STUNNING December Jobs Report: 312,000 Jobs Added, Wage Growth 3.2%, Revisions to Oct/Nov +58,000 More Jobs…

Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Bones…. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases the December 2018 jobs report and the numbers are “eye-popping.”  ♦In the month of December 312,000 new jobs were added.  ♦Real wage growth now 3.2%.  ♦Prior October and November jobs reports were adjusted upward by 58,000 jobs.   Main Street USA is roaring!!

Here’s the data:  Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 312,000 in December. The unemployment rate rose to 3.9 percent (more static workers entering workforce).

Employment in health care rose by 50,000 in December. Within the industry, job gains occurred in ambulatory health care services (+38,000) and hospitals (+7,000). Health care added 346,000 jobs in 2018, more than the gain of 284,000 jobs in 2017.

In December, employment in food services and drinking places increased by 41,000. Over the year, the industry added 235,000 jobs, similar to the increase in 2017 (+261,000).

Construction employment rose by 38,000 in December, with job gains in heavy and civil engineering construction (+16,000) and nonresidential specialty trade construction (+16,000). The construction industry added 280,000 jobs in 2018, compared with an
increase of 250,000 in 2017.

Manufacturing added 32,000 jobs in December. Most of the gain occurred in the durable goods component (+19,000), with job growth in fabricated metal products (+7,000) and in computer and electronic products (+4,000). Employment in the nondurable goods component also increased over the month (+13,000). Manufacturing employment increased by 284,000 over the year, with about three-fourths of the gain in durable goods industries. Manufacturing had added 207,000 jobs in 2017.

In December, employment in retail trade rose by 24,000. Job growth occurred in general merchandise stores (+15,000) and automobile dealers (+6,000). These gains were partially offset by a job loss in sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores (-9,000). Retail trade employment increased by 92,000 in 2018, after little net change in 2017 (-29,000).

Over the month, employment in professional and business services continued to trend up (+43,000). The industry added 583,000 jobs in 2018, outpacing the 458,000 jobs added in 2017.

♦  In December, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls rose 11 cents to $27.48. Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 84 cents, or ¹3.2 percent.

¹Remember, inflation is currently estimated at 1.6% to 2% (depending on sector).  Lower tax rates, higher wages, low inflation combined with lower gas prices means extra money in workers pockets; quite a bit of extra money actually.  This helps explain the more than six percent increase in 2018 holiday spending.  Almost every economic benefit is central to Main Street USA (blue and white collar).

♦  The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for November was revised up from +155,000 to +176,000 (increase of 21,000; the change for October was revised up from +237,000 to +274,000 (increase of 37,000). With these revisions, employment gains in October and November combined were 58,000 more than previously reported.

After revisions, job gains have averaged 254,000 per month over the last 3 months. (BLS Links)

The talking heads are stunned – watch:


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159 Responses to STUNNING December Jobs Report: 312,000 Jobs Added, Wage Growth 3.2%, Revisions to Oct/Nov +58,000 More Jobs…

  1. sundance says:

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    • Thinker says:

      And I would like to ask a question– didn’t the BLS come back every month and reduce the jobs numbers under Obama, and they continually have to upgrade them under Trump? Pattern there?

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      • snarkybeach says:

        why yes they did. and the MSM (who LOVE LOVE LOVED Barak) barely mentioned the downward change…

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      • swampratterrier says:

        Pattern Much!!!!?

        You remember 100% accurately.

        Didn’t they also redefine full time jobs as 25 hour per week? These new jobs are main 40 hours per or more!!!

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        • Judith says:

          And people who simply gave up trying to find meaningful employment left the job market altogether, also skewing Obola’s unemplloyment figures, as I recall.

          Many wound up on gubmint assistance, as intended. The Opioid crisis exploded under Obola the Usurper, as well. Our border was wide open for business!

          Terrible, terrible times.. but who would know, listening to these Enemedia clowns spewing their nonsense?

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          • swampratterrier says:

            Spot on 100% true Judith.

            Lots of those “retired” citizens can come back into the labor market to keep the economy growing – even if they only want to do it part time.

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        • jebg46 says:

          Isn’t this when employers reduced below the 25 hours many workers which made them part time and ineligible for any job benefits like health care?


      • Pedro Morales says:

        POTUS is picking the perfect time to play hard ball on the Wall, China, and trade. The stock market has corrected today. All the bad news was fleshed out last year. The fundamentals are too strong. POTUS has unleashed a juggernaut. Even the FED can not cripple this economy. The USA is the only game in town. We are where the action is. The rest of the world is in decline. We are a safe haven. Today is a wind on his sails. He can carry this fight and wait out his enemies. I understand there are prolly more people outside CTH who dont want the wall or think its no big deal. These people are content with the economy and at some point are gonna say to the DEMS—

        “Give him the damn wall! Its only $5 billion and the government wastes that everyday. We are sick of the shutdown. Just give him the damn wall and move on. I dont care!”

        This is the Trump boomerang that always seems to happen. $5 billion is nothing and eventually the polls will turn to potus. And I say this as a cynic about a lot of things. But around the water cooler all I keep hearing is— “5 Billion??? Thats nothing. And maybe its keeps out drug dealers and trafficers.”

        I have done a 180. I think POTUS is going to win on thisw despite the Dems and Mitch! A good day today!

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        • swampratterrier says:


          Say it again!!!!!!!!

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        • solomonpal says:

          Add to this what a bunch of stark raving jackasses the Demonrats are making themselves out to be in DC. What fools , showoffs and ignoramuses .

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        • Judith says:

          I read your post with tears of joy! May they be years of joy, too! Thank you, Pedro! Imagine all those other countries who are itching to cut a deal, as well!

          MAGA is catching like wildfire! Everyone wants IN! The EU is basically on life support now, and nations are emancipated, like prisoners, released at last from Frau Merkel’s globalist death grip!

          I don’t see the Trump train slowing down one bit! We could use a new Intellectual Froglegs video right about now..

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        • 5 million jobs in just 2 years, Dumbo got 10 million in EIGHT years, and started from the bottom of a recession which guarantees jobs go up.


      • G. Alistar says:

        All this while the dems leadership are stuck on one central line of thinking, “Impeach the M.F.” About says everything you need to know about how far the party of JFK has fallen. Even Bill Clinton knew “it’s the economy stupid.” MAGA and KAG 2020.

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      • Not only did the BLS come back and downgrade the job #s for Obama but every time the original numbers came out they were “unexpectedly” low. Every. Single. Time.

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    • mike says:

      And the demonrats strategy is to impeach Trump! How much dumber can a party be? You don’t pull on the tail of the most dangerous cat in the jungle because it probably won’t end well for you!

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      Impeach my bum bum Nancy Pelosi!!!

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  2. ggmppv says:

    Expect the Fed to act immediately and increase interest rates by another 0.25%. Expect the MSM to double up the talk of the “impending recession”. Expect the Dems and RINOs to work extra hard to block trade deals.

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      Expect Silicon Valley CEOs to understate their earnings to purposely tank their stock price. The Resistance is more important than their own companies because these CEOs already have their mansions, yachts, and cars. TDS is more important than ROI to these nitwits…

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    • swampratterrier says:

      Expect them ALL to Fail, unexpectedly…………..

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        They’re too selfish to fail on purpose. We know they’ve all been inflated for a bit and have done some self correction. And not all of their stock holders/BOD tow that “destroy Trump” line.


    • VegasGuy says:

      You are correct….It’s the Fed that tamps down the potential growth with their immediate interest rate increase. They don’t even give it a couple of Quarters to see if the growth might lead to any inflation. Nope….Tamp it down immediately & maintain their mantra that Trumps tax package will hurt the economy.

      Somehow.. I really fail to see their point….But hey, I just a deplorable making a bit of headway that just kills them when it’s in their face….LOL

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Actually, Powell said today that he was inclined to have a long “pause” on further rate increases 🙂

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    • William Schneider says:

      I really think Powell is sincere when he says the Fed will work to keep employment strong and wage growth good while keeping eye on inflation. I am believing he is actually a decent man who does not like being bullied by the POTUS.


      • Timmy-the-Ute says:

        The problem goes back to the Humphrey–Hawkins Full Employment Act of 1978 that required the Federal Reserve to use monetary policy to constantly fidget with the Economy. So If President Trump does thing to boost the economy the Federal Reserve is required to make adjustments. I wrote my Freshman term paper on the act back when it passed in 1978.


        • Kintbury says:

          As the stock market doubled under Obama from the crash to his end of term, I doubt that rule applied at all under his administration. The Fed picks and chooses who they will support and who they will undermine and tht is pretty clear to most of us.


      • says:

        He also mentioned that he would not leave in the event of PDJT firing. I think that alone should be just cause.


    • piper567 says:

      ggm, and their opinions will continue to be entirely irrelevant.


  3. Judge Smails says:

    Powell announces Fed will be more patient with future hikes. Maybe he had his testicles caught in a vise over the holidays

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  4. swampratterrier says:

    To quote BTO: “You you you you ain’t SEEN NOTHING YET!!!!!!!!!”

    MAGA NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Greg1 says:

    This news will be bad news in the eyes of democrats. And the main stream media.

    Look at all of the people who have jobs and are no longer dependent on democrats…….

    This will ratchet up the shrillness of democrats wanting to impeach Trump.

    And that will make it more self evident to the American people just how much democrats do not support America.

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  6. VegasGuy says:

    Wall Street & the Dems will have none of this…..They MUST find doom & gloom for the MSM to feed to the deplorables….LOL

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  7. L4grasshopper says:

    Market up 743 points at the close.

    Democrats are very sad about all of this good economic news.

    The final quarter GDP number released at end of month ought to be 3% or higher, making for the first year since 2005 of an annual GDP growth of 3% or better.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      so funny how markets go up and down while politicians hold out their hands! seriously SAD! these jokers do nothing and think the world revolves around them…please go away…

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    • trialbytruth says:

      We will see.on the GDP it’s not that the economic activity wasnt there. It is all that economic activity buying chimese consumer goods every dollar on imports.takes two off the GDP the way it has been explained here before.

      But don’t stop the party we are.rolling.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    USA is open for business…Only Americans can apply!


  9. L4grasshopper says:

    Would also like to note that job openings are still at record highs as well at over 7 million. This stat is a very underappreciated economic indicator that doesn’t get the “play” that it should. Employers have lots of job openings and they can’t find people to fill them. This is one reason why wages are rising…employers need to pay more to get people off the sidelines.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      I saw a sign on I95 when I was driving back down to Florida from NJ. It was a trucking company and they were giving out a $5,000 bonus for signing up. Unbelievable.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      I am down two people i have have offered training am ready to start head hunting from competitors. My only problem there is my competitors don’t have very high standards so I need there best.

      Guess I’ll have to open the wallet a little wider I have been on this from nearly a year now

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    • jebg46 says:

      Wow, over 7 million job openings! And 800,000 furloughed NON-essential government workers. Do the math. What a great way to reduce the federal government and fill needed jobs. No need for open borders, just lay-off non-essentials and reduce the federal budget while improving GDP. We could pay down debt a lot quicker this way.


  10. MaineCoon says:

    Granted, we hit the jackpot when we got VSGPDT, but as each month and year goes by I say…what the hell was Obama, Bush 43 & Bush 41 and even Clinton doing? Talk about incompetence employees of WE The People! Boards of Directors in any worthy corporation or firm would have fired their arses as down right incompetent, untrained, ill-equipped CEOs.

    YE 2017 Economic Evaluation P45: A+
    YE 2018 Economic Evaluation P45: A++

    O, B43, B41, C on all years: F

    Your Fired Retroactively!

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Good Americans can now has a future Presidents

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    • steph_gray says:

      What they were doing was attempting to bankrupt the US and make us all slaves of a failed socialist state.

      Right out in the open too.

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      • jebg46 says:

        And the exfiltration has driven many of our best and brightest into despair, addiction and overdoses. This is murder by proxy, that China and the Globalists inflicted on the USA to drive us down to 3rd world economy so the elitist NWO could steal all our resources. What’s really terrible is the Clintons, Obama’s, Soros, Bushes, Congress sold us out to enrich themselves and are covering it up using our own corrupted congress, FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc.


      • Judith says:

        And they were successful at it, too. That is, until Donald Trump came along like a bull in a china shop.

        The thing is, people saw how wrong it was, but without money and influence we were powerless to intervene.

        Nobody, except this very stable genius billionaire businessman, could have pulled off MAGA!


  11. BREAKING (FoxBusiness): Companies RACING to EXIT MANUFACTURING in China.

    UBS has Reported:

    • 37% of Companies Manufacturing in China have SHIFTED OUT in the past 12 MONTHS!

    • 30% MORE are EXITING in the next 6-12 MONTHS!!!

    No wonder China’s FREAKING OUT to “Talk Trade”.

    Let’s wait 12 months to cut the BEST DEAL in HISTORY!

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  12. Oldskool says:

    Once again the facts blow a hole in a false narrative, this time Wall Street’s of the sky is falling. This was the establishment’s hail mary play to get the President, crash the financial system on forecasts from analysts flawed “what if” models. Sounds a lot like global warming nonsense doesn’t it.

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  13. Green Gas says:

    Lill Mitt just got shorter and smaller ,

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  14. Payday says:

    Still wonder about the S&P. It s still mostly globalist companies. Aren’t they the ones that will take the bit? Just can’t figure which way it/they’ll go

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  15. StanH says:

    This is what matters! Not all of the superfluous horse crap coming from the enemedia or swamp punditry.

    MAGA! …and this is how it’s done.

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  16. Monadnock says:

    We’re gonna build stuff here, IN the Glorious United States of America!

    Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing our prayers and sending us a gladiator.

    Yesterday, PDJT had the best (for a President) first day of a new congress in history, and follows it with the best (for a President) second day of a new congress in history.

    Nan is probably ground down to her gums by now.

    I am gonna spend the entire weekend smiling.

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  17. JAS says:

    Wall street is Soooo lost… Just like Ocasio Cortez 🙂

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  18. WSB says:

    The Bureau of ‘Lousy Statistics’ – it is high time to identify the dopes who bring these falsified stats to us each month. Who is to say today’s numbers are not really 400K?

    BLS – Who We Are
    About half of our 2,400 employees are economists and statisticians, and almost 1,000 employees work across the country in regional offices.
    Our Commissioner is nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and serves a 4-year fixed term. The Commissioner is the only political appointee at BLS. This position is currently vacant. View our past Commissioners.
    Deputy Commissioner William J. Wiatrowski is our highest ranking career employee and has been acting Commissioner since January 2017. Learn more about Bill and our other senior staff.
    Interested in how much of your tax dollars we use? You can see our budgets and strategic plan.
    Our Leadership
    William J. Wiatrowski (biography)
    Acting Commissioner

    William J. Wiatrowski (biography)
    Deputy Commissioner

    Kristen A. Monaco (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Compensation and Working Conditions>

    Hilery Z. Simpson
    Assistant Commissioner for Compensation Levels and Trends
    Assistant Commissioner for Occupational Safety and Health Statistics
    Nicole Nestoriak
    Senior Research Economist — Compensation Research and Program Development

    Michael W. Horrigan (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Employment and Unemployment Statistics

    Kenneth W. Robertson
    Assistant Commissioner for Industry Employment Statistics
    Julie Hatch Maxfield
    Assistant Commissioner for Current Employment Analysis
    Rebecca Rust
    Assistant Commissioner for Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections
    Mark Loewenstein
    Senior Research Economist — Employment Research Staff

    David Friedman (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Prices and Living Conditions

    Assistant Commissioner for Consumer Prices and Price Indexes
    Jeffrey Hill
    Assistant Commissioner for Industrial Prices and Price Indexes
    Susan Fleck
    Assistant Commissioner for International Prices
    Senior Research Economist — Price and Index Number Research

    Lucy P. Eldridge (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Productivity and Technology

    Nancy Ruiz de Gamboa (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Administration

    Jay A. Mousa (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Field Operations

    Deborah A. Brown
    Regional Commissioner of New England and New York-New Jersey

    Sheila Watkins
    Regional Commissioner of Mid-Atlantic

    Janet S. Rankin
    Regional Commissioner of Southeast

    Charlene Peiffer
    Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations
    Regional Commissioner of Midwest

    Stanley W. Suchman
    Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations
    Regional Commissioner of Southwest and Mountain-Plains

    Richard Holden
    Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations
    Regional Commissioner of West

    Michael D. Levi (biography)
    Associate Commissioner for Publications and Special Studies

    Associate Commissioner for Survey Methods Research

    William Mockovak
    Senior Statistician
    Polly Phipps
    Senior Statistician

    Associate Commissioner for Technology and Survey Processing

    Rick Kryger
    Director of Survey Processing
    Wesley Chou
    Director of Technology and Computing Services

    Last Modified Date: May 18, 2018

    Crowd source away!

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  19. INSIDER CTH INFO: President Trump will WIN with HISPANICS!

    • He KNEW the 9th Circuit District & Appellate Courts would OVER-REACH vs National Defense.
    … To set an INJUNCTION against KEEPING ILLEGALS out of the Country
    … Thus DEMONSTRATING D-rats are Flooding the Nation with Criminals and Terrorists
    … And let SCOTUS delay ruling on his Appeal until Mid-Summer!

    • He CONCENTRATED the Shutdown Drama on BORDER SECURITY that WORKS.
    … By DEFERRING the DACA Solution … in deference … until after SCOTUS rules
    … Thus SEGREGATING Immigration Reform as a whole from Border Security
    … As he EXPANDED Border Security today to include Protecting Women & Children from harm.

    … By Building the Wall to end the Flood of Illegals and Deporting Criminal Illegals with ICE
    … Thus LIMITING Worker-Starved Employers to CITIZENS ONLY
    … As Job Openings exceeding Willing Workers grows to MILLIONS in our Hot Economy
    … Which will MULTIPLY Hispanic Citizens’ JOB and WAGE GAINS
    … Prompting Employers to FUND a Trump Solution through 2020 Campaign Donations
    … Triggering D-rats to NEGOTIATE in the fall of 2019
    … Then CAPITULATE to a DACA Solution with Merit-Based Immigration
    … with Immigration CONSTRAINED in NUMBERS and CONTROLLED by E-VERIFY
    … Just in time for the Safety & Benefits to CEMENT the Hispanic Vote for TRUMP!!!

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  20. getfitnow says:

    This never gets old.

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  21. Phil Free says:

    President Trump calls the shot before hitting it out of the economic ballpark:

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  22. Evelyn says:

    From Isaiah 45, the Trump/Cyrus prophecy (NIV):

    2 I will go before you
    and will level the mountains;
    I will break down gates of bronze
    and cut through bars of iron.
    3 I will give you hidden treasures,
    riches stored in secret places,
    so that you may know that I am the Lord,
    the God of Israel, who summons you by name….

    14 This is what the Lord says:

    “The products of Egypt and the merchandise of Cush,
    and those tall Sabeans—
    they will come over to you
    and will be yours;
    they will trudge behind you,
    coming over to you in chains.
    They will bow down before you
    and plead with you, saying,
    ‘Surely God is with you, and there is no other;
    there is no other god.’”

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  23. DT2020 says:


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  24. Brenda Taylor Johnson says:

    President Trump was great today at the press conference in the Rose Garden. The jobs numbers and wages were a real blessing and he needed that Good news. Fed Chairman Powell is seeing the light not to place higher interest rates fending off inflation. Feds had a meeting in Atlanta talking about all the money the Feds infused into the economy using QE2 during the Obama Administration. Now Powell is using President’s Trumps GDP growth of 3-4% to remove those funds and Trump called him out on this. Remember the Feds infused 4.5 trillion into the economy under Obama, but now they are trying to reverse what they did. Deep state wants President Trump to fail but today the Feds, MSM and the Socialist PartyUSA under Pelosi all with TDS, saw a strong growing economy. No Trump slump! They were really caught off guard. Border security has been promised since 1987 when Reagan gave 3 million illegals amnesty and to date the wall, steel fence or barriers promised have not been completed. I never wanted or agreed with Reagan doing that deal in 1987 with the Dems in control of Congress. That agreement made the problem worst because more illegal aliens came. President Trump said it correctly today with no more “piece mill” in border security in building the wall, steel fences or barriers. The Socialist Party USA with TDS under Pelosi better wake up because President Trump means business with building a completed border security wall even if he has to write an EO using national emergency funds for security to get the wall built to stop these these illegal aliens, drugs, gangs and human trafficking. Stand firm Mr. President, stand firm.

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  25. Kia1 says:

    This great news and the Demos first order of business is …..IMPEACHMENT! Don’t give in to them Mr. President. Stand firm on the wall!!!

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  26. William Schneider says:

    Reading these posts is good therapy after checking MSM . Thanks to all who contribute here. I am a newby but I love you folks. Keep telling the truth.

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  27. LMAO!!—>What say you ‘Herr-Fuhrer’ Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ?
    I thought you said that because of Pres.Trump’s Economic Policies the U.S. Economy was “Going-to-HELL-in-a Handbasket”
    ~Care to explain this ‘Mine-Fuhrer” Pelosi ?~


  28. MAGAbear says:

    But wait, we were told that tariffs would ruin the economy and that we were headed for a recession. How can this be?

    Us Buchanan Brigaders knew the type of economic policies PDJT is utilizing would work bigly for the American worker. So glad it finally is happening!

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    • nimrodman says:

      This article touches on that, highlighting that Chamber of Commerce and other tariff doom-sayers got it exactly bass-ackwards:

      Free Traders’ Prediction of Tariff Doom Fails as U.S. Manufacturing Booms

      “We see no upside in the implementation of tariffs,” Cummins Chairman Tom Linebarger wrote. “They are a tax, and the risky proposition of entering a trade war could slow down the economy … cause long-term losses in market share, resulting in lost jobs in the United States.”

      The free traders at the Tax Foundation … predicted that not only would Trump’s tariffs crush American industries, but they would also decrease Americans’ wages.

      For U.S. wages, the opposite has panned out. In December, Americans’ wages grew 3.2 percent in December 2018 compared to last year.


  29. Harlan says:

    If I was the Fed, I’d hurry up and raise interest rates again.

    This booming economy cannot HAPPEN as it reflects well on Trump. Besides, we all know that the masterful, stunningly insightful and brilliant decisions made by obama are just now taking effect.

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  30. Trump Train says:

    With numbers like these one would think Trump would pull a landslide in 2020 and pull in a MAGA house and increase the Senate……but wait for it.


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  31. jmarshs says:

    We can’t have wage increases be determined by supply-and-demand!

    Wages must be set by monetary policy and fiscal manipulation!


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    • jmarshs says:

      Per my above post:

      The thing that the stoopid Dem’s (and RHINO’s) don’t understand is that A VERY LOW UNEMPLOYMENT RATE will actually spur the need for increased (qualified, merit-based) IMMIGRATION to fill US jobs.

      The Dem’s aren’t interested in Merit-Based Immigration policy. They want the poor, uneducated, “huddled-masses-yearning-to-be-free” to come to Amerika so that they will be dependent on welfare and, thus, vote Democrat.

      The Dem’s actually want people to be poor and dependent on the largess of (debt-based) Government policy.

      Can anyone image such a robust US economy, and a change in immigration policy, such that we will have multiple, well qualified, self-supportive immigrants from around the World from which to choose? (Trump has imagined this very thing).

      The US (the birthplace of Capitalism and Individual Rights and Property Rights) can bury the frick’n World – and let them drown in their “Hegel-turned-upside-down” Marxist dialectic.

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