Fox News Publishes Set of Andrew McCabe Texts With Lisa Page – Notes Main Justice Concerns With FBI FISA Source/Motive…

Fox News has published a small set of text messages between FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe and his DOJ Attorney Lisa Page.  The set of messages released come from the device(s) of Lisa Page and outlines that she must have shared with investigators the totality of her texting and not just messages between herself and FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok.

The aspect covered within the release speaks to a concern from Main Justice toward the FBI application of the FISA warrant used against Carter Page.  Specifically, concerns held by Stuart Evans, then the DOJ’s National Security Division deputy assistant attorney general, about the bias held by the FBI source, Christopher Steele.

FOX NEWS – Just nine days before the FBI applied for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil a top Trump campaign aide, bureau officials were battling with a senior Justice Department official who had “continued concerns” about the “possible bias” of a source pivotal to the application, according to internal text messages obtained by Fox News.

The 2016 messages, sent between former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, also reveal that bureau brass circulated at least two anti-Trump blog articles, including a Lawfare blog post sent shortly after Election Day that called Trump possibly “among the major threats to the security of the country.”  (read more)



The issues presented within the Fox article are well known and have been widely discussed.  Essentially further evidence of some people within Main Justice having concerns with the FBI’s aggressive approach toward gaining a sketchy FISA warrant.

However, the revelation that Lisa Page shared text messages beyond those previously outlined in communication with Peter Strzok now leads to a possibility that investigators have much more internal communication that previously understood.  It would appear Ms. Page was considerably more forthcoming than other members of the small group.

Additionally, the leaking of this information to Fox News might indicate the investigation by Inspector General Michael Horowitz could be approaching completion.

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107 Responses to Fox News Publishes Set of Andrew McCabe Texts With Lisa Page – Notes Main Justice Concerns With FBI FISA Source/Motive…

  1. Sue Fowler says:

    Summary: compromised and morally corrupt people lying.
    File: “CYA’s”.

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  2. Midnight Rambler says:

    Tee-hee…..she’s going to bring them all down.

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  3. TrumpsterinPa says:

    All seems to finally be coming to a head. My guess, Barr will inform the public that Trump has been cleared of any wrong doing and work toward rehabilitating DOJ. Will the culprits in the scheme be punished? My guess, a public shaming by Trump who will move on to re-election and making America great. In end, the media loses, democrats and never trumpers lose, and anything thrown at the President is just “ the boy that cried Wolf” effect. President Trump rolls toward re-election. Wish we would see the scoundrels prosecuted but not likely. Trump becomes stronger.

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    • psmithez says:

      If Barr doesn’t take some very visible steps to ensure the whole country that this misuse of power will never happen again, there will be no peace. Trump will probably be re-elected but we need the assurance that this fraud has been stopped. We just can’t keep accepting this two-tiered justice system.

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      • buanadha says:

        Completely agree. I think Barr being there means that a negotiated cleaning has been arranged. We won’t get the real ring-leaders at the very top, but a whole lot of the names on the picture above could go down. A realistic housecleaning has to take place, not just for Justice, but to right the balance a bit toward what this meant in the last elections as well.

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        • josco scott says:

          MEDIA are the most dangerous wing of the Democrat party.

          Even if judged to be”free press” malicious libel against public figures isn’t protected.

          They need to be sued.

          And we also need to correctly define MSM as DNC SuperPAC

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. If Trump does not tell Barr to go after them with everything possible, then what is to say they won’t destroy Trump and his family after he leaves office. We cannot allow that to happen.

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      • aumechanic says:

        if there aren’t severe repercussions and consequences then there will be no reason not to keep on keeping on with their bullshit. new rules are for fools. remember the rules are not there for them and Trumps presidency will pretty much just be a foot note.

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      • snellvillebob says:

        I disagree. This should happen to the next Democratic President and guess what? A thorough investigation cannot help but find corruption.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Sounds like a wonderful scenario. My skepticism arises as one considers the investment the losers have in such a flea bitten dog. Media, Democrats and Never Trumpers have heavily invested in TDS derived programming and copy. Losers they certainly are, a pivot to defame Trump in any manner will begin AFTER giving up on the Mueller. inspired take down.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      let me reiterate my prediction from 2 years ago:
      PDJT and the black hats and their enablers made a deal that they will clear him in exchange for him not prosecuting the black hats..
      Mueller and Barr are going through with their side of the bargain.
      PDJT has seemingly gone through with his side.

      And in a couple of months, when the dust settles, PDJT will gloriously and justifiably ‘renege’ on the deal, and sic the hounds on the black hats.

      The art of the deal includes the art of screwing over the bad guys who you made a deal with.

      F them all! They deserve it.

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      • Zaza says:

        Why would the president or anyone make a “deal to not be prosecuted” for something they didn’t actually do?

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        • josco scott says:

          Have you met the Mueller team?

          I’m surprised they didn’t come up with deep fake “evidence”….

          We’ll see how much Mueller tries to smear PDJT in report


      • I cannot see PDJT making the deal you describe. Why would he agree to be magnanimous after everything he’s been through? That’s not a deal it’s a capitulation.

        Remember the speculation regarding AG Barr and the observations that we would know by the end of March? Well it’s almost the end of March and I think we know. IMO Barr told Mueller that the fishing expedition was done; that unless he had solid unrefutable evidence relating to the original purpose of the investigation that it was over. Otherwise Meuller would still be trying to blackmail Corsi into admitting guilt for something that probably wasn’t illegal.

        I hope that AG Barr goes after every single one of the traitorous sedition group. All of them. If no one is punished then this will happen again.

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    • Zaza says:

      If you think this handful of a half dozen that are exposed is the totality of the deep state, you are sadly in the wrong. This is but a few of the many, many corrupt state hacks, and they will be more than happy to bide their time for another 4 years, waiting for the day they can get back to full sale business as usual.

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    • Chieftain says:

      no prosecutions against this blatant attempt to corrupt and thwart the election = no public trust in government.
      The corruption s manifest. Will the corrupt criminal Democrats and Deep State skate AGAIN?


      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        No, not this time. I cannot believe that President Trump will work this hard, and sacrifice so much, simply to turn the country back over to the same treasonous filth he had to fight so hard for over two years. But, no one can possibly know who will get prosecuted, and who will not…..we have no choice but to wait and see.

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        • Jederman says:

          I agree and that has been my primary concern. Will PT tweet about mueller for the next two yrs or will he keep a campaign pledge to “drain the swamp?”

          If he doesn’t go after the DS then ten minutes after he is out of office it will be biz as usual, but with a vengeance. You have to ask, what’s the point in a booming economy if you live with a two tier justice system?

          What has occurred here is a first. The peaceful transfer of power based on “free and fair” elections was tossed out the window. The DS puppet, obama, abused his federal authority to suppress his political opposition prior to the election. He continued to abuse it to try and have a duly elected president overthrown.

          My theory is the only reason they kept the puppet in the loop was so he could function as THEIR insurance policy. The hope being that PT would be persuaded not to go after a previous president, and a black one to boot.

          Half the country pretty much knows what went down. I don’t see how any leader can live with that.


          • De Oppresso Liber says:

            I don’t see how we as a country survive, if these treasonous vermin are allowed to walk free among us, after their irrefutable crimes. There is so much already in the public domain, just imagine what we DON’T know…..?



  4. GB Bari says:

    Either Lisa Page has one heck of an immunity deal to be revealing so much information that shows her bias and involvement in the coup, or else Horoiwitz got so much on her that she cannot try to hide her involvement and risk charges of perjury or, in DOJspeak, “exhibiting a lack of candor.”

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  5. RJ says:

    Lots of talk, little action…how long have I been reading about all these players? And just who is going to stand before the bar and plead? I don’t see anyone even walking near a courthouse.

    The joke is on who? Seems like it is on me and millions more Americans who more than sense a two tier justice system being imposed.

    Note how many in government have been to law schools! They learn how to admit nothing, deny everything, and talk around any subject…weasels all!

    We have been gamed, conned and left with a warn sack of (you know what) all the while Hillary, Obama and their pals go about laughing and enjoying life.

    Hello suckers!

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    • butch cassidy says:

      RJ, relax, things are now finally coming out. Now the Mueller report has been handed in I think you will see the gloves come off. First lets see if the msm picks this up, I don’t know what Barrs going to do but I think it’s a little too early to discount him.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      So much information coming out makes it likely that they will be forced to kill their own brethren to ensure survival.

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    • Sharon says:

      RJ you really don’t get it do you?


  6. chojun says:

    Further evidence that the FISA application was the majority of the so-called insurance policy. Without the retroactive legalization of the NSA database/FBI contractor spying which the FISA afforded, the FBI and basically the entire US intelligence community would’ve been caught in a scandal that would have resulted in the elimination of these tools and systematic deconstruction of intelligence contractors. Note that these contractors, such as Fusion GPS, are still operating today.

    They had to get the FISA application at any cost.

    All of this is the ongoing saga of the US domestic effort against Candidate Donald Trump. George Papadopoulos has a book coming out very soon and has been teasing that the international community is going to be exposed in an effort against Candidate Donald Trump.

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  7. Derangement Syndrome says:

    This is all great news, however….

    How A.G. Barr will deal out the consequences, is the big question. The fate of ‘equal justice under the law’ hangs in the balance.

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  8. Coast says:

    The entire FBI needs to be disbanded. But that won’t happen.

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    • Zaza says:

      along with the NSA and CIA… they are all nothing but corrupt, politicized spying organizations and chaos assets. It amazes me how many average Muricans seemingly support everything they do as if because it’s “OUR GOVT” they somehow CANNOT do wrong. Fake news was the byproduct of the deep state and the deep state has already won.


  9. Ray Runge says:

    Sounds like more solid documentation about a coterie of FBI and DoJ people that initiated and then persisted in the belief that they knew and know more than the voters of the United States.

    This an abiding central concern for me. Any measure of a how strong and resilient a country”s government can be will include the peaceful transfer of power after an election. Without thorough public investigation and punishment as warranted, USA will slip into a larger neighborhood where fellow Banana Republic nations allow corrupt insiders to usurp the choice of the people.

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  10. NJF says:


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  11. justlizzyp says:

    Just saw a Breaking alert that House Judiciary has been told to expect notification that Mueller’s report has been delivered to Barr by 5pm today.

    Let the games begin.

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    It seems to me that more and more is coming out that there was push back from lower level re fisa warrant concerns and that it was the corrupt high ranking players pushing this and twisting arms. Deep state being exposed.

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  13. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    I thought some of her texting had been scrubbed…. lost phone, then later recovered?


  14. Zorro says:

    Love the text where “Misunderstood” McCabe asks Lisa Page if she is related to Carter Page.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      DC is a small place.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Lisa Page’s mother is Iranian and Peter Strokz was born in Iran. There is a lot more to this story and Mullers father and grandfather in the Uranium business. Mueller trying to save his ass Uranium one.,


      • WES says:

        Thanks! I didn’t know that! That explains a lot of the why between Page and Strokz! Probably both musilms too! More evidence of Obama’s corruption!


        • WSB says:

          Wes, page’s mother may be Iranian. Oddly, Wikipedia does not have a page on Page. However, one source lists her religion as Christianity.


          Peter Strzok’s birthplace is Michigan. I posted his info below.


      • WSB says:

        From Wiki..

        “Peter Paul Strzok II was born at the Kincheloe AFB Hospital near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to Peter Paul Strzok and Virginia Sue Harris.[1] His father was a longtime member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.[18] One of Strzok’s uncles is Father James Strzok, SJ, a Jesuit priest doing missionary work in east Africa.[19] The Strzok family hails from Poland. For high school, Strzok attended St. John’s Preparatory School in Minnesota, graduating in 1987.[20] He earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in 1991 as well as a master’s degree in 2013.[21][22] After graduating from Georgetown in 1991, Strzok served as an officer in the United States Army before leaving to join the FBI in 1996 as an intelligence research specialist.[8][23] Strzok is married to Melissa Hodgman, an associate director at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.[24][25][26]”


  15. MIKE says:

    It’s heeeere! Muller report has been released to billyBarr!


  16. montanamel says:

    WE should bring “caning” to America for wayward Govt officials….in the public square….at noon!

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  17. NJF says:

    Per Catherine Herridge.

    Mueller report has been delivered to Barr.


  18. ALEX says:

    No bias here

    “The texts also reveal that bureau brass circulated at least two anti-Trump blog articles, including a Lawfare blog post sent shortly after Election Day that called Trump possibly “among the major threats to the security of the country.”

    Another sent by Page in July 2016 as the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into Russian election interference was kicking off, flatly called Trump a “useful idiot” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Page told McCabe that then-FBI Director James Comey had “surely” read that piece. Both articles were authored in whole or part by Benjamin Wittes, a Comey friend.”

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  19. It appears – imho – that this bias not reported to the FISA court is grounds for a felony charge against the perp(s) in the FBI and possibly the DOJ. This could be AG Barr’s first major test. If he aggressively pursues it, he wins my support. And then, Lisa Page better get in the Witness Protection Program.

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    • Mark L. says:

      Barr doesn’t even have to be aggressive. The dominoes have all been lined up. Even MSM can’t fake this one. Just a little nudge Bill.

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      • livefreeordieguy says:

        That is so true, Mark… Barr can be the most consequential AG in American history with just a ‘nudge’ — as you say… Just show up, do your most basic job, and you can be home at 5:00PM every day as you become an American hero! These corrupt hacks have been so sloppy, a 12-year old could step into the AG role and get to the bottom of this.


  20. DD More says:

    Lisa Page and outlines that she must have shared with investigators the totality of her texting

    Don’t think it was Her Choice to Share or Not. Messages on Govt Time & Phone is Govt’s.

    2016-10-14 10:57:00 “Just called. Apparently the DAG now wants to be there, and WH wants DOJ to host. So we are setting that up now.”

    WH in all her prior communications stood for White House. Obama implicated again as being “In the Loop”.

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  21. montanamel says:

    Administered by a “couple of ‘da boys”….
    Chuck Norris
    Clint Eastwood
    “Indy jones” – prefers the “whip”….

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  22. montanamel says:

    Get your popcorn and redhots….
    stake out the best chair you can….
    Let the show(s) begin.

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  23. NJF says:

    Warner already putting out a statement demanding all of report be made available to congressional committees, including the underlying documents.

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  24. MM says:

    Of Course he did…….

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  25. richq11 says:

    They never thought she’d lose… none of this was ever to come up or see the light of day.

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  26. intercesser says:

    Somebody is going to come out of the closet and say that they trusted in the integrity of ” whomever ” , but that they were fooled . As in , ” I believed in the dude who cried Russian Collusion , but he / she / they deceived me . Therefor , I am as apalled as the rest of America at this chicanery .

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  27. jessetmims says:

    Re “It would appear Ms. Page was considerably more forthcoming than other members of the small group.”

    If the shenanigans of the FBI/DOJ were a 17th century period play, Lisa Page would be the proverbial woman scorned. Is it too much to ask that a fury unknown even in Hell pelts the heads of her previous cohorts?

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  28. Johnny Dollar says:

    Following quote annotated for brevity:

    “Just nine days before the FBI applied for a FISA warrant to surveil a Trump campaign aide, FBI officials were battling with a senior DOJ official who had “continued concerns” about the “possible bias” of a source pivotal to the application….”

    Bugs me we can’t know (other than by speculation) for sure who this guy is. Plus, the “continued concerns” comment strongly suggests this DOJ guy had been smelling FBI crap for quite some time.

    It would be very interesting to (a) find out who this guy is and (2) if he is the same DOJ official who forced Comey to look publicly at the Weiner e-mails.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      This guy?
      FTA….”Specifically, concerns held by Stuart Evans, then the DOJ’s National Security Division deputy assistant attorney general, about the bias held by the FBI source, Christopher Steele.”

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      • Johnny Dollar says:

        The guy has not been identified publicly by the Fox article, or any other public news outlet.
        That’s what I’m talking about.

        As you point out, SD does a great job picking out a likely candidate.

        Like I said, though, I’m not sure who or what it serves to keep this guy out of the public eye.


    • Rhoda R says:

      Maybe there is/was one white hat in the whole Department. Or at least a light beige one.


  29. Doppler says:

    As to deals to limit the amount of disclosure, there’s much more at stake than Russia Gate and the Clinton Foundation, namely the routine functioning of the CIA, and the possibly routine or at least occasional use by FBI/DOJ of unauthorized access to NSA’s PRISM files for covert domestic surveillance (so much easier to check the database than to get a warrant). If FBI “cheated” on the 4th amendment in this respect, there are many convictions that could be overturned – any important evidence used that was fruit of that poisoned tree.

    Barr was GHW Bush’s AG, and that Bush was the former CIA Director, elder statesman of the Deep State, so Barr’s likely to be familiar with the process of protecting the CIA from exposure, while relying upon its unique capabilities, and containing any fallout from partial disclosures.

    Having watched President Trump through the entire Mueller investigation, especially his back-and-forths with the order to declassify, and firing of Rod Rosenstein, appearing to enjoy himself so much when he again changes direction unexpectedly, and I think on multiple occasions explaining that maybe the people don’t want or need to know everything, my anticipation is that Barr is drawing lines around non-disclosure areas. I’m hopeful they will satisfy President Trump, and his supporters, and nonetheless hold all the Russia-Gate scoundrels fully accountable, and bring the Clinton crime machine before justice, but without unexpectedly throwing open the entire record of covert services’ abuse of power. While I think we are not really free until that entire record is disclosed, I’ll nonetheless take what we can get.

    It’s been entirely too distracting to have such an enormous scandal withheld under wraps for so long.

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  30. Tparty says:

    Can we start deriding RussiaGate conspiracy theorists yet?

    Oh what the heck this is America after all. My choice to start the list is … Keith Obermann. He was out of the gates early and a hard charger but horseface ran out of steam in the first furlong.

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  31. covfefe999 says:

    McCabe at 1:28, barf! McCabe needs to ask himself if it’s appropriate to make up some BS reason to “investigate” (i.e., take out) a Presidential candidate just because he doesn’t want that candidate to win.


  32. Arrest Soros says:

    People learn more from their mistakes, than their successes. This is true across all cultures and races.
    The Deep State and Demonrats will learn from their mistakes THIS TIME AROUND.
    Unless they are taught a strong lesson….by way of large scale indictments….they will just rally, learn and try again in the near future.
    The Republic is in danger unless mass indictments are handed down IMHO.

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  33. Bubba Cow says:

    OK, I give up. What’s the D word?


  34. Republicanvet91 says:

    “It would appear Ms. Page was considerably more forthcoming than other members of the small group.”

    I read in the Epoch Times article that Page provided the texts proving McCabe lied about authorizing Page to leak to the media.

    This paragraph suggests she turned over her phone, which meant they had every text sent or received.

    “McCabe would later initially deny providing such authorization to the Office of Inspector General. Page, when confronted with McCabe’s denials, produced texts refuting his statement. It was these texts that led to the inspector general uncovering the texts between Strzok and Page.”

    I read that to mean Page turned over her phone to prove McCabe lied, and they found her texts to Strzok as well.


  35. Fools Gold says:

    We can all hope. It tells me she was a lawyer covering her own arse and following all things Trump closely because her boyfriend is about to bring all their arses down a couple of notches.


  36. ~Remember Folks, The…LAWFARE…blog Editor in Chief Benjamin Wittes [IS] BFF to FIRED former Obama FBI Dir. James (the LIAR) Comey & through their blog gave [Legal Advice] to Jimmy Comey, ‘Comey-Memo-Leaker’ Columbia Law Prof. Daniel Richman, Roddy Rosenstein & the Criminals at DOJ & FBI on how to get a Special-Counsel-Investigation aka. “Insurance Policy”……Started.~


  37. Ray says:

    I’m afraid I see the possibilities but don’t see it happening. It has been a long time and nobody is arrested and having their lives ruined with a chance at redemption by coming clean.
    One arrest of a key person involved in the attempted coup would bring it all tumbling down and it hasn’t happened.
    Mueller showed one thing when they want to the DoJ-FBI can move swiftly. However in this case the weakness is still that they are investigating themselves. It needs to be someone possibly from the military with single tracked law enforcement take no prisoners approach to clear the corruption people like Wray are ignoring.


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