2, 2016, Special Agent Strzok and Lisa Page prepared a set of talking points for Director Comey, as he was preparing for a meeting with President Obama, who wanted to know everything they were doing. Shortly after this, Strzok and Page then discussed their authorship of the opinion piece — this is most likely the same opinion piece Director Comey discussed with President Obama in August 2016.

In early September 2016, the Obama Administration decided to officially blame Russia for the cyber-attacks on the United States. As such, Secretary Johnson, Director Comey and Monaco travelled to Capitol Hill in a caravan of black SUVs, where they then met with the “Gang of Twelve”, which included Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Adam Schiff.

During this meeting, they tried to arrange a bipartisan letter to be sent to State Governors to defend the election infrastructure. The Republican Party members of the United States Congress disagreed with the plan, as they viewed the request as partisan.

On September 5, 2016, President Obama attended the G20 Summit, where he met directly with President Putin. During this meeting, President Obama warned President Putin to end his interference in the 2016 United States presidential election. The same day, Dana Priest, Ellen Nakashima and Tom Hamburger published the article “U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections” in The Washington Post, which was then discussed by Special Agent Strzok and Lisa Page.

The day after, on September 6, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence held a classified briefing with Congressional staff members about Russian hacking and interference in the presidential election, while Director Brennan completed his own personal briefings with the “Gang of Eight”.

Between September 7–8, 2016, the Intelligence and National Security Summit was held, which was attended by Director Clapper, Shawn Henry, Representative Schiff, Deputy Director McCabe, John Carlin, Stuart Evans, Admiral Rogers, William Evanina, Director Comey and Director Brennan.

It may have also been attended by Special Agent Strzok.

“And ooh, you’re at ODNI on Wed. LX? Me too!”

“Gotta figure that out tomorrow. Insider threat perhaps. Maybe Electoral shenanigans. I’m between Clapper and Evanina and another person or two.” — Peter Strzok, September 5, 2016

On September 8, 2016, Ken Dilanian, Robert Windrem and William Arkin published the article “What Really Happened at Donald Trump’s Intelligence Briefing” in NBC News.

Three days later, on September 11, 2016, Director Brennan was interviewed on CBS’s “Face the Nation”, where he warned about Russia’s capabilities in the cyber-realm. Director Brennan also noted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was investigating the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails.

CIA Director John Brennan warned on Sunday that Russia has ‘exceptionally capable and sophisticated’ computer capabilities and that the U.S. must be on guard.
When asked in a television interview whether Russia is trying to manipulate the American presidential election, Brennan didn’t say. But he noted that the FBI is investigating the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails, and he cited Moscow’s aggressive intelligence collection and its focus on high-tech snooping.
‘I think that we have to be very, very wary of what the Russians might be trying to do in terms of collecting information in a cyber realm, as well as what they might want to do with it,’ he told CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.” — CBS News

The next day, on September 12, 2016, Representative Pelosi, Senator McConnell, Senator Reid and Speaker Ryan met with President Obama in the Oval Office to discuss Zika funding.

It was during this Oval Office meeting that President Obama requested for the Senators and Representatives to join him in asking the states to work the White House on protecting the election network infrastructure, which included the development of a bipartisan statement. Senator McConnell pushed for the statement to be “watered down” from the original request.

The same day — September 12 — Steve Ricchetti contacted Donna Brazile to arrange a call between herself and Vice President Biden.

On September 14, 2016, Monaco attended a Center For Strategic and International Studies conference, where she warned that there would be retaliation from the United States for the hacking of political organisations. Other attendees at the conference included James A. Baker and George Toscas.

“They come as the FBI is probing the extent to which Moscow is carrying out an unprecedented digital campaign to potentially undermine confidence in the political process here.
The nation’s top national security officials warned Wednesday that the United States is prepared to respond to whoever is behind the hacks of political organizations such as the Democratic National Committee.
‘Nobody should think that there’s a free pass,’ said Lisa Monaco, President Obama’s adviser on homeland security and counterterrorism, when asked at a Center for Strategic and International Studies conference about the hacks linked to Russia.” — The Washington Post

Monaco then spoke at the 10-year anniversary of the United States Department of Justice’s National Security Division, where she said that it would be very difficult for Russia to hack the elections. Meanwhile, Special Agent Strzok was briefed by the National Security Agency.

In mid-September 2016, the Steele memo provided by Special Agent Gaeta reached the Crossfire Hurricane investigation team.

On September 22, 2016, Senator Feinstein and Representative Schiff released a joint statement about Russian interference in the presidential election, where they mentioned the briefings they had received from Director Brennan.

A few days later, on September 27, 2016, Ali Watkins published the article “The White House Asked Congress To Keep Quiet On Russian Hacking” in BuzzFeed News, which directly related to the joint statement.

“But sources tell BuzzFeed News that the White House — which has stayed silent despite mounting pressure to call out its Moscow adversaries — tried to delay the statement’s release. The public accusation was of such concern to the administration that White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was personally involved in the negotiations over releasing it, according to a congressional source.

Feinstein and Schiff, both Democrats, agreed to omit part of their original statement for security reasons, according to another congressional source. That request, which stemmed from concerns over classification, came from the CIA, a congressional source added Wednesday.” — Ali Watkins, BuzzFeed News

In late September 2016, Director Comey ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Division — headed by Bill Priestap — to protect the 2016 United States presidential election from foreign interference.

On September 28, 2016, Senator McConnell, Senator Reid, Speaker Ryan and Representative Pelosi sent a bipartisan joint letter to Todd Valentine to warn him about potential cyber-attacks which may affect the presidential election. On the same day, Director Comey testified before the House Judiciary Committee, where he discussed the attempted intrusions into voter database registrations in July, August and beyond.

In October 2016, the Obama Administration officially ruled out moving forward on Director Comey’s plan to write and publish an opinion piece for The New York Times.

JAMES COMEY: “And so I– I wrote an op-ed, was going to go in a major newspaper that laid out what was going on. Not the investigation, ’cause that was too sensitive to reveal, but that, ‘The Russians are here and they’re screwing with us. And this is consistent with what they’ve done in the past,’ and they never took me up on it. The Obama administration deliberated until the beginning of October.”

However, an alternative plan was created in its place by the Obama Administration: in the event Hillary Clinton was defeated on Election Day, then the White House would co-ordinate with Congressional Republicans, former Presidents of the United States, and former Cabinet-level officials — which included both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell — to verify the election, which included confirmation that Russia pushed for Trump to win over Hillary. This plan was discussed with Ben Rhodes.

In October 2016, senior staff in the Obama White House discussed what they should do if Hillary Clinton won the November election and Donald Trump refused to accept the result as legitimate. They had cause to be worried. At that time, Trump had openly speculated that the election might be ‘rigged.’ During his final debate with Clinton on October 19, he said that his opponent ‘should never have been allowed to run’ and declined to answer the question of whether he would concede. ‘I’ll keep you in suspense,’ the Republican nominee said.”

The Obama White House plan, according to interviews with Rhodes and Jen Psaki, Obama’s communications director, called for congressional Republicans, former presidents, and former Cabinet-level officials including Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, to try and forestall a political crisis by validating the election result. In the event that Trump tried to dispute a Clinton victory, they would affirm the result as well as the conclusions reached by the U.S. intelligence community that Russian interference in the election sought to favor Trump, and not Clinton. Some Republicans were already aware of Russian interference from intelligence briefings given to leaders from both parties during the chaotic months before the election. ‘We wanted to handle the Russia information in a way that was as bipartisan as possible,’ Rhodes said.” — New York Magazine


TWE has a fifteen part series of information, assembling more than a year of research, relating to the 2016 election and the intelligence community involvement therein.  If you enjoy reading fully cited background material on multiple break-out aspects, his research is a terrific resource.  SEE HERE

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270 Responses to Former Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes: We Didn’t Know Anything….

  1. farrier105 says:

    “Also in early August 2016 — presumably the same week — agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, where they questioned her about a letter they had received in early March 2016 from a foreign source, supposedly written by Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Leonard Benardo of the Open Society Foundations regarding the Midyear Exam investigation.

    During this meeting, the agents offered to give Attorney General Lynch a “defensive briefing”. Shortly after this, the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that the Benardo letter was an unreliable document.”

    This is what I call THE LYNCH LETTER. You will have to pay to read about the letter in the Washington Post, so here’s another article:

    It is important, in analyzing the Lynch Letter, the following:

    1. It describes exactly how Mid-Year Exam “investigation” proceeded. The investigation did not dig very deeply into the “matter.”

    2. It involved something that AG Lynch told to AMANDA RENTERIA, a Hillary aide, who is not the household name that is HUMA ABEDIN. Ms. Renteria is relatively obscure, hardly a public figure.

    3. The Lynch Letter got to Moscow sometime after the NSA allegedly told the FBI that Russian agents were inside the DNC network and transmitted data from that network to Moscow during the second half of 2015.

    4. DOJ is paranoid about holding the letter close

    “The DOJ and FBI have not publicly commented on the authenticity of the material. No one has explained why Comey believed it to be serious enough to cut Lynch out of the decision loop.”

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    • farrier105 says:

      Wait a minute! In order for this letter to be in the Wikileaks collection published July 22, 2016, it would have to have come from one of the inboxes looted on May 23, 2016 or May 25, 2016, which did NOT include Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s inbox. That’s one problem. Actually, the LYNCH letter, as described by the REAL CLEAR POLITICS article as being the one piece of unverified intelligence NOT leaked by the FBI or DOJ. They hold this document as closely as the STEELE DOSSIER describes the blackmail dossier Putin has on Hillary is held in Moscow. Only Putin and his right-hand-man PESKOV can see it. See? It can be helpful to use Steele as a source!

      If the Lynch Letter was hacked by the Russians, as alleged, it either was done in the 2015 reported hack, OR was received by Russian intelligence by some other means because IT DID NOT APPEAR IN THE EMAILS PUBLISHED BY WIKILEAKS. This is interesting. You see, either one or another thing has to be true if the following is true:

      IF the Lynch Letter was stolen as one of the DNC emails published by Wikileaks in July 2016 were stolen in May 2016 and
      IF the Lynch Letter was NOT PUBLISHED by Wikileaks
      THEN whoever gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks had to have REMOVED THE LYNCH LETTER FROM THE REST OF THE COLLECTION prior to transmission of the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

      We know Wikileaks did not publish the Lynch Letter. So, who stole it and WHEN? We could go on at length about this. The logical suspects are Russia and one of our own intelligence agencies if we are conceding that it was stolen with the May 2016 collection of DNC emails sent to Wikileaks.

      The Russians would not want ANYTHING damaging to Hillary published since Putin was saving that stuff for his closely held Hillary Dossier of Kompromat. We know this because (wait for it) STEELE TELLS US THIS IN HIS DOSSIER. Steele also tells us that the Hillary dossier was gathered mostly by ELECTRONIC MEANS.

      It’s important to remember that, funny though all of this is, it is definitely not a joke. This is how stupid our “intelligence” people are.

      So, we know from this that the Russians could not have been serious about damaging Hillary in order to elect Trump as they would not have held out something like this before the election. They would keep it secret during the campaign in order to use it AFTER HILLARY WAS ELECTED. That is the only way to explain it. And, no, it wouldn’t do any good for them to forge it. That could be detected. The thing is very likely REAL, and Comey acted as if it was.

      Now, in the unlikely event one of our spy agencies stole the DNC emails to give to Wikileaks to frame Assange as a Russian asset, well, they would have taken the Lynch Letter out of the collection, would they not?

      I think that covers both possibilities.

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      • Farrier- EXCELLENT comments and analysis.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Judith says:

        What does this hypothesis make of Seth Rich and Donna Brazille? One dead CIA stooge and one dead woman walking? Somebody here may be in serious need of the witness protection program.

        How -convenient- that Assange was suddenly arrested and detained in the UK, precisely when Mueller decided to wrap up his fake Russia investigation attempted coup.


        • jnr2d2 says:

          Also, Seth Rich would not take out the Lynch Letter before giving it to Wikileaks as he was a Bernie supporter!


          • farrier105 says:

            Seymour Hersh’s FBI source claimed Seth Rich did it for money. The FBI agent also told Hersh–and this is very interesting–that Rich was NOT killed about stealing the emails. Hersh’s source is saying they know what the motive of killing rich was NOT.

            The FBI knew what the motive for killing Seth Rich was not. It was NOT the emails.

            So, the FBI knows the REAL MOTIVE SETH RICH WAS KILLED.

            I’m sorry, FBI, but what Hersh’s source said can’t mean anything else. If you know that the email theft was NOT the motive, it is because you know what WAS the motive.

            If you know what was the motive, you have SUSPECTS, FBI.


            I don’t even think he stole the emails, but you Seth Rich people can have this one on me.


            • V says:

              Seymour Hersch – longtime journalist, one of his claims to fame was exposing the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war – who knows if he’s honest or a mouthpiece. He seems sincere in this recording. He didn’t realize he was being recorded or that it would see the light of day.

              ournalist Sy Hersh Discusses Seth Rich Situation – Leaked Audio Raw

              He starts out denying that the Seth Rich murder was a political hit. It gets more interesting as it goes on.

              At 5:51 “It’s a Brennan operation….”


              • farrier105 says:

                At 5:51 “It’s a Brennan operation….”

                The murder of Seth Rich is not included in that as it was “not a political hit.”

                Hersh has never published the story.

                On a side note, the Lynch Letter, declared a “forgery” by a media that has never examined it, was declared SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION by the government that has never released it to the public, nor declared it a “forgery.”

                It was the operation of the people who RUN John Brennan.


  2. Bulldog84 says:

    “Like,” what’s with Rhodes’ Valley Girl speech patterns?

    He sounds pretty darn defensive and animated for someone who claims to have known nothing.

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    • farrier105 says:

      He knew about the server in Trump Tower being pinged by Moscow allegations when he SHOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN. He blabbed about the Intelligence Community Assessment about Russian “meddling” ahead of time, too.

      Benny Boy is a real cut-up.

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      • Rick says:

        farrier, thanks for your contributions, they are really deep. Do you see any connection between Ben Rhodes and these Podesta emails?

        December 21, 2015 from Podesta’s emails:
        “Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin
        Feb. 26, 2016 “…who is in charge of the Trump swift boat project?” Johnson asked, adding that the plan “needs to be ready, funded, and unleashed when we decide —

        Regarding the Hacking mentioned in July 2015, do you think it’s possible Brennan used vault 7 to feign Russian hacking, to send Comey off on a false trail? Thus building the foundation for the swift boat scheme?


        • farrier105 says:

          No, your contribution is new to me, but I’ll sure look into them. I think you posted about them earlier on another thread.


    • Bill says:

      Him and AOC must have gone to the same school growing up. The fact that people “like” him can get so close and so high up to the highest office in the land speaks volumes about where half of our nation is mentally. Like, totally.

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  3. Trent Telenko says:

    I was e-mailed the following and I have no idea as to it’s validity.

    BREAKING NEWS: FISA Court Says FBI Lied to Them, Illegally Spied | The Stream
    MIKE HUCKABEE Published on April 25, 2019

    “According to diGenova, and here is the tremendous breaking news: The FISA court has been looking into abuses of the FISA system and has communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. Their chief judge has already determined that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation (yes, spying — and, yes, illegal) going on by four FBI contractors to break the law to steal personal electronic information about American citizens and to use it against the Republican Party.

    It might be good to go back and read that last sentence again, slowly, and let it sink in.”

    My problem with the report is I have no confidence is the FISA judges in this matter.


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    • Lefty says:

      I expect nothing of the sorts from the Robert’s led FISC, unfortunately.


    • iwasthere says:

      The FISA Court already said as much in the 99 page FISA order. But then again maybe this is a ‘show cause’ hearing by the FISA court? Because IMHO the judge(s) on the FISA court should be punching tickets with orders like Agent X and Attorney Y are barred from ever appearing or making a representation to this court ever again, etc.


  4. Petey says:

    You can hear the warning sirens going off in the Obama administration if they had to drag Sally Yates and Ben Rhodes out to lie to us again. If VSGDJT gets all the crimes of the last administration out in the next 15months it will destroy BHO and VJ s grand plan to make michelle the dems choice for president.

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    Like, like, like, like, like, like…

    What an airhead.

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  6. covfefe999 says:

    The traitors must be very very nervous! Sally Yates, Ben Rhodes … all trying to shape the narrative that they didn’t do nothing (was it Susan Rice or Loretta Lynch who said that?), all by the book, as Rod said followed all of the laws, blah blah blah. They are nervous.

    Propaganda media is probably nervous too because they’ll be forced to report on the stuff when details are revealed. I hope the upcoming IG report is full of damaging info, and no soft summary this time.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      The “intelligence briefing” of 8/16/16 for Trump, Flynn, and Christie, and the obvious intent to use the meeting to smear Trump and Flynn after it was leaked to the media, was dutifully reported bullet-point for bullet-point by NBC. Formatted to state the charges first, with defense’s statements second, and a rebuttal by the “trusted authorities” made it “clear” that Trump and Trump’s people were lying about Flynn’s outbursts.

      This piece is more than instructive. It shows the degree to which Intelligence and the Administration were engaged in a strategy to assign illegitimacy to any response by Trump to charges of collusion as early as August of 2016. Already, the media is a willing co-conspirator.

      Anyone who expects the media to fess up now, or anytime soon, is smoking crack.

      This post is a goldmine of links to who-what-when events in context. The link to the Trump briefing report of 9/8/16 by NBC, and its obvious set-up as an opportunity to smear Trump, and especially Flynn, because they know Flynn knows too much, is, for me, the smoking gun of their degenerate efforts to begin the cover-up while maintaining the narrative that they have been steadfastly defending national interests.

      NBC’s corrupt intent is underscored as they pretend to present both sides fairly, while using both the primacy effect and the recency effect (first and last), to reinforce the accuser’s narrative.

      At the very least, we the people should be assembling with rakes and pitchforks until every last talking head is fired, along with their semi-literate cronies in the print media.


  7. digleigh says:

    Interesting..All of this seems to ignore the Ukraine corruption/Chalupa(Avenatti’s client), possible involvement writing the dossier(CYA document to use to prove WHY they were abusing intel!!!problem is this spying of citizens has been going on for at least 4 years to use against Republicans!!!Remember the IRS…. , etc)…. Brennan needs to cough up the supposed Russian interference that kickstarted this whole thing! If they were so absolutely sure that Russia interfered, committed cybercrimes, got Trump elected, then why not plaster it everywhere?? Methinks that the ability of the CIA to mimic foreign intrusion is a big problem. Methinks political bias was a big problem. Methinks Brennan knows way more than he is saying…Schultz too, who covered up the AWAN scandal…..Get them all under oath!! The new CYA is …”See! We really thought Russia was interfering and Trump was involved”…. We were just doing our job….(So why have Eric Schmidt(email buddy of Hillary’s fixer Cheryl Mills “get Hillary elected”cabal)(Google) pay 100 million to a Russian(Alperovitch) of Crowdstrike to FIND Russian interference (keeping the servers away from FBI??).Well, if you did not have Trump-hating Steele ( who admits dossier not true/who Ohr warned intel of his bias..), Glenn Simpson (received 972,000 dollars from Obama’s OFA/on honeypots Natalia’s pay roll), Fusion GPS getting money from Hillary’s Perkins/Coie for a dirty dossier, and Known provocateurs trying to lure Trump staff….Papodopoulos(Halper), Flynn(lady in pic not saying she was used….), Misfud, Greenberg, etc……, we might believe you!!! What a mess! Schumer knew….”take care Trump as the intel knows six ways to Sunday, HOW to get BACK at you”…… UNCOVER IT ALL…… ” All that is hidden will be uncovered….”(scrip.)

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    • Jederman says:

      Ya know, the whole crowdstrike thing is interesting. As you say the founder was Ukraine/RU, and he was appointed to some cyber security panel by obama. He was contracted by both the fbi and dnc at the same time.

      It appears crowdstrike, not in-house FBI techs, did the forensic investigation of the dnc “hack” and gave them the answer they wanted to hear.

      RU – Ukraine are a reoccurring theme with the dnc and obama admin during the couple of yrs leading up to the elections.


      • Lady Sid says:

        There were pictures of OH Rep Marcy Kaptur with various Ukrainians, including one who was working for Nancy Pelosi. Kaptur is herself part-Polish/part-Ukrainian. Longest serving Dem. woman in the House.


    • Redzone says:

      Well done, Leigh!


  8. chuckyschmucky says:

    He’s a comically horrific liar. Almost painful to watch.

    But if the origin of the spying campaign was so innocent and above board, why would Rhodes be denying, squirming, deflecting, stuttering, banging the table repeatedly, etc?

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  9. Mark says:

    I have been here since day one. I was Trump in the 80’s. I have all this info in my head thanks to Sundance, however, I think we’re missing out on the deeper coup. How is it that Australia and UK spy groups were in the the conspiracy? That is what is missing. For context, check out this article from Australia Nov 2016:

    The Aussies didn’t one day wake up and attempt a coup on an American, they were afraid of him even before the election.

    Secondly, Trump was extremely pro-Brexit. We know why the Brits were complicit. I think you need to go after the globalist cabal that put this together and how they were ALL complicit. Too many $$$ at stake, which is why Hillary collected so much money for her campaign.

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    • iwasthere says:

      The Agency provides a lot of money to Aussies intelligence and MI-6. Just a wink from Brennon would have sent them in any TDS direction. But just look how far we have come in just 2.5 years. TPP is deader than a door nail. Paris Climate accord – Dead. Thank the Lord for Trump.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Naturallly things come in threes. This “corruption” is no exception. 1. The Obama Administration. 2. Corrupt DoJ actors and dirty cops at the FBI. 3. Corrupt allies who because of the threat of 4th amendment violations to US personnel, were all too willing accomplices with the cabal of dirty cops.

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    • Jederman says:

      Aside from common “global order and trade” issues between globalist, there is the practical arms length deniability a five eyes partner can provide the U.S. IC when they can do the casual spying on American citizens that (cough) the U.S. IC isn’t lawfully allowed to.


    • Rick says:

      Ding ding ding, we have a winner!


  10. This crap makes my head hurt! How on Earth do these people stay out of mental health facilities?

    They wasted all their time & energy focusing on fantasy cloak & dagger BS instead of addressing the real business of America. It’s no wonder the economy was FUBAR!


    • G. Alistar says:

      You are looking at this as an honest person….I believe the corrupt in Obama’s Administration and related dirty cops at FBI, DoJ, etc. have no guilt, no regret and no intention of ever coming clean. Not only will they lie to save their own skin, once indicted and found guilty, they will continue their diatribe enhanced by the corrupt lying media.

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  11. V says:

    WaPo may say that Brennan’s Taskforce began in August 2016, but others report it started much earlier, more like March, April 2016:


    “Panicking at the sight of Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday wins in March 2016, Brennan had by the following month formed the beginnings of a spying operation against him, and managed to enmesh a bunch of other agencies in it, thinking that would keep the outside of the CIA’s cup clean. How do we know this? Because a “senior” member of the intelligence community — back when such a figure thought talking out of school about such matters would serve the cause of delegitimizing Trump — leaked the existence of the operation to the BBC in January 2017:

    ‘Last April [2016], the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was – allegedly – a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign. [MY NOTE – probably fabricated by Estonian intel for Brennan and to get in Clinton’s favor when Biden-Obama ally Estonian ex-President Toomas Hendrik Ilves was in charge there.]

    ‘It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created [WHEN? AND THAT STILL DOESN’T MAKE IT LEGAL, RUN OUT OF CIA OFFICES].

    ‘The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice. For the foreign and intelligence aspects of the investigation, there were another three agencies: the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency, responsible for electronic spying. ‘ ”

    Article by Spectator cont’d (the above is a quote from the BBC within the article)

    “For all intents and purposes, Crossfire Hurricane did not begin in July 2016 but at the moment Trump emerged as Hillary’s rival [March 2016]. Brennan, shortly thereafter, was bringing CIA agents, FBI agents, NSA agents, and an assortment of Obama’s political aides together in one room at CIA headquarters to bat around ideas on how to smoke out the campaign of Hillary’s opponent. Out of these meetings came the plot to infiltrate the Trump campaign.”


    The earlier date undercuts the coup cabal.

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  12. Keep this in the forefront:

    “You know the CIA…a bunch of bitchy little girls.”
    — Sam Ax (as played by Bruce Campbell, on “Burn Notice”)

    Obama and Brennan made the whole Insane Left a bunch of bitchy little girls. And of course, liars.

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  13. namberak says:

    Thanks you, Sgt. Schultz! Seriously though, if that guy said he’d had bacon and eggs for breakfast you’d want at least three witness to confirm it.

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  14. Abe Pecota says:

    When you condense this all down to the simplest explanation, it just boils down to “some people did some things”, right?

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  15. After reading yet another brilliant article by Sundance, I really believe that he should put all of these essays into a book and have it published as it will no doubt be an immediate best seller. I don’t know much about SD but I believe that there should be some way that he could monetize his most valuable work other than whatever he makes on this blog. .

    There is not one other journalist/reporter/writer/ political analyst who has done a better job than Sundance of putting together the pieces of this monumental jigsaw puzzle.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I have had notions of putting all the information gleaned so far by various sources into some sort of online wiki, complete with a time line and a list of all the key players, and how they are connected.

      After all the reporting Sundance and others have done on this, that such a thing does not exist yet is, I think, a gross oversight.

      How would you even begin to explain this whole thing to an uninformed but yet interested 3rd party, at this point?

      Like Dan Bongino likes to say, where is the Paragraph 1?

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  16. thedoc00 says:

    Besides all the commentary above, there is one thing Ben Buddy cannot escape and this President Obama received regular reports on the Operation in his Daily briefs, as that is where Nunes made his the initial discoveries that forced Ryan to put him in Time Out status.

    So, either Obama actually was somewhat in charge of the government or he was a bigger figurehead that thought, and knew absolutely nothing the puppet masters were doing in his executive branch.

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    • Jederman says:

      A casual study of obama’s background (actually lack of one), his chicago style election victories in the IL and U.S. senate, his voting present whenever possible, his successful audition with the Bilderbergs in Chantilly in 08… etc, etc.

      I’m thinking he didn’t bring much to the table but fervent anti-American, pro-muslim, international marxism. Plus, anything with his fingerprints on it provided top cover for the perps cause he was the prezzy, actually the first black prezzy, dontcha know.

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  17. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Well, look, young Rhodes here says nobody knew nuthin’, so that’s that, isn’t it? We surely can trust this fine chap, can’t we? The Iranians surely could. Fine fellow, believable. Really.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      And like Obumma’s “I didn’t know about it till I read it in the paper” BS. Particularly caught in that lie regarding Hillary’s email system.


  18. bo cat says:

    Rhodes worked with Jarrett, just check how many times those two met with John Podesta and Robby Mook, that’s your real planning point. What was the real objective of the Russian Hoax, to get everyone to look at the other direction when all the evidence was on the Dems.

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  19. John Obidienzo says:

    Rhodes and Yates bob-up with mere coup accusations. Now let’s get to heavy duty depth-charging the waters with declassification.

    Such an elaborate false flag cover operation replete with secret meetings, ‘eyes only,’ ‘ears only,’ situation room video and radio silence, Times, Post, and Media disinformation campaigns, all to validate a very very serious attempt by Russia to interfere in the election of 2016?

    Yet there has not been any in depth or very very serious forensic evaluation by the FBI of the ‘Russian’ hacked DNC computer to this day?

    Russian bots on social media, Guccifer 2.0, and Russian cyber-military, became stick figures thrown at fraudulent indictments brought by the Specious Counsel to legitimize Russian interference and connect the false flag pre-set cover–ex post facto–to cover up or justify Deep State spying on the Trump campaign.


  20. bluebongo says:

    Ben……that’s obstruction!!

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  21. Caius Lowell says:

    That’s some Grade-A 0bama chaff and countermeasures…


  22. oldguy05 says:

    I’m surprised that I never hear/read about the NATO (resolution?) wherein they designated cyber attacks as an Act Of War and that all NATO member countries would come to the aid of any country attacked.
    Would not this claim of “muh Russia hacked the election” be construed as a major attack?
    NATO has made statements concerning this about ransomeware attacks but not about the US election system?
    When does NATO declare a Russian act of war?


    • oldguy05 says:

      NATO made the decision referenced in my above comment in 2014.
      However, even earlier, in 2011, The Pentagon concluded that computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act of war. Why come to these decisions if they won’t be utilized.


      • oldguy05 says:

        With Wikileaks Vault 7 release we know that our intelligence agencies can deploy a hack and make it look like anyone they want to blame caused it.
        Was this pre-positioning for an outcome of Hilliary being elected?
        Is this something they will use now? We don’t change the rules for no reason.


        • Judith says:

          The CIA trying to start WWIII? Perish the thought!

          Are there satellite photos of any “panic room” cities, perchance? You know, bunkers for these traitors to beat a hasty retreat when the SHTF?


          • trapper says:

            It’s nesting Russian dolls in there. Don’t try to look too far down that hole. You will go crazy. Trump put Haspel in charge and the whole group went pin-drop silent, as it should be. Although I suspect that even though the water is mirror smooth and calm on the surface there may be clamorous storms raging in the deep. Just a hunch. Rooting out the Brennan cancer? Faceless girl can be very valuable, a game changer.


  23. Howard Richman says:

    There’s a nice summary of the Rhoades interview and Sundance’s post in the American Thinker blog today:


    • V says:

      Thank you for the link.

      Excerpt from it:
      “… the Mueller report itself cites a WikiLeaks dump as the origin of the investigation, not Papadopoulos.”

      Interesting. Not the Dossier, not Papadopoulos – because those two “predicates” lead straight back to Deepstate setups, lies, frameups. So, Mueller cites Wikileaks as origin! Just as Assange is taken out of the Ecuador Embassy where his internet access, etc. was cut off for a year. The DNC servers were never investigated independently and Assange was never asked by Mueller – because they don’t want to know – because there’s no there there to link Wikileaks to Russia to Trump. Only Mueller’s friend, Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike’s say so.

      If A=B and B=C then A=C

      A – Crowdstrike
      B – Guccifer 2.0 (“Game Over” – planted Russian fingerprints)
      C – “The Conspirators” alleged by Mueller to be 12 GRU officials posing as Guccifer 2.0

      More here:

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      • V says:

        And another thing, Wikileaks never published Guccifer 2.0’s docs. Only linked to the urls where they were – separate from Wikileaks.

        Video with Russian music soundtrack in the background, ridiculing the MSM’s muh Russia, in a very good summary of the exposé of Crowdstrike’s DNC email Russia “hack” by Guccifer 2.0 hoax with the planted “Russian fingerprints.” (It starts out showing the enemy line, but then changes completely to show the hoax within the first minute of the video.) Notice the comparison pictures showing a Guccifer 2.0 doc with the planted Russian language at the bottom – compared to the actual email published by Wikileaks, not from Crowdstrike’s Guccifer 2.0.

        If one doesn’t have time to read all the technical proof, this is a very simple, easy to understand visual summary.


        • V says:

          Crowdstrike’s Shawn Henry, ex-FBI top exec, friend of Mueller, worked under Mueller using a similar false flag setup as Guccifer2.0 before.

          The point of creating Guccifer 2.0 was to “override” the actual leaks from the DNC to Wikileaks. WIth Seth Rich’s death, if he was the actual leaker, there’d be no one to speak up to contradict the Guccifer 2.0 hoax, except Assange and Wikileaks staff. Kimdotcom has already said the source was Seth Rich.

          The Guccifer 2.0 docs were created and tainted to implicate Wikileaks with Russia, then with Trump. This was furthered by Mueller indicting the 12 “GRU” Russian officials, blaming Guccifer’s activities in cyberspace on them!


      • Bob, Esq. says:

        “Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike’s say so.”

        I keep coming back to this too; even in the Alfa Bank analysis. The key date seems to be May 4th, 2016

        Dumbstruck; how Crowdstrike Conned America On the Hack of the DNC

        On April 29, 2016, when the DNC became aware its servers had been penetrated, an emergency meeting was held between the Chairwoman of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC’s Chief Executive, Amy Dacey, the DNC’s Technology Director, Andrew Brown, and Michael Sussman, a lawyer for Perkins Coie, a Washington, DC law firm that represented the DNC. Sussman took control of the meeting, setting out the DNC’s agenda when it came to dealing with the cyber attack on its server. The three most important questions, Sussman declared, were what data was accessed, how was it done, and how can it be stopped?

        The one question Sussman, a former federal prosecutor who focused on computer crimes, did not ask was, who did it?

        It took the DNC four days to decide to bring in an outside vendor to investigate the breach of its servers. In the end, it was Sussman who made the call to Shawn Henry at CrowdStrike. The call was made on May 4; by May 5 CrowdStrike had installed its FalconHost software that had triggered the Russian attribution.”

        “When the FBI wanted full access to the DNC server so that it could conduct a full forensic investigation, the DNC balked. Instead, the DNC and CrowdStrike devised a strategy to take the case to the public themselves—[with Crowdstrike preparing] a formal technical report that singled out the Russians for attribution. When it was ready, the DNC invited in a reporter from the Washington Post named Ellen Nakashima, who was given exclusive access to senior DNC and CrowdStrike personnel for an above-the-fold, front-page article.”

        By denying the FBI access to the servers, the perfidious James Comey was able to personally vouch for Sussmann and Crowdstrike’s NON-FBI narrative—shielding them from the scrutiny of honest FBI labs while making it appear in the public mind that the finding resulted from standard protocol.

        Congressional Testimony March 20, 2017

        Q: When did the DNC provide access for — to the FBI for your technical folks to review what happened?

        COMEY: We never got direct access to the machines themselves. The DNC in the Spring of 2016 hired a firm that ultimately shared with us their forensics from their review of the system
        Q: You have still been — never been given access to any of the technical or the physical machines that were hacked by the Russians?

        COMEY: That’s correct. Although we got the forensics from the pros that they hired, which again — best practice to get access to the machines themselves. But my folks tell me was an appropriate substitute.


  24. Chewbarkah says:

    “But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objects — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.” — The Washington Post

    It went so much further, that it lost all credibility. Putin et al., might give specific orders, but it is laughable to claim they explained their nefarious objectives. This is tell for a narrative engineering product if ever there was one. Next tell is the supposed forged letter from Wasserman-Shultz; Brennan had that created so he could discover Russian dirty tricks. Who created the letter?


  25. Bob Parker says:

    Ah yes Mr. Rhodes,

    We the People have a special cell in BHO wing of GITMO all prepped & waiting for you!!

    PS- Your ignorance will not excuse your ACTIONS!!

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  26. zombietimeshare says:

    “… Ben Rhodes, says any investigation of prior administration “will find nothing” that shows former President Obama or White House staff had any “involvement” in the origins of the surveillance of Trump campaign and Russia collusion investigation.”

    Translation: We believe we managed to destroy all records of our involvement, and regardless, if anything still exists the Beltway Establishment and entrenched Washington DC bureaucrats will obfuscate or destroy anything we missed.


    • I won't back down says:

      and we paid the presstitutes tons of money (by my last count $65 million was raised to fund/seed this with the press), so they’ll never print anything that the investigators find.

      This leads me to believe that it has to be McGahn on capitol hill in an open hearing that lays this whole thing bare. Hey dems, are you absolutely certain of what McGahn will say?


    • lurker2 says:

      I think they’re sweating big time because they couldn’t destroy everything, so out of desperation they’re continuing the coverup attempt.

      All we need are a few people to flip, get their deals and rat out everyone else.


  27. trapper says:


    One, two, three, here we go: Obama, Rhodes, Valjar, basically ALL the White House staff, in unison:

    “Comey? Brennan? Who are THEY? We know of no such persons.”

    On … their … own. Hahahahaha


  28. Rick says:

    “… Ben Rhodes, says any investigation of prior administration “will find nothing” that shows former President Obama or White House staff had any “involvement” in the origins of the surveillance of Trump campaign and Russia collusion investigation.”

    Well, Mr. Rhodes, we can start right here: ‘Potus is running this.’ Thank You, Lisa Page.


  29. TradeBait says:

    We’ve entered the “believe me” phase of criminal deflection. Sort of the leftist version of “dindunuffin”.


  30. Rick says:

    As for the origins, this looks like a good place to start:
    December 21, 2015 from Podesta’s emails:
    “Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin
    Feb. 26, 2016 “…who is in charge of the Trump swift boat project?” Johnson asked, adding that the plan “needs to be ready, funded, and unleashed when we decide —

    You mean like the FISA warrant on George Papadopoulos whose interests in energy policy with some Israelis run opposite those of muslim loving obama acolytes? I’d like to see that FISA warrant!? I wonder how much of the FBI Contractors illegal FISA searching had to do with obtaining that warrant!? Or the CIA vault 7 russian hacking plant in July 2015? The Oconus provocateur lures by our allies the UK and Australians in early March? The laundered FISA search information via the Steele Dossier? Don’t worry, benny boy your stooges we’re right on top of it!!!


    • V says:

      That’s right, Rick! Podesta in Dec. 2015 pushing the Trump-Russia attack line.

      And here’s Podesta, continuing after the election, trying to do a Hail Mary to stop Trump’s inauguration by influencing the electoral college:

      “Podesta suggests Trump associates may have colluded with Russian hackers”

      “Former Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta said Sunday he believes that Donald Trump’s associates may have colluded with Russian hackers to win the election.

      In his first TV interview since Hillary Clinton’s loss, Podesta said he doesn’t believe that the president-elect himself was part of the plan but suggested some of his associates may have gone off the reservation. The Electoral College electors, he said, have the right to know the extent of the Trump campaign’s involvement before they cast their votes Monday.

      “It’s very much unknown whether there was collusion,” Podesta said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

      “What did Trump Inc. know? When did they know it? Were they in touch with the Russians?” Podesta asked. “I think the electors have the right to know what the answers are.”

      “The Russians were trying to elect a lap dog,” Podesta said, referring to a recent piece by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.”


  31. lurker2 says:

    I just realized while writing a comment above about these people being nervous … they aren’t just nervous about official investigations of them, they are nervous about each other! Any one of them could rat all of the others out! And now they have no idea if their communications are being monitored. Just like they did to Trump. So I guess they are desperately trying to signal each other through these media “interviews”. This is hilarious to watch, really.


    • jnr2d2 says:

      Find one or two “nexus” people, like Podesta, and a young guy like Rhodes and “Stone” them — swat and all, file 30 charges that are long enough so effectively they die in jail (assuming they survive being the bitches in the Pen). Squeeze their nuts so they truly spill-the-beans, and become witnesses. Get a few others to roll and get wired up!! Oh so much fun!!!


      • lurker2 says:

        Do what the FBI did, target the younger ones who don’t have millions of dollars and high powered attorneys on retainer. Target the younger ones who are closer to the beginning of their career than the end. And target the older ones who are close to retirement.


  32. Ben “din do nuffin” Rhodes strikes again …


  33. Zippy says:

    A former CI professional stated in a YouTube interview that the sort of surveillance they did on Trump and company would have required a waiver from BHO’s NSC meaning BHO had to have known about it from day one. Listen from 2:00 through at least 14:40. The waiver requirement is discussed early on:


  34. doofusdawg says:

    I never have understood the disconnect between Hillary’s email server or Podesta’s hacked computer and the alleged hack of the DNC. Both Clinton and Podesta were in regular email contact with the DNC and obviously both of their emails and computers were compromised. Why has no one put forth the possibility that it was the group who gained access to everything on Hillary’s server who used that access to gain access to everything on the DNC server.

    Maybe the mid year exam and the Russian collusion hoax were basically the same thing after all and that’s another big secret they are hiding. We know how they love to project things.


    • lurker2 says:

      I haven’t carefully read the entire Mueller indictment against the 12 Russians, but based on what I have read I do believe they were responsible for the Podesta incident. But it’s hard to call that a hack, they suckered someone working for Podesta to give up crucial info, a phishing scheme. Might as well leave the door to your home unlocked and let in strangers, right?


    • Jan says:

      If you’re right, dfd, then China also had the same access as Russia did. We know the DNC was hacked twice. The issue would be how long was Hillary’s email server up and running after she left the State Dept. in Feb. 2013 and was she communicating with the DNC servers with her email server where Russia or whoever could get into the DNC servers. John Podesta left the White House February 1, 2015. Wasn’t he running the campaign from DNC headquarters?


  35. 6x47 says:

    How very telling that Ben Rhodes is already distancing himself and the Obama White House from culpability in the conspiracy.

    “Didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, can’t prove anything.”

    You nervous, Ben? Because you seem nervous.


  36. Lactantius says:

    Alas, poor Ben Rhodes is hoist on his own petard.

    In the1697, William Congreve wrote the play The Mourning Bride in which these lines are spoken : “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”.

    Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court (quoting Joe deGenova) “has already ruled that the FBI broke the law and that the people at the head of the [Obama] Justice Department — [former Deputy Attorney General] Sally Yates, John Carlin, the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, all knew about it and lied to (…) the FISA Court, about it.”

    Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court ( again quoting Joe deGenova) ” has already communicated with the Justice Department about its [the FISA Court] findings. And their findings are that from more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI [private] contractors — four of them — to steal personal information, electronic information about Americans and to use it against the Republican Party.”

    Joseph diGenova is the former U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and a former legal counsel to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA).

    It would appear that Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court is pissed off. She was set up, lied to and played for a fool. This is not about the press, the chattering class, Ben Rhodes’ narrative or anything coming from Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff, Biden, Shrillery, or Schmucky Schumer.

    Hell hath no fury like a judicial branch judge scorned by men and women who have turned the integrity of the rule of law into venal fraud and corruption. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and Baker are up to their ears in the deception and multiple grand juries are not going to be “unimpressed” with their duplicity. It will be made abundantly clear that the government spied on people for ideological reasons. Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton have strong reason to not to sleep well.

    Rosemary M. Collyer, the Chief Judge of the FISA Court is not open to being trifled with any more than she has already suffered. Attorney General William Barr is feeling her wrath. (I think that most likely, AG Barr and Chief Judge Collyer are intertwined in placing DOJ prosecutors and Grand Juries in place.) It is instructive to remember that Judge Collyer’s immediate superior is John G. Roberts, Jr., the 17th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    It sucks to be Ben Rhodes, Obama, Hillary, Nadler, Schiff or any other crooked demagoguing shill for corruption who directly or tangentially messed with the FISA Court.


    • Cow wow says:

      In Jan of this year, Ben’s brother, David Rhodes, was replaced as the Pres of CBSNews.
      What did the board of CBSNews know and when did they know it?
      I almost feel sorry for poor Benjamin, OR NOT.

      Liked by 1 person

  37. Patricia Dolan says:

    This is a man who knows too much and knows he is in serious trouble. Ben Rhodes meltdown election nigh 2016:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Caius Lowell says:

      So much fun riding around AF1, appeasing Iran, and digging dirt on the Republicans until DJT becomes president. Don’t worry Ben “Rat Face” Rhodent! It’s always darkest right before things go completely black…

      Liked by 1 person

  38. Caius Lowell says:

    It’s nice to see Ben “Rat Face” Rhodes back doing what he does best — lying…


  39. Caius Lowell says:

    Looks like the Deep State is finding new ways to protect itself — NSA Reports 75% Increase in Unmasking U.S. Identities Under Foreign Surveillance Law in 2018: The National Security Agency, responsible for electronic eavesdropping, disclosed the identities of people or entities that are normally redacted in intelligence reports


  40. jeans2nd says:

    Larry O’Conner had a great question about Ballasy’s interview with Ben Rhodes.
    Ben Rhodes was Obama’s Dep Nat’l Security Advisor. The initial investigation was a counterintelligence investigation.

    Counter-intelligence investigations are done for the benefit of the President. The President is always told of counterintel investigations. How is it that Obama and Obama’s Nat’l Security Team did not know? How could Obama and Obama’s Nat’l Security Team not have known?

    Rhodes is lying.
    This conversation is in the first couple minutes of the Ballasy interview. 5:27
    Interesting side-note – O’Conner used to put up Ballasy’s interviews on Breitbart TV back in Andrew Breitbart’s day.
    The good guys have been together a long time.
    Also interesting – Rhodes called AG Barr’s investigation into the origins of Russiagate a witchhunt. Interesting choice of words.


  41. KBB says:

    Ben Rhodes is obviously lying in the interview video, evidenced by his flailing hands, squirming and starting a sentence then changing and going into another one, also calling it a “witch hunt”. The Dimocrats have been denying Mueller’s investigation is a witch hunt, and now, that name is on the tongue of Ben Rhodes and he just spit it out.


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