Dan Bongino Presentation of “Spygate”…

Dan Bongino delivers speech about “Spygate” during David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend 2018.  His presentation outlines how the big threads all connect to weave a very specific conspiracy.  Great presentation:


One of the key points Bongino highlights is how none of the paper-trail; nothing about the substance of the conspiracy; can possibly surface until *after* Robert Mueller is no longer in the picture.  Until Robert Mueller is removed, none of this information can/will surface.

That’s why every political and media entity are desperate to protect Mueller; and also why Mueller’s investigation will never end.

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464 Responses to Dan Bongino Presentation of “Spygate”…

  1. Greg says:

    Muelller is a traitor and a scroundrel. Every inside player knows the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. Maybe it is best to just declassify all docs and sack Mueller.

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  2. jackphatz says:

    1) Why, oh why is Rosenstein still in the DOJ?
    2) If Huber has nothing, after all this time, he will not have anything. Will that not seriously expose Sessions as Deep State?
    3) Can Trump nominate Whitaker for AG? After all, it’s been days since the Left went nuts. It’s Winter, they won’t stay outside long.
    4) Does anyone else feel it was Obama who initiated all this (because we all know Hillary knew her secrets were safe)?
    Dan Borgino is paying his dues. He will emerge a big winner, he’s smart, articulate, knows the Bush and Obama WH and he has a way with his audience. He’s doing more for the country now then if he had won any of the elections he ran for.

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    • Concerned says:

      I think we have reason to believe that Rosenstein will be fired soon.
      Obama, initiated the spying on President Trump’s campaign.
      Can Trump nominate Whitaker for AG. But, why since Whitaker can be keep as temp for about 250 more days.

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      • jackphatz says:

        You mean like use Whitaker to do the heavy lifting then bring in someone new and fresh?


      • Craig Hill says:

        Wait until the Senate has a 53 confirmed seats… You know when Jeff Flake is gone. Even with MITT Romney in we have 53 votes with VP PENCE. THE DEMOCRATS CAN’T STOP IT!

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      • cali says:

        @Concerned: Rosenstein is one of the 10,000 SES members that can’t be fired unless charges of sedition and treason against him will be brought ergo Huber.
        In the end he sold his soul for as little being a SES member all-the-while believing that he is safe from being fired.
        Rosenstein and Mueller both will be fired guilty of the same charges.

        Being the schmucks they are they too thought and believed “she would never lose”.

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      • Winning 2018 says:

        President Trump has the Executive power and privilege to hire an Attorney General; the “temporary” new hire circumvents interference by other governing branches that want to hide from public condemnation and worse.

        Just ignore the DEMONS’ primal screaming objections … they did the crimes, and shall serve the prison times, and worse.

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      • clairebee says:

        If there is one thing I do believe, it is that this was initiated by Obama. He is the Supreme Protected One, and will never be outted.


    • Ray says:

      Guilliani mentioned that in the new year there would be many people going down. He is losing it a bit age has slowed his brain a little I think. But

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      • G. Combs says:

        In January just before the inauguration Guilliani was appointed Cyber Czar (Cyber Security Advisor) by President-elect Trump.

        President Trump has the authority to give a security clearance without going through the deep state.

        As I said on the presidential thread ‘they’ are trying to bury weenie Wiener’s laptop deep.

        Loretta Lynch Threatened To Reopen Eric Garner Case If NYPD Leaked Info About Weiner’s Laptop.

        GEORGE NADER, whose lawyer is Obama’s Fixer, set-up the Eric Prince meeting with that Clinton connected Russian. This allowed Mueller to grab phones and computers from Prince. Erik Prince is the guy who appeared on radio and outlined discoveries within the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop that was being blocked by AG Lynch. This forced Comey to open the Clinton e-mail case just before election. (Dan Bongino goes into how Nader is the one feeding leads to Mueller in Ep. 853.)

        “[…]“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything.[…]”
        h ttps://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/24549-nypd-source-weiner-laptop-has-enough-evidence-to-put-hillary-away-for-life?src=ilaw

        If NYPD had copies of that laptop then Rudy has copies….

        Rudy went silent just after the inauguration….

        I guess he was REAL BUSY….

        And then he came out snarling.

        OH, and Sessions named Geoffrey Berman, a partner of RUDY GULIANI, as US Attorney for southern district on New York.

        “[…]Berman, 58, was appointed Jan. 3 as the interim U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, a post that gives him oversight of more than 220 federal prosecutors who often take the lead battling wrongdoing on Wall Street and international terrorism. He had served in the office once before as an assistant U.S. attorney from 1990 to 1994.[…]” http://amp.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/national/article196878534.html

        What Huber can do, (set-up secret Grand Juries) Geoffrey Berman could do.

        I think there will be a LOT of Bombs, incoming at the Deep State DemonRats.

        Do not forget Epstein of “orgy island” lives in New York, as do the Clintons. The distance between Haiti and U.S. Virgin Islands is under 500 miles. Haiti, where a friend of the Clinton’s was arrested for kidnapping 30 kids.

        And then there is the NXIVM cult in upstate NY. Again with ties to the Clinton’s…

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        • Paul says:

          Great Post!

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        • DeWalt says:

          All the important aspects of Trumps EO pertaining to Trafficking and espionage take effect January 1, 2019. Don’t look for anything substantial until this takes effect. I believe this is where it all comes together.

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        • brenrod says:

          this would be wonderful but what would be more impressive is to know that in spite of all of these obvious crimes nothing might still happen as nothing has happened yet.


        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          “Erik Prince is the guy who appeared on radio and outlined discoveries within the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop that was being blocked by AG Lynch.”

          Here it is:

          This 19 minute audio clip of Eric Prince on the Anthony Weiner laptop in NYC.


          Starting at about 16 minutes in, he mentions the “Treaty of Lausanne”. It seems if the borders change in Syria, than Turkey gets to reclaim some of the lands lost after the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

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        • GCombs, somebody wrote a comment the other day stating that it seemed that only the Lady Treepers were showing any will to fight! Thank you Ladies!!!

          It is only because of comments like yours that I have even bothered to come back after reading WEEKS of almost nothing but…”We have lost.” types of comments. Good grief, I wonder how many of our guys were calling lefties ‘Snowflake’ after the general election.

          I keep reading that pessimists are simply being realists—the difference is that a realist might indeed accept that the current predicament might look dire—but does not necessarily give in and will try to take steps to improve their situation.

          On the other hand, a pessimist only seems to wallow in their misery and bring every down with them—repeating day after day the same crap while offering no solution—self-fulfilling their dark predictions so that they can come back later and tell everyone “I told you so”.

          From a guy…I love the Lady Treepers!!! Where there is a problem—THERE IS A SOLUTION! Let us find it. 😀

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Sundance succinctly answered your questions by posting that nothing will be solved until Mueller is removed and that his investigation will never end. Can’t be said any more plain. The perps will continue to walk free whilst still on this Earth. Only God knows what final judgment they may face. At what point shall we move on? Any further conversation, posts, speeches or appearances on Fox News serves only to try and get a job in the Trump White House. The gallant efforts of many have not brought the criminals into account.

      There is no comfort or peace in knowing we are right because no one but us will pay any price for the wrong doing. We will continue to be hated and if they possibly can pull it off, we will be silenced. If something isn’t done to reign in social media before 2020 in their march toward shutting down conservative voices, there will be little chance of countering their filthy lies.

      When criminals get away with felonies they are emboldened to continue. Hillary Clinton will never be punished. The Depths of Darkness protect her. She will laugh at being called “Crooked Hillary” and insult our President by asking him why, if she’s a crook, didn’t his DOJ prosecute her? And, thanks to the sniveling, spineless and corrupt authorities at the top of the DOJ, she will succeed in making that mantra stick. This means you Mr. Sessions and Mr. Rosenstein, but be of good cheer, your book deals and speech circuits await you.

      All the opining, connecting dots and weaving of threads has apparently been for nothing. Jeff Sessions failed America, his President and the once-precious Rule of Law. Anyone thinking there is a resolution between now and that morbid, awful day in January when the Antifa’s take the House gavel, go ahead and make your case. As for me, if I’d known all the hundreds of hours spent reading, researching, writing, sharing and informing was going to end up like this, I’d have spent precious time on precious people and precious endeavors in my life. Like many, I truly believe I tried my best.

      Still, I will adamantly support, love and admire my President till the very last minute he holds the Office or I draw breath, whether that end is bitter or glorious. He is, and always will be, the first and the last great President of my long lifetime. Hands down.

      God bless all of you, this battered Great Nation and our Beloved Hero, President Donald J. Trump and his magnificent family. Amen, Lord, may it be so.

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      • jackphatz says:

        I fully concur. There is a very dark force over the American continent. It may be too late.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        Many truths here about an expected future given the current situation, Farmhand1927, but think back — George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill for starters.

        If they all only brought love without steely strength and courage to the plate, what would the batting average for Western freedom (born of classical liberalism out of Judaeo-Christian background which fueled the scientific method — truths, all to be conserved) be today.

        We, our ancestors, would never have known it. Never known freedom or “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

        We can throw in Theodore Roosevelt who began limiting “global” corporations of the day — and WWI and WWII which preserved those freedoms against tremendous odds.

        Think of the miserable lives of everyday people under most regimes. Think of the frustration of gifted individuals never to develop their wonderful ideas. Maybe to be killed early or imprisoned for (a short) life or to turn to the dark side.

        I will champion and support with everything I have the winning side, President Trump’s side. I will not give my breath to describe the most negative prospects of the present as if they are the only Reality.

        Data, true research, is essential, but negativity is not. None of us has done our best until this “monstrous thing” is over, not by a long shot.

        From your perspective Sundance should end his magnificent efforts through the ConservativeTreeHouse. And we should all take our marbles and go home. Why don’t you take a nap.

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        • steph_gray says:



        • LeslieK says:

          Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Pyromancer76 for your brilliant and optimistic-rich post! Have I said “Thank You” yet?!?!?!?!


        • farmhand1927 says:

          Did you bother to read what sundance wrote? It was he that said the truth will be hidden as long as Mueller’s investigation continues and that Mueller’s investigation will never end.

          Did you bother to read what I wrote regarding my support for my President? Have you read my posts here in total over two years?

          Of course, there is a fight to still be fought. We must never quit. Yet, the clock its running out on any hope of Hillary Clinton facing justice. Apparently, pyro, you have far more faith in the infestation of Never Trumper’s in Congress and throughout the political system and agencies in D.C., than I, who happens to hold no faith or use for any of them. Perhaps you didn’t hear our own President say that if we didn’t hold the House, all these investigations will vanish because Dim’s will not allow themselves to be exposed.

          Are you expecting Paul Ryan to finally release the secret pay out’s we taxpayers made to cover up personal crimes, including those of an intimate nature, of sitting members in Congress? If the system in place was honest and reliable, Ryan could have blown the whistle on possibly several bad actors stopping their reelections, but the bad guys sit on both sides of the aisle.

          And after the ’18 midterms, how confident are you now, pyro, of the integrity and fidelity of our vote? Yes, yes, of course, we must fight but there comes a time to be cognizant of what battles have been lost and where offensive strategy is better directed. No matter what is said, released, uncovered, proven beyond a reasonable doubt regarding the people behind the Russian collusion hoax, Clinton included, they will walk free. How do we know? How can we be sure there are cases where justice is never, ever handed down? Benghazi, my friend, Benghazi. Benghazi. Benghazi.

          Thank you for the concerned and polite reminder to take a nap. Somehow your tone suggests it be a permanent nap you are suggesting. Never fear, God’s got my expiration already written down.

          May I return the favor of friendly advice? If you continue to labor under the assumption that justice will be done among Hillary, Wasserman Schultz, Obama, the gangs over at FBI, including Comey and at the DOJ, et al, try a brisk walk in some fresh winter air. You’ll find it every bit as invigorating and more importantly, as enlightening as a nap. Merry Christmas!!

          PS: If I’m wrong and let’s pray together that I am, and LOCK HER UP! becomes reality, I’ll be the first to rush here and throw myself and my false predictions at the feet of all the merciful here. After which, I will likely need that nap.


      • got243kids says:

        You voice what I’ve been thinking perfectly. Wasted time and thought not to be recovered while realizing that is precisely where “they” want me: dejected, disgusted, horrified, disconnected.
        I will continue to fight to protect my 3 kids from these filthy [fill in the blank].

        “God bless all of you, this battered Great Nation and our Beloved Hero, President Donald J. Trump and his magnificent family. Amen, Lord, may it be so.”

        Amen Farmhand, Amen!

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      • mark says:

        Nope, I refuse to give up! Here’s an old Marine Corps saying ” Adapt and Overcome “.
        What made Anthony Weiner think he could just text dick pics with immunity? Because of all the perverted sex stuff on that laptop he thought it was business as usual? If it’s true about this SEX ISLAND and from the post above ” What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father turned my stomach the NYPD chief said “, then that’s what will blow the whole anti-Trump Media out of the water! Can you imagine Americans on the left and right suddenly find out that a former President, SoS Clinton, Congressmen and Senators were engaged in vile sex acts with kids!!!!! Sorry folks no way to defend that. That could actually bring Americans of all colors, shapes and sizes back together. SD please try to get a hold of that NYPD Chief and get a copy of what he says he has.

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          Repeating the same complaints thousands of times (that is not an exaggeration—just read the comments since the election), is wasting time that could be used to find and act on a solution!

          Thanks, Mark!

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      • greg platz says:

        whats got me is further back when bill made his airport MENA airport in Arkansas he made it duty free no custom agents no police no nothing also giving the head of red china police his position there yrs of drugs flown in to kill our citizens weapons in weapons out theres been record of bill himself there picking up drugs the child pedo can only be imagined the crimes of genocide against humanity with all this so much its hard reading knowing he let Chinese run this airport easy to find info hard to stomach so many forget also in reports the 10 Admirals he had suicide or crash killed because they wanted to impeach him ove this I would ask MR. President has this ever been looked at

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        • jackphatz says:

          No one will ever will. Bill most definitely knew about the drug smuggling at Mena . No way to know if he was involved though.

          Surprisingly there’s still a fair amount of info on the net about Mena and Barry Seal.


      • elmo says:

        You’ve made me cry for us and our great country because our kids and grandkids are the ones who will suffer.

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      • TPW says:

        There is not one good reason to let Mueller continue….it is after all up to PT whether he stays or goes…….so why let him stay?…….Whatever is gained will be lost because as you said they will be emboldened . They will unilaterally undo all of the MAGA. People this evil will not care that they drag us down or how it will be blamed on them…..if they get away with the level of corruption they have committed then they will be blatant out in the open with their oppression and punishment of all who don’t conform. You can bet all those so called protected classes will get the same and will be caught off guard wondering what the hell has happened. After Trump is out of office all of his assets will be confiscated one way or the other….unless of course he turns dirty…….So everyone tell me why Mueller won’t be fired…..there is not one good reason it makes no logical sense …period.


      • anthonydog says:

        farmhand1927…even with proof of treason and sedition?




      • josco scott says:

        I’m not sure that you’re correct.
        And it’s ALWAYS important to seek and to know the truth.

        What’s not good is to let emotions and bitterness reign.

        If you can’t maintain a healthy distance, it might indeed be better to detach. I see so much feelz in social media that does not help to elect those who will bring justice.

        It’s just bitter ranting and moaning.

        (I don’t think farmhand’s post is that–but I’ve seen far too much in these comments in the past months and it’s driven me away. I know I’m not alone)


    • redhotsnowman says:

      Bongino’s podcast is outstanding. I’ve listened to at least the last 40 to fifty of them and I can’t believe it missed the first 800 or so. Between CTH and Bongino I feel more informed than most. Sad thing is that I see none of it on my television. The vast majority is so misinformed “by design”.

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    • lanahi says:

      Whitaker can serve for 210 days without senate confirmation, and another 210 days after that if needed. He can also be nominated as the permanent AG later or at any time.

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    • Nancy J. Murphy says:

      Obama is the first President to deliberately thwart the peaceful transfer of power following a legal election. The ensuing havoc is the real Obama legacy. Talk about breaking established ‘norms’. Trump can’t come close.

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  3. Avi says:

    just fire the nazi Muller already or ship him to his family in Spandau Prison

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  4. Orson says:

    Time to righteously burn down the DC-Deep State! Damn the Potomac and flood the DC bureaucracies just to be sure.

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  5. Dan Dan says:

    Dan and Paula share personal moments at Book Signing/Question and Answer – SpyGate

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    • frank field says:

      Dear Dan Dan:

      Because Sundance has already expertly kept us up to speed on spygate, Bonginos video offers nothing new. However the video you posted is wonderful. He has an ongoing love affair with his wife. They offer a look under the hood of their operations and mindsets. Great post. Thanks

      Kudos to you Sundance. Bongino has no informational edge on you. Thanks again for your work.

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      • Doug says:

        Dear Frank, I seriously doubt Sundance sees himself in competition with Bongino.
        Dan has his sources/expreience and SD has his. TOGETHER they help to inform those who take in BOTH info streams.
        I’m sure SD appreciates your observations though.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “Bongino has no informational edge on you.”

        Apparently you have not been listening to his podcasts the past 18 months. He has done some extremely informative “connect the dots” episodes with all the behind the scenes connections, relationships, etc. of all these “swamp creatures” (mostly lawyers) that sundance has not brought out.

        I actually tried to find the episode (I think it was in the 600’s) of the [BHO lawyer] Kathryn Rumler (aka “the fixer”) that Mr. Bongino refers to in this presentation so i could post it here. I looked up and down the past years episodes and it was not apparent in the title. I did not have time to open and look in the description of over 100 podcasts.

        I find the attitude of elevating one warrior for truth and justice over another is extremely disheartening. Each individual has strengths and different sources and perspectives to reach the same goal. Remember, that was and has been the cry of many of the RINO “never-Trumpers”, that DJT was “not conservative enough” to earn their endorsement.

        Then people wonder why we are in the situation we are in. The dimms unite and back each other no matter what, while we bite and devour each other.

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        • I remember that episode…unfortunately not the number. That is when Dan was advising us to “remember the names—if you don’t remember the names, none of this will make sense.”

          I know that episode 628 really got it all really rolling. Dan has given credit to Sundance and CTH many times since then…even in recent days.


  6. bkrg2 says:

    Great video by Dan. I was actually surprised at the audiences reactions to many of his facts. It was like many were surprised and hearing this for the first time. I know the Treepers are a relatively small group, but I would have thought people attending this Restoration Weekend could recite 80% of what Dan talked about. I have seriously underestimated the brainwashing power of our MSM and universities.

    The last few minutes are both sad & inspiring. Sad that Dan believes the “highly political” will get away with these crimes while on earth. But good point they will face eternal judgement and leave a permanent stain on our history books. After the way things have been going since mid-terms, I think Dan is correct.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Living here in the Treehouse we are in a “bubble” of sorts. We are in a Bubble of Reality and Truth. It’s a big bubble – includes the universe.

      But so many people in the world today are in other bubble – a bubble of virtual reality as created by the Deep State along with their masters in the Globalist Cabal. A bubble fed and maintained by the MSM (eneMedia), by Leftwing academia, by the the entertainment industry.

      Sadly so many people even on our side are still unaware of how badly they are misinformed and propagandized by the sources of in formation they have been “trained” to use and trust.

      Dan reached a few of those unaware folks in that forum; the effort to awaken everyone else continues by patriots on a daily basis.

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      • sat0422 says:

        I try my best to invite friends and anyone who shows an interest to click on the Treehouse and for some reason, they just don’t or won’t.
        One says she knows it’s bad but doesn’t have the time to READ about it.
        Some say they don’t trust anything on the internet.
        Others say they listen to Fox, get info from Facebook (that’s when I really chock) and others would rather just be told what’s happening.
        So many who walk around realizing the country is in deep doo, but not willing to spend the time or effort to join patriots with a key to inside knowledge???
        I don’t know. Maybe I just have a lot of friends and associates who can’t face the truth and like to live in la-la land.

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        • fuzzi says:

          I have had similar situations with friends & associates who will not take the time to go beyond Fakebook or Fox. It’s as if they pick one news source they will believe, no matter what, and discount/ignore any other source of information that might rock their boat of belief. We can spout our irritation at those who won’t disengage from their CNN teat, but many self-identifying conservatives won’t look beyond Fox.

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          • usaproud7 says:

            The 80/20 rule seems to apply in the information bubble. 20% know/ understand and are informed. 80 % blind/not interested. When the bubble bursts/lid comes off, what will we be willing to do to help these people. We choose….

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            • mtk says:

              Those people will grasp at any straw to rationalize way any mirror looking time.

              They will be the play things of reactionaries.

              Remember that..
              Whence do think mobs come from…
              villagers with pitch forks where and always are those rousted from comfortable ignorance.


          • mncountrygirl says:

            I have been a lurker for a very long time. I just wanted to give my two cents worth. I truly believe many many people have lost hope. They are turning off and tuning out, giving up. I don’t see a lot of backbone anymore…people don’t want the struggle. They want to go to work come home, kiss the wife, pet the dog, have that drink, eat, sleep and repeat. That is not an excuse but human nature when things just keep getting worse and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site to the corruption in our government. Bad takes over good. No common sense. This is the intention…create chaos, create distrust; it’s all there for the takeover. I don’t think people realize how far reaching this corruption goes..global. Personally folks I believe our country and government are run by a “shadow” government that includes foreign entities. Evil people are in every part of our system..doctors, lawyers (ugh), judges (more ugh) teachers. Wherever their influence can be the most effective they are there. I love our President. I believe his intentions are good and honorable…Him and his family are included in my prayers every night. I’m just an old woman rambling..thanks for letting me vent.

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            • fuzzi says:

              mncountrygirl please rant, ramble, and vent. Others here, like myself, appreciate your insight.

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            • ALLAN CRAIN says:

              Just a guess, but most of you disinterested friends either work for the government at some level or for a large corporation. Their lives are insulated from reality. Their environment is “Don’t make waves, this is the way we’ve always done it?” or “I kissed ass to get my position and you will too.” Almost none of your friends are self-employed or own a small business. They are like fish; “Water, what’s water?”


          • Deplorable_Infidel says:

            “I have had similar situations with friends & associates who will not take the time to go beyond Fakebook or Fox.”

            Same here. If they have not signed up for email posts from CTH, I pretty much stopped forwarding mine (after deleting the “unsubscribe” link and previous header info) of the outstanding posts sundance has done this year.


      • farmhand1927 says:

        GB Bari, you explain perfectly why this nation did not hold the House of Representatives for our President.

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        • pyromancer76 says:

          Farmhand1927, how many Presidents “held” the House in the Midterms. Almost none. President Trump’s accomplishments when compared to the normal in American history was quite remarkable. Too many Eyeores these days.

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          • notunderwhelmed says:

            Pyromancer 76 — Imagine what could have been accomplished to a greater degree if votes were not stolen by the dims. That really concerns me. Judicial Watch can’t fight all the voter fraud alone.


            • lanahi says:

              A report by DHS on voter fraud is due on December 16. We’ll see what is going to happen at that time. Some arrests are being made already.


      • Jederman says:

        I agree, daily life is an ongoing information war. If you think “…our side are still unaware of how badly they are misinformed and propagandized…,” imagine how badly the “taker” side has been programed.

        We will eventually lose and be subdued (slowly, constantly and without pause), with care and skill in order to avoid open rebellion. The show must go on. The economy can not crash. There must be no disruptions. But there will be no letup by the DS either.

        We can not defend forever, particularly without victories (small and large) to reinforce our will to resist. If we’re fighting an info war then we have to get good at it and take the offense. Our side needs to understand the big picture (names and specifics) and what it means in our daily lives, and the lives of our children.

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      • lanahi says:

        We’ve got a lot of work to do.

        Why do we not have a media outlet as powerful as Fox and CNN, etc? We should have enough funding on our side to compete with everyone else and checkmate them all.


    • Jacaranda11816 says:

      I hope so, bkrg2. While Bongino’s point about historians (starting at 34:00) eventually delivering on truth where justice has failed works well enough retrospectively, I’m slightly more pessimistic about future historians — who will be, what else, Harvard-trained (or sub in most other Ivies.)

      These graduate history departments have, and have had for decades, such ruthlessly progressive message- and thought-discipline that, in the absence of actual convictions for any marquis names like Brennan or Clapper, it’s easy to imagine future historical accounts eliding past just how high up any of this went. The educational, publishing and media apparatuses that mint and recognize rising historians are so in lockstep with the other side. But, who knows, maybe Victor Davis Hansen has a Stanford/Hoover protege in the wings…

      IMHO, the convictions will drive the history…so a lot will depend on Trump’s incoming AG. Let’s hope he able to confirm a total S.O.B.

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      • Jacaranda11816 says:

        “marquee.” sheesh….


      • Firefly says:

        We still don’t know the truth about JFK and Nixon. We can’t learn from history if the whole story remains covered up.

        Linsey Graham is involved with “helping” PTrump pick an AG who the Senate will confirm. I doubt a tough AG will be even nominated.

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        • Jacaranda11816 says:

          Sealed files do pose a problem, firefly. Though I was focusing on indoctrination more than access, it could be that both worsen going forward.

          That is not good news that Graham is appointing himself as AG search committee.


        • amanda4321 says:

          Sad to say I think this is true:
          History is a set of lies agreed upon- Napoleon Bonaparte


      • lanahi says:

        It’s said that history is written by the victors. I don’t think it will be the Ivy League crowd who does the writing.


    • SalixVeridi says:

      And the “brainwashing” is the core of the problem. If conservatives and Republicans doesn’t read all that we know here…then we must do a better job of informing the American people. The liberal media and social media are behemoths, strangling this country with censorship.

      Refusing to allow any other voice but theirs. POTUS cannot carry this burden alone. We must help. We need someone to start a grassroots effort. Maybe buy a page in major newspapers with all the signatures required from us who are not going to give up our fight.

      We owe this to our kids and grandkids. We must FORCE our voices to be heard!!

      Never give up! “Never, never, never give up-”
      Winston. Churchill.

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  7. SR says:

    The biggest problem Mueller and whole DC have – unpredictability of PTrump and what he knows. That is keeping all the DC legal criminals uncomfortable. See Hillary, Obama, Comey, Lynch and others . They are getting older faster than age even with all the money and lot of power. They put all the hopes on one person – Mueller.
    If you want to take out king you will get one shot and do ASAP. It’s 2 years and PTrump survived. Midterm are also done. I am hoping something before new congress and Mueller will be done after PTrump sent all the written answers.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      How many surprises. First, Candidate Trump won the presidency. Did you expect this?

      Second, not only did he survive for two years, but he has transformed so much in the American economy and international trade. Did you expect this?

      Third, he did remarkably well in the Midterms, given the usual in American history and massive fraud. Did you expect this?

      We know and Sundance has reminded us many times: There are trillions at stake. Do you think those global elites, with their marxist shock troops, are going to go quietly? Get a life?

      When the Eyeores here want to badmouth the “American people” (and I can want to, too), just remember those Monster Votes, both in 2016 and the Midterms. They are shaved considerably by voter fraud, but we would not be here except for the outpouring of the American people — responding to a Leader and to what they know is best.

      Keep truckin’ Treepers.

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  8. icestation3 says:

    In simple terms, the political establishment in the West has been taken over by neo-Marxists (progressives). You might already be aware that academia in the West is now dominated by the far-left. It didn’t get that way overnight. Almost certainly the last two generations of people coming out of the university system were heavily indoctrinated. The university system has been the main supplier of politicians, movers & shakers, and civil servants in the West for centuries so the current establishment are very likely to be progressives.

    Intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic are now under the control of neo-Marxists (progressives). Neo-Marxism is based around the concept of Critical Theory (diversity & equality doctrines, implicit bias retraining, the promotion of open borders – but only in the West, the promotion of mass-migration – but only into the West, feminism, multiculturalism, abortion etc).

    Neo-Marxists (progressives) have been systematically destroying all of the cultural and moral system that made the West function. Western civilization is under a massive ideological attack by the far-left. They really hate nations like the U.S., Hungary, Poland and Russia who are seen as being too white and too Christian. Did I also mention that the far-left has aligned with radical Islam?

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    • WSB says:

      The reason Hillary Clinton made her comment today. She is noe seeing that the Neo-Marxists have shown their hand too early…and everybody is catching on.

      The plan is eroding.

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Yep….we stated it earlier…..hubris……over confidence….they are full of themselves now…..

        This is the mistake they always make…….they can’t shut up….

        Their scheme is falling apart before our eyes….

        Think about it……Hillary made her comment….Schumer complimented the President on the call out to Roberts…..

        Schumer…….he has never done this….yep …..Have shown their hand too early..

        Patience grasshopper……..

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        • G. Combs says:

          The real brains behind the Progressives died or are going senile.

          David Rockefeller died March 20, 2017 (in NY)
          Maurice Strong died November 27, 2015.
          Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated on 30 April 2013.
          Her Spouse, the Nazi, Prince Claus Died on October 6, 2002.
          Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK is 92.

          That leaves:
          George Soros, 88
          Lord Nathan Rothschild, 82 (passed over by daddy)
          Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild (head of the UK Bank) 87

          I lived as a child not far from the Clintons. One think I noticed, even as a child, was these wealth people are often so controlling, their children either end up as ciphers or rebel and get tossed out of the family.

          The Holy Roman Empire lasted 1000 years. We broke away over 200 years ago.

          There is much to be said for the saying ‘Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves’ in three generations. The progressives are now hitting that third generation.

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        • sat0422 says:

          Yes, they are preparing to position themselves and the Party into the near middle right! This is an old game but a con game. Most will never see it or understand it.

          Just yesterday morning, I went back and told my husband who had just awoke that Hillary is now saying to Europe to stop immigration cold. I also read an article by someone explaining how open borders is hurting the down trodden and feeding the wealthy rich corporations. I smelled the stink after that and then Hillary’s news broke soon thereafter.
          It is a con job for sure.

          Hopefully Trump can prevail but if the election fraud continues, it will be much more difficult than anyone can imagine.

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    • trapper says:

      Clapper let slip that the MB is “largely a secular organization.” Those on the right laughed at him. Don’t laugh. Marxism is about nothing more than money and power, getting and keeping them, and using a discredited crackpot 19th Century economic theory to do it. Radical islam works just as well. Do they really “believe” in either of them? Probably not. They just use them for their own ends.

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      • G. Combs says:

        The powerful always use ‘religion’ of one sort or another to control the masses.

        If you read the Canterbury tales by Chaucer, you can see his veil contempt for the ‘religious’ people except for the poor village parson.

        1st son inherits
        2nd son is for the military
        3rd son is for the priesthood…

        Keeps it all in the ‘family’ so to speak.


    • Carrie2 says:

      Actually the DNC took over our educational systems back n the early 1960’s so today’s grandparents, parents, and today’s students learned to hate our Republic because teachers mostly socialists or communists who truly don’t have a clue about the evils of both types of governance. They also don’t realize if such of either would happen, especially communism as the goal of the DNC since 1963, they will not live long because they are untrustworthy and can again be turncoats. My family knows both types of these governances so we know the real things/facts that most just think or have read about. Some socialism is not as harsh as many other types of it. Communism is harsh from Day 1 and tolerates nothing but those who are the great owners or shall we say globalists who have more money that eventually will bring them down but in the interim they ruin this country or that to prove they can do it. The block for them here is that we are a Republic and we are very well informed and well armed so their battle here continues but with good old karma they will be done and probably a lot sooner than we even know. Satan runs wild but eventually is removed to his hell hole along with his followers. God gave us this Republic as a very special governance and He will protect us and we will win and survive. So don’t “be those of little belief”.

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      • G. Combs says:


        The progressives took over the education system in the late 1800s!
        See : Dumbing Down America
        “[…] In 1894, Dewey was appointed head of the department of philosophy, psychology and education at the University of Chicago which had been established two years earlier by a gift from John D. Rockefeller. In 1896, Dewey created his famous experimental Laboratory School where he could test the effects of the new psychology on real live children.

        Dewey’s philosophy had evolved from Hegelian idealism to socialist materialism, and the purpose of the school was to show how education could be changed to produce little socialists and collectivists instead of little capitalists and individualists. It was expected that these little socialists, when they became voting adults, would dutifully change the American economic system into a socialist one.[…]”

        Actually, the epilogue to Dewey in the Soviet Union is comic. Lenin ordered the schools to adopt Dewey’s educational philosophies, and the test scores at the end of the semester were so abysmal, that he instituted the strictest form of European standards education, kind of a mix between the German and French forms.

        In the spirit of ‘dewey unto others’ the Soviets via George Count’s handler Anna Osipovna (transformed into Nucia Lodge) targeted US education.

        In 1931 Houghton Mifflin published New Russia’s Primer: The Story of the Five-Year Plan, by M. Ilin, translated from the Russian by George S. Counts, Associate Director of the International Institute and Professor of Education in Teachers College, and Nucia P. Lodge, Research Assistant in the International Institute.

        We see that Anna Osipovna has transformed herself into Nucia Lodge. And we see that the dapper professor Counts modestly claims that he translated the book, while grudgingly crediting his KGB handler. The payload of this unbelievably brazen covert influence operation is straight out of Muenzenberg’s manual.

        Muenzenberg’s payload: “You think the capitalist system is corrupt…You’re frightened…by the oppression of the working man…You think the Russians are trying a great human experiment…”
        Counts’ New Russia’s Primer:

        In America the machine is not a helper to the worker, not a friend, but an enemy. Every new machine, every new invention, throws out upon the streets thousands of workers. In glass factories one person now makes three thousand bottles an hour. In former times such a task required seventy-seven men. This means that each machine for the making of bottles deprives seventy-six men of employment. And the American worker despises the machine which takes away his bread.

        But how is it with us [Russians]? The more machines we have, the easier will be the work, the shorter will be the working day, the lighter and happier will be the lives of all.

        We build factories in order that there may be no poverty, no filth, no sickness, no unemployment, no exhausting labor— in order that life may be rational and just…We build in our country [the U.S.S.R.] a new, an unheard-of, a socialistic order.

        The newly-minted “Russian expert” from Columbia delivered the KGB payload directly into the cultural heart of America. “Capitalism is corrupt! Russia’s experiment is working!” screamed
        his text.

        The Primer was a selection for Book-a-Month Club members in May 1931, and 46,000 members chose it. Counts’ first influence project was a best-seller for seven months, and ranked eighty-first on the list of nonfiction bestsellers from 1921-1932. Cloaked in his non-partisan, academic-research cover, Counts delivered the anti-capitalist payload into schools, universities, and living rooms across America.

        From Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

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      • Zorro says:

        Don’t forget about the part that the symbiotic relationship between the unions, teachers and others, and the Demosocialist Party. There is basic motivation, besides ideology, and that is $$$$. The Demosocialist Party is the one that gives us increased pay, benefits, and pensions.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Ice station3;
      I concur, and would add; look at the dictum, that became a GRAT (Generally Recognised As True) “In order to get a “good” job, you need a COLLEGE education!”
      Sure, the indoctrination starts in k-12, NOW, but the REAL indoctrination occurs in College.
      So, how to get more kids motivated to go to College (in order to complete their indoctrination?
      Get rid of the “good jobs” (good paying) such as manufacturing, send to China, or Construction bring in illegals.
      Finance pell grants, and jigger student loans, to get EVERYBODY indoctrinated.

      I would call them Global elitists, myself.
      Marxists developed an answer to the most frequent critisism: “Its NEVER worked, anywhere its been tried!”

      And their answer is “Yeah, thats cause we never had the whole world! If we had one world government, THEN we could make it work!”

      Which is like the old joke “Yeah, we’ll lose a dollar, on every unit we sell,…but we’ll make it up, in VOLUME!”

      Actually, in a sense, they are right. Marxism CAN NOT compete with Capitolism. Hence, they need to destroy it, corrupt it, and so eliminate the competition.

      Then (they think) they could finally make it work. The ideology is hogwash, and the top tier knows this. The hogwash is whatever needs to be said, to delude the useful idiot masses, and the “true believers”.

      At the top, its not about ideology, its about control, and power. Thats why these “Democratic socialists” can align themselves with Muslims who throw gays off roofs, while claiming to champion gay rights.

      Ideology is JUST a means to an end, and infinetly flexible.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      “Academia in the West” seems controlled by marxists, but it is actually controlled by governments. In the U.S., take away all federal funding from the universities, take away government guarantees for student loans, and I think you would see a righting of those universities to American “competitiveness.”

      Right now no one has to make any effort and they are paid by the government to echo (prior)-government marxist policies. Right now no students must be required by their parents to learn something to be able to get a job and “SUPPORT YOURSELF” upon graduation.

      Kids have been/are gobbling up their parents savings, just like welfare and all other government give-aways — to the corporations too — have been impoverishing our country. Pretty soon no wealth.

      All is not lost. Just bring back cleansing competitiveness and once again truth emerges — unless the winners get to take it all, the glitch in American Constitutional Republic economics. If there is not some way to apportion profits to all who contribute to them, we will remain like the hamster on the wheel.

      Notice, the U.S. again is toward the top of economically competitive countries after slipping way down.

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      • clairebee says:

        All schools are government schools, as long as tax money supports them. Only when you take away this reserve and/or students stop going to these schools will this change.

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  9. stats_guy says:

    julie kelly in American Greatness:

    According to a recent poll, nearly 70 percent of Democrats actually admitted out loud they think the Russians helped sway the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

    When asked if it was true that “Russians tampered with vote tallies to in order to get Donald Trump elected,” 67 percent of Democrats replied that yes, it was true. Eighty-five percent of Democrats think Russia hacked the emails of Democrats to help Trump; nearly 90 percent of Democrats think Russia “created and spread fake news stories to help Donald Trump win the election.”


    Her main point is that there was no counter measures against the Left. The public lives in an ocean of propaganda. That along with the natural need to conform to you social network leads to the gobsmacking numbers of people who think that the Ruskies altered vote tallies. Leftists know their customer and that idiots are genuinely useful.

    The Republicans, as always, failed to support Trump, failed at many points along the way. We use the term uniparty, but it is real. Trump is a man without a party…as are we.


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    • SR says:

      Without fisa abuse indictments there will be no change in mind. There is big population still follows major news and social media. Only 5-10 % knows anything about what fisa is. Obama’s god image needs to destroy to bring this country back to normal.?

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      • Dutchman says:

        Without GUILTY pleas, I would suggest.

        Indictments would be spun as “Banana Republic”, prosecuting his political enemies”, and would lead to TRIALS, like the O.J. trial.

        What we need is such overwhelming evidence that guilty pleas are defendents best option.

        And, as part of any guilty plea, the defendent, in open court, has to “allocute” to the crime.

        Anything less than that, IMHO, and at least 1/2 the country won’t believe the culprits are guilty.

        So, if you can’t build that good a case, better off using it as leverage.

        IMHO,…of coarse.

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        • fuzzi says:

          And hence, the need for Trump to go SLOW, little by little opening the eyes of the general population to the truth of corruption in their elected representatives, the DOJ (and other agencies) AND the duplicity of the MSM. All the calls for Trump to do something NOW is counterproductive to the long-term plan.


          • Deplorable_Infidel says:

            “opening the eyes of the general population to the truth of corruption”
            “All the calls for Trump to do something NOW is counterproductive to the long-term plan.”

            I have mentioned that several times this year. Sundance mentioned that the DOJ IG report was downloaded from this site approx. 500,000x. How many people are in the US? ~350,000,000? Visitors to this site are probably among the “informational elites” as compared to the general population getting their “news” from most Main Sewer Media, FB and Twitter. If the MSM was reporting real news, there would be no need to “take it easy”.

            I spent some time about six months ago looking at the comments left on MSM YouTube channels (after Dana Loesch and Sen. Marco Rubio were verbally ambushed on-camera after that shooting incident). Yes, millions of people are believing the lying propaganda.

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        • Jederman says:

          Is there a perfect solution? I think not, at this point anyway. This admin has kicked the hive and now has two choices. Neither will be fun. Either run like hell and pretend you’re fighting or completely destroy the hive.

          He will take a ton of scheisse either way. There is no elegant way to do it. Call them out, prosecute them, reveal the evidence and let the cards fall where they may.

          Every day they are allowed to flap their lips and connive weakens our side (mid terms…) as they maintain the high ground. The longer this goes on the weaker and less resolute our side becomes. We need to see some justice delivered PDQ.

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    • Sue says:

      Zbigniew Brzezinski is quoted as saying, “Soon the public will no longer be able to think for themselves but will only repeat what they hear on the evening news.” Mika of CNN is, of course, his daughter and playing out her part of the plan. Seems he was right, for close to 1/2 of the population.

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      • G. Combs says:

        The media is the 4th estate traditionally depended upon, to keep the government and other people of power honest. Instead we find the US media is a Fifth Column trying to DESTROY our country from within.

        Luckily many may watch but they do not believe ESPECIALLY if they are Republicans!
        Three different polls over the last few years show Americans no longer believe the crap the Yellow Stream Media tries to feed them… Unless they are already diehard liberals.

        Only 6% of Americans trust the media
        Apr, 2016 “[….]A survey of more than 2,000 adults released on Sunday showed that trust in the media has dipped to dramatically low levels. About 52 percent of respondents said they have “some confidence” in the press, while 41 percent said they have “hardly any confidence.”

        Over the last two decades, research shows the public has grown increasingly skeptical of the news industry,” the report from the American Press Institute reads. “The study reaffirms that consumers do value broad concepts of trust like fairness, balance, accuracy, and completeness. At least two-thirds of Americans cite each of these four general principles as very important to them.” […]”

        And more recently:
        60% of Americans believe MSM reports fake news
        “[…]The Monmouth University poll, published Wednesday, found that Republicans (79 percent) were most likely to say that major news outlets transmit fake news stories, compared to 66 percent of Independents and 43 percent of Democrats.
        The survey found that even more people distrust online news websites, with a whopping 80 percent believing such outlets report fake news regularly or occasionally…

        The three groups of respondents were more equally aligned on the topic of whether online news outlets report fake news deliberately, with Republicans and Independents tied at 57 percent. Democrats weren’t far behind, at 52 percent.[…]”

        Poll: Majority says mainstream media publishes fake news
        “[…]Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news, a sentiment that is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum.

        According to data from the latest Harvard-Harris poll, which was provided exclusively to The Hill, 65 percent of voters believe there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.

        That number includes 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 53 percent of Democrats. Eighty-four percent of voters said it is hard to know what news to believe online.[…]”

        And a January 2018 politico article.
        “[…]“The big takeaway is that Trump’s media marketing campaign is working, not just on his core, but on Republicans in general,” she said.

        Other key findings of the survey: Even as 84 percent say the media play a “critical” or “very important” role in our democracy, 43 percent of respondents had a very or somewhat unfavorable view of the press, with 33 percent favorable and 23 percent neutral. Just 15 percent of Republicans had a favorable view, with 68 percent unfavorable. Democrats replied 54 percent favorable, 18 percent unfavorable.

        Americans, Gill said, “see the media as a key and important part of our democracy but don’t see it as fulfilling that role.” […]” h t t ps://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/16/americans-fake-news-study-339184

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      • G. Combs says:

        A former Treeper posted this a few months ago. I saved it because I thought he made some very good points.

        ““What is wrong with these alleged allies of ours countering the leftists “First Amendment” argument or the collusion of 200 newspapers today? On all the shows, Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham and Lipgloss Barbie Breem they are clueless about effective communication. President Trump himself is missing a golden opportunity to set the record straight.”

        Here are the correct answers …
        CNN and the other networks are First Amendment protected members of the press.

        WRONG! These Enemedia networks have nothing to do with the First Amendment and are not the press. They have an illegally privileged monopolistic position that keeps out everyone else from transmitting into the homes that they dominate and any efforts to block these networks transmission would be greeted as piracy and be prosecuted. What they are is DNC-TV, unregulated unlicensed political action committees running (D)emocrat-Socialist commercials 24/7/365. And yes, Fox News is GOPe-TV with some rare exceptions.

        If the DNC and GOPe set out today to form television channels they would pale in comparison to the existing Enemedia. And they wouldn’t bother since they would be highly regulated according to existing rules and whatever their goals would be are already met and exceeded by the Enemedia. What needs to happen is that the FCC and other regulators simply apply the same rules that allow them to ban violence, bloodshed like murder, Carlin’s curse words, child or adult pornography and many other things to political campaigning disguised as news. Assign substantial backbreaking fines for violations and then the system will self-correct with non-leftists reporting politicking violations on CNN etc, and leftists reporting on Fox violations. This has gone on so long that is has become normalized. No party should have a monopoly on TV’s in every household that has a TV. Yet that is exactly what transpired ( thank McCain and the other politicians that destroyed the Broadcast, cable, TV and Radio universe by allowing mergers galore and yielding to lobbying by the same perps ).

        200 Newspaper editorials are fighting to save the First Amendment from the dictator President.

        WRONG! President Trump is using his First Amendment to call the press out as biased and partisan. The Enemedia would love to be immune from criticism, especially high profile criticism from a President reversing the lay-down-and-die tradition of his predecessors. But they are not immune and are in truth attacking the First Amendment themselves by complaining about the President using the First Amendment. Typical leftist hypocrisy and projection.”

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        • sat0422 says:

          The general notion is that Trump should not say what he says; and I ask, “why not?” They don’t like to hear or think about the fact that our country is being screwed to Haydes and back by socialists and communists. That’s why!

          So, many buy in to the game of “Hate Trump.” Settled social science. Just “Hate Trump” and in four years you will make another choice from the menu of progressives that we will give you to vote for. Game ended.

          The patriots lose again except the next time, they will take Free Enterprise and Capitalism to a new low. It will be so bad that our country will resemble Cuba after the revolution. The brain dead will wake up and our country will look like Northern California- burned out, nothing left but rubble, and many people will be dead.
          Yep, that’s what my crystal ball is showing me this morning as I read about the deep state.


        • clairebee says:

          You are asking the fox to stop guarding the henhouse.


  10. bertdilbert says:

    I am leaning to nothing is ever going to happen. If Trump opens the box and uses this stuff, he can cause some pain. On the other hand, people know he has the box and this gives him power to get things done.

    If you went into a crowd of people and unloaded a clip, someone is going to figure out that you are out of bullets and rush you. In the process of achieving MAGA, Trump may be better off keeping his clip loaded.

    Power comes from not having the ability to do things, but demonstrating that ability. Perhaps Trump will shoot a few rounds just to let the players know he has a weapon and is not afraid to use it.

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  11. Gee. Somebody better fire his mule face arse!! People are being OFFED and Microwaved all over the country.
    How long do we stand and watch !!??

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  12. Mike says:

    Admiral Rogers knows what happened and he surely knows where the evidence is that proves it. Yet he says nothing. Why?

    Judge Collier also knows what happened, she wrote the finding, yet she says nothing. Why?

    Surely there are plenty in the FBI and “Justice” departments that know what happened, yet nothing.

    We are talking about the attempted soft coup of a duly elected president of the United States.

    When I think of the sacrifices of those in our military throughout our history who gave everything, and these “people” who by comparison have everything, yet they say/do nothing.

    Sorry folks, makes me want to puke.

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    • Angel Martin says:

      “Surely there are plenty in the FBI and “Justice” departments that know what happened, yet nothing.”

      Too understand why people in the bureaucracy don’t act, For example, read the history of Georges Picquart, who was the whistleblower on the Dreyfus Affair.

      For his trouble, he went from a Colonel in Army Intelligence in Paris, to command of a fort in North Africa, to imprisonment, to drummed out of the army.

      When Dreyfus was exonerated, Picquart was restored to expected rank and later became France’s Minister of War.

      It takes an extraordinary person to do that. Picquart had every reason: family background, career, social connections, political affiliations, religious affiliation, to just go along with the lies and coverup like everyone else.

      But he didn’t. The equivalent would be for someone in the FBI or DOJ at a senior level to blow the whistle, lose their job and end up in jail.

      There have been a number of movie portrayals of Dreyfus.

      Picquart was an extraordinary person, who, in my mind, deserves a movie portrayal in his own right. In some ways, Picquart is a more interesting person than Dreyfus, who is a more straightforward innocent and hapless victim of injustice.

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      • G. Combs says:

        General Flynn = Picquart ?

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      • Hereward the Woke says:

        Excellent observation, Angel. People like Picquart are very rare. Maybe a few in each generation. What made Colonel Picquart even more admirable was that he shared the antisemitism of that time but still managed to overcome it to see that Dreyfus was innocent. Maybe we should start a new meme: “Waiting for colonel Picquart”

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      • Sneaky Pete says:

        I too have seen many parallels between France’s Dreyfus Affaire and our current situation. So far though, France is light years ahead of us in terms of ultimately revealing and confronting the truth about the festering sore in their government, military, and culture. I’m in favor of having everything revealed in America’s case too egardless of the fact that it casts us in a despicable light as a people too.


  13. Late Friday night. Whitaker announces that since there was no specific crime to be investigated, the SC appointment is null and void. Thank Mueller for his service. Lock him out of his office. Unredact everything as you also watch Rosenstein being escorted off the property. Go down to the corner bar. Somewhere between your third or fourth beer, you call your boss, the President. “You’ll never believe what I just did boss!”

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  14. Paula Daly says:

    I write down notes, not just about Dan’s show, I’ve been writing them down for years to send to our congress…. that’s what I do. Don’t care if they like me or not. Been following bureacuracy for decades. Been saying for years, it’s the most destructive part or our real democracy than anyone could imagine! It’s in every City, State, County and Federal branch we don’t want. That’s always been my biggest fight. Are you with me???

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “I’ve been writing them down for years to send to our congress…”

      You might be better off writing a book. I am serious here. Right now there are not enough “good guys” in Congress to make a difference – and there may never be. You could probably count the folks in the “Freedom Caucus” and that is about it. Everyone else will kiss the Speaker of the House’s derriere, even if they were the first to come out in favor of PDJT. The Leaders have too much power -IMO. That goes for the state legislatures, as well. As far as out U.S. Senate goes, not one of 50 would allow PDJT the ability to make recess appointments.


  15. Paula Daly says:

    I write down notes, not just about Dan’s show, I’ve been writing them down for years to send to our congress…. that’s what I do. Don’t care if they like me or not. Been following bureacuracy for decades. Been saying for years, it’s the most destructive part or our real democracy than anyone could imagine! It’s in every City, State, County and Federal branch we don’t want. That’s always been my biggest fight. Are you with me???


  16. Sue says:

    Timing is everything. Before disclosure, they had to clean up the FBI, get the SCOTUS in place, get past the midterms and tighten up the Senate, get the rest of the judicial appointments made and have in place the top three people of the DOJ that will support Trump. Two in place and one to go – Rosenstein. For optics, Trumps needs the IG to approve the declassification. Will they wait until January 1 to release IG report? Maybe, but once that is done then Rosenstein is out and disclosure can happen. I don’t know if Bongino is following Q, but if you are you know that Whitaker has removed the inclusion added in by Rosenstein that allowed Mueller to expand the investigation beyond its original scope. He apparently has been “leashed.” So it seems to be falling into place. Only patience is required.

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    • Dutchman says:

      We don’t know, what we don’t know.
      And that IS a frustration.

      Disclosure of all the requested documents, would end the justification for Mueller, either regarding muh russia, OR obstruction, for firing Comey.

      So, a REASONABLE ‘trade off’ for NOT disclosing, is Mueller is nuetered. In addition, not releasing gives leverage in dealing with five eyes countries.

      I have been sceptical that POTUS would gain, politically, from releasing. Didn’t think it would help in midterms, and don’t see it helping him now.

      Having it, as a bullet in his pocket, MAY in fact be more advantageous, politically.

      We haven’t seen a lot from Mueller, some talk about going after Corsi, to get to Stone, to get to POTUS.

      But, we’ve seen lots of stories like this, that went nowhere. And it seems really weak.

      Mueller is “the insurance policy”; he needs to continue the investigation, in order to “block” any investigation of ‘soft coup’, but since POTUS could release, and that would expose soft coup, and Mueller CAN’T block that, Mueller is no longer of use as “blocker”, whether POTUS releases, or not.

      Seems to me,….

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ray Runge says:

        I have no legal training but have heard here and other places the phrase,” fruit from a poisoned tree has no legal standing”

        As Mueller’s entire investigation is predicated on Spygate and buttressed by FISA Warrants then exposure of Spygate and the criminal foundation to obtain the FISA Warrants would render Mueller’s investigation the the “poisoned tree”.

        I am baffled by the notion that POTUS Trump is permitted leverage over Mueller and other Democrats by not exposing bogus FISA Warrants and Spygate and this leverage is somehow more powerful than establishing that the entire Mueller operation is a “poisoned tree”. \

        IMO, exposing and dismantling Mueller witch hunt will permit a cleansing process to the federal bureaucracy and some sense of justice to occur for some of the players in the coup attempt.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Walt says:

          What ‘everyone knows’ about the poisoned status of the tree does not matter. To have any legal weight (to invalidate evidence) the facts must be established in the courtroom. There’s no direct way to get there from here: No investigation that we know of, not one ‘honest cop’ that’s in charge or investigating, and so on. Mueller keeps investigating because when he stops he loses the power he has to accuse Trump of ‘obstruction’ (and thus kick off impeachment) if he is fired.

          Perhaps this will end well — maybe there are honest cops that we don’t know about. Or maybe a bulk declassification will happen shortly. But none of that has happened yet and until the evidence about the corrupt FISA/FBI/Mueller process can be taken to a courtroom, the Mueller tree of evidence remains valid.


    • Zorro says:

      “Whitaker has removed the inclusion added in by Rosenstein that allowed Mueller to expand the investigation beyond its original scope.”

      Is Corsi in the original scope?


  17. teeheeman says:

    That is must see TV!! Bongino is the bomb. As he says, please use any contacts you have to keep this scandal alive.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. teeheeman says:

    OK I’ll ask the question…..is Bongino a CTH contributor? I mean “Sundance” is great, but all of this terrific 24/7 work/analysis cannot humanly be the product of one person.


  19. Miller says:

    So if Sundances last sentence says”Muellers” investigation will never end then why tease us anymore with your stories?


    • sweepyjeff says:

      He doesn’t want to disappoint you with things that don’t happen. “SOON” turned out to be “probably never-too much money at stake” so he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.


  20. weareallandrew says:

    Pretty sad on Bongino’s last answer. I hope he is wrong.
    If the !eft wins in ballot box, jury box, then we’ll be fighting from ammo box.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. joeknuckles says:

    If Spygate goes unpunished and yet is recognized by history, then Trump will be looked at as a fool for allowing it.

    Release the Kracken, now!


  22. RAC says:

    Does mueller have a deputy ? What would be the position should he suddenly succumb to a fatal illness.


  23. getfitnow says:

    2 comments below the vid:

    “I’m black from South Africa – and believe me, the USA is the last hope for mankind, if the day ever comes that the USA dies – I wanna be long dead by then… MAGA”

    “I am from the UK, and our country is dying. The neo liberal elites are destroying the culture. We MUST have Trump safe and America as a bastion of freedom in the West. Those who did this to Trump MUST be found and imprisoned. They are a threat to Western culture at a time when the world is moving into a very difficult phase of its history. Personally, I would want to see them executed as traitors, endangering a sitting President and attacking the State. THAT is extremely serious and deserves execution.”

    Liked by 8 people

  24. Pristach says:

    When Bruce Ohr walked into his interview with a cup of Starbucks, we should have known that nothing will happen to this cabal.

    That’s not defeat or pessimism. Just realpolitik.


  25. The commentary on this Bongino posting has been some of the best on TCTH – except Sundance’s of course. I tend to agree with some statements NOTHING will be done as long as Mueller’s investigation continues. IMHO, every day it is on-going lessens the chance for PDJT’s re-election. Releasing all the unredacted documents may just create more controversy and dissension unless they are immediately preceded or followed by INDICTMENTS. Documents alone can be interpreted any way the reader wants.


  26. gretaherndon says:

    Lee Stranahan has an important story on HRC/CF that needs to get out. Please give him some of your time. It’s really important and NO ONE is covering it. BIG STORY!!! We would really appreciate it. Here is just a tease.


  27. gretaherndon says:

    Lee Stranahan has an important story on HRC/CF that needs to get out. Please give him some of your time. It’s really important and NO ONE is covering it. BIG STORY!!! We would really appreciate it. Here is just a tease.


  28. 300 says:

    Sooo nothing is going to happen, no one is going to jail. Bread and circuses. .


  29. Bogeyfree says:

    Dan talks about the start of all this being, contractors who ran many queries of the NSA database gathering information on Americans.

    So why can’t a prior 8 year audit be done to review who was queried specifically, who were the contractors who conducted the queries and who authorized the contractors?

    This seems like such a common sense action step that for the life of me I can’t understand why PT has not ordered this audit already.


    • Sneaky Pete says:

      “This seems like such a common sense action step that for the life of me I can’t understand why PT has not ordered this audit already.”

      The day when Trump will have to answer that question, verbally or at the ballot box, is coming. Tick tock.


    • Firefly says:

      There’s a 99 page IG report that was released with heavy redactions. The names of the contractors are known- but redacted in the report.

      In resposone to the Fisa Isdues Ptrump updated and tightened the fisa procedures and unmasking procedures. New rule, policies, and procedures don’t mean much when the original ones weren’t being followed. Most interesting, gop congress didn’t even discuss fisa problems and quickly renewed all the fisa and other intelligence laws.

      As Bill Oreilly points out it looks like PTrump cut a deal for himself ( of family) when he dropped the release of the fisa documents. It looks like PTrump can’t do much beyond tough sounding talk and tweets.


  30. Gary Lacey says:

    So Mueller is the dam against American justice being rendered. No wonder the MSM is going down the tube, with all the evidence being bottled by the press….this is the biggest scoop in US history and the press is covering for the Democrats?!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Ryan Workman says:

    Watch your back, Dan! Mr. Bongino should be the FBI Director!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Zippy says:

    Nice overview of his book and the info found in his podcasts which I’ve listened to for many months. I agree with his conclusion that nothing commensurate with their crimes is going to happen to any of the key perps with major political connections.


  33. Concernedcitizen says:

    You want to see scorched earth? So do I.
    President Trump, tweet Bongino’s presentation, then announce that you will be declassifying all documents related to Spygate. The future of this Republic is in dire jeopardy unless bold action is taken.


    • Zippy says:

      “The future of this Republic is in dire”

      The lack of proper legal consequences for those at the highest levels of government power for this travesty indicates that the “self correcting” and “voter corrected” systemic fault repair function of the Republic no longer functions and, frankly, IMO hasn’t functioned for a very long time. Thus, “The Republic” dependent upon equal justice under the law is already finished.


  34. If there is no justice, if there is no rule of law unless it be “law for thee but not for me,” then the USA is over.

    If this was all just Machiavellian clashes between titans and POTUS got elected because he was able to mobilize us via our hopes for restoring the republic, then I am done.

    If he has not the will or ability to restore the rule of law then my vote and participation as a citizen is a sham. A pox on all their houses.

    Bongino seems a gleeful imp as he sells books and makes money off us suckers. Why even read about the spy story if there is no justice?


  35. evergreen says:

    “Can’t discuss–it’s relevant to an ongoing investigation…”

    Tripe. That phrase is used only because every American has heard it on TV while watching a modern crime drama and is familiar enough to accept it reflexively. Restraint is only practiced in these situations to prevent ill-informed opinions from being injected into circulation by the investigating/prosecuting organization and producing hearsay.

    It didn’t stop Obama from declaring that the IRS was completely innocent…or many other occasions of similar command influence. That’s beside the point.

    The Commander of the USA is for practical purposes recused from half of his job description due to this “investigation”. That’s not ill-advised; that’s insane and inverted. The purpose of the investigation is ostensibly to aid the nation and its commander by being helpful. Instead, it is the tool used to inhibit him; it is adverse to the interests of the USA to have this investigation proceed another day.

    Lacking proper words to explain this sentiment, I’ll try it this way: it’s as though you are in a nasty, all-out war with an invader, failing which you lose your life and nation. You have one last avenue by which to deal a blow to the invader with high probability of total success and liberty, but it happens to be in the vicinity of, and puts at risk of extinction, the purple horned tree slug. Therefore, you choose an alternate path and lose everything. “Sorry, dear citizens. We just cannot do that. They’re protected. It wouldn’t be prudent.”


    • Sneaky Pete says:

      Yup, and I hope the existential nature of this struggle hasn’t escaped Pres. Trump. I am not so much interested in his re-election possibilities or even his economic philosophies as I am in his destruction of what I consider to be the enemies of freedom. Sometimes I think he gets it totally(elevator speech ,Inauguration speech) other times I’m not so sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      • G. Combs says:

        President Trump knows enough not to tip his hand before he is ready.

        “O divine art of subtlety and secrecy!
        Through you we learn to be invisible,
        through you inaudible,
        and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”
        ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


    • Kathy says:

      Greetings, Evergreen … Considering how many months have passed since James Comey was fired, how would he have knowledge about which investigations are ongoing or not? Do I need to add [semi-sarc] here?

      Liked by 1 person

  36. Scott Brooks says:

    I just now reread the U.S. Constitution and it doesn’t say anything in there about how Robert Mueller is the most powerful man in the nation.


    • G. Combs says:

      If Robert Mueller or his team are colluding with foreign nationals, and that is likely, he and his team of Angry Democrats could be in a world of hurt given the President does not need the FISA Court to OK a FISA Warrant.

      Dan Bongino specifically mentions GEORGE NADER whose lawyer is Obama’s Fixer, feeding Mueller information in Ep. 853. Nader is the one who set-up the Eric Prince meeting with that Clinton connected Russian in the Seychelles [ an archipelago and sovereign state in the Indian Ocean.]


      ” […]Prince is similarly being reviewed in connection to a conversation he had with a Russian tied to Vladimir Putin in January [2017] in the Seychelles….”

      And that is only ONE contact between the DemonRats and the Russians and who knows who else.


  37. G. Combs says:

    An added data point:
    We now know that the UK and the EU were colluding with people in the US government and the Clinton campaign to ‘influence’ a US election. A FISA warrant targets those colluding with foreign nations.

    The President with the OK of the AG can put a FISA warrant out for one year WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE FISA COURT….

    Perhaps this is what is scaring the crap out of the UK.
    “[…]How Is a FISA Warrant Issued?

    A FISA warrant is typically obtained through a court order. The FISA Court must find probable to allow the surveillance of a foreign power or agent of a power foreign power. The President of United States can obtain a FISA Warrant through the Attorney General without a court order. Under Federal Law, the President can enforce electronic surveillance for up to one year only to acquire foreign intelligence information.[…]”


    • Zorro says:

      Here’s the rub. Anything that POTUS tries to do, secretly or not, will be leaked by the black hats within our government to the black hats outside our government.


  38. Right to reply says:

    Why don’t we, and try and send it viral? Declassify the Docs Now https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/


  39. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Declassify everything in a sequential manner with a preset plan.

    Find young, new reporters. Vet them, and then give them information, as well as the public, and let them write the stories each week.

    Bongino speaks of ‘cosmic justice.’ Part of that may be not allowing any of the criminals to leave pleasantly or peacefully in the USA. We, the people, can control that.


  40. brenrod says:

    “nothing about the substance of the conspiracy; can possibly surface until *after* Robert Mueller is no longer in the picture. Until Robert Mueller is removed, none of this information can/will surface.”

    This fact is even worse when hearing gop Richard Burr of senate intel committee say he expects Mueller to investigate russian collusion way into 2019….. lets remember that the gop swamp in collusion with dem swamp facilitates Mueller and every avenue which keeps the crimes hidden. Even if there is no Mueller the swamp network will find other ways to stall, obfuscate and cover up.


    • Zorro says:

      Burr is a leading Decepticon.


    • Tl Howard says:

      Hear this: We are to blame in large part, we conservatives, we who have been following, have been reading, who know the story Bongino tells.

      Consider that the Senate Intel Committee with all those liars and cheats who deserve hanging, meets publicly…for show, of course.

      Why is it that that Committee, as well as several other committees, NEVER has to put up with conservatives in the audience who shout the truth from their seats? Burr can sit there on his high and mighty chair never even worrying about such a disruption, never worrying that even ONE SINGLE person in the audience will call him out in front of the cameras.

      I am waiting for someone to mobilize us. I am no better than the rest of you as I sit here typing instead of yelling this on the street and in every single committee on the Hill until the media can no longer sit idly by not having to talk about it.

      If Trump called for a million man and woman march calling for the heads of the corrupt, I have no doubt he’d get that million, particularly if there were a joined effort by several well known folks to get as many people as possible to hear such things as Bongino’s recap.

      Yet, here we sit and no one has sounded a clarion call.

      Liked by 1 person

  41. pnj01 says:

    If nothing is going to happen to the higher-ups as Bongino says: why listen to Sundance or to Q or to anyone else? I am so disgusted this weekend. Sundance’s musings a day or so ago about the motives for release of the Strzok-Page messages and the Wolfe Indictment details, etc., suggest that the great let-down is at hand. That would be a disgrace.


    • Zorro says:

      I was telling my wife the other day, “Do you know that knowing so much about this stuff (spygate/ Russia hoax) is really a burden?”. To know that the USA isn’t anything like what we grew up thinking and our predecessors in the WWII generation fought for. Sometimes I’m envious of the ignorance is bliss crowd.

      Liked by 1 person

  42. Anonymous says:

    Dear Democrats,


  43. JimmyB says:

    If the truth came out, there might be a surge in the Tar and Feather industry!
    Fire him Mr. President, we have your back….and a large supply of Tar and Feathers!


  44. Troublemaker10 says:

    If there is no justice here…..on something this wrong, this corrupt…then the future of our nation is at risk. No country, no culture, can survive (as being good) once corruption at this level takes root.


  45. TrumpFanFLA says:

    Has anyone heard about this 28-pg PDF yet, and/or ever heard of its author, Dr. Les Sachs?

    “Report on Evidence of Felonies Violating Civil Rights, and Bribery by Foreign Agents, implicating United States Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III, as a Criminally-Tainted Agent of Foreign & Racketeering Interests” by Dr. Les Sachs (as allegedly sent to/received by DOJ Horowitz’ Office on 10/25/18):

    Click to access doj-ig-memo-mueller-bribery-extortion.pdf

    Sachs is a Harvard graduate & former DOJ employee who ignited the ire of the Deep State during Obama’s years after which he was maligned (“shoot the messenger”), hunted, attempts to kill him, etc. He fled to Europe & is under protection there.

    Backup story below, with additional links at its bottom (one being the same Bongino speech/video posted by Sundance above):

    11/24/18: “Report Implicates Robert Mueller in Crimes and Coverups” (a guest post at Henry Makow’s longstanding site):

    My old gadget/browser won’t open the PDF, it just “spins & spins,” so I have not read it but supposedly it contains names, dates, the exact crimes, etc.

    Ditto youtubes don’t play either on old gadget. (All I can access, for now, are audio files/interviews, so I have not seen the Bongino speech yet.)


  46. jeans2nd says:

    Congratulations Sundance. Could one find a better storyteller to showcase all your hard work and research? Although, to be fair, Sidney Powell had the Enron/Weissman info, and oldiadguy told us of Felix Sater at the very beginning (hope oldiadguy is in touch, we sure miss him and so many others here).

    Bongino’s delivery is wonderful, and Bongino’s enthusiasm is contagious. The audience reaction is priceless. Would wager the audience was left wanting the Bongino hour-long speech.
    Truly lol’d when Bongino started with “The Plan.” Finally! We have The Real Plan!

    John Carlin is now at Aspen Institute running their cyber programs. Lisa Monaco is also at Aspen, participating in public programs, bloviating, and who knows what else. No doubt they and many others will return to gubmint when the political winds blow once again in their direction.

    Congrats again, Sundance, and thank you.


  47. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Chris Steele Spy for hire company sues Bilfinger, a multi national multi billion $ German & US company.
    Why this matters, former FBI head Loius Freeh was installed in this company AFTER Obama DOJ extorted them through an anti corruption action which remains open with DOJ oversight until December 2018. Old Loius is still there, interesting read from some years back take a look before it’s wiped down the memory hole


  48. Katie Weddington says:

    I found a link to an archived copy of the entire WSJ article that Bongino referred to. The one that Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby wrote in 2007, and reads like the Steele dossier ten years later. That is a very interesting fact I wasn’t aware of before. http://archive.today/2018.06.15-182408/https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB117674837248471543


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