Riots in Paris Against Economic Policies of President Emmanuel Macron…

The latest signs of economic nationalism -vs- economic globalism surfaced today in France as thousands protest.

Significant riots broke out today amid backlash to the economic policies of French President Emmanuel Macron.  Fueled by resentment over a new gasoline tax, thousand of Parisians took to the streets to protest. [See Daily Mail Article Here]

(Via Reuters) […] The unrest is a dilemma for Macron who casts himself as a champion against climate change but has been derided as out of touch with common folk and is fighting a slump in popularity.

While the movement, which has no leader, began as a backlash against higher fuel prices, it has tapped into broader frustration at the sense of a squeeze on household spending power under Macron’s 18-month-old government.

Since coming to power, Macron has seen off trade union and street demonstrations against his changes to the labor rules, and overhauled the heavily indebted state rail operator. Foreign investors have largely cheered his pro-business administration. (read more)

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312 Responses to Riots in Paris Against Economic Policies of President Emmanuel Macron…

  1. Pyrthroes says:

    From le Grande Charles’ time, France has evolved what we call an “Enarque Economy” governed by, for, and manifestly to the all-but exclusive benefit of, an overweening technocratic clerisy whose sole object is to stifle the competition anathema to supine rentiers.

    As Gay Paree’s current spate of “vested interests” shows, whatever your despotic rationale a regime celebrating exploitation and impoverishment –read everything from AGW poseurs to EU kleptarchs and Police/Surveillance apparats– will eventually wave hello to Mde. Guillotine.

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  2. JAS says:

    Don’t go across the pond looking for a scapegoat. A hefty gas tax for infrastructure projects is being floated around here in the good ‘ole USA, and the dimms are all giddy saying that it’s coming from the White House….. Just do a search for “gas tax for infrastructure”.

    Private industry bidding, contracts with hefty penalties and tax-free bonds are the ways to fix our infrastructure. Taxes other than income taxes NEVER go away, they just get raised.

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  3. I read in a Story that the “Rioters”,, wait the Serfs & peasants..
    Are calling for Marcons Head…
    Where as the phrase seems relevant today..
    ***”Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, ***

    Afterwards the Marie-Antoinette (1755-93), the Queen consort of Louis XVI..
    Didn’t She “loose” Her head?


  4. StanH says:

    No worries they’ll be back to Wine, Brie and the Champs-Elysée in no time. They don’t get pissed about destruction of their republic by invasion, brought to you by Macron and his globalist stooges. But, levy a tax on fuel and baby it’s on. These idiots are teeing up WW III and their pissed about a gas tax…WOW!

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    • HB says:

      Nothing new. Parisians riot every 5 years. When they break out the guillotines I’ll get excited.

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      • mireillegreen says:

        that’s different. French people love their protests but usually in the spring when it’s warm. Going out like that in the winter months is not common. They are getting serious. Besides the people are fed up.

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          It’ll be more interesting still when Macaroon shuts down the nuclear reactors they’re currently using for power generation. France currently enjoys (if one can put it that way) one of the lowest electricity prices in Europe. Let that double or treble to what we pay here in Germany and la merde will hit the fan…

          Still can’t figure out why the greens don’t understand:
          1) solar doesn’t work at night
          2) windmills (aka birdchoppers) don’t work with no (or excessive) wind
          3) both of those “sources” require near-online backup for load balancing
          4) so their CO² goals are defeated before they even start…

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          • Dutchman says:

            “Still can’t figure out why the greens don’t understand”;
            Because you are making cogent, logical arguments.
            Greens are the leftist of the leftist, and leftist don’t “do” logic; they do FEELINGS.
            Especially if the position can allow them to feel a sense of Superiority, over those who ‘see’ things differently.

            Add to that, the ‘feeling’ of acceptance of their fellows, for faithfully repeating
            the ‘party line’.
            LOGIC has NOTHING to do with it.

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    • Anonymous says:

      French priorities…

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  5. Ringoagogo says:

    Has anyone seen or heard from Marie Le Pen?

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    • Big Jake says:



    • Maquis says:

      Non. But one of her organization’s spokesmen has posted a couple brief remarks a day or few past noting that rises in taxation are having a great effect on households’ budgets, that the tax in question is retroactive for 2018 and not at all intended for ecological concerns but as a stop-gap in the governnent’s own budget.

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  6. Rose says:

    It’s about time the people revolted, the amount of Money the French rulers have spent on illegals is astounding and the elderly in France suffer daily because illegals are placed above the lawful citizens.

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  7. pjpatriot says:

    The French have been taxed and taxed and again taxed. All their lefty presidents keep doing that.

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  8. Don Molner says:

    Maybe just a coincidence, we had a half front-page article this week in our regional paper (Volksfreund – Trier) here in Germany citing the continually higher and outrageous gas prices. Another article talked about the rising medical program costs and the closing of medical centers/reduction of available services in one of our major hospitals. I talked with a friend this week who traditionally speaks highly of the social programs here: Now he is angered over the demands to hand over even more income tax – I did not rub it in. Not too often do I see such critical articles and hear this type of displeasure. If the economy here gets stressed, the people could be primed to take to the streets; similar to what is happening in Paris.

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  9. Dan says:

    Its not just the parisians, a large part of this group is rural working class who are fed up with the city ruling class.


    • Maquis says:

      Exactly the situation Marine LePen addressed, or one of the many, in her campaign and standing Presidential Engagements. Rural France has been all but dying, if not that too.
      A sinister plot? Agenda 21 and all that jazz?
      Vraiment possible.


  10. JimmyJack says:

    I’m waiting for Trump to tweet out “I told you Macron wasn’t liked by the French people”. lol


  11. Mrs. E says:

    I am surprised to see the police standing against the citizens in this most worthy protest. Possibly by the time the next one occurs they will be with them, instead of against them? Let us pray so.


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