Same Sketchy Journalists Claim Again Michael Cohen in Prague Story…

McClatchy journalists Peter Stone and Greg Gordon are once again attempting to prop-up the most disproven allegation in the Chris Steele/Nellie Ohr dossier about Michael Cohen making a trip to Prague.  They appear to stir this false story approximately every six months.  [See Here]  This iteration is framed around cell-phone tower pings.

Michael Cohen has denied the claim for years.  Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, has clearly denied the claim.  The special counsel has reviewed and walked-away from the claim.  The Washington Post spent months trying to substantiate the claim, and could find no evidence [See Here].  According to WaPo reporter Greg Miller, the CIA and FBI have refuted the claim.  It simply did not happen.

However, that said, the Cohen mistake within the Dossier continues to point toward how the FISA-702 FBI/NSA database was likely exploited by government intelligence ‘contractors’ to extract political opposition research.  Their FISA(16)(17) “about” queries of the database simply returned a result of the wrong Michael Cohen.

According to prior research, there was a Michael Cohen in the region; that Cohen is a New York City based art dealer with the same name as Donald Trump’s former lawyer.

Washington Post Greg Miller obliquely noted a reference to the art world when he was explaining how reporters spent months in Praque, and surrounding area, checking through hotel records and asking questions while finding no evidence. [Watch here]

That notation to “artwork” by Greg Miller reflects a melding of the original claim with the mistaken identity of an art dealer named Michael Cohen.  It is likely Nellie Ohr, or someone with similar FISA database access, doing similar research, received the wrong result from a FISA(17) “about query” search and passed it along to Christopher Steele who included it within his dossier.  As FISC Judge Collyer noted (see above) the non-compliant, unlawful, rate for the database searches were 85%.

It still seems most likely that Nellie Ohr wrote much of the dossier from the research already held by her employer Glenn Simpson at Fusion-GPS, in combination with material extracted from database searches.  Christopher Steele was used to launder the opposition research and give it the appearance -and validity- of an intelligence research document.

Mrs. Nellie Ohr refused to answer questions when brought before the joint congressional committee.  She invoked ‘Spousal Privilege’.

The FBI did not verify the Ohr/Steele material because they needed a legal justification for already existing surveillance on the Trump campaign.  The sketchy Ohr/Steele dossier was used to obtain sketchy FISA warrants on Trump campaign officials; making sketchy surveillance legal through the fraudulent construct of a counterintelligence operation.

The Cohen mistake within the Ohr/Steele dossier is one data-point that seems to outline how the entire operation was connected.  Officials inside government and allies (contractors and journalists) outside government were working in collaboration.

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  1. gawntrail says:

    A simple list of the user names for the database inquiries solves all of this.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      You would think that someone among the “Soft Coup” would tell these reporters to drop this ASAP. The more they bring it up eventually someone will come out with the truth about the abuses on the 702s that took place.

      Sharyl Attkisson stated that these abuses go all the way back to 2002. She starts in the video below at 4:10.

      She currently is suing based on what was done.

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      • covfefe999 says:

        I forgot about that Lisa Page text to her luvvah Peter Strzok: potus wants to know everything we’re doing”. She wrote that on Sep 2 2016.

        Barry, you should be in prison.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        This POS May get desperate for money and decide to sue as well!

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      • Sunshine says:

        Despair, nothing more, to get a story.

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      • See, maybe we are MISSING the point here. Maybe it was a “white hat” who gave the disinfo to McClatchey, WANTING it to be revisited. We ALL know that the Cohen in Prague was thoroughly debunked by passport and eyewitness accounts of the REAL Michael Cohen at USC in CA on a recruiting trip with his son.

        So WHY on earth rehash this DEAD horse again. Perhaps to get people looking again, and maybe a “random act of journalism” will happen and they will realize that this erroneous info was put out because of a CRIME, an illegal search in a SECRET database by un UNATHORIZED conspirator to a coup de tat.

        The “journalist” who randomly “discovers” and reports that will go down in HISTORY. Who would have the GUTS. Does Ms. Atkisson? With all do respect to Sundance and other prominent bloggers, it will take a BIG name MSM to break ranks and do this, a blogger will not do. We have all known or suspected the truth for MONTHS. But, REGULAR people who listen to the MSM have NO IDEA what has happened. It only would take ONE NAME.

        Hell, hey Dan, here’s your CHANCE to go down in HISTORY. To restore your good name AND reputation. To make amends for the GWB fiasco. Do ONE good thing before you die, and you will be revered and more famous than you could have EVER dreamed. Someone has to be first. Why not the disgraced former keeper of the swamp. What have THEY done for you lately Dan? (sarc)

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      • Flep, sorry don’t know how to contact you. Please check out my post in the daily, I think I figured our just why they HAVE to eliminate Trump..Hint $$ Sorry for the OT

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    • mikgen says:


      Thanks again for trying to bring order to this complicated story. At least us regular readers of CTH get a front-row seat watching how real life disinformation is made-up and transmitted. This story (the Russia Hoax) ought to be studied by every counter-intelligence outfit for the next 50 years.

      However, one tiny problem with today’s installment. The link to Greg Miller’s interview is not correct (it is a link to the new McClatchy piece). I think you wanted to refer to the interview he made in a book store which was broadcast on C-Span:

      I have just listened through one hour of “the other side of the looking glass”. Wow! But no mention of “art world” in relation to WaPo investigation of the possible visit of Michael Cohen to Prague. (Greg Miller (Nov 16, 2018) rather firmly rejects the whole idea that Cohen was there, which maybe explains why the McClatchy authors had to make a come back.) Has he managed to meld the two Cohen’s somewhere else? In his book? or another interview? Would be interesting to find out.

      Here are Miller’s answer to the question re Cohen:
      “We literally spent weeks and months trying to run down… there’s an assertion in there that Michael Cohen went to Prague to settle payments that were needed at the end of the campaign. We sent reporters to every hotel in Prague, to all over the place trying to – just to try to figure out if he was ever there, and came away empty and we’ve talked to sources at the FBI and the CIA and elsewhere — they don’t believe that ever happened,” (time point in the link above ca 33:30 – 34:05)

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    • Bob says:

      With that cast of character….it would give rise to reopen Alcatraz, then the public would be able to view these people that have been destroying the USA. They would have to have more boats to get the tourists out there.


  2. starfcker says:

    That picture is the first indication that Pat from Saturday Night Live is the 0hr’s lawyer.

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  3. sundance says:

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    • Joe S says:

      I read this DC article some time ago, but now, after reading it again, and with the pattern of Simpson’s planted stores that have surfaced over time, wow-just wow. The Cleta Mitchell aspect of this is very troubling. It seems that Schiff has some splain’in to do too.

      It really seems that as they try to entrap PDJT in this, they are exposing themselves. I almost hope they bring charges against PDJT, so he can use all this in a defense.

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      • CarolynH says:

        Cleta already pushed back on this story earlier this year……

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        • bofh says:


          “But I think it is up to the American people to force this to stop by voting this fall and keeping the House away from the Democrats. That’s going to be imperative if we are to stop the politically motivated investigation by Mueller and reclaim the DoJ and the FBI for the rule of law.”


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      • sucesfuloser says:

        Don’t hope for that, what a pain in the neck that would be.

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      • Dutchman says:

        “It really seems that as they try to as they try to entrap PDJT in this, they are exposing themselves.”

        Yes, like creatures of the murky swamp, when the water levels are exposed!

        Or, like insects caught in a spider web, or quicksand; the more they struggle, the more they entrap themselves.

        “I almost hope they bring charges against PDJT, so he can use,all this in his defence.”
        EXACTLY. And “bringing charges” =

        And YES, HE and THEY know, IF they attempt to impeach, his only reason for NOT releaseing the kraken ( requested documents) evaporates, since the reason is the threat of impeachment.

        It is, IMHO a ‘mexican standoff’ as p.c. incorrect as that may be. Or, for chess players, like both sides are looking at trading queens; the queens,are not off the board, just out of play.

        “Go ahead, punk. Make my day!”
        Even though their base wants them to, they can NOT impeach, because he will release. They need to LOWER the base,support, as well in order for an impeachment and conviction with removal from office.

        As impeachment is a POLITICAL trial, not a criminal one, and so a popularity contest, and not unlike a “vote of confidence/no confidence, in a parlimentary system.

        In the end, we who support our President, even if he shot someone on 5 th ave in broad daylite, are his strength against impeachment. They can not have Republican Senators vote YES, so long as he remains so popular with his largely Republican voter base.

        We, by our continued obstinate, unfailing support of DJT, are a knife to the throat of the resistance. If our support remains strong, they can NOT remove him, except by the ballot box, something they can not do.

        One term Presidents in recent history;
        LBJ, declined to run.
        Carter, ran and lost.
        Ford?, have to google it.

        With his list of accomplishments, already WHO could possibly run against him?

        “Gee, I’m SORRY that I ;
        Eliminated ISIS

        Rejuvenated the American Economy

        Got Norks stabilised, avoiding WW3.

        Lowest unemployment in history

        2million off food stamps,…

        Bring our troops home, and stabilise ME


        I suppose you think you can do better?”

        WHO can POSSIBLY successfully run against his record?

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Well, well. Just when we thought the little boy (MSM) who cried wolf had finally been humiliated enough. This weekend we have to endure yet another round of the “Cohen in Prague” fiction, listen to CNN slam our deployed troops in Iraq and as always, disrespect the POTUS, his wife and family. Fake news, sheesh!

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  4. Ready Steady Go says:

    And why hasn’t Admiral Mike Rogers ever confirmed Spygate? And why does he not ever weigh in on this issue and at least throw out a few bread crumbs about this coup. He knew and saw everything. Yes, he gave POTUS a heads up, but is that enough? Why remain silent while Comey Brennan and Clapper continue with their vile swill? More is to be expected!

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    • litenmaus says:

      Why remain silent? Perhaps to not taint a trial that will arise as a result of PDJT’s January EO.

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      • Clarence Smith says:

        LOL! Is this more Q nonsense? I


        • litenmaus says:

          I am surprised you didn’t ask me what conspiracy theorist I was listening to, or perhaps how I came to such a racist response. I suppose ‘Q nonsense’ is your little show of disdain, however…

          ‘this’ was a reasoned response and you can disagree with it if you choose.


    • Piper77 says:

      Where does this “Mike Rogers is a white hat” come from?

      Until proven otherwise, he’s just as part as the swamp as anyone else.


      • justlizzyp says:

        Admiral Rogers made an unannounced, unsanctioned visit to Trump Tower shortly after the election. The next day the entire transition team abruptly moved to New Jersey, out of Trump Tower. At around the same time, he requested an ‘audit’ type review of the FISA query process (the Judge’s results are excerpted in Sundance’s post above) that revealed massive, widespread illegal surveillence and unmasking of US citizens. He is the one who ‘shut down’ the most abused processes, including contractor’s having access to the system to run search queries. Based on these known facts, it seems very likely that he alerted POTUS that Trump Tower was bugged. That piece is speculation, but it is fact that he shut down the illegal spying by means of 702 about queries and cut off access to contractors. That seems rather white hat-ish to many people.

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        • Papa-T says:

          Your timing of the audit is wrong. Admiral Rogers ordered the Audit in April 2016. Results were produced in October 2016. Judge Collier rule made public (heavily redacted) April 2017.

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          • justlizzyp says:

            Thank you for the correction!


          • Jan says:

            Another point: The FISA app on Carter Page was granted on 10/21/2016, a few days before Adm. Rogers verbally informed the FISC of the audit results. A couple of days later, his written results were submitted. The FISC never apparently recalled the Page FISA app, nor did it do anything on the other 3 renewals that we know of or anything else since. Neither the FISC nor Justice Roberts seem to be even slightly concerned. Hence, the FISC is likely allowing the DOJ/FBI to continue its corruption. For sure, they’re not bothered by anything in this or other matters in which their Court is used as a political weapon against whoever the “Deep States” goes after. Time to do away with FISA & FISC!!

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      • bluebongo says:

        He’s under an NDA, from the O regime….50 years from now he can write a book.


    • snellvillebob says:

      Most likely it was all classified with the death penalty for anyone who exposes them further.

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    • Streak 264 says:

      IMO, I think Rogers was invilved and when he saw President Trump was going to win he needed to make it right.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Instead of white/black hats, think of it as a little monkey, in a,cage,with two, 800 lb. Gorillas.
          The deep state, entrenched powers that be, vs. PDJT, who has an amazing record of winning, even turning apperent losses into wins.

          If you want to survive, your goal is not to p.o. eithrr of the two, big gorillas, lest they tear you limb from limb.

          There may be many who are unsure which gorilla is gonna win, and lesser #’s that have committed to one gorilla or the other.

          The swamp is murky,…

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          • mdcx says:

            What consequence has ANYONE involved in this faced from the not-Deep State gorilla? I posit, absolutely nothing. So, if I were in his shoes and my thinking was as you just described, I’d certainly p.o. the second gorilla.

            Maybe Rogers, like many of us, thought the second gorilla was actually gonna ‘drain the swamp’ and so forth, when in reality, we just ended up with a cage with 2 monkeys.


          • Jederman says:

            In that case a prudent Dir would identify his personal threats and do a few queries of his own to see what’s in the closets.

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      • Right to reply says:

        I agree with this. Its better to create a good impression than to be found out you let people exploit the information of others for years. It might be time to revisit Snowden and what he exposed!

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      • WSB says:

        From the announcement:

        “About Team8
        Team8 is a leading cybersecurity think tank and company creation platform, leveraging the expertise of formers leaders from Israel’s elite military intelligence Unit 8200. Supported by an in-house team of top researchers, engineers and analysts, Team8 is focused on developing disruptive technologies and category-leading companies that enable businesses to reap the benefits of digital transformation in an agile and secure manner. Team8 is backed by some of the world’s most renowned businesses including Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T, Accenture, Qualcomm, Nokia and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. For more information, please visit”

        $$$$$$$ and control.


  5. Galileo says:

    This article might not be a new leak. They may have regurgitated it with a factoid.


    • mike says:

      Continuation of media’s disinformation campaign for low info citizens. It doesn’t have to be true, just not actionable enough to hurt.

      They know the (sub)average person tends to “average” conflicting claims. This is just another freebie POS liberal fake news.

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    • Kate says:

      Tell the same lie over and over and then it will be taken as the truth.

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  6. Johnny Bravo says:

    Sundance, I’ve been watching your tweets today on this. This is another gift that keeps on giving, their narrative is incohesive and full of holes.

    Now where can we find a decent prosecutor? 💭

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  7. Merkin Muffy says:

    Once again we see the media publish knowingly false stories just to keep the Russia narrative going.

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      …and we have always been at war with Oceania.

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    • farrier105 says:

      The Cohen story alleges that Cohen went to Prague to pay the Russian hackers. That’s what it is about. The hack story is in more trouble all the time, just not reported by the media. The indictment of the 12 Russians is shot full of holes. Then the Alabama Russian Bot story blew up. This whole thing is only being kept alive by UNINFORMED PEOPLE and a corrupt media.

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  8. Angel Martin says:

    “Cohen in Prague” returns yet again !

    Glenn Simpson has somehow convinced Stone and Gordon that contrary to all other evidence, this still happened – enough to push the story.

    Five Eyes shares all electronic data, like cell pings.

    My guess is that Cohen in Prague was mistakenly picked up by illegal 802 searches. When the story didn’t pan out it was “confirmed” somehow by another Five Eyes country (likely UK given Steele’s connections, maybe Australia via Alexander Downer).

    Maybe if Simpson keeps pushing this, the whole thing will unravel.

    Deep State and Swamp elements are always quick to go on the record to knock down this story when it reappears.

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  9. Mike says:

    Once again everyone is missing the point. An art dealer conducting business in a foreign country electronic trail was RECORDED then available to the highest bidder.

    This is what Congress doesn’t want American citizens to know about.

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    • justlizzyp says:

      This! It is horrific to consider that intel assets were used for purely political purposes. Beyond horrific to take it that next step and realize that they were spying on pretty much everyone, at will, and passing that information around willy nilly. My particular ‘hit the wall’ moment came when I did the math and realized that, with a fairly conservative 20 contacts per day estimate, the Carter Page warrant allowed them open access to the phone calls and emails of over 140,000 people without getting warrants on them. So if the barrista that made his latte every day called his girlfriend, then she called her friend to complain about how bad he was in the sack, some untold number of government creeps know about it. If his pharmacist was planning a surprise marriage proposal, they knew before the significant other. That should shock EVERY American, but most are too busy denying that Saint Obama ever crossed a street outside of a crosswalk.

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      • Jan says:

        Please also remember, that they were doing all of this before they ever got FISA approval on Page in October 2016. That approval just “legalized” everything they’d been doing before they got the approval. Will we ever know the true story behind the FISA approval they didn’t get in June or July 2016 that involved the name “Trump?”

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  10. Piper77 says:

    Cohen just tweeted this:

    I hear #Prague #CzechRepublic is beautiful in the summertime. I wouldn’t know as I have never been. #Mueller knows everything!
    1:23 PM – 27 Dec 2018

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  11. Publius2016 says:

    with 45 in Iraq and Germany, Fake News has nothing to spew! they reach back because everything shows America WINNING!

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  12. wendy forward says:

    I may be the only one with this reaction–but here goes…ZZZZZZzzzz.

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    • Old 11A says:

      Wendy, I agree. The main question for me is “So What?” When we start getting some prosecutorial action on the Swamp in D.C. then I’ll start paying closer attention. But so far, NADA. I’m trying to conserve my last Good Nerve and am not getting too worked up over this.

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  13. saywhat64 says:

    It’s a different Micheal Cohen. Mueller leaking this old story again to continue his witch hunt AKA covering up FISA abuses and other crimes by the obama admistration.

    Not surprising that this story is from McClatchy.

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  14. fanbeav says:

    So when will our DOJ who is in charge of this Mueller fiasco have to reveal the truth? It’s obvious the fake MSM media will never report this farce investigation accurately!

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  15. Heika says:

    I cannot stop asking why the special counsel (based upon the proven to be false dosier is valid… and why it has not been stopped or why any of its findings are allowed. Its like a big fat deliberate amnesia is being played out over and over (we are ignoring THAT) when this thing rolls victims into courts. The main point is just overlooked, every time.
    It kind of does ones head in.

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  16. Heika says:

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  17. Derek says:

    ok didnt Michael Cohens sons coach confirm too that MIchael was in LA during the supposed time he was in Prague ?

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    • Richard Whitney says:

      On Linked In you can find over 2300 ‘Michael Cohens’. I’d bet there are more outside of Linked In. They are everywhere.
      That ‘Michael Cohen’ search result was just a badly thought-through search, by the same crowd that creates infantile passwords and thinks that resetting a phone deletes texts from everywhere,

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  18. evergreen says:

    Why can’t Cohen sue for defamation? Go to court to drag out the sources or pay up big-time. If he has not been to Prague, then it cannot be proven that he has; therefore, whomever is pimping this story is at risk for defamation by making Cohen a conspirator in the proceedings against Trump. It opened him up to the SC prosecution and broke him, so the damages, trebled (no?), are immense and could arguably repay his legal expenses and then some.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Maybe if Cohen sued some sources would be revealed?

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    • Deplore Able says:

      “Why can’t Cohen sue for defamation?
      Because you first have to have character to sue for defamation of character.

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      • Ruckus Tom says:

        That and a top notch attorney at $1000 an hour, 40 hours a week – a short week ($40,000 a week or $160,000 a month) in a case that might last at least 10 months ($1,600,000) or more (20 months – $3.2 million; 30 months – $4.8 million; 60 months, or 5 years, $9.6 million – etc. etc.). That’s just for 1 top notch lawyer. Bring in 10 of them and you can add a zero at the end of all the dollar amounts. How many people have that kind of scratch laying around in a suit they might very well lose? Where’s Cohen currently working now? Burger King?


  19. Dave Francis says:

    When will the first arrest be made against the dozens of people who illegally conspired to frame and remove a duly elected president from office? I’m no lawyer but what specific charges could and should be brought against these people-and who is the person that needs to do it? William Barr? Was James Wolfe all we get? Why not either Orr’s or Priestap or anyone from Fusion GPS? The list is lengthy…

    I have followed this plot diligently from day 1, I want the arrests to start or I am about to believe no one will ever be charged and the history books will treat this all as a conspiracy theory that only people wearing tin foil hats believed in.


  20. Fingolfin says:

    Sundance, simple question (I hope)… Why doesn’t team white hat within the DOJ/FBI charge Nellie with everything/anything they can pin (like false statements during an 8 hour interview, ala team Mueller) and grind her until she flips and admits *everything* she knows??

    Heck, why can’t our side get *anyone* in the small group to flip the same way Mueller is (attempting to) with Cohen, Stone, Flynn, et al??


    • covfefe999 says:

      We need a decent AG first.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      The reason, Fingolfin, is that there are still too many traitors inside who, undoubtedly, have eyes and ears everywhere, specifically to sniff out agents who still respect the legal code. Look at the White Hats’ position as if they are navigating their way through a well designed labyrinth. If you are one of the White Hats, you need to pretend that you’re on board with the rigged game. There is only one true path through the labyrinth from start to successful finish. Any wrong turn will lead to ambush, disappearance, or inexplicable “suicide”, aka, plausibly deniable murder. A lot of savvy, honorable patriots here on TCTH refer to it as Arkancide.

      Stay true to the mission, Everyone. Every single time our MAGA Team is sabotaged by the usual suspects, or from within, I force myself to think about the American Colonists, and particularly about the awful winter at Valley Forge. They had no idea how long that long, hungry, cold struggle would go on. They had every reason to believe that the great and powerful forces of King George III would destroy the fighting force of the fledgling nation. But the Colonial Army, with its supporters, continued pursuit of victory and independent nationhood. Don’t get me started on the unknown calendars in other l-o-n-g struggles we have endured as a nation and as a leader on the world stage.

      No wussiness here! We must continue to pay close attention, sort out the B.S. from the real threats, and be today’s version of The Minutemen.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      I think there is a team black hat and a team duck-and-hold-on-for-the-pension at both institutions. Few will dare risk losing that retirement money for fear of what happened to Flynn.


  21. wendy forward says:

    Maybe there is no “team white hat” within the DOJ/FBI.

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  22. emet says:

    Either the person querying Cohen was unskilled, or they just needed any old Michael Cohen to be in Prague. Relitively easy to id the actual Michael Cohen and confirm he never left the US.

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    • GB Bari says:

      If it was a contractor doing the queries (illegally – unauthorized) then it could very possibly have been DONE by a less-competent stooge working for that contractor who did not use sufficient identifying criteria to narrow the results to the correct Michael Cohen. I believe Sundance expressed his opinion on this point early in his analyses of the 702 (16)(17) search tool abuses.

      Here is one Sundance post from last May about that:

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      • Leaving says:

        It didn’t matter that it was the wrong Cohen. They would have used it even if they knew it was the wrong Cohen.

        The needed it to retroactively justify their searches.


  23. Oldretiredguy says:

    The saddest part to all of this garbage (which is lost in the mud) is that the Evil Hag herself paid for this scam. Her and Billy will end up skating on this trash

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  24. joeknuckles says:

    This is a new twist meant to provide a fig leaf of cover for the previous fake stories and also to create plausible deniability to the search query theory. In other words, they are saying the other Cohen wasn’t discovered by searching the database, he was discovered from cell phone records. Get it? It’s another lie to cover previous lies.

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  25. Matt Hay says:

    The McClatchy piece, if it actually were accurate, would be a lot bigger issues for the conspirators. Namely, how is it that a foreign intel agency (Estonia cough cough) would know the IMEI and SIM of a specific US citizen to know whether or not they are pinging a given tower? It isn’t like the IMEI+SIM says “Hi, I am Michael Cohen, let me connect!” The only way this could have happened would be if a Western Intel Agency sent their target profile of Cohen to them, as opposed to just some random incidental interception for them to know what they were looking at, indicating a larger undisclosed multinational surveillance op.

    All that said, everyone and their brother denied substantiation, ever those for whom substantiation would have been self serving, and still would be. Also, hinckey that “near Prague” and “around the time” are used when in fact, if the data they claimed existed actually did, those would be very objective answers.

    Would certainly be interesting however if in order to retroactively try and validate the claims, Cohen’s IMEI was cloned and spoofed. It isn’t hard to do, at least on Android (I have done it myself in order to fix an image flash that went awry and borked my phone. Thankfully I backed the identifier up so I had it, otherwise would have been SOL.)

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    • Maybe Cohen went to Prague dressed as a Taliban bomber, then it would be No Mr Achmed we don t need to see no papers and make sure your Ak 47 is secured in the overhead compartment.

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    • Jan says:

      That was my thought. It would be relatively simple for the “deep state” in control of our intelligence agencies and much overseas influence to get somebody to create a “ping” almost immediately, if not 2 yrs. later.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      There’s this interesting little bit in the Daily Mail UK

      “McClatchy didn’t explore in print the possibility that a Cohen adversary might have obtained the unique digital ID of his phone and put it on another one, a simple task for the technically inclined.

      Every phone carries an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, or IMEI, an electronic fingerprint that can be altered. Instructions for the hack are readily available online, covering both Apple and Android devices.

      That raises the possibility that a foreign agent who obtained the ID number of Cohen’s phone could have cloned it and switched it on somewhere in order to suggest he was present.”


    • Dr.Jay says:

      Around that time: Dossier alleges August/September 2016, Cohen was in Rome & on Capri in July 2016.
      Near Prague: well Rome is in Italy, which is also in Europe …
      Close enough?


  26. TozerBGood says:

    I find myself questioning how much any of this matters… in a country that just gave control of the house to the democratic party in light of all this democratic coup of PDJT/

    Liked by 1 person

  27. TozerBGood says:

    I mean… the majority of the country seems to care less about this obvious threat to our republic. Hell… the majority of the country doesn’t even understand this is a republic. And if anyone in power actually cared… they would organize a special council to investigate the DOJ, FBI, the CIA, and the NSA. But nobody would even know about it if they did. It’s a conundrum.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. California Joe says:

    Mueller and any other federal prosecutor would know for a fact whether Cohen traveled to Prague in twenty minutes! Federal law enforcement maintains an intelligence unit in Manhattan that tracks, among other things, every airline flight and passenger in the world through a joint airline industry database. That includes the names of each passenger, airline, flight number and seat as well as airport of each departure and arrived, the time of each and the price of the ticket, credit or debit card used and every connecting flight. On top of that US Customs maintains TECS the Treasury Enforcement Computer System which logs every person leaving and entering the United States through a port of entry especially via commercial or private air travel. Mueller also has easy access to Cohen’s credit card statements which would show any airline, hotel or restaurant expenses in Prague….if they existed at all. Tracking telephone cell towers would be the very last and least reliable method, if not totally impossible way of determining whether Cohen was in Prague three years ago!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Mueller and any other federal prosecutor would know for a fact whether Cohen traveled to Prague in twenty minutes!

      Goes back further than Mueller

      In fact Comey and Strzok would have assigned this task to a first year G Man when they first read this tale in the Dossier:

      ‘Go check Passport records to see if Trump’s Cohen went to Prague”

      Like you said they would have known this was bogus within 20 minutes and should have been questioning Steele as to WHO, WHERE and HOW he got this “intel” ESPECIALLY IF THEY FOUND THAT A DIFFERENT “MICHEAL COHEN” DID GO TO PRAGUE.

      Depending on what database was searched they may have even known that “MICHEAL COHEN” was ALREADY searched, WHO ordered the search and WHAT the search results were:
      “Micheal Cohen (wrong one) in Prague”

      In other words, proof that “Steele’s intel” actually came from a US database search.


  29. chojun says:

    Hey Sundance –

    A thought occurred to me that some (*some*) of the Dossier info might be factual (without context) because some of the data was laundered from the NSA database.

    It has been claimed by you (and others) that due to the nature of 702 ‘about’ queries, it’s possible that they just got the wrong Michael Cohen.

    But what if they got the right Michael Cohen?

    Spoofing an IMEI number is easy. There are a number of articles online about how to do it. It’s now being reported in the daily mail that Cohen’s IMEI was possibly spoofed.

    Consider now how data is collected into the NSA database, and consider what kind of metadata would be included in the database. The IMEI is an important identifier that most likely would be included in data intercepts that are stored in the database.

    Theory: What if NSA/FBI contractors were to have grabbed the *correct* Michael Cohen from the NSA database, extracted his IMEI number that was on record associated with call/text intercepts, and secret agents used it to spoof a location ping near Prague in ’16?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Matt Hay says:

      That is my theory as well. An attempt to retroactively validate as those tower logs would clearly identity a time and location, only reason why the vaguery is likely that they are after the supposed date…hard time believing that these sources know that an IMEI was identified as Cohen’s, but yet don’t provide a date (which would allow easy refutation). Am wondering if this gaslighting is to frontrun official admission of the involvement of Estonia and other agencies in connection with Ukrainian interests.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. margarite1 says:

    It’s all too obvious that the powers that be just want the whole spygate fiasco to go away. They don’t want to end up being found complicit, they won’t want the after shocks of the truth coming out, they don’t want the government cleaned up since they benefit from the corruption. To me the only question is do they wait POTUS out until next election or do they try to remove him?

    The awful thing is that there are way more corrupt backstabbers on the public payroll than I could ever have imagined. No wonder they act like they’re above the law – they are.

    Liked by 3 people

  31. MaineCoon says:

    What’s this… the 3rd time fake news has recycled this fake story?

    Liked by 2 people

  32. bulwarker says:

    The Deep State is attempting to manufacture evidence that puts Cohen in Prague. This is why Cohen is not yet in prison, but got 3 months to “confess” to Mueller that he’s lied about not being in Prague. When the Deep State has access to our intelligence community resources and those of foreign nations I expect more “evidence” will pop up, like a faked passport stamp, as “proof.” Trump needs to get out in front of this and declassify, because we all know the rat Cohen will do whatever he has to to avoid serving his prison sentence.

    Liked by 5 people

  33. Brian Baker says:

    The same old crap keeps getting rehashed repeatedly. The institutionally corrupt DOJ and Mueller’s posse who know it isn’t true are allowing the media to conduct an innuendo campaign against POTUS because they have nothing on him violating the law. It’s an abomination and all involved should be ashamed. Is William Barr an honorable man enough to end the charade?

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Folks, This story about FINGERING the wrong Michael Cohen is being orchestrated by DIRTY Robert Swan Mueller III to take the Public’s EYE off the Concord Mgt. & Consulting, LLC. case along with what happened with SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts putting a STAY on Punitive Damages being applied to Foreign Govt. owned Company.

    Liked by 5 people

  35. Chieftain says:

    Actual malice or reckless disregard for the truth?
    Which is it?

    Liked by 1 person

  36. smurfette says:

    So the cartel claims to have “Stingray” data on a US citizen, Michael Cohen while he was in a foreign country, Prague? How very interesting. Even if it’s the wring Cohen, this says a lot about the worldwide access to spying on Americans and for that matter, any civilian that the deep state wants.

    When operating in active mode, the Stingray device mimics a wireless carrier cell tower in order to force all nearby mobile phones and other cellular data devices to connect to it. It is used by police in the US and Canada. Hummm, Prague, tho?

    The answer is the NATO alliance, the stay-behind forces stationed in every western country since the Cold War to pretend to fight Russia. The pretend games though, continues with spying on Trump and his people with Russia promulgated as the foe. We know the real enemy is within, CIA and FBI cooperating with globalists using the NATO forces as spies.

    “Coordinated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), {the secret armies} were run by the European military secret services in close cooperation with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British foreign secret service Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also MI6).”

    Fascinating, huh, how MI6 and CIA totally involved in the Steeles dossier and cointelpro stasi program on Cohen?

    Liked by 2 people

    • JX says:

      If they had facts they wouldn’t claim “August or September”, they’d know the date and time to a millisecond, along with lat & long to within a few feet. The fact that they do neither of these tells you it’s nonsense likely designed to stimulate a response.


  37. visage13 says:

    “McClatchy journalists” should be McClatchy hacks they are not journalists they are a bunch or one (McClatchy himself) hateful Twitter troll that should be ignored. The only reason it gets posted every few months is because he needs to attract attention because he has nothing else. Do you ever read his posts? They are lame spins about Pres Trumps day. The guy seriously needs to get a life he is obsessed with President Trump & not in a good way.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. MaineCoon says:

    Feel like I’m watching Groundhog Day.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. JPinBalt says:

    Looks like McClatchy “reporters” Peter Stone and Greg Gordon perpetuating the disproven Cohen in Prague myth have long been in bed with Glenn Simpson.
    “FAKE NEWS .. It appears that the Fusion smear [in re NRA and Russia] was planted in his accustomed style by Glenn Simpson with a few of his friends at McClatchy. Simpson’s friends at McClatchy are reporters Peter Stone and Greg Gordon. ..”
    (NRA funded by Russians story via Simpson told to Ohr and same time leaked to Stone and Gordon.)

    The McClatchy Company is also now run by CEO Craig Forman who was also at WSJ 13 years early career to sometime in late 90s?, and was also CNN VP a while. Do not know if Foreman knew Glenn Simpson when Simpson was also working at WSJ or if overlap before Simpson left April 2009 to form Fusion GPS to manufacture and disminate fake news for clients like DNC and Hillary Campaign, et al., but Simpson at WSJ late 90s

    But exactly who were the subcontractors querying the NSA data base for “Michel Cohen(s)”? who then gave misleading incorrect Cohen Prague call “info” to Simpson may be a better question.
    NSA director Mike Rogers found improper use for other things, thus has to be some record for these inquiries and who knew, and thus short list of who leaked it to Simpson for political purposes. Simpson did not just make it up, he was fed info, but that also could have come from Steel or MI5 manipulators, but given same MO of Russian/NRA story, think Cohen call stuff published by Stone and Gordon from source Simpson, more domestic roots feeding to Simpson from weaponized US info community or subcontractor abuse.

    Would really like to See Cohen sue Stone, Gordon, and McClatchy Co. for repeating the now debunked Prague narrative. You can be manipulated and make a journalistic mistake, but now repeating the story or narrative after proven false, well you are a propagandist, or on the payroll of a propagandist, with a libeling purpose.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Kris says:

    “Hey Michael Cohen,have you ever heard of the Czech Republic?”

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Dena says:

    Muller made Cohen out to be a big lie telling fool. So now all he has to do is say he has proof his cell phone was there in his big lie report. Guess when the Muller report is released. Right after Big Lie Cohen is in jail and can not say a word. Do we live in America or am I in Russia.. I sure the hell do not know anymore. We can not un see what we have seen. People need to go to jail over all this stuff. If they do not to jail we need to purchase some of the yellow vest and head to Washington.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. RAC says:

    I remember when the Cohen mix up was first reported on here, how it pleasurably satisfying it was that the dark side had committed such a classic and irrevocable blunder. It was worthy of the best detective drama, Alfred Hitchcock’s script writers couldn’t have come up with a better twist. It was the faux pas that simultaneously betrayed the illegal snooping whilst at the same time devaluing the dossier to Venezuelan currency level.
    If the dark side is now trying to turn back time and muddy the water I’ll take that as a measure of their desperation, their drowning man straw moment.

    Liked by 4 people

  43. concerned3 says:

    Could it be that McClatchy journalists Peter Stone and Greg Gordon are working for our government? I mean, after all it’s now legal for our own government to use it’s propaganda on the American People thanks to a law passed by Obama and Congress.


  44. concerned3 says:

    I would like to know, if Obama or the Gang-Of-Eight authorized the illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign as outlined below by Sundance, since Obama or the Gang-Of-Eight both appear to have the capability/authority?

    “The FBI did not verify the Ohr/Steele material because they needed a legal justification for already existing surveillance on the Trump campaign.”


  45. thegoosefish says:

    Still, how do we know it was a New York City art collector?


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