Federal Agents Raid Homes and Office of Corrupt Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh…

Political “space to destroy” leadership, particularly mayors in Baltimore Maryland, have an inherent disposition toward transparently corrupt behavior.  Remember Sheila Dixon in ’08, or Stephanie Rawlings Blake in ’15… It’s a perpetual cycle. I digress…

Into the recent corrupt landscape comes current Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who takes bribes and graft through a pay-to-play bribery scandal for books she “authored” called “Healthy Holly”.  Want a city contract?…. buy some books, easy peasy.

(Baltimore) Hauling out boxes of “Healthy Holly” books and documents, dozens of federal law enforcement agents Thursday struck businesses, homes and government buildings across Baltimore as an investigation into Mayor Catherine Pugh’s business dealings widened.

FBI agents and IRS officials executed search warrants at her City Hall office, Pugh’s two houses, and offices of the mayor’s allies, as the growing scandal consumed the city’s attention, generated national headlines and provoked fresh calls for the embattled Democratic mayor’s resignation.

“This is too much for our city,” Democratic City Councilman Zeke Cohen said. “It puts all of us under a tremendous strain, and again it is not fair either to the people that live here, or the people that work here.”

Dave Fitz, an FBI spokesman, confirmed agents from the Baltimore FBI office and the Washington IRS office searched at least six addresses. The U.S. attorney’s office confirmed the location of a seventh search. The actions were the first confirmation that federal authorities, as well as state officials, were investigating the mayor’s activities.  (read more)

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213 Responses to Federal Agents Raid Homes and Office of Corrupt Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh…

  1. wee2low says:

    Obviously because of racism…

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Ha! You beat me to it.

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      • Cpdesert says:

        She just got Smolleted.

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      • SteveT says:

        Are they Democratic or Democrat? Paras four and five.


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        • ezpz2 says:

          Steve, neither.

          Demonrat or democrap seem more accurate, imo.😉

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        • Yeah I noticed that right off as well Steve.

          It’s just the media weaponizing the language to subliminally influence our thoughts.
          It’s always the Democrat Party or Democrat politician NEVER Democratic Party or person unless of course they are acting in a democratic way. A democratic Democrat is an oxymoron.

          Almost everyone on the radio or TV makes this mistake either occasionally or most of the time.

          In fact the ONLY person that I’ve know of that NEVER makes this mistake is our VSGPDJT.

          So remember, they are not democratic politicians but rather they are Democrat politicians, or members of the Democrat Party…..never “democratic”

          It’s just a subliminal mind game that progressives use when weaponizing the language.

          Once you become “red-pilled” you will notice it everywhere

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          • Dutchman says:

            Specifically noticed the other day, Rudy said “DemoCRAT, not “Democratic”.
            Did you notice the little tweet below the article, hard to see on my phone, but worth enlarging;
            ” Either the FBI is helping the Mayor with he moving, or shi is having a really, really REALLY BAD day!”

            Oh, the Shedenfrude! I can’t stand it.
            Please, don’t,….stop! Don’t ,…..stop!
            For gosh sakes DON’T STOP!

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          • jeans2nd says:

            Don’t forget the “in our democracy” part. It is subtle mind association – democratic Democratic mayor in Democratic Baltimore in our American democracy. It is intentional.

            We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

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            • Dogsrule says:

              The word Democrat is both an noun and an adjective. When it refers to people who are registered democrats the word to use is democrat. When it refers to the ideology the word democratic is used. It is a party of democrats, not democratics. The senator is a democrat, so you would say democrat senator blankety blank. Whether or not he is democratic is another matter entirely, most are socialists or worse. So there’s that. Republicans also democratic in ideology, well, mostly. I cringe when I hear it used in the wrong way, but you are right, dhw, it is weaponized language. If you google the difference you will read things like people who want do demonize democrats will use the word democrat instead of democratic, it’s ethically correct to use democratic instead of democrat, etc.

              And it’s funny that the candidates don’t know this is a constitutional representative republic. Biden said in his video today, ‘our democracy has never been in more peril’. Or something like that. I correct people every time I hear that.

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    • Sportyclays says:

      Another of Soros’ Wakanda Women warriors goes down. Hope Kim Foxx is next…

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    • mikebrezzze says:

      “Hands up! Buy some f’ng books!”

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  2. “Pay-to-Play” – now where have we heard THAT before?

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  3. Well bless her heart.

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  4. 4EDouglas says:

    Some in the Baltimore Police are probably enjoying this..

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  5. redhotsnowman says:

    As bad as Baltimore is and has been,
    still doesn’t hold a candle to the corruption in Chicago.

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  6. Is something…happening?

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  7. Derangement Syndrome says:

    The boomerang rang again. Will 2019 be the year of justice?

    – Hollywood Libs college scam
    – Avenatti
    – Baltimore Mayor

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  8. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Governor calls on her to resign

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  9. FofBW says:

    Are you looking over your shoulder yet Hillary??!!

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  10. booger71 says:

    Its almost like the end of Godfather 1 is playing out only for real in a way

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  11. gawntrail says:

    Setting the precedent to go after bigger fish…. all using the vehicle of a book to ‘fundraise’, ‘solicit donations’, and, obviously, line their pockets.

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  12. Bone Fish says:

    Restricting everyone who receives public assistance from voting might attract a better candidates for public office.

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    • lurker2 says:

      I wish!


    • ristvan says:

      Actually, there is a very good argument to be made based on the Federalist papers that, after 16A, only those that pay some positive income tax should be allowed to vote federally. The logic is that actual taxpayers have ‘skin in the game’, unlike those that do not. Largely solves the ‘free stuff’ financial deficit problem we presently have. I would make an exception for anyone on SS who does not currently pay income taxes, but did during their working life.
      Radical and unlikely to be a ratified amendment. But IS a pragmatic solution to a fundamental freeloader problem.

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      • GB Bari says:

        I’m on board with that.
        It’s sort of an expansion of Alexander Hamilton’s advocacy of allowing only property owners to vote. I like the “net taxpayer” requirement. And it has to be net payment of taxes for the tax year, not a net $0 after reconciling in April.


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Any and all citizens have skin in the game. All of us have our perspectives on what issues are relevant.

        If exhorbitant health care costs lead a person to sell their home and car, so they no onger fit in the category of eligible voter, it seems that they have a great view of how health care business might not be regulated optimally. That person should be able to throw their views out there in the mix of our deliberative democracy.

        No one should be disenfranchised. Along with enjoying life as a citizen, each of us should be able to discuss politics, work for a campaign or issue, and vote.

        In my mind, this includes those who have served time for a felony. Even while serving time.

        I know and have known many people from social services and politics who have learned a thing or two the rough way, and have some stories to tell, some background to help get others headed in the right direction, and ideas about how our civics might be run differently.


    • TreeClimber says:

      Just going to say that we’re on food stamps and my son(s) and I have Medicaid but my husband works a 40+ hour job and I’m a SAHM/work from home… we’re both Trump supporters… you’re painting with too broad a brush. I actually know several people who, despite the booming economy, are still struggling – on or need welfare, plus they’re working full-time (my sister and BIL come to mind, both work full time and are one step above starving and losing everything because their jobs just aren’t that good.)

      So maybe look into “welfare+job” voting and “welfare only” not, or something like that.

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    • George Hicks says:

      No taxation without representation
      Was the battle cry of the foundation of our nation…shouldn’t the reverse also hold true?

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  13. visitor says:

    I’m sorry to say this and it may just not make it on the forum but from the first time I say her I knew she was a crack ho. All anyone had to do is look at her.
    On another note, Speaker of the House Jim Wright notoriously wrote a book that had about 10 words in it and was purchased in bulk by the Unions as a payback for his help. He was forced from office because of it.
    So this is nothing new in the Dem party.

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  14. emet says:

    Under Dem leadership, Baltimore housing has become so affordable that houses are available fir $1


    • GB Bari says:

      Not in any neighborhoods that most law abiding people would want to live in.
      Any you’d better have a fat bank account or excellent credit to pay for the renovations – in many cases a complete rebuild.

      Check this out (its a year old):

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      • Mari in SC (thankfully no longer MD) says:

        I knew people who bought a $1 house in the 70ies on the fring of Federal Hill, a few blocks from the Inner Harbor and within walking distance of the stadiums. They spent a lot to renovate (over $100K) but the place was AMAZING! Ten foot ceilings, tall windows, crown molding, original wood floors, etc.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Yes, my very own first cousin bought one of those on President Street. Had to literally daylight the entire house and start from the basement up, using jackpoles to raise the sagging first floor and rebuild everything up to and including the roof.

          Took him two years start to finish – did a lot with his own hands while working as a CPA, but the sweat equity paid off because of the high value location. The finished home was beautiful and he sold it for a handsome profit several years later.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          [NB: back then, it would have been the old Memorial Stadium.]


  15. keeler says:

    From “Healthy Holly” to “Prisoner Pugh.”

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  16. Grandma Covfefe says:

    The cockroaches are running into hiding.

    Doesn’t she look like she could be related to Mad Maxine?

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  17. Cathy M. says:

    Too funny!

    The Baltimore Sun’s tweet shows an FBI S/A carrying a box

    Stamped on the box being carried by an FBI S/A –

    “Fruits come in colors like the rainbow.”

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  18. richq11 says:

    Big Tom D’Alessandro would be so proud… what a tradition! Hey let’s ask his daughter!

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Wouldn”t be suprised if there isn’t a link.

      Don’t think Nancy D’ Alessandro cut all her
      ties after she moved out west. Notice she
      always has either Cummings or Hoyer
      immediately adjacent to her. She pals
      around with reps from Maryland much
      more then the California bunch. Wonder

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  19. listingstarboard says:

    Too bad Marilyn Mosby isn’t getting the same treatment.

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  20. Rodney Plonker says:

    Piker. She should have known ghost written children’s books for cash is Chelsea Clinton’s turf.

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  21. Carson Napier says:

    “Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who takes bribes and graft through a pay-to-play bribery scandal”

    Are you sure you didn’t mean Hillary Clinton ?

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  22. whjoe says:

    The whole Democrat Party needs a RICO indictment. They are like the Mob.
    From trying to take out the President and corrupting 3-4 agencies in our Federal Government to all
    the small time local level stuff.

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  23. hoghead says:

    “hizzoner” has been laid up with pneumonia for weeks and keeping her out of the public eye. I don’t know what type of pneumonia involves poop, but the mayor is up to her pie hole in it.

    As noted early in the thread, there likely is mountains of institutional racism confronting mayor phew as well.


  24. emet says:

    When Pelosi’s father and brother were mayors of Baltimore they would have never made somebody buy a silly book to get a contract. They would have just told said up front how much it was going to cost. And they would have never used strong arm methods to ensure payment, they would have just had their friend Benny Trotta use strong arm methods.

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  25. Vernon Miller says:

    John Derbyshire committed careericide pointing out this trend among other facts that go against the state approved ideology. (7) (10f) & (10g)


  26. Michael Hennessy says:

    This is too much for our city,” Democratic City Councilman Zeke Cohen said. “It puts all of us under a tremendous strain, not knowing if the FBI is going to find out about our stash too!

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    • Mari in SC (thankfully no longer MD) says:

      You may be kidding, but he might be thinking That! He is actually relatively new in office, I think, so he is still young and earnest and has not learned how to get his yet, at least in my opinion.

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  27. Davenh says:

    A Massachusetts judge indicted, the mayor of edenville TX arrested on voter fraud and now the mayor of Baltimore…..could we be witnessing the first steps in restoring the rule of law??

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  28. xenosonice says:

    Seeing how swiftly and decisively these FBI agents are moving, the logical conclusion is that Mayor Pugh at one point worked on the Trump campaign and was approached by the Prime Minister of Mongolia regarding “leaked Clinton emails”.


  29. sarasotosfan says:

    Was this a 5 AM raid? How many armed agents? Was CNN given advanced notice?

    So many unanswered questions.

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  30. LKAinLA says:

    Hope the feds come on over to NOLA when they are done with Baltimore. The corrupt is leading the blind over here.

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  31. Mari in SC (thankfully no longer MD) says:

    She was in the state legislature the last few years until she was elected Mayor. Pugh, Dixon, and Rawlings-Blake.make Martin Owe’Malley look good in comparison. Even I can’t believe I said that.

    So happy I no longer live 4 blocks from the city/county line and no longer have Cummings as my “representative”, Cardin (not MY friend Ben) and Van Holmen (or whatever the fool’s name is, he’ll I’d rather have Van Halen than him) as my senators, and Hogan as my governor.

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    • Mari in SC (thankfully no longer MD) says:

      And why does autocorrect substitute He’ll for hell and Holmen for Hollen?


    • ChuckE says:

      Another ex-Marylander here. Left the corruption and high taxes and moved to Tennessee last June. Miss the crab cakes but nothing else.

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      • Mari in SC (thankfully no longer MD) says:

        I miss my amazing neighbors, the crab cakes, Baugher’s in Westminster, Otterbein cookies, the Amish Market and Simon’s Bakery in Cockeysville, Wegman’s, Shannon’s in Ellicott City, and Opie’s and putting out chairs for the Independence Day parade in Catonsville starting around June 20. That’s it and looking at the list, I’m kind of worried about how much food is involved

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    • hoghead says:

      Well, I’ve been a Maryland resident since birth. Retired some years back, and while I could live anywhere, I’m still here (yes, in cummings district!). Deep Maryland roots way back to the early Colonial period.

      Oh, that doesn’t mean squat; they despise anyone who doesn’t agree with them, as all “progressives” keep ranting about tolerance.

      But I think the Lord wants me to be here for now, so for me, that’s the best place to be.

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      • GB Bari says:

        I’m in the same situation (also by choice) but I’m in Jaimie Raskins’ gerrymandered district.

        Folks not from Maryland can entertain themselves by going here:


        …and then hover your mouse pointer over each of the eight districts listed in the section titled “Current Representatives”. You will see five or six Rohrshach tests.

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        • Mari in SC (thankfully no longer MD) says:

          Oh, they are a joke! Baltimore is split between FOUR districts, 2 and 3 are apparently having sex the way they wrap around each other, and Steny Hoyer’s district is odd shaped because he insisted on keeping College Park.

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          • GB Bari says:

            Yeah Baltimore’s district map is as corrupt as it’s government.

            Other than the College Park “peninsula”, I have thought Hoyer’s was one of the more genuinely contiguous districts in the state…less “Rohrschachian” than any of the others in central MD.


            • hoghead says:

              Now the congressional districts might get interesting. They’re redrawn every ten years. But this time, we’ll have Gov. Hogan overseeing that in 2020 instead of mom or glenspending. I’ll be interested to see what he can pull off. (He can’t do any worse!)


  32. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Kim Foxx lives in Chicago.

    (Just in case they’re working their way west)

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  33. Midnight Rambler says:

    Checking in from Frederick, Maryland with a big smile on my face. 🙂

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  34. tuskyou says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha space to destroy! You know you’ve been at the treehouse for a good while when you see that phrase. I’ll never forget someone posted a picture of a fish with it’s mouth open that looked exactly like Rawlings-Blake. 😂😂


  35. Wow. Is AG Barr driving all this crackdown on corrupt mayors, judges, etc?

    Imagine if Barr had been the AG going back to Inauguration Day…………think what might have been.

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  36. Concerned Virginian says:

    Apparently PUGH may have been trying to run away when the feds hit.
    Today she “met with her legal team” in “one of her homes in Baltimore” (apparently she owns two).
    Her attorney, STEVE SILVERMAN, stated that Pugh is “unable to make decisions” because she is “physically ill and emotionally saddened.”
    Pugh hasn’t been to work as she is “ill with pneumonia.”

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Yes. Well. It’s called: “Holy sh*t! I’m going to jail!” It’ll ruin anyone’s day, to be sure.

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    • Daylight58 says:

      Translation: “Stoned”


    • covfefe999 says:

      Let me guess … she owns a pile of crap inside the city of Baltimore where she is required to “live” to be eligible to be Mayor, and then she has a much nicer house outside of the city where she really lives, bought and paid for by her donors and remodeled by the city workers she diverted from their real projects. Because that’s how the Dems roll.


  37. We the people know says:

    God knows, the FBI could use the practice. I think they should practice these raids every day.

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  38. Kent says:



  39. Eric says:

    This is how you know the hammer is getting ready to drop on FBI and DOJ. Liberals and the racial grievance industry are now being set up to be caught between a rock and a hard place with this arrest, the arrest of the corrupt judge, Alderman Burke and probably more to follow. They now can’t have it both ways, sanctimoniously prattling on about “How dare HE! impugn the integrity of the FBI/DOJ” – without having to remain silent while corrupt democrats are exposed and rounded up.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      If it wasn’t clear to cogs in the coup machine before – run to make a deal and give info.

      And be sure to give until it hurts because what you think is unknown probably isn’t to the people tracking you down now. They have all the tools, and more, that you had.


  40. anthohmy says:

    What, no SWAT Team?

    They found 24 weapons in Chicago Alderman Burke’s areas in Chicago but let him surrender, no SWAT Team for him, either.


  41. citizen817 says:

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  42. Kent says:

    Will we PLEASE stop calling the democrat party the democratic party?

    Democrat abberations ‘democratic’….?????

    It’s a lie…as in not the truth….we are not a democracy…..

    We are a republic….

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  43. Pale rider says:


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  44. Robert Smith says:

    Does this ensure Pugh’s re-election when she gets out?


  45. MaineCoon says:

    Why is a democrat raid during morning daylight hours when Republican Roger Stone’s raid was 4:00 a.m. with 27 armed FBI agents and CNN taping?

    Someone needs to sue the FBI for discrimination. The 2-tiered “justice” is so common it’s just to be expected. “By the book”…

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  46. covfefe999 says:

    Awwww, she’s in “poor health” . lol


    • Sharon says:

      “…is not ‘lucid’enough to make a decision about whether to resign….”

      Huh? That sounds like a reason to resign right there.

      My first reaction to this report was to admire the courage of the agents who implemented these search warrants. I hope they don’t face disciplinary action for violating the new norms.

      Maybe that’s sarcasm. Maybe not.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Heavy meds while on suicide watch????


  47. Beenthere says:

    Hey FBI now that we know you can fight political corruption how about turning your resources to the entire state of CT?

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  48. Your Tour Guide says:

    This is an old scam on a grand scale.

    Same thing ( on a vastly smaller scale)
    happened here in Dekalb, County, GA.

    Can’t remember the guy’s name, but had
    a sweetheart deal with the local school system.
    I think they bought 5,000 copies of the book.

    Naturally, guy was either a principal or worked
    at the school board office. When the heat was
    turned up about the book scam he was….
    jailed? Nope.
    Indicted? Not that, either.
    Demoted, and given a job as a vice principal
    at one of the “better” schools? Yep.


  49. Mark McQueen says:

    Just look at all those dirty, crooked FBI agents………


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