President Trump Will Deliver Public Address from Oval Office on Border-Humanitarian Crisis…

President Donald Trump has announced a public address from the Oval Office tomorrow at 9:00pm EST about the current “crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The address comes amid a partial government shutdown caused by Democrat insistence that border barriers are immoral and the Southern border must remain unsecure. CNN is reporting that network executives are debating whether to show the speech; or defer to the requests of their political allies in the Democrat party and refuse to air the broadcast.

President Trump has requested $5 billion to build additional fence/wall on the border and congressional Democrats are refusing to fund any aspect of homeland security that includes a fence or wall.

Additionally, the White House has announced that President Trump is planning a trip to the southern border on Thursday, to highlight the security and humanitarian crisis.

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419 Responses to President Trump Will Deliver Public Address from Oval Office on Border-Humanitarian Crisis…

  1. Firefly says:

    Looks like a PTrump is trying to get ahead of the turncoat gop – dozens of gop may vote with the Dems according to the politico article below.

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    • Jenevive says:

      Maybe we need to start calling and emailing the GOP reps
      remind them if they are so worried they should have done something
      about this when they had control..they knew this was coming
      they could have done something about before it got this far.

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      I don’t trust Politico – leans left in their reporting. They would love to force a divide in the GOP against POTUS.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Don’t believe the media. They are propagandists. Trump will make his case and he is right. This illegal immigration must stop. Change the law, no more anchor babies, and build a wall. Legal immigrants, all welcome.

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    • Sam Fox says:

      I was at Japan Today tryi9ng to post a reply about Mr. T & the wall. I signed in with FaceBook, got to do + 7 – under comments. When I tried to post the following observations I was blocked. Japan Today. Looks like another leftist site. Here is what I tried to post.

      So leftist Dimm lovers, you like illegal immigration into the USA? Look what illegals & even ‘refugees’ have done to Sweden, Spain, England, France…look up Muslim Demographics. You won’t. You will continue the usual scripted drivel you sock puppets parrot.

      I live in Arizona. Born & raised. I KNOW that illegal immigration IS a serious threat to the financial & national security of the USA. You don’t care that illegals have killed a LOT of US citizens? Sure, we have crime by US citizens. How does allowing even more crime into the country help lower the crime rate?

      I take it you want to see US citizens lose jobs to illegals. Defending the illegal invaders is racist because Hispanic & black young men lose more jobs to illegals than all other groups. Supporting illegals thus means you prefer illegals to current US citizens You actually want to the pay the taxes Pelosi & Cortez want to raise even higher to support them?

      You can lie about Mr. T all you want. That’s your manifestation of TDS. Illegal immigration was a serious problem long before Mr. T was elected. Now it’s getting worse.

      I am sure you all are going to go to 0bama’s house & protest the wall being built around it. Then to HRC’s digs & protest that wall as well. Check the article & comments at this link–

      Then there is the Oscar jive where BEHIND physical barriers they did their thing.They had armed security, concrete barriers & hurricane fencing to keep people out. But walls are immoral, right? If walls are so immoral, why do Dimms & RINO-CINOs send $$ & military to other countries to build walls & secure THEIR borders? Why does the Vatican have a wall around it? Why do many of YOU Dimms have fences & walls around your homes?

      Should someone you don’t know ring your doorbell or climb through a window they break? What would you do if you found homeless people in your living room one morning when you woke up? Would you tell them go ahead, empty the fridge, use your shower, wash their clothes & welcome them to stay? Or would you call the police? Same context, different level.

      OK, you can start the usual name calling & throw up all your other disingenuous smoke.

      I came to a liberal posting site, to get my fair share of abuse…:-)



  2. Bull Durham says:

    National Emergency.
    Or he has no leverage on the subject of Wall and Border Security.

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  3. mashall says:

    “One Today is worth Two Tomorrows”
    Triumph could win 2020 Tomorrow.
    If, he goes Yuuge!


  4. Jenevive says:

    Is there some reason they can;t use whatever GoFundme money is raised
    granted it not what he wants but it is close to 20 million? People donated the
    money for that purpose.

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  5. frank field says:

    Power up beloved President!


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  6. Jenevive says:

    According to Breitbart ..All the networks WILL carry the speech.

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  7. NC Patriot says:

    He is only asking for 8-10 minutes I heard.


  8. PatriotKate says:

    I’d be surprised if he uses the address to actually make a declaration of emergency unless it is obvious it’s a stalemate in the run-up to his address.

    However, I think a couple of things are possible.
    1. Before his address can be aired, Congress will come running and give him what he asked for. He wins.

    2. He tells the American People that Congress, and specifically the Democrats, refuse to safeguard the Nation by refusing to appropriate the border barrier funds. He’ll mention the most recent unnecessary death because of an illegal. He’ll tell us that he has no choice but to declare a National Emergency, build the wall and a portion of the government will remain closed unless Congress take immediate action. He wins.

    3. I don’t think he’ll actually declare the emergency unless all other efforts have failed.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      We still have the problem of the catch-and-release immigration law that allows activist judges to bring back deported illegals. Does a state of emergency set aside that law?


    • Sam Fox says:

      I hope Mr.T NAMES THE NAMES of all who have not supported his plans for border security. Especially the so called conservatives in both houses of Congress. Exposing those who have been of little or no help would put a LOT more pressure on them than fake stream HillaryPAC NWO owned media would ever report on.


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  9. sunnydaze says:

    Hope they get their wish. It’ll be enough to get the Fake News to air Trump’s speech, followed by the Dems digging a deeper hole for themselves. Bring It!

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  10. facebkwallflower says:

    Off topic, I suppose, but just gotta say, “I love the ties Pesident Trump has been wearing last couple of days..”

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  11. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • not2worryluv says:

      If we don’t build the Wall I suggest organizing a caravan for all illegals here in the USA to go to California or NYC. Time for a Go Fund Me event to provide free transportation for any illegal to head to places where they will be safe……….no questions asked!

      More voters for Nancy and Chuck – they should be thrilled!


  12. Gunner says:

    OK … thankfully, he’s doing precisely what he should be doing — and what many on this site have asked him to do.

    So, let’s all tune in tomorrow and hear what the man has to say. I don’t feel like being a prognosticator this evening.

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:


    2). I am sure all Americans would agree that one terrorist reaching our borders is one too many. These are just the terror suspects we know about who reach our border.

    3) Thousands of terror-watchlisted individuals transit our hemisphere each year, and we work with law enforcement, the intel community, and allies to keep them from using illicit pathways to reach the U.S.

    4) What’s more, last year at our Southern Border
    encountered more than 3,000 Special Interest Aliens – individuals with suspicious travel patterns who may pose a national security threat.


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  14. Landslide says:

    McAllen, Texas newspaper article about President Trump’s visit. Says visit was planned for last week, but cancelled. His motorcade was even flown down there last week.


  15. jahealy says:

    My thoughts:

    1) The stoopid networks thinking and publicly talking of not airing PDJT’s address are whetting the appetites of many more millions of people than would have probably tuned in if they’d just zipped it and aired the thing.

    2) I’m not expecting anything more in the address than yet another summary of the problems at the border, and yet another call to Dems to negotiate. I would be ecstatic to hear something definitive, but I’m not getting my hopes up.


  16. SR says:

    I am waiting some news break tomorrow before PTrump national address.


  17. Troublemaker10 says:

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    BK, the F & F Axx, just said the President might consider the 2013 “compromise” deal. Like H311 he will!


  19. TwoLaine says:

    Don’t forget the visuals Mr. President!

    Or the music…

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  20. rustybritches says:

    Yesterday I had to go shopping in Arizona and when I Turned into the Gro store There was a Bus load of Illegals They were all sitting out side around the bus and they had food and drinks and When they left
    the junk was left on the ground.


  21. Mike diamond says:

    Right on President Trump we are with you build the wall !


  22. There is humanitarian crisis. when have 1000’s of immigrat storming our border .


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