Lynne Patton: “Michael Cohen turned on the President because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years”…

The appearance of long-time Trump confidante Lynne Patton at the congressional testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen created a considerable stir amid Washington DC.   However, the context of her appearance takes on even more drama when considered against Patton’s Facebook post from January 18th of this year:

Lynne Patton: […] 3) Many of you may already know that I considered Michael Cohen to be one of my very best friends. Countless people can confirm that we were virtually inseparable during my employment at Trump – and that he is, single-handedly – responsible for introducing me to the Trump family and effectively changing my entire life. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my heart still breaks for him and for his family, with whom I had grown extremely close.

4) What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that I can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen “turned on” the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period. She is the co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions – effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of “Making False Statements to a Financial Institution,” to which Cohen ultimately plead guilty. This is also the reason why Cohen’s longtime taxi medallion partner, Evgeny “Gene” Freidman, was granted immunity. (read more)

This is a rather stunning statement.  However, it holds the elements of truth and explanation as to why the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller/Andrew Weissmann, would pass off their assembled Cohen prosecution to the Southern District of New York.

If this leverage against Cohen’s wife to gain virtually unlimited legal and political cooperation is true; and it does follow a pre-established pattern of unethical prosecutorial conduct previously displayed by Andrew Weissmann; then many of the issues surrounding the behavior of Michael Cohen do begin to make sense.

Interestingly, this type of unlawful coercion and threat to compel a guilty plea and cooperation from a defendant are specifically prohibited:

In fact, when Michael Cohen appeared before Judge Andrew Carter on November 29th, 2018, part of the plea questioning from the court goes directly to this issue.

The judge specifically asked Cohen, twice, if any threats or promises were made to Cohen in exchange for his cooperation.  [TRANSCRIPT]:

[pdf court transcript – here]

If it is accurate that prosecutors leveraged the potential prosecution of Mr. Cohen’s wife in order to gain his plea agreement – then not only were those threats unethical, demonstrably prosecutorial misconduct and potentially illegal, but also Michael Cohen’s denial therein means he would have lied to the court in his plea hearing as noted above.

However, this could explain how much control is being exerted over Cohen for maximum political value.  Remember this same prosecution twice agreed to defer Cohen’s imprisonment to afford him time to testify to congress.

Additionally, immediately after the guilty plea by Michael Cohen his advisor/spokesman, Lanny Davis, then changed the legal team in preparation for further exploitation by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings and democrat politicians in congress.

WASHINGTON […] Lanny Davis, Cohen’s legal adviser, announced that Michael Monico and Barry Spevack will replace Petrillo, a former federal prosecutor, and his associate, Amy Lester.

Petrillo, who worked for years in the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, had represented Cohen through his cooperation with federal prosecutors, including special counsel Robert Mueller. Cohen hired Petrillo on June 19, 2018, replacing white-collar defense attorney Stephen Ryan.

A source familiar with the shakeup told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the change is being made because the focus for Cohen is now on “Washington and Congress” rather than with prosecutors in New York. (link)

Curiouser, and curiouser…

(Lynne Patton Facebook Link)

[…]  9) Lastly, given that Michael Cohen is barred from discussing the Russian investigation when he testifies before the House Oversight Committee, it’s safe to conclude that his testimony … will effectively amount to nothing more than political theater and partisan fodder for late night hosts simply to embarrass a sitting President over past behavior he may or may not have engaged in as a private citizen.

10) In closing, Michael Cohen always wanted to be famous. Sadly, he has gotten his wish. I personally stopped communicating with Michael when it became known in May 2018 that he was defrauding various companies (from a Korean defense firm to a global pharmaceutical company) for millions of dollars by falsely claiming he could leverage his connection with the President to their favor.  (more)


Final thought… Yikes, if what Patton claims is accurate, well, what does that say about the guy in charge of the Mueller process, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?

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506 Responses to Lynne Patton: “Michael Cohen turned on the President because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years”…

  1. Alex M says:

    UNITY CRACKS… AOC Threatens To List All Moderate Dems Who Vote With Republicans: Vows To Unseat Them In 2020

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    • Power grab. Again this one needs watching; who is behind her?

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      • Running Fast says:

        Bingo… she reminds me of Obama in his build up.

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        • David Burnell says:

          Actually, she reminds me of Vladimir Lenin, sans male plumbing, especially with her “i’m the boss” comment.

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        • John Titor says:

          AOC is made up from the ground up. First they (Globalists, socialists, deep state, CIA etc etc? created Obama, a guy just black enough that anyone opposing him would be a “racist”. No clear history except what we have been told. He pushed us far left and actually did what he said he would and “fundamentally” transform our Republic. Hillary was to be next and take us into full on socialism and start mre wars just like in 1984. But we stopped them which really surprised the world. They are trying to get rid of PDJT thru the media, courts, coups and the swamp rats of DC in both parties thwarting everything he tries to do. Meanwhile, the powers that be have their next creation: A ditzy, clueless, communist Latina that will continue where Sotero left off in a few years. Pretty, but dumb as a box of rocks. She likely never lived in Brooklyn, was a waitress, bartender or has ever done any work. May not even be Latina. She is a watermelon, green on the outside and red on the inside in a Children of the Corn kinda way.


      • Kent says:

        …who is behind her…exactly the real issue at hand….

        Who controls the kabuki strings and the enemedia….?

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      • FrankieZee says:

        She has some of Bernie Sanders people working for her now. Plus she must be getting a lot of $ from Soros.

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      • Renee says:

        Who is behind her? Really? Soros and co. Of course. I hope she will realize that she is there as a very Useful Idiot. She has no “OWN” thoughts and/or opinions. She is nothing more than a megaphone for her “handlers”. Also, it would interest me tremendously how much was given “to her opponent to” give up the keys to the castle”, id. est.: lose the midterm election.


    • Sara c says:

      If I were those moderate Demwits, I would threaten to vote with with minority (Republicans) unless She stops with the threats and backs of socialism


    • Dusty says:

      so at least we know that she’s mastered the “delusions of grandeur” part of the job


      • cali says:

        @Dusty: Look at the history of her COS who admires Hitler that includes owning the book “Mein Kampf”. He also occasionally operates her twitter account.

        She is also financially supported by the Rockefeller foundation who supports the one-world-order.


  2. Sandra-VA says:

    Someone on a previous page of comments recommended watching “Blocking the Path to 9/11” – this is a MUST WATCH! It shows, in full outrageous truth how the Clinton Machine operates to smear and take down those who dare to question them.

    This is exactly what is going on NOW. The power they have over the media, politics and just about everything is frightening and this documentary shows it in full operation.

    You can find it on Youtube in 4 parts of approx 22mins each.

    Here is part 1.

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  3. freepetta says:

    If this is true and I’ll bet it is Weissmann and Mueller should be locked up. Seems to be these power hungry political hacks masquerading as prosecutors enjoy extorting innocent family members for convictions. That’s DISGUSTING and PATHETIC and par for the HUSSEIN SOETERO “administration” while Hillary 🐷 is laughing at the stupidity of the public. LOCK HER UP!! ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO THE CLINTON CRIMINALS!!

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    • RKEESX says:


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    • WSB says:

      Judge Carter was a witness to an in-process hostage situation here. Where does one go to intervene?

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      • freepetta says:

        Great Question

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      • RLTW says:

        Where does one go to intervene when the FBI and DOJ are utterly and systemically corrupt? Who can We The People appeal to when our Congress and Judiciary are also utterly and systemically corrupt? Our Founding Fathers provided us with a solution if all branches of our government ever became so corrupt that our Constitution was essentially nullified. Guns.

        If you’re not armed you better damn well do so. Mueller, Weissmann and the Deep State are absolute, unadulterated evil. They intend to rule us. And if they ever gain the power to do so they will round up tens of millions of us and march us into death camps. Imagine if those hundreds of thousands of protesters in Venezuela were armed with AR 15s. Maduro would be gone inside of a day.

        Second Amendment.

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        • AT says:

          Yes and what recourse will people have with a government run healthcare system – the government courts?

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        • WSB says:

          RLTW, I am right there with you.

          I guess I want know if there is anyone right now who can intervene? The President of the United States SHOULD have the jurisdiction to clean this up.

          Does Barrr clarify this?

          We really must at this point have some legal relief.


        • powderdayrules says:

          RLTW, I agree 100% with you. What I worry about is confiscation of registered guns. This is what happened in NAZI Germany in the thirties: First Germans were told to register their guns, then were told to keep them at the police station where they could still have access to use them, and then they were CONFISCATED! I would love a discussion of ways to keep a legally owned firearm from being confiscated by the local swat team. They know what you have. Older family firearms might not be registered, and some of those guns didn’t have serial numbers on them, but mostly the authorities know what you have, if you are law abiding. My thoughts (and I would love to hear yours):

          Keep what you need for personal safety immediately available to you, and thus the authorities, but stash most weapons, ammo, reloading gear, etc. in secure locations. Keep a list of what registered guns are stashed and at the first signs of confiscation file a stolen property report listing them as stolen. If thousands of people did this the authorities couldn’t do sh!t about it.


      • Randolph Scott says:

        308 pills

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    • cali says:

      @freepetta: The threat by Mueller/Weissman against Cohen’s wife who co-signed the 20 million loan is real. What his wife didn’t know is that Cohen submitted fraudulent docs to obtain that loan ergo being indicted.

      Just like in the Mike Flynn case where this duo threatened Flynn’s son they also did that here ergo the 360 degree turn by Cohen against president Trump. No lie is too small to tell as a means to keep his wife out of prison.

      I would not be surprised if this exact subject was part of the prepping session with Adam Schiff, Cummings and Davis before the committee hearing. This is in a nutshell the motive by Cohen to trash the president.

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      • freepetta says:

        Agreed! These political hacks masquerading as prosecutors should be thrown in prison!! These are nothing less then Nazi tactics and shakedowns.


  4. Bendix says:

    I’m thinking right now of all the TBTF enterprises which committed much worse financial crimes than the piddling one they are using against Cohen.

    This is from the director of Inside Job’s Academy Award acceptance speech:
    “Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by financial fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong,” Ferguson said.
    Charles Ferguson is hardly a liberal.

    So now we have completely abandoned the idea of criminal justice, in favor of social justice, as what you are allowed to get away with depends on who you support politically.

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    • GSparrow says:

      Bendix–“…what you are allowed to get away with depends on who you support politically.”

      The last 2 years have fully exposed the verity of that quote. It has been true for a long time but it is now out in the open in all of its hideous and evil forms.

      Weismann’s and Mueller’s witch hunt has been a perfect and undeniable example of a politically based persecution.

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    • deqwik2 says:

      The Manafort filings today has a long list of people convicted & received a very light sentence for crimes worse than Manafort or Cohen.
      It is sickening.
      Look at this one .. 5 Seconds of probation. Not minutes, months or years but Seconds

      * Mary Estelle Curran, who owned an undisclosed $47 million Swiss bank account which resulted in a $21 million FBAR penalty, was sentenced to five (5) seconds of probation. (Case No. 12 Cr. 80206 (KLR) (S.D. Fl. Apr. 25, 2013));

      Pg 36 – 38 has the list.

      Click to access 3-1-19-Manafort-Sentencing-Memo-EDVA.pdf


  5. GSparrow says:

    Recklessly labeling a competent, intrepid and articulate woman like Lynne Patton a “prop” is just another egregious example of a demented Dem party. Lynne did not hesitate to dive into the Dems’ Committee sewer to defend her boss and correct the Cohen lies. If Cohen’s wife was malevolently threatened with 30 years in prison then parts of the USA’s justice system is being run by merciless, cruel, politically corrupt villains. Anyone surprised after the last 2 years?

    Laura Ingraham is an admirable and talented woman on the political front lines but she unwisely cut Lynn off in mid sentence when she was on an articulate roll explaining Trump’s many positive initiatives that benefit African Americans. I did not know about some of them and was focused on hearing more. Laura’s dismissive treatment of her guests bewilders me sometimes.

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    • jahealy says:

      Ingraham’s ego is second only to Hannity’s.

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    • Larry Charles says:

      I used to be a big Laura Ingraham fan and watched her TV show and listened to her radio show. I noticed behavior like you point out here in her treatment of Patton and how Laura seems to have too many libs on her TV show for me. She had lib Rob Reiner (aka Meathead) on once and she really loved him. It made me sick.


    • Everett Miller says:

      first I quit Hannity for his rude cut-offs of his GUESTS mid-sentence/mid-thought to spew his memorized talking point lists over and over–completely missing the point the guest was making, usually a new and better insight. His simple-minded ego is too much to take.
      Now, I have done the same with Laura (who I absolutely LOVED at the GOP nominating convention) as she keeps flapping her considerable gums and interrupting and cutting off people with more insight and more specific analysis than she can possible muster–usually to point out that she went to Ivy League schools, clerked for SCOTUS, or some other balloon puffery. I only watch Waters and Judge Jeanine (by DVR) and Tucker live. Otherwise Lou Dobbs does try to let his guests comment before his bluster-points, and I like his massive Trump support, and how he calls out the slime/traitor/scum/globalist GOPe and GOPe “leadership”–as a bunch of Globalist toadies, bought and paid by the CofC, K street, and the Crony/”capitalist” crowd of anti-Americans crowded into DC
      Faux News is going the way of the Republican Party–into the dustbin.

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      • Thank you for saying that, Hannity has disturbed me for a while, not just because of his oft-repeated points, but, because his callers on his radio show so many times have an excellent point of view that is never covered and I am sure many, many of us have thought about, and instead he either disagree, shoots it down or totally misses the point, it is utterly maddening. Too many times I have thought the exact same point and am relieved when a caller calls in and brings it up, and then Hannity shoots and he scores a big fat zero, such a shame and lost opportunity, so yeah frustration not my strong suit, so I quit listening or watching him, even though I love many of his guests, but if they are to be cut off, what is the point!


    • cjzak says:

      Hannity, one time when I was watching, explained that they have people talking to them through their earpieces who tell them to end the discussion because they have to go to commercial. It sometimes makes it look like they are dismissing the guest because of what’s being said or don’t want to let the guests finish their thoughts. Also if the guest is not on set there are delays in the transmissions of the questions and answers so they end up walking over each other. They are under huge timing constraints it seems and it makes for some awkward interviews and ending of interviews.

      I agree though, that Hannity talks too much and interrupts his guests way too much. Ingraham isn’t quite so chatty but she interrupts too. Tucker is pretty good at managing the timing during his interviews, probably the best of the bunch on Fox.

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      • beach lover says:

        Then he needs to fire his producer! He rants for over 20 min with nothing new, then brings in 2 guests that he has promoted to be there (probably knowing the only way people will turn in), then gives them no more than maybe a minute to talk, before having to “go”.

        If he was paying attention to his viewers at all, he would change his shows format. If he knew his viewers at all, he would know WE ALREADY KNOW what he is telling us for 45 min of the show.. Let Us Hear what guests have to report or say.

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      • I love Tuckers monologues he is just so right on and well written! His and Judge Jeanine are just about the only ones I can tolerate anymore, Watters has gotten a bit full of himself, not sure where he is going at this point.


    • darrel L smith says:

      The FOX channel operatives only use the news stories as filler between Advertisements. They never hesitate to cut a guest off mid sentence to make sure the Ads start on time. Sometimes I wonder why they have guests as they never allow one to complete an answer for fear of interrupting an Ad.


  6. redline says:

    I encourage anyone who has not done so to follow the link to Patton’s January 18 tweet and read it all. It rings true, and provides considerable context to the congress-critters circus.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Not a tweet, it was FB. But why go to all the trouble of searching for it on FB when all you have to do is read the article Sundance posted. THAT’S WHAT THIS ARTICLE you are commenting on is all about and it is included at the very beginning.

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  7. jmclever says:

    Might explain why Cohen looks so defeated and sad lately.

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  8. Troublemaker10 says:

    I think we need a full blown investigation into judicial corruption.

    Give immunity to any whistleblower, and immunity (as well as redemption) to minor participants who agree to testify.
    Hold the worst offenders accountable.

    Every institution is corrupt except the military. We are in deep trouble, as a country, if we don’t fix our corruptions from within.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Has anybody heard from Rudy G in a while? Seems like he has disappeared.

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    • Zorro says:

      “Every institution is corrupt except the military”

      I heard former Sheriff David Clarke on the radio today and he was going over some polling results. He said about 60% of the military leans left.

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      • WSB says:

        We have a Nazi style brainwashing going onin the country. Not certain about Clarke’s numbers, though.


      • Troublemaker10 says:

        Hope that’s not a true reflection.

        In 2016, exit polling shows military personnell voted two to one for Republicans.

        That being said….

        Institutional corruption isn’t Republican or Democrat (although it does seem to be continually stronger with progressive leftist governance).

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      • The military are government dependents like every other government employee and a considerable number of them are of one of the many progressive enamored special interest groups. Too many serving in military are looking for a career or simply can’t find another job.
        Anyone banking on the military to choose the constitution over their own needs has watched too much TV.


    • LEET says:


      Fairly certain the recent intimidation of supposedly “protected” whistleblowers by the FBI/DOJ has sent a clear and concise message to anyone considering whistleblowing of any kind.


  9. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    So Cohen took out a liars loan. How many liars loans could Mueller choose from leading up to 2007 millions? The Fed has thousands of liars loans on their books all so Obama could protect the criminal banksters from prosecution. The Mueller MO is to drag from cobwebs laws never applied to anyone else to then apply solely to Trump associates.

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    • TPW says:

      On some of those loan applications they ask to list assets and liabilities……liabilities… no problem…. its how much you owe. But on the part where you list assets you give your best guesstimate on property value. Of course people think their assets are worth more than someone else would…….if Mueller SDNY are knit picking that on loan applications that is pretty darn low to threaten someone because they over valued their property.

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      • California Joe says:

        The Feds never prosecute a loan applicant for inflating assets unless the loan is in default and bank has incurred a substantial loss. The bank does its own due diligence verifying an applicants assets and liabilities as well as ability to repay the loan. Verifying the asset value of New York City taxi medallions would take a lender about 20 minutes so the “value” assigned by Cohen probably wasn’t material to them at all. In other words, Cohen and his business were good to go!

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        • WSB says:

          If the loan is approved, it is approved.


        • George Hicks says:

          The value of a NYC taxi medallion has plummeted recently due to the influx of uber and the like. In fact, several medallion owners have committed suicide after they mortgaged everything for a medallion only to see their investment decimated.


  10. Heika says:

    And that my friends is what happened to Flynn causing him to confess to lying he did not do. Mueller found something on Flynn’s son (who knows, probably some minor thing that carries an unattractive major penalty), and dangled that over his head. Flynn is so loyal to his family he did not hesitate to do whatever it took. Just look at how he has behaved since. You can tell. Run that through the rinse cycle on everything you have seen on Flynn and it makes sense. This is how Mueller operates.

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  11. says:

    One might think that seeing all this subterfuge and conspiratorial coordination going on in the Special Council’s Office…in their investigations… and amongst the subjects of their investigations, that current Attorney General Barr wouldn’t have already yanked the line of those under his complete control in the Judicial Branch of the Government… and those they’ve “hooked”?
    However… like a fish after falling for the lure and being hooked in the mouth… if the fisherman gives full slack on the line, the fish will eventually swallow the lure completely and after being landed will more likely than not lead to the eventual complete gutting of the fish in order to retrieve the lure, ending inevitably in the “fish’s” demise… And if left on the line long enough other larger prey will see the unusually frantic and vulnerable behavior displayed by this gut hooked fish and these larger “predator’s” instinct is triggered… impulsively driving them to consume and gut hook themselves to the smaller more vulnerable previously “gut hooked prey”!
    Wonder how many single and multiple “gut hooked” predators are currently out their swimming on slack lines… they don’t even realize their living at the prerogative time schedule of the fisherman and his inevitable gutting blade?

    Just a thought.

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  12. Jon Jones says:

    One could only hope we will someday have a system of justice that is equal for all of our Citizens and that is not run by corrupt political operatives. Unfortunately, I know of no one who holds the Justice Department and its officials in high regard or believes the mess left by the insane black president will be cleaned up for decades if ever. The failed black president has deeply damaged our country and I hope he and 100 generations of his descendants rot in hell for what he has done.


  13. WSB says:

    SD did not post some of the other parts of Lynne’s multi-part tweet. It is worse…

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    • deqwik2 says:

      Mueller’s team has played Very Dirty.

      Manafort entered his sentencing paperwork today & took aim at the SC for some of the things they did. Imagine the story he has to tell when he is out of legal jeopardy. They have hyped a lot of his charges just to turn the screws.

      Here are a couple of footnotes from the document:

      2 The Special Counsel’s strategy in bringing charges against Mr. Manafort had nothing to do with the Special Counsel’s core mandate—Russian collusion—but was instead designed to “tighten the screws” in an effort to compel Mr. Manafort to cooperate and provide incriminating information about others.

      32 What the Special Counsel also failed to acknowledge until only recently, when forced to do so in the matter pending in the District of Columbia, was that Mr. Manafort was in regular contact with U.S. officials at the American Embassy in Kiev to communicate details of his work in Ukraine.
      33 As the Court pointed out: “And so what is really going on … is that this indictment [was] used as a means of exerting pressure on the defendant to give you information that really is in [the Special Counsel’s] appointment, but itself has nothing whatever to do with it.” Tr. of May 4, 2018 Motions Hearing at 8.

      Click to access 3-1-19-Manafort-Sentencing-Memo-EDVA.pdf

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  14. WSB says:

    Attorney General Barr,

    You officually have a Constitutional crisis on your hands. Time is of the essence.

    Sincerely, Citizens of the United States

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    • WSB says:

      Please excuse my typo!

      Attorney General Barr,

      You officially have a Constitutional crisis on your hands. Time is of the essence.

      Sincerely, Citizens of the United States

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  15. Neo says:

    Apparently, there are five publishers preparing to print the “Mueller Report”.
    They are all 726 pages, except for the version with the introduction by Alan Dershowitz, which is 742 pages.


  16. sDee says:

    Dear Citizens of the United States,

    We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.

    Sincerely…………….. Billy Barr

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  17. TeaForAll says:

    Saikat Chakrabarti founder and Chief of Staff

    Reilly Roberts Boyfriend and social media consultant
    Money laundering
    the gift that keeps on giving
    they better file a ETHICS COMPLIANT


  18. Kimmy K says:

    Prosecutors looking for a crime?
    I thought that was illegal.
    This really needs to stop.

    Funny none of them ever do this to the Hildabeast…

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  19. Bill_M says:

    “If this leverage against Cohen’s wife to gain virtually unlimited legal and political cooperation is true; and it does follow a pre-established pattern of unethical prosecutorial conduct previously displayed by Andrew Weissmann; then many of the issues surrounding the behavior of Michael Cohen do begin to make sense.”

    This does make sense. Read Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice by Sidney Powell. She was a defense attorney for one of the Merrill Lynch defendants stemming from the Enron case a number of years ago. Andrew Weissmann was intimately involved with the prosecution and his corrupt actions resulted in most, if not all, of the Court overturns of the prosecutions through similar actions. Don’t take my word for it; read Ms. Powell’s book. Be prepared to be depressed at the sleazy actions by the government attorneys. It is sickening.

    It’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why Mueller picked him.

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  20. Bull Durham says:

    This is why Federal Prosecutors have 99.5% success in their cases.
    Any FED prosecutor with less, is more honest and ethical.

    Mueller is the dirtiest cop in history.
    His team are thugs using the law as their baseball bat to break heads and knees.

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