CNN Disinvites Local San Diego News Team After Discovering Their Local View Border Walls Work…

San Diego local news station KUSI shares how they were contacted by CNN “asking if a reporter could give them a local view of the debate surrounding the border wall and government shutdown.”  However, after KUSI agreed to provide a reporter with extensive knowledge of the effectiveness of a border wall, CNN changed their mind.

(VIA KUSI) […] We believe CNN declined a report from KUSI because we informed them that most Border Patrol Agents we have spoken to told us the barrier does in fact work.

We have continuously been told by Border Patrol Agents that the barrier along the Southern border helps prevent illegal entries, drugs, and weapons from entering the United States, and the numbers prove it.  (link)

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97 Responses to CNN Disinvites Local San Diego News Team After Discovering Their Local View Border Walls Work…

  1. booger71 says:

    Just more proof that CNN is really just fake news

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  2. Wow! It just never ends!

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  3. TMonroe says:

    Partisan agendas and priorities at play, perchance? Shocked and stunned.

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  4. evergreen says:

    Trump could and should declare an emergency and proceed to put the wall construction in motion. It’s a trivial issue at heart, but the libs have succeeded in making a large segment of the country get palpitations over the concept of placing a barrier at our border. That tells you how much of an echo chamber we live in. It also tells you how inverted our collective reality is.

    I say collective, because Trump has NOT proceeded to emergency powers, yet. Consider that. People are dying, being raped, famished, abused, trafficked all because the border resides in this no-go zone politically–a no-go zone that has Trump creeping up to it delicately. In a normal environment, a president would reflexively seal the border and promptly set about to secure it. We are so inverted that a bold man like Trump must still tread carefully. So, yes collective.

    This is a political battle worth going to the mat for. If not, there is no other. So, let’s go.

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    • lolli says:

      Like !!

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    • billygoat65 says:

      Right on! Without a defended border, citizenship means nothing.

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    • Red-pilled Girl says:

      Here’s the problem though, as I understand it from listening to different sources – if VSGDJT were to declare, the left inclined would file a suit in a district where there is a liberal court of appeals (eg: 9th) and get it blocked or at least tied up for too long. In fact, word is better be careful of the black widow Repub pretend allies who are starting to say- “there is no hope for a deal- declare the Nat’l Emergency now” – saying it just to try and get the effort stopped/gummed up. May be better to stay shut down, stand in against the drummed up bad PR from media until Dems come to the table. Yikes, perils at every turn for our Leader to navigate…

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      • evergreen says:

        Sorry, but disagree.

        If people are getting raped and dying due expressly to this business of NO WALL, then Trump rightfully can point to the urgency.

        If the courts jam him, go around them. OH NO! He can’t do that, can he?

        Sure, he can. And there will be those who will help him and those who won’t. But, there will be some who will act. Once they do, that’s when the rubber meets the road, because there will be confrontation between agencies and enforcement bodies on both side claiming the law is on their side. The public will see a conflict over the simple notion of protecting human life with a passive, non-harmful measure (a wall), which harms no one and is not a violation of civil liberties in the least. So, those who are against it cannot even point to an aggrieved party as a basis for enjoining the construction of the wall.

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      • Rachel Guess says:

        Imo a better strategy would be to begin using the military to build the wall followed by a SCOTUS judicial opinion as soon as the first lawsuit is filed to put an immediate kabosh on leftwing attempts at subverting presidential authority.

        There are dozens of reasons for the situation to be called an emergency, but none to claim that it is not an emergency:
        -22 MILLION illegal aliens present in the US currently
        -roughly 3,000 deaths of US citizens and LEGAL immigrants at the hands of illegal aliens every year
        -children dying at the border after being dragged on a 2k mile trek across dangerous terrain by adults attempting to use them as a ‘golden ticket’ to entry if they get caught
        -diseases that have been wiped out in the US for decades being brought in again by illegal aliens that circumvent inspection
        -US military forces being sent to the border to back up overwhelmed BP agents at a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars per month
        -illegal aliens storming the border by the hundreds while attacking border patrol agents forcing women and children in front to act as human shields
        -gun trafficking
        -human trafficking
        -terrorist trafficking
        -drug trafficking
        -77,000 deaths in the US due to illegal drugs in 2017, 80% of which overall are brought over an unsecured southern border
        -Dozens of taxpayer funded social service programs, such as subsidized housing, education, medical services, etc. being completely overwhelmed by illegal aliens, resulting in fewer services and funding available to US citizens
        -135,000 violent crimes committed by illegal aliens in the last two years
        -The rape of women and children by human smugglers as they attempt to cross the border illegally, leaving in their wake ‘rape trees’ attesting to the acts, which in some locations can be seen every half block or so

        The wall is not the only border protection necessary, but it is a LARGE portion of what is needed to secure the southern border and will result in those attempting to cross illegally coming through at choke points where it will be easier for BP agents to arrest them, as well as a massive reduction in the amount of illegal drugs getting through saving tens of thousands of lives each year.

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  5. srmikeinohio says:

    Fake News CNN …IS… the enemy of the people.

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  6. Another Scott says:

    KUSI was also a long time home of John Coleman who crusaded against the political shenanigans of the Global Warming Alarmist crowd which are similar to the Russian Hoax shenanigans and now the border shenanigans.

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  7. Alan says:

    Looking from afar it looks like the U.S media is facing a crisis in honesty

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  8. the NYT Chief admits they like and need “propaganda”. It’s stunning!

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    • GB Bari says:

      Should be required viewing for everyone specially thse who think they’re getting honest and accurate information from the Malignant Mockingbird Media such as the NYT and WaPooh.


  9. Mark says:

    CNN is simply propaganda nothing more. Fake news accurately describes their operation.

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  10. keeler says:

    Think about how many times things like this actually happen and are never reported.

    Think about how this works in reverse… what a major news network can offer to local affiliates and members of local news teams in exchange for preferred narrative pieces.

    Think about how many times things like that happen.

    Think about the last time news was actually news.

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  11. WSB says:

    Just too funny!

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  12. amwick says:

    I forget if I put this in a tweet or posted.. so sorry…

    THis was just after their american gothic/ green acres speech.

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  13. calbear84 says:

    I live in San Diego and have many interactions with the brave men and women who work border security here. They need all the support and resources they can get, and it’s such a relief to have a POTUS who totally gets it.

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    • Ackman420 says:

      Border Patrol and I.C.E. are actually infantry and spec ops.
      You know those guys from BP who appear with PDJT?
      They are bad ass warriors. Likely second to only the Marines, in our conventional dog faced front.
      They are ready to kill, or die, for the USA


  14. JohnCarlson says:

    CNN = Goebbels .20

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  15. woohoowee says:

    I wonder how much money and man hours the Commies pour into the enstupidation (new word) of Americans, annually?

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  16. SnapperCheeks says:

    And “they” say Google isn’t biased as well? BS! Look what happens when you Google “democrats walk out of meeting”. I hope the link can be retrieved:…1.0..0.232.2079.1j5j6……0….1..gws-wiz…….0j0i67j33i22i29i30.hK6Nn6Qis-Y

    (NOTE: I was in a debate with a “leftie” regarding PDJT’s “total disrespect shown Nancy & Chuck when he walked out of the meeting” with them 2 days ago. I just HAD to remind them of the disrespect shown Trump by DEMOCRATS’ past “walk outs”. Really Googoo-gle??)


  17. William Moore says:

    As I read this, I am astounded, actually amazed, that ANYONE needs to be told that 20 foot high walls keep people out, or in as the purpose may dictate. Seriously, how very stupid does one have to be to NOT get it? EVERY successful city/state or civilization in recorded time that we know of used walls. My dog, obviously vastly smarter than the average listener to KUSI, knows walls and fences work. She’s not real happy about it…but there’s no denial.

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    • platypus says:

      Loved the dog line. Just FYI – KUSI is the good guy. Their talking head is a real wall supporter and was prepared to voice his opinion. CNN was unnerved by the thought of truth tarnishing its brand (We’re Fake News) so canceled the segment.


  18. In another thread someone mentioned that the steel slats were far enough apart for children to be pushed through. Does anyone here know, accurately, what the gap between slats is?
    God bless President Trump!!


    • Phil Free says:

      You can see the slats here — I don’t have the exact measurements, but it doesn’t look quite like a child would fit through … it’s appearing jimbo is not happy he can’t fit through …

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    • bertdilbert says:

      When I installed burglar alarms in my youth, anything over 6″ was considered an opening if that helps. So I would say 6″ or less.

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    • ristvan says:

      There is no fixed spacing because slightly different designs have been used in different places. But all the images I have seen look to be about 4-6 inch gaps. Maybe a full term newborn could be passed through, as the full term newborne head circumference averages about 14 inches so a (pi*d) diameter of ~4 inches. But not a 1 year old.

      Gap is sufficient to pass drug bundles through, so additional sensors and imagers are needed for slat/bollard steel barriers.

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      • GB Bari says:

        All three municipalities in which I have lived required that the space between railing balusters for interior or exterior railings be no more than 4 inches maximum. The justification given was that it is less than the head size of the smallest child that might be crawling or walking near the railing.

        I know this because I self-built decks onto my houses in all three locations and did so under county permits. The county inspectors who performed the final inspections always measured at least three places on the deck railing to ensure that this specification was in compliance.

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      • piper567 says:

        major packaging redesign project underway.


    • platypus says:

      Not if they are fed properly and are more than six months old.


  19. David Vicknair says:

    Turns out the reporter with extensive knowledge is Cris Plante’s brother who apparently has previously reported on how border walls do work. CNN didn’t want to touch that with a ten foot pole. Fortunately for CNN, in the current environment finding someone with pliable standards and a terminal case of TDS should not pose a problem.

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  20. Phil Free says:

    CNN “reporters” arrive …

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  21. stats guy says:

    and here’s one of their chief propagandists ‘pushing back’….the comments are funny..


  22. joeknuckles says:

    CNN= Controlled Narrative NAZIs

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  23. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Looks like CNN is trying to put a wall of its own around the truth…

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  24. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Last night on “The Daily Ledger” on OANN they put up a visual map of the Southern border with the red lines of the actual fencing/wall locations we currently have in place. I cannot figure out how to get a pic on my posts so I can’t put it up or else I would.
    It is astonishing the amount of border that has nothing in place. The visual of 4 red squigglies among the massive open space is mind boggling and everyone needs to see it. The ineptitude of our government, the lying MSM-CNN, dems and open border activists etc and what reality is.

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  25. Zippy says:

    I guess the morons at CNN need to find failure stories since a simple Wikipedia search on the two Israeli walls doesn’t give them the answer they want.

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    • Zippy says:

      Ya’ know, those morons at CNN may just be right and we’ve been designing prisons incorrectly throughout history because walls don’t work.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Houses and buildings too. I am surrounded by walls within walls. They must be good for something.

        Airports also have a lot of fencing. They must be a protected class, like Illegal aliens. Maybe the FAA should, instead of suing President TRUMP, be calling their CongressCritters and telling them to #BuildThatWall.


  26. StanH says:

    Chicken Noodle Network

    The enemedia is nothing but distortions and prevarications to effect a result that the Imperial Federal Government requires to advance it’s desire for their NWO.

    Put more simply, “CNN sucks!!!”

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  27. jack says:

    I’m semi-Joking about what I’m about to say:

    Trump should call a STATE of EMERGENCY on the FAKE MEDIA in this country. It is undermining America and the interests of Americans! Trump should form a Special TASK FORCE to investigate the relationships between foreign Governments using OUR MEDIA against America and it’s people! The TASK force would raid Main Stream Media outlets and their homes to find out if collusion is taking place between Congress and Lobbyist Groups and Foreign Governments … and if money/favors are exchanged. The TASK force will look into collusion between Clinton/Obama and the media and what “special relationship” was set up during the Obama Years to forward the Obama agenda!

    It’s the Hugh Multi-National Media Organizations that have shaped our discussions the last number of years, and collusion between Government and Media. Right now and for a few years NOW, the MSM is extension of Leftist Agenda. Even FOX network is NOW in the pocket of Globalist/Multi-National Agenda.

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  28. Joe says:

    How long has this been going on?

    Back in the late 80’s I lived Leucadia, a small beach town near La Costa resort and spa, in North County San Diego. La Costa is a retreat for the uber wealthy. A couple of miles away, in heavy trees and underbrush was an entire shantytown of illegals, including taco stands and clothes washing businesses (the shantytown bordered a steam.) They mainly worked at La Costa or in the homes surrounding the spa.

    E Verify would have shut this down DECADES ago.

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  29. BruceC says:

    WH to seek $3.7B from Congress to respond to border crisis, per White House officials. Much more than previously anticipated.

    Jim Acosta – 9:25AM, Jul 8, 2014Twitter for iPhone


  30. Bendix says:

    Ann Coulter was saying this just this past Wednesday. Whenever she offers facts to reporters, they suddenly lose interest.
    They’d much rather just pass along the lies from the Uniparty without questioning them.


  31. Rick says:

    I sent a tweet off to KUSI commending them on reporting that CNN did not take up their reporter’s position because it didn’t fit the RESIST narrative. It leaves some hope that there may be some reporters left that will provide real facts rather than BS. The Fox affiliate in San Diego (FOX 5) is full of political hacks that always lead with negative stories everyday about the Trump Admin. I have hounded their producers for the past three years. There coverage of the President during his campaign was so biased. Rarely, will they report anything positive in regard to the works of the current Administration.

    I don’t watch any network or cable news anymore…prefer to do my own research on the internet to keep up with the issues of the day. However, I may peek at KUSI from time to time going forward. I’m sure they hit the radar screen today nationally, and that is impressive for a small local channel.
    Kudos to their team.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Great idea!

      The Fox Station in Phoenix has also been awesome about showing anything TRUMP, almost since day 1 of his campaign. We should all do the same for them.


  32. GB Bari says:

    When you think about it…it is stunning that anyone would find honest reporting so unusual that
    (a) it was deemed unacceptable by an MSM national news show
    (b) it warrants being otherwise specially featured in any news publication.

    A complete reversal from just a few decades ago…..

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  33. Green Gas says:

    CNN is intimidated by smart beautiful women, I would like to see some of our tree top women here do an interview with Don Lemon , the civic duty lady and our prayer doctor lol Poor Harry lemon would have to grow a pair first .
    ,Bring on the pain !!


  34. Ackman420 says:

    Treepers, Take Heart! We Are Winning!
    The Dem/media led narrative is failing, because it’s weak sauce.
    There really is no excuse to be arguing AGAINST the American citizen’s safety.
    They may never admit it, but our southern border is a disaster and they know it.
    This is a turning point in the culture war.


  35. George Hicks says:

    NOW is the time to contact your rep and let them know you want the wall built. We need to pressure the house NOW to represent the wishes of the people who elected them. House Dems are starting to feel the pressure being put on them by their constituents to build the wall. This may be your ONLY chance…take 2 minutes to send them an Email and let them know your wishes. PLEASE!
    To find your Rep by zip code:


  36. Rynn69 says:

    Absolute proof media are Democrat operatives. All credibility is gone.


  37. Who the heck still watching fake news CNN,CNN journalism is Dead,


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