Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Absent For Oral Arguments – Media Claim, Without Evidence, Justice is of Sound Mind and Body…

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is absent from the Supreme Court bench for oral arguments today.  After surgery for cancer removal last year, the media claim -without evidence- that Justice Ginsburg is sufficient of mind and body to review transcripts from testimony and preside over cases.

(Barely Coherent in September 2018)

Given how far the far-left wing of the political apparatus was willing to go in their constructed attack against a prior Supreme Court nominee (Kavanaugh); in collaboration with the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. DOJ; one has to wonder if the same ideological forces are not hiding the actual inability of Ginsburg to act as a Supreme Court justice.

In years passed this line of inquiry might have seemed ‘conspiratorial’ or ‘out-there’; however, in the past two years we have been exposed to just how far elements within the political apparatus are willing to go in order to attain their ideological objectives.  See: FBI/DOJ ‘spygate‘ (surveillance of political opposition by the U.S. intelligence apparatus); and the FBI/DOJ allied narrative around ‘rape gang’ attacks against Brett Kavanaugh.

If I were a plaintiff in any case now in front of the Supreme Court, my first line of inquiry would be a request for any absent member to prove they were of sound judgement etc.

WASHINGTON DC – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be on the bench to hear oral arguments Monday, missing arguments in person for the first time in more than 25 years she has served on the court.

Ginsburg underwent surgery to remove two malignant nodules from her left lung that were detected after she had a fall that fractured three ribs late last year, the court announced in December. The 85-year-old justice returned to work promptly after the fall, publicly saying a few weeks later that her ribs were nearly fully recovered and that her health was fine. (read more)

If these unsupported claims of “fine health” by media are true, Justice Ginsburg would have no issues with a physical presence.  However, factually, there is a reason why Justice Ginsburg is not present.  Questioning the details behind unsupported claims is not conspiracy theory.

It is a fact the current process structure as outlined by her spokespeople, does not allow for the justice to question anything during oral arguments. That alone is suspect given the prior history of political manipulation on such matters.

Supreme Court spokesperson Kathleen Arberg confirmed Ginsburg would not be at the court on Monday. Ginsburg will still read transcripts of arguments scheduled for Monday, but will be working from home. (link)

Under the circumstances, requesting that a Supreme Court Justice provide reasonableand  valid assurances of their ability to do the job is not unusual.  Any other profession has a standing regulatory and compliance process; which includes a statement from a physician attesting to the ability therein; to ensure continued competence.

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518 Responses to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Absent For Oral Arguments – Media Claim, Without Evidence, Justice is of Sound Mind and Body…

  1. Skip says:

    A co-worker today asked me how is she still alive. 120vac to the machine that breaths for her.

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  2. pnj01 says:

    They call her Notorious RBG, but Notorious BIG songs would seem out of place at her passing. A better song? The Fifth Estate’s Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, perhaps.

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    • yonason says:

      “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” is what you sing when the founder of Hamas is blown away by an Israeli missile.

      A more appropriate ode for the Left’s loss of it’s hand puppet might be something more touchy feely, like the end of this Orbison classic.

      Say good night, Ruth.

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      • pnj01 says:

        I understand your point: she is dying of too much old age, not from a sudden removal. However, the song should express relief at the passing of the chief champion for both Planned Parenthood and NAMBLA and the Orbison Dirge does not strike the right hopeful chord. Simply put, the right song must be upbeat. Her passing eliminates a particularly vicious anti-family, blood lusting baby killer from the ranks of SCOTUS. In other words: she is a witch!

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        • DGC says:

          I also understand your point, and agree with pnj01 about RBG dying of old age. But my problem is not simply with Federal Justices who lack the judicial temperament necessary to constrain their rulings to what the Constitution truly allows instead of presuming to use their vast power to impose their policy preferences. I am increasingly appalled that Justices like RBG are so wed to their power and ideology that they will literally die on the bench. She is not the first Justice to act this way – Thurgood Marshall comes to mind – but at some point SERIOUSLY advanced age becomes a problem. It does in every profession, and the general public should not be placed at risk because the only people with permanent job security in this country don’t have the good sense to retire and spend time doing something else with your life before the grim reaper comes to take you to where you deserve to go.

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        • yonason says:

          I see your point, as well. I was just seeing it from the point of view of the Left, and how deliciously sad they would be at the loss they would do anything to prevent.


      • cali says:

        @yonason: Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on 6 January 2017 after ‘off market’ treatment of Adrenochrome and Fetus stem cells failed to cure here.
        She was treated at the same cancer center that Carter used when he had cancer. The anons posted the name of the Cancer Center but I don’t recall it at the moment.

        Ginsberg – a euthenist like Margret Sanger, and social engineering of the human trafficking, Child sex advocate with children under the age of 12 and immoral we are currently seeing across America.
        Her book published in 1977 was exactly what the globalist aka NWO gang desired to divide and distract Americans from the sell-out of the country.

        Bill Clinton selected her for the Supreme to control abortion, human trafficking, child sex, integration of Boy Count boys and girl, all prison integration of men and women prisoner to keep them focused on further integration back into society after release and more. Go and check it out – she was quite and evil and perverted individual.
        She was one heck of a sick puppy, no wonder her supporters in Hollywood worshipping her in the current movie as they see her while most of us are repulsed by her and what she stood for.

        That also means president Trump will be able to replace her seat for an honorable judge.

        That leaves compromised Roberts and two that were placed by a plant and Manchurian candidate.

        Now you see why they try to hide and lie about it.

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    • mike says:

      If RBG circumstances were your parent’s or mine, you can bet your last dollar the Dems would require an invasive welfare check…

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      • mugzey302 says:

        Or, if RBG were a conservative constitutionalist, you can bet the socialist marxists would demand proof-of-life and proof-of-sanity!

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      • Kenji says:

        The American people deserve nothing less than … PROOF OF LIFE! We cannot pay the ransom of her decisions affecting our lives after she’s lost hers.


  3. east says:

    just like in the UDSSR…

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    RBG is most likely dead and if not, unable to perform the duties of Supreme Court Justice. Roberts and the Uniparty are trying to DELAY 45’s next appointment…BELIEVE THIS WILL BE EXPOSED!

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  5. Anon says:

    This demonstrares something you learn in law school: oral arguments are just for show, the justices make their minds up long in advance, tell their law clerks to retrospectively make legal arguments to support their preconceived judgement. The clerks, selected for their ideological purity, usually just reword paragraphs from their favorite amicus brief.

    It’s a preening puppet show, including for the lawyers appearing. Thomas is the only one who doesn’t pretend.

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    • JST1 says:

      Thomas is my favorite Supreme Court Justice.
      Please tell us how you would perform those duties differently than what you described above.


      • Anon says:

        Thomas is doing great. My favorite as well.


        • JST1 says:

          Case law is the problem.


        • Linda K. says:

          How did Roberts become Chief Justice?


          • Pokey says:

            George W Bush was caught without a clue when the vacancy at the SCOTUS happened. He first tried to appoint a White House lawyer and got rebuffed by everyone because she was not qualified and not competent to learn Constitutional law while on the job. George, in his wisdom, decided on the choice of the Rino’s in the Senate (most likely to get confirmed by the Senate without a big fight with the damned Dems). Justice Roberts. George then discovered that the choice of Chief Justice was his to make if he asked for a confirmation of Chief Justice by the Senate, since the Chief Justice was the departing Justice. A two for one that would prevent Justice Scalia from being chosen for Chief justice by his fellow Justices. Everybody in Washington rejoiced at Bush’s stupidity and confirmed the moron Roberts as our Chief Justice. He was a lightweight that everybody in Washington knew they could manipulate. Dumbest decision of George Bush’s career as a politician, in my opinion, and that took some real effort to do. And then we replaced that dummy with a Muslim from Kenya, who was schooled in Indonesia. And now, here we are! All of the above are just my take on the actual events, but who could ever know what is really going on in Washington DC. Too many fiefdoms.


  6. NJF says:

    Clean up on aisle 5!

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  7. James W Crawford says:

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  8. California Joe says:

    They hired a body double for RBG….Ruth Buzzi!


  9. Peoria Jones says:

    If you thought you’d seen it all after Kavenaugh, just wait…


  10. jebg46 says:

    Knock, knock, is RBG still there?


  11. Retired IG says:

    My prayers go out to Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg. After caring for my dear Mother for 10 years, as well as witnessing my sister’s struggle with mesothelioma, I cannot help but intuit that Justice Ginsberg is a person who may be hanging on to her dear life by very thin threads. Of course, that is just my opinion. But it is a FACT – not a one of us gets out of our incarnation on this Earth Alive.
    My experience in the federal sector, in particular the agency I once worked with, frowned big TIME on working from home. Didn’t matter if there were policies and procedures enacted by Obama, the folks I used to work for fought with me with their fangs and claws and made my “working from home” the most miserable days of my life. But these were former military mentality folks.
    Ms. Ginsberg’s “working from home” is again, in my opinion a new phenomenon. UNPRECEDENTED.
    The Uniparty and dystopian press will once again go crazy, nutso, and do things beyond my ken to MAIM and DESTROY ANYONE who President Trump may need to nominate as a replacement to Justice Ginsberg. Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
    Myself, I am still wondering why the UNIPARTY and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA did not GO NUTS over the circumstances of Justice Scalia’s death. Oh a death with a pillow on your face and no autopsy. Fluck.
    Mayhaps the TPTB will let Ginsberg go unto her Maker with grace and dignity.
    Be well peoples.


    • ron Milam says:

      Elijah being the lone exception…..RGB is a sick puppy, but I have no empathy for her because she advocated sex for 12 year olds and abortion on demand. Sad to say, but some people are just too barbaric to get my sympathy.

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  12. iRock says:

    A physician attesting to Ginsberg’s physical and mental competence is no assurance.

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    • mike says:

      In this internet age of virtualization, frauds, and medical machinations of intubated zombies, independent physical presence should be absolutely enforced on Congress and Supreme Court functions.

      No more Juan McCains, or Woodrow Wilson – RBG stunts.


    • Kenji says:

      I hear she is an … unstable genius


  13. Ospreyzone says:

    Pure hubris is what kept RBG from retiring during Obama’s term. Hillary was NOT supposed to lose and that is what old Ruthie hung her hat on. Here’s the most likely play going forward:

    The deep state has only to keep the “Weekend at Bernie’s” charade up for less than 12-months. Once 2020 is here, the “election year” excuse will be used to prevent any appointment from being reviewed. Then, watch how many Republican Senators decide to “retire” that year.


    • G. Combs says:

      “…the “election year” excuse….” does not work when the President and Senate are of the same party.

      As another Treeper mentioned RGB is probably MENTALY UNFIT!

      1. She is ‘hunched back’ due to old age. This decreases the breathing room in the lungs.

      2. She just broke three of her ribs making deep breathing painful.

      3. She just had 1/3 of a lung removed.

      The chances of her actually getting enough oxygen to her brain to be able to think clearly are not good if she is not on oxygen.

      […]Discharge on O2 was associated with higher odds of death within 6 months (odds ratio, 1.35; 95% confidence interval, 1.17 to 1.55). The significant, independent risk factors for O2 use at discharge were procedure, sex, race, histology, pulmonary comorbidities, obesity, length of stay, pulmonary complications, and discharge mode.

      Home O2 use after lung cancer surgery comprises a sizable portion of this population and is correlated with death in the first 6 months. Various predictors significantly increased the risk of O2 use at discharge. However, 49.3% of those originally discharged on O2 were alive and off O2 at 6 months.[…]


  14. k4jjj says:

    The American people have a right to see a current video of this woman responding to questions of cognition. The answers should be demonstrably tied to current events accompanied with a visible printed newspaper of current date.

    If she is not dead, she is a very sick, 85-year-old woman who could not possibly “work” at being a Supreme Court Justice. She is probably under hospice care and breathing only by assistance of a ventilator. The idea that this woman could be of sufficient sound mind to rule on court cases is ludicrous. She may be barely responsive.

    If her law clerks are doing all of her court work and decision-making, they should be prosecuted.

    I believe this matter is a gigantic fraud on the courts and the American people. We have reached a time when officials will absolutely lie through their teeth about this woman being alive and cognitive. This illness brings into question now the legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself and the validity of its decisions and votes. A Supreme Court justice hidden from view is a travesty when it comes to these important court decisions. A hidden justice on a close vote is an outrage. A mentally impaired justice is no justice at all. She has a duty to recuse or resign and if she has died, or is near death, others are guilty of a criminal act by withholding the truth.

    I sat on a jury. Following our verdict, we were each polled individually, in open court, as to our verdict. There should be a way to publicly ask this gravely ill Supreme Court justice detailed questions about her decisions and votes.

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    • DD More says:

      K4, – “If her law clerks are doing all of her court work and decision-making”

      But remember the line last October – “If Kavanaugh is not on the bench to hear an oral argument, he will not vote on the case.”
      Got to be in the room to cast a vote.


    • Pokey says:

      We did not elect her to her job. The Judiciary is supposed to be separated from the majority vote of the people because they are there to protect the contents of the Constitution, supposedly. It worked very well for nearly 200 years, until the Dems finally got their stacked court during the reign of Chief Justice Warren. Now, Supreme Court Judges are mostly advocates for the positions of their political allegiances. So, more SNAFU for all of us.


  15. Pyrthroes says:

    “Reasonable and valid” are not in Rats’ vocabulary.

    Madame Ginsberg born 1933, given to dissing the U.S. Constitution in Muslump venues overseas, is overdue for an existential overhaul, most likely by this year’s second quarter if not the third. Meantime the Court, as constituted, is effectively reduced to eight..

    Alas, reality is that RBG has been terminally dysfunctional for quite some time. Plaintiffs asking Roberts for an honest assessment, nevermind redress, is akin to reminding His Nibs that Obamacide penalties are explicitly not a tax.


  16. JustaVerb says:

    I heard rumors of this new fangled thing they called the Internet. Hmmm….
    (Ninth circuit judge videos in to courtroom and questions participants from home because he has MS)
    ‘Some folks have have asked why Judge Ronald M. Gould appears by video. The reason is that Judge Gould has multiple sclerosis and works from his home base in Seattle. ‘


  17. moe ham head says:

    the cancer they removed was likely liberalism she might vote the right way this time if she is still breathing without the help of the media of course


  18. govlawyer says:

    I’m sure that steps are in place for them to implement the plan which is code named “Weekend at Bernie’s” for the entirety of 2019.


  19. Luke of the D says:

    The new Democrats like to talk about “morality” yet here they are pushing an old and very clearly unhealthy woman to do their bidding – even on her death bed! My God, let the woman retire and live out the rest of her life in peace!


  20. covfefe999 says:

    She should be forced to participate via Skype or some other electronic comm mechanism. Ask questions and receive answers as if she were in the courtroom. It’s insane for Roberts or anyone else to support this ruse that she is going to be making her own decisions when she can’t even travel a couple of hours and be wheeled into the Supreme Court building.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Notice that there is no news updating her condition/status. She holds a crucial job, our country depends on her being able to function. And yet there has been no update at all in 24 hours. Imagine if Trump had a serious surgery and there was no news about his whereabouts or condition for 24 hours. There was a snowflake reporter who flipped out a few days ago because Trump said he was in the White House but the reporter cried that Trump couldn’t have been there because there was no Marine standing guard outside of the Oval Office,and IIRC quite a few other snowflakes jumped on board and started crying about it too.

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      • notfaded1 says:

        Exactly if the shoe was on the other foot we’d never hear the end of it!

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        • Pokey says:

          I think if Ginsburg was the President, the press would be on watch around the clock and pontificating about who is 4th, 5th, and 6th in the line of succession to the big oval office. Since she is only a SCOTUS Justice, the shoe won’t be on that other foot, and we won’t hear all that much about it.


  21. chiefworm says:

    Well, I tried to read all of the comments before posting but couldn’t quite get there. Anyway, what many here are forgetting is that the likelihood of becoming ill around and after the holidays is quite high as large segments of the population move about the country and globe. RBG is quite visibly “sick” in the head but may also be sick in body. The real question is “why hasn’t someone just said that she caught a bug?” This secrecy is more telling than anything else.


  22. Adjudicator says:

    The real question is whether Bader is still mentally competent and, if not, who is rendering “her” decisions and who is involved in the coverup of her true mental competency. Trump should demand an evaluation of her status from Wray (FBI), knowing that Wray is an insufferable swamp creature and career bureaucrat.

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  23. James W Crawford says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that President Trump is allowing this charade to continue until Chief Justice Roberts so thoroughly disgraces himself that he will be compelled to resign when Ginnsburg’s true health status is revealed?
    Trump probably has her rotting corpse under surveliance as we speak to document who is complicit in the coverup. With any luck, Sotomayer and Kagan will be compelled to resign do Trump can nominate their replacements to.


  24. Hell we (the public) have no idea what happened October 1, 2017.
    What make anyone think we will ever know when RBG dies(d)?

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  25. lurker2 says:

    Propaganda media reports that she is missing a second day of oral arguments. No investigation. Move on everyone, nothing to see here.

    Repeating what he said Monday, Roberts said Ginsburg is “unable to be present” for the court’s sitting, but will participate in the decisions using transcripts of the arguments and court briefs.

    What would the media do if Kavanaugh were absent with little explanation?

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  26. EJ says:

    If she was such a feminist she would step down and let Trump nominate Barrett, but politics….


  27. jjs says:

    She’s probably out running a marathon while promoting her next health book and assumed the court was shut down anyway so at this point what difference does it make?.


  28. Haveaspine says:

    Wonder what Harry Reid is thinking on his death bed? Any regrets Harry? Fate has its way!


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