Rep. Mark Meadows Discusses “Spygate”….

Representative Mark Meadows appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss his recent conversation with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and how that pertains to the upcoming inspector general report on FISA abuse.

In addition to criminal referrals from HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan recently visited with IG Horowitz and foresees future criminal referrals coming as an outcome of the IG investigation.


After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the current White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state…. stay tuned.

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  1. DeAnna Vaughn says:

    Good! Sniff them out, expose them, then lock them up!

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Sundance uses quotes around “insider.” That is some kind of clue. Or perhaps it’s someone who WAS an insider and is no longer.

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    • Zippy says:

      “Sniff them out, expose them, then lock them up!”

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    • The Hun Driver Widow says:

      Counter Attack is Coming

      “…I spent a lot of email time over the past year trying to convince skeptical friends and colleagues that @POTUS is a man who seeks revenge when attacked, and that vengeance is coming.
      2. I understood their impatience and skepticism that justice would ever be served to the legion of crooks we’ve come to know and despises, but building air-tight cases that will stand up in an (impartial) court of law and also the court of public opinion takes time…

      Don’t forget that we still live in a constitutional republic, regardless of how close to the edge of the abyss we seem to be. It is imperative that the the American people be behind any significant number of indictments of public figures on a scale that I believe are coming…

      I have long maintained that there are three main phases in the campaign to take down the cabal (which includes Deep State operatives in DOJ/FBI/CIA/et al) and members of the political class including the paid accomplices in the media, top Democrat law firms that served ….
      9A. … as cutouts for laundering money to cabal operatives and media influence operations, all of whom were involved in the seditious conspiracy to undermine, obstruct and remove a duly elected POTUS.
      10. These phases are: Investigation, Public Consciousness-Raising, and the Counter-Attack (a/k/a Prosecution).
      11. The Investigation Phase has been ongoing since before December 2016, but various investigations (e.g., on leakers, FISA abuse, and the Clinton Foundation) were accelerated over the past year and are virtually complete…”

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  2. Rocket says:

    who dat?

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  3. Cache says:

    Please don’t leave us hanging!

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  4. InfidelDefiler says:

    Jared Kushner

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  5. starfcker says:

    “After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the current White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state…. stay tuned.” Now THAT will be news.

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  6. Ryan Gordon says:

    Say what??? Insider still in the WH trying to bring it down??? Please elaborate.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Why should he elaborate and give a heads up to the traitor?

      Come on man…..

      It’s good enough to know there is one……and they are gonna get caught….


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  7. terry says:

    I’ll bet Sundance thinks it’s Kelly Ann Conway.

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  8. tav144 says:

    What a pregnant pause! Do tell!


  9. Thomas says:

    It’s got to be Brennan


    • Suzanne says:

      Brennan isn’t inside the white house… my first thought (please let me wrong) was Pence

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      • vikingmom says:

        Honestly, sadly…that makes the most sense to me as well.

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        • mvneeds2016 says:

          Sadly, me too.

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          • 🍺Gunjy66 says:

            Pence……But they have to get him out quietly…..or maybe not

            I remember a while back Pence was at a meeting, I believe in South America and that Chamber of Commerce guy was bad mouthing the President big time…….Pence and him were “high giving” each other and looked like real pals…etc

            I think whoever it is is “Deep In” or someone whom the President had immense trust in

            We will see…

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      • Snow Patrol says:

        Suzanne, you might be right. If I remember correctly, Pence got one of those “notes” at the Bush funeral (like Hilary, Obama, and 43), and he did not look happy. Made me think “hmmmmm”.

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        • CountryDoc says:

          Surely, after it was Brought to everyone’s attention, the content of those notes has been discovered. At least the note that was given to Pence. Pence has been sort of a nondescript white hat. Very white. Christian white. Purity in interactions with women white. Ultra conservative in actions and interactions to preserve his image white. Maybe too white.But I have never heard any tarnishment in the distant past. His work and effect in the white house has been blah — but that is the nature of all VPs. I’ve never seen a dynamo VP. In fact, he seemed to be working on assignments in collaboration with PDJT moreso than most. But never attracted any real political or policy limelight.

          I still would be surprised.

          Kushner, I can’t imagine PDJT would give a family member so much power against the reservations about nepotism if he didn’t really have confidence in him. Same for the President’s daughter.

          Likely someone who has been laying low, and staying in the peripheral zone, but active enough to stay in the inner circle of action, and with access to the headquarters/central planning of the Deep State/Uniparty.

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        • Archimedes Claw says:

          Lindsey Graham got one of those notes too.

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        • Iamcat says:

          Pence cold shouldered Trump at the funeral.


  10. Cache says:

    Was the red star filled with “tell us what happened” referring to to the McCabe indictment, your insertion into the video?

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    • Maquis says:

      It was, though I’m not certain who “doctored” the video.

      I suspect perhaps why we’ve seen no action on McCabe is because that indictment is small potatoes compared to the rest of his crimes and discovery would yield too much information to the ongoing Conspirators who we are only just beginning to see traction against. He will pay.

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  11. He never answered the question, what happened to McCabe’s criminal referral. What is the point of a criminal referral if nothing happens; worse than nothing, the guy writes a book and goes on tv and says the POTUS is a Russian agent..

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      Pre Cisely. Thus far, a “criminal referral” and $2.75 will get you on the bus/subway in NYC. I want investigations, indictments, penitentiary sentences. More in regard to the latter it seems after some 150 hrs. of non-contiguous and unbiased study at least three (3) of these treasonous conspirators crimes are so profound as to equal the death penalty. Two others (2) are damn close, and may yet join the other 3.

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  12. Koot Katmando says:

    I say Pence. Once a Senator always a Senator. Never trust anyone from the Senate. I suspect Sessions and Pence were part of the senate insurance. The DOJ and FBI could not do what they did without the Rs helping or at least looking away. Just like the Rs let Obama IRS go after the Tea Party they let the swamp go after PDT.

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  13. Git-R-Done says:

    My guess is Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is the traitor and deep state enabler.

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  14. Catherine Thompson says:

    Being from Indiana I would absolutely be shocked if is was Pence. Coats I could easily see that. I have been suspicious for quite some time of Kelly Anne.

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  15. Zorro says:

    It’s not Sarah Sanders.

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  16. Perot Conservative says:

    Sundance has figured out the DS mole?

    I thought there were several.

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    • dwpender says:

      Dedicated Resistance operatives proliferate throughout DOJ, CIA, FBI, State and most (if not all) other Cabinet Departments and alphabet-soup agencies, commissions, boards, administrations, services, bureaus, offices, etc. We have over 2 million non-military federal employees. had hoped that, after 2 years, these types were at least gone from the circle of White House insiders. I guess my hope was forlorn.

      P.S. Note that a Secret Service or other “security” type might be in some sense a White House “insider” (with the access to do great harm), even though not a member of the President’s policy team.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      Sundance said there is collabaoration

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  17. Dutchman says:

    Not Jared, NOT Kelly ann Conway. Dan Coates and Pence seem like best guesses so far.
    “So many traitors and spies, so little time!”

    I really LIKE the red star, “Answer the fricken question! would be a good ‘banner’.

    I really don’t think the attempt to limit the fallout to FBI/DOJ is going to be any more successful than any of the other excuses or rationalisations or defences of the indefensible.

    About as unworkable as “I guess I got bad intelligence.”

    NO, you MANUFACTURED bad intelligence, and your BUSTED, John!

    Sucks to be you! And John, your nightstand is calling,…will you answer?

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    • Zorro says:

      “current White House “insider””

      Coats isn’t a WH insider.

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    • Derangement Syndrome says:

      Yes, Pence or Coates for sure, or perhaps both. Maybe they were the 2 who said yes to Rodentsteins’ 25th amendment question?

      Coates is a flagrant seditonist in my opinion. His penchant for contradicting the President in regards to intelligence assessments is beyond habitual. Whether he’s before Congress or at high level conferences behind Trump’s back. He’s also the snake holding back declassification.

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    • Flight93Gal says:

      Mercedes Schlapp


  18. Derangement Syndrome says:

    Has Lindsey Graham reached “insider” status yet?

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  19. Sammy says:

    Sorry just want to clarify you used the word “current”, which would imply they are new as a “insider” or new in deep state collaboration? Looking at the pictures you choose is it Wray or Nunes, Rosy has always been suspect. For them to collaborate they have to have power of their own that is not derived from the President so can’t be any of his aids, Horowitz? Head of the current DNI,

    “Insider” would imply they don’t actually work in the White House… Lindsay Graham ?


  20. Molly says:

    I think Kellyanne Conway occurs to a lot of people–certainly Corey Lewandowski wasn’t crazy about her, and a few other people loyal to Trump have wondered….

    BTW, Pence was never in the Senate–he was in the House. Doesn’t help much, since some extremely creepy people have been and are in the House.

    I too hope it’s not Pence.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      Pence is not a “WH insider”—–He is a duly elected VP. POTUS didn’t hire him. If he wasn’t pleased he would give him meaningless tasks—-not important diplomatic assignments.


  21. Scott says:

    Hmm, might be over thinking here: Sundance used the term insider in quotation marks. It may not be a true “insider” but someone who claims to be. Lots of angles right now


    • Sparty says:

      Wow. I started my addiction to CTH after this article by SD. I read it. Holy cow. Here is a thought: hubby George making a total ruckus yet Trump doesn’t fire her. She is interviewed recently and SD notes how strange the whole thing is. I watched it and her answers in defense of her husband wreaked of dishonesty, confusion. Trump keeping her around….to keep her well paid and locked into a NDA. If she screws up and gets caught leaking classified info? Trump has leverage. I’m not thinking Pence is holding the shiv. Kellyanne or Coats. I don’t like Coats. Just a gut feel on that guy.

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      • CountryDoc says:

        Maybe that’s the ticket. She is a captive enemy and he won’t fire her, and she can’t do anything overt. Husband trying to get her fired, but Trump won’t do it — would explain his behavior

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    • All Too Much says:

      “Whether Conway is the hand placing the scorpion into the bed sheets of Trump, or whether she is the scorpion itself, is yet to be determined. However, one thing appears quite clear, she was not put into the Trump campaign to ensure his election. Exactly the opposite appears true.”


  22. akaPatience says:

    Is this related to the anonymous NYT op-ed written last year by a supposed WH insider and secret Resistance member?

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    • Angel Martin says:

      My pick for NYT Anonymous was always McGahn. He had actually been fired a week before the editorial, but his leave date was to be after Kavanaugh was confirmed.

      McGahn surfaced again this week with some leaked comments via some Romney group that were mildly complimentary of Trump (more misdirection from this snake).

      And now we have leaks that McGahn was the only one who hurt Trump with what he said to Mueller

      There are many more snakes in the WH Counsel’s office hired by McGahn that are still there.

      A traitor in the WH Counsel’s office would be especially helpful to the Deep State: “You can’t do that Mr President, it would be evidence for Mueller of obstruction”.

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      • Elle says:

        I was reading a politico article yesterday titled What Will Really Matter in the Mueller Report that may lend support:

        Another potential factual issue that might emerge from the report would be the advice of former White House counsel Don McGahn regarding the firing of James Comey. McGahn reportedly gave Trump a marked-up copy of a letter that Trump aide Stephen Miller drafted at Trump’s direction offering an unvarnished view of Trump’s thinking regarding the firing of Comey. If Mueller’s investigators found that McGahn had counseled Trump not to fire Comey but did not alert the president to any potential criminal consequences, then Trump could argue that he had sought advice from an attorney and did not believe he was obstructing justice because his attorney did not raise the issue. Much will depend on the precise wording of answers to very precisely worded questions.


  23. Zippy says:

    Didn’t answer the question on what the hell a “criminal referral” accomplishes. Maybe it’s clearance to go on a book tour like Comey did?

    Pfffft… what a farce. Statute of limitations (SOL) for those involved in the 2015 origins of Spygate will end in 2020. This will all be an intentionally delayed nothingburger just as the “great revelation” linked to below was a YEAR ago and if anything IS ever revealed that could lead to actual criminal prosecutions it will only be revealed after the SOL has expired.

    Inspector General’s Report Expected to Declare FBI, DOJ Broke Law in Clinton E-mail Probe
    18 May 2018

    The much-anticipated and long-awaited report by Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz, shown, is complete, soon to be released, and promises to be explosive.

    That report, which was previously said to be scheduled for release by late May, is now complete. Fox News reported Thursday:

    Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the draft report was done in a letter to members of Congress on Wednesday. He did not say when the results of the review will be officially released to the FBI, DOJ and congressional committees.

    But the inspector general said he has provided a draft report to the Department and the FBI, and requested that they review it to identify any information that should be protected from disclosure.

    “Additionally, consistent with our usual process, we have asked the Department and FBI to provide us with any comments they wish us to consider regarding the report’s accuracy and completeness,” Horowitz wrote in his letter to lawmakers.

    And Breitbart reported:

    A new report suggests an imminent Inspector General (IG) report may rule that FBI and Justice Department officials broke the law in their handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

    Investigative reporter Paul Sperry said Thursday that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has “found ‘reasonable grounds’ for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI/DOJ’s handling of the Clinton investigation/s,” adding that the top watchdog official has “referred his findings of potential criminal misconduct to [Utah’s top federal prosecutor John] Huber for possible criminal prosecution.”

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  24. USA First! says:

    “ After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the current White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state…. stay tuned. “

    Wow! Sundance dropping megabomb!

    I wonder who it is???

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    • USA First! says:

      My best guess is DNI Dan Coats. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pence wasn’t part of it also. Something isn’t right under the surface about him. IMHO.

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    • Zippy says:

      LOL. The most EFFECTIVE one judging from his obvious anti-MAGA effects on PDJT’s actions, I’d say his “formerly staunch Democrat, donated over $10,000 to Democratic campaigns from age 11” son-in-law.

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    • rayvandune says:

      What the hell is a “collaborative Machiavellian program”? Collaborative implies more than one player, or does SD really just meant a “collaborator” working with the Dems?

      And who is running the “program”? Cannot be the one(s) on the inside – that would be crazy because it would be possible for Trump to turn them, like Brits turned every Nazi spy, and the Dems would always be second-guessing themselves. Bad juju. Many of us have been looking for the hidden guiding hand… gotta be either Obama/Valjar or Hillary, nobody else has the stature and audacity to command. I pick the former. And Hillary is a dumbass, almost blew the whole thing running her own business instead of looking after the Main Objective.


    • safvetblog says:

      This called “flushing the game”, n’est-cec pas?

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  25. Tl Howard says:

    I don’t know if I’d call him a WH “insider” but any one member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff OR their spokesperson?

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  26. JRD says:

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      Let’s compare to see what EconChick is full of:
      1) A state of anxious uncertainty.
      2) Arrested, Perp-walked, Body-cavity searched, Humiliated, Bankrupted, Convicted, Jailed for 20+ years, Die in prison as broken forgotten men in shackles while the witch they ruined themselves for cackles.

      Oh yeah, Comey and Brennan are just hopin’ and a prayin’ for Door #2…



    “After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the current White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state…. stay tuned.”

    You have my undivided attention!!
    My money is on DNI Coates.

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  28. Jim in TN says:

    That will be great to know.
    However, when haven’t there been multiple insiders working against the President?
    And there always seems to be another to step up the resistance as each gets fired.
    And we hire them to take the vacant jobs.

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  29. Sammy says:

    Sorry just want to clarify you used the word “current”, which would imply they are new as a “insider” or new in deep state collaboration? Looking at the pictures you choose is it Wray or Nunes, Rosy has always been suspect, so has Wray. For them to collaborate they have to have power of their own that is not derived from the President so can’t be any of his aids, Horowitz? Head of the current DNI? You wrote 3 years, so they have had be around from the start, Wray came on board in Aug 2017′

    “Insider” could imply they don’t actually work in the White House… Lindsay Graham?

    Pence was never a Senator only a House member, he’s the one who put in the plan to resist Obama and dems in 2010 when they had super majorities and he was the Governor of Indiana. I see no reason for him to throw his lot with the deep state, I think he is loyal to Trump because he would be stupid not to be and I don’t think he is stupid.


  30. John says:

    Current CIA director, Gina Haskell. Remember the several countries can spy on American citizens (using our infrastructure) and get surveillance and share it with deep state.

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  31. The Akh says:

    Is this “insider” also one of the cabinet members who was willing to join in the 25th amendment effort. Who was in place and is still in position since early 2017?

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    • Derek says:

      Pence always seems to escape ridicule in the press compared to everyone else … always been weird to me

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      • Your Tour Guide says:


        Not saying it’s him, but that’s a big heads up.
        Look at all the stellar press McCain got when
        he wasn’t running for president. YTG rule of
        thumb: MSM goes easy on a Republican.
        Consider him worthy of a future police line up.


  32. L4grasshopper says:

    An awful lot of posters don’t seem to understand that to be a “current White House insider” one has to be working IN the White House 🙂

    That leaves out Cabinet Members, Congress Critters, and anyone not currently employed.

    We’re likely talking “West Wing” person here folks. A staffer, whether appointed or Civil Service.


  33. stats guy says:

    There’s many candidates, for example I’ve never trusted either of the Schlapps, Mercedes or her husband.

    This whole thing looks to me like network-centric warfare. Wittes suggested as much the day after the election. So I looked up net-centric warfare

    The tenets of network-centric warfare are:[7]

    Tenet 1: A robustly networked force improves information sharing.

    Tenet 2: Information sharing and collaboration enhance the quality of information and shared situational awareness.

    Tenet 3: Shared situational awareness enables self-synchronization.

    Tenet 4: These, in turn, dramatically increase mission effectiveness.

    Obviously the instant communication environment helps this hugely. Jornolist was net-centric 1.0. We are well beyond that now.

    The self-synchronization is obvious (and a little clumsy) when we see wave after wave of headlines and stories using the same words regardless of source. I watch FNC occasionally and I swear the news crawl at the bottom of the screen looks like a Mother Jones feed half the time


    • CountryDoc says:

      The same process of self synchronization is how the commenters on CTH works. We have a common mission — A country congruent with the constitution, its purpose, and the Creator who guided its founders.

      Their purpose is to tear it down. But for what underlying principle. What synchronizes them? I think it is the people with the money, and who are getting the money flowing out of the U.S. economy. There are others who want to tear us down for other reasons — but they would not be effective if it were not for the money and maniuplations supplied by those who are successfully leeched on to the U.S. economy: The Uniparty, the Bilderburg group, Soros (wherever he fits). That is where we need to be aiming. Expose them in an effective way, cut off their money, so the citizens of the Republic what they have done to us in a way that the constitution becomes important to them again, and worth shedding blood for.

      That is what we are developing and cultivating.


    • Elle says:

      “I watch FNC occasionally and I swear the news crawl at the bottom of the screen looks like a Mother Jones feed half the time”

      Completely agree.

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  34. Nigella says:

    My monies on Kelly Ann

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  35. trapper says:

    Who was it who blew the whistle on the illegal NSA database searches, put an immediate stop to them, but then destroyed all the illegal searches and search results, effectively burning the paper trail that would have been needed to identify and prosecute the wrongdoers? Some hero.


  36. splat! says:

    i love a good cliffhanger.


  37. Can we have a hint -well known or not well known “insider’ ? and while I.m asking hint about scheme – roadblocks or something more sinister /dangerous to VSG Trump’s election chances ?


  38. IAWulf says:

    Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation

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  39. Miller says:

    If Sundance says CTH has been working on this for 3 years, that means whoever it is has been with him since almost the start of Trumps campaign, mid-late 16 and is still there. That kinda narrows it down.

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  40. lolli says:

    Dang it. I won’t sleep tonight.

    I keep thinking of the Pence/Flynn thing. Plus, I think Pence brought in bush people. And he is such good pals with Eddie Munster.
    Doesn’t mean it’s him. Just thinking.

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  41. Perot Conservative says:

    Tidbits for Treepers: Blueberry, & Mafia.

    FWIW, Brad P will be the Campaign Manager for 2020. Interesting?

    Conway’s Secret Service code name is Blueberry.

    She allegedly clocked a man in the face 3 times at an election party. Originally supported Ted Cruz.

    And this from Wiki: “A 1992 New Jersey Organized Crime Commission report identified Conway’s grandfather, Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale, as a mob associate of the Philadelphia crime family…”

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  42. Maria: “When you have a criminal referral… Andrew McCabe is on a book tour… when you have a criminal referral, what comes next?@

    Me: You KNOW the answer or you wouldn’t have asked that question.

    NOTHING will come out of it because our DoJ is STILL rotten to the core. NO ONE WILL GO TO JAIL.


  43. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Maybe Wray?
    Gives that smirky creepy feeling!


  44. j'accuse says:

    This will all come down to Barr and whether he’s willing and able to orchestrate a movement toward a broader investigation into FBI misconduct in handling the Steele dossier and likely crimes committed by submitting parts of it to the FISA court. That focus should be tightly focused on FISA abuse in the beginning. Keep it simple — the Steele dossier is a fake/phony product of oppo research that despite being unverified was submitted to the FISA court to obtain a surveillance warrant on an American citizen.
    Stay away from the quicksand of trying to sell a larger conspiracy theory by trying to tie together Halper’s activities and Comey’s et al actions after the election. That is the easiest way for Democrats to shoot down an investigation — making the mistake of ‘connecting the dots’ and proposing a grand theory which is met by the usual eyeroll and laughter. Keep the initial criminal inquiry as narrow as possible which is why FISA abuse is the obvious choice — proving it is straightforward factually, it is easy for the public to understand, involves important Constitutional rights and most of the key players were involved.
    Plenty of evidence exists in the form of documents and witness testimony to justify Barr in opening a criminal inquiry into FISA abuse which entails the crimes mentioned by Meadows. Ohr’s testimony to congress is absolutely central and is the true ‘bombshell’ that shows top FBI/DOJ officials were briefed by him on the involvement of Steele, Fusion GPS’ and the Clinton campaign/DNC. FBI/DOJ knew all about the dossier’s origins as oppo research yet at best obfuscated if not outright concealed these facts from the FiSA court. The added bonus is that the dossier appears to be false with no substantive claims having been verified.
    Ohr’s testimony gets you a grand jury and allows you to start questioning witnesses one by one which is the only way to get to the bottom of the scandal. Again by keeping the inquiry laser focused on FISA abuse you can make a compelling case to the American people of likely FBI misconduct and violation of a citizen’s civil rights.
    Barr may choose a different but equally effective approach because I have no idea what evidence he has seen — he has access to everything I’m told. However the Steele dossier is central and the fact it is likely wholly untrue is a gift from the gods.

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    • Nice commentary – good reading and a viable synopsis. My jury is still “out” on AG Barr. I would hope to see multiple grand juries going at the same time. If AG Barr is okay with it or behind it, he’ll have my vote of confidence. I believe he will demand justice for those in LE that not only have tarnished the FBI/DOJ institutions, but also who broke the law.


  45. Personally I think it is Kelly Anne Conway – she was hired by Candidate Trump July 1, 2016 ( nearly 3 years ago) , her husband’s rants are a beard for her , she was Ted Cruz’s campaign manager for pete’s sake and she publicly ” dated” Lindsay Graham back in the 90s as his beard ( willing accomplice to the deception) She has long-standing ties to the Senate Deep State Uniparty and I don’t trust her despite her public TV appearances, i.e. talk is cheap and that is what she does for a living, IMHO


  46. Johnny says:

    Bring the Mooch back. He will run them out on a rail. He is fearless and the staff despise him because he does not play the little kingdoms game that the civil service personnel like to play.

    Just my opinion. Sometimes you need a sledgehammer or wrecking ball to clear everything down to the foundation, so you get a nice plumb and level backbone of your structure. The way Sundance said insider, made me think of DNI Coates.

    Sundance let me thank you for all the information you gather and prioritize in your reporting. You are definitely a warrior of the technology age. You have made my insatiable appetite for knowledge on the traitors to our country so easy for someone of wrong generation on the computer and internet age. I come here everyday to read the info provided and also to read all the great comments, and occasionally to vent my cold anger in a comment.

    Can someone steer me to the donations site? I do not have much, but I would like to make this my way of helping.

    God Bless You Sundance.

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  47. dd_sc says:

    “The current White House “insider” …”

    As in the current mole in a long list of moles going back to inaguration?

    I’d have to go war mongering neocon John Bolton on that one. After Flynn was removed, the National Security Advisor has been one neocon NeverTrumper after another. Bolton fired some key MAGA people when he came on, and seems to make assinine comments at key moments to undermine Trump – Pompeo – Lighthizer policy.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Bolton hasn’t been at the WH for very long. This is someone who has been around for 3yrs.


      • dutzie60 says:

        Maybe not, could be someone that replaced another “insider” – working within the collaboration?


        • dd_sc says:

          That’s the way I was thinking. The National Security Advisor is the mole within the administration controlled by the Deep State regardless of who actually holds the position. Force Flynn out, then put your mole in. Security clearance and full access to POTUS including travel. Near impossible to find an outsider for that position; always a member of the bureaucratic state.


    • Albertus Magnus says:

      This is who came to my mind as well. As Sandra points out, he hasn’t been in the WH for long but was definitely with the campaign since 2016 and a policy “insider” that struck me as odd given his longtime neo-con history and indebtedness to the Bushes.

      Liked by 1 person

  48. Alison Wilson says:

    My money’s on Rick Perry. A one time Dem, a “Bush” Rep (and L. Governor to the same), and ran for the office himself. In 2016 he came out as opposed to a wall. Don’t like him, don’t trust him.


  49. 🍺Gunny66 says:


    OK here I go….

    1. Put in charge of the transition team…almost all he recommended are gone.
    2. Put in charge of pushing bills through Congress. How did that work out?
    3. Put in charge of eliminating voter fraud. This was during the Georgia special election. How did that work out?
    4. Pence was in South America waving happily behind Tom Donahue…Donahue gave a blistering speech against the President. Pence said Nothing.
    5. During the taped Bush/pu88y gate tape scandal, Pence said nothing to defend the President .
    6. Pence fired Gen Flynn for supposed lying to him
    7. Now he is in charge of Space Exploration….has he said anything about that?
    8. Pence was placed as Vice President by the RNC.. This is a tradition for decades, like the DNC picks the VP. Then Preibus is picked as Chief of Staff. How did that work out?
    9. Pences personal physician ravaged the Presidents nominee, Jackson, forcing him to drop out. Pence said nothing about it.
    10. Pence visited the Border during the Caravan arrival at the border. He spoke to the press saying: “Don’t worry, we will let them all in.”

    World Stage.

    North Korea hit out at US Vice President Mike Pence, calling him “ignorant and stupid” as the reclusive state made a renewed threat to cancel an upcoming summit between the two countries.

    Choe Son Hui, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, released a statement via the state-run KCNA news agency lambasting a recent media interview Pence gave to Fox News.
    “I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the US vice-president,” she said in the statement.

    In his interview with Fox, Mr Pence warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that it would be a “great mistake” to try to play Washington ahead of a planned summit with President Donald Trump in Singapore.
    He also said North Korea could end up like Libya, whose former leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed in an uprising years after giving up atomic weapons, “if Kim Jong-un doesn’t make a deal”.

    It may not be Pence….but it should be….

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