Hanoi Summit: President Trump and Chairman Kim Hold First One-on-One Discussions – (Video and Transcript)…

President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un conduct their first one-on-one discussion during the historic Hanoi Summit (interesting remarks):


[Transcript] Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam – 6:33pm (local)

CHAIRMAN KIM: (As interpreted.) So it’s exactly 261 days since we met last time in Singapore, in June, last year.


CHAIRMAN KIM: (As interpreted.) And I truly believe that this successful and great meeting that we are having today is thanks to the courageous decision — political decision that your team, Mr. President, reached.

So, during that 261 days since we last met, there have been some misunderstandings. There have been all these eyes from the world who are misunderstanding the situation. But — and there was some hostility that still remains from the very, very past period that — from the outside.


CHAIRMAN KIM: (As interpreted.) But, however, we have been able to overcome all the obstacles, and here we are today after 261 days, in Hanoi.

I actually believe that those 261 days were the days which were — and during which a lot of painstaking efforts were necessary and also a lot of patience were needed.

But here we are today, sitting next to each other, and that gives us a hope that we will be successful with time. And I will really try to make that happen.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. That’s really nice.

Well, I want to just say it’s an honor to be with Chairman Kim. It’s an honor to be together in, really, a country, Vietnam, where they’ve really rolled out the red carpet and they’ve — they’re very honored to have us. And it’s great to be with you.

We had a very successful first summit. I felt it was very successful, and some people would like to see it go quicker. I’m satisfied; you’re satisfied. We want to be happy with what we’re doing. But I thought the first summit was a great success. And I think this one, hopefully, will be equal or greater than the first. And we made a lot progress, and I think the biggest progress was our relationship is really a good one.

And as I’ve said many times — and I say it to the press, I say it to anybody that wants to listen: I think that your country has tremendous economic potential. Unbelievable. Unlimited. And I think that you will have a tremendous future with your country — a great leader. And I look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen. And we will help it to happen.

Thank you all very much. We appreciate it. And we’re going to go have dinner, and then we have some big meetings scheduled for tomorrow. And we’ll see you, I guess, at a news conference at some point during the day. Thank you very much.

Q Mr. President, do you have any reaction to Michael Cohen and his testimony?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: (Shakes head.)

END 6:37 P.M. ICT

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37 Responses to Hanoi Summit: President Trump and Chairman Kim Hold First One-on-One Discussions – (Video and Transcript)…

  1. Wow first question show the fecklessness of our media. Here is an historic event and they just care about BS crap that means nothing to our country.

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  2. Luke of the D says:

    What are those horrid clicky-clack noises? It is nearly impossible to hear anyone speak over that racket!

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    • john says:

      Camera shutters from all the press photographers.

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    • Becky Pacey says:

      Cameras! It really is annoying!


      • Maquis says:

        Especially annoying in light of them being electronic cameras so they needn’t make any noise at all. They choose to set them like this to insert themselves into the picture, so to speak, for they are insufferably arrogant pricks.

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        • Lost says:

          Some countries have laws that say that digital cameras need to make that noise whenever a picture is taken. It’s supposed to be anti-paparazzi and anti-peeping tom, although it wouldn’t be surprising if media in general made sure to force those shutter sounds just to make sure they don’t have any legal trouble wherever they do.


        • Zaza says:

          Maquis, I was thinking the same thing, these airholes are using the “make clicky noise” setting on the digital cameras to make themselves APPEAR to be some semblance of something “professional”. Of course they are mere vapid azzholes and chimps in cheerleader skirts.


    • Janie M. says:

      Think it’s cameras, Luke.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Those are SLR cameras. They have a physical mirror that swings out of the way. With modern cameras on full auto (holding the shutter down) they can get 10+ frames a second. For sports action the fast speeds are a must but here they are just sitting. What they are trying to do is get the perfect expression for the story they are trying to tell.

      Far from the old days of The Decisive Moment as Henri Cartier-Bresson would put it.


  3. Hint: “Progress with our Relationship 2.0”
    … Ending the Korean War.

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    • Then the “expansion” of the Demilitarized Zone.
      Then the Defense Pact that enables Denuclearization.
      Then the Executive Trade Agreement.

      NOTE President Trump’s brilliant “Executive Trade Agreement” structure for China.
      • Zero Congressional approval required.
      • Remove Trump and the Agreement goes up in smoke
      … along with ALL of the IP & Ownership Protections, Currency Manipulation constraints, etc.

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  4. chojun says:

    Unbelievable that they would bring up Cohen and blissfully ignore the significance of seeing the US and DPRK flags standing alongside on a diplomatic stage.

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    • Janie M. says:

      Because…., chojun:

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      These asses finally have a historic opportunity to cover this reclusive man, and what do they do? They start by whining about having to move to another hotel because of him. Then, they ask entirely inappropriate questions which completely disrespect him.

      You just know Kim has to be loathing the media. He looks VERY uncomfortable any time he sees them. It takes looking at PTrump to get a smile out of him.

      I’d imagine that deep down in whatever soul he may possess, Kim has the utmost respect for PTrump’s handling of the enemedia, and perhaps a little empathy. I pray it may even work in our favor.

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  5. alligatriot says:

    Interesting that Chairman Kim spoke to President Trump but President Trump addressed everyone.

    Like a BOSS!

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  6. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Trump the negotiator. He knows Kim Jung-on is drooling for the day he gets a McDonalds. A hot button.


  7. The video is well worth watching, particularly to see Kim’s body language and facial expressions. Kim is listening intently, and smiles–sometimes grinning-at the remarks by Pres. Trump.POTUS has two winning themes in the discussions–economic opportunity which he says is unlimited and that we (USA) will help encourage, as evident by the venue of Hanoi. And second and essential point–good relationship. The latter crucial to help Kim think for himself and not just as the puppet of China (as per SD excellent analysis of the situation).

    FWIW I am spending little time on Cohen rat either online or even here–do not want to dignify him. In times past a convicted liar like Cohen would never receive such attention, nor would he have 3 days of Congressional testimony live-streamed in places like WSJ courtesy of MSNBC there, underscoring full transformation of WSJ into liberal mouth-piece).

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      I’m with you. Not nearly so interested in the Cohen sleight of hand, though am glad SD is covering it so we can get the real truth. It is most disappointing that these Hanoi threads have received so few comments in comparison. THIS momentous event really means something. 😦

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  8. Sunshine says:

    There’s a mutual and sincere camaraderie that cannot be denied. So obvious. We don’t see it with China’s Xinping who must be seething as he’s watching this unfold.

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  9. Dutchman says:

    Interesting comments from Kim, who expressly made it a point that problems that arose after the first summit came from OUTSIDE.
    Was he saying China, or hawks in his own government, and in U.S.?

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  10. Yy4u says:

    Another WSJ op ed had some expert telling POTUS how to deal with Kim. I laughed out loud at that one. Tge experts have been “dealing” with NORK since what? 1954. 65 YEARS.


  11. Liberty Forge says:

    World Peace.

    No other President in our modern time could achieve World Peace — except President Donald J. Trump.

    Why? Because he was not compromised. He was not “bought”.

    The continual wars of “drugs for weapons” are not a part of his lexicon. (That’s why they hate him, and want to bring him down.)

    Nationalism is a wonderful thing. Let the North Koreans remain as they are — their culture; their customs.

    Let the Venezuelans remain as they are — their culture, their customs.

    Let the Russians remain as they are — their culture, their customs.

    And yes, I could go on and on all around the world.

    This notion (and directive) of blending all of us together into one humongous world (of what?) IS NOT where the world should be.

    Celebrate our differences — embrace them wholly — but do not try to homogenize them into one humongous mass.

    Imagine that. World Peace. Let everyone do & live as they were meant to be.

    Radicals? Yep — they do pop up. No denying that reality.

    Still — President Donald J. Trump. Whatever U.S. President before has worked so very hard for WORLD PEACE?


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