House Judiciary Committee Hearing – DOJ Oversight 12:30pm EST Livestream…

The House Judiciary Committee has a DOJ oversight hearing scheduled for today at 12:30pm EST.  No-one was originally sure if AAG Matthew Whitaker would be in attendance due to the antagonistic politicization announced by Chairman Jerry Nadler with a threatened subpoena after Whitaker agreed to voluntarily testify.

UPDATE: Video Added

The hearing is scheduled for 12:30pm with a direct livestream embed below:

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534 Responses to House Judiciary Committee Hearing – DOJ Oversight 12:30pm EST Livestream…

  1. purpleibby says:

    Pretty cool moment here:

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    • RLTW says:

      Matt Whitaker Rocks! Punked the whole Dim inquisition. President Trump should rescind his nomination of gun-grabber Barr (who was apparently recommended by the Bushies) and keep Whitaker as AG. From what I understand, if there is an impasse, the acting AG is renewed every six months for another six months indefinitely. This is your man President Trump!

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    • Winning 2020 says:

      Yes, the venomous Satanists are not conducting a legitimate “hearing”; rather, they are mocking the Founders’ Judicial branch by a Gatling-gun inquisition to blood sacrifice the innocence of Mr. Matt Whitaker, President Trump and family, friends, administration, and nation-state allies, which parallels with Jews’ blood sacrifice of Jesus.

      GOD cited the Satanists behaviors in Proverbs 6:16-19 to protect the righteous.



  2. Rainy says:

    How did so many mentally disturbed people take over the Democrat Party? What they are saying is nutty enough but the unhinged viciousness in their tone is diabolical.
    If decent people with a lick of common sense paid attention this wouldnt be happeneing.
    Decent Americans need to rise up and run for office whether they want to or not.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Obama funded and sent the left out to destroy America. They took over the Democrat party with their special interests and money and used it as their vehicle.

      Normal people don’t have the money that Obama gave, from our tax dollars, to the nutcases so they aren’t a factor.

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  3. bakocarl says:

    It kinda looks like AAG Whitaker doth not suffer fools gladly.

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  4. Zorro says:

    Jerry “No Nads” Nadler, our new age Paunchy Pilate, sitting in judgement.

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  5. GSparrow says:

    Most of these deranged, bully Dems make the Spanish Inquisition look like child’s play. Their elevated seating high above their latest lone prey stimulates their bloodthirsty appetites.

    Some of them looked and sounded so deranged and out of control that they would have sentenced Whitaker to immediately burn at the stake if they had the power. William Barr had better take full notice of the evil and madness that has gripped much of the Democrat party. He will be their next favored target after Trump.

    Barr better be prepared to push back legally and harshly against this madness because they will be out to destroy him in any way possible. The GHW Bush era is long over and the Trump derangement era is a far different and bloodier time to be a part of a President’s administration. They will continue to hound and investigate Whitaker for as long as possible and try to ruin him as a lesson to others.

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  6. RJones says:

    Nothing like a show like this to remind everyone about the character of democrats. How those idiot neverTrumpers can side with these people while using Trump’s character as their reason is just hilarious. Look! The intellectual has no clothes!

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  7. davidsstones says:

    I watched most of the 6 hrs. A true interrogation by rolling angry demands. Forceful and angry demands. Pushy, angry women, demanding and controlling interrupting Whittaker for not answering yes or no. What parent would want a daughter to see these women giddy headed with power behaving like domestic abuse victims; controlling every word, voices raised, emotions rolling out, one woman crying even though she (and other unprepared women) repeatedly asked DOJ Acting AG Whittaker questions not under the jurisdiction of the DOJ! They didn’t know who is responsible for what. Whittaker deferred them to the FBI and Homeland Security, and deaf from their own rapid fire demands for answers now, now, stop talking, now; they left as ignorant as when they came in unprepared. They would not listen to their error and showed near rage because Whittaker didn’t answer the question which belonged to another dept. Beautiful! Only the thousands who watched got it.

    Mr. Nadler. is this the best you’ve got!? The gifting’s of your committee Sir are smugness, rudeness, an enormous portion of self righteousness and your strongest skill, used against someone who has not be accused of a single crime, Sir, is intolerance with remarkable prejudice. If any student of any age or any employee of any private business behaved like the frivolous committee members displayed in this hearing that person would be cited for being a Bully, dismissed, fired and thrown out on the hour on the day.

    They near shouted, cried, Nadler laughed out loud, they interrupted, demanded. This committee is not comprised of stable minds, these are minds that are easily cracked by resistance. Dangerously easily cracked. Bully’s they are, devoid of common sense,

    Watch any portion of the video. Remember it. Send it to 10 friends, post it somewhere.
    2020 is coming.

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    • AModerateMan says:

      I too saw the whole embarrassing show and had almost the exact same opinion davidsstones. Surely they must have a thought that their questions and demeanor backfired as there was nothing that TAAG said that was suspicious at all, not one thing!

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      • Tom22ndState says:

        Indeed, if only the democrats had some manner of self awareness this oversight hearing wouldn’t habe been so embarrassing. The democrats will gladly die on the impeach Trump hill. But then, they’re all clamoring to jump aboard the green new deal so it’s not like they’re hiding who they are. I

        It’s as tho a virus has infected the party of crime.


    • roy1982blog says:

      I watched the whole thing. They refused to let him have lunch, i heard an open mic where it sounded like Swallwell (sp.) mocked him for asking for a 2 minute bathroom break at 2:00pm.

      What I noticed here (aside from agreeing with everyone’s take on the tone) is that all rules are gone. When Collins requests ‘points of order’ and refers to the rules of the committee, he gets tabled and a vote is held denying the minority of administering a fair hearing. If all committee chairpersons are directed by the Speaker to run the committee however you want, than this are simple, as many of the Democrat committee members attempted to get on the record as them not being, “a WITCH HUNT.”


    • davidsstones says:

      Reflecting on the disturbing people questioning Whitaker and the comments here;

      I suspect a consensus had been concluded before their Victim, Whitaker, appeared.

      The appalling assault tactics look clearly now as a crafted message to Whitaker, not to remain aligned with Trump; not to take a position to work with Trump after his departure as acting AG. They recognize his character, his loyalty, honesty and ability to navigate law.

      What was the fruitless, nonsensical whipping really about?

      1/ an ugly and disturbing display of women’s power, anger, and lack of preparedness.

      2/ Because; in Whitaker’s recent interviews he has eloquently voiced a public message to Trump carefully stating he wants to serve Trump in some capacity and would accept any position if Trump offered him one. No offhand comment, he repeated this twice in the same interview.

      Democrats war plan against Trump has been attack all his best supporters, friends & family.
      NOTE: the committee asked Whitaker about indicting Trump’s children. He has four.
      A tip of the hand? I think so.

      Their goal is Trump will be isolated, feel defeated and quit. Because they’ve nothing to impeach with.

      Their strong message is always the same: planned harassment, surveillance, attacks in restaurants, word parsing, impatience, public insults, embarrassment, investigations without conclusion and prison for infractions like spitting on the street.


  8. Suburban Grandma says:

    Proud to be from GA. Thank you Mr. Collins!


  9. Linus in W.PA. says:

    I take back some of my previous comments criticizng the Acting AG’s public speaking.

    He did very well in these hearings.


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