Decepticon McConnell Caucus Presents Donald Trump the Take-It or Leave-It Border Compromise Deal….

The usual suspects within the Decepticon Caucus (McConnell, Cornyn, Thune, Barasso, Crapo, Portman, Blunt, Gardner, Burr, Romney) and Richard Shelby held a press conference to announce the outcome of their DHS border security funding negotiations.

There are massive numbers of Republicans who view Senate Majority Mitch McConnell as a brilliant strategist and staunch supporter of President Trump.  Unfortunately, those voices once again have to reconcile McConnell’s comprehensive failure on a Trump priority.   Yes, McConnell and Shelby successfully negotiated for less border security funding than before the shutdown.


Fortunately, POTUS Trump planned for the intentional failure of McConnell and his veto-proof construct. [Rest assured, thankfully, President Trump knows exactly who McConnell is.] President Trump had anticipated the result and dispatched Mulvaney to review the granular DHS, DoD and DoS programs throughout fiscal year 2019 appropriations to assemble secondary funding.

Despite McConnell’s opposition; which is directly related to his CoC owner-interest in porous borders; the border security fencing/wall will be built.


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419 Responses to Decepticon McConnell Caucus Presents Donald Trump the Take-It or Leave-It Border Compromise Deal….

  1. Sandi says:

    Gee, ya think??


  2. Shiggz says:

    Most gop vote fine on home defense and partial birth abortion.

    Beyond those two issues re corporate money, uniparty immigration, greater Israel strategic foreign interventions, etc… no there is not a major difference between the two parties.


  3. annieoakley says:

    John Barrasso R WY and Corey Gardner R CO are two of the biggest hypocrites in the Uniparty.

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  4. SSI01 says:

    And this nonsense is why I refuse to contribute dollar-one to the RNC. We have gotten phone calls – begging calls from the RNC – in the past. They always front their spiel with President Trump needing our support, morally, financially. I point out he’s not getting moral support from his own people on Capitol Hill – people who get funding from the RNC for their campaigns. If I contribute to the RNC I’m putting money in, for example, McConnell’s pocket (were he running for re-election), as well as in the pocket of every other duplicitous jerk in the Decepticon assemblage above – which means I’m supporting the GOPe Never-Trumper backstabbers in the party as well as the patriots. This is an unacceptable situation to me, and I can not support it. I make sure the RNC solicitor knows this, loud and clear, and I keep repeating it. Right now the Democrats are looking at the remote possibility of at least a segment of their party breaking off to follow the likes of AOC, into the far-off left field. If the behavior described in the Republican party, in this article, continues, it’s also looking like there will be a segment of the GOP – a conservative segment, not happy with the same, tired old game (and it’s not a GAME, it’s a battle for our country and our descendants) breaking off and calling itself something else. If McConnell, and his ilk, think we conservatives are going to blindly support them in 2020 they’ve got another thing coming.

    Trump can only run for two terms, and then he’s out. There is not a single actual or potential GOP candidate of his caliber that can step up to bat and continue providing results like Trump has done. The GOPe is doing what it can to stymie him for however long he’s got left in office before he departs and we go back to the same tired old way of doing practically nothing with the office except go downhill at a slower pace than we would otherwise if Democrats held it. The RNC and its fund-raising is the instrument of the power of the GOPe allowing it to remain firmly in the path of conservative progress that would benefit all of us. Trump has raised the bar of presidential performance to a height that is unattainable by anyone else I know of in the GOP apparatus at this time. He’s going to be an impossible act to follow. They know it. It’s quite possible the GOP will fall flat on its face when he departs. And when that happens, the Democrats will step into power in DC and vengeance will be the order of the day – followed by things on a nationwide level I’d rather not discuss, but many here can imagine.

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