Beyond Ridiculous – McClatchy News Beclowns Themselves With Michael Cohen Sourcing…

After claiming to have proprietary information that Michael Cohen visited Prague, McClatchy News reporter Greg Gordon appeared on MSNBC to share the origin of the story.   Not only did the reporters who wrote the article not see the evidence, the sources they used for the claim that Cohen visited Prague also did not see the evidence.

Apparently, a person told another person, who then told Greg Gordon and Peter Stone what the 3rd hand person told them.  That’s the sourcing for the claim that Michael Cohen’s cell phone was in Prague.   Watch this beclowning interview on MSNBC.


Mr. Greg Gordon is the real life personification, of every caricature, of every low-IQ doofy newsroom journalist.  Doonesbury Gordon might not have lost all his cognitive marbles, but there’s definitely a hole in the bag…

…”We believe, maybe, a senior Russian official”..

So our conspicuous “Kremlin GremlinOleg Deripaska may have told one of his Russian intelligence friends (he’s notorious for this stuff) to reach out to some other people… and then tell them to reach out to any fool in U.S. media who might be stupid enough to write an article about it.   Because Trump….

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164 Responses to Beyond Ridiculous – McClatchy News Beclowns Themselves With Michael Cohen Sourcing…

  1. EggsX says:

    The dangerous thing about these types of reports is that the FBI/DoJ use them to get surveillance warrants.

    An article using third hand knowledge (which isn’t mentioned) -> FISA warrant.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “The dangerous thing about these types of reports is that the FBI/DoJ use them to get surveillance warrants.”

      Your sarcasm made me LOL.

      Then I realized: “Holy Schinkes! **NOT SARCASM**!!!”


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      • Good Job! says:

        The first McClatchy Cohen-in-Prague story predated the 2018 search warrant on Cohen about 2-4 weeks.

        That story by the same sad out-of-his-league journalist could have been used by Mueller as circular evidence to get the Cohen warrant. This second story might be the greater detail of the fake data used in that warrant. Arguable Mueller needed Cohen in Prague data NOT from the “dossier” and what he got, from Fusion GPS or thin air, was what is seen in the McClatchy articles–what he used with a judge to get a warrant.

        No one has seen the Cohen warrants or requested them I believe…despite my proddings!

        BTW Sundance any chance you can get Steele’s work for the FBI on FIFA? I bet the house it doesn’t sound or look like the “Dossier” memos.

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    • nimrodman says:

      It’s even worse than that, Eggs

      In many cases, the articles the FBI cites to get warrants are based on information the FBI illegally LEAKED to the press in the first place.

      Circular perfidy

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      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        Want to start an investigation to throw mud? Why, since you are the untouchable FBI and DOJ, then just concoct the dirt, leak the dirt to one of your stooges in the MSM and voila….a $40 million dollar gift to one of your buddies in the Washinton Mob.
        Where are all these honorable FBI/DOJ members?

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Even Fox was broadcasting the McClatchy dirt. We have ZERO investigative reporters. Bobbleheads, one and all.

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      • Good Job! says:

        Why shouldn’t they report it? Trump has let the dossier fester in the media for two years. His tweets calling it “garbage” are garbage.


        • notfaded1 says:

          What the heck is that supposed to mean? This isn’t VSGPDJT’s fault! The garbage is the so called media without any scintella of Truth or honest investigative journalism. This is collective not wanting to see the truth right in front of our eyes. The jig is up… This can’t keep going on for long. The Democrats have nothing after how long? It’s a laughable joke really if it wasn’t so serious and the threat to our soverenty and national security. This is really bad stuff. It’s not even really about Trump it’s about our country and the rule of law.

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    • JX says:

      That’s the awful truth!


    • TPW says:

      This is exactly why “Freedom of the Press” must be clearly defined and applied to real news to receive those protections awarded the Press. Of course I have come across some of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered on this site with brilliant incite and solutions. Only problem is… never goes on to be shared with relevant people. Instead we all have defeatist attitudes so the first step is never taken. We have the numbers and the intelligence to force a change in this country. I will pray for a leader outside or inside of government to take up the mantle. Someone who does not have the heavy load our President has and has the freedom to work directly with the majority, the Patriots demanding the needed change. Finding an alternative media solution would be a major first step. Media is the reason why PT accomplishments go unreported. Media is responsible for the corruption going unreported. Media is responsible for the immigration problems going unreported. Media has been responsible for racial tension and riots. Media is responsible for a great many Police officers being falsely accused of race brutality and targeting. Media was/is responsible for many slain Police officers. Media has played a large part in causing military intervention and sometimes war, resulting in millions of deaths worldwide. Media is Satan’s most valuable tool and the weapon of the Globalist rulers. Why is it that our Representatives allow this? Is it Media is so powerful they are King makers …..they are also judge, jury, and executioner. Who and what can bring them down?


    • Sidehill Dodger says:

      The dangerous thing is that FISA exists at all. Like a lot of legislation that was passed in the train of 9-11, it is an open invitation to government abuse of power. This obvious misuse of a FISA warrant should trigger a repeal of the legislation that made it possible. It’s not just a weapon against President Trump, it’s a weapon that can be directed against anyone.

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      • gorbud says:

        We the people and even the Courts don’t know the extent or number of warrants granted under FISA. Like the Trump warrants there could be many perjured and defective warrants. Seems the Judges don’t even hold hearings on the applications.

        Are there S/W returns like in the normal process and does a Judge review the material seized under the warrants? This entire FISA system could be a backdoor “rubber stamp” operation to circumvent the Constitution by many gov’t agencies. Does ANYONE audit this monstrosity on a regular basis. Someone should sue the gov’t and have the S.C. review this entire system.


    • Carrie2 says:

      EggsX, and so nice to know that iPhone and other cellphones can actually be “redirected” so it is possible his phone has been “doctored” and he is telling the truth on this at least.


    • Sunshine says:

      They are in such a hate mode they are self-destructing.


    • Marsha Frey says:

      Exactly. The media and the DOJ/FBI are attached at the hip – the media provides the issue and the Feds take it and run. We now have a rogue government running amok in evil. No wonder they hate Trump – he is the only one standing in the way — they have had this routine going for years and the American public didn’t see it. Only the people can make sure Trump stays — it won’t be government that does.


  2. Heika says:

    Credit to the lassy interviewing him, she kept asking for evidence of credibility. She did a good job of making him look like a right royal twat.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Reid must have been thinking: “Is this a freaking Trump False Flag operation, or something?!?!?”


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  3. mr.piddles says:

    Honest question: is Greg Gordon an actual journalist?

    Just not getting a “professional vibe” from him. It’s like in ‘97, ‘98, ‘99 when I was interviewing job candidates… everybody and their grandmother was a “Web Developer”.

    Ok, that wasn’t an honest question. Just me being a smartass. But still… who is this clown?

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    • ATheoK says:

      Agreed. And smart ^ss works, especially in this case.

      Or the mid-eighties, when everyone was a computer expert.
      I used to ask people if floppy disks were hardware or software. Easily eliminates the truly ignorant.

      In the mid nineties, we used to ask for the url addresses for pages they were coding. Then bring up the pages to have the “web developers” walk us through their coding and designs.
      Many were flabbergasted that their down and dirty half ^ssed work was usually live.


  4. I knew it would turn out to be this way — made up out of thin air, and grabbed at by our criminal media for the edification of the cult followers on the insane Left– but I didn’t expect a guy who looks like a Doonesbury cartoon to be the showpiece. I’m glad it didn’t take days to get to the empty bottom of it, but I think we should drag Mueller into the limelight and read him the riot act — and then arrest him and his whole cabal, and DO NOT allow them bail.

    Also, arrest any talking heads and their guests who ran with this story as if it were serious. When is someone going to hit all of these people, in office or in media, with racketeering charges.

    We could build a string of prisons along the Mexican border to house them in, along with anybody crossing the border illegally going north.

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  5. Jederman says:

    “…Mr. Greg Gordon is the real life personification, of every caricature, of every low-IQ doofy newsroom journalist.”

    I do not consider him or any of his lot “journalists.”

    Until recently journalism concerned itself with facts, personal and professional integrity and transparency (to the extent possible). With the exception of a very few, what we have now are slugs such as Mr Gordon participating in an anti-American information op.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “Until recently journalism concerned itself with facts,….”

      Excuse me but that is utter BS! I caught them in a massive lie back in 1970s to cover the government’s arse after they shot and killed unarmed students at Kent State. It even included fabricated film footage! They also LIED that Kent State was about the Vietnam War. It wasn’t, it was about the TOWN refusing to allow adult age soldiers on the GI bill vote. That is from a friend who was IN THE PROTEST. He was in his mid twenties with a wife and two kids. SHE could vote, but because he was a student HE could not!

      Did you forget Operation Mocking Bird?
      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987.

      Barbara Honegger was the source and in the room when it was said.

      The Banksters and Ike’s Military-Industrial Complex has been in control of our media since 1915. Congressional Record, February 9, 1917 — J.P. Morgan interests buy 25 of America’s leading newspapers and insert their own editors


  6. Caius Lowell says:

    MSDNC: Cohen? Cohen? Cohen?
    Gordon: Um, he’s in the Czech Republic. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Cohen meet with a Russian at the Prague 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.
    MSDNC: Thank you, Gordon.
    Gordon: No problem whatsoever.

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  7. MAGAbear says:

    Just one look at that clown Gordon and you know not to take him seriously. It’s a fake news world now, we just live in it.

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  8. OldParatrooper says:

    “Michael Cohen is in Prague” according to a senior Russian official. Nobody at McLatchey has seen, much less validated, the report of Cohen’s cell phone pinging a Prague cell tower. H’mm, spoofing a cell tower isn’t that hard for an intelligence agency. Nor is creating a Call Data Record. Mighty thin gruel.

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  9. Rose says:

    Anyone else wonder if Meuller needed another illegal spy warrant and fed that vile venue lies to spy on an innocent? I hope he sues that venue for slander, I am sick of the corrupt media. A pinging cell phone the entire thing reads like the dirty dossier on pot.


  10. Fools Gold says:

    Hey these Dims gotta have the SC in charge so they have ligitimacy in their claims during the 2020 election season. If Mueller goes away before then because someone releases it all, it’s doomsday for Dims everywhere. Face it, they have nothing else to run on so they must continue with the hope that loyal rhinos/globalist/communists want turn there back on them before that moment. Until that day I will continue to morn for the truth and will not be deterred from Trump or his MAGA agenda!


  11. notfaded1 says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. It’s time someone puts their big boy pants on wth! How can any jounalist with any credibility even entertain this laughable bull? What has happened here in the USA? I don’t understand how the media has become so blatantly ignorant to facts? What’s happened to our country? Are we really this blind and stupid now? Can we not see any longer something that’s becoming so ridiculous that even our allies are starting to wonder? And what’s happened to the rank and file in our intelligence apporatus? I just have a hard time believing this falsehood can keep this ruse up for much longer with all the holes in it? Where’s the Justice in the DOJ? What ever happened to the respect that used to be earned by the FBI?

    Weren’t these agencies supposed to be above politics and bias? What happened to the bar? When was it decided to hell with the rule of law and that our ethics went out the window and politicians like Obama were allowed by everyone to be weaponized as a tool for using our intelligence apporatus to spy on, target, and destroy political enemies. I have to think maybe Rand Paul was right before when he warned us about this and was ridiculed and laughed at.

    Can we please get some honest journalism like here on CTH somewhere else and can someone with juice start to demand answers to all these questions? We’re slowly losing our republic to God knows what… Unethical blatant deception and unconstitutional barbarism? Idk what to even lable this anymore. Aren’t more Americans starting to question what’s going on here when it’s so blatent that it should scare the heck out of anyone that believes in what our country was founded on.

    What are we coming to here? How long can this keep going on? How long can this ruse keep being fed? Are we really losing what it was that made us free and American in the first place? What is Justice in the USA now? Do the rules apply to everyone anymore?

    I’m sorry if I went on a rant… I really am but I’m starting to think maybe we can’t solve this rationally with respectful discourse any longer… which is really scary treeps.

    God bless the President DJT and United States of America.

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    • G. Combs says:

      Try Dan Bongino. Also look at my comment uptread. The MSM has been CONTROLLED by the Banksters since 1915. Afterall how else could they get us into all these wars and make $$$?

      6 corporations now control the media. WHO controls corporations??
      The Network of Global Corporate Control

      I have not checked recently but the last time I did a BANKER or former banker or CRF member or both sat on the board of the media giants.

      See my 2012 comment for the details.


  12. Right to reply says:

    These people are faux journalists. How do they know who, how, and when anything was pinging? Someone needs to ask them which government officials released this info to them, when they have no security clearances, or right to the information whether it be true, or false!


  13. Dr.Jay says:

    Yet this is also misdirection: “oh so someone mistook the Michael Cohen who visited Prague (the art dealer) with Michael Cohen, the lawyer.” And then imply that this explains the FBI missing that.

    In reality we already knew in January 2017 about this story AND I explained that the FBI could not be fooled in this respect, and could not claim difficulty in verifying this (although they kept saying that nothing was verified, they (Comey, McCabe) failed to say that parts had already been debunked, as was the claim that Cohen (the lawyer) had been to Prague.

    In fact the FBI would be able to disprove this story within one working day. You need a modern biometric passport to travel between USA and EU, and the FBI can easily determine the passport number for Michael Cohen. Then they can check both the US as wel as EU entry&exit databases. A simple query on passport number shows that he did not exit nor renter the US, nor entered and exited the EU. End of story, it wasnt him.

    No matter how you travel, whether by plane or boat or even car, you must pass passport control.
    And they swipe your passport ID, this is then shown on screen, if it is a real oficially issued passport, and they can then check copy of original on screen, versus paper document versus the person in front of them. Airports even have facial recognition, to check picture of the person showing the document with the stored original passport photograph.

    This makes it basically impossible for a private individual to have a fake passport issued by the EU, or even the US. In the case of the US it may be easier to create a secondary identity, but when you attempt to get a secondary passport under the second false name you are now likely to be exposed due to photo cross match. Even when its not done the moment you ask for the passport, then it an easy check afterwards: did anyone who looks like him travel instead?

    In summary the FBI would be able to debunk the Cohen was in Prague story within a day.
    Yet they have never given their conclusion in public, they only claimed to be still working on it.
    For this part of the dossier that claim is clearly untrue, as it is impossible.

    By stating the seemingly neutral statement: “no parts of the dossier have been verified” they were in fact lying, as at least one part had already been debunked. That statement is incomplete and intentionally misleading.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      The FBI knows we the people know they are lying. But the charade continues anyway because this attempted destruction of PDJT is out in the open, supported by media, deep state, RINOs and more. .

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    • G. Combs says:

      I am sure the Michael Cohen in Prague claim was a key point in the presentation to the FISA judge. There is NO WAY the FIB would mention it was not verefied or that it was FALSE.

      This KEY because this point alone shows malfeasance on the part of COMEY and the FIB.


  14. CornPicker says:

    Yep if you say a lie enough, enough people will start to think your an azzhole, moron, like a muh Russian.


  15. Jake says:

    Most people haven’t read the actual Steele Dossier report on “Michael Cohen in Prague”. It is very specific, with accounts of Cohen meeting with named high level Russian officials and payments handed out by him to these Russians to hack the Democrats and Hillary. If Trump’s Michael Cohen had actually visited Prague in August 2016, think how nearly impossible it would have been for him to defend against these lies.

    But, it wasn’t Trump’s Michael Cohen. Nellie Ohr and the other contractors using the NSA 702 database found a Michael Cohen in Prague in August and invented this nefarious scenario out of whole cloth to set up collusion with the Russians. I wondered how long before they would add to the lie by manufacturing false evidence to insist Cohen was in Prague.

    Because it comes down to this: The Steele Dossier’s major charge is that the Trump campaign entered into a conspiracy with Russian agents to hack Democrat Party computers. They so needed the ‘real’ Michael Cohen to be set up in Prague.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I do believe Sundance’s theories that contractors were inappropriately accessing collected data, saw that a Michael Cohen had visited Prague, assumed it was Trump’s Michael Cohen, and passed the info to lovely Nellie Ohr to work into her masterpiece. Ooops! 🙂

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  16. amaezed one says:

    Too much emphasis on Journalistic Degrees. Universities punch out degrees like popcorn. A novelist without a degree can wordsmith to a best seller’s list. Thing is whether someone has enough morals and ethics to tell it like it is. Another consideration is “….that feeds you”. Or if they have dirt on you. You write what you are told without virtuous pomposity. Don’t rock the boat. There is no left or right, black or white but good and bad folk. At any given time we can choose to be either. Cheers and have an efficient day. 🙂

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  17. covfefe999 says:

    Joy Reid did a good job of shredding this guy without doing anything that would offend the forever-lib snowflakes. Hopefully more people walked away from the Dem party after this interview.

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  18. G. Combs says:

    Jake says:
    “Most people haven’t read the actual Steele Dossier report on “Michael Cohen in Prague”. It is very specific, with accounts of Cohen meeting with named high level Russian officials and payments handed out by him to these Russians to hack the Democrats and Hillary. If Trump’s Michael Cohen had actually visited Prague in August 2016, think how nearly impossible it would have been for him to defend against these lies….”

    Remember President Trump was NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN!

    The lovely Nellie could be as creative as needed once she had the info the art dealer “Michael Cohen was in Prague” on specific dates. She did not have to worry about being truthful after all.

    It all turns on the fact the FISA judge RELIES on the FIB being truthful and vetting and verifying the information. AND THAT is the ‘sources and methods’ the FIB and Deep State are desperately trying to hide. Because once it becomes universally understood that the FIB are a sack of lying crud who use underhanded methods and their office to settle personal/political grudges AND the FISA judges and DOJ HELP THEM the bureaucracy comes tumbling down!

    President Trump’s Gordian Knot is carefully dismantling this mess without a major crisis. That is why I think he is moving carefully and slowly. He has to have a parallel system in place/remove the bad actors before he lowers the hammer. The Reboobs slow walking his appointments has been a major stumbling block. He needs the new DOJ attorneys appointed by Sessions confirmed as well as a major backlog or federal judges.


    • G. Combs says:

      Finally remembered. Dan Bongino always mentions the Woods Procedure that is supposed to be followed before presenting information to the FISA court to get a warrant.

      It is darn obvious that the procedure was not only NOT FOLLOWED but false information was INTENTIONALLY presented to the FISA Court in order to spy on the Trump campaign.

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