Roger Stone Indictment (full pdf)…

Here’s the Roger Stone indictment (full pdf below) – (link to indictment).  Stone has been indicted on seven counts in connection with Rod Rosenstein and Robert  Mueller’s investigation.  The charges include obstruction of an official proceeding, witness tampering and five counts of false statements.

The prosecutors allege Mr. Stone made multiple false statements to the House Intelligence Committee about his interactions with “Organization 1″ [WikiLeaks].  Thus it appears this is the reason why the currently corrupt DOJ and FBI have kept the transcripts hidden from public review.

If the public had the opportunity to review congressional witness testimony it would be much harder for current DOJ and FBI officials to shape a prosecutorial opinion of those statements.  Thus, Robert Mueller’s team keeps the testimony hidden so they can weaponize innuendo, and legal differences of opinion, for maximum political damage.  This is the very essence of “Lawfare”; one valuable approach toward legal manipulation.

Some of you might remember the raid on FBI Whistleblower Nate Cain back in November  2018. {Backstory}  There was debate as to the intent of the FBI and whether they were simply protecting their interests?  Additionally, the raid on Cain provided a severe level of doubt over the motives behind the IG Horowitz investigation….  The DOJ and FBI demanded everything about their activity must remain under seal.

Well, after the dust settled; and after everyone stopped paying attention to the raid and questioning the motives therein; despite his whistle-blower status, Mr. Cain was fired.

Noticing a pattern yet?….


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133 Responses to Roger Stone Indictment (full pdf)…

  1. dustahl says:

    My maybe far out opinion, Mueller is trying to get Trump to fire him, Mueller
    Mueller has nothing so he is attacking hoping to get fired.
    Mueller’s attack is also vindictiveness on Trump supporters , Arrest Mueller for conspiracy to over throw an elected President.

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  2. Retired USMC says:

    Welcome to the United Stalinist State of Amerika comrads….

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  3. bertdilbert says:

    It will be the same with Cohen testimony. Sealed and let the innuendo fly with Adam Shifty making all kinds of claims against Trump.

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  4. SR says:

    We heard many times that Mueller SC is ending and report is ready then another stupid indictment. Is there any relation between today’s indictment and govt reopen?

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    • Logger says:

      factors in today’s announcement about temp reopening:
      – Ruth Bader Ginsburg (is she alive?) and nomination of barrett (Dems would block if govt shut down)
      – SOTU
      – Chinese tariff decision
      – Exposing the nation to Democrats’ heartlessness – they would rather shut down the government than secure our borders (who is holding whom hostage?)

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      • FrankieZee says:

        It is interesting that we haven’t heard anything about RBG in a week. Now, will PIGLOSI let Trump enter the House to give the SOTU? That will be interesting.

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  5. MM says:

    Will this be the straw that broke the camels back?
    How much more will we endure until we do something about it?
    Venezuela anyone?

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  6. Nigella says:

    If they can do this to Stone they can do this to anyone

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  7. jack says:

    Looking back in hindsight, we can see the BIG mistake Trump made in giving the A.G. job to Jeff Sessions. Without that recusal none of this crap would have happened. No mueller investigation and nazi tactics.

    Trump should have asked for Jeff Sessions resignation letter the minute he recused himself, and tweeted he needs someone in A.G. spot that is not connected to his campaign.

    Jeff Sessions could be Trump’s downfall, the jury is out on that one. But this arrest of Stone today, is one of many nazi tactics our government is doing to forever change our country in a very bad way.

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    • Logger says:

      When you mention Sessions in this context … all I can see in my mind’s eye is Sessions’ idiot smile. I’ve grown to detest that man.

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      Just like when Obama attacked Gibson guitars for their Republican contributions — same sheet, different day…

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    • echobravoleader says:

      I don’t think that offering Sessions the AG position was necessarily a bad decision. Political traps by former CIA, DOJ and FBI (maybe additional alphabet agency) leadership seem to have been put in place for Sessions and every other Trump cabinet choice. Look at all the cabinet members that have been mercilessly attacked (and resigned) since day 1.

      It appears to me that firing Sessions might have been a trap as well. If Obama signed an EO on January 13, 2017 for line of succession for AAG if Sessions was removed or resigned as I read the other day, there is far more there than Sessions was a rat. The rabbit hole gets deeper and uglier by the day.

      Remember Franklin’s words, “A Republic, if you can can keep it.” Then there’s Jefferson’s…

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    • Doug Amos says:

      Do not forget that Sessions was manipulated and not wise enough to figure out what their actual intentions were. He was wearing short pants in a game for big boys and joined a group of naïve, spineless and maybe or maybe not long list of enfeebled Rinos. President Trump’s census urgency is certainly the most profound S C submission in history and our only chance in 2020. Nevertheless, the absolute last opportunity, with or w/o is finding Rinos and never, ever acknowledging them on a ballot.


    • Apollo says:

      It was a truly terrible decision. We lost a reliable Senate seat and gained a do-nothing, recusing swamp monster.


  8. flyboy51v says:

    All the chaff and countermeasures aside … Trump just needs to do what he does best which is go on offense. If he does that I will sleep easier. I only get nervous when he appears to be laying back in the weeds. IMHO there is only one way to deal with this corruption and it is head on with all guns blazing. Sit back and let events unfold at your peril ….

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  9. woohoowee says:

    That’s It! Rogue DOJ and FIB have got to go. Terminate every single employee and give ’em a plug nickle for severance. Shutter every office. Give every case and piece of evidence to the several states with appropriate jurisdiction. Perhaps we’ll then be safe.

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  10. Firefly says:

    I hope i’m Wrong, but the fact that Wray went along with this indicates he’s not worried about William Barr becoming the new AG. The fact that so many (27 ) agents were picked indicates many were jockeying to be selected because promotions are a likely outcome. This doesn’t bode well for a Mueller’s buddy William Barr becoming the new AG.

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  11. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    McCabe was accused of sex discrimination so he had the accuser investigated, (tormented) and sought revenge on Flynn who was on the side of the victim.

    Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz

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  12. L4grasshopper says:

    Apparently the agents participating in the Stone raid — what, over 20 of them?? — haven’t yet gotten the “Ethics Training” that Wray said was going to fix the FBI 🙂

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  13. L4grasshopper says:

    Andrew McCarthy, a former U.S. attorney and columnist for National Review [one of the few over there who isn’t fully NeverTrump], said on Fox News:

    “I read that indictment, and what it says to me is that the special counsel and the FBI have known for at least a year, probably much longer than that that there is no espionage conspiracy and there was none between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.”

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  14. lawton says:

    We have to hope Barr has a little integrity and at least makes Mueller wrap this nonsense up.

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    • Firefly says:

      They don’t seem to be concerned about Barr. The overselling of Barr is reminiscent of the hard sell on Comey and Mueller having integrity. Hope i’m Wrong- but it’s what it looks like to me.

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    • thegoosefish says:

      Barr looks like he knocks back a few from time to time; maybe he can down a shot and do what it takes…for that one time in his life…throw caution to the wind…


  15. Another day, another arrest, and another day of inaction from the President. He doesn’t have to fire Mueller. He doesn’t have to fire Rosenstein. He doesn’t even have to release the FISA documents. All he has to do is appoint a Special Counsel of his own to investigate corruption in the DOJ/FBI and another to investigate leaking of classified information in Congress. Problem solved.

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  16. CNY3 says:

    Cain should sue the DOJ/FBI.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      I totally agree, CNY3… I worked in Aerospace and Defense for 30 years and when a person in the Pentagon was granted ‘Whistleblower’ status, they became as untouchable as the the third rail… And Cain gets canned while being a “protected” whistleblower??? This is another line-crossing among many.


  17. emeraldcoaster says:

    Since McConnell cannot (or will not) solidify the GOP in the Senate, maybe he can prioritize Barr’s confirmation. Of course hoping Barr will make a positive difference with the rouge DoJ may be a pipe dream, but the options look to be limited. And I can’t say I’m confident the Never-Trumpsters will back Barr when the vote is taken. These are indeed troubling times. Godspeed POTUS, I’m aboard your ship to the end.

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  18. jack says:

    I see why this happened!

    By this arrest, it will keep the Mueller Probe going for months and months. We were told the Mueller probe was ending in a month, BUT with this event today, it extends the time.

    Mueller Probe will never end as long as Trump is president. Mueller will go after someone in Trump’s family next, moving up to raiding W.H. and arresting Trump’s wife. (semi-joking … but … really … I’m not sure Mueller team would not be considering this move, can you?)

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  19. thegoosefish says:

    Note the bail was a signature bond. Just a signature, nothing else. “I’ll show up or you can sue me”. That indicates not a major case.

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  20. farmerren says:

    Please say another prayer of thanks for our strong President Trump. Also a prayer for ourselves to be patient and trust that God’s justice is the only perfect justice. Have a good weekend branch mates.

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  21. woohoowee says:

    I object to all of this. No one should be able to waste our tax dollars like this. How disrespectful to every hard working tax payer and American. Shame on these thugs!

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  22. Another Scott says:

    If he was indicted for false statements to a Congressional committee does that mean anyone who has made false statements to a Congressional committee can be indicted? Think who would be snared in that wide net

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    • @ChicagoBri says:

      Can the dopes in Congress who make false statements in committee be indicted, too?

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    • Kent says:

      …who CAN be indicted is immaterial to our less-than-honorable’s who WILL be indicted by them is the question…

      It’s all a coverup…and…being intellectually honest…it’s looks like the Hillary crowd is winning this aspect of the war…

      …smuggery reigns….at least for now…

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  23. lolli says:

    The coordination of FBI raid on Stone, the live coverage for intimidation,
    Wray giving a speech on how angry he is over shut down letting PT know he is with “them” no white hats in sight.
    This was a clear threat. Junior is next and the raid could get nasty.
    I can see why Pres Trump backed off
    today to regroup.
    pres Trump looking around for an ally?
    I stand with Pres Trump.
    But I think we need to make our presence more visible. Peacefully.


  24. MaineCoon says:

    Alan Dershowitz says to carry read the indict to deserve what is “alleged” and what is “the story”…

    Woth watching, but if can’t watch the whole thing watch the last few minutes.


  25. EJ says:

    I think this does reek a bit of desperation. I think they may have messed with the wrong guy. I personally think Stone is a bit of a dope, but I think he likes feeling important and will ham it up while in the spot light. Who knows what may come out of his mouth.

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  26. Right to reply says:

    Important to remember

    “JULIAN ASSANGE: He doesn’t have anything to worry about because there is no back channel. There was never a back channel. I’ve said it at the time. He’s produced no evidence of it. We have complained about it. He’s simply trolling the absolute—you know, they want to be trolled. They don’t care. They don’t care what the truth is at all. All they want is some little propaganda point that they can use to somehow satisfy their ridiculous fantasies about taking down Trump in relation to Russia. And if Roger Stone is going to help with that, they will give him a massive platform. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. And he’s sold a lot more book as a result. I mean, you have to admire the chutzpah and, I suppose, the cleverness at which he’s done it. It’s, in some sense, admirable. What is not admirable, even though it’s really irritated us, is the—I don’t know, the slavish reaction of those—you know, he just throws a ball, like that, and these mindless mobs of people aligned to the Democrats and the Democratically aligned media in the United States run after it, and eventually over the cliff.”

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  27. zozz1 says:

    Joe McCarthy was right….this has been in the works for decades. All would have gone along smoothly, from the FOD (Forces Of Darkness) having selected Obama and having groomed and pushed him up through a resumé-building education until they could put him in office, finally securing the presidency; Hillary was to be the next step that would secure the government for the left for years to come…except Trump destroyed their plan. All those years, and all that effort…gone! Is it any surprise that the FOD must destroy him?

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  28. fanbeav says:

    They want President Trump to resign “for the good of the country” like Nixon did for a petty crime! They have nothing else except harassment. I can only imagine how lonely President Trump feels. No backing from GOP and no DOJ/FBI!


  29. Bob Teal says:

    At this point, I blame Trump.


    • thegoosefish says:

      Why? What did Trump do? or not do? The man is not an emperor. He has to answer to the Congress. and the Judiciary. And people come election time.

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    • albertus magnus says:

      He certainly should share some of the blame. He is NOT the weak fraidycat some make him out to be so they can continue to believe Q nonsense that there is a plan or that PDJT has this. No there isnt and no he doesnt.

      We are watching a dance between the DeepState and an innocent President. I believe that DS has something on someone important to PDJT, who he is protecting. PDJT did nothing wrong. Flynn admitted to his crimes. Manafort and Stone are simply thugs who have already operated in the shadows. PDJT has done nothing to help any of them.

      Because PDJT is NOTHING BUT MAGA, he has not colluded with ANYONE. But I wonder what PDJT is afraid of that causes him ti talk big but do nothing. No firing. No declassification. His base is always being told by his mouth pieces (Hannity, Jarretta, DiGenova, Toensing, etc.) that the hammer is coming soon. Then the timeline is changed.

      NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. NOTHING. Small fish will get fried, Clinton, Comey, etc. will all walk and whoever PDJT is protecting will be left alone. DeepState will never be brought to justice but Barr will correct FUTURE problems in such a way that no past crimes are exposed.

      I bet any takers a $100 donation to Sundance that I am correct. Anyone want to take the bet?


  30. Newman says:

    Who is talk radio personality Person 2? Hannity?


  31. @ChicagoBri says:

    Sundance, I thought whistle blowers were protected by law?

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  32. RedWave 2020 says:

    Thanks Jeff Sessions. Great job you did here.


    • Kent says:

      …quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes in modern history…a trap set by cunning and wiley criminals…

      I don’t blame my president, it was after all a trap…but…it was still a mistake….

      I am thankful for and I support PDJT…and would tell him so personally if I could do so.


  33. MaineCoon says:

    I quit reading the indictment after reading the allegations in para. 23, A-F. Those alone will bring jail time and since they are facts based on emails it’s not good.

    But, we haven’t seen Stone’s testimony trasnscript so how do we know what he testified to. OTOH the GJ would have seen it.

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  34. AbeLincoln says:

    hmmm wonder what Corsi role is in all of this mess…


  35. ~Eric Prince (Betsy DeVos Brother) will be next to be Indicted.~
    *Ain’t that right (Trump-Campaign-Mole)…George Nader…who is represented by former Obama Principal Deputy WH Counsel….Kathy Ruemmler.*


  36. Rose says:

    Whenever demorats and their media lobbyist have a bad week Meuller pulls out a grand jury conviction and the corrupt FBI and their swat teams to terrorize someone for political persecution. Says alot about how they are all working together.

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  37. mark says:

    I’ve read POTUS can appoint a SC himself directly.


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