CTH Election Day Coverage 2018

For the midterm election day we have a pretty good idea what the overall media approach will be [See Here]. Knowing the gaslighting will likely be even worse than 2016, it becomes more important to tune out the media’s narrative and stick to substance. That’s where the value of YOUR ground reports come in.

Based on scale, CTH has readers in every state, every city, and likely almost every precinct in the country.

So, YOU are now the media.

We will present ground report threads for you to share your insight and voting experience in your community on this midterm election. Past experience tells us the best approach is to use a noon thread (12pm – 3pm ET / 9am – 12pm PT); and a mid-day thread (3pm – 6pm ET / 12pm – 3pm PT), for you to share individual ground reports.  From these reports we can get a good picture of what’s going on coast-to-coast.

Then starting at 7:00pm ET we will begin reviewing election results in two hour increments. NOTE: I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to ignore “exit polling” pushed by media. Exit polling is a complete con, used to fabricate and shape talking points for media pundits. Ignore exit polling, especially in the mid-west and west coast. As we saw in 2016, exit polling is disconnected from actual voting results.

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  1. mazziflol says:

    Top trending go ogle search query today? “Dónde votar”


    • LafnH20 says:

      Why it matters: Even though people were searching for “where to vote” in Spanish, Google was providing them with English results. This type of quick reaction to real-time Google search trends not only gives voters the information they’re looking for, but gives Democratic groups like Priorities more visibility on Election Day. (Of course, that doesn’t mean one party will necessarily benefit more than the other from this.)

      Show less
      Details: Caitlin Opperman, the PrioritiesUSA’s digital associate overseeing the Latinx program, said the group translated the ads within an hour of seeing the tweet below from NBC News today.

      She said these translated ads have already surpassed the average user engagement, getting between 17% and 20% of users to actually click on the ad, which directs people to a DNC website called IWillVote.com



  2. Mike diamond says:

    Vote!Republican! And Pray,and Pray some more ! We need conservatives for the sake of children and grand children ! God bless President Trump and the good things he is doing!

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    • YL Calif says:

      In the past, our Republic observed national days of prayer and fasting to humble ourselves during times of turmoil. The following is an excerpt from the National Day of Prayer proclamation in 1863, Abraham Lincoln:

      “And, insomuch as we know that, by His divine law, nations like individuals are subjected to punishments and chastisements in this world, may we not justly fear that the awful calamity of civil war, which now desolates the land, may be but a punishment, inflicted upon us, for our presumptuous sins, to the needful end of our national reformation as a whole People? We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!

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  3. JR Slayton says:

    southwest Michigan. Very very red county. between four coworkers and I we can report on 5 precincts. 2016 levels. Red wave.

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  4. AIM says:

    Lots of people voting early in my Bergen County New Jersey town- and have never seen before, but extra workers cross checking voter rolls. Would be better if they asked for ID but not law yet. Many new workers at polling station I have not seen before. Hoping that’s a good thing, but hard to tell.

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  5. dauntlessguy says:

    I tripled my vote by getting my apathetic brother and sister in law to go vote today by bombarding him with texts. They voted straight R in Alaska.

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  6. sandythecrazynazarene says:

    My polling place in Hanover County VA (very red) should get 60+% percent.

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  7. alligatriot says:

    To underscore Sundance’s warnings about media gaslighting, they actually practice this crap.


    (Sure, we believe you “accidentally” showed that graphic the day before the election.)

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  8. pnj01 says:

    My wife and I voted in our Suburban NJ rather Republican borough at 10:10 AM. The number of people on the still short lines in my polling place was a bit longer than usual in either Presidential or Mid-Term Years. The poll workers discussed “amongst themselves” the fact that the number of voters so far seemed higher than most years.

    Shifting to the NY Metro Area as a whole (far more Democrat), the 710 AM Radio News is saying that the turn-out throughout the NY Metro Area seems high despite the bad weather in the area. In all events, the weather is supposed to break by 5 PM and there should be no weather drag on turn-out for either party after that.

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  9. Janeka says:

    Dallas County, TX.. 10:00am.. Polling location was busier than I’ve ever seen.. Mixed bad here but there is a good chance many walked off the plantation today. The vote booth count were a third of normal, this is blue county/precinct, we suspect the election commission is up to no good again. We don’t vote straight ticket due to past tampering We took a friend who left the plantation after 40 years of democrat servitude, he has seen the light.. We used to conveniently forget to remind him to go vote till after the polls closed.. We have a boat load of unopposed judicial democrats on the ballot. Hubby and I always skip over them but our friend had to look..

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  10. 7delta says:

    Upstate, SC, 4th District (Gowdy): Voted after the early morning rush/before lunch. Since I try to avoid the most crowded time, my precinct is usually pretty slow when I go, including in 2016. I’ve even voted when I was the only one there. Today, I was probably 25th in line, with another 20-25 behind me when I got to the machine. A pretty steady stream was still coming in. 

    Since my precinct is in my neighborhood, when I left, I went by my house, which is undergoing renovations. We’re living in a rental in the same neighborhood. We have a new contractor’s dumpster, I hadn’t seen yet, to replace the last full one. We call them all Big Red. Spray painted on all 4 sides: Q anon. Love Q or hate Q, I’m taking that as a sign. “BIG Red.”

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  11. Hrmfc says:

    I voted around noon today. I live in a small town with a population of about 5,000. It is in the very blue state of Maryland but in a more Republican area. We have a very competetive race for our Maryland senate so I think turnout will be high. There was no line but there was a steady stream of people. It was a mixed population of young, old, soccer moms, and working families. They did not ask to see an ID but they ask for your birthdate and confirmation of your address. We now have a paper ballot that is scanned instead of the touch screens we used previously. I commented to one of the workers that it seemed busy and she said that it was busier than voting in the June primaries and it was steady even early in the morning.
    I am hopeful that Republicans will do well today. I know that I have friends and relatives that hate Trump and an equal number that love him. God’s will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

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  12. Risin'Tide says:

    Good early turnout first thing this morning in AL. Actually saw a minority female wearing a red ball cap and several other people wearing read like me.

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  13. lotbusyexec says:

    The Rebublican party in NY is on lofe support if not dead. There were MANY seats going uncontested by Democrats in Westchester County. Nita OLD LADY Lowey didn’t even have a Republican running against her. So sad and disappointing. No wonder NYS is in such dire financial shape and being run to the ground.

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  14. Bettina Fuller says:

    North Idaho Reporting! Just got back from voting in my sleepy little town north of Coeur d’Alene, ID. Usually we vote in the elementary school library. Today the poll workers told us they had to take over the school gym, library and hallway, and they STILL had lines early this morning. I know that last week our County Elections board ran out of absentee ballots and had to have more printed, as I had been doing the Absentee Chase for my candidate, Russ Fulcher for Congress. Going out to do some sign waving after lunch. Let’s keep that RED WAVE rolling!

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  15. Mountaingirl says:

    Just returned from voting in my small rural precinct in Western NC. We have usually only 3 voting booths and today there were 5 and all filled which is very unusual. The folks working said it had been heave voting all morning(125 people) in spite of the heavy early voting numbers. Sounds good to me! Praise God!

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Run, walk, crawl there if you have to…

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  17. joan and bill says:

    we are from a small town in hillsborough county in fl &saw about 40-50 voting at 2:30pm when drove by(60 car and golf carts and when we voted today at 10:30 it was the same number of 45 as counted and we both voted red all the way and no on propositions God bless our 45th president.

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    • BetsyRossRocked says:

      We are from St.Johns county Fl.
      Happy smiling people at our voting location.
      Steady stream of voters .
      We added two straight R votes for our wonderful President,ourselves and
      our beautiful country.
      God Bless us all !

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      • ladydawgfan says:

        I’m also in SJC, FL. I voted at around 11am and all booths at the library were full and all faces were smiling except for the lady who tried to vote with an out of state licence and no FL voter identification and was turned away. She started ranting about voter suppression and stomped her self out. I wasn’t impressed by her act.

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    • Zabadak says:

      Waiting to hear from our youngest son in Brandon. Hope Hillsborough goes RED!

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  18. Lactantius says:

    Albemarle County on the edge of Charlottesville, Virginia: at 1:30 p.m. — plenty of parking by the door, walked straight to the registration table, walked straight to the voting station, handed a paper ballot, bubbled in my votes, walked straight to the scanner and inserted the ballot, got my “good boy” sticker and walked back out to the car.

    In 2016, Charlottesville went 80% for Hillary. I voted absentee. But when the Demonizing Rats are hot to vote, I am used to lines that last an hour.

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  19. From Larry!


    • Binkser1 says:

      I’m starting to think that the President, etc. have been doing a lot more about combating voting fraud than we know about. More behind the scenes stuff.


      • Red Tsunami! says:

        Yep. PDJT canceled the “Kobach commission” because only 20+ states complied so PDJT has the DOJ doing it behind the scenes.


        • Zabadak says:

          Our great President absolutely gets it. The Republican Party as a whole could care less, unfortunately. Never interested in doing anything about it. Elections have been stolen. Good effing riddance RYAN! You can’t get out of our sight fast enough. Major LOSER! Spit!

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    • GB Bari says:

      At about 2:35pm today, Rush Limbaugh reported extensively on Larry Schweikart’s latest predictions and forecasts. All very positive for Republicans.

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  20. Ghost Rider says:

    Voted around noon. Roads are terrible in my part of Montana. Rain last night turned to snow so there is ice under the snow. Heavy turnout at the polls. Lots of elderly folks getting dropped off at the door so they didn’t have to negotiate the snowy and icy parking lot. I was worried turnout would be light because of the weather, but that wasn’t the case.

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  21. Jeff says:

    Here in Sarasota Florida voting is approaching Presidential turnout. “Crackers” seem to be turning out to vote!


  22. Jimmy Jack says:

    I expect the theft of the day to be in Florida and Ohio. Stealing them now will make stealing them in 2020 easier. Plus Florida is current ground zero for deep state kill operations and ratlines right now. They’ve got to keep that cover up in place. And OH is a major transport point for drug trafficking now.


  23. Pied Piper says:

    My sister voted in Collin County Texas (just north of Dallas) this morning. When she started digging in her purse for her drivers license photo id, the election worker told her not to worry about it that she didn’t need it. She found it without problem.

    In Texas, photo id is REQUIRED to vote in person. Wonder why the election worker told her that? She does not look like a democrat! I wonder how many this guy will pass through today?


  24. SarahforTrump18 says:

    Reporting from blue, blue Chicago precinct. Went to vote at 6 am opening time. No line but busy and bustling. Had to redo paper ballot twice. Don’t trust them at all.


  25. pacnwbel says:

    CBS news just interrupted saying democrat enthusiasm high . They didn’t say where, and judging by treepers comments CBS is merely uttering frou frou.


  26. Zabadak says:

    I voted early in Fannin County, GA. My neighbor voted the day before and he asked the poll worker how things were going and he said very busy, very steady. My wife and I voted the next day so I asked and she said she had never seen anything like it. That was about 10:30 in the morning. Fannin County is red white and blue. There are so few democrats, that the only way that we know that there are any is because each Fourth of July they enter a float in the local parade. We just smile and let them have their time in the sun.

    Today I was walking around Walmart flashing my “I Voted to Make America Great Again” T-shirt that I bought from Howie Carr. Nothing but smiles and nods. Saw many “I’m a Georgia Voter” stickers amongst the customers. Next over to Homeless Depot, same thing. One guy yells out “I like your shirt and hat.” My hat says Veteran for Trump.

    Got a text this morning from the oldest son who lives in Cartersville, GA. Says he is standing in line which is in a senior center and the line runs up one side and back down the other. He thought maybe 150 people or so that were inside. This is north of Atlanta. Fannin County where I live is in the mountains, two hours north of Atlanta. Blue Ridge to be exact.

    Need to check on our second son in Hillsborough County, FL.


  27. Sgt Stryker says:

    Wife and I just returned from voting….PA-15
    This is Charlie Dent’s old seat….being contested by Wild (D) vs Nothstein
    We’ve been here for 30 years and have never seen lines this long to vote.
    They used to check you in divided alphabetically; now the BIG voter books are gone and it’s done on a tablet…..just sign your name. No ID required.
    It took about 20 minutes to vote with 8 stations constantly filled.
    Best of luck to us all.

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    • oldschool says:

      In your district Sgt. Hoping Nothstein pulls this out. He would be a nice change from two timing charlie. I actually like Nothstein.


  28. 1stgoblyn says:

    Just talked with my bleeding-heart liberal sis in Toledo, Ohio. Poor baby isn’t feeling well so she hasn’t voted. I never thought I would rejoice at hearing a family member is feeling poorly, but…YES! Neither she nor her daughter went to vote, so that is 2 votes the dims don’t get.

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    • MGBSE says:

      Interesting…maybe this is their way of showing they do not like what the RATS are doing but simply can not bring themselves to vote for a Republican.


  29. mokytoja says:

    Something new (and good) in DuPage Cty, Illinois. Whereas in the past when you go into a polling place, you give your name (no ID needed), they pull up a voter registration sheet with a signature plainly visible, ask if “that’s you”?, then you must sign your name at the bottom of that sheet (while the original signature is plainly visible a few inches higher. Hmm).
    Today, — when you walk in you must first SIGN your name on a BLANK form. Only then do you go and give your name, plus DOB. Your signature is then matched against the original signature for the name you gave. Well, it’s not voter ID, but it’s something… 🙂

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    • kallibella says:

      Yes! That was my experience this morning as well. No ID but name and DOB then the one that caught my eye was the signature.
      I hardly sign my name anymore so I had to make sure my signature didn’t deviate too much from the one they had on file.


  30. unconqueredone says:

    W. PA- .
    My tiny precinct has approx. 600 registered voters. half had voted by 3 p.m. That’s 6x the normal for an off year election. No idea which way it has tilted, but usually red.


  31. Pam says:


  32. Goldwater Gal says:

    Lines at my central Phoenix polling station at 5:50am. Most impressed with the TRIPLE identity check this morning, which took all of three minutes to fulfill. Firstly, every voter is required to present a valid photo ID at check-in. Secondly, all photo ID’s are placed under a digital scanner to verify name, address and license number. Lastly, all digital ID information is checked a final time by a poll worker, per my review, with my signature required to complete the identity check. Only then was I handed a ballot. Well done, AZ.

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  33. Lucille says:

    The smartest man in the room
    By Richard Jack Rail – November 6, 2018

    In today’s fevered political environment – especially the fever on the sputtering, burning, choking, exploding left – it is seldom mentioned that Don Trump is just smarter than any president in recent memory. We hear about his touch and his instinct, and these are real. But sheer brainpower is behind most of what he does.



  34. JTR says:

    I voted a week ago Wednesday. There was a line! Never saw a line before for early voting. I drove past my voting place today around noon, and the parking lot was full! There are only 2 voting places in our whole county. I think GA’s Stacy Abrams is not going to win, even if Atlanta has the New Black Panthers involved, lol.

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  35. Lucille says:

    This speech is so TOTALLY WORTH watching once again…

    The one question that really matters this election day
    By Gregory Buls – November 6, 2018

    With the Nov. 6 midterm elections upon us, boilerplate issues such as taxes, spending, and immigration are important, but these are really window dressing, obscuring an existential question. The deeper question that underlies all of our politics is this: will American voters retain power over the future of their country? That is the question on the ballot on November 6, though it is not on the radar of most voters.


    Speech: Donald Trump – West Palm Beach, FL – October 13, 2016


  36. Chilidog says:

    I live in a very blue neighborhood. There was no line in 2016 presidential. Long line today for midterms. Hope it doesn’t mean anything.


  37. kallibella says:

    I have NOT gone to Drudge all day today. And probably won’t visit there much anymore!!!!


  38. Pam says:

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  39. Pam says:


  40. Pam says:


  41. jimboct says:

    If Dems were being honest (cmon who am I kidding here) they would take heed of the shot heard around the poll. The Kavanaugh kangaroo Kourt did more to energize the GOP than anything. The secret was Kavanaugh is an establishment GOP member. By going after him, it forced the GOPe to side with the VSGPDJT.
    The cold anger is building hot. Heavy turnout here in canton CT. Straight red ballot for this veteran.

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  42. Pam says:


  43. rumpole2 says:

    I saw Fox report their NEW “voter analysis” which is supposed to replace “exit polls” (and be superior)
    As far as I can tell it is just an online (phone?) poll as opposed to people on the ground at individual polling places. It DOES have the advantage of including people who voted early whereas traditional exit polls only survey people who vote on election day.

    I am NOT suggesting this is any better than the same old “exit polls” I wont be updating reports, but as a “new thing”my first impression was that it is crap 🙂

    Apparently ONLY 46% in favor of a Border Wall
    (53% Oppose)

    Which indicates to me that they are surveying a bunch weighted towards Libtards.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Thanks. I turned on FOX with trepidation and turned it off almost immediately. I’m too highly strung today and Chris Wallace, and Brett Baier, and Britt Hume almost immediately were like sandpaper rubbing on my nerves so off it went. I’m better off probably to keep one eye on the Treehouse and the other out in the real world at least for now.

      Going to walk the dog and pray some more.

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      • rumpole2 says:

        I hear ya. 🙂
        I started muting fox when “people I can’t stand” are on… the list has expanded so I have it muted most of the time now.
        I do see headlines and click on for (rare) interesting bits.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          LOL, I know what you mean. I used to keep FOX on in the background all the time, except when I went off Shep Smith after Katrina and he was no longer allowed in my home.

          After the election, a whole lot more were banned from Casa Avery. Now, I can only watch if I DVR the shows so I can fast forward through those who annoy me. And there are so many who annoy me.

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        • notunderwhelmed says:

          OAN = One American News



  44. Chris says:

    I am in suburban NJ, and I proudly voted straight red this morning. I’m a millennial, and I absolutely love President Trump. My polling location was empty. I’m in a deep blue area, in a deep blue state. It will be interesting to see what happens. I would love to see Menendez get voted out.

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  45. Baldeep Nobjobbi says:

    As also predicted – CNN leading w two predicted safe D wins Sanders (VT) and Kaine (MD).


  46. Mkerlin says:

    If Dems take the house, will there still be
    A Big Ugly?


  47. Deanna Lewis says:

    I live in semi rural North San Diego County… Our polling place was extremely busy all morning and afternoon… The polling volunteer told me two or three times as many people had voted already by 3 PM then in the previous years… My good friend in Escondido California has been sitting outside her voting place for the past three hours … She said for the past three hours it’s been like Walmart on Christmas Eve it has been so packed and crazy with people trying to find parking so they could vote.


  48. MaineCoon says:

    GA Gov

    BRIAN KEMP (REP)59.28%533,702
    STACEY ABRAMS (DEM)40.09%360,888
    TED METZ (LIB)0.63%5,716



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