Decepticon Mitch Fires Trump Impeachment Warning with U.S. Senate Demand to Keep Troops in Afghanistan/Syria…

The front-story is that Mitch McConnell organized his Decepticon coalition to warn President Trump not to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria.  However, the more true back-story is McConnell warning President Trump that he has assembled his impeachment coalition.

The Senate passed a “sense of the senate” resolution today demanding that President Trump keep troops actively engaged in perpetual war.

The resolution passed the cloture vote by a margin of 68 to 23.  When you understand the background of the ‘Senate Cloture Scheme’ (see Trade Promotion Authority and TPP), today’s Senate vote essentially highlights the Decepticon caucus. [The Big Club]

Here’s how they voted:


Those who have followed Mitch McConnell for a long time will immediately notice the republican names in his coalition.  They are the identical recipients of direct payments made by U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.

Notice also that Senator McConnell timed his rebuke against President Trump to take place just prior to the State of the Union address.

In addition to demanding perpetual war (and all the financial benefits therein), the republican vote is a signal to the republican President that he will not be allowed to defy the will of the Big Club.

In many ways this is also the deep swamp protecting themselves from the structural reform which would happen as a consequence of President Trump draining the swamp. Remember, the 2016/2017 Intelligence Community (CIA, DOJ, FBI) operation against Donald Trump was NOT exclusively supported by Democrats.  Just like the Republican apparatus supported the DOJ/IRS targeting of the Tea Party, the Republican wing of the same apparatus also supported the ‘Spygate’ agenda against Donald Trump.

With this vote McConnell is warning President Trump he has enough votes to support the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment agenda; if needed.

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735 Responses to Decepticon Mitch Fires Trump Impeachment Warning with U.S. Senate Demand to Keep Troops in Afghanistan/Syria…

  1. rustybritches says:

    The Senate is after his tax returns now, He was just told not to long ago that they couldn’t have them with out his consent and NY is after his anorgerial committee funding to find out if they misspent money, my gosh is there no end to this mess? and now look at this list of people who have signed on with McConnell to impeach him, and for what Doing a great job, I am really disappointed to see just a few of the names that Pt really spent a lot of time on helping to get elected this time around, Guess Our PT is never going to learn that these traitors cant be trusted. any of them. They are just a big joke and that joke includes Mitt Romney What a shame
    but marsha blackburn will not make it threw another election with out the President help.
    however Romney has all the money he needs , I don’t like any of these people and believe that its time for this country to get off its butt and start making sure these people are decent people or they need to be told NO way are we going to support you, and we are going to dig into your background until we find that there is really nothing that could possible bring you down later if your elected How can these people, all turn on him the way they are doing and all to keep troops in wars that we shouldn’t and I guess MCConnell couldn’t wait until after the SOTU before he tried like they always do to bring him down Hope he stands up to that no neck SOB

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    • inspectorudy says:

      I think you are making a huge jump in credibility when you say this a list of senators who are willing to impeach Trump. It’s not. There are many who do not want to see another Iraq that obama created when he withdrew all of the troops from there. Many care about the Kurds and do not believe the lying a$$hole Erdogan’s promise to protect them. The heat most of the Republican Senators would feel if they voted to impeach Trump would be unique in our lifetime. They would be outed and for the first time conservatives would do what the left does daily and that is to stage 24/7 protest in their home states.


      • rustybritches says:

        Gee, I would have sworn thats what the Article said is that he had warned the President
        that if he tried to bring home the Troops that his members would stand together with the Dems and impeach him so why dont you go back and read the Article and then think about it before posting
        Second None of us want another of what Obama did while he was in office but there is nothing that says this President would ever do anything like Obama did He uses his brain and he is trying to bring them home because he wants to stop all the killing but if you also listened to what he said in the interview with CBS He said that he wants to make sure troops stay in Iraq so he can watch them all, and that includes IRAN and they are
        the main drivers behind Turkey nonsense. The one thing that Nato needs to do is kick Turkey out of that group They should no longer be apart of that Group

        Yes, I know there are some good senators who would not want to put up with another ]President doing what Obama did, but if they put their names on this list and they knew that it was to stand with the Dems then they are no better than the Dems who want to impeach him for doing nothing wrong..


  2. Alfred Barnes says:

    Gawd, help us!

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    • James Cool says:

      McConnell also told him that he didn’t like the idea of the wall. So I guess we won’t get one anytime soon.

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      • irene says:

        we are getting the wall. Trump didn’t become President to start kow towing to the swamp. He is going to do what is right for the American people, and as long as he does, if they try to impeach him, people will revolt.


  3. BarneyRubble says:

    Time to bring the war home. Send a Special Ops Delta Team after Mitch McConnell and his Chinese mafia wife. The same for all criminal traitors in the Congress. Time water the Tree of Liberty with the Blood of Tyrants.


  4. Red Eagle says:

    Good job McConnell, let’s keep killing people in the name of freedom. You and your republican renegades are despicable!! I am sure none of these Republicons have children in the military!


    • Raven78 says:

      Hold on there chief, your bias is showing. You mention McConnell and republican’s, notice the democraps sitting on that same list of who opposed this President.


  5. Elle says:

    That’s Crapo, not Risch


  6. Raven78 says:

    President Trump then needs to throw it in the faces of these war hawks, he needs to tell these asshats to then DECLARE WAR AGAINST THESE countries. No more policing actions, none, nada, not a single one. War and only a congressional declared war.

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  7. James Cool says:

    We will see if Trump can find his backbone and if we as those backing Trump can “truly” find ours? Can someone be re-elected if they have been impeached? I am kind of startled that Pence wasn’t in that group. He is the President of the Senate. Pence is Deep State establishment all of the way. Well, we now know who the opposition truly is, and it is fully bi-partisan. What a bunch of frauds on our side?

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  8. Elle says:

    While it may be a message, Mitch only got 68 yeas. So he only has 8 votes to play with. Of those who voted yea, I can see many names that are in states that it would be a 99.9999% fatal move to vote to remove Trump from office. Idaho, Montana, Wy, Nebraska, Dakotas….. even a vote just to impeach would result in a huge backlash. The red state Republicans/Dems who stood against Trump for Kavanaugh did not fare well and I’m sure it did not go unnoticed, even if it was unreported in the media. No doubt the Uniparty would just allow the Red State Repubs who voted to convict lose to the opposing Democrat candidate, so it’s no loss to the the uniparty, but it is a loss to the incumbents, so I see many more than 8 who might want to keep their seat.

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  9. muskrat says:

    If this doesn’t motivate people to find out if their senator is on the yea list, (like my 2 Ne. senators) and tell them how pissed you are, I don’t know what will. I will after I cool down. I will tell everyone I
    know, and ask them to call everyone they know ect, ect. I will be calling radio stations, and get this on facebook. If I wasn’t so damned mad I would go on.


  10. Pokey says:

    And the plot sickens!

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  11. James Rigdon says:

    I stand behind President Donald Trump 100% whatever he decides to do now or in the future I pledge my total support

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  12. The time has come for patriots to fire our warning shot at McConnell. He needs to get enough calls and letters to show him that patriots are watching and we will hold him accountable.

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  13. Sara Smith says:

    President Trump has my full support. Any Rep. Not supporting this President is making a big mistake.

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  14. jinxx4ever says:

    Deb Fisher has 3 boys back in Nebraska, how come she doesn’t send them over there to fight?


  15. Bett says:

    So you see, once again the system is rigged for the big donors. Is this any different than the rich paying too get their children into the best schools? They are all selling this country down the drain for their immediate needs. They sicken us! The Republicans can stop sending me emails asking for money; not that I would have sent it anyway, since they never change their spots. Oh yeah, they are worried about the drug epidemic, the murders of Americans by multi time deported criminals…….give me a break!


  16. StillHere says:

    Really? You mean they are going to try to impeach him for keeping peace?
    eff Mcconnell.


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