Lou Dobbs and Gordon Chang Make the Case For Enhanced Chinese Tariffs…

Asia expert Gordon Chang discusses the U.S.-China trade negotiations with Lou Dobbs and why President Trump should consider raising tariffs on Chinese imports on March 1st.

Massive pressure is being applied by Chinese purchased interests including Wall Street, the multinational corporate lobbying groups; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and all of the global financial elite, to oppose President Trump’s confrontation with Beijing.


President Trump Yesterday:

Q How confident are you that it will be finished by March 1? Or are you considering extending that deadline?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they are very complex talks. They’re going very well. We’re asking for everything that anybody has ever even suggested. These are not just, you know, “let’s sell corn or let’s do this.” It’s going to be selling corn but a lot of it — a lot more than anyone thought possible. And I think the talks are going very well — with China, you’re referring to?

THE PRESIDENT: And the talks are going very well.

Our group just came back and now they’re coming here. I can’t tell you exactly about timing, but the date is not a magical date. A lot of things can happen.

The real question will be: Will we raise the tariffs? Because they automatically kick in to 25 percent as of — on $200 billion worth of goods that they send. So I know that China would like not for that to happen. So I think they’re trying to move fast so that doesn’t happen. But it’s — we’ll see what happens.

I can only say that the talks with China on trade have gone very, very well. In the meantime, our economy is very strong. We’re doing well.

I don’t know if you noticed, but deficits seem to be coming down. And last month it was reported, and everybody was surprised, but I wasn’t surprised. We’re taking in a lot of money coming into our Treasury from tariffs and various things, including the steel dumping. And our steel companies are doing really well. Aluminum companies also. So we’re very happy about that.

I think that it’s — they’ll be coming very shortly. They’re going to have very detailed discussions on subjects that have never really been even discussed by people that sat in this chair and they should have been. Very important subjects. And I think we’re doing very well. Okay?


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  1. grlangworth says:

    Keep the pressure on. Do not let up.

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  2. EZRyder says:

    The only way to get a good deal with China is to increase the pressure, not back off.

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  3. No more extension, put it on!

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  4. Maquis says:

    As long as Chinese purchased US politicians and agents of influence threaten our Republic I don’t care how good a deal looks, raise the tariiffs.

    Make the CoC and McConnell and the rest of the seditionists and vandals sue for peace. Crush them until they relinquish their boots now on our necks.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Gordon Chang told John Batchelor again tonight, as well as Lou Dobbs here, that Sec Mnuchin is the weak link in this situation, and Chang believes the 25% tariffs will not be going into effect. Chang also believes the Chinese “agreement” to purchase more corn, soybeans, etc., will be negated as this is against WTO rules.

    Four words for the naysayers – Professor Doctor Peter Navarro.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      I always enjoy Gordon Chang on the “John Batchelor Show.” It gets a bit cerebral, but so worth listening. I’m so glad John has come around to being more supportive of the Trump doctrine.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        P.S. I went a round with his email handler, after DJT was the nominee (when JB was still quite anti-Trump). She made sure that I understood JB is a Libertarian (with a capital L).

        How’s that workin’ for ya? Welcome to the TRUMP TRAIN! YEAH!

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      • Robert Smith says:

        John Batchelor is the best thing on radio because he listens and lets people talk.

        The first I heard of Devin Nunes was on Batchelor’s show. He would call in and talk about water, and other things, in the Central Valley.

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  6. NME666 says:

    maybe Trump can sent O’Butthole over to do some bowing for the Chinese!!!

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  7. ThereIsNoTwoSystemsOnlyChiComs says:

    It would be hard to see it happening, but have official diplomatic recognition for Taiwan on the table. Winnie The Xi proposes peace? Take your peace and stuff it. Moonie in Seoul can shine Winnie’s shoes.

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  8. gymcy81 says:

    Mr. Dobbs,
    Country, Family, individual ‘Honor’ is very important to sustain in the Chinese culture.

    It is good to have honor in the U.S. culture too. ( as well as a host of many Virtues )

    There is a mutual, honorable way for a mutually assured agreement.
    On our end, balanced trade, verifiable protections of intellectual properties etc
    (and we and they humbly verify the agreement – is occurring by both parties on a daily basis….via unfettered, open access by mutually trusted, and verifiable trusted, people.)

    On their end, balanced trade, verifiable protections of intellectual properties etc. and China keeps its family and country honor. (and gains equal trade with the largest purchaser of items in the world)

    With predefined, effective, swift penalties … that can apply to either side.

    Of course, with 2 different languages and various semantics, it could be very tricky to get the written words just right.
    But not sliding the tariff raising due date…can be a sign of strength by the US ( honorable).

    p.s. and yes, some interim trade deals can help to bridge the gap in the agreement.

    But hey, Lighthouser, Mnuchin etc. have a Very good Handle on the needed trade details (in English). Thanks Xi for so honorably visiting recently.

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    • angellestaria6674 says:


      Very balanced summation of a comment.

      And yes, skill of explicitly clear words and language are necessary because semantics can cause confusion where there shouldn’t be any.

      Again, great comment! 👍

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      • WSB says:

        However, Xi will never believe in a Win/Win situation ever. Panda Mask/ Dragon Face.

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        • angellestaria6674 says:

          This is true, but if he is strongly nudged (“trump”ed-forced) to put on the panda face…and actually act economically accordingly…even if his inner dragon is steaming mad and blowing fire…hey, I’m good with that and it can work for us.

          I did post a comment about a month or so ago that I believed the Chinese will be the Chinese in their dragon quest for world domination no matter what. This certainly includes their 5G roll out and the denominator/agenda of Huawei.

          Though Xi will never believe in win/win, he may be forced to put on that face to avoid utter humiliation before the world at large.

          But you make a good point.

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          • WSB says:

            I so appreciate your post.

            The Chinese are so bloody different than we Americans are.

            The only way we win is that they lose.

            President Trump probably already has their loss in his mind.a

            It will be economic.. and he will be prepared for war.

            I think, PT has a method of squeezing them ever so to the point of them not being able to wage war.

            And this will be swift according to their own timeline. A knife cut.

            Sun Tzu.

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            • angellestaria6674 says:

              “The only way we win is that they lose”

              Rightly said and understood.

              I know Trump says “win/win”, and to casual observers, it may appear that way, at least for awhile. That’s how I look at Gymcy’s post above. But behind the curtains of this great drama, I think I’ll have to credit PDT for understanding the reality of the win/lose scenario which it seems you have already concluded yourself.

              China is having is own economic troubles. And they may get mired in that for a few years. If they can be knocked down economically, that would go a long way to make war unfeasible to them cost wise. So far PDT, imo, is doing everything right in this area.

              My other thought is, and it’ only a mere opinion, is the possibility of Xi getting so stung and self-humiliated, he may lose control and start doing stupid stuff…e.g. Taiwan and other retaliations. He is a proud man, the “emperor!” Some self-appointed leaders and dictators can only take so much beating down of their pride. I don’t know what his limits are. Nobody really does for now. But the front row seat to this great unfolding drama is a pretty good seat to be occuping in the house for now.

              We’re definitely on the same page of thought. I can just see you sitting in the front row seat right next to mind! LOL

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              • WSB says:

                Angell, PT is walking a fine line between economic war and all out war. A few Chinese generals have blurted out war mongering against the US.

                Not a good sign.

                I know that PT knows that they know what all of this means.

                we will just need to wait this out.

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                • angellestaria6674 says:

                  Right. Most of us here have read or heart the seriously threatening statements Chinese military people have made just in the last 12 months. It is scary.

                  You know what really scares me just as much?

                  How half the country is so dumb, naive and ignorant of critical issues. I have to blame a really major wicked propagandist, the MSM/LSM, for a lot of that. So many of these people just don’t care. They dilly-dally along the daily roads and events of their lives like nothing is going to ever change. It’s all going to great forever. Let’s play, be mesmerized by cultural rot, live according to the dictates of our digital devices. Wee, and away we go.

                  You get my drift. This state of such a large percentage of the mentality of this nation in the midst of so many pressing, critical events and issues is just hellishly scary to the nth degree. These people will not have a clue as to how to survive any possible disrupting scenario. You, me, people here, are not among that numb and dumbed down sector of the population.

                  And your right, some of this is a wait and see! But some of us won’t be caught sitting still doing nothing.

                  In reply comment to CC just a couple of notches down from this comment, I said, we don’t want to be…”good men who do nothing.”

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                • WSB says:

                  So true. I do try to steer people to this site for that very reason. Knowledge is power. Found another few the other night!

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                • angellestaria6674 says:

                  Good morning W!

                  You do a good, effectual service in the doing of that. It’s just one more way we can do our small, but critical part to impart knowledge, wisdom and truth.

                  Some will reject, but some will accept. And it is the latter group we have to concentrate our efforts on.

                  Thank you for your faithful and diligent part in this whole process, W.

                  I’ve really enjoyed and delighted in our back and forth communications here in this wonderful family and treehouse. You kinda got a special place in my heart these last few days. It’s why I hate it when critical work and other issues take me away from here for awhile.

                  I love this place and its family!

                  Have a great Cursday! 😺

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                • WSB says:

                  Ha! You too!

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                • angellestaria6674 says:

                  Hitting the sack hopefully for an hour or two of rare sleep.

                  Have a great day, friend! 👍

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            • lftpm says:

              I may be completely wrong, but I see President Trump as someone who makes things, tangible material things. I see in him someone who wants America to make tangible material things. Such as steel and aluminum and products made from same.

              I think Trump realizes that it is good for America to make these things, that you can talk about advancing to an “Information Age” and a “Service Economy”, but somebody has to make material goods, and America used to do it, and we need to restore production. This was an essential part of America’s Greatness.

              We, our rulers, handed this job to China. China as a result became strong. We became weak. President Trump wants to restore our strength. Now, if Americans don’t want to make metal, and craft things out of metal, okay. But Americans never said, “We hate metal-making. We want to stop making metals. Let China do it.” Americans were not given this proposition to choose. Instead metal-making was taken from them by the “Masters of the Universe”, and transferred to China.

              We observe the results. The Golden Gate Bridge was built in the 1930s. It still stands and carries enormous daily traffic.
              The SF-Oakland Bay Bridge, several years younger, was damaged in the 1989 La Prieta Earthquake. So a new Bay Bridge was built using Chinese Steel. Within 10 years, corrosion made it unsafe. Had American steel been used, this would not have occurred. The California politicians ordered salt-water resistant steel. The Chinese supplied salt-water-sensitive steel.

              We need high-quality steel for our ships, tanks and other military goods. China may at some point be our adversary in battle. You don’t become dependent on your adversary to make the material for your weapons, unless you want to lose in battle.

              President Trump doesn’t blame the Chinese. He blames the rulers on our side for making us weak, and he is trying to re-strengthen us. President Xi respects this. It makes his leadership harder, but he respects what our President is doing.

              VP Pence’s greeting to EU leaders in the name of our President was met not by applause, but by silence. They do not respect the President of the United States. In a few years they will. In Trumpworld, all nations can thrive, with America first in this. The Chinese get this. Europe will too, or it will fall into the dustbin of history as a geographic section of a Medieval Islamic Caliphate.

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              • WSB says:

                lftpm, indeed, production of defensive materials is paramount, and we were heading for a place of no return IMHO.

                My grandfather worked for Bethlehem Steel including the George Washington Bridge, and I expect he would be shattered as the once great company is no longer and part of the old factory is now a casino!


        • powderdayrules says:

          Correct WSB, we KNOW China will cheat on any agreement they do. I hope the tariffs go into effect to cause them as much pain as possible, with more on the way after this! We don’t need China, but they need us. POTUS is brilliant – by hammering the commies in China he also destroys the uniparty here, and helps to balance the budget as well. When he’s done with China, rebalancing trade with Europe and Japan will be easy for him. Hello balanced budget!!

          I would love to see the COC audited, and see where the money comes from and where it goes.

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        • Hebo Sabe says:

          For China, a win-win is when they win twice. But they’ve never met President Trump willing to lose once.

          It’s a tough negotiation when one side keeps making leverage into something…. from seemingly nothing.

          That’s why we keep winning. Our negotiators keep getting more chips on the table.


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  9. Bone Fish says:

    MEGA warriors, avoid purchasing ALL foreign produced products.

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  10. emet says:

    Btw Customs fraud penalties (and negligence) are calculated (for dutiable merchandise) are calculated based on loss of revenue. That is, whatever duty an importer tried to evade, multiplied by a number that reflects the seriousness of the attempt. At 25% duty, there can easily be some pretty stiff penalties.

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  11. Not to be critical, but the total focus of CTH on the ECONOMIC reasons China is a threat is not seeing the COMPLETE picture, not just on China, but on several related issues. If China was a benevolent hegemon, then President Trump would have a harder time making his arguments. But China is NOT a benevolent hegemon. It is rapidly building up its military. For instance, China is on a massive naval construction program and plans on constructing at least 5 supercarriers in the next ten years. At the same time, China is the only country besides the US and its allies that has fielded a fifth generation stealth aircraft. China also has a second fifth generation stealth aircraft in development. Thus, it is important to know the MILITARY reasons why we should be concerned about China as well.

    These national security issues are not emphasized by President Trump because it would be counter-productive. However, the media almost never discusses China’s military buildup, nor do politicians. Thus Americans are given a false impression that China is just a very industrious country that makes a lot of cheap stuff for US consumers.

    With this as background, the Russian hoax narrative is thus satanically dishonest. It gives the democrats degenerate and corrupt base (I mean those words) the false impression that President Trump has in some way compromised US national security because the dem’s lofo voter never really listen to their politicians. The dems never come out and say that the Russian collusion hoax in some way compromised US national security, they just say that it “interfered with our system of government” and that was the security interest that was compromised. They tell these lies because they want to go back to criminally low levels of defense spending that comprises our national security vis-a-vis Russia and China.

    Thus in some way the voter has to be educated about these military issues. If they were truly educated (with the exception of the degenerate base of the democrat party) they would understand how ridiculous it would be to believe that a President that has embarked on a 1.4 trillion dollar military buildup and is defending our borders could possibly be a traitor. The President takes national security seriously, and is positioning the US so that we can defend ourselves and our allies against threats mainly represented by Russia and China.

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    • angellestaria6674 says:

      “Thus in some way the voter has to be educated about these military issues. If they were truly educated (with the exception of the degenerate base of the democrat party) they would understand how ridiculous it would be to believe that a President that has embarked on a 1.4 trillion dollar military buildup and is defending our borders could possibly be a traitor. The President takes national security seriously, and is positioning the US so that we can defend ourselves and our allies against threats mainly represented by Russia and China.”


      Right on CC.

      I’ve have followed, read a lot and have done meticulous research about Chinese weapon development since about 2008, especially military aircraft. I was on a blog back then, and on a retired Marine’s account, some guy came up with this stuff about China didn’t have this or that, and that China was completely outsourcing its whole jet development. Partially right, mostly wrong at that point. China was actually starting to pick up the pace of completely self-contained production in 2008.

      So I did a counter blog presentation on my Marine friend’s blog in 2008 about China’s J-20 fighter jet and the state of its development back then. It came out of the JXX program in the 90s. The more I dug into the subject, I knew, China was going to be up and coming and fully self-manufacturing before too long. My friend liked my response and factually based evidence so much, he started a whole new blog and called it “Angelle’s response to”…whatever the other blogger’s name was. Yet, here we are 11 years down the road and China has advanced much since then.

      Granted, its 5th generation jet cannot be compared to the quality of ours…yet. Not to mention technology they have stolen from the US to aid their military build up. Russia is making better stuff too, but they have a habit of overstating ability and performance of their weapon systems. Nevertheless, we as a nation cannot afford to sit on our laurels and wait for the day to prepare. PDT is a long-range planner who looks at the long game.

      Unfortunately, half the country is basically the gray meme mesmerized by a liberal/progressive/socialistic media who is not feeding them a balanced meal of truth and knowledge. And then there’s cultural rot. So there’s that. It’s going to be up to the rest of us to speak out, write, present and educate. We may not be able to be 100% right in all of our opinions, conclusions and prognostications, but many of us, as many of you here in the CTH, are giving it our best shot. We don’t want to be “good men who do nothing!”

      Btw, I’ve have helped young kids in their school studies, from very young to high-school level. It can be very depressing when you see just how far behind the curve of where they should be for their age and grade. What an eye-opener that can be when they start asking you questions that they should be long past asking. It can actually be shocking. So there is that too, the dumbing down of education.

      CC, I thought your comment presented a lot of good common sense and balance.


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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Thanks for the good info.

        This relates to a main reason why I believe we simply will not end up with decent trade relations with China – it will be an enforcement struggle for years and years – like the ornery kid you need to be patient with, and giving consequences to, for years until they become an adult and head off to butt their head against the real world.

        The main reason: the trade agreement hang-up will be Intellectual Property. First, there is not really a healthy respect for IP in China. Second, this is the genius behind their military advances. “We” have sold them a lot of technology secrets, one way or another. From politicians working with military defense contractors, there have been a lot of back doors built into IT systems, and a lot of spies set into defense contractor companies. Knowingly.

        There are a lot of miltary tech initiatives where a politician was fostering a relationship, and then -surprise, surprise, surprise – someone finds out that some IP was leaked, or an employee wa a spy. In my mind, it really adds up that these “plausible denial” events are the feature, not the bug; this is HOW the military secrets get transferred, and the money flows along some other path of “plausible denial.”

        Is all hope lost? No. China’s mistake was entering into trade negotiations from which they cannot now back out without it looking [accurately] like they have all kinda decevious stuff going on. They will lose cred for any of the empty wealth-transfer “global warming” initiatives they use to pacify EU, etc.

        You can track vehicles getting shipped hither and yon. You cannot as easily track IP getting beamed here and there.

        IP is / will be the big hang-up, and military IP will be at the heart of it.

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        • angellestaria6674 says:

          You bring up well thought out and written thoughts.

          I do have to agree with your thoughts about IP. Enforcement in that area is murky territory with questionable present ability (or due diligence to do it) to stay on top of that. It is a systemic problem that includes players on our side, politicians and defense contractors.

          Somebody in DC is going to have to have the courage and stomach to delve into and sort out some bad policy about how things in that area work. And you’re right, it’s a lot easier to track hard goods than to track IP stuff, especially in light of China being wholly devoted to hacking the US from A to Z.

          I hope PDT has some skillful, intelligent advisors who could help him put a “IT geek” team together to concentrate solely on this one issue. He already could and I just don’t know about it. But that would be okay because a team like that would best be able to serve quietly out of sight and under the radar.

          Thanks for your thoughts and have a great day.


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      And the only reason this occurs,is because they steal our technology,
      ” China is the only country besides the US and its allies that has fielded a fifth generation stealth aircraft. China also has a second fifth generation stealth aircraft in development. Thus, it is important to know the MILITARY reasons why we should be concerned about China as well.”

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  12. Tiffthis says:

    What did I miss about Mnuchin? When did he become a weak link and how? I thought for sure Trumps financial team was solid as a rock.


  13. rightaroundtheblock says:

    he he he… kuddles. Nice, I needed a laugh tonight. Thanks.


  14. Pyrthroes says:

    Rather than dwell on Trump’s masterful handling of complex trade negotiations, leveraging Main Street’s “real economy” to U.S. advantage (credit Sundance/CTH), we keep returning to the nightmare prospect of a MzBill win in November 2016.

    Good Lord… rampant ChiCom “exfiltration”, raining NorKo missiles, ISIS on the march amidst looming EU and Mideast conflicts pitting an isolated Tel Aviv (never Jerusalem) against Damascus, Riyadh, and Teheran while deadhead Rats cement SOTUS majorities anent their “silent coup”.

    As for AMLO, Bolsonaro, Maduro Moro, U.S. southern borders– fugeddabudit. We don’ need no stinkin’ USA.


  15. snellvillebob says:

    The near $400 billion Chinese trade deficit is about the size of their military budget. In other words we are paying for their military. Balanced trade will be disastrous for them so it is easily cheaper to send $100 billion to DC to bribe our Congress. I don’t know a single person in Congress who would turn down a half a billion dollar bribe.


  16. Glad to see Lou Dobbs and Gordon Chang finally saying publicly what I have been saying for over a week in various places including here. And my harsh comments not too well received here and other places. Push the tariffs up March 1 or you lose. Period.
    Trump is publicly weakening and appears only to be a public stock market boosting cheer leader at this point. He is lying daily about the progress and lack of substance publicly.
    Mnuchin is weak compared to China.
    Kudlow is weak compared to China.
    Navarro is weak compared to China.

    Sure the gang did OK against lesser foes, but so far they have nothing going against China if they do not push tariffs up on March 1. They lose plain and simple and may as well stop all the public BS and just admit defeat.

    And MoU’s are nothing. Nothing. Period. China never obeys any agreements or deals if it is not what they want. You need signed and firm accountable deal to mean something. Obey deal or tariffs go to 50%. Something like that. This is all BS until a firm accountable deal is signed with non-compliance consequences. And they are not even working on that now. At least sign one or two small segment deals and then work on the remaining MoU’s.

    At this point if Trump does as he should raise tariffs on March 1, the markets are going to be shocked, because daily for weeks now based on Trump public cheerleading they have completely priced in a good deal being done with no consequences and no more tariffs. Wall Street is against this deal from day 1 and pushing hard in various ways to make sure Trump and US lose on this deal and tariffs removed. That is priced in already.

    If Trump is going to raise tariffs March 1 like he should, then he should start hinting at that this week so China and Wall Street and people get prepared. But so far he is not. Why? Markets have priced almost zero chance of tariffs going up March 1 at this time. Are they right? Trump is weakening?
    Is Trump afraid? Yes very. He cannot have his cake (good for US trade deal) and eat it (rising stock markets) both. A good for US trade deal will cause market stress near term. Own it and do it Mr President. Do not bow down to your rich Wall Street friends.


    • Why did I say Mnuchin, Navarro, and Kudlow are weak compared to China. Because they are still too close to Wall Street. Kudlow and Navarro are Wall Street and Mnuchin deals with Wall Street all the time. Only Ross and Lighthizer are mostly independent of Wall Street.


  17. The win Trump wants first is to get China to import more agriculture products. China has recently reduced its US ag imports. So an increase is needed just to get back where we were. Ag products appeal to Trump’s Midwest voter base. But an Ag products boost will do very little in the larger trade balance issue.

    This is the only thing somewhat concrete coming out of the agreements and is the only easy thing for China to agree to. Do this. Sign a concrete deal with non-compliance consequences and then move on to the real issues. please.

    They keep leaking this when they want to show stock markets some progress is being made. Another leak again today. But come on … this is peanuts or rather soybeans and not manufacturing and IP stealing the real stuff to rebuild America.

    If soybeans is all Trump gets out of this China deal, then he has almost entirely lost. Please leak some other real hard stuff progress if there is any? no leaks = no progress.


  18. Hebo Sabe says:

    ^420 smoker.


  19. Ray says:

    Basically Americas trade deficit financed Chinas military and economic ascendancy. The incompetence and plain greed and corruption driven trade policy brought it about.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      That is not necessarily accurate as there is no good way to compare costs of military hardware or finances, nation to nation. The killer was all the export licenses granted by Clinton-Bush-Obama State Departments that allowed technology to flow into China. That is the basis of the Chinese military-economic ascendency.


  20. thedoc00 says:

    Gordon Chang is one of the very few educated voices supporting tough action against China and Chinese surrogates in the Pacific for that I applaud him. Gordon is always a great interview and he provides allot of solid background.

    Yet, he does not fully explain the President’s dilemma. The president has to walk a very fine line in his dealings China due to the negative attacks their US allies will wage in the US to hurt the very people and Main Street Entities the President serves. The period from October through December 2018 showed the financial damage China’s US Allies will purposely cause.

    So the level of pressure needs to be carefully metered by the President’s team. The one non-tariff weapon that needs to be tested is the legal area dealing with Export Licenses as these are the real major source of (legal) “technology theft” being committed. Working the Export Licenses actually deals with the foreign nation and the US Company legally shipping technology overseas (then hiding behind the theft claim as a bargaining ploy)


  21. concerned3 says:

    Chinese Tariffs – Hell, look at this.

    Someone explain to me why the doors of the FBI and DOJ are open at all?
    This by itself is a National Emergency.

    In our first post we discussed how the Clintons helped build the family of companies known as AGT International. They promoted the company in return for ‘donations’ to their Foundation.
    Today we’ve discussed the many actions that AGT International took to increase sales worldwide. It didn’t matter which country customers were located in or if it was legal to provide the customers in these countries sensitive defense and intelligence related technology. A sale was a sale and ethics were out the window.
    In our next post we’ll discuss how the FBI/DOJ got involved but then suppressed and eventually terminated their investigation of AGT shortly before the 2016 Presidential election.



  22. concerned3 says:

    Assuming the reporting on the Clinton Foundation is correct the trade talks should be over. Apparently, with the help of the Clinton’s they were selling National Secrets and the hardware and software to go with it. And, allot of people in jail to include AGT leadership.



  23. concerned3 says:

    Someone want to tell me, that the Gang-Of-Eight in 2016 did not know about selling our National Secrets, on a scale like this?

    No wonder, they were so determined to see President Trump Removed!



    • thedoc00 says:

      Export licenses are processed and managed by the State Department. If the Clinton’s were working with the State Department, it is likely they had “legal” cover for all their activities.


  24. Fools Gold says:

    Did anyone expect China to just roll over when they have a play to run? Raise the tariffs and set a new date for more increases. Two can play and only one can afford to play and win. My guess is China will roll over or try a military threat in coordination with the spit wads in USA. I say never give in and play. There’s no better time than today!


  25. brenrod says:

    one cannot look at the Chinese economic behavior in a vacuum, even if we get the best economic situation it cannot mitigate the fact that our purchases are funding their military expansion and aggression. China is in a military aggressive posture with our interests and this proves that opening up to China has not improved our position but made it worse… we have enabled a hostile entity against our selves. Not one dollar should accrue to any entity in such a posture with the USA. The whole diplomatic strategy of opening up to China is proven incorrect after so many decades since Nixon. We are under greater potential threat now than then.


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