“Nude Selfies”? – Mueller’s Russian Target, Concord Management, Responds to Request to Block Discovery…

Almost everyone who has researched the substance behind Rosenstein and Mueller’s heavily promoted Russian indictments knows the underlying claims are centered on the thinnest of evidence.

Given the nature of the politicization behind the Mueller investigation, many people argue there is no actual evidence at all; it’s a manufactured ruse created only for purpose of advancing a necessary political narrative, an excuse for media column inches and pundit talks.

And there is a great deal of reason to believe the cynics are entirely accurate; particularly when you overlay the series of events that highlight the prosecution never thought anyone would actually show up in court and challenge their claims.

Greasy Bear hackers and Macedonian Bot Farms might sound like a good justification for a prosecution when pitched to an incurious media. However, when Greasy Bear and the accused Macedonians show up in court, well, the prosecutors might just have a problem.

That is the backdrop for a series of bizarre requests from the Special Prosecutor to seal the evidence against the accused, Concord Management, and the defendants response.

In July,2018, Robert Mueller asked a federal judge in Washington for an order that would protect the handover of voluminous evidence to lawyers for Concord Management and Consulting LLC, one of three companies and 13 Russian nationals charged in a February 2018 indictment. They are accused of producing propaganda, posing as U.S. activists and posting political content on social media as so-called trolls to encourage strife in the U.S.

The threat of public or unauthorized disclosure of evidence would help foreign intelligence services, particularly in Russia, in “future operations against the United States,” Mueller’s prosecutors wrote in a court filing.   In essence Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller were  asserting they should be permitted to prosecute their claim of election interference without actually producing evidence to support their prosecution; or explain how they obtained the evidence they are using.

“The substance of the government’s evidence identifies uncharged individuals and entities that the government believes are continuing to engage in interference operations like those charged in the present indictment,” prosecutors wrote.

Improper disclosure would tip foreign intelligence services about how the U.S. operates, which would “allow foreign actors to learn of those techniques and adjust their conduct, thus undermining ongoing and future national security operations,” according to the filing.

Not surprisingly the defense team objects to the absurdity of it, and a responsive filing today highlights Concord’s incredulous position:


Apparently whatever ‘super secret‘ methods the special counsel used to gather the evidence for their prosecution against Concord, also enabled Mueller to access naked selfies of people associated with the case.


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366 Responses to “Nude Selfies”? – Mueller’s Russian Target, Concord Management, Responds to Request to Block Discovery…

  1. Dudley says:

    Mueller is hiding his secrete techniques. Phone rings. Mueller takes off his shoe to see a nude selfie on his highly secrete shoe phone. Technique is everything.

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  2. FUBAR

    Keep it simple!

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    • clairebee says:

      just keeps getting stupider and stupider.

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    • Who wants to bet that Mueller supposedly “confiscated” a nude selfie of “Trump” from the Russian “troll farm” Jesus H Christmas. hey Bob, Are you HONESTLY trying to insinuate that the Russian “troll farm”, the ones who spent a whopping….$1200.00, were trying to influence an election by having a purported nude selfie of Trump (or God forbid HRC, Obama, or WJC). give me a FOOKING break here.

      Psst, hey Bob, c’mere, those faked pics are available ALL over the internet, and have been for a LONG time. Man this shit has to stop. It is EMBARASSING. Please judge, once and for all pull the rug out from under this sham.

      So far Bob and the “good ole boys” (shameless reference to the Blues Brothers movie) have spent @$40,000,000 of our money to find Russian “collusion” between Trump, his campaign, or his associates. So far we have 2 tax indictments for Manafort. A process Crime for Papodapolous, a process crime for Flynn, even though he didn’t lie, and a tax fraud and non FEC crime against Cohen. If this was poker Bob would be all in with jack high.

      All the while this witch hunt for the non crime of “collusion” ignores the real crimes of CONSPIRACY, SEDITION, and TREASON committed by the Cabal. Bob, even Jacques Clueseau could see that the REAL crimes are on YOUR side.

      Dear acting Atty Gen Whittaker. Put an end to this farce. Hell don’t fire them, just name one Joe Digenova as a special counsel to investigate, the attempted Coup de tat, DOJ corruption, FBI malfeasance, the unlawful unmasking and FISA frauds, and the attempted coverup of the whole mess by Bob and the good ole boys.

      Time to close the country bunker. “Boys, you all in a lot of trouble” Let the dems, and the MSM throw a fit, they will anyway. This is HISTORY Mr. Whittaker, and I mean NEVER FORGOTTEN HISTORY. an attempted Coup de tat, AND the coverup involving a previous President and his ranking cabinet members, Congress (both sides of the aisle), the MSM, foreign agents of the UK, AUS, and God knows who else.

      THIS is the largest travesty of Justice maybe EVER. The Constitution and the Republic are at stake Mr. Whittaker. Time to put on your big boy pants, and RISE to the occasion. You can be a HERO revered more than Elliot Ness, or you can be a footnote when this REAL history is written (and it WILL be). SOMEONE MUST take a stand. Are you it? History is calling Mr. Whittaker, we ARE watching. Do the RIGHT thing, no matter the cost. Show our children that righteous men and women still exist, and that the dream that was America has not died. Do not let fear or politics dissuade you, steel yourself and do what MUST be done before civil war again rears it’s head.

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  3. WSB says:

    Sick (bad) man.

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  4. emeraldcoaster says:

    Not that I’ll root for the Ruskies, but I’m forever an advocate of “innocent until proven guilty” regardless of the defendent. The court should boot the SC’s “believe me they’re guilty but we can’t show ‘em the evidence” garbage. Are we in the middle of an episode of The Twilight Zone?

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    • Lulu says:

      What I can’t figure out is why we are supposed to believe that a handful of posts on the Internet supporting a candidate or not is a crime?

      So we can now police the speech of everyone on the planet? Think about it that’s what they are arguing.

      We openly fund candidates in foreign elections but 12 Macedonians posting a few times on FB is a crime?


    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      How much more Russian Communist can you get? Charges without seeing the evidence against you. And only whispering in the Judges ear as sufficient for a guilty verdict.
      Mueller is a Political Goon. These charges are only a Political posturing.

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      • Jeff C-C says:

        The first paragraph is exactly where this is headed. Think of the precedent that this establishes.

        It’s happening today in America. A (corporate) person is charged with a crime that isn’t on the statutes and isn’t allowed to see the evidence behind the, literally, made up crime.

        This is actually a really important detour for the “take down America” set. In their roundabout path of taking down a duly-elected president, they’ll now have precedent to charge people for anything that they can imagine, and without evidence.

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  5. California Joe says:

    Bernie Sanders is a Communist who spent his honeymoon in Moscow. Why isn’t Mueller looking at him?

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  6. PrivateCitizen says:

    Excuse me, but…

    Sundance assumes the defense motion filed today was in response to the June request by the Special Council to avoid discovery.

    The June motion by the SC wasn’t provided; instead we got a bloomberg report of parts of the motion. Mueller leaking to media allies, apparently.

    Is it reasonable to assume today’s motion was in response to a motion made 6 months ago?

    Today’s filing includes this bit of snark. “…he should be able to continue to whisper secrets to the Court. Since the Special Council has already gotten away with this once as he notes in his Motion, this Opposition is likely fruitless.”

    Doesn’t this suggest this is in response to a new motion, one his media allies haven’t reported? Unless I am wrong and you have the SC motion documents, but didn’t include them for some reason.

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  7. john says:

    The United Republic of Banana

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  8. spoogels says:

    REPORT: House Dems Quietly Plotting Ways to Reopen Government Without Border Wall Funding



  9. farrier105 says:

    I think Mueller’s evidence about the “Russian Bots” is HAMILTON68. Any takers?


    Then there was the Mueller indictment against the 12 Russians for the hack of the DNC.



  10. PMadison says:

    Mueller’s efforts to hide the facts of this case with more “secret court” maneuvers is nothing more than fear that the public will find out he’s prosecuting a marketing company for … eegads … marketing.


    Once the public realizes that, they might actually realize how cynically patronizing this whole Russia collusion contrivance is.


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  11. The courts will never side against Mueller. The courts don’t have the guts.

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  12. RAC says:

    Whatever this selfie is it’s a safe bet it came from someones phone or computer, without their knowledge or permission. It’s safest to assume that the various intelligence agencies can hack into anything if they want to. Question is does mueller have authority to use these abilities. Is it really about protecting sources and methods or is it about protecting mueller if he may have stepped over a red line.

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    • Lulu says:

      Wasn’t there a report several years ago that our intelligence agencies passed around nude photos of people they got on surveillance?

      TSA was caught with the nude xray equipment and Twitter was caught with private message pictures they looked at.

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    • Leane Kamari says:

      The naked selfie: could it be the widely published picture of WEINER, Abedins husband???


  13. Pyrthroes says:

    Just how long will compliant courts and slanderous media drag out Mueller’s seditious libel, aimed solely to nullify the votes of 63 million U.S. citizens not frozen in Deep State aspic, in favor of the criminally corrupt, even treasonous Gangrenous and MzBill?

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    • Lulu says:

      Until they remove the President and beat us all into submission. This is for all the marbles. They know it.

      Think back 30 years and imagine knowing then that the fate of the Republic was hanging on the success and good health of Donald J. Trump…


      • czarowniczy says:

        2020 will most likely decide our fates. 2018 was a test run and they have ~2 years to clean up their act and learn from their mistakes. If we lose the WH and/or Senate in 2020 – and they know it and are determined to go for it – they won’t make the same mistake we did in not going after and destroying our enemies.
        We blew it in 1980 when we (I should say the Republican power) didn’t crush what pockets of Democratic detritus were left. We allowed them to continue existing and we paid for it in 1992 and 2008. They won’t make that same mistake bin 2020, they started the destruction of the conservative America under our first Baathist POtuS, we’ve poked a hornet’s nets in 2016 and they’re out for blood – ours.


  14. moe ham head says:

    do we get to see the naked selfies?????????????

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  15. John Allan Wilson says:

    It seems like this was a case that a sane prosecutor wouldn’t want to bring unless under pressure. My query is who would Mueller have to answer to to be forced into this stoopid position?


  16. notfaded1 says:

    In the end this will be another nothing caser that’s either dropped or reversed on appeal like many of Muellers other cases in the past. Never mind that peoples lives are being destroyed during the course of this witchhunt. It’s a pretty sad state that this is what our DOJ and FBI are spending any time on at all. Think of all the wasted money and wasted time on this… It would seem there are much more important things for the FBI/DOJ to be doing right now than still trying to placate a bunch of angry democrats that still can’t accept the Hillary lost the election in 2016. That’s really all any of this is.

    Despite all of this VSGPDJT is our President anyhow and we have 2 (so far) new SC Justices. I say eat crow media, Mueller, Weissman, and all these anti-American hacks. VSG was right when he said time after time… the media has become an enemy of the people. We need more real news again and investigative journalism in this county.

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  17. Bulldog84 says:

    If the manner in which the government obtained a nude selfie is so sensitive, yet someone — the SC — made the decision to file the criminal charges nonetheless, that involved a judgment that the importance of bringing the case outweighed the need to keep the information secret.

    The SC is subject to the constitution. He can’t have his cake and eat it too. He brought the case for political reasons, and the arguments his team of hacks is making in this case expose those motives to anyone with an IQ in the double digits.

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  18. Doug Amos says:

    These people are inured far above the laws of the land. Obama was a Chicago land swindler. They exist under layers and layers of their fawning media enablers. Let this futile pursuit go and move on to finding the right people for the right jobs; a demanding task indeed. The past is where it belongs and we are all just plain sick and tired of these deviates.

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    • Abel says:

      Would be nice if trump did something about the investigation. He’s probably at….lost the house and will lose 2020 now that he continues to let this go on forever. It’s a shame, he’s getting things done, albeit not as quick as I like. None of that will matter, he’s allowed the smear to go on too long.


      • Lulu says:

        Got news the Democrats have already baked in the steal in 2020. They only need to manufacture about 10k more phony votes in MI and WI. They’ll probably find an extra 100k votes in Philly as well.

        It is next to impossible for the President to win again in those blue states because the Democrats have cheating in those states cities down to a science.


    • efilnikcufecin101 says:

      So just sweep all this corruption and crime under the rug and go about our business? OK Mueller hack. Go Troll elsewhere.


  19. SW Richmond says:

    Is there anyone by now who isn’t disgusted with the “National Security” trump card being played in answer to literally everything?

    Secret evidence, secret courts, secret grand jury proceedings, secret spying on everyone. The government can lie to you but you can’t lie to the government.

    What this all means when put together it’s quite simple: There are no courts, there is no such thing as “evidence”. The courts are secret and the evidence is manufactured . Justice does not exist.

    And whose motto is this: “do as thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law”?

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  20. I’m trying to be optimistic and hoping Whittaker is quietly doing what we hoped Sessions had been doing and is setting the table for Bob Barr to restore integrity to our federal judicial system. If Barr makes it through the senate, he’ll be in a position to be the most influential AG in modern history. I pray he is and remains as honest as his reputation says he is.

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  21. Linda K. says:

    It seems Mueller might go down in flames. He has nothing on Trump and this is ridiculous unless as stated by others, he is destroying evidence against the Deep State,,
    Romney is coming on to the scene in the Senate to add to this circus. I am assuming he will try to split the republican base to damage Trump’s reelection bid. His VP pick was Paul Ryan. Sigh. I supported Romney before but what a rat that man has turned out to be, along with Paul Ryan.
    So, if Mueller collapses, Romney is the next wave. What a jerk.

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  22. deguello13 says:

    In essence, the government is arguing that defendants not be allowed to confront the witnesses against them or even see their testimony/evidence.

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  23. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    This Concord lawyer files some hilariously snarky legal briefs!

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  24. jerseyjoe says:

    Watch Chappaquiddick. Much better than I imagined. HRC is the old joe kennedy. Ruthless and connected. Corruption of the justice system and friendly bought off minions to achieve their “narrative”.

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  25. concerned3 says:

    Mueller is dealing in porn pictures? I thought selling and buying porn was illegal?

    We reported earlier today that it was uncovered that the Mueller team somehow obtained a selfie of someone in the nude. The attorneys at Concord Management, a firm indicted by the Mueller gang, argue that the method as to how the Mueller team obtained this nude selfie “surely can’t threaten the national security of the United States”?

    In the Concord Management case it was uncovered that Mueller has a nude selfie on someone – we don’t know who, and his gang won’t tell how they got it, while running along with a special investigation created on a made up crime, where the individuals prosecuted aren’t even real.
    To sum it all up – The Mueller witch hunt is now dealing in revenge porn.
    Shut this damn sick thing down already!



  26. OldParatrooper says:

    Mueller will either accede to discovery, or will drop the charges. In the first case, we all get to see the selfies, and any other evidence the 12 Angry Democrats used to support the indictment. In the second, the Democrats get to keep their secrets, Trump is tarnished by rumor, and the Witch Hunt goes on. I know which option I expect to see taken.


  27. EJ says:

    Eric must bill by the word. I could have written the motion in a few lines. “Mulehead is makin’ sh*t up. moving goal posts and probably paid you to look the other way”.

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