President Trump Supports Using Sanctuary Cities to Centralize Housing for Illegal Aliens – (Transcript)…

Earlier today President Trump tweeted his support for a plan to use sanctuary cities to house border crossers pending their asylum hearings:

In response to the tweet, President Trump was ask for additional commentary during a White House event to support 5G infrastructure development:

[Transcript] Q — can you tell us your plans about sanctuary cities and illegal migrants? (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you know, the people that are putting sanctuary cities where they’re not even wanted — because as you know, in California and other places, a lot of communities want to get out of sanctuary cities; they don’t want them. But they always seem to have open arms.

So we thought rather than moving the illegal immigrants to other parts of the country — first of all, we’re getting them and we’re doing the best we can with very bad laws. We have to change the laws. But we’re apprehending thousands and thousands of people a day, and the law only allows us to hold them, as you know, for 20 days because of the most ridiculous laws, probably, we have in this country.

If Ajit had laws like that for 5G, you wouldn’t have anything built. You’d never have the first cell put up.

But we have horrible, old-fashioned laws that are put in by the Democrats. We’re willing to change them. We can do it in — I used to say 45 minutes; we can do it in 15 minutes — whether it’s catch and release or chain migration or any of them.

The asylum laws are absolutely insane. They come up. In many cases, they’re rough gang members. In many cases, they’re people with tremendous crime records and they’re given a statement to read by lawyers that stand there waiting for them, “Read this statement.” And it says, “I have great fear for my life. I have great fear for being in my country.” Even though, in some cases, some of these people are holding their country’s flags and waving their country’s flags. And then they talk about the fear they have of being in the country — that the flag they were waving freely.

So we are looking at the possibility — strongly looking at it, to be honest with you. California, the governor wants to have a lot of people coming in, refugees coming in. A lot of sanctuary cities. So we’ll give them to the sanctuary cities, maybe, to take care of, if that’s the way they want it — because we can only hold them, under the current law, for 20 days. So we apprehend them by the thousands and thousands a day.

I have to say Border Patrol has been incredible. The job they’re doing is incredible. The wall is going up. It’s going up fairly rapidly. We’re doing another big section. We start another big section tomorrow. But we’re building miles and miles of wall.

And we’re going to have — I think we’ll be close to 400 miles built by the end of next year. We need that. Just got back from Texas, and some of the ranchers told me — you look at Brooks County, you look at other places — some of the ranchers told me you have bodies lying all over the land of people where the coyotes give them a can of soda and they give them a sandwich and they say, “Houston is 300 miles in that direction.” And the people don’t know what that means. That means they can’t make it. That means they have no chance and they die. It’s something I never heard. I never heard it to this extent. Many people die. And they’ll say, “Just head in that direction.”

And we are doing a lot about it. If we had the wall, we wouldn’t have that. If we had the wall, people wouldn’t be coming up. Mexico is now apprehending and bringing back to the various countries that we’re talking about — Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador — they’re bringing people back to those countries; Colombia, to a certain extent — and they’re going back to those countries.

But we could fix that and so fast if the Democrats would agree. But if they don’t agree, we might as well do what they always say they want: We’ll bring the illegal — really, you call them the “illegals.” I call them the “illegals.” They came across the border illegally. We’ll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it, whether it’s a state or whatever it might be.

California certainly is always saying, “Oh, we want more people.” And they want more people in their sanctuary cities. Well, we’ll give them more people. We can give them a lot. We can give them an unlimited supply. And let’s see if they’re so happy. They say, “We have open arms.” They’re always saying they have open arms. Let’s see if they have open arms.

The alternative is to change the laws, and we can do it very, very quickly, very easily. Okay? Okay?

♦  Q Are you asking for more troops on the border as well?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re going to put more troops on the border, yeah. We’re going to. And, you know, the thing is, our country is doing so well economically. We’re setting records that a lot of people are coming up for that reason. A lot of people are coming up for bad reasons too.

We have a lot of very, very bad people with big criminal records trying to get through. And the Border Patrol has done an incredible job with them. Those are our focus. They really have done a really incredible job. And when they have been through, and when they’ve been let through over the years — ICE — all over Long Island — and they come and they get them and they take them back, and we get them the hell out of here.

That’s happening all over our country. ICE. But the job that ICE and that, really, Border Patrol does is an incredible job. And law enforcement in this country is — the job they’re doing is really incredible.

You know, I don’t know if you saw the crime stats, but the statistics are that crime is way down in our country over the last year. Way, way down. And so that’s despite all of the problems we have at the border. And we’re straightening that out.

So, on sanctuary cities, as per your question, we are giving very strong consideration to having people — after a 20-day period — because, again you’re not allowed, legally, to hold them for more than that — we will move them into sanctuary cities.

Thank you very much everybody. Thank you.

END 2:57 P.M. EDT

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275 Responses to President Trump Supports Using Sanctuary Cities to Centralize Housing for Illegal Aliens – (Transcript)…

  1. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    LOL, I love our President!

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  2. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  3. chojun says:

    This is brilliant strategy on President Trump’s part.

    The plan, in reality, was already discussed and decided against. But nevertheless, the Democrats are outraged at the thought it was ever considered. They and the media are completely up-in-arms about it, despite the fact that the plan was discussed and killed months and months ago, never getting past the idea phase.

    This is because their hypocrisy has been exposed. They don’t actually want Illegals in the US – the reality is they burden the already delicate social welfare system – but the so-called “sanctuary city” policy is simply a lure for these people to come into the United States. It’s then hoped that they filter throughout society, and maybe fill out an illegal voter registration or two.

    Trump is a master at exposing hypocrisy.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      My sister and her church still go down and build houses in Mexico (after 35 years). She knows how I feel about it…..especially since not far from their church are Portland homeless camps.

      She herself lives in a 3500 sqft house with 4 extra bedrooms and a living area downstairs. I’ve told her she could fit about 3 Mexican families downstairs.

      Crickets….gets pissy and stomps off.

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    • What if the plan was once discussed, dismissed … and is now under further review .. is now being influenced by the firestorm burning .. now has dems falling face first into a brilliant political trap (I sense Stephen Miller)

      Trump likely did not see this wrinkle coming .. but the latest media meltdown is ripe with opportunity for him.

      The Border = Reelection

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    • Potus has invented the ART of TROLL-TRIGGERING.

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    • dagnyshrug says:

      I wonder why they decided against it. I think it’s logical. I don’t see how it hurts Trump in 2020. He doesn’t stand an electoral chance in these areas even though some republicans and independents live in them. If they turn on him it won’t matter, although I do feel bad for them generally.

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  4. All Too Much says:

    Cloward-Pliven shoved down their collective throat.
    Has as an Art of War feel to it.

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  5. joan p calhoun says:

    It is so much fun to watch these Progressive twist themselves into knots. They are going nuts over this. Brilliant, sir president, brilliant!

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  6. andyocoregon says:

    Boston Globe columnist suggests food servers tamper with soon-to-be-former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s food. And it was actually published by that rag, then eventually retracted. Sick!

    tampering with soon-to-be-former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s food

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  7. CNN_sucks says:

    Drop them all at the gate of these politicians’s homes. Erect all tents in their backyards. Make sanctuary state great again.

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    • Deception Stinks says:

      Born and raised in the beautiful state of California; hate going back to visit relatives ~ here’s why …
      Orange County California is now a shit hole NWO – YouTube

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  8. Eric French says:


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  9. Teri Hughes says:

    Another brilliant move by our President to expose the hypocrisy and lies of the Left. You go Mr President !

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  10. This is straight from Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”:


    I’m glad the President is considering this. It makes the Progs admit THEY don’t really want that burden

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  11. rustybritches says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with going ahead with this plan, I don’t understand why the Dems are having such a hard time with it, They wanted them brought into Texas & Arizona to flood our homes and such, but they don’t want to take the Responsibility for any of them? Well my goodness, to bad, McConnell seems to be trying to tell the President that unless he checks with him every time he wants to do something he will be shut down every time, I think Ole McConnell s power has gone to his lope sided head,
    This president has just walked out from under the biggest Hoax in the world and yet the Dems and the all out Rino’s are no where near trying to play fair with him so mitch Look out
    This president has 9 ways of Sunday at getting even with you, Its time for the American people to kick that man to the curb and be done with him.
    Mrs Graham has put together a bill that will take your guns away and he is working with the Dems in order to do this dirty deed, I have never in my life been more ashamed of the Republicans than I am right now and I just cant believe that PT just keeps giving the Republicans credit for doing anything the dems have been in office 100 days and they have
    a big flat 0 Nothing done for all that time. Sick all of them need to kick them all to the curb and start over

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  12. woohoowee says:

    If giving the Progtards more illegals than they can handle doesn’t work out in USA’s favor, perhaps closing the border is in order? (bold added)


    By James Long | April 2, 2019 at 4:12 PM CDT – Updated April 2 at 4:12 PM

    FAYETTEVILLE, AR (KFVS) – Fifteen people have been sentenced by the U.S. District Court in connection to a methamphetamine trafficking ring which operated in Benton and Washington Counties in Arkansas. The drug ring also operated in California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arizona and Mexico.

    The drugs were distributed in Northwest Arkansas area from California and Mexico.
    Once sold, large amounts of money loaded in vehicles were driven back to Mexico as payment for the methamphetamine via the Laredo, Texas port of entry.

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  13. Piggy says:

    He should do this.

    All Illegals to Sanctuary Cities.

    All Refugees to Hawaii.

    Shoot or capture Coyotes.

    EO to stop work permits for BS asylum claims.

    More tariffs on Mexico or charge them for each illegal who passes through at 10 x what they cost Americans per year.

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  14. California Joe says:

    Send them to San Francisco and Hawaii since they love them so much especially to the neighborhoods where the 9th Circuit judges live!

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    • In addition to Hawaii and SF, send them to NYC, Alaska (Murkowski), Maine (Collins), and Utah (Romney).

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        little – I would be happy to escort the “refugees” up to Romney’s mansion on the hillside in SLC or his ski villa in Deer Valley, since I live in Utah. They could also hang with him at his beach home in La Jolla and perhaps the family compound at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Lots of extra rooms!!!

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      CJ – Also, send a nice healthy group of these invaders to Seattle and watch that city collapse into the abyss of druggies AND illegals. Maybe then the idiots legislators up there would come to their senses and try to salvage their once beautiful city.

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  15. Blind no longer says:

    What a fabulous President we have !!! LMAO…you want more refugees, here you go!! How does that old Journey song go….Open Arms…LOL

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  16. ve says:

    Dems want the illegals to infiltrate cities that vote Republican, so they will vote illegally and swing red to blue. But when Trump says he will deposit the illegals in “sanctuary cities” that, by definition, are already blue, that pulls the entire rug out from under the Dems. Brilliant!

    Please DO IT President Trump, and DEFY any court order that attempts to stop you.

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  17. Sparky5253 says:

    Trump will win 2020 in a huge landslide if he places these migrants in all the sanctuary cities. Nothing like giving the Dems a taste of their own medicine!

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  18. NJF says:

    I literally can’t express enough how much I love this man’s fighting spirit. I’ve always thought HE IS FEARLESS!

    Was watching the FBN show @5, & the panel’s panties were completely twisted. They had the Mooch on and he said “look the POTUS has been trying to solve this issue for over 2 years & Dems won’t come to the table.”

    Everyone said “he’s being petty” to which Mooch said “this is 1 part petty and 2 parts exposing lib hypocracy”

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  19. Stillwater says:

    Trump is doing the same thing he is doing with problem countries and regions around the world. Assigning responsibility to the appropriate parties.

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  20. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    Yes, i want my president to do this!

    Here are some additional ideas:

    Tell the invader, if you leave this sanctuary, you will be deported immediately.

    After being bussed to the sanctuary, i want president TRUMP to bill the city/state for:
    transportation costs,
    detaining at border costs,
    costs of first time capture outside of sanctuary, & cost of the one free meal they will receive before being deposited in sanctuary.

    These costs can be deducted from any federal funding they receive.

    Just like tariffs make money when we lose from imported products, why not on imported invaders?

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  21. Eric French says:

    Solves the voting issue too. Sanctuary cities are already the bluest of blue in deep blue states. More blue voters won’t mean a thing…except that the lib white congressmen will get voted out and replaced by lib Hispanics! This idea is great!

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  22. waltherppk says:

    Send them all to Puerto Rico. Make Puerto Rico a sanctuary island.

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  23. Lion2017 says:

    Do it President Trump! The Democrats have no respect for American Citizens or this Country. Shine the sunlight on their hypocrisy!

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  24. fractionalexponent says:

    Obama had a policy of bringing in bus loads of illegals far inland into towns and cities and dropping them off unannounced, without notifying the city or state.

    If President Trump could put Obama’s policy into an Executive Order, but not specifying sanctuary cities, then Trump could send them anywhere unannounced.

    This would put the left in the predicament of trying to find a judge to issue a court order to stop Trump from using Obama’s exact method.

    And remember several years ago, there was a town in southern California that got wind of an Obama drop-off and the town folks met the bus and wouldn’t let the illegals get off in their town.

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  25. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  26. montanamel says:

    10-4, good buddy….
    Let’s Roll !!!!

    I really like the idea of a “trail drive” to get them there…no one said anything about “transportation” after those 20 days “allowed”… Can we use prod’s ???… how about some gang-lines?

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  27. jx says:

    I appreciate the attitude but it’s a bad idea.

    Unless ALL federal money to that state ceases and ALL illegals are chipped for later quick ID and deportation (like when the feds have to emplace a provisional state government) /semi-sarc


    • chiefworm says:

      JX, An absolutely great idea. Chipped when they come in awaiting hearings. Chipped until they have gone through the process. Chipped until they assimilate and become citizens. The chip is only removed when citizenship occurs. Easy to read at polling places. However, caught trying to slip over the border and they receive a tattoo…on their forehead. Overstay a Visa…a tattoo on their forehead. Steal a SSN or work here illegally…a forehead tattoo.


  28. Sentient says:

    This made me think of the Treeper “Mary in Marin” who lives in Marin County in the CA Bay Area. I feel for Mary, but I’d love to see some of these illegals sent to live among the bourgeois on the side of Mt Tamalpais.

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  29. peace says:

    President Trump should figure out a way to bus these illegals back to where they came from. They need to get in line if they want to come to this country. If he has to bus them somewhere in this country, then bus them to jail and charge them with a crime.

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  30. apcharles says:

    Typical conversation with a liberal

    Liberal: We should all pay more taxes
    Me: Did you pay the most you could in taxes last year, or find loopholes?
    Liberal: My tax accountant does my taxes
    Me: Did you hire them to pay more in taxes, or the least amount possible?


    Liberal: I want my city to be a sanctuary city
    Me: Let’s move them to your city then
    Liberal: Heck no, that’s a nonstarter


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  31. Troublemaker10 says:

    Can we move thousands of FEMA trailers and porta potties to Pelosi’s neighborhood street?

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  32. Anon says:

    The real question is what would it take to convince voters in these liberal states that open borders are bad for the country. Only then will the problem be solved.

    Insulating liberal voters from the consequences of their policy preferences will only make the problem worse.

    If Congress and the Courts refuse to allow detention and deportation, Trump’s only solution is releasing illegal immigrants in the neighborhoods that voted for them. Anything else is an invitation for civil unrest, imho.

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  33. GSparrow says:

    Trump’s plan should be called “Operation Broken Arrow.”

    I don’t know who 1st posted this idea but it fits. Instead of dropping bombs on a “friendly” position to avoid annihilation or being completely overrun, it’s illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.

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    • free2313 says:

      Who Knew There Were So Many Sanctuary Cities?
      And Each City should get their fair share of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!
      Sanctuary Cities List obtained from The Center for Immigration Studies dated July 27, 2017 follows:
      Sanctuary city is a name given to a city in the United States that follows certain police procedures that shelters illegal immigrants. These procedures can be by law (de jure) or they can be by action (de facto). The term most commonly is used for cities that do not permit municipal funds or resources to be applied in furtherance of enforcement of federal immigration laws. These cities normally do not permit police or municipal employees to inquire about one’s immigration status. The designation of Sanctuary City” has no legal meaning.

      Sanctuary Cities List
      California Colorado Illinois Massachusetts New Mexico
      Oregon Vermont

      Cities and Counties California
      Alameda County Berkley Contra Costa County Los Angeles County
      Los Angeles Monterey County Napa County Oakland Riverside County
      Sacramento County San Bernardino County San Diego County
      San Francisco San Francisco County San Mateo County Santa Ana
      Santa Clara County Santa Cruz County Sonoma County Watsonville
      Arapahoe County Aurora Boulder County Denver Denver County
      Garfield County Grand County Jefferson County Larimer County
      Mesa County Pitkin County Pueblo County Routt County
      San Miguel County Weld County
      East Haven Hartford
      Alachua County Clay County
      Clayton County DeKalb County
      Benton County Cass County Franklin County Fremont County
      Greene County Ida County Iowa City Iowa City, Johnson County
      Jefferson County Marion County Monona County Montgomery County
      Pottawattamie County Sioux County
      Chicago Cook County
      Butler County Harvey County
      New Orleans
      Amherst Boston Cambridge Concord Lawrence Newton Northhampton Somerville
      Baltimore Montgomery County Prince George’s County Minnesota
      Hennepin County Mississippi Jackson Nebraska Hall County
      Sarpy County New Jersey Middlesex County Newark Ocean County
      Union County New Mexico Bernalillo County New Mexico County Jails
      San Miguel
      Washoe County
      New York
      Albany Franklin County Ithaca Nassau County New York City
      Omondaga County St. Lawrence County Wayne County
      Baker County Clackamas County Clatsop County Coos County
      Crook County Curry County Deschutes County Douglas County
      Gilliam County Grant County Hood River County Jackson County
      Jefferson County Lane Countyn Lincoln County Linn County
      Malheur County Marion County Marlon County Multnomah County
      Polk County Sherman County Springfield Tillamok County
      Umatilla County Union County Wallowa County Wasco County
      Washington County Wheeler County Yamhill County
      Bradford County Bucks County Butler County Chester County
      Clarion County Delaware County Eerie County Franklin County
      Lebanon County Lehigh County Lycoming County Montgomery County
      Montour County Perry County Philadelphia Pike County Westmoreland County
      Rhode Island
      Providence, Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Corrections
      Arlington County Chesterfield County Fairfax County
      Burlington Montpelier Winooski
      Chelan County Clallam County Clark County Cowlitz County
      Franklin County Jefferson County King County Kitsap County
      Pierce County San Juan County Skagit County Snohomish County
      Spokane County Seattle Thurston County Walla Walla County
      Wallowa County Whatcom County Yakima County


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Yippie skippy!!!!

        I knew it, but it makes it no less depressing.

        Dekalb ( cradle of corruption that I live in)
        is one of the two counties listed. Clayton is
        actually worse, but it’s because the crime’s
        been off the charts ever since Atlanta tore
        down most of of it’s projects after the Olympics.

        Guess where they sent them?.


      • zaq123 says:

        You forgot to add, Atlanta, Georgia, to your list. Mayor KeKe recently withdrew from helping ICE.


    • trishinsouthernillinois says:

      Operation Open Arms!

      Liked by 2 people

  34. pyromancer76 says:

    Perfect interim solution before all those illegals are sent back to their country of origin. Actually, probably their countries need them to work and build a decent society, if they can corral their corrupt politicians. I am not willing for all those illegals to remain in America.

    Unfortunately, living in So Cal, I already have my fill of them, but, heck, go ahead and flood Los Angeles and San Francisco and all the other sanctuary cities with their poor miserable souls. Maybe, finally, the elites will have had enough. Lots of elites seem to live in sanctuary cities, although in special zip codes. Perhaps we could house illegals in those specific zip codes, leaving the rest of us citizens to our pleasant all-American neighborhoods.


  35. Mongo says:

    Back in the 1980s Alberta Premier Ralph Klein was taking heat from the left because the province of BC paid higher rates to those on welfare than Alberta did.
    So Klein provided free bus tickets to BC for anyone on welfare in Alberta.
    That caused some squawking!


  36. Papoose says:

    Well, yeaaah. No.Yeah, they are YOUR people above Americans. Please be sure to provide entertainment, too.

    Have at it. Sanctuary, remember?


  37. trapper says:

    Please. NO. There are plenty of us who voted for PDJT who also live, whose families live, whose home towns are located, behind enemy democrat globalist lines, so to speak. We do not deserve to be sacrificed to foreign illegal aliens just to prove a point. That’s the kind of childish revenge we expected from Obama when he closed the national monuments to visiting veterans in DC when he didn’t get his continuing resolution. Please don’t take this out on us.

    Send 20,000, even 50,000 American soldiers to the border to repel the invasion in the first place. And I do mean “repel.” Don’t punish American citizens for the invasion.


  38. Your Tour Guide says:

    Fairfax County, Virginia?

    You have to be shitting me. OMG.


  39. Arrest Soros says:

    It’s worth recalling that the overwhelming majority of Germans were in favour of Aunty Merkel’s open borders policy.
    Germans loved to signal their virtue by claiming it was the right thing to do to help “those poor people escaping persecution in their fatherlands” etc.
    They welcomed these people with open arms and hugs.
    But when Merkel started dropping off thousands of medieval heathens into towns of only hundreds of people, those very same virtue signalling “kind hearted” citizens changed their minds and demanded the migrants couldn’t be accomodated.
    Now the majority of Germans don’t want any more migration.


    • Anon says:

      It definitely changes minds. Here is an example from Sweden – people want to admit refugees, say they would accept them in their home even – but completely reverse when one is presented to them.

      It’s the moral equivalent of sending other people’s kids to die in a war they don’t support.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anon says:

        The problem is Democrats blocking walls and deportations – putting illegal immigrants in their districts is the only way to persuade their voters to make a change.

        Liked by 1 person

  40. jmclever says:

    POTUS makes them own their rhetoric and then watches as the hypocrisy is revealed in glorious fashion! Haahahaha! I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Zorro says:

    Mark Levin expanded on the idea tonight. Free healthcare and college in blue states fto be financed by themselves.

    Isn’t that at the core of all liberal pandering, that someone else will pay for their “virtue” usually “free” federal money ?

    Liked by 2 people

  42. Suzy jules says:

    Tell the State Dept to designate MS13 a terrorist organization and CAIR as well. Then pull the citizenship of Ilhan, she aids and abets ISIS sympathizers.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Mr BiG Time says:

    4 more years ! 4 more years! 4 more years. MAGA.


  44. Brant says:

    Great idea, but let’s send them to states already deep blue. Not to states that are already teetering. Send to California, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Ben says:

    This isn’t just a good idea. It’s a BRILLIANT one! And even if democRats suddenly get cold feet, too bad… Obama shoved tens upon tens of thousands of third worlders into rural (conservative) districts, so the least we can do is repay the favor to big sanctuary cities… who won’t be able to use aliens on the census, to grab federal dollars! President Trump has said, all along, that he would much prefer democRats work with him to solve this problem. But all they’ve shown, to date, is that they want war and that are willing to use the endless horde of illegals to hurt this country. So, hit them hard. Then harder still. Hit them until the tattered white flag goes up. Hit them again, for good measure. Then ask them if they’ve finally learned their lesson. WE’RE GOING TO FIGHT AND WIN!!! MAGA 🙂

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  46. Fools Gold says:

    Make Sanctuary Cities Great Again or reduce the number of states in this republic is my attitude. I love the idea both ways.


  47. zaq123 says:

    I know there have been some diehard Donald J Trump supporters, no matter what he’s said and done. Then there are some that are not. I will admit that there are some things he said and done that I have not been happy about. BUUUUUTTTTTTTT………. I take a deep breath and realize that the MAN is, pretty much, fighting around 500+/- members of Congress on any given day, 5 Supreme Court Justices every day, don’t know how many lower court judges-but it’s a lot, thousands & thousands of unknown government bureaucrats, the Chamber of Commerce, foreign leaders, special interest groups, and the media.[if I missed any, I apologize].
    And while all of that is going on, he’s changing things for the better, getting the economy going, undoing the mess from the previous 28 years of globalist and/or American-hating occupants of the White House, strengthening our military once more, and renegotiating all sorts of things from a position of strength.


    Being from NY, and not far from Queens, when he opens his mouth and says some things, I smile, if not laugh out loud. He talks like a “real person” not some scripted politician. I can only fantasize what the USA would be like and where it would be headed if he had some legitimate support from Congress. But, when it comes to Congress, we have only ourselves to blame.

    With regards to what he wants to w/ illegals and sanctuary cities, while it’s something many have brought up before, he’s the only one with the ability to do it. And just the mere mention of it, he is once again exposing the LIBERAL, NIMBY, HYPOCRISY for all the world to see.

    The man can sometimes operate on a whole different level.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. pochas94 says:

    If they can find a sanctuary city that will take them, fine. If not, they go back.


  49. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    I’m concerned that the added weight of illegal immigrants might cause California to break off from the continent and capsize in the Pacific Ocean.


  50. DonnyVee says:

    I have to admit I jumped for joy when I heard this. I’m tempted to call the White House and suggest that they drop a busload in my illegal alien loving sanctuary city proponent cousin’s neighborhood in Pleasant Hill California.


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