My Unfair Lady…

AOC Denies Being a Puppet Candidate, She’s Not Being Entirely Truthful…

Amid growing revelations surrounding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a puppet candidate, enlisted by a group of far-left activists, Ms. AOC tweets a firm denial.

(AOC Tweet – Handler Saikat Chakrabarti Tweet)

Unfortunately, the AOC denial breaks an Alinsky rule.  When a leftist breaks an Alinsky rule, the opposite of their claim is generally accurate; counter-intuitively affirming a stronger likelihood Representative AOC is actually steered by a group of leftists.

The evidence to support the puppet proposition is quite strong, albeit somewhat overblown in construct; and unfortunately for Ms. AOC, the evidence that does exist completely reconciles what is factually visible.  However, the issues are more nuanced that most are willing to admit.

Apparently Ms. AOC and her handler Saikat Chakrabarti are responding to a recently viral video put together by a Youtube personality called Mr. Reagan.  Many of you have likely viewed the video; for those who have not seen it, it is worth the time:


When you spend a lot of time deep in the granular weeds of politics, what Mr. Reagan is describing is not a conspiracy; in practice it is a well established fact.  The construct of recruiting political candidates for office is well known; the difference in modern politics is the type of candidate being recruited.

The video above is approximately 85% accurate.  Having spent time following the reaction of the progressive movement to the defeat of Hillary Clinton the thing Mr. Reagan gets wrong are some of the dates and the timeline.

The loss of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election exacerbated a pre-existing fracture inside the Democrat party.  The far-left Bernie Sanders wing became more angry with the establishment Hillary Clinton wing.  The reaction was not dissimilar to the same thing that happened in the Republican party in 2008 and 2009 that gave rise to the Tea Party.

Immediately following the 2016 election defeat, and with massive anger amid donors who had contributed billions to the campaign effort, the Clinton-Wing led by David Brock, went into damage control and organized a meeting with the intent on re-branding their efforts. [SEE HERE]  Meanwhile the more progressive wing, the group that actually has a larger grassroots following, decided upon a different course.  That’s where Cenk Uygur comes in.

In the 2018 race the DNC was forced to ride the progressive dragon.  Nancy Pelosi and the Clinton/Brock crowd knew their rise to regain political power would not be possible without the grassroots Bernie leftists.  The Cenk Uygur, Saikat Chakrabarti, recruitment was left alone to keep the fracture from becoming toxic.  The ideological issue of party leadership -vs- grassroots extremists still exists; we see the dynamic playing out daily.

Yes, into this foray the Saikat Chakrabarti (Bernie-wing) 2017 operation to recruit primary candidates to challenge the Pelosi/Clinton-wing was the dynamic that brought forth Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Take any recent college graduate who is interested in politics and has a reasonably attractive social profile and you can get an AOC.

This is what was immediately visible.  A political neophyte who only knows the catch-phrases from the educational indoctrination and social network.  This surfaces in an understanding of political issues, domestic and international, that is shallow and mostly lacking in substance and structure…  Cue the earliest audio visual.  Must Watch:


Now, having said that, seen that, and admitting the video which outlines the people controlling the politics of Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is generally true, there’s a dismissive element by her detractors that is unfounded.   Most of her words are her own; it’s her ideas, and the formatting of those ideas into content, that are not her own.

No-one knows how over-her-head she is more than AOC.  She’s, politically not well versed in issues but she is not a stupid young lady.  It is obvious she is working her 29 year-old butt off to get herself up to speed.  She’s trying, and those who installed AOC; and are still providing the majority of her education, are also invested in making sure that AOC is not exposed as the recruited 2017 bar-tender.

When we were recruiting constitutional Tea Party candidates (2009) to challenge the vulnerable Blue-dogs and simultaneously primary the GOPe (establishment) Republicans in 2010, we did the same thing as Cenk Uygur, Saikat Chakrabarti.  The difference is that our candidates were more mature, already engaged in political granularity, older and skilled.

Our 2009 through 2011 grassroots Tea Party candidate pool was comprised of those who already established themselves in life and were mature professionals in various fields.  The 2017 progressive candidate pool for Uygur and Chakrabarti are recent college graduates and young folks fresh from the indoctrination machine.  To this college crowd Omnibus is public transportation that goes in all directions.

So yes, AOC was a recruited bartender turned into a congressional candidate and successfully installed as a congressional representative.  But don’t allow yourself to become dismissive of the internal success that was needed to achieve this result.

Remember, the people who attempted to destroy the Tea Party were the GOPe; specifically the Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell decepticon caucus. Sure the media were all-in to help them, but it was Boehner and McConnell who attacked the freshmen. Pelosi and Schumer saw the mistakes Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, and McConnell made with the dismissal of the Tea Party…. that’s why they now have President Donald Trump.

Do not expect Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to be as overt with their attacks against the young rebels within their progressive caucus.  Instead, look for Pelosi and Schumer to plan strategies to ‘use’ the movement.  If there is one thing Democrats excel at it’s strategy.

They have an ambitious, albeit politically naive, young lady who is intent on proving her individual merit and strength.  By disposition AOC will not be reliant upon the talking points and handlers forever.  Eventually Ms. AOC will form her own thoughts, speeches, congressional questioning and geopolitical opinions…. in short, she will become self-aware.

If the progressive movement is successful, by the time AOC fully matriculates she may find herself surrounded by a few hundred similarly recruited colleagues…. and just like the corrupt and rotten Paul Ryan who thrived throughout the rise of the Tea Party until he was faced with the sunlight of Trump, Speaker Pelosi ain’t stupid.

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328 Responses to My Unfair Lady…

  1. getfitnow says:

    FTA – Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “unfavorable” rating has skyrocketed now that she has become more well-known, according to a new poll from left-leaning Gallup.


  2. WSB says:

    “When we were recruiting constitutional Tea Party candidates (2009) to challenge the vulnerable Blue-dogs and simultaneously primary the GOPe (establishment) Republicans in 2010, we did the same thing as Cenk Uygur, Saikat Chakrabarti. The difference is that our candidates were more mature, already engaged in political granularity, older and skilled.”

    I will go one further, though, SD. The intent of the people selecting TEA Party candidates, whether they were genuine or imposters, was to hire representatives who would BENIFIT US citizens, not destroy our country as designed.

    BIG difference.

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      Sundance didn’t imply, let alone say, that the Tea Party candidates weren’t elected to represent the people. That was the main point of the Tea Party movement until it was hijacked by the GOPe. The point of the left’s movement, in this case by Uyger and Chakrabarti, is to do just the opposite. They represent socialist/communist beliefs that don’t believe the people should be benefited. The goal is always to benefit the state and the elite who rule it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Uyger and Chakrabarti or Pelois and Schumer or anyone else in the higher levels of the left, they are all the same and their entire goal is power and control.

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      • WSB says:

        I basically pointed that out in my comment. The TEA Party’s intent WAS to vote for candidates who wanted pro-American policies, whether the candidates were
        actually genuine or not. however people in
        Sandy’s district were interviewed by one of the contributors at Fox News, and they were in cahoots with socialism.

        So, those people did elect her wanting an anti-American, socialist platform.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Yes but those same people elected an anti-American socialist exactly because they believe that they will benefit bigly from her policies. Those voters are unwilling and or unable to work within the American democratic capitalist system.

          There is a broad spectrum of people who come under that definition.
          – Third world illegal immigrants, who lack the education and fundamental understanding of how to be entrepreneurs, or how to work up from entry level positions.
          – Muslims in particular, who have another agenda in this country with no intentions of ever respecting this nation’s founding and core Christian principles.
          – And also American citizens who are miseducated, physically and or intellectually lazy, or intellectually challenged, generally disaffected, and who have become easy marks for the lure of collectivism.

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          • WSB says:

            Very true, G Bari. Therein lies the entire problem. Having a basic moratorium on immigration as we did between the 1920’s until Ted and his klan opened the floodgates, allowed for two to three generations to assimilate as Americans. Since most came from countries of like values, this worked.

            But forcing foreigners on us with opposing cultures was alwasys bound to be a disaster.

            And here we are.

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  3. Me says:

    She was in a mostly Hispanic gerrymandered district, the incumbent didn’t take her seriously, she campaigned door to door (literally), was fresh and new and probably very personable. Her opponent was an old fat rich white guy; not exactly representative of his district and he was asleep at the wheel. On election day the weather was bad and hardly anyone turned out. Those that did voted for her. She was also taught to use Trump’s tactics (their version of it anyway) by using twitter, etc. So she and her handlers were pretty slick. I don’t think that she’ll last and will end up on some news network with a cushy gig; at least that’s my hope.
    Notice how she lobs her shot at the GOP “misogynists” deflecting and turning around the real criticism and not really proving that she was or is capable of being a legislator. The criticism is not that she’s a woman with power, it’s that she’s a yutz with power who couldn’t have made it without help from behind the scenes people (both men and women). She’s just parrots the same old b.s. talking points re male vs female.
    I mean is she forgetting the old bats of Congress, Pelosi and Feinstein who have been around for at least 100 yrs? If you want to talk about women who’ve had a hard row to hoe to get into politics why not rehash their stories? Man is she divisive: man vs woman, white vs everyone else, rich vs poor, blonde vs brunette. SMH.

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    • Kenji says:

      I look forward to her reading the statements, er questions prepared for her at more and more public hearings. If her haranguing, radical leftist question-Statements aren’t enough to convince you she is an empty vessel USED by the most radical leftist Orgs in the country … then you aren’t paying attention.


    • Pokey says:

      This appears to be the new politics in the Mass Communication Age. I think it will take another generation for voters to become calloused toward the use of Mass Communication to brainwash potential voters. The AOC phenomenon is the beginning of the end game of the Communist Party and is completely unlike the Tea Party in its methods. The TEA Party was an alarmed response of free market Americans to the first Communist President, Barry Sotero. The TEA Party was organized on the run. The Communists started working at Mass Communication control a long time before the TEA Party was born, if you will. This is a dangerous time, because it is uncertain whether the Communists have succeeded with this program already. I believe they have and I pray to God that I am wrong.


  4. WSB says:

    For those who cannot believe how Sandy was accepted and graduated, please call the Provost’s office at BU, as I have.

    Ask these four questions:

    On what bases did they accept Sandy Ocasio?

    What were the classes she passed within the business school?

    On what bases was she graduated?

    Why, after so many years was Sandy working as a bartender, with such distinguished credentials?

    The Office of the Provost
    Boston University
    1 Silber Way, 8th Floor
    Boston, MA 02215

    P: 617-353-2230

    F: 617-353-6580

    If the secretary answers and the provost is not in, leave your name and phone number. Demand an answer.

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      The basis of their decisions, let alone any information about AOC’s education, may not be something they will release. It may not be public information, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get any answers. And, even if you do, what point will the answers serve? Their answers, if given, will be carefully worded to say little or nothing of substance. They will write us off as lunatic right wing fanatics who are racists and haters. While I appreciate your suggestion, I prefer to take Jesus’ words in things like this. He said we shouldn’t throw our pearls before swine and what he meant by that was not to waste your words on someone who won’t hear what you have to say.

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      • WSB says:

        As SD points out, these movements work, whether it be for good or bad.

        Why would anyone call any entity to question its actions or try to make a change? After all Jesus called for a Church to spread the Good Word.

        Overwhelming force works.


    • flyboy46 says:

      Since her knowledge of real Economics is absent, checking her “credentials” is useless. From what we have heard from her already she learned nothing of the subject. Hence the job of bartender.

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    • Madi says:

      Back in 2007, I did my own research on the usurper O. I researched the information through, articles, magazine, on line, ect. What was amazing the usurper worked around 3000 hours as a lawyer (billable hours) in 9-10 years. Spending $$$$$$$ to become a lawyer and not accomplishing much of anything ….became pResident .
      To many GOP were in Tea Party.

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  5. Nigella says:

    Puppet candidate? That’s an insult to puppets

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  6. Marygrace Powers says:

    Wisdom of James Woods – he’s 1000% correct.

    James Woods

    This is the most dangerous person in America right now. Ignore her at your peril…

    10:30 AM – Jan 17, 2019

    15.5K people are talking about this
    Twitter Ads info and privacy


    • Bonitabaycane says:

      I am in full agreement with James Woods.

      “She Guevara” is a dangerous Socialist Trojan Horse.

      Inside this vessel is Saikat Chakrabarti and his radical minions intent on destroying this country as we know it.

      We should not ignore “She Guevara” nor ‘hope’ she goes away. The enemy of MAGA is not going away by being ignored.

      IMO we must confront the “Justice Democrats” and defeat their anti-American agenda.


    • Believe him. Act accordingly.


  7. Words to live by: “Nothing is affirmed until it’s denied” This axiom has served me well in understanding the reality behind most things I’m told by “my betters”. Using this tool listen carefully to any politician or spokesman and you will hear the truth loud and clear.


    • Pokey says:

      Sort of off topic but it certainly targets the inanity of the “Big Green New Deals for You Capitalists Program”! They have lots of wind in Eastern Colorado and most of the time the windmills either aren’t producing or are down for servicing. 🙂

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    • Bugsdaddy says:

      Not to mention the toxicity of the de-ice fluid being used here.
      Same product is used to de-ice aircraft and it is carefully collected and reclaimed so as not to harm the environment.


  8. ms idaho says:

    This entire thread is fascinating. As I see it, Hilary (& Pelosi et al) are one end of a ‘it is my right, I earned it” spectrum. AOC is the other end. They, and most other ‘politicians’ are bought & paid for. I get it – they (todays’ politicians) present different political ‘postures’ with different labels.

    What VSG PDJT has brought to the political arena is his successful business experience. He has brought many similar qualified folks along with him – and Is teaching political animals how to succeed in a similar way (if they want to observe & learn, that is)

    He is the quintessential example of what our founding fathers envisioned, as far as I can tell.

    The problem with political ‘bribery’ (for want of a better word) is, what happens to the willingness of donors when $$ given does not guarantee what was bought & paid for. The security of the southern border is the most obvious example. We at TCH feel very certain our Lion POTUS will win and we will get a wall plus … On the other side of the war are all the folks who want open borders – each of them for their own financial gain.

    As Rush Limbaugh has said so many times, since the media (and the political party) didn’t create our President, they cannot destroy him. And that, IMHO, is why he will win and they will lose. Besides, I think he is smarter than they are. And I don’t mean IQ only….

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  9. Stickboy says:

    The people who fail to recognize the threat that AOC represents, the ones who dismiss her with silly insults, cute nicknames, or ridiculous memes……these people represent a far bigger threat to the country than AOC……..they don’t learn from the past, they repeat the same stupid mistakes time and time again.

    AOC may not be a genius, she may be rather stupid and impractical, as Liberals tend to be……but she is rapidly becoming a very powerful and influential person, no matter how many silly nicknames are dreamed up to apply to her. The game of politics is being played in a very new way, and AOC will be among the top players……her kind is the future of politics.

    She will be a force to be reckoned with, and most Conservatives have no sense whatsoever of what the future holds……they’re too busy being engaged in juvenile games, trying to create cute nicknames, memes, and insulting remarks.

    They really need to pull their heads out……or at least concede that AOC just might be “smarter” than they are.


  10. mikeyboo says:

    “Auntie Maxine” Waters must be seething. This young braying ass has taken all attention away from the older donkeys.

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  11. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Keep Bolshevik Barbie exposed.

    It distracts from Bullshovik Bernie


  12. lizzie dw says:

    I hope Stickboy is wrong about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. It seems to me that Ms. Ocasio Cortez may be like a person who learns enough English to work in a very specific job but the minute the topic expands beyond their scope of English the person can no longer converse. Ms. Ocasio Cortez will hopefully be asked interview questions that force her to expand on her memorised lines and/or sound bites so her ignorance about the world continues to be exposed. Those coaching and managing her message must have many connections in the media, though, as do those financing Robert Francis O’Rourke, as a while ago I never heard of either of them and these days their faces are all over both msm and alternative news.


    • Pokey says:

      Bingo! I believe there will be many out of nowhere faces popping up around us. They are mouthpieces for their Communist masters. Nothing more, nothing less.


  13. Trumpelstiltsken says:

    Can we stop calling her “AOC”? All we’re doing is affirming her brand….and what in the hell has she ever accomplished in life to deserve an initials-only moniker?


  14. Padric says:

    I’ve been saying since the Election in November that the Democrats are now facing the same internal problems the Republicans did in 2010. Sundance is right in that they are choosing to deal with it differently and are instead trying to use it instead of fight it. Ultimately, I don’t think that’s a strategy that will work for them. Why?

    Because Sundance is also right that in 2010 the Tea Party candidates were more politically aware and, more importantly, older. What Reps. Omar and Cortez represent are the first wave of Millennial Women elected to congress. They grew up under “girl power”, an educational system that decades earlier had slanted things their way and that emphasized the self esteem of the student over the actual education of them. Just as importantly, they are the first generation that will live cradle to grave surrounded by technology and the brashness of social media that comes with it.

    As a result, you’ve got new congress critters who are, due to age and upbringing, emotionally immature with a skewed view of what the real world truly is that will jump ugly every time they are confronted or opposed. I’m not saying they’re stupid by any means. They’re also limited in how they can respond to things because they simply know no other way. When the only tool you’ve ever seen is a hammer every problem becomes a nail, even when its watermelon.

    Combine those limitations with their ignorance and you can also see why Sundance says her handlers are working hard to get her up to speed. You can fix her ignorance but learned behavior is much harder to undo so they are in a race to get her up to speed before her limitations end her political career.

    Ultimately, it won’t matter. They can sound as educated on the topics as they want, but if their condescending brashness continues it’ll still end them. Remember, even Democrats hated it when Obama when into “lecture” mode when he spoke.


  15. SteveC says:

    I know I’m a little late to this one, but I didn’t see who is funding this?


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