Whoa Nellie, More Leaked Transcripts – Nellie Ohr Researched Trump Kids While Working for Fusion GPS…

So far the joint house committee transcripts have been leaked to: John Solomon (The Hill), The Epoch Times, The New York Times, and now The Daily Caller.  Someone is trying to get additional traction to these structured transcripts.

The content is also interesting.  The only thing we knew previously about the testimony of Nellie Ohr was that she evoked ‘spousal privilege’ during her deposition.  However, now the Daily Caller is reporting that Nellie Ohr gave testimony about her research with Fusion GPS, to include doing research on Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr’s travels:

Daily Caller – The wife of a Justice Department official who worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign told Congress in 2018 that one of her tasks at the opposition research firm was to research President Donald Trump’s children, including their business activities and travel.

Nellie Ohr, a former contractor for Fusion GPS, also told lawmakers during an Oct. 19 deposition that she recalls that Christopher Steele gave her husband, Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, materials from the infamous anti-Trump dossier funded by Democrats.

Ohr said during the testimony that Steele, who like her was a contractor for Fusion GPS, hoped that her husband would pass the materials to the FBI.

“My understanding was that Chris Steele was hoping that Bruce could put in a word with the FBI to follow up in some way,” Ohr testified to members of the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees, according to transcripts confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.  (read more)

According to the prior leaked transcript Bruce Ohr gave testimony he accepted a thumb drive from Glenn Simpson (Nellie’s employer – Fusion GPS), and another from his wife Nellie Ohr, and he passed them along to FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

The interesting aspect to the Daily Caller report of Nellie Ohr’s testimony is her apparent focus on research into the Trump family travel:

“How about Donald Trump Jr.? Did you do more in-depth research on Donald Trump Jr. than some of the others?” she was asked.

“I’m afraid it was relatively superficial. It was,” adding that, “I looked into some of his travels and you know not sure how much detail I remember, at this point.”

“Ivanka Trump?”

“I looked into some of her travels,” said Ohr.

The goal was “to see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had had suspicious pasts.”  (read more)

This becomes more of a central issue when we go back to the mistake about Michael Cohen within the Steele Dossier; that was also a mistake about travel.  [Cohen in Prague]   Our suspicion has always been that Nellie Ohr was exploiting her CIA authorized access to the FBI/NSA database doing research (ie. FISA abuse).

Additionally, it has always appeared to be evident that Nellie actually sent her research material to Christopher Steele (another Fusion GPS contractor), who was tasked to verify, find supplemental sourcing, launder the research and present it as a more official looking intelligence product…. The Steele Dossier.

It would just make sense the place where Nellie Ohr would be researching travel would be the FISA database (FBI/NSA).  Where else could she access that information?


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522 Responses to Whoa Nellie, More Leaked Transcripts – Nellie Ohr Researched Trump Kids While Working for Fusion GPS…

  1. Cathy M. says:

    IMO- The Steele dossier was not a professional written document.

    One Example is

    Detail 2.
    ” The Kremlin’s cultivation operation on TRUMP also had comprised offering him various lucrative real estate development business deals in Russia, especially in relation to the ongoing 2018 World Cup soccer tournament. However, so far, for reasons unknown, TRUMP had not taken up any of these.”

    Then in-
    “Finally, regarding TRUMP’s claimed minimal investment profile in Russia, a separate source with direct knowledge said this had not been for want of trying. TRUMP’s previous efforts had included exploring the real estate sector in St Petersburg as well as Moscow but in the end TRUMP had had to settle for the use of extensive sexual services there from local prostitutes rather than business success.”

    What the heck kind of “professional” would include remarks like:
    “but in the end TRUMP had had to settle for the use of extensive sexual services there from local prostitutes rather than business success.”

    Not to mention there was no corroboration of the allegations in the reports.

    (I know, I know, politicians don’t need no corroboration)

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  2. Kent says:

    Gee, imagine if instead of tiny drip leaks every week or two, we actually had the full picture. What if we had the truth? No, that is way too complicated to get, even though the President can order it. What would it do to web traffic if we could not spend the next five years spinning very long yarns and complex theories about what occurred and how the whole Trump Presidency was brought down? Yes, not a good idea to declassify.


  3. Zorro says:

    In the pic of Nellie in the hallway there is a lawyer to the left of her and a lawyer to the right. Is the lawyer on the right “Pat” from the old SNL days?

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  4. simicharmed says:

    Let’s be deliberate here… Nellie and Bruce AND the MANY other degenerate traitors NEEDS to be criminally charged. Let each of them determine their bail and pleadings in the matter – Like any other US Citizen who is suspected of a crime. THIS is EQUAL JUSTICE!

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  5. AccountabilityPlease says:

    According to the FISA court document outlining the spying by the contractors, most of the unauthorized queries were performed well before President Trump had secured the Republication nomination. As such, it is highly likely that other GOP candidates were subjected to the same type of political spying. If that can be established, it should be GAME OVER!

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    • andy says:

      JIll Stein was invited to give a speech in the uK in spring of 2016.
      Sanders didnt but the UK inserted a spy in his campaign. Some student on vacation.
      Your suspicions are correct.


  6. Amy2 says:

    This just totally sucks.


  7. Bob, Esq. says:

    Is there any open source information/database where Nellie could have researched the travel itineraries of American citizens? Other than FISA??

    “I looked into some of his travels and you know not sure how much detail I remember, at this point.”

    “Ivanka Trump?”

    “I looked into some of her travels,” said Ohr.

    The goal was “to see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had had suspicious pasts.”

    Am I missing something? Some database that makes this plausible? Because this reads like a confession to embezzling raw FISA information.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      It’s crazy. It’s like she was openly admitting that she was looking at intelligence data. I pray someone asked her where she was getting her data. She was working at a private non-government company at the time. It’s just crazy.

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  8. covfefe999 says:

    I really hope that some day in the near future we’re gong to understand all of these pieces of the huge puzzle. Trump might be prevented from knowing all about Mueller’s witch hunt, but what about prior goings on? Does he have access to the unredacted documents that we have redacted versions of? Like April 2017 FISA court certification doc Sundance refers to? Can Trump see who the contractors were? To new people who haven’t seen the doc, it’s here; https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/icotr/51117/2016_Cert_FISC_Memo_Opin_Order_Apr_2017.pdf Definitely worth reading, and then read the CTH articles that discuss it. Start at page 81 if you don’t have time to read the entire thing. The section Sundance refers to is particularly interesting, US persons targeted using the xxx tool from Nov 1 2015 to May 1 2016. As has been pointed out on this site numerous times, how interesting that timing is. It’s right before Fusion GPS fired up with their dossier project. Did Fusion have their intelligence data access cut off in May 2016 (by Admiral Rogers) so then needed another way to attack Trump? Or were other people or groups in the IC providing data to Fusion? Do you think Trump has seen the unredacted names and numbers?


    • jebg46 says:

      Yes Fusion GPS was cut off April 18, 2016 because owner, Glenn Simpson’s wife, Jacoby, went to the Obama White House and spent several hours in meetings on April 19. Shortly after, Obama funneled $$$ through Perkins Coie just like Hillary did, to continue spying and researching the dossier.


  9. covfefe999 says:

    Watched a PBS program called “The Dictator’s Playbook”. It’s a series. The latest one was about Manuel Noriega. Noriega got his start in the military and then became an intelligence official, which he leveraged for his own personal wealth in addition to political power. In the program they said that this route, through intelligence, is typical for dictators. And that was back in the day when the ICs were not spying on all of us. Now the power a person has by having access to intelligence data, on US citizens especially, on US citizens who are running for political office, is FAR greater.



  10. deplorableintx says:

    The depth of the ties of all those involved in this deceptive scheme to get President Trump is staggering and cannot be overlooked. Early last year, I cannot recall how learned of Yaacov Apelbaum’s Fusion GPS intelligence research for the layman but most likely from a fellow Treeper. I highly suggest his research for anyone who isn’t familiar, but be forewarned, it’s in depth & will chew up some clock( but worth it).

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  11. not2worryluv says:

    I’m confident that POTUS Trump has this covered. He survived the guerrilla warfare of doing business for over 50 years in NYC and knows the evil that lurks in a man’s heart to destroy one another by any means.

    I suspect that if the Mueller Report isn’t out soon and the DEMS continue to obstruct funding of the Wall DJT will conquer the Deep State Trojan Horse and nothing will surprise the world more than what will be disclosed.

    The Deplorables, the Yellow Vests, the Brexits and many others doubting their own Governments will rejoice in what will be exposed.

    And the Truth Shall Set You Free.


  12. Did anyone in those closed-door hearings ask Nellie if she ever used (or had access to) NSA databases to conduct her research?


  13. JL says:

    Does anyone have knowledge of Nellie Ohr ever being asked about her HAM radio license in any context?


  14. Bob, Esq. says:

    Monitoring of hotel reservation systems

    Under the Royal Concierge surveillance program, Britain’s GCHQ agency uses an automated monitoring system to infiltrate the reservation systems of at least 350 luxury hotels in many different parts of the world.[78] Other related surveillance programs involve the wiretapping of room telephones and fax machines used in targeted hotels, as well as the monitoring of computers, hooked up to the hotel network.



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