Video: President Trump Meets With U.S-China Trade Negotiation Teams in Oval Office…

This is the best video to adequately review the full nuance and scale of consequence within the oval office meeting between the Chinese trade delegation and the U.S. team.  As previously noted, President Trump delivered brutally honest remarks about expectations to both teams that likely, strategically and purposefully, caught Chinese Vice Premier Liu completely off guard.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, AG Secretary Sonny Perdue, NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow, U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Brandstad, Trade Adviser Peter Navarro with China’s Vice Premier Liu He, and multiple Chinese vice ministers/senior officials were all in the Oval Office for a discussion of current trade status…. and the outcome was epic.


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73 Responses to Video: President Trump Meets With U.S-China Trade Negotiation Teams in Oval Office…

  1. sundance says:

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    • MLK says:

      A few observations on this Oval Office meeting because they’re all easy to see, though I doubt few Americans, even though paying close attention have gotten their minds around it yet.

      This short video more than others reveals POTUS Trump is a sharp break from the previous figurehead presidents. A trend that reached its apex with Obama. Americans have a real POTUS, not a figurehead/Pitch Man for the Administrative State.

      Needless to add, his transparency, which has played an important role in him seizing back his constitutional (Article II) authority, only increases his leverage versus his political opponents, domestic and foreign.

      My take is a bit different than yours in that I don’t think the Chinese Vice Premier was taken off guard. More to the point, his presence in this context, with not only press present but asking questions, is unimaginable without understanding the level of trust that China’s leadership has in POTUS Trump.

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      • railer says:

        Very good observation, China knows Trump well enough now to know he won’t shame them publicly.

        And don’t forget how Trump interceded in the ZTE case. Xi asked him to intercede and help him out. Trump called off the dogs and brokered the settlement with a fine, full audit and structural changes. He suffered slings and arrows from various Swamp creatures for caving in to China, too.

        Xi noticed. Trump stuck his neck out for the guy and burned some political capital. Deeds, not words.

        I don’t believe Trump is schmoozing when he speaks of good relationships with people. He genuinely seeks to foster this. It’s good for business. The Swamp should take notice.

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        • MLK says:

          What a sea-change from Obama’s Secretary of State (Hillary) going over there to make a scene about ladies issues!

          To say nothing of how they treated Obama at the G20 in Hangzhou, the reported tarmac incident wasn’t the half of it. It made me sick to my stomach the way the American POTUS was treated and took it!

          Trump cares only about winning — by which he means achieving his objectives for America and Americans. He spent the past year laying the predicate for what we’re seeing now. No one should take for granted how powerful he is, Xi/China certainly no longer do.

          While readers here are a rare exception, I don’t think most Americans understand how different this POTUS is from the Figurehead/Pitch Man (for the Administrative/National Security State) American presidents had become. It isn’t as if the powers that be didn’t try to get Trump too into the Bubble/Safe Space. He refused. Contrast him with Obama, for whom all it took was running him through the wringer for calling the Cambridge Cops “stupid” for arresting his Harvard professor friend.

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        • Stillwater says:

          If I remember correctly, after Trump helped Xi with the ZTE situation, congress reacted by reforming the CFIUS legislation, making it even stronger. So Trump in essence got a two wins, goodwill with Xi, and stronger CFIUS legislation to work with in the future.

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        • FrankieZee says:

          And Trump is not a NEOCON. If you are always weary of your opponent of possibly starting a war, you are always on guard.

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      • rashomon says:

        The Chinese Vice Premier’s “presence in this context, with not only press present but asking questions, is unimaginable without understanding the level of trust that China’s leadership has in POTUS Trump.”

        Absolutely. The Chinese don’t do press conferences per se. This is a breakthrough that puts them out there having a real dialogue for the world to see. It’s an education in Trump Peace via dipomacy while M’ingAGA.

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        • MLK says:

          Good point.

          I should mention that it’s important to not miss not just that MOU exchange occurred in front of the cameras but that it played out the opposite as it would have with a figurehead president — where the president is patronized or just simply his words corrected right afterward to reporters.

          I love that Lighthizer, specifically to Mnuchin and then the Chinese VIce-Premier declares that MOU will never be spoken of again!

          POTUS Trump!

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump has just dropped the value of every future MOU produced by anyone.

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    • starfcker says:



    • MLK says:

      There are only two people who matter on the US side, POTUS Trump (of course) and Lighthizer.

      I kinda feel sorry for the Chinese (not), they had a good gig with figurehead presidents who not only listened to their donors but let them negotiate trade deals for themselves,


    • Fools Gold says:

      I’ve always referred to MOU as MOM (Memorandum of Misunderstanding). When a the deal is complete there is a handshake and complete understanding. Anything after that is called a contract violation where folks are held accountable, not a misunderstanding. 👍😉

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  2. Michael in Dublin says:

    I do not know if any of the 13 US presidents during my lifetime have worked as hard as President Trump. He has been forced to by politicians who are so eager to attack everything he does that they ignore his real achievements that benefit ordinary Americans. He also puts many EU politicians to shame that have no good word for him.

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  3. C says:

    So…what stocks and when? Production? Steel? Soybean? Infrastructure-centric stocks? I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a glorious year.

    Dems will have to get down with American-only infrastructure incentives. They need to shore up some votes. They’ll force out overseas construction and bring back “Made in America”. What do we invest in?!

    I hate sharing stock tips on places like this (especially places as amazing as this one)…so if people feel adverse to the notion and are in the know – at least point some of us to places to look?

    God bless America.

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  4. President Trump must have watched Dobbs last night……………..

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  5. tempejeff says:

    Vice-Premier Liu, you have now entered … the no b.s. zone.

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  6. Paul Tibbets says:

    Did you see Vice Premier Liu He laugh?

    Trump calling for a real trade agreement totally caught him off guard, I think the laugh was one of course Trump is no satisfied with a MOA, he trades better than a Chinamen.

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  7. I wish we had the video of P Trump with his team AFTER everyone left the Oval Office. I am willing to bet doughnuts that he laid the law down on MOUs and getting tough verification mechanism locked down. I bet President Trump told his team to do better and don’t negotiate away anything !

    It is well known that Munchin and Kudlow aren’t necessarily on the same page as the president. Trump is having none of this MOU bs – even if it is called something else !

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  8. 335blues says:

    GOD gave us Donald Trump.
    Thank GOD for Donald Trump.

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  9. mr. deacon says:

    Pied the type. Oriental negotiations revolve around promises, distractions, detours, enticements, pleasure, and the knowledge of the opponents limits and timeline. The old; “Got another buyer coming in to look at it” ploy. They postpone and negotiate while they try to cut you off at the knees until a deadline is upon the ones they are dealing with and then up the ante. Trump grabbed them by their yinyang and squeezed. The Chinese and by default the globalist U.N. spent weeks setting up the Chinese script type to print out the deal and Trump just dumped it in the floor. He said, “Well, I’m leaving town soon and we are going to take some more of your money in a few days so if you got a better deal let’s talk. I want it in writing.”

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  10. Thanks, Sundance you are the best!

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  11. bessie2003 says:

    That was such a treat, to watch a master at work.

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  12. Sanj says:

    POTUS “Is there fake news in China? Yeah, I think there’s fake news in China” I was in tears laughing because that is the proper way to criticize state owned media, tell the truth, and not shame the other side in an obvious fashion. Effing brilliant!!!!

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  13. ristvan says:

    See my previous comment on previous thread on LoI v MoU (light v heavy) v Final. PDJT knows this, and the comment was a gentle but clear push.
    Plus, note how PDJT shares the ‘credit’ around all ofmhis team and the China point team.
    Man, this is like a front row seat on an intergalactic ‘Apprentice’ episode.

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    • montanamel says:

      Where’s that peanut and popcorn vender when you get the munchies’ watching a master at work?.. Gonna’ need a big gulp too….(they still got them in the WH commissary?)…

      Just don’t be selling “to much” of our gain/barley/oats/corn to them…what are we going to make our mead/beer/whiskey with??? Check-6 …

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      • FrankieZee says:

        This shows you how long the TRUMPSTER has been thinking about China. How the hell does he Grandkids study the Chinese language? This was a strategy, he knew he would be negotiating with the Chinese. What better way to show them the utmost respect than to have your grandkids talk to them in Chinese. Respect is held in very high esteem in the Asian nations.

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  14. Michael in Dublin says:

    This website shows up how pathetic Fox News has become. When this was posted Fox had as its headline the news of President Trump’s comment about the New Patriots’ owner. Which was really the big news – the China trade discussion meeting in the Oval Office or the “scandal”? Time to brand much of Fox as CNN-lite.

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  15. Bacall says:

    Could never imagine HRC or BHO conducting negotiations on behalf of the United States. Thank you, President Trump and your team!!

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    • WRB says:

      Oh, but they did. For example, BHO gave 100’s of billions of dollars to Iran. And BHO pushed very hard for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which would have furthered the destruction of the US’s industrial base (such as it is). HRC and BHO were great negotiators /s

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      • Bill says:

        “HRC and BHO were great negotiators /s” is only partially right
        The “/s” should be “for the enemy.” Fixed it for you.

        Yes they were great negotiators for the enemy!


  16. Bo3484 says:

    A must watch if you want to see an American President lead in complete command of the issues and the tenacity to secure the best deal for our country.

    Cherish every day for the next six years. We may never see the likes of him in the oval office in our lifetime.

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  17. Luke of the D says:

    Why do these liberal idiots from the MSM keep asking questions THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH US-CHINA TRADE NEGOTIONS? Good God! The meeting is not about bullshit lawsuits and other crap. It is about US-China trade! Stick to the subject, you fools!

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  18. montanamel says:

    It looks fairly certain that “dumping” of any of the basic component parts of many industries are coming to an end….no more NAFTA loopholes….no more end-a round’s… Boeings book is just as deep as it’s ever been…so, 2000/6000/7000 series aluminum alloys/shapes and castings mill owners might be a good place to start with a spread…then, into higher alloys of steel, ie: 1000+C/4000/6000/8000 series capable mills. Not to forget our infrastructure/wall pressures on quantity runs of A105, etc… Rebar being reprocessed it may still manage to be imported at competitive prices… Semi conductor LIS/integrated and dedicated chips should be a good bet with the treatment 5G is now getting within the USA and around the world pressure being applied. We have many chip-forges here that may soon be looking for different output contracts…Micron/Intel comes to mind. Anything “Mil Spec” will soon be stamped “Made in America”…
    (( I would really like to see what type of GMO/Monsanto language is being inserted in these agreements/MOU’s… EU is closed to any such modified materials at the moment ))
    AND…I wonder what is being said about SCS islands/routes….or, Taiwan for that matter???..

    China continues to buy/import massive amounts of Gold (and, Silver too – but less values)…without any “export” allowed…this monster quantity just disappears once it’s inside China.. it is not transparent at all…it doesn’t show up on any “central bank/Govt storage” reports, nor, does it appear to show up on the retail trade/sales ledger…ie: jewelry and such. With the currency manipulation that the President noted today; and, with the market manipulation being investigated finally by Treasury and DOJ….there was actually a hard arbitrage position caused by such “unseen hands” behind the curtain… Resources/oz “in the ground” as certified and implied could be some very interesting growth possibilities…pick the locations for political stability before any other value.

    That’s how I see it now…could change next month or two. Panda tried his best to sell a bill of goods (delays) without basis….Lion licked his claws for coming March 1 feeding… Then, decided to toss the food source (panda for lion) a “life-line” … IF you can’t make the deal due to orders or authorities, by Mar 1st, then Lion and Panda will meet for final deal making during March – during which Lion “may” listen to suggestions to hold the 25% off very short time… or, not. Greatness personified by our leader…. Check-6

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  19. Troublemaker10 says:

    OMG, Sundance, I’m still cracking up over the picture of the lion licking his clawed foot. 😁

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  20. David R. Graham says:

    Thanks, Sundance. What a treat to be alive to see this man in action. Takes his own team to the floor in front of their enemies as a warning to their enemies. Leadership.

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  21. gzuf says:

    From 30:20 onward regarding MOUs what do other people see here? 33:08 POTUS disagrees regarding Memorandum of Understandings being valid contracts, China’s Vice Premier Liu He gives a laugh then a gulp or sigh and back to poker face. Seems pretty uneasy during the duration in my opinion. In fact, in my opinion almost everyone seems uneasy. Mnuchin is moving around a lot once MOUs starts getting nailed down publicly, when POTUS says they don’t mean anything Lighthizer raises his hand for comment and Mnuchin reacts as well. Wilbur Ross nods in agreement at 34:15 onward as POTUS says “Either you’re going to make a deal, or you’re not” among other things. I feel like Larry Kudlow is blown away by what is going on and I don’t really see Navarro doing much but I’d imagine he loves it. Wondering what other people pick up in this? Really amazing stuff.

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    • smurfette says:

      Very interesting. The unease was apparent to me too.

      Wilbur Ross led Rothschild’s bankruptcy practice for 25 years. During his bankruptcy, President Trump was forced to turn to the R’s for assistance. The Rothschild’s were in the business of bankrupting many people and businesses forcing them to then offer IOUs to the Roths in exchange for a get out of jail type agreement. How they forced bankruptcies is another “magick” act but I suspect spying technology is to blame.

      POTUS also cut Mnuchin off early on in the exchange leaving Mnuchin wordless.

      Mnuchin began at Goldman Sachs and later worked for Soros. Facts we didn’t know.

      Mnuchin also financed many Hollywood hits, with producer credits in the past year for “Sully,” “Storks,” “The Legend of Tarzan” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


  22. @ChicagoBri says:

    Does anyone know what that last question was?


  23. highdezertgator says:

    Teddy Roosevelt on Tariffs
    “The tariff ought to be a material issue and not a moral issue; but if instead of a square deal we get a crooked deal, then it becomes very emphatically a moral issue. What we desire in a tariff is such measure of protection as will equalize the cost of production here and abroad; and as the cost of production is mainly labor cost, this means primarily a tariff sufficient to make up for the difference in labor cost here and abroad. The American public wants the American laboring man put on an equality with other citizens, so that he shall have the ability to achieve the American standard of living and the capacity to enjoy it; and to do this we must see that his wages are not lowered by improper competition with inferior wage-workers abroad—with wage-workers who are paid poorly and who live as no Americans are willing to live. But the American public does not wish to see the tariff so arranged as to benefit primarily a few wealthy men.”

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    • FrankieZee says:

      What a great quote. Thanks for sharing it with us. Teddy thought about the middle class and their right to enjoy a high standard of living. From Bush Sr and going forward, every President has sold out the middle class, until the Trumpster arrived on the scene.

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    • Doppler says:

      That is a great quote and should be emphasized to those who demand illegal immigrants to keep wages low.

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    • David R. Graham says:

      Thank you, I have linked to the original on this from my own blog where I linked the video Sundance posted here.

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  24. Perot Conservative says:

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  25. GSparrow says:

    Thanks to CTH for providing this video.

    Trump never ceases to shock people including me with his controlled but frank and firm outbursts. I was quite surprised when he opposed his own negotiating team in front of the world.

    But I was also impressed with Lighthizer’s adept, wise and quick response to PT’s negative comments about MOU’s. “From now on we will never mention MOU’s again. it will be called a trade agreement.” (paraphrased) This makes much more sense as the buildup to the USMCA was always about negotiating a new comprehensive agreement and not a growing pile of MOU’s. Trump is right again. The connotation of the term MOU is not conducive with the idea or the reality of a firm agreement so it was correct to dump it on the trash heap of trade history.

    I wish I could have read Chinese Vice Premier Liu’s mind and some in his delegation as they sat and listened to the hysterical jackal media when they’re used to a “well behaved” and obedient media.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Trump loves his team that he assembled on trade negotiations, but just like you love your kids, when they get out of line, you have to show them who is boss in a gentle but FIRM WAY.

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    • David R. Graham says:

      “I was quite surprised when he opposed his own negotiating team in front of the world.”

      The whole world sees that and says, “Zounds, if he does that to his whole team, what will he not hesitate to do to us?”

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      • piper567 says:

        I believe this outburst seemingly directed at his guys may have been a set-up for the benefit of the Chinese.
        it’s really hard for me to believe the President’s men worked for months in a direction he might “veto”, and w/o the President’s knowledge.
        I’m pretty sure the President is atop the action, ha!. After all, trade in general, and China specifically are, as we all know, the stuff of his focus.
        I think the Chinese are still in need of recognizing their true position, need reminding, and I believe the President’s actions separated him from all the subordinates in the room, his, as well as the Chinese.
        But I think it all was a set up, if for no other reason to elevate Trump’s true mastery of the situation.
        btw, his dissatisfaction with the “talk, talk, talk” hit a receptive chord, no?
        What a genius our President is.
        Gotta love him!

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        • Stillwater says:

          “I believe this outburst seemingly directed at his guys may have been a set-up for the benefit of the Chinese.”

          – – – – – – –
          Sort of like what the Chinese mean when they say, “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey.”.


  26. cthulhu says:

    I’m wondering if “Appendix M” of this trade agreement will be something like: “The United States agrees not to pay or support the following Chinese officials: name, title, amounts given for 2018, 2017, and 2016:
    Xiaweng Chi, customs inspector, $200, $150, $250
    Hefang Lu, port manager, $180, $220, $175

    China agrees not to pay or support the following US officials: name, title, amounts given for 2018, 2017, and 2016:
    Lamar Alexander, Senator (TN), $180,000, $120,000, $150,000
    Tammy Baldwin, Senator (WI), $250,000, $350,000, $225,000
    John Barrasso, Senator (WY), $90,000, $75,000, $80,000
    John Yarmouth, Representative (KY 3), $160,000, $130,000, $140,000
    Ted Yoho, Representative (FL 3), $26,000, $35,000, $18,000
    Don Young, Representative (AK), $14,000, $22,000, $19,000
    Lee Zelding, Representative, (NY 3), $32,000, $42,000, $25,000


  27. David R. Graham says:

    Another observation: masterful dealing with the Chinese and the press.

    Calm, quiet start as press assembles. Then jests to Chinese that they do not have this [negative press attendance at highest levels] at home. This is known as a shiv in the side while warm and smiling.

    Then, with the press, several times, hand palm forward, fingers vertical, to stop an insolence or aggression . . . and they obey, every time. Always calm.

    When he wants to hear a question, he points index finger at the questioner. He runs the press. Mastery!

    He is right: presidents going to 30 years back at least did not/could not rise to the job . . . and the nation was betrayed and suffered in consequence.

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  28. Perot Conservative says:

    1. Any lawyers here? Correct me if I am wrong, but it seemed like they were arguing Semantics over MOU vs Trade Agreement?

    2. I actually was a little surprised at President Trump not being current with some major trade developments. (Currency manipulation a biggie.)

    3. I believe a big reason for his success with trade is he isn’t afraid to walk away, and he will continually remind you of that possibility. I think many other administrations / all administrations just want to “make a deal” – any deal. They get flustered, they rush, they panic, they fold. He knows America often holds a winning hand.

    4. They don’t speak “Chinese”!! Ugh!! These are the kinds of things that drive some people nuts. (Just like polling is 10-20 points higher if you refer to border security or barriers, not “Wall”.)

    In China, the 2 primary languages are Mandarin and Cantonese. Or maybe I should go back to speaking American?


    • ristvan says:

      Yeah, Lurking Lawyer is still here, who made a substantive LoI/MoU/Final comment on a just previous thread. Not worth repeating here again.

      My daughter minored in Chinese in college and spent her junior college summer there at PRC expense (courtesy Harvard Yen Ching Institute and Dad). Spoke both Mandarin and Cantonese dialects, since she managed both over her three months of extensive north/south travels there sponsored by Beijing. There are other distinct Chinese dialects (like NW Mongolian) but she did not travel to those regions.

      Just Checked with her—yup, just dialects like I speak reasonably fluent Hoch Deutsch, Oostereichisch, Bayerisch, und Switzerdeutsch—that is, I speak fluent German and can understand/ be understood (no reading/writing differences) in all four basic dialects (most of the time).

      Two German dialect jokes illustratively relevant to all Treepers but truly appreciated only in German since also partly lost in translation:
      1. Prussian Von Bismarck Q: What separates Austria from Civilization? A: Bavaria.
      2. Switzerdeutsch is a throat disease (ist eine Haltzkrankheit).

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        Web has interesting answers. Some say Standard Chinese, often called Mandarin; some say Standard Mandarin. Had no idea China has 297 living languages.

        “The two best-known and most-spoken variants of Chinese are Mandarin and Cantonese. ***These two languages are not mutually intelligible, so they cannot be called dialects*** … Number of tones: Chinese dialects are tonal languages. In Mandarin, there are 4 basic tones and a fifth neutral tone.” Cantonese, 9.


  29. This should become a class in negotiation.

    First, POTUS is always more concerned about reality than optics–as reflected in his insistence on “a real deal, a meaningful deal”. Clear and precise language to convey his expectation that whatever deal is agreed to will not just be “form” but will be substance.

    But the MOAB is the way the language on MOU vs. Trade agreement was handled. It had to be agreed upon beforehand–a squeeze play on the Chinese, with Lighthizer sitting next to Premier Liu to emphasize that this will be an agreement, not just “words on paper” indicating the goal of negotiations.

    Just wow! Never in my lifetime has a President shown such transparency in handling a major negotiation. And, btw, in a way that allows China to save face without sacrificing clarity of expectations. It does not come across at all in a transcript; you really have to watch it to grasp the power.

    We are fortunate indeed to have President Trump in our corner, negotiating with the ever slippery Chinese.

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  30. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Who was the female reporter in all black standing behind Lighthizer?


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