UPDATE: Waco “Twin Peaks” Shootout – All Charges Dropped, Not a Single Successful Prosecution…

Here’s an update to a story we covered in detail for quite a while.  [All Rsearch Backstory Threads Available Here] After four years of seriously sketchy prosecutorial conduct, likely trying to cover up the number of people killed by police and SWAT units as they shot into the crowd, the McLennen county district attorney has dropped all charges against the bikers involved in the Waco “Twin Peaks” brawl.

That means the old DA and the new DA were not able to achieve a single successful prosecution of any of the 177 bike club members, after the entire group was originally rounded up and locked in jail on $1 million bonds.

This thing was FUBAR from the beginning with nine bikers killed, twenty more shot and injured, and the police trying to say they only fired 12 rounds.  Transparent nonsense made even worse when the police refused to allow the CCTV video to be released or used by the defense teams of those arrested. Total nonsense. Initially CTH graphed out hundreds of shell casings and it was clear the heavily armed police just opened fire into the crowd from three positions.  Some victims were shot while they were cowered in corners.

TEXAS – Almost four years after nine bikers were killed and 20 were injured during a shootout at the former Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, McLennan County District Attorney Barry Johnson said Tuesday he will dismiss all criminal cases against the remaining 24 defendants charged in the midday brawl.

Johnson’s decision Tuesday means that no one will be held accountable for the multiple deaths or injuries or for the chaotic battle between heavily armed, rival motorcycle clubs waged in a crowded shopping center parking lot while families were on their way to lunch after Sunday church.

In announcing his decision, Johnson said it is time to “end this nightmare that we have been dealing with in this county since May 17, 2015.”

“There were nine people who were killed on that fateful day in Waco, Texas, and 20 injured, all of whom were members of rival motorcycle clubs/gangs, and the loss of life is a difficult thing,” Johnson said. “But after looking over the 24 cases we were left with, it is my opinion as your district attorney that we are not able to prosecute any of those cases and reach our burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”  (read more)

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  1. balexanchrd says:

    McLennan* You have McClennan. As a former resident of that town, just wanted to help.

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  2. booger71 says:

    Sorta indicates most of the dead were killed by the police and the DA chose not to prosecute them, so they let the bikers go.

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      • helix- I too am not that fond of police, even the locals. Where I live in NY, there are entirely too many cops running around for such a tiny rural community.

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        • ditto here…not a huge fan of police.

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          • diogenes says:

            There’s a reason people call them badge goondas. In many instances they’re just another gang who operate “under color of law.”


            • Annie Ok says:

              The police, anywhere, are only as good as the elected/appointed officials who hire/train them. Look higher than the police. The corruption lies above them. If the cartels or communists can get control of the mayors or governors, or President Obama, they are the same as Hitler’s brown shirts, or the goons in the drug cartels. That’s the scary part. You can’t get rid of the goon-squad police until you clean up the swamp, and there are lots and lots of swamps in this country besides Washington, D.C. (L.A. and Chicago, for instance…)

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        • StrangerInAStrangeLand says:

          With the firepower, gadgets, and toys all pd’s seem to have these days – eventually they’re going want to use them (whether necessary or not)

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          • Stranger- you said it! My local sheriff’s department in a county of less than 100,000 people, has enough military gear including camo jeeps, mini “tanks” and other things that they could hold a parade.

            And this is a super low crime county.

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          • RLTW says:

            You are so right. They wear state of the art Crye uniforms, helmets and bodyarmor. They carry fully automatic HK 416s with suppressors, EOTechs, night vision goggles, IR lasers, etc. They are issued $2K match-grade 1911 Operator-Model pistols.

            They are literally kitted-out like Delta Force Operators. Never mind that beer-gut poking out from under the body armor or the fact that they have no training whatsoever and that hiring is now solely based upon race, gender and sexual preference. Merit is dead.

            If they get the wrong address and break down your door, these affirmative-action rejects will kill you and your family and they will likely get away with it.

            My retort to the eternal question of the marxist democrats as to why American Citizens need to have access to military grade weapons and equipment is this:

            Because my local police force is carrying military grade weapons and equipment to “police” me with.

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      • We have never heard any analysis of ballistics and given the police had the place surrounded and we’re firing on the “perpetrators” with assault rifles with considerably more accuracy than handguns used the perps.
        The fact that this was never even mentioned says a lot.

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      • Noah says:

        This is why I love this site. People who think. DA’s who don’t prosecute misconduct or murder by police/law enforcement are a scourge on the country, all the way to the top. When you know, law enforcement and intelligence services at the higher levels are involved in drug smuggling and working with cartels, making off-budget money from the criminal scourge, it makes the corruption even more hard to route out and more deadly. The Bundy’s murder by gov’t assassin come to mind in this as well.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      They waited a few years thinking that most people wouldn’t remember or care.

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      • Marc says:

        And they’re right. I’d all but forgotten about this.

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      • mtnforge says:

        How can one forget Waco?
        Forget, how the same armed badged leg breakers burnt 76 woman and children alive when they deliberately set the Branch Davidian’s compound on fire with incendiaries in order to literally burn up the evidence of their crimes and malfeasance against American citizens? Never mind the 24/7 media campaign to paint the Branch Davidian’s as a radical Christian cult who where illegally converting rifles into machine guns.

        There is an element of this “hit” contracted out on these bike clubs, which of course are called “gangs” by the media and government approved spin, which most are not aware of. The Million Bikers on DC ride in that took place that year. This was a deliberate hit on the leadership of that ride, an event of open source grass roots peaceful protest, to take down the organizers, because the 1 million bikers riding in and around DC that took place scared the crap out of the power elite’s, (lord how I despise that term, “elites”, for they are neither, they are an organized crime syndicate that hides behind the Constitution and an illusion of government of for and by the people).
        I was there, coming up I95 that day, in the far right lane as far as you could see up through Virginia was a double line of American’s on our motorcycles. It was mind blowing. I have no idea if we where 1 million strong, no doubt we are strong. And this made the deep state or whatever the bastards are, really scared so many people could organize so easily and with such peaceful lawful behavior. Remember how they despise us Deplorable’s and dirt people.

        I rode in that display of petitioning my government, I still get goosebumps and the pride of seeing first hand how great we the people are makes my eyes teary. No BS on that.
        It was The Tea Party gathering in DC, and the 64 million Deplorable’s who on 11-8-16 defied the power elites, beat them at their game of percentage of vote fraud, and pulled off the greatest color revolution in human history, but you would never know any of these things if you didn’t see them with your own eyes, because they will do anything, including murder in cold blood these American’s in Waco Texas, to deny us the truth of us, and how illegitimate and evil those running our governments are.

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        • GenEarly says:

          A waste of Life is always a tragedy. To your point, “what if” these bikers had ridden to the defense of the Branch Davidians? Until Americans realize that “tribes” cooperating form “nations”. At least enough citizen support to back down the Ferals’ and other Polezi tyranny as at the Bundy Ranch. Government should Fear the People, according to Jefferson, for Liberty to exist. Such a “radical” concept these days.


  3. Vernon Miller says:

    Some people likely were murdered by the ‘good guys’ at Twin Peaks.
    There is almost zero chance any of the killers will ever be prosecuted.

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    • Mike miller says:


      The likely result will be someone offing local Waco cops in retaliatory ambushes.
      Unfortunate for the innocent ones, though…



  4. Uncle Max says:

    I was thinking about this the other day. I really makes me mad. Our Governor is good, but the lack of oversight… sunlight… and lack of credible oversight have bothered me greatly. This incident cost some folks their lives and several hundred were locked up and treated as if they were narco terrorists ( no, actually… worse)… and the Waco PD and everyone concerned basically said shut up . Seriously… this deserves a LOT more attention and some folks need to be held to account for just how FUBAR this whole thing was and how it was handled.

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    • lolli says:


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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      It appears to be a fundamental lack of leadership, at least from the DA, and then downwards through the hierarchy…..mayor, Chief of Police, Sheriff, City Attorney, etc…they would NEVER so such a thing unless serious jeopardy existed for the “good guys” to be criminally and/or civilly negligent. Sad.

      Another example of the rot and decay which has infested our nation for years, but seems to have gone into hyper-drive through the Barry “Sparklefarts” Soetero Era……CYA – no justice for the regular people….only the wealthy and well-connected see any semblance of JUSTICE. I know he didn’t have anything to do with this, but just his legacy of sleaze, crookedness, corruption, etc…


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  5. andyocoregon says:

    Sons of Anarchy in real life.
    That was just one year after the series ended. Makes me wonder if there was some influence from the show.

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  6. Mike says:

    Thin blue line murdered bikers. No round report, no discovery, no autopsy report, no recovered bullets. Protect & Serve themselves.

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    • Noah says:

      Yep. Usually when all surveillance and evidence is “missing” or “seized under guise of security”, it’s pretty easy to surmise there was criminal conduct by the law enforcement there. For example, the OKC bombing. Remember Elohim City and the SPLC running that “white supremacist” compound? Remember the suspect #2, that witnesses described as middle eastern/Iraqi? All nearby video evidence was seized by FBI never to be released. A police officer that responded the fastest was murdered by other law enforcement after he was investigating. ATF bomb squads were already in their protective gear nearby, and all didn’t go into work that day, what luck they responded right away! At least I ain’t forgetting it. I don’t care if people like Alex Jones or not, but he covered all the facts of this case, as did Oklahoma politician Charles Key in his “Final Report – On the Bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building April 19, 1995” a 500+ pg. report.

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  7. Monticello says:

    It’s a nice town, shame that not one policeman or biker was found to have shot someone……guess it never happened if authorities might have made bad decisions.

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  8. Rex says:

    Now if we could just get a little justice for the FIRST round of Waco murders…

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  9. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    “Aw Shucks” Mayberry

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  10. California Joe says:

    It’s very difficult to win a prosecution in a mob riot situation. Look at the Washington DC riots by Antifa on inauguration day. Everyone on the arrests were dismissed starting with the Obama judge who reduced the felony riot charges to a misdemeanor right off the bat!

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  11. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    Just my humble opinion … Word on the street says this meeting was to be a ‘war council’ between the clubs. A meeting where they were trying to avoid an all out club war between them, and other ‘aligned clubs’. They wanted to see if they could defuse the ongoing situations between them, BEFORE all out war started. Much like the Confederation of Clubs does nationwide in major areas. No doubt LEO’s found out about it and decided there ‘might be a problem’, so they surrounded the location. The CofC Chapter I used to belong to had to move our meeting locations, more than once, when the local, and state, cops seemed to be “overly engaged” in close in patrols whenever we were meeting. Someone, somewhere decided it might be a good way to get the bikers to break bad, and “start removing each other” if ‘only’ there was an event to kick it off. I have no doubt in my mind that two or three well placed shots into the group did just that. Shooting starts …. no one realizes where it is coming from, so they gun up and start shooting their enemies. Of course blaming the ‘other guys’ for starting it off. Again, IMHO, the DA’s involved may have found out that this was EXACTLY what happened, and not wanting to blame government agents (cops) for doing it … they took this way out. Again, just my OPINION from what little I know … but it HAS happened before.

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    • boogywstew says:

      Aren’t the Bandidos and Cossacks more motorcycle criminal enterprises than motorcycle clubs? More akin to Hell’s Angels and Pagans than Rolling Thunder?


    • Deb says:

      I remember there was speculation at the time that either an informant or an embedded agent within one of the clubs tipped off law enforcement that something might go down, and the LEO’s came in guns blazing.

      We will probably never know.

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    • Mudboy says:

      If true the security video would have been proudly released to exonerate the police. The government refuses to release any of the video, or any other investigation reports. That tells me the police are the guilty ones, protecting themselves.

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  12. Rosie says:

    This was no brawl. It was a COC meeting. Confederation of Clubs. Bikers have them every month to discuss new laws that affect motorcyclists, and coordinate their ride calendars, etc. The cops are murderers.

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  13. jeff semda says:

    I live less than a mile away from Twin Peaks in waco. In case u didn’t know twin peaks is a set of hooters.

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    • Fannie says:

      It’s a real nice part of town on I-35 where everyone passing through stops to eat.

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      • jeff semda says:

        It’s in a family mall area. I think jc pennies or kohls is right across from it. Not a run down area by no means. You can still see bullet holes in the twin peaks res. I don’t believe much of the cops conspericy stuff. It all comes down to self defense in Texas. Everyone who fired a shot did it to protect themselves. No crime in that…..

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  14. jeff semda says:

    I live less than a mile away from Twin Peaks in waco. In case u didn’t know twin peaks is a set of hooters.

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    • Dave says:

      True, but it’s a sports bar that you can bring your family to, and not embarrass anyone. Based on the old TV miniseries “Twin Peaks”, the girls are dressed in Pacific Northwest “lumberjack” type clothing, so it’s the double meaning sort of thing that is popular today. Even Hooters the sports bar is a family friendly place, and only those who’ve never eaten there are the ones that are clueless. If you think these kids are “turn-ons”, then you’ve got serious problems!

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      • laura hoff says:

        then why do they call it “hooters”???…..could have called it “family values” or some other famiiyish name…..they don’t hire young men in briefs and tight tee shirts to flirt around the customers…


  15. Toenail says:

    Hmmm This is the same area where a bunch of children were burned alive by the FBI and no one was found guilty of that incident either.

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  16. Psconcerned says:

    Thanks for the research on the bikers, it was really thorough. The police were the bad guys here, no doubt about it. The police I’m sure took the first shot in a local restaurant. The police are the ones that were involved in organized crime. The police were the ones who bear all the blame. This was a completely innocent group of bikers, no doubt about it.

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  17. Paul Tibbets says:

    This kind of thing makes it clear why the PEOPLE have a right to bare arms.

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    • clive hoskin says:

      Yes and don’t ever forget it.
      “Little Johnny Howard”(Australias then prime minister)conned us into giving up our fire-arms(for our own safety),should be a lesson to everyone here.It turns out our so called”Conservative”was in fact a”Globalist”following his orders from the UN(as per agenda 21,now agenda 2030)And now we are stuck with 3 major political parties,all corrupt and NO way of getting rid of them.

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      • Reality says:

        Sort of Clive…..
        But you meant to say semi auto’s and pumps are banned.
        Half the USA think all firearms are banned in Australia.
        There are nearly twice the number of firearms in private ownership in Australia since the semi auto/ pump ban happened in 1996. That’s millions. 1 in 8 Australians hold a rifle /shotgun firearms licence.
        You might try voting SFF in the next Federal Senate election….they’re close to getting a quota I believe.


    • william elbel says:

      Bare arms? I like that variant on the old bear arms.


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    • sturmudgeon says:

      “the PEOPLE have a right to bare arms.” Gosh! I certainly hope so! I go about in a T-shirt all the time.


  18. mr.piddles says:

    OK, so I remember this from a few years ago… but I had NO IDEA about this law enforcement angle. Thanks again, CTH, for keeping me (us) informed.

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  19. sedge2z says:

    from agingrebel.com 4-02-2019:
    “The confrontation was blatantly intended to provoke Bandidos into committing crimes for which they could then be charged in a secret, ongoing investigation that later became a racketeering prosecution. Local authorities encouraged members of the Cossacks to confront the Bandidos. Five hours before the shooting started, state policeman installed a covert camera to record the bloodshed. When the confrontation turned out to be worse than expected, state and federal authorities pressured then district attorney Abel Reyna to obscure what had actually happened. At the time, Reyna himself was the subject of a federal investigation: Consequently, vulnerable to blackmail by federal authorities.

    The coverup included propaganda, mass arrests and very much stalling. The coverup culminated with the murder trial of a Dallas Bandido named Christopher Jacob Carrizal in late 2017. In that case a Waco jury hung and a mistrial was declared.

    Members of the national chapter of the Bandidos were indicted for racketeering six months after the mass murder. The presiding judge in that case, David Ezra, refused to allow defense attorneys to present evidence about the Twin Peaks to the jury in that case. Former club president Jeffrey Pike and former club vice-president John Portillo were both convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

    Reyna lost a primary election to Johnson last March, left office this January…..
    Johnson, had nothing to do with the mass murder or its aftermath.”
    (Renya was District Attorney at the time of the mass shootings. Johnson is new District Attorney since January 2019)

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    • JoeUser says:

      This is just a brief summary that hits the high points, from Don Davis at agingrebel.com. To get a lot more information one will have to peruse the archived stories he’s written over the past years, and Don has lived the life, knows the scene.

      But, it’s not just a simple case of a ‘biker brawl’; not when an armed group of around fifty Cossacks show up to what is normally a peaceful COC meeting, and wait in ambush for the few Banditos that were to show for the COC meeting. And, there were a lot of unaffiliated bikers there from all walks of the biker community (even some Christian patch club members). The media and the corrupt DA, Reyna (and his staff), charged each and every attendee there with the maximum charge and bail. Just simply being there made you guilty, what a farce.

      McLennan County and the city of Waco will be reeling in the coming years, as 130+ civil cases will cost them dearly. All due to out-of-control law enforcement officials that they elected (and those appointed by same). It’s a shame that the feds slinked away, as they had their hands in some of this, as well (based upon Don’s reporting early on).

      I’m not crying one tear for Waco and their county, as they deserve what financial ruin is coming their way. IMO this was the biggest case of legal malfeasance I’ve ever witnessed, personally. Lives destroyed, all due to faithless egos and hubris.

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      • cboldt says:

        The process is the punishment. You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride – and the prosecutor can hit you with a rap without cause. Absolute prosecutorial immunity baby.


    • wondering999 says:

      Thanks for the extra information. Had been wondering what was happening down there. Here’s a link from Texas. Unfortunately my mind turns immediately to Las Vegas when I read about the law enforcement “partnership”.

      ““The sentencing rendered today is the result of the outstanding partnership between the FBI and all our law enforcement partners,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs. “This effort demonstrates our ongoing commitment to prevent gang violence and criminal activity from poisoning our communities. It also sends a clear message that we will relentlessly pursue and prosecute the leaders and members of these violent criminal enterprises.”


  20. Tom says:

    Waco’s Jussie Smollett but in reverse.

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  21. ATheoK says:

    They certainly weren’t using pistols effectively at those distances.
    Making it likely that the officers were all using rifles and possibly shotguns with buckshot.

    Any pistol round injuries could be the bikers. It is very unlikely bikers were brawling with rifles.

    My suggestion is that any biker killed or injured by rifle fire can file wrongful death/injury lawsuits against the police, and win.

    Reminds me of Wounded Knee where the Army used cannons and rifles to shoot unarmed Native Americans.

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    • James W Crawford says:

      Police were armed with AR-15s and FN P-90s. Both of these rifles fire a projectile of much smaller caliber than handguns except a .22, so bullets recovered from people are easily identified. Even when armed with rifles, the marksmanship was very competent. The premiss that the police marksmen could actually destinguish between bikers and other patrons much less bikers who were actually the aggressors in that chaotic melee is absurd. Most likely the police were simply targeting the patch for the Cossacks.


  22. SteveInSC says:

    One more detail- the county judge actually seated a police officer on the grand jury right after this happened. I couldn’t believe how corrupt they were.


  23. Katherine McCoun says:

    Interesting that we learn so much by people not being charged. Not charging people is a significant “tell”, isn’t it? Shakes my faith, yet again and reminds me that “conspiracy theory” is not a dirty word –>> esp. when there is proof.

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  24. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    I knew this was a cluster **** when I read they arrested the “Bikers for Christ”.

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  25. 6x47 says:

    I was surprised that the original murdered that touched off the entire conflagration wasn’t prosecuted, but then I remembered the guy who committed the murder was himself killed


  26. askandgettruth says:

    when there are dirty cops in D.C. they breed dirty cops everywhere.when i was young i had some respect for authority, now i have zero. just like hitler’s and stalin’s secret police. at the top is the FBI, CIA, JUSTICE DEPT. they are the teachers of corruption and lawlessness to state and local cops.if what is going on today is not punished there will be a revolt like this country and the world has never seen.ALL IN THE GAME OF POWER AND CONTROL over the people


  27. Luke of the D says:

    Reading some of the comments here it is clear the anti-police trolls are out in full force! A horrible crime occurred on May 17, 2015, there is no doubt about it – but no details are forthcoming and no prosecutions, this is a tragedy true enough. But were the bikers guilty? Were the cops? WE DO NOT KNOW. Yet all of the sudden, look who appears: the Cop haters! Ah, trolls, your games are very obvious! There are good cops, there are bad cops – this is a fact, and no one doubts that. But do YOU know what ACTUALLY happened in Waco on May 17, 2015? If so, why were you not a witness at the trials? So, the immediate conclusion by you anti-police trolls is ALL COPS ARE EVIL! Clearly, you know best. So what is your answer then? Ban cops?

    Hypocrite, thy name is troll.


    • Noah says:

      If I’m reading properly, I don’t see anyone saying all cops are evil. They are saying the available evidence points to the police covering up their own murders. When the police seize and hide most evidence of a crime, that’s a clue. Crime within law enforcement organizations is very difficult to route out. It’s a really bad thing, and it exists clearly in many cases. The bikers had no opportunity to cover up evidence, whereas the police did. Smarter people who are corrupt tend to gravitate to places where they can hide their misdeeds. History both recent and long ago shows instances of corruption and murder from government groups, including cops. If you can’t take speculation with good cause that the police committed some/most of the murder here, argue your point without invoking wishful ignorance. You could just say you’re not sure what happened rather than attacking everyone who thinks they see what might have happened. Now tell me, will you call this trolling? You think you see anti-cop trolls here. Some people think they see a case of cops covering up their own murder. Pattern recognition is easy to get wrong. I agree we don’t know what happened there, or in this comment section, but we can all speculate.

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      • Luke of the D says:

        Actually read some of the comments on this thread. There are true anti-police trolls here. I certainly am not saying the cops involved in this shooting are innocent – the whole situation was horrible and fishy as hell when it happened and the cover-up has been obvious – but WE DO NOT KNOW ALL THE FACTS. There are good cops and there are bad cops. These cops may be bad cops, but I don’t know and you don’t know. Speculation is fine. Opinion is fine. But saying, “this is why I don’t trust cops” or “not a huge fan of police” is bullshit, through and through. If you do not trust cops, then what do you propose? Ban police? Anarchy? What? There are a LOT of good cops out there. People risking their lives every day for you and everyone you know. Yes there are bad cops out there too, but I cannot stand anti-police idiots.


        • sturmudgeon says:

          Luke: Pretty easy to fall into the ‘HATE ALL COPS” state o mind, though… we have had two-plus years of “Trump is all bad” crap, with millions of people “believing”, along with the grand, illegal, treason-ess actions of the Country’s TOP law enforcement agencies… not too difficult to think the “ALL COPS ARE BAD” thought.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        Noah: Thoughtful comment… thanks!


  28. James W Crawford says:

    The police orchestrated this massacre based on scant evidence that motorcycle clubs are criminal enterprises.

    If the Fedrral Government wants to arrest real criminals who conspire to engage in large scale drug trafficking, and employ extortion and deadly force to intimidate anyone who objects or interferes, they should investigate the Gaston Oregon Chapter of the Knights of Pythius. Members of that group conspired with my tenants and their grandson to install a very large scale marijunna grow in a barn associated with a secluded rental house on my large rural property in Yamhill County. When I discovered the grow they had 84 mature plants in one grow room and three other grow rooms apparently just harvested. They planned to expand to about 800 plants. They tried to con me into believing that their letters from the OMMP acknowledging receit of their applications for their Medical Marijunna Cards made their grow legal in Oregon. However; they had no growers licenses and no address specific grow site permits that would be needed to make their grow comply with Oregon law. Of course it was illegal under Federal law.

    My efforts to evict based on extensive damages to the barn escalated to an incident where my marijuana bootlegging tenant fired two rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun at my son. Observations of the effects of two, singular projectiles impacting within 10 feet of them that had been fired from a distance of about 75 yards strongly suggest that the shooter was loaded with slugs. Common slugs for a 12 gauge shotgun are nearly nearly 3/4 of an inch in diameter and mass about an ounce. They have nearly ten times the wounding capacity as a bullet from an AR-15.

    Members of the Gaston Pythian lodge then conspired with my tennant to obstruct justice by presenting perjured testimony. A Pythian who is a pole barn contractor and another Pythian who is a pole barn engineer conspired to minimize the structural damage by testifying that the numerous, large diameter, randomly positioned and oriented holes in the main support posts were inconsequential because the posts were allegedly just resting on the concrete slab rather than buried in the ground. Their own testimony confirms that they knew this was a fiction.

    My tenant’s dope growing grandson was misrepresented as a “gun expert” to discredit the victims by offerring perjured testimony to conflate a modern Remington 870 shotgun that my tenant habitually keeps loaded near the front door with an antique Remington 1870 shotgun. He also testified falsely that my tenant could not have been firing lethal slugs because the shotgun had a choke. “The barrel would explode, just like what happens when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot into the muzzle of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun.” A quick perusal of the Wikipedia article on shotgun slugs (which is not an authorative source) and the article in the FBI publication Crime Lab Digest (which is an authoriative source) confirms that both the Breneke slug and the more common Foster Slug were designed to be fired through a choke.

    Of course the punch line of this teagedy is that we had Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles hearing the eviction case concurrently with the proceedings by the Oregon Bar Association against former US attorney for the State of Oregon Amanda Marshall for committing perjury by denying under oath that she had engaged in a prolonged and spectacularly flagrant extramarital affair with a subordinate. Judge Wiles is, or at least was, Ms Marshall’s husband. It would be an understatement to say that he was distracted. IMHO, Judge Wiles brings to his courtroom the same profound discernment that enabled him to remain oblivious to his wife’s infieelities until she got herself arrested for stalking her boyfriend. Perhaps Amanda Marshall gave her husband a dose of Syphyllus which Pennicillin can not cure which is rotting his brain? Then again, Judge Wiles might have been conspiring with his wife to salvage her professional and political career by enabling a prosection against me for my tenants’ illegal marijunna grow.


  29. Irritated says:

    Autopsies were posted in the local newspaper. Most were killed by .22 cal projectiles. Only the PD was using high power .22 projectiles. The DA at the time was under investigation for cocaine use. Texas has some of the worst political classes in the country. They all must screw their pants on in the morning. And Jorge Bush is NOT a Texan. He is a yankee carpetbagger from some nasty cold yankee place way up north. Most real locals wish he would go the hell back.


  30. saywhat64 says:

    Now that the case is closed with all charges dismissed it is time for some civil lawsuits to get to the bottom of who killed who. Plenty of juicy forensics I’m sure can be found with the power of subpoena


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