Stunning – 44 Democrats Vote to Support Post Birth Abortion…

Unfortunately a bill introduced in the Senate to protect babies who survive abortion has failed a cloture vote.  The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” was rejected by forty-four Senate Democrats earlier today. [See Vote Here]

Three democrat Senators voted to support the bill [Casey (PA), Manchin (WVA), and Jones (AL)], all others voted against protecting the babies.  President Trump responded to the vote via Twitter while aboard Air-Force-One en route to Vietnam:

(Review Vote Tally Here)

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420 Responses to Stunning – 44 Democrats Vote to Support Post Birth Abortion…

  1. Gary Lacey says:

    It boldly answers the question “what has happened to my country” …..the Democrat Party is destroying the moral fabric, soul and heart…..are they worshiping baal?

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  2. TCG says:

    cloture votes are unconstitutional. The outcome should be based on the majority of votes.


  3. Retired USMC says:

    They like to call people names…I say call them BABY KILLERS!

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  4. Here in NY, both “my” depraved, Commie, Demon Rat Senators have come out time and time again in support of killing babies. In this Deep Blue State that is how you keep getting elected.

    And it’s the same in all of the other states where the Senators voted against saving precious lives for fear of alienating who? Women? I can’t imagine.

    Conservatives are saying that it’s a good thing that the Demon Rats are now putting all their disgusting cards on the table for all the world to see. They want to kill babies, take down our borders, spend all our money and destroy our country.

    They have rolled the dice, now we must hold our breath and see what the measure of our Country is. If the devil worshiping Demonics can get elected on this platform,, then God help us all.

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    • digleigh says:

      We must share this on all platforms, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. etc……mewe

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      • Kimmy K says:

        Someone needs to do something about the shadowbanning of conservatives on those sites or good luck getting the word out.

        Keep posting till you get banned I guess?

        My question is, if they are shadowbanning, how do people know if the news is getting out?

        Repubs here love FB as their means of messaging, I keep asking about what about those (like me) who refuse to use FB?

        How many people are they missing? I know several people who refuse to use FB as well.

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        • Anny says:

          It is not just Facebook, etc. The leftist/socialist/Marxist/communists have community organized their way through America. They have infiltrated and taken over everything from Main Street to Academia to Media to DC. Facebook and Twitter are just additional tools to help them make YOU believe that everyone agrees with them. The truth is that the majority of people do not. Only 6 states have more liberals than conservatives. They can’t win elections without illegals…that’s why they started the sanctuary cities. It’s all an illusion. What we need is to prevent voter fraud and to stop the use of taxpayer dollars funding these people against us.

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        • warrprin1 says:

          Refuse to engage with FB: I’m one of those as well.

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      • digleigh- you won’t believe this, but I shared on a local FB group and at least half of the comments were defending the baby killers AND criticizing me personally, saying I don’t know what I’m talking about. THAT’S NEW YORK.

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    • Kimmy K says:

      We need to get the word out to the sheeple people who are not paying attention to any of this and GOTV in 2020.

      I believe there are more of them then we think and we best WAKE them up or EVIL will win.

      I heard last weekend the dems had 6k at their State Convention in MI, we had about 2k.

      Not a good sign at all.

      We thought maybe the better candidates might win with such low turn out, but no such luck, the establishment won again.

      Don’t see much change here, unfortunately.

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    • dallasdan says:

      Their victories embolden them.

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    • Bendix says:

      Both of those Senators, AND the governor, also failed to speak out against the evil Sheldon Silver’s reign of terror against women at the NYS legislature.
      Now that Andrew wants to be president, he has to set himself up as the Guardian of Women’s Rights, which to these warped individuals means the right to make your baby’s DOB and DOD one and the same.
      I don’t know ANY woman who wanted this right.
      I know women who fully support Roe v. Wade, I know women who have had abortions.
      Not a single woman outside of the political realm sought this “right”.

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  5. James W Crawford says:

    I have often joked that the Democrats would vote for making abortion not only “safe” and legal but mandatory and retroactive. Three out of four is an abomination.

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  6. Blind no longer says:

    This is simply stunning! For Lo, those who are far from You will perish- Psalm 73:27


  7. Charge the abortion doctor and mother with murder. Problem solved…until some blood thirsty liberal judge gets a hold of it. Damn them all.

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  8. Marc says:

    Damn you, Lisa Murkowski and Tim Scott. Their two non-votes meant no majority could happen. Uniparty scum doing what they do best.

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  9. It makes me sick to see what has happened to my state of Nevada. Both of my senators, both female, voted against this bill.

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  10. farmhand1927 says:

    What can possibly be the reason that democrats are so adamant about killing the unborn and the just born? Is it only because they are soulless and thus, Godless? How do BHO, HRC and approximately 20 members of Congress to include Bob Menendez, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Joe Garcia, Marco Rubio and Los-Lehtinen create a piece of the puzzle?

    An arrest by ICE in Florida on Feb, 13, 2019, quite intentionally isn’t making news. But, here’s a story line that is fit for the expert investigative 6th sense of our dearly beloved sundance:

    Ecuadoran brothers, Roberto and William Isaias, both illegal aliens are awaiting deportation back to Ecuador from where they fled back in 1998 (remember who the US prez was then) after being convicted of embezzling hundreds of millions following the bailout of their bank in Eucador, the Filanbanco. These brothers were the important assets just arrested by ICE.

    They fled to Miami after their convictions in Ecuador. They likely chose Miami because they owned the Republic National Bank there, known for financing Cuban-American businesses. The brothers sold that bank in ’98, collecting another fortune in profit.

    In ensuing years, family members of the Isaias Bros were granted green cards and got to the US on other visas. A sister of theirs got into trouble for illegally obtaining visas for some maids she brought to Miami. After the State Department/HRC was contacted by the above-listed members of Congress, the ban on these visas was lifted. It is still us clear why Robt Menendez, senator from NJ, took such an active role in helping members of this family get visas cleared for themselves and the maids. He was actually under investigation for quid pro quo in the matter but apparently the Obama Admin found no fault.

    The aforementioned members of Congress received very handsome campaign contributions during the BHO years, and the prez himself snagged $90k for his reelection bid from members of the family.

    DHS under both tne Bush and BHO admin’s refused to cooperate with Ecuador in extraditing the Isaias Bros, citing the need to adhere to treaties, maybe the extradition documentation wasn’t done right, etc., etc. Turns out these brothers also held principal interests in a couple of CA based companies–DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics which were both shut down after found guilty of worldwide trafficking of human remains collected from aborted babies.

    A search (do your own homework) will produce several articles written by the NYT on these brothers, their connections to our Congress via campaign finance and the BHO Admin and Secy of State HRC. A very informative piece from Operation Rescue is very much worth your time to read regarding the value in arresting these two. It is found at:

    Planned Parenthood received a ‘raise’ in 2018 of an additional $20 million, taking their total to $564.8 million. They refunneled at least $30 million (some estimates believe the amount approaches $60 million) back into the pockets of Dem’s running in 2018. Yes, American taxpayers are forced to fund PP and subsequently, the campaigns of politicians we may not agree with.

    Those aborted baby body parts were big money makers for the Isaias Brothers. Now, they are awaiting deportation back to their own country to face charges they apparently hoped 16+ years would forget about.

    Ponder this: In 2011, taxpayers gave grant money thru the Nat’l Institute of Health to an abortionist, Laurent C. Delli-Bovis of Massachusetts. She used aborted baby brains in an anti-aging experiment. The Salk Institute has conducted similar studies. As noted above the companies belonging to the brothers from Ecuador were trafficking worldwide. A study published 12/2/17 from the Ukraine revealed suspensions containing brain cells of aborted babies were injected into humans to observe anti-aging potential. The study cited ‘significant improvement’ in areas such as facial and neck skin.

    Connect the dots. Follow the money. It’s international. President Trump is trying to defund Planned Parenthood. His ICE officers finally arrested two crooks that should have been shipped back to face crimes in their own country during the previous 3 administrations. American politicians went to bat for them as they pocketed campaign donations. This kettle that’s sat on the back of the stove its beginning to boil.

    Several questions are answered: Why our Congress and certain businesses are adamantly opposed to border control. Why PP is so richly funded. Why the abortion debate now includes late term and post delivery. Why PP does not promote abstinence, but rather encourages young kids to start engaging in sexual activity.

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    • annieoakley says:

      This is the truth. Menendez is a horrible person yet he opposed hussain’s recognition of Cuba for about ten minutes. Charges against him began to be suggested by newspapers and instantly he found support for Hussain’s Cuba Policy.

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  11. Glenna McCormack says:

    Wow, hard, very hard to believe this vote. My persistent question is these same characters want to remove guns from our population. When they enter the pit of hell gun in hand, how many will stand on their principle, or take the bullet.
    Poll them on my question.

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  12. rustybritches says:

    I think I have said this a couple of time, In my younger years I had a sister that every time she looked at a man got Pregnant and had an abortion My mother use to call me and tell me that she needed money and when asked what it was for she would say that one of the girls needed something at the Drs office tried to tell my mother for years that I was against what she was dong for my sister but was then told to just remember its for family and to stop all the nonsense
    and today again the Dems are telling us to mind our own business because now they are going to kill new born babies because Trump put two conservative people on the SC and they are saying that they will now pack the court with more liberals than ever before.. For gosh sake These people are not smart enough to see that they are not in office right now but President Trump could have two more picks on the court and if I was the dems I would be very careful about going against him
    The Repubs have shown they are no better than the Dems on issues like this but it no more than
    money to all of them they are not looking at what it means to kill a child but the mother should be brought up on Murder charges and hopefully The President will find a way to deal with people like this before he is out office..


  13. The_Real Bob W. says:

    Apologies for not “bothering” to read every comment, but I feel the need to share a short note sent just now to “my” Nay-voting senator (D.-CO Michael Bennett). I “checked” his website’s “Please reply” button by way of “minimizing weaselling out” paths. I fully expect any reply to be a masterpiece of obfuscation/deflection/smoke-n-mirrors/”political BS.”
    – – – – – –

    Senator Bennett:

    I am appalled by your “Nay” vote of Feb. 25, 2019 against Senator Sasse’s S.311 (Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act).

    Murder by any other name is still murder, and “abortion” after the fact of birth is about as pre-meditated as it gets. What in God’s name is your THINKING on this subject?!? And, please, don’t condescend to excuse it as “only a cloture vote.”


    (Name Redacted)

    (Street address redacted)
    (Post Office redacted)

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    • The_Real Bob W. says:

      Well THAT didn’t take long. Thoughtful reply below. Maybe if I hadn’t misspelled his surname? (sarc. unnecessary, I hope!)
      – – – – – –

      Thank you for your message.

      My staff and I look forward to reading more about your ideas. We’ll keep your thoughts in mind as we review relevant legislation and further consider this issue.

      Keeping in touch is important to me. The best ideas come from people in Colorado, not from politicians in Washington. That’s why it’s critical for us to hear your opinions on ways to build a better future for Colorado and the country.

      To stay up-to-date on the work we’re doing, please visit our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

      Thanks again for contacting me.

      Michael F. Bennet
      United States Senator


    • ffoslas6 says:

      I wrote to him too. At least you got the favor of a reply. Sort of.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Computerized automated response. Not a real reply.

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        • The_Real Bob W. says:

          Understood/agreed. And, FWIW, it’s the most I expect…even though my query is entirely serious (not to mention deserves an actual response, as distinct from mere acknowledgement).

          Also FWIW, in the 3 instances I’ve used the White House’s e-mail form to “send something” to Pres. Trump, the automated (100% topical) replies actually manage to convey a sense of humanity…just as does our President. I’m from the school of thought that “A person’s response says more about the responder than ‘merely’ the words OF that response.” Substance and credibility are important concepts…or they are to “every patriotic politician” I’ve (too rarely) come across – think (e.g.) Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, Trump.

          By “patriotic” I mean in the Constitutional/moral senses of things. Ref: our immensely-wise-to-the-ways-of-human-nature Founding Fathers.


  14. Sigh2016 says:

    God help us who don’t want this!

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  15. George 1 says:

    Those of us on our side of the divide have to realize at some point that we are not going to convince these people of the evil of their totalitarian communism. Those 44 Senators plus the two non-votes are voting their constituencies, who keep electing them. About half of the population is stupid and/or insane.

    AOC says we have 12 years left. She may be right but not for the reasons she thinks. We will have to eventually adjust to the fact that we are not going to vote our way out of our steady path toward 3rd world failed state status. The best we can probably look forward to is the Yugoslavian scenario. The Czechoslovakian scenario is probably no longer possible.

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  16. Get it done says:

    So how long can a woman wait after her child is borne before she can kill the child. 20 minutes or 20 years. At what point or age does the child have human rights , voting age maybe.

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  17. franuche says:

    This is why the culture war – specifically the war against feminism – is so important. They have convinced young women that it’s ok to murder their own babies. It’s a small step from that place to infanticide, and we’ve just made that step.

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    • dallasdan says:

      IMO, many women fear being infected with a lasting STD more so than having an unwanted pregnancy because the baby issue can be easily remedied by killing it.


  18. jpattitude says:

    The Democrat Party has been utterly satanic since its founding as a pro-slavery political party more than a century and a half ago. You can’t change that by pointing to the rare good person who is an elected Democrat or good people you know who vote for Democrats. The foundational structure of the party was evil from the start and that evil backbone has survived to the present time. An organization cannot be founded with an evil purpose, serve that evil purpose for more than a century, and then suddenly transform itself to something other than evil… not without the help of God anyway and we can clearly see that God has never been more marginalized in the Democrat Party. Not even when Democrats were burning crosses (and seriously, can you imagine an act more symbolically satanic than that?) was God more marginalized than now. They can’t even carry a vote for God at their national political conventions! God was booed, remember? Then they proceeded to nominate Hillary.


  19. scrap1ron says:

    Looks like the Democrat Socialists are moving toward aborting anyone they don’t like. Now if they can just disarm us…


  20. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    “I don’t want them punished with a baby!” ~ Barack Hussein Obama 2008

    Down, down the slippery slope . . .

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  21. Bendix says:

    If it hadn’t been Donald Trump who made a move against the sacred cow of Planned Parenthood, this wouldn’t be happening right now.

    We are seeing a great leap backward in civilization, the sacrifice of infants on the PC altar.
    People who claim that PC isn’t a religion, it certainly is, it’s just that the people pushing it aren’t its practitioners. They are using it as a convenient cover for their sinister undertakings.

    The open border, for instance.
    We see college girls who can’t even take care of themselves yet, persuaded by Globalist Nancy Pelosi, that it is their moral responsibility to look after grown men from Mexico.


  22. BarneyRubble says:

    Abortion is a Jesuit conspiracy, a way to insure that third world Catholic subjects out-breed and overrun the Protestant West, thus giving the Papacy world control of the ballot boxes. Note that the excuse for mass immigration is that the West is not having enough children. This is classic Orwellian doublethink. It is no accident. It is the Roman Catholic plan for a world kept poor, primitive and subject, an inevitable Latinization or Browning of the West as TIME magazine puts it. A permissive culture of pedophilia and predatory homosexuality amidst a supposed clerical vow of celibacy shows the true Catholic nature in its regard for its own children.

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    • Bendix says:

      To my knowledge, the Pope has not yet made any statements regarding Governor Northam’s musings on murdering newborns.


      • Patriotalways says:

        Yes that is the problem — crickets from our Church Leaders on abortion and our decadent culture. We are really at war — Atheism vs Christianity.

        Years ago the churches, especially the Catholic church, were the beacons of morality that instilled right vs wrong in We The People — today for the most part they are MIA.


  23. Bendix says:

    It is going to be difficult to reconcile the position that “health care is a human right” with the laws supporting the withholding of medical aid to certain humans, i.e. ones born alive after abortion attempts.

    Chelsea Clinton wants to hold the border patrol responsible for the deaths of children brought here by their irresponsible parents or other adults.
    These children died in US hospitals, receiving medical care.
    Is she telling us that the children of foreigners coming here illegally have a special right that American newborns don’t?
    Give that Guatemalan child treatment!
    That American baby was supposed to die, don’t give her any!


  24. Sunflower Lady says:

    This breaks my heart. These are tiny, innocent babies we’re talking about. 💔😢


  25. Realist says:

    This is what the DemoncRAT policy platform now looks like
    1. Infanticide
    2. Open Borders
    3. No more Cows or Milk or Beef EVER again
    4. High speed rail all over the USA in 10 years ( you know the thing that Commiefornia just canceled as TOO expensive for even 90 miles)
    5. No Petrol and Diesel transport Electric Cars for everyone charged by Wind power and Solar
    6. No more transcontinenal or International air travel

    Now try and tell me they are not INSANE


  26. Winslow says:

    The birth has occurred and they still say killing is alright? Our world is really screwed up. They will never see a white light. Only darkness in store for these killers.


  27. Judiciary says:

    Its horrific. How can we rescue these poor innocent children from their horrible Mothers and doctors?


    • TreeClimber says:

      Get involved with your local pregnancy centers – you know, the alternatives to PP. Get involved in helping single mothers. Volunteer or donate. Help them publicize. I didn’t even know we had a local pregnancy center until my sister mentioned that someone at her church had been in their local March for Life (wait, there was a local March for Life?!) That’s where I went when I unexpectedly became pregnant. They were tucked away back on a small side road in the midst of a bunch of hotels sharing office space with a dentist’s office, but they have free formula and baby clothes and diapers and wipes and other necessities. When I’m done with them I’m going to donate my maternity clothes. Maybe in a few years when my babies no longer need me 24/7 I’ll go volunteer.

      Don’t start with rescuing the babies – rescue the mothers, empower them to keep and love their children, and the problem will start sorting itself out.


  28. TreeClimber says:

    Jones is a surprise, considering his view on abortion previously stated.


  29. I find it ironic that the Democrats were the people calling us baby killers when we got back from Vietnam.

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  30. truthzzzz says:

    It is called Infanticide, in other words, Murder One. Intentional Murder.


  31. Flamethrower says:

    Where does the Hippocratic oath fit into this?
    By any definition this will be doctors committing murder. And by assisting or initiating the death of a baby outside the womb, they will leave themselves open to a medical malpractice lawsuit that the plaintiff could not lose. Hopefully that would be enough to stop this unethical and criminal madness.


  32. Conservative&Reformed says:

    Abortion Sears the Conscience and is Soul Murder of 2 Souls= Mother/Baby.

    Tragic shame that Pro-Death women protest their bodies belong to them. The concept of Creator VS. Creature does not apply.

    In the womb, out of the womb…it murders the baby and the soul of the mother if she has an abortion and remains cold and hard in her sin.

    Please…let us pray for those babies but let us also pray those post-abortive women receive help and repent or our society will continue to be Satans Playground.


  33. CheckTheSources says:

    It turns out a similar bill was already passed and made into law in 2002. This bill adds nothing except vague statements that could be used maliciously in malpractice cases.


  34. OliviaHoros says:

    No. Such. Thing. As. Post Birth Abortion. Accepting the terminology accepts the ideological basis for murder, infanticide.


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