BREAKING: AG William Barr Sends “Principal Conclusion” Letter to Congress – Here it is (full pdf)…

U.S. Attorney General William Barr sends a four-page letter to congress summarizing the Robert Mueller report.  This four-page letter is known as the “Principal Conclusion” notification to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

[pdf link] and [raw download link]

Here’s the Letter:


Full page screen-grabs below

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786 Responses to BREAKING: AG William Barr Sends “Principal Conclusion” Letter to Congress – Here it is (full pdf)…

  1. Bull Durham says:

    The Dems will now go into full Cult Apoplexy. There is no cure. Prepare the Kool-aid. They will supply the poison themselves.

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  2. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Barr is a hero the likes of Admiral Rodgers.

    This is what leadership and taking charge looks like. The games are over. The Coup is over.

    Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein should be ashamed of themselves.

    Thank goodness for Bill Barr.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Barr is following rule of law. President was bound to win if that was followed strictly, logically, and procedurally.

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        Agreed 100%, GB. It’s just a stark realization that getting to that meager standard has been impossible up until now.

        In the land of the blind, the one-eye man is king. Just by following the law (not being pro-Trump) and being objective, Barr towers over the rest in this sordid coup debacle.

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    • swimeasy says:

      So far , so good. AG Barr did indeed follow the law as he said he would and that is refreshing. He also seemed to try to mitigate the gap that Mueller seemed to leave wide open for the dems to pick up on for impeachment- the obstruction scenario that Mueller said was inconclusive but Barr essentially stated you can’t have obstruction to a crime if there is no crime.

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    D-rats bitching that no one’s done a thing about Russian Meddling.

    IMO, the “Barr Report” created a massive opening for an ELECTION INTEGRITY INITIATIVE.

    … Stay tuned, Treepers!

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  4. Landslide says:

    “…an illegal take-down” GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!! Speaking the truth to all the world!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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  5. Madglobal says:

    Oh oh…VSGPDJT looks furious..complete and total exoneration…illegal take down attempt..I think he just put the fear of God into the coupists.

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  6. bullnuke says:

    I wonder whose word Mueller took that the Ruskies hacked the DNC server. Hey Julian, what day you?

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    • Muthaucker says:

      Barr’s memo did not say that….


    • snellvillebob says:

      Are you inferring they murdered Seth Rich for no reason?


    • litenmaus says:

      Shawn Henry, President of Services for Crowdstrike, the contract company that determined that the DNC had been hacked by the ‘Russians’, was formerly appointed as the FBI Assistant Director of the Cyber Criminal Services Division by the Director of the FBI at the time, Robert Mueller.

      Dimitri Alperovitch is a founder of Crowdstrike. Alperovitch is also connected to the Atlantic Council. Susan Rice at one time served on the board of Crowdstrike and Evelyn Farkas was noted as a ‘fellow’ at the Atlantic Council.

      Kimberly Strassel reported that Perkins Coie Attorney Michael Sussmann had been providing information to Robert Mueller. Atty Michael Sussmann and Shawn Henry were the stars of the NYT’s narrative that the DNC server had been hacked by Russians.

      In August of 2017, Representative Dana Rohrbacher met with Julian Assange. The meeting was allegedly held so that Rohrbacher could confirm that the Russians did not provide Assange with Clinton’s emails. Since that meeting, Julian, for the most part, has gone silent.

      Crowdstrike’s report on the alleged hacking appears to have been used by CIA Brennan to prop up his December 2016, Russian Security Reort, so I have to surmise that Mueller was trusting his old friend Shawn Henry.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Julian already said many, many times on National TV, no foreign entities were involved in the emails. I believe Julian Assange. What part do the american people not understand?

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  7. Katherine McCoun says:

    I am thrilled that the stupid “investigation” is over, angry that it even started as we all know it was bogus and 100% politically motivated & finally, Very relieved that President Trump was not caught in any kind of bogus process crimes.

    As much spying as he has endured (much less investigations) he must be one of the cleanest businessmen this country has produced!

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  8. fanbeav says:

    Scorched earth time President Trump!,

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  9. waltherppk says:

    Memo to Clueless Faux Snooze ….
    Get rid of that lying debate cheating POS.. Donna Brazile and bring back Jeanine Pirro

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  10. The wording leaves much to be desired for me, as it appears that there’s a political bone being thrown to the dims. Politics as usual.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Barr’s wording threw no bones. At all.

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      • ristvan says:

        Agree. Barr actually set several legal booby raps for the Dems in this letter, who were stupid enough on this morning’s talk shows to explain their attack strategies. Opposite of Sun Tzu.
        And Barr was smart enough to not deliver this letter yesterday (he probably could have), but waited until they revealed their plans to MSM so he could craft accordingly.

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      • JT says:

        The ”does not exonerate” is already being used to prove he is guilty of something…

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        • GB Bari says:

          Respectfully disagree.

          The “does not exonerate” is being used to continue the smear narrative against PDJT. We already knew that they would latch onto any gray area they could find to do that. It was never a matter of if, but only when.

          It’s merely a continuation of the same attempted smearing of the President that’s been going on since before he was elected.


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        • mikeyboo says:

          Yes, that is why the despicable Mueller included that verbiage. But Barr’s letter effectively-FROM A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE- cut the contemptable futher mucker, Mueller, off at the knees.


  11. mr. deacon says:

    Want to know what evidence there is that Russians hacked the DNC or Hillary e-mails. Crowdstrike is about as reliable as CNN or the Washout Post. Another note; If Clinton did not use the DNC server, because she had her own, and Russians hacked the DNC but not Clinton’s server, how did Wikileaks et al get Clinton’s e-mails?

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    • snarkybeach says:

      Mueller covering for DNC/FBI sloppiness? nobody investigated the DNC server. Bill Binney (ex NSA) has said it wasn’t a hack due to data speeds (or something). Seth Rich might have some ideas but he is unavailable.

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  12. For Eyes says:

    Tonight I’ll pull the cork on a nice bottle of single malt I sip on special occasions.

    It is important to pause and celebrate important milestones.

    I hope Sundance does the same.

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    • Mad Mike says:

      I’m a relative newcomer to the Treehouse… I found the site during the 2016 election or shortly thereafter and lurked for many moons.

      I have been SO impressed with the news Sundance has laid out for us WELL before I heard/read it anywhere else. CTH is one of the last bastions of conservative values that I could find and trust.

      Add in the comments of the many insightful and intelligent members that post here and I get plenty to think about day after day.

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  13. sundance says:

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  14. sundance says:

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    • GSparrow says:

      The timing is better than ever to begin releasing the FISA documents and everything else that brings light on the truth of this collusion charade.

      Thanks again SD for all of the efforts at CTH to provide as much of the truth as possible to your readers ever since this Mega Dirty Dem trick began. It’s incalculable how many other reckless reporters and news outlets grossly misled and duped their low information readers.


  15. Ruh Roh!

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  16. bullnuke says:

    A proven joke of an investigation. Not a single word by Herr Mueller concerning the nexus for why a CI was started in the first place. I guess RR told him not to look at FISA crap.

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  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    She has finally crossed the line of never return for me, much like many other Never Trumpers and GOPe/RINOs. She can not come back from this in my opinion.

    Today, of all days, why is she not in President Trump’s corner? And exactly how foolish is she to say that he has kept none of his promises?! I can name many off of the top of my head.

    Makes me think she was never really with him. She seems to have just been a hanger on, someone who only knows how to be a critic, on the outside, but doesn’t know how to win.

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    • FofBW says:

      It has gone personal for her.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      “any of his promises?”

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    • Landslide says:

      Hey Coulter. Hot tip for you: You are dead to us!

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Two facts to keep in mind about Ann:
      She used to share a bed with Bill Maher. (Now clear your mind of that scene if you can.)
      She sells books for a living.

      In other words, she whores herself for Bill and books.

      Carry on . . .

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      • Summer says:

        Exactly, Bill. And she was whoring for Romney as well, even wanted him to be Trump’s VP. Obnoxious is the word that usually comes to mind every time I see her name.

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    • Grant says:

      I don’t care about her. She’s a RINO bitch.


      • L4grasshopper says:

        Not a RINO.

        A single issue fanatic. About immigration. She’s got her knickers in a knot because Trump did not go “scorched earth” on the Wall and is not shooting anyone trying to cross the border.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Oh, darn. I thought this one hadn’t posted because I did something wrong so I wrote another that might show up soon. I am still not used to the way wordpress is now for me. Delays in comments frequently and I always have to type in my screen name and email each time. Sorry for the double post if it shows up somewhere below!

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      • snarkybeach says:

        are you using a phone or computer/tablet?


        • Katherine McCoun says:

          desk top computer right now but same happens when I use my ipad. didn’t used to be this way. wordpress change or did my husband change our settings? I figured it was wordpress since others have reported the same issues in various threads

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          • snarkybeach says:

            I’m on a laptop so I’ve rarely had problems (some posts disappear) but others posting from phones have said they have to log in every time and posts appear in odd spots.


      • Summer says:

        Katherine, I have the same issues and MORE: for two days I was unable to post from my iPad because every time I tried to type, the page would jump up to the header or start quivering and blinking. I wonder if anyone else experienced this recently.


        • ristvan says:

          Yes, same here. I spent two hours reconfiguring iPad and deleting (shockingly many) web page cookies. Google must have had ~30 I knew nothing about. Nothing worked.
          Finally figured it was a side effect of one of the wordpress ad loads to CTH, as was only here. Gone this morning—so are those ad loads.

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        • GB Bari says:

          I’ve had FAR better stability using the Brave browser on my iPad Pro and iPhone 6s.
          I will help anyone with Brave’s Settings on iPad if they need it.

          I use Safari on my MacBook Pro but there are a few peculiarities you have to be aware of. But it is 98% consistent.


        • MightyMustardSeed says:

          Yes Summer – same quiver and jumping around here. Thanks for describing this. Thought it was just me.


      • MaineCoon says:

        I have the exact problem on PC and iPad. Aggrevating. Time consuming too.


    • L4grasshopper says:

      Why is it when someone emotionally hates someone, they immediately resort to lies?


      Tax cuts. Regulations. Judges. Religious freedom. Embassy in Jerusalem. Making NATO pay up.

      I mean — come on Coulter! Stop acting like a Leftist!

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    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      She is a liberal. Repeat….She is a liberal!

      She is just like Colbert and is only acting like a liberal’s stereotype of the obnoxious, unintelligent, deplorable Republican. She is the Yin to Bill Maher’s Yang!

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    • convert says:

      She actually helps Trump. Everybody except hard hardcore rightys despise her. Her hate of Trump makes the Indies like him more.

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    • Ozark says:

      She’s getting lit up on her page. LOL

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    • Lion2017 says:

      Hot tip for you Ann: You Are Irrelevant!

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    • I think she is sarcastic in this tweet; P Trump has delivered on his promises more than anyone else. And those he hasn’t delivered on is because of obstructionist in the GOP Congress.


    • GSparrow says:

      Coulter has flipped her tilted lid and is competing with the flaky Dems for top crackpot.

      The bitterness of her ludicrous comments seem similar to those that a churned lover might spew after being rejected.


  18. waltherppk says:

    Peeee Yoooooo…..what’s that awful smell !!!!!

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  19. John Doe says:

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  20. Bogeyfree says:

    I say again, if NO Americans colluded with the Russians then Mr. Barr please share with all Americans how many Democrats did Mr. Mueller interview, investigate, subpoena?

    And finally answer the other simple question, did the FBI EVER take the DNC server into their possession to analyze if it was hacked from the outside or more likely via a thumb drive?

    Mr. Barr you have much work to do to prove to Americans that the rule of law applies evenly to ALL including Democrats.

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    • Jeff says:

      To answer one of your questions, no, the FBI never got the DNC computer. They “requested” it, and the DNC said, “No, thanks, we’ll take care of it ourselves.”
      And the FBI, I believe it was Comey at the time, said, “K, bye.”

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  21. covfefe_USA says:

    The constant use of the word “COLLUSION” is crazy – even El President falls into that trap. Every time the word is used, the premise needs to be outright rejected. There is no known crime of “collusion”. There’s “conspiracy” – which needs a certain number of predicate or “overt” acts proven up front for the finder of fact to get to the ultimate conclusion that a conspiracy to commit a crime in fact occurred. For example, in a prosecution for conspiracy to sell a specific narcotic, the prosecuting agency would need to allege: Overt Act #!: “Persons A&B met on April 1, 2015 at X place and discussed xyz,” Overt Act #2: Person A proceeded to Address X and purchased xyz, with funds supplied by Person B.” And so on.

    There’s never ever been such basic predicate acts alleged during this hoax. Rarely have the words “conspire” or “conspiracy” been used during this hoax. Always the vague, amorphous “collusion”, which means NOTHING.

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    • jmarshs says:

      Too true. The point cannot be made enough. Collusion is not a crime and a Special Council can only be convened for a criminal investigation. The Special Council was to continue an “on-going counter-intelligence investigation” – this made anything the SC investigated illegal to begin with.

      What I want to know is when did Mueller determine that no conspiracy ever existed? Was this conclusion reached as far back as Summer of 2017 and is it what prompted Rosenstein to issue a revised scope letter to Mueller? If so, then it was absolutely criminal to not come forward and publicly state that the “conspiracy” investigation was concluded in the Summer of 2017.

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    • Since there is no crime named “collusion” maybe they can go after him for hugging the flag and loving the USA

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    • Christopher D. Johnson says:

      Yeah, my iPhone pushed that one at me even though I didn’t have that program enabled. They NEED people to believe there’s a crime. They’re utterly desperate because President Trump has finally been unchained and they know in their bones he’s coming for them.

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  22. jack says:

    We NEED a thread on this tweet, made by President Trump 15 minute ago.

    I think we need a celebration thread and have fun at how Trump will stage his HUGH Counter-Punch that should be aimed at corrupt FBI/DOJ/MSM players that used illegal means to stage the “Russian Hoax”.

    I think many of us feel that Trump needs to uphold Justice by going after the people that used illegal means to destroy our Country. Obama used people in his administration to get Hillary off the hook, and frame Trump. I would be disappointed if these crooks got away without their arrests.

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  23. Newhere says:

    OK, when I read the letter, I was happy. That was an hour ago.

    Now I’m pissed. It’s time for OFFENSE. I hope it’s fast, harsh, and unequivocal.

    All the cable news and twitter blathering, parsing, and foreshadows of more spin, spin, spin and drip, drip, drip.

    NO MORE DRIPS. No more engaging ridiculous spin.

    Declassify. Bring out IG findings. Unveil Arkansas CF findings. Let it turn out that Huber’s actually been doing his job all this time. And let Barr have a spine of steel.

    IT’S TIME.

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  24. John Doe says:

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  25. Smiley says:

    Mueller had
    ~19 lawyers
    ~40 FBI agents
    ~2,800 subpoenas
    ~500 search warrants
    ~230 orders for communication records
    ~50 pen register
    ~13 foreign government request for evidence
    ~ interviewed 500 witnesses.

    But Nadler and Schiff will get to the bottom of everything.


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    • Bogeyfree says:

      And yet IMO……..

      ZERO Democrats served with a search warrant

      ZERO Democrats subpoenaed

      ZERO Democrats interviewed

      Prove me wrong Mr. Barr.

      How can you support the statement ZERO Americans colluded when only Republicans were looked at???

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    • AmericaFirst says:

      And unlimited funds. Last I read at least $30 Million spent on a partisan vindictive snipe hunt.

      And no curbs whatsoever.


  26. Katherine McCoun says:

    She is now irredeemable as a “conservative”! Not kept “any” of his promises? Is she delusional or desperate for attention/clicks? I could make a list off of the top of my head and I am not a professional news commentator as she supposedly is!

    She is hurting v. helping the issues that she supposedly supports by harming the one man most in position to accomplish the conservative mission on this issues. She is draining away some of his support and his political capital. Silly, disloyal, wrong, duplicitous. And today of all days!

    She can’t come back from this in my mind. Just a betrayal of the conservative base and our President!

    Makes me wonder if she was ever really with President Trump or just used him to get attention.

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    • alligatriot says:

      ” … used him to get attention.”

      As my Latin teach would say: “Modus operandi”.

      As long as her name is spelled right, she can be your friend or enemy. Truth not needed.


      • covfefe_USA says:

        I think she’s mad she’s never been invited to the WH, never been invited to ride on AF1, never been invited to participate on a presidential panel regarding immigration. Essentially, she’s been completely ignored/dismissed and never ‘cluded (included). In other words, she’s a no-body to this Administration.

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      AnnC becoming unhinged. Liberals are for open border, duh.


    • Coulter’s competing for the 1-way ticket on the Democrat Titanic.

      Dumped whatever excuse she had for a soul.


  27. gsonFIT says:

    It seems that Adam Schiff and his “mini me” Eric Swalwell have become the unwitting agents of Vlad Putin and Russia. Russian transport planes are landing in Venezuela right now and these losers are trying to get more TV time about continuing the charade. I think you will see something very much like Sessions getting fired the day after midterms happen in short order.

    dems have compromised themselves, and I do not think they can carry on the business of this country’s government.

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  28. webgirlpdx says:

    Peter King: (paraphrase) No obstruction for a crime that wasn’t committed. Nadler knows this.

    I wish Bream would quit talking.

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  29. agentcommonsense says:

    Waiting for Sundance to break down the good guy v bad guys .. Is Rosenstein still on the shiot list ?


  30. Bigbadmike says:

    OMG. Chris Stirewalt is crying.

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  31. evergreen says:

    Summary: After forcing his way into every conceivable crack, Mueller found nothing. Thus, Mueller had no choice but to declare surrender in that pursuit.

    However, knowing he was chasing a likely dead end, he hoped to fall back on and wanted so badly to charge Trump with obstruction, but he couldn’t find a hook to hang it on. He went so far as to throw out any concern about prosecuting a sitting president–no problem there, but dang it! There’s no way they could get across the obstruction threshold. And they tried SO hard. He’s one frustrated and warped dude.

    No honest broker declares that he can’t finger the target but simultaneously cannot clear him. That presupposes guilt and a tacit admission that proof exists, if only it could be found.

    Since there was no US Code violation underlying the special counsel appointment, there CAN BE NO OBSTRUCTION!! There is no investigation! What there is is a hunt for the presence of a crime and a parallel attempt to induce a process crime in the meantime.

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  32. JackofallAsses says:

    Time to go on the offensive. I will be optimistic here and go out on a limb. The Swamp will be used by a developer, one who has plans to dig a foundation so deep for a structure so high and strong that it can only be called American Made. Nader has a list of 81, Trump has a similar list with names of those actually associated with crimes. I look forward to the days to come.

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  33. sundancefan says:

    Where does the end of the investigation leave Flynn?


  34. gary says:

    muellers parting shot at trump was a comey style ‘we make no decision on obstruction of justice’ just like comey on a hillary indictment. not muellers place to make a statement like that.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Actually…it was just the opposite. Comey made a decision on Hillary when it was not his job to do so! That was part of the rationale for being fired.

      Mueller clearly said he didn’t have the goods to recommend an indictment…but he also said he didn’t have the goods to exonerate. But it’s not his JOB to “exonerate”. As a prosecutor, he either recommends indictment or he doesn’t.

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  35. L4grasshopper says:

    M ueller
    A in’t
    G ot
    A nything!!!!

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  36. grainofsalt2 says:

    “The Special Counsel states, ‘that while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’ ”

    What is there to exonerate when there is no crime committed? Duh.

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  37. zimbalistjunior says:

    oh no, shimon and evan going off the reservation

    they will get a stern talking to from bens rhodes and wittes

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  38. ConservativeInAz says:

    Is anyone else hearing the theme song from Rocky! MAGA

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  39. covfefe_USA says:

    Hahahahahahah!! If Nadler really does follow through with his promise to subpoena Barr, boy oh boy will he (Nadler) rue the day and regret it. Will be like a debate between Einstein and AOC on just about anything.

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  40. kinthenorthwest says:

    Had to share—TY Sundance for making my Sunday better.

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  41. webgirlpdx says:

    Switched on CNN for a minute to see all the crying. A panel of abut 10 people sitting there, 8 of which I’ve never seen before (Bash and Blitzer) so would never give a flying flip about what they’d even say.

    It was so funny watching them babbling and stepping all over words and thoughts. Scrambling.

    I do notice they did skip right over the no Russian Collusion finding…….oh that thang. Kinda sucks to be them. 🙂

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    • Dave Sanderson says:

      Relax …if it weren’t for their captive audience stuck in in U.S. airports CNN would have no viewers at all.

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        I know! They’re viewership numbers are next to nothing…..I just wish I knew who funds their losing bottom line.


        • Chip Doctor says:

          Webgirlpdx, every cable and dish subscriber funds them.


        • Dr Fate says:

          Well, apparently they still have any number of viewers from this website, who, instead of enjoying this magnificent victory, are hung up on the “not exonerated” nonsense that the lib idiots will use in a vain attempt to raise their minuscule ratings giving false hope and eventual despair to their halfwit base of Trump hating cretins.

          Report all you want on their crazy antics; I could not care less and will be watching POTUS major rally in Michigan this Thursday. Now that is must see tv!


  42. Moe Grimm says:

    PLEASE, NO GLOATING. This is NOT over until Grand Juries are impaneled producing INDICTMENTS from pools other than where Mueller/Weissmann/Rhee/Quarles & Co. sourced theirs – Mordor/D.C., and Arlington, Va. whose populations delivered 94% of the vote to HClinton on 8 November 2016. I see a need for five (5) for high crimes and Treason against a good and kind American Heartland. If the law prescribes 10-15 I want 15. And a fine of 1-5m, I want 5M. For our children. And their grandchildren and beyond. May this NEVER happen again:

    1. Dept.of Just-Us and its armed jackboot proxy the FBI
    2. CIA/Brennan et al., Clapper/DNI et al. and OBAMA himself along with his entire cabinet. Obama HAD to have known as either a passive, if not active, participant. Rice, Mills, and others have already provided evidence further criminality and malfeasance including the documented as irrefutable FACT Obama knew about HClinton’s illegal SMTP server – and LIED that he did not.
    3. NSA. It seems Admiral Mike Rogers has plenty of testimony to offer. Maybe now he can and will beyond that he initially warned PDT of the burgeoning conspiracy during the spring of 2017. And Mike Flynn, a true Patriot, will eventually get to detail what he knows. He should have been more careful having dealt with Obama “administration” serpents first hand as did FBI Supv. Agent Robyn Gritz. And more: It was also covered by Mark here at CTH.
    4. The Clinton/s and their “foundation”, where by the way “donations” have dried up. Strange, no?
    5. Uranium 1 and the approving CFIUS committee which also involves some who conspired against PDT. This includes ROSATOM, Canadian, and other foreign entity co-conspirators. HOW was the sale of U1 justified in lieu of the FACT we have to import 80% of our uranium needs? This dog is STILL barking as is the Benghazi betrayal that cost American lives and fed weapons to Syria.

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  43. beach lover says:

    Well… interesting to hear Dershowitz scald Mueller for his weasley conclusions on Obstruction. He said he was no better than Comey on his exoneration of Hillary. He knows you can’t prove a negative! And he thinks Mueller just couldn’t admit that he was wrong all along and wasted all this time and money… he had to leave the Dems with some sliver of hope.. and it was a cop out!

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  44. webgirlpdx says:

    Levin is spot on. Mueller is no hero in this.

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  45. JoD says:

    Now that this rotten tooth has been pulled, it’s time to dig out the ROOT!
    Thank you, God.

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  46. Newhere says:

    If you think about it, all of the red meat that Mueller tossed to the dems arose from nonconspirators unwittingly caught in his vice, trying to avoid going bankrupt or facing a litany of charges that don’t resemble anything they believe they’ve done. Think Papadopolous and Flynn, who, reportedly “lied” under interrogation — which for two years has led to all sorts of ominous prognosticating, but it turns out, maybe they were just confused or under duress or not even lying at all. (Of course Manafort’s indictment had nothing to do with Trump at all.) And now evidently Mueller felt the need to dive into “on the one hand/on the other hand” analysis of “obstruction,” because the president blew off steam on twitter while enduring a two-year investigation into nothing.


  47. senda72 says:

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