San Francisco Judge Blocks Asylum Ban For Aliens Who Cross Border Illegally…

Late last night another activist judge, U.S. District Judge Jon Steven Tigar in San Francisco (Obama appointee), issued a temporary restraining order against the Trump administration’s modified emergency asylum policy which barred asylum for aliens who enter the country illegally.

[Read Court Ruling HERE] Setting up, yet again, another likely higher court appeal/decision.

While a challenge was predictable, frustrating and likely to be spun up by media, the ruling only applies to aliens who gain illegal entry and request asylum.

Nothing in the ruling stops the hardened border enforcement and/or current expedited review and deportation program. In essence, keep the illegal aliens out and the judicial ruling is moot (until defeated in higher courts).

Though it might frustrate the left-wing media and the open borders crowd, no court can successfully demand the President of the United States to stop border enforcement.  This is why it is critical to have a strong DHS Secretary focused on stopping illegal entry.

This ruling will obviously be appealed by the DOJ; and politically the Democrats realize, in the bigger picture, this ‘open-border’ narrative is not good for them.  On its face this ruling is ridiculous as it eliminates/undermines the legal process for asylum requests by removing the distinction of illegal or unlawful conduct in the application process.


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492 Responses to San Francisco Judge Blocks Asylum Ban For Aliens Who Cross Border Illegally…

  1. P says:

    Not sure if this has been posted here already but please watch: 11/19/2018

    Conciencia Radio journalist Alex Backman, based in Tijuana, posted a chilling video where he recounted some of horrifying revelations about what was really happening with some of the people on the caravan.


  2. ILLEGAL ALIEN SOLUTION: Progressive [😎] Scenario under TRIAGE approach.

    IMO, DACA gets solved later/last due to the MILLIONS of Illegals affected.

    1. Border Security ends the Invasion of Illegals.
    2. ICE Deportations of Illegal-Alien Criminals.
    3. ICE Deportations from Sanctuary Cities and States where Criminals are let loose.

    4. E-Verify reinstatement for Employment.
    • Employer Imprisonment and Fines-per-Illegal for failure to comply with E-Verify.
    • Employer BackTaxes-per-Illegal for failure to comply with E-Verify.
    • ICE RAIDS on Employers who have been found to employ an Illegal Alien.
    • ICE AUDITS of E-Verify Compliance in highest-infraction States first.

    5. V-Verify with Biometric National IDs for Citizen-Voter validation.
    • ICE Audits of V-Verify Compliance for State Voter Rolls.
    • ICE STINGS of V-Verify Compliance at Polling Stations.

    6. C-Verify requirements for Credit Card issuers to confirm National ID in person.
    • ICE Audits of C-Verify Compliance.

    7. W-Verify requirements for Wire Transfers to confirm National ID in person.
    • ICE Audits of W-Verify Compliance.

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    • Zippy says:

      Just MANDATORY E-Verify for employment with major fines and prison time for employers who violate that and deportation for anyone found via that check to have phony or no documentation would go a huge way to fixing the problem at near zero cost. But the Reps couldn’t even manage that. Now, they’ve lost the House. Sure, in the Rep party all but the Freedom Caucus are RINOs, but PDJT has VETO power.

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    • Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman says:

      V-Verify with Biometric National IDs for Citizen-Voter validation.

      EPIC FAIL.
      NO biometric ID for REAL Americans. Ever. Period. Even if it means civil war. Never.

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      • thinkwell says:

        Greetinks, Vooman, VVe workink together. Da, da, is true. We are comrades from great troll farm in Mother Russia and will be votink five, ten, maybe twenty times each for Trump ticket because stupid dems not pass voter ID law. [Psss..sst, it is me, Boris.]

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      • mashall says:

        Your State doesn’t require a thumbprint to renew your driver’s license?


    • facebkwallflower says:

      I do not believe EVerify is uninfiltrated. The last admin had lots of time to make it pass fraudulent identities, ss numbers, etc. every where I work must pass EVerify, yet I am pretty sure at least twenty percent of Hispanics are illegal.


    • Austin Holdout says:

      How about IRS-Verify, where IRS would verify taxes have been paid on funds transferred out of US. Even if it was limited to countries in Central America and Mexico, where we know billions in tax free $ are going every year. Bonus: It would give IRS agents something to do other than harass conservatives.

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  3. Zippy says:

    Expect more hordes in 3… 2… 1…

    Residents Evacuate As Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Erupts Again
    20 Nov 2018


  4. These stupid effing judges should have to keep ALL the illegals in CA without any govt funding and assistance. Better yet, the illegals should have to stay at the judges homes. Maybe if the dumba**ed judges are personally affected they will think twice before foisting the illegals on the rest of the country.

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  5. coltlending says:

    That Judges ruling is a recipient for an Asylum Blitzkrieg (Caravans) which will throw sand in the gears of our Immigration, Asylum and public aid services.

    This idiot Judges ruining should be slapped down post haste.

    It has the potential of putting a fork in this country.

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  6. 4sure says:

    Just ignore the illegal ruling. Judges cannot make law. No one has to follow an illegal order from anyone. The Nazi trials at Neuremburg set the precedent. Law enforcement officers and the military do not have to obey or follow illegal and unlawful orders. The POTUS should not have to do so.

    Eff the communist judges. What if the judge had ruled that all illegals must be shot on site. That is an openly illegal order. Would anyone follow that order? They issue these illegal orders that are disguised as benign legal orders and we bend over every time. If the DOJ can pick and choose what laws apply to the elites, what’s the difference in this instance. We have placed these damn judges on pedistals and have given them more power than they deserve. Time for pushback.

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    • Heika says:

      Yes my thoughts exactly. A judge can’t break the law and make up new ideas at his whim and he is.


    • Ken says:

      Why does a district judge have more power than the president of the United States ? How did this happen ?

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      • rheavolans says:

        That’s what I would like to know.


      • Farmkid says:

        Clarence Thomas Strikes At The Heart Of Leftist Lawfare
        BY MIKE / 1 JULY 2018
        The clearest legal mind on the Supreme Court, Thomas used the recent “Trump vs Hawaii” case to challenge the use of district courts for nationwide injunctions

        Justice Clarence_Thomas_official_SCOTUS_portrait1
        Justice Clarence Thomas
        In today’s column at American Thinker, Clarice Feldman drew attention to the significance of Thomas’ concurring opinion:
        [The] Court ruled it was within the power of the President to suspend entry of aliens to the United States. Something obvious from the clear text of the relevant law…. [Equally] significant as the Court’s adherence to the text of the relevant law, is Justice Thomas’ observation that District Court issuance of nationwide injunctions (a practice begun in 1963) is based on dubious legal authority. Moreover, Thomas said, “Nationwide injunctions mean that each of the more than 600 federal district judges in the United States can freeze a law or regulation throughout the country — regardless of whether the other 599 disagree

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    • Hereward the Woke says:

      The GOP won’t ignore because they don’t care. They don’t realize that we are at war.


  7. JX says:

    Obama directed DHS to issue a memo that lawlessly suspended enforcement of law. He labeled it “DACA”. These judges insist that “DACA” can’t be changed by Trump.

    Trump, citing statutes, seeks to control immigration. These judges say he has not authority to do so, despite his citing specific statutes.

    It’s time to ignore these lawless “judges”.

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  8. Robert says:

    Citizens, take up arms and defend our nation from being invaded on. Easy. Upon being assaulted, shoot to kill.


  9. Larry says:

    Tigar, Jon Steven

    Born 1962 in London, England

    Nominated by Barack Obama on June 11, 2012, to a seat vacated by Saundra Brown

    University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D., 1989


  10. Zippy says:

    On the pending Texas and Florida flip (among others) to blue thanks to the immigration driven political demographic change. PDJT was the LAST chance to MAYBE prevent that, but he blew it. And don’t blame it on RINOs since PDJT has the veto power. A relatively recent immigration driven political demographic change example – Colorado was consistently red until 2004. Now it is consistently blue.:


    • snarkybeach says:

      the main reason CO is blue is the influx of ex-Californians and the legalization of pot

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      • nrgmizer says:

        Don’t forget Gov. Moonbeam Brown’s preference for Soros vote rigging machines.
        Joseph Stalin didn’t care who voted, but he cared about who counted the votes.
        California under honest balloting would be another Red State

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    • singingsoul says:

      I do not like Ann Coulter. She seems to miss that our President is not a dictator has to abide by laws he did not crate and has to deal with lunatic Judges.
      In the interview above she sounds like a ditz and very dumb.

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      • Buck says:

        Read some history, several former Presidents, some even thought of as Great Presidents have told these lower court activists to go screw themselves, even having some arrested.
        These lower courts are full of compromised, subversive if not treasonous activists.

        If this is allowed to continue, why even waste tax dollars on funding an executive branch or even having the office of President? Every power given to the POTUS via our constitution can suddenly be overruled by some lower circuit or district court?

        You might also want to read Justice Thomas’s comments last time this sickness made it to the SCOTUS. They should act, and our POTUS should continue his duty protecting this country from foreign invasion.

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  11. 4sure says:

    Why would we give good paying gov’t. jobs to an invading force of illegals. So now, you want the effin fed. govt. to house, feed, provide all med. care, and pay illegals to take our effin jobs? What a hair brained communist idea. You are not as smart as you think.

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  12. mimbler says:

    Creating citizens out of socialists that hate the US, generally aren’t literate in any language, and have a high rate of criminals, and who come from countries with low average IQ’s.

    At a time menial jobs are disappearing in the US.

    What could go wrong with that?


  13. CNN_sucks says:

    Why bother to elect a president if we have unelected judges making a ruling for us and more powerful than a president?

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  14. E.jay Miller says:

    President Trump–Please send a letter to the judge:

    Dear Judge Tigar,
    Thank you for your opinion, however, as Congress has given me, and not you, the power to determine who does, or does not, enter the USA, we will continue to protect the Nation and the Constitution.
    Donald J Trump, President of the USA

    Then VSGDJT should just flat out ignore the foolish judge.

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  15. E.jay Miller says:

    this is NOT a good idea. These young men should go home and protect their mothers, wives, and daughters from danger, and work to make their homeland a safer and better place, similar to the USA.

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  16. Anon says:

    The judge is himself an immigrant so he should have recused himself.

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  17. This judge should have recused himself,

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  18. Kathleen03 says:

    Just more than suspicious that the caravans arrive at our border and an Obama appointed judge rules the President can not prevent them from claiming asylum while simultaneously the military announces it will be pulling troops from the border.

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  19. tonyE says:

    You know… I wonder what will happen if these cabrones decide to rush the border in Tijuana en masse?

    We got two options…. start shooting and let them die on the spot. Or perhaps just injure them and let Los Federales pick them up.

    The other option, to not shoot, will let them in and forever we’re screwed. We’ll an Obola “Red Line” issue on our hands with no credibility. Five million on the way.

    Sorry, but I think we ought to shoot. It’s a tough World. Shoot a few of them dead, injure a few hundred, and that will stop the millions behind who will thing twice about it.


  20. Rynn69 says:

    I think it is time that activist judges are sanctioned, impeached or removed from their judgeship. File a lawsuit. There are a PLETHORA of legal minds that need to force resolution to this issue of politicization of Federal judges. We cannot have a country that allows a judge to stop a President’s executive authority, impinge on a Presidency, and thwart the democracy of the people who elected that President. Yes, President Trump must play within the rules of the law and play the game all the way to the S.C. where it will be overturned. However, precedent is being set in an unconstitutional way that is dangerous to a President’s ability to govern. The Judicial branch is not the Executive branch and any judge that usurps the Executive branch’s authority should be sanctioned, impeached or removed. This has got to stop. It is a dangerous game that is blurring the separate but equal lines.

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Another Obama minion being his legacy:


  22. viator2 says:

    Jon Tigar’s father is the famous Marxist lawyer Michael Tigar, defender if Benadine Dohrn (Mrs. Bill Ayers) and many others.

    “Michael Tigar was also a Marxist who spoke at the CLS (Critical Legal Studies) conference, but he didn’t become part of the Critical Legal Studies movement. Tigar was a famous American radical, a Marxist law professor at the University of Texas. He crashed the meeting and gave not a labour theory of value speech, but a Marxist theft of woodanticipates everything that the modern leftist can think of and it is really the working class that counts speech. He was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy shirt and arrived with a very beautiful girlfriend who may have been his wife. He represented, again, a totally radical 60s thing; his message was basically ‘you arseholes, you don’t even know what class struggle or class violence is’.”


  23. Bryan Masson says:

    Call me dumb, but, how do you deport someone if they haven’t made an “illegal entry?” I must be missing something.


  24. RutRho says:

    POTUS writing Executive orders to force states to enforce current laws… CA and those Dem operative globalist Judges and attorneys attempting to bide time, reframe common sense into ridiculous nonsense and spend more citizen’s $$$ along the way….. it’s exhaustive trying to work past all these temperamental idiots!


  25. Anonymous says:

    Presidential authorization for deadly force by troops to enforce U.S. border signed:


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