Chief Justice John Roberts Issues Administrative Stay in Mysterious Mueller Related Case…

This is one of those instances where if CTH doesn’t write it down, our spidey senses tell us we shall regret it…  There is a mysterious case in Washington DC that has perplexed almost everyone; and now Chief Justice Roberts has injected an administrative stay against lower court punitive damages upon the defendant (likely a company).

The case is being heavily guarded by the DOJ and administrative state.  The case revolves around activity by state-owned company (unknown country); with a triggering illegal action external to the U.S.A; but harm to the U.S. was incurred.

… […] the matter “‘is based upon … an act outside the territory of the United States in connection with a commercial activity of the foreign state elsewhere’ and that the ‘act cause[d] a direct effect in the United States.'”  (link)

The case is also related in some manner to Robert Mueller’s team.

(Daily Caller) […] Though Mueller’s connection to the case has not been definitively established, several facts indicate the special counsel’s involvement: CNN saw senior Mueller lawyers return to the Justice Department immediately after the conclusion of a recent secret hearing in the matter — an entire floor of a Washington courthouse was sealed in advance of that proceeding, a highly unusual move.

On a separate occasion, Politico overheard lawyers and court officials discussing this matter with specific reference to the special counsel. (read more)

If the case didn’t involve Mueller’s team; and if the DOJ were not trying to protect Mueller’s team in the processing of the case; it might be U.S-DOJ action against a Chinese owned company.  However, because the case does involve Mueller’s team; and specifically because the courthouse activity appears to be focused on protecting Mueller’s team, not the defendant; the likelihood is the case revolves around a Mueller-targeted Russian company.

Justice Roberts issued an order, a stay, late Sunday night temporarily halting enforcement of a DC district court contempt order against the company, as well as financial penalties that were accruing daily against the company for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents requested as part of a grand jury proceeding.

Everything is filed under seal; nothing is public, and in the only public appearance of any lawyers in the matter the entire floor of the courthouse was cleared.

So, just to be clear, everything is speculation.

All of that said, CTH would not be surprised to discover the mysterious case is related to an earlier indictment against Mark Lambert, which involves TENEX.  In January of 2018 Lambert was charged [SEE HERE] with violations of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; including corruption, bribery and international money laundering.

The case involves Lambert providing bribes to a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation and the sole supplier and exporter of Russian Federation uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies worldwide, in order to secure contracts with TENEX.

If you want to go digging here’s a link to take you to more links at DOJ.  *NOTE* there are several related cases (docket screengrab below):

  (Link to DOJ to to reach all links above – SEE HERE)

The case against Mark Lambert reaches back to touch previous cases in 2015, 2016 that involved Robert Mueller, DAG Rod Rosenstein and their handling of Uranium-One matters.   There are all kinds of deals, pleas and agreements for deferred prosecution within those former cases. It is quite a legal morass.

What CTH suspects is: the second page of the Mueller instructions from Rosenstein; the instructions written on August 2nd, 2017, three months after Mueller was appointed; contain broad instructions authorizing Mueller to intercede in Russian business interests within the U.S., and -likely by design- that authority overlaps into the TENEX case.  See below:


If this suspicion is correct Mueller would hold a motive toward the Russian interests within the underlying Lambert case, but not necessarily the originating case itself. If there is a history of sketchy DOJ behavior, Mueller would want to throw a bag over it.

We’ll have to wait and see what this is.  However, if Rosenstein and Mueller engaged in any, well, politically influenced decision-making by the DOJ toward the Uranium-One case…. then it would stand to reason each of them would have a motive to take custody of any tangential case that might surface organically outside Mueller’s control.

Clearing the entire floor of the courthouse just to have a hearing on a subpoena related to a grand jury doesn’t indicate the secrecy is toward defending the honor of the potential target.  Not with this corrupt DOJ it doesn’t.  Certainly not now.  Mueller’s weasels don’t care if they muddy the reputation of a target, an adversary.

No, what the special counsel-directed secrecy indicates is the opposite.  The secrecy is related to protecting Mueller’s small group of corrupt officials; and their motives/intents.

We will see where this goes.

It could be something entirely different.

Until we know… Suspicious Cat remains, well, suspicious.

Merry Christmas, he sez?  Always, with the “Merry Christmas”?…


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  1. Jill Woodliff says:

    Our Father in heaven,
    We trust in You. You will not forsake Your saints. Evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land. We lean on You, like a weaned child with its mother. Amen.

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  2. Reality says:

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
    Tell me when Rosie and Mueller are gone and then I’ll tell you that PDJT has a chance of surviving lawfare by “public servants” in US Institutions opposed to his Presidency.

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  3. Retired IG says:

    Merry Christmas to All Treeper’s – especially all who comment here, Ad Rem, and last but not least Sundance! Finding this site has changed my life for the better. Thank You for the gift!
    Loved the intrigue of this post and all of the informative comments.
    Wrote to a good friend tonight (who is having trouble with a Grinch-like sister) about one experience in my life about the power of prayer. My sister and I (who is currently sleeping all snug in her bed) went to NYC and visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There we lit candles for my nephew (a troubled soul) at the shrine/altar to St. Jude – who we learned at that instant was the “Saint of Impossible Causes.” Two days later I received a phone call from my nephew -it seemed our prayers were heard immediately. I have believed in the power of prayer ever since.
    The power of prayer is a difficult concept (or at least my thoughts on it) would take too long to explain.( I don’t pray to a Deity having been really seared/scorched by some of the Byzantine Catholic church priests.)
    What I wrote to my friend tonight about her Grinch-like sister, is that I am going to start praying for this mean spirited woman, who has my friend and her 95 year old Mother trembling at the very thought of displeasing her. Could not believe their fear at me being present at their home when she was about to show up! Was almost incomprehensible.
    In my mind prayer speeds up the dharma and the karma each and every human incarnated here on Earth decides before birth and chooses to accomplish in this lifetime.
    Supreme Court Justice Roberts knows (from what I have read) as to what is in his “Control File.” From what I gather he might have epilepsy, or some other condition that might be deemed to make him inept to serve as a Supreme. Its speculation. His email has also been hacked.( Roberts, I do not believe is a shill to any power that dreams they are one.)
    Truth will out ALL the darkness and will bring it into the LIGHT. Prayer just SPEEDS UP THE PROCESS. I am going to pray for Roberts, Mueller, Rosenstein, and any other political HAM (cooking in many ovens tonight) that comes into my mind this Christmas. These people will hear my prayers – if it is only a stray thought that goes through their heads. They will HEAR MY PRAYERS.
    Just imagine if we all prayed for Mueller and Rosenstein! Please send them prayers that they Return to the Light. Much Love! and Merry Christmas.!
    I know this is not a Christmas carol but I love it:
    Joseph Arthur – Saint of Impossible Causes

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    • Ausonius says:

      “( I don’t pray to a Deity having been really seared/scorched by some of the Byzantine Catholic church priests.)”

      Your comment there has prompted me to urge a reconsideration, if you have dropped away from the church. Given your still story, you still seem to believe in some sort of divine force (?). I ask you to consider the possibility that the theology and instruments of an institution stay admirable, even if their administrators are not.

      As an analogy…

      Did you leave America, when MAObama was president and the Democrats controlled everything and twisted or ignored the Constitution for their malign purposes? Did the Constitution become untrue because of their corruption?

      I do not know what you suffered, and will not pretend to understand it. Apologizing for other people’s actions undoubtedly brings no or little comfort. However, consider this last anecdote: our parish priest has openly stated that as a too-polite, too-scared adolescent he was taken advantage of several times by a Catholic priest. And yet he was able to separate the personal evil of that priest from the theology and the purpose of the Church itself…and became a priest in his later 20’s! He is one of the nicest people I have ever known.

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    • Nathan Hale says:

      “ I don’t pray to a Deity having been really seared/scorched by some of the Byzantine Catholic church priests.”

      The power of prayer is a difficult concept for those who haven’t established a religious connection, and it would take much more time and typing to address than is possible in a web post.

      This is an unusual matter, so I’m approaching it with fear and trepidation, hoping someone with knowledge and authority will respond with more clarity.

      In the meantime my lay person perspective…

      When we pray, we can pray to a power that can hear our prayers otherwise they remain unheard like talking into a dead phone line, unless of course Mueller is tapping our call, or worse someone no one wants listening to their prayers.

      I believe there are only two powers that can hear our private prayers, God and the Evil One ( not Mueller). Now the God I’m referring is supreme and known by many names and many religions throughout history.

      So first give considerable thought to the concept of a supreme being, and if you do, and it sure appears from your comments you do, you need to learn more about God and from the sources that know Him best. In my view, which is limited, this would be religious leaders within the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Catholic Church, the various major branches of the Protestant Churches, and numerous leaders within the many branches of the Jewish faith.

      Do this and your prayers will be heard by the right source.

      God Bless!

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      I was spiritually abused by priests and nuns during my childhood, escaped home and the Catholic church simultaneously, and haven’t looked back….what was I going to do, after all, subject my own children to that system? I wouldn’t trust my children to any known system, (especially one which wouldn’t consider a female to serve at the very top). After a couple of decades finding my way to God through Christ sans religion, I am a strong believer who has had my prayers answered. Although my husband and I are, I guess you could say solo practitioners, I find comfort in praying along with others at CTH.
      I just went back over your letter and prayed for all those you mentioned, including the Grinch one.
      God Bless us all!

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      • Nathan Hale says:

        I get it! And, I’m glad to hear you still believe in God.

        God is very displeased by the dispicable behavior of those He has trusted to guard His flock. They all will face Him one day and meet their judgement.

        In the meantime, we all still need each other to strengthen us when we are weak and carry us when we stumble. Together, as the body of Christ, no evil can stand in our way.

        I will pray for you and your family.

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      Roberts seems to have contracted the disease of Deepstateitis. The only cure for that is for him to confess it publicly. Since the disease is almost incurable he will most likely continue on that path. It will be a glorious day when he steps down and\or is force out.

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    • Lady Sid says:

      I will pray for those men as I also do for Harvey Weinstein. Especially today. There is great power in prayer — no one can prevent you from doing it!


  4. Next stop: Seth Abramson and Louise Mensch to read their spin on this mystery. I’m sure they have an alternate reality that will be broadcast as Breaking News! by Rachel Maddow.

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  5. OldSarg says:

    I really dislike secret courts. . .

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  6. Pyrthroes says:

    How ironic, but not at all far-fetched, that Rosatom aka “Uranium One” with its $145 million Clinton Foundation and MzBill payouts (that we know of) likely implicates not only the waddling Loretta Lynch’s DOJ but Comey-Mueller’s Beria-style FBI in CYA subversive mode?

    What with all the legal-schmegal BS, 2019’s Rat Congress will do everything possible to suppress evidence of criminal violations amounting to high treason conducted from 2011 on by indictable co-conspiritors throughout Gangrenous’ consiglieri (see Michael Barone, “a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party”, 2009).

    Whatever surfaces, Sundance/CTH is on the case.

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    • cali says:

      @Pyrthroes: ^^^^^^^This!

      From what I gathered this case is a case requiring it to be turned over to the military tribunal beginning on 1 January 2019 which the Mueller/Rosenstein duo trying to stall or rather fighting to keep it in the DC courts. (The overwhelmingly favorable to the deep state affairs).
      By the way Rosatom poses a big headache to Putin as it is his own deep state acting outside the boundary of Russian Law ergo the choice to sale uranium one to said entity and outside the control of the Putin government.
      I do not think Mueller will win that one to the detriment of all involved in uranium one that includes Frank Guistra in Canada and Clinton friend.
      In the end this case will be transferred and handled by the military tribunal due to its national security implication.
      Too bad – so sad for the Old Guard who slipped up badly!

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        Given what we know about the Dec 21 EO signed in 2017 and the military justice reform announced March 1 of this year, one wonders what those legal actions portend.

        We wait patiently.
        It best happen, if order is to be restored and one rule of law is to reestablished.

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      • Warrior says:

        I think Sundance stated it correctly when he indicated that there are NO military tribunals for civilians planned anytime anywhere. This is nonsense stuff from the group of people who planned, executed and make money off these fantasies.


        • kiskiminetas says:

          Correct no civilians will be facing MTBs. Only those who were in on taking down a sitting president will be judged by military tribunals and they will not take place in the US.


          • Warrior says:

            Military tribunals against civilian US citizens violate the 6th Amend aNd 5th Amend of the Constitution. Have your Q friends explain how they are going to stop a federal judge from enjoining that action. But you won’t hve to because as Sundance correctly stated there are NO military tribunals. Period.


      • warrprin1 says:

        From your keyboard to God’s ear…


    • ShainS says:

      Thanks for that; I went to look it up that great quote at the end of your comment. Minor correction — it was Michael Walsh (masquerading as Lefty alter-ego David Kahane) and not Michael Barone here:


    • dd_sc says:

      I believe (need to verify) that Eric Holder was the AG at the time of the Uranium One deal and that the AG, as well as SecState Clinton, were members of the CIFUS board that approved the deal.

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  7. Jenevive says:

    Its a secret cuz it will be about 3 things.. Trump. Russian and the
    election..or at least that is how they will present has to remain
    secret for national security reasons. But of course it is all about
    Donald….Russia…Putin..The Election..

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  8. Dr.Jay says:

    Nah. Not Mueller related, the only supposed link was indirect (& hearsay).

    The facts described fit the Huawai case: a normal sale of telecomm equipment (perhaps as banal as selling standard mobile phones) to an Iranian company, a perfectly legal transaction by Chinese, Russian and Iranian law. The US however wants to have it sanctions imposed, even in non-allied countries. And even ordered the arrest of a Huawei executive on Canadian soil.
    But no matter what the US may think, its jurisdiction does not extend to outside the US (note that no US entities are involved, not even US based subsiduaries).


  9. sDee says:

    Have they got something on Roberts or has he been integral to the treason against the Republic all along?

    “January 14, 2009:
    “At the invitation of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Mr. Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden will pay a protocol visit to the Supreme Court of the United States Wednesday afternoon, ….The visit is private; reporters and photographers will not be present.”

    To say I was floored when I read the news item is an understatement. A ‘ceremonial’ meeting between a president elect and justices of the Supreme Court is somewhat traditional. HOWEVER, in this instance, it’s flat out wrong.

    Chief Justice Roberts has cases on the docket where Obama is the defendant or is the subject of the litigation. Roberts and the other eight justices have already held two ‘Distribution for Conferences’ on the Donofrio and Wrotnoski cases on Obama’s citizenship ineligibility. They just turned away one of Phil Berg’s cases a few days ago; that one is still in the Third Circuit. Tomorrow is the fourth case; another from Phil Berg.

    On Wednesday, Roberts meets with the man at the heart of that case in private. Two days later, he sits down to discuss the case with the other justices after having a closed door meeting with the defendant!””

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    • dd_sc says:

      Have they got something on Roberts….

      Allegedly, it involves his adopted children. The children are Irish, and Ireland does not allow foreigners to adopt. There are some sketchy details about how those children were adopted. Orphaned while their parents were working as expats in Central America or something like that. So once again, the issue skirts the whole human trafficing scandal that is always just over the horizon.


      • Patrick says:

        They of course have the threat they hold over everyone: an untimely death.


      • Richard Whitney says:

        If the adopted children are the Roberts Achilles Heel, isn’t he vulnerable to anyone who knows, not just the Hussein crowd? Perhaps AG Whittaker, or Adm. Rogers, could pay a protocol visit.


        • Walt says:

          It’s not likely that either Whittaker or Rogers would be able to say “Nice little family yous got heer, shame if anyting wus to happentuit” as convincingly as the Hussein crowd.


    • JonB3 says:

      I’ve long suspected Roberts is Severely Compromised ~ Either that or he’s got a Liberal Brain Disease !!!

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  10. That’s my kind of cat (“Merry Christmas he sez…always with the Merry Christmas..hmph, where’s the beef….I’m hungry already”)

    And “Chief Just-us” Roberts is helping Mueller, right? What a mor-one.

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  11. mark says:

    I’m not a Q follower but rather as most of you get my news right here every morning, day and night. Having said that, last night while in bed nursing the flue and not really thinking about anything but getting well it occurred to me that President Trump stayed at the White House for Christmas for reasons not known by us, maybe.

    The January 1st Executive order about civilians being tried as enemy combatants. The broadcast to all phones in a National emergency. The open threats to President Trump and his family by the Democrats and their plans to open investigations into all things Trump and even the threats of shooting down our President while in flight. Even just the fact that he’s staying to continue working for the country over the Holidays. It was my thought that maybe something BIGGLY is about to happen.

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    • SW Richmond says:

      “The broadcast to all phones in a National emergency”

      Trump could use this mechanism to activate the unorganized militia and call them (us) into federal service draining the swamp. Love to drain me some swamp.

      If Trump wants people like me to continue believing, he must declassify all the Russiagate / insurance policy / Uranium One / Hillary email / FISA / Bengazi stuff, and build the mfing wall.

      The “choosing of sides” phase is nearly complete now. Running out of time.

      Trump: either you’re with us or you’re against us.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        I urge patience. Not because I trust that someone in the DoJ or FBI are honorable rather because in a few short weeks, perhaps months SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg will be incapable to perform the duties on the court….or dead. With five solid conservative justices, many of the currently “dangerous” activirs of the swamp will be checked. Bu the way, the squealing on the left will be mind boggling.


    • Abel says:

      It’s the flu speaking. Enough pipe dreams.
      Get well soon and you’ll stop believing bigly booms that won’t happen.

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    • Abel says:

      Stop it mark. Rest and let the meds kick in. Your sickness is effecting your brain.
      Get well soon.

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    • Warrior says:

      I think Sundance stated it correctly when he indicated that there are NO military tribunals for civilians planned anytime anywhere. This is nonsense stuff from the group of people who planned, executed and make money off these fantasies.


  12. Merkin Muffy says:

    I doubt Mueller and Rosenstein would be investigating themselves. This is probably not related to Uranium One.

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  13. Lawton says:

    It appears it’s either a Russian or Turkish company. No other country makes sense with what Mueller is doing. It can’t be Duetsch Bank and China isn’t part of his stuff


  14. railer says:

    The Swamp and Deep State installed Mueller to deal with the Trump insurgency, and to cover up all of their previous crimes. Hillary wasn’t joking when she commented that they might all go to jail if she lost.

    Mueller has a host of tools at his disposal, including the Roberts court apparently. It’s infuriating, but Mueller is protected.

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  15. jappy says:

    It’s just a Cohencidence, nothing more


  16. mcfyre2012 says:

    Hmm…democrats seemed pretty ecstatic when the Mueller investigation was given carte blanche to go wherever the evidence took him when it came to Russia.

    Maybe not so ecstatic now, as it could blow up in their faces if the Uranium One deal comes back into the public’s attention.


  17. covfefe999 says:

    I don’t understand why this can’t be handled by the regular DOJ instead of an expensive tacked-on Special Counsel. So far Mueller hasn’t found anything that regular DOJ/FBI couldn’t find. And Mueller’s original purpose has been completely unfulfilled!

    And then what’s so laughably absurd is that each time there’s any kind of Mueller-related story it’s hyped up to make it seem like THIS is the big one, THIS is the big one that’s going to take Trump down. hahahahaha Those poor ever-hopeful libtards, they don’t seem to recall how many times in the past they’ve been jerked around. You’d think they’d be getting sick of it by now. I can tell you if I hadn’t hopped off that trainwreck of a political party back in 2008 this Muh Russia crap would have made it happen.


  18. Lefty says:

    If Roberts is stepping in, it’s not good for the good guys.

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  19. Ticonderoga says:

    So-please tell me, why can’t it be Deutsche Bank? They’re connected and powerful,to put it mildly,and might be approachable by the powerful.

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  20. Comrade Mope says:

    It only took one vote from the CIFUS board to stop the Uranium One sale. Mueller was one of the votes. Therefore, Mueller would have a conflict of interest prosecuting a matter he voted for. I smell a recusal. Roberts was the guy that recused the Flynn judge.

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  21. rayvandune says:

    Let me get this straight: Mueller is investigating something potentially scandalous that happened during the Obama administration, which possibly involved Hillary, and CJ Roberts is facilitating his gathering of evidence.

    One of us needs to dial back the shots of rum we are putting in our eggnog.

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  22. Chewbarkah says:

    Since foreign state owned companies are not bound by US “grand jury secrecy”, why doesn’t the subpoena’ed party just post the whole story. Wikileaks would be a fine venue. So get leaking already — sheesh. It’s not as if the FBI goes after leakers, even when the leaks are by US government officials sworn to follow US law. Maybe that should read “especially” instead of “even”.

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  23. Truth seeker says:

    This is quite interesting. Based on my limited knowledge, I would assume that Rosenstein has given Mueller some type of mandate to look into Uranium 1, which makes sense and is laughable at the same time.

    If you think about it, it would make sense because they (Mueller and Rosenstein) need to make sure that they nor the Obama admin aren’t implicated in it at all. So they are free to go after others involved and cover their own tracks.

    It’s laughable because they are implicated directly and have no business investigating anything that they were directly involved in. Which is more the reason to believe that’s exactly what they are doing and why they’re keeping such a tight lid on it.

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  24. mr.piddles says:

    Fantastic speculative insight, Sundance. Thanks so much for this nugget. The recent (and not so recent) kerfuffle about this secret subpoena battle has been a mild irritant (IMO) for those following along. Very nice to have somebody take an educated stab at what might be going on, particularly because we know Mueller appears to be… well… up to no good across the board. So whatever is going on with this case, it is 99.9% likely to be legal shenanigans to hide DOJ corruption.

    One minor criticism. This: “Mueller’s weasels don’t care if they muddy the reputation of a target, an adversary” is being way too generous. They are in Take No Prisoners mode, it seems. They don’t seem to have a problem doing whatever they have to do in order to accomplish whatever it is they think they’re trying to accomplish. Sad, really.

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  25. sixtygunnuh says:

    Whatever this ultimately is, Lurch Mueller’s core cabal of Rhee, Wiessmann, Zebley, Pregolar, Quarles, Goldstein and the rest are up to this time, think on what IS KNOWN that slipped FBI/DoJ suppression. Think on what is NOT known of their past “convictions”. How many defense lawyers/teams would re-open how many cases? Just-Us has been and remains cover especially over the past two yrs. involving PDT. Cases similar to those involving Mueller and Weissmann that among some others that have escaped suppression….

    MUELLER/FBI/DoJ BOSTON: Bulger/Deegan case where he petitioned MA. Parole & Pardons throughout the 1980s opposing clemency for the four men (albeit not saints) framed by FBI. Mueller knew they were innocent. Though Limone and Salvati were exonerated in 2001, Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco died in fed custody. Greco was highly decorated for his service during WW2. Their lawyers stated the four were treated as “acceptable collateral damage” by the FBI. U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner stated: “It took 30 years to uncover this injustice, and the government’s position is, in a word, absurd.” The families sued the FBI/DOJ and were awarded $100M Taxpayer money. Greco’s son died before he could collect his share. This particular incident was uncovered by the Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen and others. Former MA. Parole Board member Mike Albano stated the FBI/DOJ had framed four men with bogus evidence. Subsequently, Albano got a visit from 2 FBI agents one of whom was none other than JOHN CONNOLLY. Albano stated: “They told me that if I wanted to stay in public life, I shouldn’t vote to release a guy like Limone.”

    Mueller/Co-Me’s handling of the 2001 anthrax case (5 deaths) during which they used a dog to help frame Dr. Steven Hatfill M.D. who in 2008 settled his lawsuit against FBI and Mueller and his student James Co-Me for $5.85M. Again, with Taxpayer money. Mueller/FBI subsequently planned to indict Bruce E. Ivins (USAMRIID) Fort Detrick, who committed suicide when he was advised they would. To this day, not (1) formal charge has ever been filed against Ivins and with no direct evidence uncovered.

    WEISSMANN et. al. vs. ARTHUR ANDERSON LLP (run out of business) who had employed some 85K representing approximately 2.5K publicly-traded companies. It even coerced a guilty plea out of Andersen partner David Duncan over his explanation for shredding documents. Duncan subsequently withdrew his guilty plea (12 Dec. 2005) on the overturning of the Arthur Andersen conviction – which was approved by U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon. A unanimous Supreme Court reversed the conviction with (all) justices agreeing Andersen’s conduct was NOT a crime, and it was “shocking how little criminal culpability the jury instructions required.” In 2008 Duncan settled with the SEC only that he violated securities laws.

    WEISSMANN et. al. vs. ENRON/BARGE CASE. Weissmann discovered to have literally yellow-highlighted (with marker) exculp evidence favorable to the defense before the trial – then hid it for (6) years as while 4 Merrill employees served a 12 mos. on predicate indictment failing a crime as charged. The 5th Circuit/Appeals reversed 12 of 14 counts, acquitted one defendant completely, and later held prosecutors (Just-Us) “plainly suppressed evidence” favorable to the defense and submitted entered misleading summaries instead. This serpent Weissmann left the Enron “Task Force” as his/their conduct (never indicted) continued to surface during the Enron Broadband case. AGAIN, in suppressive silence as to the victim’s let alone all the cases he/they actually tried and where two “guilty” pleas they coerced were reversed, vacated, and for the victims sealed.

    FBI CRIME LAB FRAUD originally surfaced by FBI Supervising Chemist Dr. Frederic Whitehurst surfacing systemic forensic fraud in the FBI crime lab. Whitehurst: “Alterations of reports, alterations of evidence, folks testifying outside their areas of expertise in courts of law… really what was going on was human rights violations. We have a right to fair trials in this country… And that’s not what was going on at the FBI lab.” Again the FBI failed action prompting Whitehurst to take it up with the DoJ (mistake #2). Whitehurst in turn lived significant retaliation from the FBI who attacked his evidence and credibility – and then FIRED HIM.

    I Pray this President isn’t making another mistake of appointment with William Barr to run Just-Us as he has with McMaster (who forced out K.T. McFarland) and his tag along Dina Powell along with like ilk Nadia Schadlow; Gary “Golden Slachs” Cohen; Tillerson; Sessions, Mira McCardell; Wray; Scaramucci; Omarose Onee Manigault Newman aka “Amorosa”; et al McGahan/Cobb/Dowd; Scott Pruitt; Ryan Zinke; Tom Price who was to be the savior of American health care; and now Mattis who just revealed who just confirmed in memo format (“allies” and more) what many already suspected. And in lieu of the next 2 yrs. which will summon the 9th circle of Hell he better damn well lose his affinity to appoint those who graduated the likes of “harvard”. They’re absolutely killing this Country – and him. If Barr refuses to form grand juries (0bamclinton/U1/FBI/Just-Us conspiracies) they will ALL WALK rendering this once Noble Nation effectively illegitimate. Hell, in essence it is now.

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  26. Losing Hope says:

    CNN and Politico are two of the sources for the secret hearing. Would they leak a story like this without DS permission? Suggests the Swamp is dripping the story and firmly in control. If Huber and Horowitz are in fact FAKE, then how on earth can we expect this entire 2 year affair to end well for PDJT?


  27. Elaine Verret says:

    This whole stinking mess is covering Killary’s crooked ass and trying to delegitimize the DJT’s election.👎👎👎👎. STOP THIS WITCH HUNT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. PrivateCitizen says:

    Just checked ‘Russian troll farms and Sundance has a post from June.

    Muller was asking the D.C. court to hide the evidence for various reasons. I don’t remember hearing anything else about that case.

    I suspect the defandants in that case appealed the secret order from the court. All the way to the Chief Justice who issued a public order of Stay and respond in 6 days.

    I believe there’s enough time for the troll farm case to work through the appeals process, either the normal courts acting in secret or the secret courts acting normally.

    Chief Justice Roberts public order of stay, and to respond in 8 days, indicates this is very important. I’m unsure whether the evidence is in Mueller hands but must be kept secret or if the troll farm refuses to turn over documents. What with the ‘accruing financial penalties’ referenced.

    Assuming my troll farm theory is valid, of course.


    • Aren’t you talking about Concord Management. Hasn’t that case been out in the open?
      ON NOV 29 Concord wanted to spill secrets. Did the Concord case go underground?


      • PrivateCitizen says:

        Yes, the Concord Mgt case, aka the Russian troll farm case, aka the totality of the Russian Interference case Mueller was appointed to investigate. Every other case Mueller has is process crimes.

        This case is open just like the Mueller charging document, openly kept secret. As far as I can tell, every motion Mueller has made is under seal. The trial judge, judge Dabney Friedrich, has denied every motion by defense.

        Mueller is cleared to prosecute with evidence the defendant isn’t allowed to see, under processes hidden from the accused, in front of an idiot judge who’s mindless ramblings suggest Occasional Cortex and Creepy Porn Lawyer had a child together.

        Sundance is looking at the Mark Lambert case, but that case is in Maryland. I didn’t find anything related to D.C. courts.

        The Troll Farm almost certainly generated appeals, and those appeals would go through the D.C. circuit court. The surprise stay by Justice Roberts is from the D.C. courts, and directed at a district court issuing a contempt order related to a grand jury supeona of a foreign entity’s tecords.

        The troll farm case accuses the Russian government of violating U.S. law with unreported campaign donations in the form of favorable post on comment boards. Trying to examine this train-wreck of legal absurdity, I’m doubtful the sealed motions and rulings would make any more sense.

        So, for now I’ll go with ‘issues involving Concord Mgt and the Russian troll farm’ over ‘who got the kickbacks for transporting the uranium in the Uranium 1 deal’.

        Maybe, somday, after miles of un-redactions, we might learn the truth. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

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  29. formerdem says:

    Brilliant, Sundance. I don’t know anyone but you who has ANY traction on this story. I bet you are right.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. JonB3 says:

    We have a two tiered justice system ~ One for the Clinton’s, liberals and such, and another for the rest of us …I’m losing hope that equal justice will prevail ~ regarding Justice Roberts, I’ve long suspected he is Severely Compromised ~ Either that or he’s got a Liberal Brain Disease !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • warrprin1 says:

      CJ Roberts was sold to us by W. & Co. as a deeply committed Constitutional adherent. Looking back on the nomination and confirmation process, the cheerleading by POTUS W was non-stop and energetic. I bought into it. I watched the confirmation hearing sessions, and I was impressed with Roberts’ scholarship, his coherence, and his “judicial demeanor”. But that happened while I was still on board with the GOP: before recognizing that we are governed by a Uniparty. Naive as I have been, it remains bone shatter shocking to see what has been incubating behind the heavy curtains of 1) secrecy, 2) “personnel dossiers”, and 3) the cultivated appearance of an impartial judiciary. The cornerstone of exposure is still being laid in place. This feels like a long process, but history proves that once evil becomes well rooted, it grows like weeds, spreads itself widely to strangle the fruit bearing cultivars, and takes years to purge.

      “They” are not going to prevail by shocking us into dismay. “Just Us” has pursued their goals with impunity. They have manufactured evidence to support false allegations. They have suborned perjury to support their shaky cases. They have imprisoned innocent persons, and found ways to keep them in prison in order to cover up the “Just Us” pretense of a criminal justice system functioning as designed.

      SD is pulling back the curtain and exposing the real crimes against the United States of America. I remember, as a child, and with a certain trepidation, watching a televised meeting of the UN General Assembly, as Nikita Kruschef banged his shoe on the lectern, and boasted that the USA would crumble from forces within. Those predicted forces within have emerged and have been busily buying each other’s silence with files full of compromising information, thus ensuring cooperation. Is this what has happened to Justice Roberts, or is he simply Justice One-Of-Them? If the latter, he put on a great show to “win confirmation”. If the former, it is past time for the CJ to take the reins of the Judicial Branch: to restore its integrity, to restore obeisance to the sworn oath, and to guarantee the rights of all persons to the presumption of innocence, as well as the honest, thorough prosecution of all law breakers, regardless of their pedigree or position.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    Likely another extension of the Mueller cover-up of past misdeeds, as are all of Mule’s activities. Simple as that.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. My attention span and time for rumination are both short these days – but a quick glance at yet another instance of John Roberts interfering with (or hijacking of) legitimate legal process/consideration leaves me with the impression that he is part of the problem, and thus should not be considered as part of the solution. Isn’t he the Justice that selects FISA Court judges? Isn’t he the one (and only) SC Justice to reprimand a sitting POTUS? And now this….? I am suspicious too.

    Liked by 1 person

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