Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rejects President Trump Proposal to End Shutdown….

30 Minutes before President Trump began to outline his compromise proposal (4:00pm, from the White House), Speaker Nancy Pelosi auto-published the response position of Democrats, NO DEAL:

(From The Speaker) “Democrats were hopeful that the President was finally willing to re-open government and proceed with a much-needed discussion to protect the border.

“Unfortunately, initial reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable and in total, do not represent a good faith effort to restore certainty to people’s lives. It is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the House, and taken together, they are a non-starter. For one thing, this proposal does not include the permanent solution for the Dreamers and TPS recipients that our country needs and supports. (read more)

President Trump outlined a common-sense bipartisan solution to reopen government.  Nancy Pelosi took a zero-sum position and rejected the proposal.  Without pressure from ‘moderate’ democrats (if any exist), the impasse continues.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Leader Steny Hoyer and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are on pre-scheduled vacation until January 25th.

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516 Responses to Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rejects President Trump Proposal to End Shutdown….

  1. Disgraceful Nancy work side By side Thise who America hater Soros’s group That she careless about country OR American,long as she get’s $$$ F**ing Evil’s,
    Too stupidity people vote for stupid porpaganda clown like her again and again,


  2. pjpatriot says:

    Nancy dismisses this out of hand before Trump even speaks. She’s on vacation, vacation? She just had a Hawaiian vacation. She comes from a California district when they voted her in. Trump was elected by the American people. Why don’t we have sway over what this speaker does? Please God, don’t let her or any of the Dems get more power. This is bad enough.


  3. Elle says:

    Hillary and Obama have been so quiet lately.

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    • The Boss says:

      obama is still steaming about how Betty White’s birthday overshadowed Michelle / Big Mike’s on social media trending reports. (That’s right obama, it’s called Betty White Supremacy).
      As for Crooked, she keeps toppling over and can’t get up until another bottle of vodka is opened. You would think someone shaped like a Weeble-Wobble wouldn’t have this problem regardless of their state of sobriety.

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  4. anniefannie says:

    Probably the most disgusting thing that NOncy has done during her shutdown (she now owns it since she is unwilling to negotiate an end as is President Trump) was to schedule that trip using a military plane. Okay, I know things are set up for “government officials” to make these working vacay trips but to have an average of 13+ guests for each Congress critter is ridiculous unless a check was presented PRIOR to scheduling the trip to pay for the guests. Okay, I’ll concede to let spouses go. Outside of that, pay up. If you aren’t willing to pay for your guests, then let them stay home. BTW, bet they weren’t planning on staying at a Motel 6 and eating Mickey D’s so we, as taxpayers, were paying for political vacays. If the government has enough surplus money to do that, tax rates need to drop again OR each taxpayer should receive a refund equal to the amount spent for each non-essential tag along! (And I can make an argument that the only essentials on the plane would have been flight crew and secret service)!

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  5. Zippy says:

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    • Zippy says:


      “There will no big push to remove the 11,000,000 plus people who are here illegally.”

      Why not? Why is it that I’m expected to pay for the services they consume, and they do net-net of their tax contributions, to the tune of over a hundred billion dollars a year

      It’s not hard to get rid of the 11,000,000+ illegals.

      1. Mandatory E-Verify including for household help. Violate that and do 1 year in prison (felony time) for each illegal invader, consecutively, you hire. On a second offense the business, irrespective of size, has its charter permanently revoked as well and all physical plant is subject to seizure. Yes, this means if you hire an illegal nanny you lose your house.

      2. No government services are provided unless paid in cash, in advance, without proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residency. No ER, no schools, no welfare, no WIC, no EBT, no Section 8, nothing. All persons in a household must be verified before anyone in said household may receive any government benefit. If you conceal someone here illegally or lie you do felony prison time and all of whatever was paid out is clawed back, not dischargeable in bankruptcy. In addition no government identification of any sort may be issued, period, to other than lawful permanent residents and citizens.

      3. No chain migration, period.

      4. No anchor babies. If you are not a lawful permanent resident or citizen and give birth in the United States the child is not a citizen of this nation, he or she is a citizen of your nationality. Period. This instantly ends “birth tourism” and other similar games.

      5. Be convicted of any felony and you are permanently barred from entry. Period. Canada does this and in fact they’ll bar you for a misdemeanor DUI! Overstay a visa and you’re automatically entered into LEADS as a fugitive — because you are. Enter when barred and you go to prison, then you’re expelled. Period. No challenges, no lawsuits, no bull****.

      Simple, 5 steps. Do that and there’s no work for illegals, there’s no free health care, there’s no free food, there’s no free housing, there’s no free anything and there’s also no coming here to drop a child and then scream “but my baaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy means it’s so unfair if I had to leave.”

      This must be Trump’s demand to Congress or he will not sign a single additional bill.

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      • trialbytruth says:

        You do understand that he just threatened a push to deport. The truth is some of the things you suggest for instance. Enforcing e verify as well as nuetering the Civil Rights complaints for acting on SS “no number on file”. Are more.cost.effective and less traumatic.to the country as a whole then mass deportation.

        I don’t remember the exact catch 22 there but Sundance did an article.on it some years ago now.

        The point is make it hard to work cut off benefits and Sanctuary cities and large numbers will.self.deport.


      • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

        Number One: E- Verify is in our court. Anyone can go to E-Verify.gov and see what companies are using it. Support those businesses! If a business is not using it, ask them why! Tell them you only spend your money with companies that use E-Verify!


        Spread the word!


  6. spinoneone says:

    Accepting “temporary” status for the Dreamers means that the Dems and the Repubs have three more years to do a deal. Meanwhile, the Dreamers are protected from deportation. The Dems could pick a number for “border security” over $1.6 B and under $5.7 B and Trump might accept that. Then they could pay the Federal workers both sides seem unconcerned about destroying financially.

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  7. Joe says:

    The illogic of the Democrats is simply incredible. They treat ending the shutdown as if it were something additional to be discussed along with wall money, DACA extension, etc., when in fact ending the shutdown depends on negotiating disagreements over funding.

    Both sides want to end the shutdown, but they must negotiate the terms FIRST. That is simple common sense and logically prior to any specific item of negotiation. Making ending the shutdown just another item in the negotiation as Pelosi and Schumer are attempting to do is nonsense on stilts.

    Of course what it really demonstrates is the bad faith of the Democrats.


    • steph_gray says:

      I have no wish at all to end the shutdown. Fed gummint is now working far better than it has in 100 years. 15% force reduction, make it permanent!


  8. visage13 says:

    The Dem talking point is they will not negotiate until the Government is opened. Correct me if I am wrong but that is what they said after the last shutdown and then once the Government was reopened they refused to negotiate. Why isn’t anyone pushing back using that fact?? President Trump do not cave, do not open the Government first, they will NEVER negotiate. That is the talking point they historically use but never follow-up on.


  9. deguello13 says:

    To D’rat politicians what could be the worst thing to happen if a wall were to be built? The worst thing would not be that it would not work and prove to be a waste of money, but that it would prove to be effective in excluding illegal future Democrat voters and subsidy parasites, the lifeblood of their constituency. Thinking, wishin’ & hopein’ that it were otherwise is delusional, I am afraid. Protestations against illegal immigration and promises of support in stopping same by the usual suspects is a fool’s errand, as all their incentives and motivations militate in opposition to keeping Democrats from joining with imported poor eventual voters and/or their progeny, their feigned tut-tutting to the contrary.

    Look not at what D’rats say, instead look at what they vote to do. They NEVER vote for anything effective at stemming illegal immigration.


  10. Mr. T. says:

    Just when you think the Illegal Alien Situation can’t get any worse, now they are sticking it to us yet another way, getting better tax breaks than We, The People. This Has Got To STOP! Make no mistake about it, the illegals can and do spread this information around. I remember back in 1980, talking to someone I knew who lived in Chicago. He is a Mexican American. He was ticked off because the illegals would come to Chicago, and get all kinds of assistance. They would then tell their friends and relatives in Mexico or other countries south of the border, to come on up to Chicago, get in on the freebies and live well. 39 years later, they’re still sticking it to We, The People.

    EVERYONE should view this video, then contact your representatives and senators in D.C., and DEMAND they put a stop to this. Please spread this link around. Every single American Citizen who views it should be OUTRAGED like I am.

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  11. So after two years, who is now leaking to the enemy before the speech is delivered?


  12. Bonitabaycane says:

    Pelosi’s decision making is based on only one thing IMO: Maintaining her position as Speaker.

    In order to keep her speakership, she must appease the far Left-wing of her party.

    She will sacrifice this country, any ally, and any principle to assure her the necessary votes to be speaker.

    As a result, there will be no negotiated agreement, and IMO our VSGPDJT understands this.

    Ultimately, IMO our POTUS will move in a unilateral manner.

    Ironically, Pelosi’s single-minded commitment to herself will lead to the eventual demise of her party and her speakership

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  13. Mark McQueen says:

    What we are seeing with this exchange between POTUS and the Dems. is the same “negotiating” tactic the Dems. use in Congress. They don’t negotiate. Trump is 100% correct in pushing these matters in THEIR laps. It’s their job. Pres. Trump is NOT a dictator. He has not ignored the law. He has not ignored a Court ruling over one of his EOs. He is NOT Barak Obama. He knows how the system is supposed to work. Every single day he exposes the rats in Congress for what they are. Fake legislators, fake representatives, and fake Patriots.

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  14. Gary Lacey says:

    Keep an eye out, Trump isn’t done with Pelosi. Trump will declare an emergency to build the wall. Then watch Pelosi try to get a deal on DACA, Trump will tell her to pound sand!

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  15. notunderwhelmed says:

    When isn’t Pelosi on vacation? When aren’t taxpayers paying for her travel, food, and booze (including those of her entourage) ? San Francisco is a toilet — literally. Why isn’t she cleaning up the local crap in her own “backyard”? She sure as hell did not earn her 100s of millions on a congressional salary. Corrupt, heartless, POS does not represent Californians or the nation. She serves herself— to heaping scoops of donor and taxpayer money. #nancygettowork

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  16. Tina says:

    That witch must think we are all stupid , “ you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it “ =Obamacare , now she wants us to believe that the govt needs to be opened before they negotiate? She is a loon . They are not to be trusted and PT knows this . Stand your ground and don’t back down .

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  17. Rick554 says:

    The old, tired dem double speak for stalling…..”discussion”. BAH


  18. sat0422 says:

    I can verify that the conduct of Nancy, Chuck and their minions make me proud to be a Republican. The history of the Democrat party has at times been a mystery and yet, there are some good things that have come from the Dems. Right now, they are radical and out of touch with Americans. God Bless Donald J. Trump and those who stand with him!

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  19. Jederman says:

    I have no doubt that pelosi is a fanatic ideologue and probably has an irrational hate for Trump and his base, but to openly appear stubborn over something that they already voted in favor of and rejecting offers out of hand doesn’t leave her any wiggle room. No politician wants to be without wiggle room. Especially over 5.7B.

    Yes, yes she knows the corrupt poodles in the media will provide cover but the behavior is odd at best. There is no attempt to appear to be a mature adult. Ok, she’s nuts. Check that box. But does she have a strategy? I’m not going with Ocam’s Razor (she’s nuts and a hater) just yet.


  20. Mike diamond says:

    There needs to be a special investigation into where Nancy and her husband got all their money! I will say this over and over,Nancy and Chuck Schumer are hiding something big in their cash flow!

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  21. bigralphie says:

    We should be coming on the Reduction In Force 30-day clause soon, very soon. The Sun-Tzu Master DJT’s ways are truly a thing of beauty.

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    • Pyrthroes says:

      Having begun last December 21st, the Federal Government’s administrative/regulatory (Fourth Branch) counts a full 31-day month today (Monday, January 21st, coincidentally the 2nd Anniversary of Trump’s Inaugural).

      From what we read, as of tomorrow (Tuesday) Trump as Chief Executive may order “reductions-in-force” (RIFs) terminating furloughed public sector employees en masse, without regard for individual Pendleton Act procedures (1884). Since up to 95% of major agencies’ personnel have been deemed “non-essential”, this means that –should Trump choose to excrete Rat saboteurs from the U.S. body politic– departments from EPA, FDA, HUD, and even NASA et al. would be reduced to “corporate shells”.

      Should this transpire –a “consummation devoutly to be wished”– Trump may either replace Rats’ festering mealworms with halfway functional subordinates, or “reorganize” by folding bureaucratic rumps into relatively toothless chart-boxes, amputating Deep State tentacles, saving several hundred billion dollars, sweeping fifty years of “revolving door” K Street corporatist and Wall Street financial dung-beetles off the crumb-strewn table.

      To those protesting a return to Andrew Jackson ‘s ante bellum “spoils system”, we reply: In wake of Garfield’s 1881 assassination by a deranged office seeker, aggravated by Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, Pres. Arthur’s 135-year “civil service reform” has rendered parasitic, self-aggrandizing Fourth Branch satrapies an incipient “lurking menace” Police State divorced from any legitimate consent-of-the-governed under Rule of Law. Because 18th Century Founders did not foresee Federal subreption by a creeping clerisy of irresponsible, unaccountable Enarques beholden only to themselves, radical dangers call for radical response.

      Say what you will, Trump at age 72 is first-and-foremost an American patriot, dedicated to
      Jeffersonian-Hamiltonian-Madisonian principles relegating overweening Federal power to matters of foreign-relations, Armed Forces strength, fiscal responsibility (State, Defense, and Treasury), plus infrastructure development/maintenance (see Clay’s “American System”) allied with Law-and-Order rightly understood as U.S. demographic and territorial integrity with Founders’ checks-and-balance precluding top-down uniformity in any wise.

      Where will this country be in AD 2040, the next 36-year socio-cultural/economic inflection point? Then at age 58, Class of ’04 Gen Xers born c. 1982 will hold the key. Just maybe, they’ll have the collective wit-and-will to save themselves, and thus American posterity, from Deep State tyranny. All any contemporaries can do is wish them well.

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  22. HJR27 says:

    Personally I would not support a single thing that Pelosi would nor do I think the President either.


  23. southernsue says:

    the ever ending smugness and corruption of the demon rat party is old and worn out,just like the average age of these fosils that represent the one world order/luciferions called the demon rat party

    their demise can’t come soon enough!

    sick to death of their stagnation and corruption against our country


  24. Jonathan Galt says:

    Summary: Dreamers are not worth $6 billion to Democrats.


    • Elle says:

      You can just hear the wheels in the heads of the dreamers screeching to a halt…. Orange man bad. Republicans bad….wait.. wuuut?????!!


  25. Nathan Hale says:

    I wonder, in some kind of twisted logic, is Nancy Pelosi using her intransigence on the border wall as a building foundation for the upcoming House Impeachment? Something along the lines, Trump stole the election, election not valid. Therefore negotiating only validates his Presidency, therefore we won’t negotiate.

    Perhaps she is just inbalanced and playing with only half a deck. Or both possibilities are correct.


  26. Mike diamond says:

    Nancy,she is paid for by drug lords to keep the border open!!!! Possible?most likely! Nancy needs a drug test!


  27. Judy Walters says:

    President Trump stay strong. Can someone even tell me why we need 800,000 government workers. If the Air Traffic Controllers walk out, FIRE THEM ALL like RR did.


  28. Scott says:

    I bet Nancy would vote for the wall if she thought her husband would help build it.


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