President Trump and First Lady Melania Help With Kid’s NORAD Santa Calls….

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the White House… President Trump and First Lady Melania help take calls from kids tracking Santa’s progress via NORAD’s annual Santa tracking celebration.


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80 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Help With Kid’s NORAD Santa Calls….

  1. fleporeblog says:

    We are truly blessed to have our President and our FLOTUS! They are both a gift to us and our country. Thank You 🙏 God!

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  2. Sedanka says:

    Video is not currently working. Has YouTube/Google blocked it (on purpose)?

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  3. David Innes says:

    We know what Lindsey Graham and James Mattis asked Santa for – 100,000 more troops in Afghanistan and Syria!

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  4. CarolynH says:

    Christmas doesn’t stop the haters. The comments to FLOTUS on her tweet are disgusting.

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. joan and bill says:

    merry Christmas to all and to all a good night while counting our blessings of having such a wonderful family in the white house God bless America

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  7. George Hicks says:

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Treepers, I love you all!
    And Merry Christmas to our President, First Lady and Barron. We hope you are enjoying your Christmas despite the fact you have sacrificed your traditional Mar-a-Lago Christmas for the sake of Americans.

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  8. Only popping by to wish ALL MY FELLOW TREEPER AMERICANS a very very very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  9. NJF says:

    Wonderful tradition.

    I will say I miss seeing the video & photos from that beautiful room in Mar a Lago!

    Good night all, Merry Christmas.

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  10. Genie says:

    If Schumer’s grandkids call, POTUS should tell them Putin shot down Santa’s sleigh. On second thought, Schumer probably already told them Orange Man asked Putin to shoot down Santa.

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  11. Mr BiG Time says:

    God Bless. Merry Christmas !

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  12. Melania is proof that God is a man and loves us.

    I wonder if she’s calling little kids, or if she’s calling lucky servicemen deployed all over the world. I know what would have brightened 25 year old Sergeant Stg58animalmother when he was in Iraq.

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    • Newton Love says:

      > “… I wonder if she’s calling …”

      She’s not calling anyone. NORAD takes the callers (in order of arrival) and transfers the calls to the White House for them to field.

      Only if “lucky servicemen” call the NORAD Santa Hotline, and get past the call screener, and are lucky enough to win the random call selection of Melania or The President, then maybe they could talk to her.

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  13. Attorney at Law says:

    Wish we could all pitch in and contribute towards a wonderful gift for the Best POTUS ever. Ideas or has this already been done?

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    • Newton Love says:

      It is illegal for any government employee or spouse to receive a gift of more than $25 value from anyone.


      • shirley49 says:

        Gee, I wonder how those Congress critters are getting so RICH then.

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        • Newton Love says:

          Congress Critters are not restricted from insider trading. They are allowed to run various business vehicles,and through them, make very low priced participation for a deal that reaps them immense profits.

          LBJ had to borrow money from Ladybird’s father to run for the House. By the time he retired as POTUS, he only worked in the House, Senate, and White House, yet amassed multiple $millions, including 5 Texas TV Stations.

          Who writes the Congressional Ethics Rules? Oh golly! They write them.

          I am disgustipated!


      • Kris Langley says:

        You can send a gift, but it has to be turned over by POTUS or FLOTUS right away.

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  14. jello333 says:

    Hey Sundance, Merry Christmas brother! And everyone else too, Puddy, Sharon, Menagerie, Stella, and all my long-time friends here… you don’t know how much you mean to me. The world’s a better place because of the Treehouse and the people here.

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  15. Michael Todaro says:

    Thank you for a great story George Hicks. MAGA/,KAG ! Merry Christmas !

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  16. drdeb says:

    The best time spent of my professional life was working on GA’s and my county’s
    Trump campaign. This was done in retirement. The tragedy is, most for Trump are too busy working to help us. They have great jobs! Thank You President Trump!

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  17. Reality says:

    Don’s election was beyond improbable.
    Hillary would have locked in Obama’s legislated corruption of the USA until bureaucrats ruled forever. While they own the education system from grade to university they own most of our kids…
    Nothing would ever change it.

    Makes me wonder if there actually is a god.

    Merry Christmas to all.

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  18. wodiej says:

    Another picture of hope, love, and faith. Thank you, God.


  19. Pyrthroes says:

    Websites date NORAD’s Santa-tracking enterprise from 1955, when that year’s Sears Catalogue published an erroneous “Santa line” phone number which turned out to be NORAD’s DEW Line “launch on warning” initiating WW III (!). The USAF Colonel on duty in Alaska realized this was not the SAC War Room when he denied being Santa and his 8-year old caller burst into tears.

    Surely, the ultimate “peace offensive”! Delightful that Pres. Trump and his lovely Lady are having fun with this. God rest ye merry, Gentlemen and Ladies all!


  20. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Fake YouTube headline “Trump tells 7-year-old that believing is Santa is marginal” and disgusting unhinged liberal comments. I watched it twice and can’t find POTUS saying that.

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    • Mountain Man says:

      He didn’t say it. He asked the kid, “Do you still believe in Santa?” The kid answered, and Trump chuckled and said, “Yeah, at 7 it’s marginal.”. So he was responding to something the child said.


  21. kirkreport says:

    Best president ever!


  22. kirkreport says:

    Best president ever!


  23. kirkreport says:

    Best president ever!


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