James Comey Talks To Media Following Round #2 Congressional Hearing (Video)…

Former FBI Director James Comey speaks to the media at the conclusion of his second day of testimony before a joint House committee conducting DOJ and FBI oversight.


By prior agreement the transcript of the hearing will be made public within 24 hours.  So we should be able to read the testimony sometime tomorrow.

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149 Responses to James Comey Talks To Media Following Round #2 Congressional Hearing (Video)…

  1. What an insult this guy is to the real agents within the FBI. Former rank and file should be rising in the ranks to run the agency, not DOJ wanna-be spinoffs.


  2. Richard Whitney says:

    Can someone help me with the beginning of the Comey Testimony? Goodlatte tells him he is still under oath; Comey says he is NOT under oath; Goodlatte replies “Correct.”
    Here it is below. Under oath or not?

    And, Mr. Comey, do you understand that the questions you were
    asked at the beginning of the first day of interviews all still
    apply and that you are under oath?
    Mr. Comey. Yes, sir. This is not under oath, but I have an
    obligation to tell the truth.
    Chairman Goodlatte. Correct


  3. liar corrupt comey Iwould like to see he go to jail,


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