Sunday Talks: Senator Ron Johnson Discusses National Emergency Declaration at Southern Border…

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (U-DC) was one of the Tea Party backed senators who came in during the 2010 election and later aligned with the UniParty Decepticon caucus funded by the Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donohue.

Senator Johnson wants to reform the National Emergencies Act to remove executive branch power and avoid the pesky problem when a President subverts the will of Wall Street and those who actually write legislation, The U.S. CoC and Business Roundtable.

On matters where the Multinationals, “world economy”, can benefit from MAGA policy, Johnson is a supporter of the President.  On matters where the Multinationals do not benefit from MAGA policy, Johnson is not a supporter of the President.

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77 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Ron Johnson Discusses National Emergency Declaration at Southern Border…

  1. Hoosier_Friend says:

    When will American’s finally get fed up with this crap? Like so many, I am exhausted with the treachery perpetrated against We, the People.

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    • TPW says:

      Most of America is unaware of what Johnson is doing and who he is taking orders from.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      He has transformed like my U Sen. Toomey! Ran on TEA Party platform, then converted to UniParty. Need to rid ourselves of this waste!

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      • Thinker says:

        In Mississippi we have Roger Wicker who just voted to stop Trump’s declaration. His Facebook press releases talk about not wanting to set a bad precedent of giving the President too much power. What a crock!! Informed Americans know presidents have been using Emergency Declarations for a long time. Wicker thinks we are ignorant! His Facebook posts are riddled with about 100% negative feedback. With the scheduled vote to override the veto set for March 26, Mississippians (the informed ones) have thrown down the gauntlet to see if he stands with his electorate or the Democrooks and McConnell.

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        • warrprin1 says:

          Wicker, Toomey, and the others like Portman, who voted against President Trump’s Emergency Declaration, are all singing the same tune: in unison. They’ve been selling a “rationale” that has all the earmarks of having been coordinated by a team, in advance, and proffered to the public in an attempt to protect themselves from the wrath of their own voters.

          Toomey’s vote does not surprise me. He is a weak, spineless soul who appears to be little more than a shadow moving through the corridors of the Senate and doing as he’s told by the money-changers in the Temple. Portman, apparently, has evolved into a Decepticon. He’s Ohio and I’m PA — I can’t wait for the arrival of his next 30 solicitations for a contribution from us to his re-election campaign — to his oh so “Conservative” re-election campaign. Another Decepticon outed.

          Johnson should have known better than try to slime his way through a 3rd degree
          go-around with Maria. No contest.

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          • warrprin1 says:

            These creeps never questioned an Emergency Declaration from previous Presidents. They allowed Obama to ride roughshod over the Constitution. They will allow the next Dimm President the same latitude – in the event that we are lazy enough to allow another Dimm to win, or steal, a future general election. They hate that President Trump holds and wields the power of the Executive Branch. And there’s the irony: they talk a game of Conservativism, but President Trump accomplishes Conservativism.

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    • Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

      It is unfortunate that Mr. Johnson changed so drastically and now wants to forget having borders and maintaining sovereignty. I cannot but help but wonder how some of these people arrive at their opinions IF they indeed have seen the scene at the southern border. It is entirely possibly what we are seeing is an effect of cartel money being spread around. After all, IF El Chapo paid former President Peña Nieto $100,000,000 for him to look the other way in Mexico and even for his assistance, how much would other cartel leaders pay politicians north of the border in order to expand their business model? Invest at a ratio to produce 1:10 would be a sound model. After all, something is amiss with the current political picture here. What else could so simply explain their faulty logic?

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      • Exactly! How many others are bought off by the cartels? I would be willing to be A LOT of California politicians are. Buellar? Buellar? Shiff? Shiff? Pelosi? Pelosi? Why does no one answer?

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        • James Carpenter says:

          You might try water boarding Pelosi and/or Schiff.
          But I don’t know if what their story was before or after would shed much light. Money from a cartel? Huh? Thought it was just another patriotic campaign donation!


      • wlbeattie says:

        IMO Faulty logic is very ably overlooked – if enough personal profit is offered.

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  2. Sad to admit, I voted for him in 2010. …😢


      • chzheadproud67 says:

        small world…..that’s a link from my hometown paper! And I too, voted for him in 2010 (was at least a better alternative to Feingold)……I think he has become a part of the swamp….if he doesn’t run again in 2020, I will do all I can to keep a repub in there…..We have 1 BS DEM senator in Baldwin, don’t need another

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        • GB Bari says:

          I do not live there but you might want to see what your local party is doing to prepare a candidate to replace him. Now is the time to act – to get someone identified, vetted, and out in front of the public to become a familiar name.

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        • Newt Love says:

          Start looking now for a real deal Conservative to run for that Senate seat. If the traitor Johnson does run again, primary him with your candidate!

          We, the people, control who gets elected. Not the Chamber of Commerce!

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    • dbobway says:

      Anybody who votes Republican has a 35% chance of voting against the middle class citizen of our country.
      Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, both got my vote. They both are corporate bribed, moderate Democrats under the Republican moniker.
      I live in NC, if not for Arizona, we have the worst Republican Senators in Congress.
      But alas Arizona Democrats cheated their way into electing a wannabe pole dancer.

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      • I’m in NC now too…..

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        • dbobway says:

          Welcome Susan.
          If your any kind of political junkie,
          North Carolina is a political Lab.
          The elected in this state are established Republicans being the new/old guard,
          And the Democrats of change are coming in droves.
          Mainstreet, me, got murdered here by Bush and Obama.
          Nobody but ICE knows Charlotte, is now a sanctuary city. The natives are some fine people. No matter where you stand in NC your never far from a beautiful view.

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          • We live right outside of Charlotte, just North of it. We have been here for two months and have never been there! Ha! I didn’t know it was a sanctuary city! We just left upstate NY and we thought we were escaping nothing but Demonrats……Thank you for the welcome!

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      • Larry Charles says:

        I really despise Tillis and Burr. They are oily weasels.

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        • NC Patriot says:

          I am in NC, too. Only saving grace for those two—–They vote for POTUS’ judges.

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          • I’m in NC, too. Two horrible Senators from one state…a sorry situation.

            If you sign up for their emails you only hear from them when they can claim how much they like veterans…a really safe topic. Who doesn’t like veterans? They never communicate with their constituents about anything else.

            Notice Tillis never informed his constituents about why he was planning on voting against the National Emergency? Because he does not care what we think and doesn’t really want us to know what he is doing. Ditto Burr; never received one email from him explaining why he was pursuing the witch hunt with his buddy Warner, even though he knew from the start it was all a lie.

            Talk about deception. They are the epitome of the word.

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        • dbobway says:

          The best thing I can say about Tillis as Senator?
          It got him out of our state government.
          Then there is Burr the embarrassment.
          I’m already checking if Burr is going to get primered in 2020. I will place it here when I find out.


  3. Greg1 says:

    Why didn’t he reform the National Emergencies Act when Obama was president?

    Why is it SOOoooo difficult to support President Trump in supporting, you know, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

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  4. rustybritches says:

    Ron Johnson is one of those people who lied to the Tea Party people just long enough to get into office, He then backed the Dems most of the time and the RINO republicans the rest of the time but he is not someone the President can count on for any reason. Just shine him on and just know that this man is another scum bag like all of them that have shown themselves to be nothing but the Dirty dozen.
    I do want people to know that I was watching one day when the senate an the house decided to give Obama more presidential powers because according to the members he was just doing so much that needed for him to have that extra power I think that if thousands of people
    do a run on our border and any of the border patrol or Military or the Guard is killed or mained I hope that they know the blood is on their hands.. forget the dems they are not smart enough to pour pee out of a boot but the republicans should know better than to do what these people just did.. I hope they all lose their seats and never find another way to hold office again.

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  5. Bullseye says:

    Seems as if Josh Hawley of Missouri is doing the same posturing now also. Josh would not be a senator now except for PTrump. Once in immediately starts aligning with the uniparty creeps. The promises of support in next elections, Trump won’t be here forever, you want a long career as a senator?? Then align your voting with us…

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  6. RageAgainst says:

    Fukin traitor to the American people. He sold his soul to the demons at Wall Street and the C.o.C. He no longer wants what’s best for the American people, and its doubtful that he ever did, yet he lies to say that he does and the lies are quite obvious. This Senator will be the first to pretend to be on the side of the Constitution, and then betray the people (again)if a civil war breaks out in the US.

    Even with the obvious lies, he still gets votes, Wisconsin! You gotta vote this POS out! I’m sure he also supports globalism and CAIR, and will scream bloody murder about people with other political beliefs being “islamaphobic” and racist.

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    • Deb says:

      I don’t think you realize what the alternatives are here in WI. We get to vote for Ron Johnsons or actual socialists. What would you do?

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      • GB Bari says:

        Develop a good candidate to oppose Johnson in the coming primary.
        Why wait for the USCOC.GOP to dictate to you who you’re going to vote for?
        Where is the local coordination among Trump-supporters?

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  7. fernpel says:

    You can add Marco Rubio to that list of users and abusers of the Tea Party. Interestingly – heard from a reliable source in FL. GOP circles that lil Marco knows he’s toast as far as any Presidential aspirations, he is now hanging his hat on a run for FL. Gov. All his posturing and votes will be to appeal to middle of the road vs. conservative or America First voters.

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  8. Piggy says:

    Johnson is one of the worst.

    He went from Tea Party to sell out faster then Hitlery getting chucked in that van.

    What’s the quote from POTUS again? Something like “Drive them out!”. Do it Wisconsin get MAGA in there.

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  9. paulmafinga says:

    For decades the two parties have promised a secure southern border. There must be hundreds of hours of CSPAN video describing the wall as (needed, funded, secure, complete, failed, etc.)

    The court should hold the funding and legislation in place sufficient to build barriers and infrastructure until such time that it is considered sealed.

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  10. Any so-called Republican Senator the CTH defines as a GOPe should forever be defined as a GOPt meaning a TRAITOR.

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  11. Coast says:

    Honestly I don’t see it possible for people to elect honest patriotic Americans and this guy is proof of it. These people are all bought and paid for, and the average “Joe” who wants to be elected to stop this crap doesn’t stand a chance to even get on the ballot, much less elected. The system is closed and you ain’t in it.

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  12. Publius2016 says:

    go back to the US Constitution! These guys/gals get 6 years and no recall provisions…then they usually need to get through a rigged primary and only one Presidential Election every three terms!! In other words, they are Uniparty Deep State Central…no state representation either…mostly Globalists!

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  13. LULU says:

    No one is better at flushing out weakness than Maria Bartiromo. She goes along, asking questions, collecting answers that to her are undoubtedly predictable, and then she goes for the jugular. So surgically. Fun to watch.

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  14. RJ says:

    I met Johnson at a local Republican sponsored rally about 7 years ago. The rally was in a small volunteer fire hall about 20 miles from Pittsburgh. He was with Pat Toomey. Wasn’t impressed. Both of them reminded me of sleaze bags.

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  15. Bucky Badger says:

    Ron was never elected due to himself. He was first elected as part of the Tea Party wave. He was reelected due to Trump’s strength as a candidate. Trump was the first to win a presidential ticket in Wisconsin since Reagan in 84. Ron rode his coat tails.

    Ron should take note of his picture in his office with the Lion and the Lamb. We all know who the Lion is. Ron needs to realize he is the little bitty lamb sheltered in the strength of the Lion. He needs to realize he is nothing without Trump, and support his protector every chance he gets.

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  16. So RINO Seven-Snakes leader Johnson wants to limit Emergency Executive Orders to 30 days.


    As Commader in Chief, announce that immediate steps are underway for our troops to return home from abroad WITHIN 30 DAYS to be in compliance with the expiration of all National-Emergency Executive Orders.

    Remind America that deploying forces requires multi-month and commitments to send them, and multi-year commitments to keep them there.

    Then announce that future military engagements overseas will consequently require a Congressional DECLARATION of WAR, committing our military to DESTROY the ENEMY with a NATIONWIDE MOBILIZATION of our entire economy and use of ALL available capabilities.

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    • BKR,
      Thanks for pointing that out…I found that comment to be particularly bizarre, and totally unworkable.

      Look, I get it that the Senators are concerned about a Dem president abusing Emergency declarations. That claim would be FAR MORE BELIEVABLE if they had done ANYTHING to constrain Obama, or if they had worked to SUPPORT POTUS!

      But neither happened, except for judges (not sure why only that…and at this point, it worries me).


  17. Monticello says:

    Taxation without representation, monopolies and lobbies instead of monarchies.

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  18. BarneyRubble says:

    Trump needs to declare war on narco-terrorist Mexico and cause a massive self-deportation of Mexican invaders who fear being labelled enemy combatants.

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  19. YeahYouRight says:

    He *was* that guy! That’s how he got there!


  20. Wow, that’s a terrible performance.

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  21. Senator Ron needs to be primaried, and conservatives need to financially support his opponent!

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  22. One of the comments Johnson made that I found interesting–he noted that a number of Reps and Sens were concerned about losing $$ for their “pet projects” due to Pres. Trump’s emergency declaration. As he said–the Congress wanted to know where the money would come from. Typical swamp rats worried only about the payola they can show to donors, or in some cases, constituents.

    The media rat Wallace also pushed this point with Mulvaney too…amazing that these folks are so transparent about their true motivations.

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  23. Fools Gold says:

    So what I got out of that interview is Maria calls out the terd and all I heard from the terd was we’ve got a plan to resist and we’re willing to work with Dems to get it done in a bipartisan way.

    Maria is one sly fox with MAGA cat eyes! I swear she gets better with age and wisdom!

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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

    I’m ok with the Senate taking a look at the national emergency law and amending it. However, it should exclude any prior emergency declarations (including Trump’s border EO) and only apply to future National Security EOs.

    Otherwise there will be hell to pay.


  25. teeheeman says:

    Ron Johnson announced a long time ago he was done and not running for re-election after this second term ends in 2022 – I’m from WI and you people don’t have a clue what you are talking about. BTW Ron Johnson is a real live business person, just like Trump..

    You folks know squat about the man (neither does Sundance). This CTH “talk amongst yourselves and pat each other on the back BS” is getting very thick IMO. Ron Johnson (who I know) is probably the finest Senator WI has ever had and is a strong backer of Trump.

    If CTH’ers want to act pure/high and mighty and crap on people like Ron Johnson, I say screw you. JOHNSON SUPPORTS TRUMP ON ALMOST EVERYTHING……GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE!!!!


    • Kaco says:

      How can you post this with a straight face when we just heard from the horse’s mouth?

      “on *almost* everything* ah, there’s the rub.

      Immigration is probably the most important issue for this nation, this wall is just a start. And we don’t have Ron Johnson’s support for President’s Trump lawful declaration. The weasels want to change the law to suit their globalist masters or until they get in an open borders friendly President. That’s a problem.


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      What part of Maison do you live in.Your slip is showing,
      “You folks know squat about the man (neither does Sundance)”


  26. teeheeman says:

    The last paragraph of this article really angers me – this kind of incredibly broad inference about Ron Johnson by SD is pure BS and not the least bit helpful.

    “On matters where the Multinationals, “world economy”, can benefit from MAGA policy, Johnson is a supporter of the President. On matters where the Multinationals do not benefit from MAGA policy, Johnson is not a supporter of the President”.


  27. beaujest says:

    Commie from Wisconsin ! Wants the likes of Mitch and
    Pelosi to decide!


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