Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Promises Vote on Green New Deal….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced today that he will move forward on a plan to allow a senate vote on the far-left platform called “The Green New Deal”.

Now, McConnell obviously doesn’t support the GND because: (a) his benefactor, Tom Donohue, doesn’t want anything to do with it; and (b) the entire premise behind it is stunningly stupid.  As such, those who don’t fully understand how McConnell operates think that McConnell is toying with the Democrats and forcing them to take a position of support that is toxic to their interests…. But that’s not Mitch.  Beware.

Yes, McConnell knows the Green New Deal is toxic to the central political aspirations of the Democrats amid his chamber; and he knows many of the 2020 candidates would be forced to put-up their support, or shut-up their moonbat-wing.  However, that’s not his motive for supporting a vote.  The UniParty Mitch-move is to remove the sword of Damocles the GND represents from his UniParty alliance (both Democrats and Republicans).

McConnell absorbs all power. McConnell views himself as more powerful than all other political elements within Washington DC, including the office of the president. McConnell is the self-annointed emperor of the dark swamp forces.  To understand McConnell you have to reset traditional reference points.

It is precisely because the Green New Deal is politically toxic to the 2020 presidential race that Mitch McConnell will make a move to remove the political risk represented by the GND and again position himself as gatekeeper to the center of all power.

Mitch will remove the sword of Damocles from the 2020 politicians, protect the viability of any opponent to Trump, and simultaneously remove a very sharp arrow from the quiver of republican politicians in the 2020 campaign.  Mitch isn’t hurting democrats by announcing support for a vote; he is actually helping them.

That my friends, is how Mitch McConnell works.

By removing the threat represented by the GND, McConnell removes an attack weapon from his real adversary, Donald J Trump.  That’s Mitch…. That’s how Mitch operates… That’s the Decepticon DNA carried by McConnell that only close political followers can see.

Giving democrats an opportunity to vote against the silly GND is a way for McConnell to remain the almighty center of power and control.  If he didn’t take that approach, the weapon would be available for any exploitation.

That’s Mitch McConnell.

Now here’s the pantomime….

WASHINGTON – The Senate will hold a vote on the Green New Deal, an environmental and energy plan touted by progressives, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Tuesday.

McConnell told reporters after a meeting of the Senate Republican caucus that he has “great interest” in the plan, which would spell an end for coal, a key economic driver in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, while promising new jobs for out-of-work miners and other workers.

“We’ll give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the Green New Deal,” McConnell said.

McConnell did not say when the vote would happen. McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said the vote has not been scheduled.

[…] The deal has no chance of passing the Senate, where it will need 51 votes and faces united opposition from Republicans, who hold 53 of the chamber’s 100 seats.

But it will force Senate Democrats, including a slew of 2020 presidential candidates, to vote on the proposal — potentially providing votes for McConnell and the GOP to exploit politically.

“It’s astonishing to see this many presidential candidates moving so far to the left on a position that is going to raise energy costs for families, hurt jobs in America and really provide almost a government takeover of many of the industries in our country,” said Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and a member of GOP leadership. (read more)

Once you see the strings on the McConnell marionettes you can never go back to a time where you didn’t notice them.

…”Hey, Nancy would appreciate a little help with the AOC issue; do you think it would be possible for us to schedule-in a little sharp elbow room for her”?…

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216 Responses to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Promises Vote on Green New Deal….

  1. Melski says:

    I wonder if McConnell or any of his staff read CTH? If so they have to understand history will not be to kind to old Mitch.

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    • Lone Pine says:

      McConnell doesn’t care. His staff probably don’t care. That said have you ever met any senatorial staffers? They are not smart people.

      I live this article though. Sundance did an exceptionally good job at shining lights in the puppet strings here.

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  2. NJF says:

    Case in point of the stupid. The anti-Trump crowd hangs on this idiots every word.

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  3. Carson Napier says:

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  4. Marc says:

    And right on cue, The Gateway Pundit laps up this situation like they always do; supporting the Uniparty’s ploy. I used to think Hoft was just really dim but now I believe he’s controlled opposition.

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    • Summer says:

      There is no proof of this being a Uniparty’s ploy. None whatsoever. Only various opinions.

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      • Mitch McConnel’s idea. Therefore fruit of the Uniparty tree.

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        • Summer says:

          Not necessarily. In my opinion, Sundance is wrong, just as he was wrong with his gloomy predictions regarding Kavanaugh.
          Mitch is a card-carrying member of the Uniparty for sure but he was a great ally then and he is doing a good job with this green deal now. Time will tell.

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          • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

            Hey, Summer: Thanks for raising your hand at the appropriate time to the question, “Who here has been duped into thinking that Mitch McConnell supports any of the points championed by CTH?
            It’s good to know where people stand on such things.

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            • Summer says:

              First, I don’t subscribe to groupthink and herd mentality, unlike you, obviously. Second, I am able to recognize a strawman argument when I see one.


  5. TycheSD says:

    Chuck Schumer is trying to recruit Amy McGrath to run against McConnell in Kentucky.

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    • BigTalkers says:

      He’ll have to survive his primary first.

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      • scarlettbr says:

        McConnell is a nasty smear merchant, he also is crafted in vote purchasing. We almost had him with the now governor of Kentucky. Beck held an event for Bevin, and a group of “skinheads” showed up and Bevin was photographed with them (he was passing by, they grabbed him, the photo was snapped). End of his lead. By the end of the weekend, the smear campaign was in high gear. Beck also ruined Cruz with the Border stunt. Any primary challenge must be done quietly, no big fanfare or media. Where do I sign up.

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        • madeline says:

          Rand Paul didn’t help either– he wanted to run for president and still not lose his senate seat if he lost (as if). So he supported ( endorsed) McConnell in his senate race if McConnell would let him run for president and still run for his senate seat as well. Honestly, they are all slimy.


  6. Dav says:

    Machiavelli would be proud

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  7. Sammy Hains says:

    I think this theory is half right.
    It’s not really about throwing Trump’s enemies a lifeline so much as it is about the Swamp protecting its power from upstarts.

    The GND is a fault line between the Corporate Swamp Democrats and the feral Democrat grassroots socialists. Pelosi doesn’t want to have to vote on the GND in the House. But if she doesn’t hold a vote, that fault line will erupt and could threaten to disrupt the power structure of the Democrats the way the Tea Party/MAGA Movement has been a threat to the Republican side of the Uniparty. BOTH SIDES of the Uniparty must maintain their power in order to control all outcomes.

    By holding a vote in the Senate, where the GND has no chance of survival, he allows Pelosi to sidestep voting on the GND, as it is already DOA, saving the Democrats from a civil war that could very likely end Pelosi’s control over her side of the Swamp. This is about the Uniparty disciplining the insolent children before they can get out of hand.

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    • I’m way with you on the similarities between GND fault lines and Tea Party/ MAGA reformation of the Grand Old Party. My contribution is, I think the 2020 Dems are creating an unbalanced leftward momentum that is stronger than any McConnel Uniparty trick. SD says Trump works in the fulcrum zone, and I see that happening now with his line “America will never be a Socialist country.”

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      • 3and2fastball says:

        I agree. Even if Mitch brings up for a vote in the Senate, even if the GND is forgotten by the Dems, Donald Trump will not forget the GND and he can mention it as long as he likes. The American people will not forget the GND and the Dem idiocy. This GND is a wonderful argument opportunity for 2020.


    • Doesn’t this vote on the GND also take the conversation away from the republicon cave on the wall and border security (again)?

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  8. JX says:

    McC inoculated the Dems

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  9. Trump is using GND to tear apart the Dem party, just like Trump used MAGA to tear apart the Grand Old Party and reshape it in his image. McConnel may do his bit to try and turn the tide, but the leftward momentum of Dem 2020 candidates makes the hard split in the Dem party inevitable. “America will never be a Socialist country.”

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    • G. Alistar says:

      “Truth is so precious that she must always be protected with a body guard of lies.” Winston Churchill. In the very complex and chaotic field of politics, cause and effect can rarely be predicted. Regardless of Mitch McConnel’s intent to help or hurt the dems, I remain doubtful that he or anyone else knows how this vote on the New Green Deal will turn out a week from now……not to mention how uncertainty and complexity will bring forth unknown and unintended consequences year from now on the eve of a POTUS election.


  10. As a proud and grateful American I have to admit that America is already a socialist country. Our government controls everything- from the air you breathe to the amount of water your toilet flushes. The giverment picks the winners and looses in business (oligarchy) and readily imprisons the enemies of the state. (notice how money crimes carry linger sentences than capital crimes). We have full blown Eugenics now- the government picking which babies live and which ones are executed. Too old or too sick to live is going on now too- in VA hospitals. The government gives the illusion that our votes matter but it’s manifestly obvious that only once in a blue moon the vote result is actually the result of the will of the majority (cf any new Democrat elected last year to VSGPDJT’t blow out win over Killary)

    No, we are no longer a Republic, and it’s hard to call what we have now a Democracy. I think the evidence causes the conclusion to be green shoots Socialism. Fabian Socialism is the next morph.
    Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  11. thedoc00 says:

    McConnell is so full of himself that he may actually prove to be his own undoing. What could possibly go wrong with 43 democrats voting as a block and 8-10+ RINOs nobody can control??
    Then you have a “bi-partisan” totalitarian thing laying there, passed on the floor of the Senate.

    The optics of a “bi-partisan vote” and media support would more than off-set any potential negative public sentiment, which is already about 40% in favor of the GND. The big money donors could care less because they pull the puppet strings and are safe no matter which way the vote goes.

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  12. Bob Parker says:

    I am so grateful that CTH has added much needed PERSPECTIVE to what B*tich McConnell is up to. It amazes me how this loser bastard has such a high opinion of himself that this plan actually stands to benefit B*tch more than PT!! Amazing!!

    And frankly, since CTH has acknowledged in other posts that PT has already figured out good ol’ B*tch M. I would strongly recommend that PT IMMEDIATELY set up a special Congressional PAC whose sole purpose is to find worthy state candidates to mount strong PRIMARY threats to ol’ B*tch et al other GOP anit-Trumpers in Congress.

    Hey PT, what a great way to go out & bag a few RINO’s!!

    Maybe this is a tad pie-in-the-sky, but in theory, if PT could launch SERIOUS primary threats against B*tch & the other weasels, these incumbent clowns would have to spend a considerable amount of their own “war chest” coin BEFORE the general election.

    Now maybe the incumbents all win, but wouldn’t PT’s PAC show them that PT ain’t gonna back down to any of them. Maybe just maybe such PAC action might jolt a RINO or 2 into supporting PT a tad more often?

    What better means to “drain the swamp” of the RINO GOP’s like B*tch McConnell. Besides the old bastard is 80+ years old!! Damn it B*tch, don’t you have enough damn money that you can retire to KY & sit you your porch & drool on yourself. You can barely speak as it is & you have done more than enough damage to our country.

    Now GET OUT!!

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  13. McConnell is the ultimate Quigleyian player. He know there’s only one party and plays accordingly. The Uniparty tactic is to let the ‘nominal party’ take the passive aggressive role while the ‘opposition wing’ handles the frontal attack. This sustains the red-blue charade which Quigley pointed out is vital for sustaining two-party bs optics: throw the old bums out, toss the new bums in.

    ““The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy” –from C. Quigley, ‘Triumph and Hope’

    Interestingly, Ocasio furnishes the Trump agitator/insurgency role, but on the Dem side. I give her an ‘A’ for sincerity, even as her version of ‘America First’ is programmatically a misguided non-starter and socialist nightmare. Trump’s economic populism is obviously the way to go. Nonetheless both movements are attempts to address the people and circumvent corporatist gate-keepers. So there is an affinity of sorts.

    There’s also an inside-out phenomenon. Both she and Trump are detested MORE by their nominal parties (than the ‘opposition’) because they underscore the hypocrisy within their ostensible home parties. Trump points a flashlight at the RINOs, Ocasio does the same at the FDR pretenders on the CofC/Wall Street payroll. You cannot serve Goldman Sachs AND tax their executives at 70-90% nominal rates. That’s why Ocasio will be aggressively primaried. She upsets a beautiful apple cart. The Dem professional/political class wants to pay lip service to the New Deal without abandoning the teat of Multinationalism and Wall Street.

    The point is, the nominal parties cannot be seen as being the prime aggressor of their respective insurgents for fear of alienating the ‘base’ they pretend to work for. Mitch will destroy Ocasio as a favor to his Uniparty colleague, Pelosi.

    So a resounding yes to what SD is saying here. However that will not take away from the pleasure of watching Booker, Harris and Sanders dance between the Green New Deal objective of tearing down 2-3,000 buildings a day to fulfill Green compliance and serving their CofC masters. Fun fun.

    Independent Howard Schultz should be able to drive a mac truck between the Bolshevist/Antifa wing and the C of C bloc –all good for Trump.

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  14. Kia1 says:

    So he can get a vote on this garbage, but cannot get votes to pass Our President’s appointments/judges? The Republicans are useless. I stopped giving to any of them except directly to our President.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    Sometimes we must call the baby ugly.
    ~Sundance, in reference to Turtle


  16. TwoLaine says:

    I would like a report of exactly how green Congress is.

    Can anyone give me a mileage total of their travels for a year, including all of their ridiculous ancillary staff, i.e, non-essentials? Including costs.


    Last time I heard, the snowflakes couldn’t even go green in their cafeteria eating utensils. They hated it. It was so tough they almost immediately abolished it, after I am sure they spent at least five times as much as they should have to put it all in place, I’m sure.

    I want to know how much plastic they waster in water bottles paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. I want to know what all of that bottled water is costing us and who is getting rich off it. In the real world, we bring a thermos or water bottle and we refill. Put in some drinking fountains and water on tap, if necessary. Or, here’s a thought, bring your own.


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